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That being said, this effect will be more like a short-lived energy jolt, and it might not last throughout the morning. There could be a psychological advantage to waiting to sip your morning brew, too. She adds that reactions to caffeine vary from person to person. When it comes to caffeine, you do you. Only saltwater fish drink. In freshwater, the inner body of the fish is saltier than the surrounding environment.

Water moves into the fish by osmosis, passively, through the gills and the skin and the stomach. Fish has to eliminate all this excess water by peeing dilute urine. In saltwater, the environment is saltier, the fish loses water passively, so it has to drink.

It eliminates excess salt using specialized cells; the excess salt is excreted primarily in highly concentrated urine. Frogs have very special skin. They drink and breathe through it. Frogs usually do not swallow water as we do. Instead, they absorb most of the moisture they need through their skin. Not only that, but frogs also rely on getting extra oxygen in addition to what they get from their lungs from the water by absorbing it through their skin.

This is because the frog skin secretes mucus that helps keep it moist. Even with the slimy skin, these frogs need to stay near water. Tiger salamanders do not drink water using their mouths.

Rather they receive moisture and hydration from the water content of prey and from the environment through their semi-permeable skin. Skin absorption reinforces the need for a moist substrate at all times.

Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to most amphibians, including tiger salamanders. In light of this, use rain-water, purified bottled water, dechlorination to treat any tap water used in the habitat. Distilled water is not appropriate, as the minerals have been removed which can upset the osmotic balance of the salamander. Without scavengers our environment can become overwhelmingly contaminated. Do you loath beetles in the same way?

Without the dung beetle cow pastures would smother from dung, and die out. Every creature has a purpose. I agree. And yet Jesus, God but apparently known as a revered prophet to the Muslim people drank wine. In reading this article the reasons for abstaining from drinking alcohol all seem to be aligned with one experiencing a lack of control.

Perhaps, the emphasis, in the first place, should be on the devoted soul having self control in the first place. If a man sees a beautiful woman who pleases him, he does not rape her. He practises self control. Oh, wait, I am just reminded of the hijab and its necessity in the Muslim world so women should not be found appealing by Muslim men who lack self control — okay strike that point from the conversation. I like to go by jewelry stores and window shop.

Often there is a bauble or two I find lovely enough I would Dont Drink to own, but I stop short of going it fund-less, and lifting it. I practise self control. When I go to the bakery in Paris and Dont Drink homemade delights which are out of this world and my stomach can surely accommodate three chocolate eclairs and a torte slice, I stop at one chocolate eclair. When my husband or child are mouthy or obnoxious, I reason with them and stop short of putting the back side of my hand against his or her face.

I have a beautiful meal on a warm summer night and compliment it with a glass of Malbec because it enhances the subtle flavours of the food and turns good into sublime. When I have finished that glass, and perhaps, a second, I abstain from any more. As stated in the Quran Jesus said to the people to obey God. If you believe in Jesus than u would agree with what He believed in and the commandments they are part of ur religion.

Religion is a reason to fear God and believe a and find guidance. To fear God is to be self conscious and in control of ones acts as they fear Gods punishment. In saying that Islam is similar and Muslims fear God and try to self control themselves from committing sin and evil. That my dear is called patience and submission. Which is from Gods mercy unto us. You know Islam is lovely and fair that Muslim are not to differentiate between race, colour or other religions.

Muslim are not taught to discriminate, execute or mock others. Rather be understanding and be patient and rely on God alone. Islam teaches Muslims to conduct themselves in a fair manner at all times and to only fear God. To answer your first question as to what does Christianity teach? Although it can be a difficult concept to understand — Jesus, the Son of Man, came to the earth as God incarnate, and consequently He is God. He is the bridge or as theology would term it, the Intercessor.

I am not a theologian, merely a believer, so for me to attempt to explain this adequately to a non-Christian would do it little justice. He knew the emphasis should be on the true spirit of holy communion. He understood God wanted men and women of devoted minds and hearts, not those who thought it was enough — through their rituals — to merely give the semblance to the temporal world as men and women of God.

Self-control in a disciple should be inherent. True alignment to God through virtue and spirit should be of more concern than if one sips a glass of wine, reads the holy book in Arabic, etc. God is no fool. Wow, just wow. You should know that jesus still talking about the muslim prophet was jewish. And he came before the prophet mohammed came and decided to bann alcohol from the religion. Karine, You are very confused about Jesus. In so many respects, but that is not surprising as you read from a book the Koran which is a plagiarized version of the Judeo-Christian Bible written by a hack who fell asleep in a cave probably high on wild mushrooms.

Jesus was not Issa the prophet. He never banned wine. This is absurd. The night before He was crucified, He broke bread and drank wine with His disciples, declaring the bread to be a symbol of His body which is broken for us, and the wine a symbol of His blood which is spilled for us. Read up, my friend. You know someone said all is good in Balance.

The thing is where is our balance? I m worried about mother nature. And we are talking about such bullshit as alcohol. We should talk about -what leads to alcohol-! This is trumendously more interesting! Tell me, what is sacred? Where do we link each other?

With internet? Where is the eyes connection? A webcam? Life starts where there is life. Internet and rooters give Death! Tell me. In our evolved western civilisation what is sacred? But that is far away from what is truly sacred! Aborignans communities know what is sacred. A crazy machinery. The one that thinks about life and love! Best not to be arrogant and be open minded and seek proper knowledge before u conclude or make a statement.

Remember Islam is a religion of God no something humans put together or altered over the years with new editions. Islam is perfect Dont Drink Muslims are not and so are humans in general.

I really wonder How non muslims can drink wine? Although all the disadvantages of it they insist to drink it! Alcohol or any intoxicants are forbidden in Islam. Religiously, it is forbidden. The people just disobeyed. The Quran tells the muslim that it is a great sin to kill an innocent person, and anyone who does so will suffer great torment in the hereafter: …So We decreed for the tribe of Israel that if someone kills another person — unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth — it is as if he had Dont Drink all mankind.

And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. The religion is perfect. People are not. I think u dindt undersatand my question completly…. The first step to understand anything is to remove your personal bias and prejudice and to consider it objectively, so I ask you do as such.

OK, first of all, those numbers are wrong. What the brother above me said is correct, Islam does not permit either drinking or killing. Islam does not teach to give harm to other, in fact it asks you to treat each other be they Muslim or not with utmost respect, as if they were your brothers and sisters. So, no, it is definitely not the religion which is teaching people to do these things. Do not judge a religion by the people who follow it, judge it by something more authentic such as the Quran and you will find that it is pure and perfect in all regards.

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