Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr)


The super size deck chairs invites sharing of space, cosying up against one another while exchanging stories, resting in the joy of a special moment or a group relaxation.

Come Together is a visual stimulation to elicit joy and remembrance of carefree togetherness. Charlie is a creative attempting to make from observing the torrents of happenings coming down from the peak of the cyber.

Sydney explores monsters, myths and technology and how these things exist in our current climate. This great collision of mind, matter and digital substance is where we place our viewing platform and make notes for our piece. We have a vision to create corridors of hectic colour, imagery and generally visual sensory bombardment. Demae sings of joyous experiences, growth and empowerment as a Black woman in turbulent times.

Life Works Out… Usually channels the unique London sound world, full of colour, earworm hooks and earthy, nu jazz production. We feel blessed beyond belief to have her come down with the TB crew, its gonna be a happy beautiful time for sure. Whatever she makes, her work follows her deep connection with the earth, the dynamism of gestural mark-making and an emphasis on motion and light.

Working from life as much as possible, she is often found drawing in woodlands or painting portraits in her cosy rural studio. The painting will evoke imagery related to harmony with nature, bodily freedom and the coming together of people of all colours and creeds in joy and celebration, especially after this past year of separation. Under the heat of the daytime sun, the dancing sculpture provides shade with their straw skirts. As the sun moves around the dancer, the people sheltering from the sun would be encouraged to move with them, finding the shade that they provide.

At night, their gestural human forms become visible through their skirts as they are lit with neon flex providing a focal point for orienting yourself. They will be ambitious tall structures, made using natural materials and reused timber where possible, and might just be involved in some immersive performance.

Daytimers, the UK-based South Asian arts collective, take you through the story behind their namesake. This talk will trace the history of secret daytime raves run by British Asians throughout the s and s. These spaces brought people together irrespective of religion, Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) and sexual orientation, and liberated a generation Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) the privilege of cultural expression.

Daytimers unpack the cultural significance of these parties and their lasting legacy on both the South Asian musical underground and the British-Asian cultural landscape today. Despite the conceptually groundbreaking nature of these events, the majority of British South Asians are unaware of this part of their history, with cultural historians also failing to tell their stories. JUNTOS are a not-for-profit grassroots collective dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces of resistance to combat social injustice and help protect our planet.

At the core of this is a belief in using creativity as a universal language to bring people together in mutual understanding and love. The Guardian. Using your suggestions, this lovable soft-boy and sassy queen will create dazzling songs, sketches, and raps right before your eyes. Dreya is an alumni of the world-famous Brit School where she studied musical theatre and dance from the age of Since then her professional dancing background has taken her all over the world to countries as far-reaching as the USA and China.

She can be seen demonstrating her talents in videos and shows for prominent artists such as Stormzy, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora. London-based Elkka is an artist who began her path as a singer-songwriter and has evolved into a multi-faceted producer, DJ and label boss.

When performing, she immerses herself in her art — from expansive, cross-genre DJ Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) to hypnotic live shows. InElkka founded femme culture. The London-based record label and collective was born out of the desire to champion women in the arts and push forward-thinking music standing for inclusivity amongst all genders, backgrounds and beliefs, and actively promotes collaboration in all fields.

Reared on a combination of Jazz, Folk, Reggae, and the Ibiza soundtrack, Oxford producer and songwriter feeo developed a taste for storytelling, big beats and stacked vocal harmonies early on. Her first two tracks, Yeti and Morning Gloryare treasures to behold. They all engage in homosexual behaviour. It has been observed in more than species!

At first, it was thought that being queer was a deviation from the norm — sex was for procreation according to 19th century biologists their poor wives. Florence started writing this show because as a bisexual woman and armed with a biochemistry degree, it seemed only right to investigate the science behind her identity and see if there are any other animals out there like her.

Expect laughs, single innuendos and whole load of fun sexy science facts. Footshooter will be playing a mix of exclusive material coming out later this year coupled with a few tracks from past releases.

Alice is a visual artist who works with prints, murals, animation and illustration. In her work, she looks to blur the line between reality and imagination. She mixes both organic and geometric shapes, and gathers inspiration from a wide variety of things such as storytelling, architecture, bored games, sound and the human form.

She brings her big ideas and skills to Brainchild to create a bright and beautiful backdrop for The Forum. Fusing diverse sounds with her own unmistakable tone, she has woven subtle narratives from underrepresented perspectives throughout her output; steadily building an essential discography with a multitude of essential messages.

Glows was first the bedroom project of Skips who brought the show to Brainchild indriven by propulsive percussion and electronics, alongside translucent synths and soft vocals, the sound restlessly skits from orchestral to ambient to hardcore.

The current live performance is an entirely new audiovisual rave-tinged experience, echoing the live shows of Jon Hopkins, Bonobo and Fuck Buttons. The visuals and audio they put together, from crashing drum baselines, to flooding frenzied strobes, to vast introspective sonic landscapes, radiated pure NRG from start to finish. Expect nothing less from their set at the festival — this year closing out the live sets in the Kite Bar on Sunday night.

Goya Gumbani moved with his family from New York to London when he was a teenager, but he still sounds like an MC straight out of Brooklyn. His lax rap flows will win over any East Coast boom-bap fan, oozing a serene calm rather than adhering to toxic macho stereotypes. Founded in East London by Sofia Grant, Higher Ground is a cosmic jam session and a safe space for performers to improvise, experiment and connect through music.

From instrumentalists to poets, movers to singers, Higher Ground aims to be Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) nurturing environment for all performers to express themselves freely. Higher Ground also aims to address the gender imbalance commonly seen in the music industry through its programming and house band. We see our gatherings as an aspirational space, a joyful re-imagining of what the creative industries could look like.

Backline is provided but please bring your instruments!! ORLA is an interdisciplinary artist and maker. Her practice explores themes surrounding human emotion, behaviour and connection; often expressing concepts through a combination of image and text.

With HOLD, ORLA is collaborating with friend and clothing designer, Itiya Stawksi — bringing Brainchild a soft, comfortable and stimulating textile space for contemplating connection or to simply be held by.

Bloated cushions and adjustable strip curtains are painted with words and images from the artists journals and drawings, offering prompts to be engaged with on the subjects of intimacy, connection and community. Beccy McCray explores playful, socially engaged art and design using an interdisciplinary approach that includes installation, participation, print, paint or whatever media necessary to create human moments and imaginative acts of resistance. Seeking to break down boundaries between art, activism and everyday life, Beccy ultimately aims to spread joy and inspire positive change at grass roots level, creating a positive vision of a more sustainable and socially just future.

Often other colonies occupy a mound after the death of the original builders. And so the ever-evolving cycle continues. Taken into the context of the natural world, these alien totems remind us of mystical fungus or cacti, flowing lava and stalagmites, alive and hinting at other worlds. Is it the end of the party — or is it just the beginning? From the glitzy gold sequinned jackets they sport onstage to the surreal, noodling, apocalyptic jazz they tout, Horsey are both Brainchild royalty…and intoxicatingly odd.

Their tracks meander through chintzy piano, to shouty call and response heckles to — on occasion — something resembling a rock opera. We asked trans-men, cis-men, and masculine presenting people aged 8 to about what makes them hard. This is a show about what we learnt: about strength, fitting in, feeling yourself, and arseholes. To give some context for the current movement we will look at the history of racist ideas and racialisation as well as the legacies of colonialism and the British empire, showing how racism is linked to capitalism, neocolonialism and climate breakdown, how whiteness is a recent invention and why the BAME label can be problematic.

We put on many different workshops from climate justice to active anti-racism, have a monthly book club, attend protests together and engage in the odd viral brandalism action or two. After holding down DJ residencies and promoting parties across the UK for the best part of a decade, saw India take the plunge into releasing their own original music for the first time with an instant impact.

Ellie Pearce is a textile artist creating tufted artworks inspired by human anatomy under the microscope. Her artworks highlight the beauty and intricacy of the hidden microscopic world and explore what it means to inhabit a body.

She creates artwork about Endometriosis and chronic pain, translating different organs and areas of the body that can be affected by this whole-body disease into tangible artworks. The installation will act as a catalyst for conversations about the invisible inner workings of our bodies as you sit on rugs inspired by the human body.

JACC will play her favourite In Flames sounds with hot selections that will make you move your body, feel euphoric and have fun. Johanna Burnheart is a German jazz violinist, singer, composer and producer. This is an ever-developing venture as technology allows the acoustic sound of the violin to come alive electronically with few compromises. Looping these high vocals with heady, emotional chords, they weave a screen around the listener, pulling them into chaptered, strangely sweet variations of the artist, divided out across albums, and designed to generate a performative atmosphere, both on stage and through the recording.

Industrial, insatiable and metallic, Hurricane Belle is embedded in the album not only through sound, but also through sight. In Aprilfour hopeless hopefuls met in the basement of a theatre for a comedy course.

In Februarythese four now best friends started a gig. That gig? Joy Multiplication. The four pals? Only four of the most soon-to-be famous comedians in the UK. After a short 5 year sabbatical, all four of the founding members of Joy Multiplication are officially back and ready to take Brainchild.

Mr Wesley Dykes, your favourite rapper, your favourite RnB singer and your friendly neighbourhood fxckboi. Bless him. Hosted by the one and only John Travulvathe queer, Glaswegian hunk of your dreams. Within the frame of climate justice, that centres liberation and flourishing for all, land is a key metric that exposes economic, social, environmental and racial injustices. And from the perspective of climate resilience; how Black people and people of colour are enacting a process of repair through grassroots projects for land access and food sovereignty, linking land to racial justice.

Her interests lie in exploring how we can reshape narratives on climate action to centre perspectives and solutions from the frontlines of injustice.

But for Lava, the real beauty lies in the blurring of these boundaries. We are damn psyched to have this West London icon take on our Brainstage this year! On Summer. However in the s this can resurge as a new breed — one that is inclusive to all intersections of sexuality and gender identity we celebrate today. After sharing a few bits of her self-produced music during the past year, she released a David Bowie cover on a tribute album alongside acts like Khruangbin, Meshell Ndegeocello and more.

The Lemon Lounge crew are back with us again for the whole weekend! Founded in by trumpet player Axel Kaner-Lidstrom Where Pathways Meet, CykadaLevitation Orchestra was formed with the shared goal to create original suites of music completely collectively, with each member contributing freely and equally.

It felt only right to us that LO should take on the Brainstage this year. Check out their ritualistic way of making music for yourself in their first EP, Inexpressible Infinity. Quickly making a name for herself as a formidable selector, her skillset has taken her to the world and back and her name is now one of the first on the list of DJs spinning for the best parties around. Her ascent in the nightlife and festival circuit is the result of the endless work ethic displayed through her burgeoning broadcasting career, with her Prestige Pak show and solo slot on Reprezent Radio.

Hailing from Enfield, North London, adventurous producer Loraine James is a rising voice in the electronic music community. Taking piano lessons as a child and growing up listening to a wide range of genres has instilled a voracious musical curiosity in her that resonates throughout her productions. Loucin is a London-based vocalist and songwriter with her influences rooted in jazz, neo-soul and RnB.

Loucin was first able to express her love for jazz and swing when vocalist for Leeds University Union Big Band for three years. Her original project has been a way for her to connect with her audiences and reflect on issues like marginalisation, identity and oppression. She is due to release her debut EP later this year.

Lynda Dawn is a vocalist, producer and songwriter from London. Exploring the sonic spectrum between soul, funk and jazz she draws upon her musically inclined upbringing to deliver a distinctive style of storytelling. The Guardian and Clash Magazine also featured Dawn as one of the top new artists for As a producer, his credits Id Rather Be With You - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) seemingly endless.

Her classes offer a safe and soothing space to be playful and experientially learn. By choreographically intertwining yoga poses with breath and music her focus is to facilitate those sweet moments of inner stillness and conjure up a sense of reconnection to the present moment.

Using intimate imagery and language to evoke sensory awareness within the physical and mental body, she seeks to inspire beings to feel empowered and content with who they are, right here, right now. Lou is a yoga teacher and workshop facilitator, passionate about making us feel more at home and connected in our bodies, and using embodiment and creativity as tools for wellbeing and community.

Expect their morning yoga to include explorative and intuitive movements and to be guided towards trust in the body: space to flow, find stillness, to breathe at your own pace. They have been coming back to Brainchild for years, and are so excited to be moving and shaking and stomping and shouting with you all! Needing little to no introduction, Moses Boyd joins us as our Saturday night headliner.

Feel welcome. Come as you are. Trust yourself. Trust your body. Trust this. In this hour and 15 minutes, Amarnah invites you enter the space with an open mind and heart to allow her to take you on a physical journey. Sometimes alone, sometimes in partners, sometimes as a group but always with yourself, Amarnah will facilitate a space for you to tune into your instincts and intuition, to trust your body and allow it to find new possibilities in movement and dance.

With live music creating a container we will work directly with the energy the music provides and find fun and exciting ways to allow it to move with and through us. We are together. We are connected. We trust ourselves. We journey to trusting each other. After her dazzling performance at our Digs gig remember those?! You may have spotted her play alongside Alex Rita as part of Calm Roots during the festival, or even at a Steam Down jam once upon a time.

For this festival set though, we are very lucky to have Nala accompanied by a full live band for one of the very first times. Nala has new music on the way, with big things in the pipeline, but for now, keep in the loop via her Instagram page or tune into one of her eclectic NTS shows :. Toys R Us has closed down for good leaving Charlie and his mates unemployed, depressed and searching for any escape from this rundown bigot-lead society.

Inspired from a true story out of Hounslow, London. His sound is best described as eclectic and versatile. After attending Brainchild for the last few years, we are delighted to welcome otta and her band to the festival. Check out Songbook and After it all blew over. We cannot spot dreaming of how incredible this will be — closing our Brainstage on the Friday night are Overmono!

Under their respective artist names Truss and Tesselabrothers Tom and Ed Russell have forged formidable individual reputations as producers. We decided to head to a remote cottage in rural Wales, near to where we grew up.

The trip ended up being the most creative stint either of us had ever had and after a week we had the foundations for Overmono. The series invites guest musicians to improvise and interact with electronics. Parasang is led by Pouya Ehsaei on with an all hardware setup.

As an act of endurance and dedication to this exploration and sewing of sounds, Parasang was held in as a weekly series at Redon in London.

Since the pandemic, the sessions have moved online and are now investigating similar possibilities on an international level. Our very favourite handsome gang, and Brainchild cult royalty, Pecs, will be helping you find your inner King in this very manly Mansformation workshop. Molly Smith is a crafter of all things big and small, creating sculptures, installations and home decor items. For single expats in Germany, dating is even harder. Online Dating. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Dating Profile. Is online dating easier for single female expats in Germany than for their male counterparts? Dating Tips. Register Login Language: English en. Register to contact people from your country living in Germany just like you!

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