Life - Osibisa - Live At The Marquee (Vinyl, LP)


I've a few JW albums, but you've probably heard them all. What a band. No other group sounds anything like them. Brilliant music. Post a Comment. C recommends Mizar6 Get this crazy baby off my head! However, it would end up getting shelved along with their unreleased fourth album Eclipse for the next 25 years.

Jade Warrior was a band that covered acoustic and electric terrain with equal aplomb. When playing acoustically, the confident presence of Jon Field's flute and the addition of congas recalls the gentle, countercultural aura of Traffic. The melody and arrangement actually sounds very much like something that might have appeared on Weather Report around the time of Mysterious Traveller.

The lovely ballads "Hey Rainy Day" and "Annie" show the quality of this band's songwriting, and are definite high points of the album. Also enjoyable, and the most 'proggy' track on the album, is the dreamlike "We Are the One," which in its chorus has the odd sense of wonder and charm to be found in Klaatu's early albums.

When hitting the distortion pedal, the fiery electric guitar of Tony Duhig exhibits a distinct Jimi Hendrix influence e. Other electric pieces, such as the blues-based "Hour Movie" and another instrumental, "Yam Jam," are less remarkable.

In closing, I notice in looking back at what I have written so far and seeing that I have invoked Traffic, King Crimson, mid s Weather Report, and Klaatu, not to mention that bassist Glyn Havard's voice bears a notable resemblance to Frank Zappa's. Still, if nothing else, it might serve to demonstrate how hard these guys were to hang an easy sign on. Fifth Element is considered by fans to be one of their more uneven albums, probably because of the lesser quality of the material on side two.

Still, I only wish more albums of this sort could be unearthed from whichever vaults in which they are languishing. Listening to it, I am reminded of what a different era indeed this was in rock music: a time when talent could suffice, and egos and appearances were not necessarily needed — so long as the material was strong.

The same goes for this album, which, thanks to "Hi-Note", was released twenty-five years after it was recorded though, I still don't know about "Eclipse", whether this album was released by the UK's "Voiceprint", or some other label, or has it ever been released at all?

Everything is there on these songs that can please prog ears: regular changes of moods and tempos, diverse vocal themes and rich, powerful, truly bombastic instrumental arrangements, filled with diverse flute and guitar solos, as well as interplays between both these instruments, always supported by a tight, strong rhythm-section and very heavy, sometimes maniacal and hypnotic yet, at the same time, full of positive energy guitar riffs and moves.

There are also very nice and original interplays between piano and guitar solos on 24 Hours Movie. By the way, piano and some other keyboards sound on a half of the album's tracks, while apparently there is no keyboardist nor keyboards at all in the album's line-up and instrumental equipment. Another composition-masterpiece on the album is Yam Jam tracks 6full of unique Eastern colours along with very specific melodies, performed here by flute, bass guitar, and varied percussive instruments, while solos by piano and guitar were done more usual way - just to accentuate the beauty of Eastern themes.

Yam Jam is the instrumental composition, as well as On the Mountain of Fruit, which is also percussion-based piece with Jade Warrior's distinctly original interplays between flute and guitar or bass and very, very fluid guitar solo. Discotechnique and Hey Rainy Day, flowing fluidly one into another are in many ways similar among themselves structurally too, as well as Annie.

Apart from vocals that sound mostly meditative-philosophically hereall these three tracks feature gentle and, at the same time, variegated roulades of acoustic guitar and interplays between two acoustic guitars and flute, long and virtuosic guitar solos and, as usual, a wide-variety of sounds of percussive instruments. We Are the One is the only track on the album that sounds slightly differently of Jade Warrior's typical compositions that I've just mentioned above, let alone heavy and bombastic 24 Hours Movie and Have You Ever.

There are just a little of percussive sounds on We Are the One and all the instrumental parts, that surround vocals here, consist of interplays between flute and organ and even a guitar appears just closer to the end of piece : Summary : - The fact that Jade Warrior embodies four different musical forms, all of which, at the same time, remain within the frame of the band's original, firm, really legendary stylistics, just confirms the idea that "Fifth Element" is one of the most diverse album, though, the main significance of this album is different, of course.

Another masterpiece, created by brilliant innovators Jade Warrior, could have remained lost for us fans forever if only it wasn't for "Hi-Note" that released it a few years ago. However, as far as I know, the fatum of the album-predecessor is still undecided, at least for me.

Having found The fifth element genre of Progressive, should I now search for Jade Warrior's "Eclipse d " Fourth Element, similar to those movie-makers still searching for a Fifth Element of nature?

The tracks were recorded in as part of the sessions for the Eclipse album, but it is unlikely that this particular album would have been released in in this format. Bassist Glyn Havard has said that "Both 'Eclipse' and 'Fifth Element' are different from the previous three studio albums, in that we had a powerful drummer".

The music is beautiful, dreamy, with outstanding instrumentation. There are sounds on this album which touch upon the free form jazz style, but never venture into a musical limbo.

This album has been classified as "alternative" music. Not so with "Fifth Element. Beneath the surface are wonderful, inventive, soundscapes, which may not grab you the first time, but with repeated listenings, will reward you. The album is VHR by A. Buy the band's superb "Floating World" album.

Despite being predominantly a rock festival certain hip-hop artists have played over the years, particularly when hip-hop was very popular in the early s, including Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, Eminem, Xzibit, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dizzee Riscal and The Streets. Inthe main stages at both Reading and Leeds were made larger, featuring unique cantilevered video screens.

Inthe Festival spawned the Reading Fringe Festival in the town. Much like the Edinburgh Festival Fringethis sees venues in the town hosting fringe acts hoping to draw crowds and industry figures from the larger festival. The Reading Fringe has run annually since then. Flags were banned from both festival sites for the first time in on "health and safety" grounds.

The Reading Festival continued to expand through the early s with a new record capacity of 90, recorded in Bottling acts offstage being forced off stage by a barrage of audience-thrown bottles and cans is a long-standing tradition at the festival. Culture Wikia Explore. Wiki Content. Duke Ellington DJ Shadow!!! Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Reading and Leeds Festivals.

History Talk 0. For the festivals, see Leeds Festival classical music. Retrieved 22 March Archived from the original on 6 May Chris is an award winning blues guitarist and singer while Mark is a studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist who recently contributed to the newest Alan Parsons album. David Lewis began playing guitar and piano and writing songs at a very young age, appearing in talent contests and on local TV in Northern Ireland. In he joined psychedelic band The Method who became Andwellas Dream in In while still a member of Andwellas Dream, he recorded some of his songs for a publisher's demo album "The Songs Of David Lewis".

Intended as a calling card for his song-writing skills, this was a very limited private pressing, probably only a few hundred copies made, and is now a major rarity.

Andwellas Dream released three albums betweenthe last two under the name Andwella. The band also worked on David Baxter's solo LP during this period. When Andwella split, David pursued a solo career. The former is soft melodic AOR, the latter more uptempo soul.

Both are difficult to locate but are bound to be somewhat of a disappointment to those expecting something in the vein of Andwellas "Love and Poetry" album. However the songs are well written and the playing excellent through. Not a million miles away from Boz Scaggs mids records. It contains nearly all of the performances from the Woodstock music festival, which took place on August 15—18,in Bethel, New York.

The CDs also include many stage announcements and miscellaneous audio material. The box set also contains bonus material such as a Blu-ray copy of the director's cut of the Woodstock documentary film, a hardcover book written by concert promoter Michael Lang, and a replica of the original concert program.

It was released by Rhino Records on August 2,in a limited edition of 1, copies. Woodstock — Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive presents almost all of the music of the Woodstock festival in the order in which it was performed. The cover was memorably defaced by Bowie himself decades later. It took a German painter schooled in surrealism to create its mix of African folk art and psychedelia.

The baby in question, Spencer Elden, even recreated the photo 25 years later. When you walked into a record store, you could see this album clear across the room. No wonder the clever lads in XTC loved it. It could have just as easily been Born in the USAwith its Annie Liebovitz photo and Bruce in a white t-shirt and blue jeans in front of an American flag. A good cover became a great one the moment when a bored Johnny Ramone decided to give the photographer the finger.

Nobody ever slung a jacket over their shoulder that well. Despite its daring appearance, if you looked closely, the whipped-cream clad model was actually wearing a wedding dress. This style of art would be associated with psychedelic music from here on out, though Crumb was a bit anti-hippie himself.

Which of course leads us to… 2: The Clash: London Calling photo by Pennie Smith, design by Ray Lowry A rare case where a parody of the above Elvis cover becomes a work of art in itself. It also made it essential to own the original, fold-out vinyl. Listen here: Looking for more? Discover the worst album covers of all time. Are you kidding me? Black Moses by Isaac Hayes!

You are not being serious here…. Or any Molly Hatchet cover? Kiss Alive 1 captured the raw live energy deffo should have been there. The list is too P. Although…you have captured many…. The only rock album cover ever painted by Norman Rockwell. Roger Dean along with Hipgnosis and maybe a few others is one of the most noteworthy album cover artists who did some of the most recognizable art work especially for progressive rock bands.

Where is Quicksilver Happy Tails? Rick Griffin artwork. No Uriah Heep? Omission faux pas in my eyes to this list. For the artwork AND the music. The Moody Blues had at least six or seven albums that were better than most everything on this list! Great Selection, with a bit of a bias for British and U. Just to name a few. So good to hear of Crawler again. Here are 2 that sprang to mind. And, Guitars that destroyed the world.

Great album, great cover. What is it wit all the Beatles albums???? Talk about overkill. The White Album??? I do like the Beatles but unfortunately they are rammed down peoples throats. It was creativity to the nth degree, man! If you had any serious knowledge about The Beatles and their influence on the entire world with fashion, language, music and more, you would not ask this question.

Read some good books about them. Everybody since has been influenced by their music and creative style. If you had actually lived through the 60s you would know what it meant to the world of music. Also with no picture. We know now who the real fool really is…. Then came Black Sabbath….

Those are all iconic albums or most of them anyway but not necessarily iconic album covers. However, when an album itself becomes iconic for example Close to the Edge by Yes then usually the cover becomes iconic too. Not always but a lot of the time. Missing: Vs. Basically no female artists and the women that appear on the covers of the albums of the male artists are all showing their tits.

Glad to see the original Electric Ladyland cover. Interesting that they all seem to be from the vinyl era,no cd artwork Juicy Lucy? Breakfast in America is one of my all time favorite albums that I can listen to over and over. I have planned my holidays around his tour dates.

Hope to see him when he comes to the US and Canada next Life - Osibisa - Live At The Marquee (Vinyl and in Dec, too. I thought the first Bad Company had a very iconic look to it…the large logo against the stark black background. Yeah,my first tattoo was Rainbow Rising…think that artwork rocks. Some for consideration…. Disappointed but not surprised to see no Iron Maiden or Megadeth covers in there. I think Adam Ant and the Ants should be included as well. Adam created some of the most iconic visuals in musical history.

This list is so lame! A lot of good covers here from good albums. But so many are so lame, even stuff that I like! There are better Zeppelin covers, and I would think at least 1 from the Moody Blues would be on here!

Who made this list? Would be nice to actually officially credit them too! I do not know where you culled the images for this article, but whoever LP) responsible is clearly a dunderhead. The image for The Ramones debut album is incorrect, it is an image that has someone had a non-Ramone cut and pasted onto the cover. Also, try to get images from original LP and not the CD. Most fucking annoying. Playing Possum — Carly Simon Of course, this a personal preference. Pretty iconic. Gotta go with just about any of the 30 or so covers Warhol designed, just because of his name, the rarity, and therefore their collectibility… Sticky Fingers and Banana covers are among the most recognizable.

How about some love for the greatest live album ever recorded? Little Feat — Waiting for Columbus Killer artwork, killer shows. The album cover that started it all the most iconic Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass the one with the naked girl covered in whipped creamWTF how could this not be included really. My thoughts exactly. Iconic is a great word to describe that album cover. What are you trying to prove?

Who cares??? That cover is supposed to suggest she WAS naked because she could easily have been. It has really good music also. Have a mono and a stereo copy. The reason? The cover depicts one of the greatest rock guitarists in his prime! A masterpiece! T Rex electric warrior. And their album absolutely free as well. Good thing that several people remember the 3d captain beyond cover. Scorpions fly to the rainbow.

Neil Young on the beach. Everything in the cover, from the sepia tone photo, to the clothes to the typography was the antithesis of the sixties aesthetic and announced a new music rooted in the past.

The best Electric Ladyland cover was the one with all the nude girls on it…. I still have my copy of it, they were on the front and back of the album. One big picture…. I grew up shopping in the vinyl era, and there were so many great covers then.

While everyone of these are worthy, there are so many that could be included that a top best covers list seems woefully inadequate. I agree! Nazareth: Hair of the Dog hands down the best album cover of all time.

Turns out to be the first CD I ever bought. Have a people pick out a favorite car and there will be different cars!

These type of lists are irrelevant. There were so many great covers that could replace all of these, in my opinion! No Molly Hatchet covers?

No Moody Blues? No Steppenwolf? Some good ones did get missed as pointed out in here. Interesting to look over the ones here thanks! Leaves a lot to debate on. Some of my favorite album covers are not mainstream. Drawn by cat himself and very iconic. Also born to run, top 10? Some good covers in there but all subjective and hard to disconnect with the music the covers represent. Where is the first Moby Grape cover and no Jefferson Airplane cover????

Too much british and not enough America. So almost all white guys from the seventies…. In any case, there was no way to do this list without SOME argument was there? Next time shoot for and you,d still better prepare for some flack. You should know better to dare put together a list like this and call it Greatest…. The Argus cover stuck with me through all these years.

Thank You for such a wonderful list even though you overlooked some of my personal favourites. Reflections was released on Butt Records. These "first era" albums are characterized by a style which has its base in rock music some tracks are basically straightforward rock with a Jethro Tull flavour, and significant admixtures of what we'd probably call "world music" influence today.

Many of the characteristic "signatures" of Jade Warrior music were present from the beginning Your average garage-rock band, these guys are NOT. The CD transfers are disappointing - the sound is dull, distant, and muddy, with no liveness or sparkle — avoid — and go for the recent, much better, Repertoire releases.

Reflections has not been released on CD. The post-Eclipse material eight LP), 36 minutes has been released on the Background label by Hi-Note Music under the title Fifth Element.

Jade Warrior did some movie soundtrack work during these years: they wrote and performed the main theme song of "Bad Man's River" a re-spin of "Too Many Heroes" from the Eclipse album, with different lyricsand also did the music for "Game for Vultures". The Assagai Connection - Jade Warrior had some interesting interactions with fellow Vertigo band Assagai during this time. Assagai was anchored by respected African musicians Louis Moholo, Mongezi Feza, and Dudu Pukwana, and was signed by Vertigo in the label's attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Afro-rock bands such as Osibisa.

Assagai released two albums; the first self-titled contained their cover version of Jade Warrior's "Telephone Girl", and a song "Irin Ajolawa" co-written by Tony Duhig. The second album released originally LP) "Zimbabwe", and re-issued by a different label under the name "AfroRock" contains covers of Jade Warrior's "Barazinbar" from Released and "Sanga" from Eclipseand a song titled "Kinzambi" written by Tony Duhig.

Duhig, Field, and Havard are credited with performances on the second Assagai album. They recorded one session together with several of the members of Assagai, under the band name of "Simba". Two songs from this session were released on a 45 single, and later issued on a multi-band collection LP entitled "Afro Rock Festival". The songs: "Movin' On" and "Louie Louie"! He urged Chris Blackwell of Island Records to give Jade Warrior a hearing and consider signing them up to do some instrumental albums once they were available.

Blackwell did so, liked what he heard and proposed that Jon and Tony re-form the band and sign a contract for three albums later expanded to four "as an ornament to my label". He was interested in a primarily instrumental sound possibly as an Island label equivalent to the music of Virgin Records' new artist Mike Oldfieldand the contract offered by Island was not extended to include Glyn Havard.

On these Island albums Jon and Tony reorganized a bit, and took their music in a direction which was less overtly rock-oriented but still uses many rock techniques and towards a more theme-oriented approach to doing their albums.

Once again, David Duhig played an occasional track, and there was a large and changing bill of associate musicians including Steve Winwood and Fred Frith. The four Island albums were released between and and were, almost without exception, VERY hard to get here in the U. Island's U.

The album's second side is punctuated by a striking "Monkey Chant" which combines a Balinese kecak chant with a Hendrix-influenced guitar solo by David Duhig. Waves, incarries us through dawn-lit countryside full of birdsong, downriver to the ocean, and out among the great whales.

With Kites, inwe drift through the aeolean landscapes of Paul Klee, and get a glimpse at 9th Century China and the wandering Zen master Teh Ch'eng. In all four of these albums, the characteristic Jade Warrior sound and skills are applied to good ends. These albums have a similar sound, and yet they're individually unique. Jon Field has described this relationship as being like " These two CDs were remastered by Jon Field, recovering the wide dynamic range that he and Tony wanted to achieve but were unable to capture on vinyl.

Kites and Waves are rumoured to have been re-released individually on CD, but I've never been able to get any solid information about these alleged re-releases, and believe that Life - Osibisa - Live At The Marquee (Vinyl is an urban legend.

This set includes a retrospective essay and history of Jade Warrior, written by Vivian Goldman. Elements was issued by PolyGram without any prior notice to the band - in fact, PolyGram mistakenly believed that Jade Warrior had completely disbanded after Way of the Sun and had never recorded again.

The albums were remastered for CD by PolyGram without Jon's creative input, and for this reason the result does not reflect Jon's desire to recapture the original dynamics that he and Tony had envisioned. They have recently been re-released on Eclectic records. At some point during this period, Island Records' Chris Blackwell commissioned a live performance of the band.

Präludium - Bach J. S.*, Hans Fagius - Bach (Vinyl, LP, Album), Taking A Chance On Love - Rod Stewart - Thanks For The Memory... The Great American Songbook Volume, Casey Jones And The Governors* - Come On And Dance (Vinyl), You Be Sweet - Levy - Rotten Love (CD, Album), Fugue En Do Mineur (Clavecin Bien Tempéré, Vol. 1) - Les Swingle Singers - Jazz Sébastien Bach (CD), LeDuo - Plays Jacques Brel (CD, Album), Hot Boy - Various - Club R&B 75 (Vinyl), Suru - La Merengue Downtempo Orchestra - Calor (Vinyl), Tu Joues Si Bien La Comédie - Berthe Sylva - Berthe Sylva (Box Set, LP), Brother Sister - Various - Vibe Sampler #2 (CD), Kingsize (Youre My Little Steam Whistle) - Haircut One Hundred - Pelican West (Cassette, Album), Maria - The Salsoul Orchestra - Up The Yellow Brick Road (Vinyl, LP, Album), LApemaia In Concerto - Various - Supersigle Tv Vol. 5 (Cassette), One Less Set Of Footsteps - Jim Croce - The Singles (CD), I Remember Clifford - Milt Jackson - Eight Classic Albums (CD)