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You should be ashame of yourself. Even if it were truth, your out of the will of GOD. We are our Brother keeper, you should have been praying, not gossiping.

The spirit can still be full of praise and joy even though the body may be failing. He still has words to share that can be uplifting to others. That's still his chosen mission. Amen, it maybe that he still has the heart to sing, no necessarily greed. That is his passion and maybe what keeps him going I attended the farewell appearance in Augusta, Ga. He Lee has been called by God to minister through song to a hurting and hope-less world. Have you ever cared for a senior male or female suffering from Alzheimers?

Well its hard; consider the comfort towards his family that sees him pressing to do what he loves Praising God Thanks Anonymous for commenting, I love Lee Williams contribution to the world by way of his music. It is ashamed that we as humans, made in the likeness of God can be so ignorant. I look at it as Lee Williams tribute to the Father in heaven.

Inspite of his physical body, the inner man his soul had a desire to still worship God. Some of us that are able to worship Him will not. I commend Lee Williams for getting up on stage and praising God the best way he know how. So I say to the sinner man or woman with your negative comments, you could not have done what Lee Williams did! Your heart is not in it, otherwise you would not have time for heartless comments. You need Jesus!

Spend your time getting to know Jesus, then you will understand why Lee Williams did what he did. Ve always loved lee being from miss myself we go a long way back to c him likecthis breaks my heart but God has him in his had. I thank God for Dr. Lee Williams is a testimony of that! Its a blessing to have such recordings to keep pressing on.

Its my opinion: many need to stop with that drama he sings for money at this stage in his life. You can clearly see hes patting his leg, clapping still holding on cause he Cant Give Up!! K been listening and going to gospel concert i was presented a photo personal by Mr Lee Williams himself plus I had the honor of witness signing the photo of the qroup he is a legend til day I still enjoy his music i thank God for blessing me to be able to personal meet this legend and shake his hand i will never forget he truly is a vessel of the Lord.

Why is it that we always find the negative in everybody but ourselves. Lee Williams is a great singer for the Lord and that's why he was able to stand in one place and not move with such power in his voice. It's not greed that keeps him going.

He said it best in his song "I can't give up now. It's not sad. Don't pity Lee Williams. Pity yourselves and pray to God that you make it as far as Lee has. Check your oneself before you put something negative out there about this wonderful man. God bless you and have a great week. Praise God Glory. No one could have said it better. I love Lee Willams and so does my husband.

We can pray for him. Remember Footsteps. When we are too weak to walk, That is when God comes in and carry us. Thank you God for Lee Williams. When I first saw the video of him with this condition ,yes I was sad and said maybe they needed to not put him out their but aside saw the videos and sometimes his reaction to the songsmy opinion was changed somewhat.

I was not use to seeing him that way but then I realized I had no say in the matter. I didnt know what bro. Lee and his family had discussed before the memory loss was worsening.

So actually it was none of my business. I loved all of his music and I still play it every day. I continuec to pray for him and I believe Lee is our modern day prophet sent to tell the world about Jesus.

I pray for bro Hollis as well and the group. People have their opinions. I Never heard of Lee Williams until It hurt because there came a time when she no longer ate, talked or walked. For all of you that has never had to witness that illness, read my book, entitled Alzheimer My Mother and Me i believe it will help us understand this illness a little better and how to deal with the things we cannot change. I love to hear Lee Williams sing, he has ministered to my soul many times and I thank him.

I just learned about his illness, which made me very sad but only GOD knows just what to do. Be truly blessed everyone and know that God got this. God is good. Always try to speak positive things into the atmosphere. Just remember life and death is in the tongue. Also remember you reap what you sow. It wasn't untiland the Quintet's first tour of England, that guitarists [in the U.

His hugely innovative technique included, on a grand scale, such unheard of devices as melodies played in octaves, tremolo chords with shifting notes that sounded like whole horn sections, a complete array of natural and artificial harmonics, highly charged dissonances, super-fast chromatic runs from the open bass strings to the highest notes on the 1st string, an unbelievably flexible and driving right-hand, two and three octave arpeggios, advanced and unconventional chords and a use of the flattened fifth that predated be-bop by a decade.

Add to all this Django's staggering harmonic and melodic concept, huge sound, pulsating swing, sense of humour and sheer speed of execution, and it is little wonder that guitar players were knocked sideways upon their first encounter with this full-blown genius.

Because of his damaged left hand his ring and pinky fingers helped little in his playing Reinhardt had to extensively modify both his chordal and melodic approach. For chords he developed a novel system based largely around 3-note chords, each of which could serve as the equivalent of several conventional chords in different inversions; for the treble notes he could employ his ring and little fingers to fret the relevant high strings even though he could not articulate these fingers independently, while in some chords he also employed his left hand thumb on the lowest string.

Within his rapid melodic runs he frequently incorporated arpeggios, which could be played using 2 notes per string played with his 2 "good" fingers, being his index and middle fingers while shifting up or down the fingerboard, as opposed to the more conventional "box" approach of moving across strings within a single fretboard position location. He also produced some of his characteristic "effects" by moving a fixed shape such as a diminished chord rapidly up and down Body And Soul - Benny Goodman - The Real.

Benny Goodman (CD) fretboard, resulting in what one writer has called "intervallic cycling of melodic motifs and chords". First of all, his instrumental technique is vastly superior to that of all other jazz guitarists.

This technique permits him to play with an inconceivable velocity and makes his instrument completely versatile. Though his virtuosity is stupefying, it is no less so than his creative invention.

In his solos [ Django's ability to bend his guitar to the most fantastic audacities, combined with his expressive inflections and vibrato, is no less wonderful; one feels an extraordinary flame burning through every note.

Reinhardt set new standards by an almost incredible and hitherto unthought-of technique His ideas have a freshness and spontaneity Body And Soul - Benny Goodman - The Real. Benny Goodman (CD) are at once fascinating and alluring His relative association of experience, reinforced by a profound rational knowledge of his instrument; the guitar's possibilities and limitations; his love for music and the expression of it—all are a necessary adjunct to the means of expressing these emotions.

Django-style enthusiast John Jorgenson has been quoted as saying:. Django's guitar playing always has so much personality in it, and seems to contain such joy and feeling that it is infectious. He also pushes himself to the edge nearly all the time, and rides a wave of inspiration that sometimes gets dangerous.

Even the few times he does not quite make his ideas flow out flawlessly it is still so exciting that mistakes don't matter! Django's seemingly never-ending bag of licks, tricks and colors always keep the song interesting, and his intensity level is rarely met by any guitarist. Django's technique was not only phenomenal, but it was personal and unique to him due to his handicap. It is very difficult to achieve the same tone, articulation and clarity using all 5 left hand fingers.

It is possible to get closer with only 2 fingers, but again is quite challenging. Probably the thing about this music that makes it always challenging and exciting to play is that Django raised the bar so high, that it is like chasing genius to get close to his level of playing.

In his later style c. With the addition of amplification, his playing became more linear and "horn like", with the greater facility of the amplified instrument for longer sustain and to be heard in quiet passages, and in general less reliance on his gypsy "bag of tricks" as developed for his acoustic guitar style also, in some of his late recordings, with a very different supporting group context from his "classic", pre-war Quintette sound.

Wayne Jefferies, in his article "Django's Forgotten Era", writes:. Early inarmed with his amplified Maccaferri — which he used to the very end — he put together a new band of the best young modern musicians in Paris; including Hubert Fol, an altoist in the Charlie Parker mould.

Although Django was twenty years older than the rest of the band, he was completely in command of the modern style. Whilst his solos became less chordal and his lines more Christian-like, he retained his originality. I believe he should be rated much more highly as a be-bop guitarist. His infallible technique, his daring, 'on the edge' improvisations coupled with his vastly advanced harmonic sense, took him to musical heights that Christian and many other Bop musicians never came near.

The live cuts from Club St. Germain in February are a revelation. Django is on top form; full of new ideas that are executed with amazing fluidity, cutting angular lines that always retain that ferocious swing. Reinhardt's first son, Lousson a. Henri Baumgartnerplayed jazz in a mostly bebop style in the s and s. He followed the Romani lifestyle and was relatively little recorded.

Reinhardt's second son, Babikbecame a guitarist in a more contemporary jazz style, and recorded a number of albums before his death in After Reinhardt died, his younger brother Joseph at first swore to abandon music, but he was persuaded to perform and record again. Joseph's son Markus Reinhardt is a violinist in the Romani style. A third generation of direct descendants has developed as musicians: David Reinhardt, Reinhardt's grandson by his son Babikleads his own trio. Dallas Baumgartner, a great-grandson by Lousson, is a guitarist who travels with the Romani and keeps a low public profile.

A distant relative, violinist Schnuckenack Reinhardtbecame known in Germany as a performer of gypsy music and gypsy jazz up to his death inand also assisted in keeping Reinhardt's legacy alive through the period following Django's death.

Reinhardt is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and the first important European jazz musician to make a major contribution with jazz guitar. Using a Selmer Guitar in the mids, his style took on new volume and expressiveness. For about a decade after Reinhardt's death, interest in his musical style was minimal. In the fifties, bebop superseded swing in jazz, rock and roll took off, and electric instruments became dominant in popular music. Since the mid-sixties, there has been a revival of interest in Reinhardt's music, a revival that has extended into the 21st century, with annual festivals and periodic tribute concerts.

His devotees included classical guitarist Julian Bream and country guitarist Chet Atkinswho considered him one of the ten greatest guitarists of the twentieth century. Jazz guitarists in the U. In fact, Byrd, who lived from tosaid that Reinhardt was his primary influence.

Guitarist Mike Peters notes that "the word 'genius' is bantered about too much. The popularity of gypsy jazz has generated an increasing number of festivals, such as the Festival Django Reinhardt held every last weekend of June since in Samois-sur-Seine France[42] [43] the various DjangoFests held throughout Europe [44] and the US, and Django in June, an annual camp for Gypsy jazz musicians and aficionados.

Woody Allen 's film Sweet and Lowdownthe story of a Django Reinhardt-like character, mentions Reinhardt and includes actual recordings in the film. Una diversa tendenza stilistica nacque dall'attenzione reciproca che alcuni musicisti jazz e le nuove leve della musica brasiliana si rivolgevano.

Questa definizione era stata onorata nel corso degli anni da diversi compositori un nome per tutti: Duke Ellington. Diversi brani divennero successi planetari come ad esempio Garota de Ipanema. Quelli che non scelsero la critica radicale del free jazz e che non sparirono dalla scena dovettero cambiare stile. Seguirono poi numerosi protagonisti, con nomi quali quelli di Weather Report un supergruppo comprendente alcuni ex musicisti di Miles Davis — Joseph Zawinul e Wayne Shorter — e la nascente stella del Body And Soul - Benny Goodman - The Real.

Benny Goodman (CD) Jaco PastoriusHerbie Hancockil trombettista Freddie Hubbard. Molte di queste esperienze furono bollate dalla critica come commerciali e alcune indubbiamente lo furono. Tra di essi si mise in particolare evidenza il giovane Wynton Marsalische promosse con forza il tema del ritrovamento delle radici e delle forme originali della musica.

Nella sua vastissima produzione vi sono numerose opere definite minori utilizzate come standard inesauribili.

Primo fra tutti lo storico e docente inglese Eric J. Negro Music in White America deldue libri basilari ed eccezionali tuttavia datati e Body And Soul - Benny Goodman - The Real. Benny Goodman (CD) ad un periodo storico. De Stefano chiude il suo saggio analizzando il pubblico soprattutto giovanile ed il consumo della musica jazz. Altri progetti. Teddy Wilson and fats should be a lot higher on that list.

Apart from that: Nobody misses Cedar Walton? Oscar Peterson 5?? Teddy Wilson 21 WTF? What about Milt Buckner?

Ahmad told me Body And Soul - Benny Goodman - The Real. Benny Goodman (CD) personally many times. Nat King Cole, was probably better known for his vocals, than being a piano player. His piano playing, to me was rather too simplistic and mundane when compared with the likes of Red Garland and Oscar Peterson.

To put Erroll Garner at 17 is ludicrous-if you listen extensively he is really unparallelled musically-also had a great technique and he was certainly the greatest composer among all the jazz giants. I happened to meet Erroll on tour in and he was the most self effacing lovely man you could meet.

Junior Mance told me in that everyone was blown away by Erroll in the early days in NY and they all wanted to play like him, Erroll is justifiably living a second life on the net and part of the problem for fans now is that Erroll died long ago and may have got overlooked somewhat. So he has to be right up there and is my favourite primarily because of his unique musicianship and his unmatched intros-beat that!

And note Erroll looked and sounded like he was having the time of his life-tragically died too young from lung cacer at 55yrs. I assume you mean the TOP 36? That is a strange number? I shall say it again Tristano is 50!! Duke Ellington was known more as a composer. As good as Duke was at composing, I believe that most people have not noted that he wrote the simplest tune melody in the history of music.

I play and little piano and guitar and fancy myself as fairly knowledgeable in guitar, bass and drums……Maybe I know just enough to get into trouble……no one can ever agree on any list……ever. Have to agree that these names could fit in there somewhere. They also seem to find the perfect balance between restraint and expressivity while the others are simply on another level.

Hey Daniel, yours is one of only few comments I could subscribe. Jarrett behind Monk? The very underestimated Dave MacKenna could be mentionned here. And Abdullah Ibrahim.

And, of the younger generation, Robert Glasper. And, and, and…. Grusin and James nice people! Hill, Cables and Hersch should be higher. And how about Jess Stacy? Both Teddy W and Earl Hines felt he was their equal, and both are rightfully on this list. I personally think Mary Lou Williams should be somewhere on the list, maybe even Elaine Elias but there are a lot more great male jazz pianists than female.

This is not the case with concert classical pianists. And Bill Evans really was the Master of them all. I do have some issues with some on list but the top 5 in a different order is very good but is debateable in some people. His Commodore recordings are one of the great pinnacles of jazz.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba should be on list, somewhere near the top. And Brad Mehldau, of course. Thanks Herman. And then I saw your post. I love Tete. And George Gershwin! Lists are silly. You can always make the case for any of these folks but as time goes on people forget the greats of a somewhat earlier day. Duke should be in the top ten…wish he had recorded a solo album….

I disagree with the order of the entire list with the exception of Art Tatum. An I would move Bill Evans to 2 in front of Monk. The next time a poll like this is conducted, it should be taken among all the living jazz pianists. I mean Brubeck should be in the top 5, and Dave Grusin in the top 10 just based on the contribution they have made to jazz over the years.

Other than that, might as well throw darts. I rate him up with Monk and far better than Art Tatum in his jazz input. Whats the reason for his omission. How does one compare pianists with different styles? Monk could have played like Tatum. Rather the genius opted to define his own style that fitted his original compositions and his improvisations. And the arguing goes on! If that surprises anyone.

My interest is in most classical piano but admire jazz pianists who possess a solid thorough technique AND play with something resembling a pleasant singing tone. I have no use for the percussive style virtually devoid of dynamics that many exhibit.

I agree with a couple of dozen on the list, but I would have thought that Maryanne McPartland deserved an entry somewhere. I agree with the guy who thought Iturbi was a better jazz pianists than many on this list.

Wow -as a Jazz piano lover I could care less about the order, though it might be nice to see a list of living piano players. You should see the list I put together with the additional pianist mentioned in the comments here. My list is at 90 players, some of whom I have not heard before.

I will enjoy the ride of just listening and enjoying…. Scott Joplin is on this list. Hmmm, has anyone ever actually heard Scott Joplin play??

No, is the answer. How laughable is this list. Scott Joplin made about 6 hand played piano rolls, including a composition by W. C Handy but he certainly should not be on this list.

A great list, but as many people already said, loads of pretty good pianists are missing! Gil Evans? Andre was a young European hanging around LA at the time. One guess where Previn got his inspiration!! There are so many great Jazz Pianists!!!! They cannot possibly all fit in a list of 36 musicians!!! I guess the first 36 pianists are some of the best! Lists are a good way of focusing the mind, by making us consider who else could be there.

Duke Ellington! What makes a great pianist, in any style of music, is not how fast or how many notes he can play, but his ability to develop the richest variety of colors.

I say: No way Jose! Awesome list! Take Five is consistently regarded as the greatest Jazz tune of all time by many. Dave was also the second Jazz artist to be on the cover of Time Magazine, only second to the venerable Louis Armstrong.

Barry Harris? Nina Simone on keys as great a pure pianist as anyone? Billy Taylor? Randy Weston? I really think this is difficult work. In time, Benny Green will need to be on the list as well.

Maybe the original list was only 36 men. The best of all Jazz Pianist ist Keith Jarrett! In the combination of musical technique und being a great composer. Great list. WK is top ten for me. But the big name often overlooked is Sonny Clark — unmatched feel. Erroll Garner is a forgotten genius, should be placed at no.

Ketil Bjornstadt 3. Ahmad Jamal 4. Joe Zawinul 5. Herbie Hancock 6. Claude Bolling 7. Mc Coy Tyner 8. Hiromi 9. Oscar Peterson Gonzalo Rubalcaba These are the pianists who define jazz today. And it introduced modes and greater freedom to jazz. Next Bill would form a jazz trio that revolutionized the piano trio by making each instrumentalist, not merely supportive of the pianist, but a contributor of equal importance. Moreover, Bill kept the flame going, traveling round the world, too busy to go into a recording studio.

Coltrane has always been the first—though after Elvin and McCoy left him, the music of his last year was chaotic, obvious, cacophonous—leading to mass exits. Bill, on the other hand, completed his archetypal journey be going full circle. Never forcing a things while maintaining the same body and hand position during loud or soft passages Keith simply lacked this physical advantage, making things worse when he stood up while playing.

He was one of the few remaining, one of the last, groups in jazz that continued to carry the flame. The lives of other Romantic composers—Schubert, Schumann, etc. But the sublime beauty and powerful emotion often thunderous in his last period, to Sept. You forgot Kenny Drew and Cecil Tayler should have had a higher range. And Scott Joplin on the list? Being an Old Cool Cat, I think that it is difficult to choose the top 50 let alone 36!

Also worth a mention was Joshua Riffkin playing Scott Joplin. Diana Kroll mentioned by others continues to grow in stature, and should make the top Old hands playing very sweet music.

She is much admired by jazz pianists and the few jazz radio stations that still exist e. I think she should have made the list. No one has a timeless list of The Greatest.

For instance we could compile a list of the best percussive players the list would completely change — if you get my drift. Alan Broadbent, Aaron Diehl, Hiromi, there are so many out there. A list of the ten greats certainly would include Tatum, Evans, Bud Powell. Shearing, Oscar, Michele Le Grand for the few of us who have heard him live. Bill Charlap deserves recognition. Monk is in the Pantheon, not for his playing, but for the totality that he brings to the genre.

They surely must be up there with the best. Brubeck was one of the most innovative pianists of his time. Nat king Cole was a jazz pianist before he became a singer. So please give credit where credit is due. I think there are two important ones missing. First, Lennie Tristano had a bigger influence on jazz piano than most people think about. Tristano contributed some extremely interesting rhythmic perspectives.

Secondly, Clare Fischer had a huge influence, and no one as far as I could see has mentioned him. Herbie Hancock, several times during interviews, has given Clare credit for a significant part of his harmonic knowledge.

And the list has 36 pianists because there are 36 black keys on the piano? Wow, Bill Evans before Oscar Peterson. Certainly Fats Waller should have been further up the list, and what about James P. How Nat King Cole was left out boggles the mind, he was only crucial in developing the Jazz trio, a format that made Bill Evans and so many others so popular.

Bill Evans is the greatest of all jazzpinaist. Oscar Petersson as you mentionedmissused his tecnical ability.

Bill evans had an nusicality creativity and a deep the is unmatched by any player. His beautifully sound and inovativ chord and sofisticated rythm was outstanding. He manged to allways play with such an high level despite his drug problem. He was a genious that contributed to the music as the great classical composers. Bill is overrated. Herbie ranks higher as a complete pianist.

And there is no way he should be higher up the list than Bud Powell. Lenny Tristano? Oh, I know. Lenny Tristano! How about Lenny Tristano? Or Dave McKenna. Don Shirley?

Not sure what category he goes in. Nat King Cole was marvelous. And now heresy time. Second to none. But his playing is mechanical and soulless. After hearing a few songs I just want to move on to someone with with some heart in their playing.

The top 10 is MINT………. McPartland because apart from her undoubted talent she was very gracious when I spoke to her between sets at the Hickory House. At 88 yrs I have heard most of the musicians on the various lists. By the way nobody has mentioned George Zack, his contribution to Muggsies Someday Sweetheart and others really pleased me. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone hears beautiful music as it appeals to their ear. CeCe Peniston. Carl Perkins.

Maite Perroni. Katy Perry. Bernadette Peters. Iggy Pop. Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie Presley. Ma Rainey. Johnnie Ray. Otis Redding. Lou Reed. Sheryn Regis. Teddy Riley. Jamie Rivera. Jenni Rivera. Jimmie Rodgers. Ahmed Rushdi. OPM Pop Sweetheart. Sarunrat Visutthithada. Mighty Sparrow. Suraphol Sombatcharoen. Touch Na Takuathung. Sonny Boy Williamson II. Britney Spears. Jessica Simpson. Big Bang.

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