Thousand and One Nights - Johann Strauss Jr. - Famous Waltzes (Vinyl, LP, Album)


The Alimentary Canal LP Montage Into The Estuary Out To Sea Film Version Tug On The Line Man Against Beast Film Version Brody Panics Barrel Off Starboard Great Chase Shark Tows Orca Three Barrels Under From Bad To Worse Quint Thinks It Over The Shark Cage Fugue The Shark Approaches Film Version The Shark Hits The Cage Quint Meets His End Blown To Bits End Title Total Score Time: The Extras When the show was revived in it was a failure when originally presented inthe little makal phrase had become the lovely musical number SIDE TWO In one of the most enduring of all romantic songs was born.

Lemare, into a lasting favourite. The voices of the John Norman Chorale unfold the tion. Pianist Eddie Heywood, abo a gifted composer, Cole Porter is possibly the brightest, most sophisticated lyricist the American musical stage has yet produced created the theme as a showcase for his piano.

In music, the crash of the sea on the shore and the volup tuous pall of the tide has never been captured so breath takingly as in Robert Maxwell's lovely song as TIDE.

The melody alone swirb and eddies like the sea on some long and desolate beach. Lyricist Carl Sigman chose his words very carefully and produced a set of lyrics that tells a story, at the same time capturing the ebb and flow with vivid imagery.

Helen Deutsch's words capture the happy-go-lucky feeling of the melody with rare charm. Petite Leslie Caron sang the soog in the film. The song a perfect climax to the programme by the heavenly voices of the John Norman Chorale, suggests a yeaming so lender and universal that it still appeals to listeners of today.

It sets a charming lity in a form of ticks and tecks and windings with that delight the ear and the imagination. Anderson, a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, studied the organ at Harvard University and directed t Harvard band. Later he was a music tutor at neighbour ing Radcliffe College. Johann Strauss Jr. This is music for summer afternoons, when sunlight streams through open windows and the strains of the music mingle with the lark's song overhead this is music f lying in hammocks, or deck chairs, or on the soft, sweet, summer-scented grass and it is music for evenings by the fire, when warmth and peace reign at the end of day and it is pleasant to lie back and close one's eyes and dream a dance of mourning, but merely a dignified and stately dance favoured by the courtiers of the King of Spain in the 16th Ravel, looking at a Velasquer paint of a youna Spanish princess of long ago, imagined music to which she might have danced at a court ball.

After some years Ravel orchestrated his composition and it became a staple st serious and pops concerts. Hugo Alfven is a Swedish composer whose youthful prowess on the vialin won him the coveted Jenny I Award. Like the camera work of the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, the composer's music erokes powerfully the loneliness and rugged beauty of Sweden's pastoral land scapes. Although influenced by Richard Wagner and Album) Strauss, Alfven's music has a flavour distinctly his own.

He made abundant use of the themes and rhythms of the folk dances of his beloved country. Perhaps not other composer was so expert at translating a bubbling sense of humour into orchestral terms. His comic master plece, of course, is The Barber of Seville, an opera that has charmed the world since It is only one in a long Maurice Ravel's PAVANE won immediate popularity when it was published as a piano pince in and the com list of his delightful, humorous works.

I ONOR poser spent the rest of his life explaining why he had BRUSCHINO was written three years earlier than The called it "Pavane for a Dead Princes A pavane was not Barber, and its overture, which is Rossini's contribution to this programme, became famous for a musical peculiarity: the score directs the second violinists to mark each bar of the music by striking their music stands with their violin bows. No one really knows.

Rossini simply may have known that audiences would be amazed by the sight and sound of several musicians solemnly beating time in unison. Until the latter part of the 19th century, when the walte became king and Johann Jr. Tortured by self-doubt and often driven to the brink of despair by feelings of inadequacy, he nevertheless composed some music of the 19th century. Antonin Dvosk breathed the soul of his native Bohemia into his music. When they became popular, Dvok orchestrated them. They brought him recognition and fame throughout Europe and later throughout the world.

And through the years composers have written a ondents. The two ciments perfectly complemens each other, at the same large and richly varied library of memorable music for peano and orchestra At the keyboard in this recording is Earl Wild, who can claim to have In the hands of a master, the piano can sparkle like moonlit water agaima played George Gershwin's Rhandy m Ble with the NDC Orchestra in the only performance of this work ever conducted by Arturo Toscanini.

Wild, one of America's finest pianists, is particularly accomplished in the role of soloist with orchestra. He plays the six selections on this record with the instrument of music, so some pianists use the piano as their orchestra world-famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, conducted by time corating in timber and in the roles that they play the chestral night, or can match its percussion against the orchestra's full-chrouted thunder And, like the orchestra, the piano is a versatile In Just as some conductors are said to use the orchestra as their This exible source of sound can be hushed to a whisper of love or pounded the brilliant Russell Stanger SIDE ONE Prich Tchaikovsky first deduxted his LANDS CONCERTO IN LAT MINOR to his friend, the conductor and a Nicholas Rabinstein Dut after hearing it played thagh, Rubinstein sore the work to ribbons, called it playsble, derivative, and then sat at the piano and caricatured parts of the young composer's work Taikowsky sowed t to change a note of it.

He erased Rubin's same from the dedication pags and replaced with that of the pianist Hans von Bulow Tchaikovsky completed this lovely work in and its world premire was given in Boston on October 23, 8,with von Nalow as soloist.

The most famous theme from the work, the one which was made into the popular song "Tonight We Love" inis announced at the very put by the strings.

After several repetitions and ythmic and harmonic variations, the theme is left behind and a new one, called "the blind beggar tune" by the compor, is introduced. Tchalkovsky first heard the tane sung by a Hind begaar. A native of Puland, Chopin wrote much music that had a strongly nationalist flavour. His poloraises, or Polish dances, capture the spirit and heart of Poland.

They are vigorous and surging pieces of music, drawing on the native rhythms of that land and frustration because his concerts were not He could not them know that compositions such as this brilliant polonaise would bring him undying fam One of the strangt stories in mic lies behind the composition of Sergei Rachmaninots coNCERTO NO.

Following the failure of his first symphony and his first plano concerto, Rachmaninoff fell into a despair so deep that he felt he could not create any more. Friends urged him to visit Dr. Nikolal Dahl, who used Auto-suggestion in his treatment of emotional distur bances. For four month January to April, Dr. Dahl repeated daily ta Rachmaninoff: "You will begin to write your concerto You will work with great facility.

The concerto will be of excellent quality. You will begin to write your concert Rachmanino, who later dedicated his work to Dr. Dahl, finally pro duced this work. It was highly successful and remains a staple in the repertoire of every orchestra worthy of the title. In addition be appeared as sold at the cert. Later he sent the manscript to Frant Lisn, she stadied it and wrote in reply The farm is new and very happy. The interest of the three portions goes on increasing and you take into just account the effect of the pianist without sacrificing anything of the ideas of the composer, which isan mental in this class of work.

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