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See also: Bluesology. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Elton John. Elton John — lead vocals, piano —present Nigel Olsson — drums, vocals —, —,—present Davey Johnstone — guitar, musical director, vocals —, —present Ray Cooper — percussion —,—, —, —present John Mahon — percussion, vocals —present Kim Bullard — keyboards —present Matt Bissonette — bass guitar, vocals —present. Main articles: Elton John albums discographysingles discographyand songs.

Zippo [] Main article: Elton John videography. Retrieved 31 March Good Morning America. Retrieved 15 January BBC News. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 16 July As the world remembers the tragic death of the Princess of Wales 20 years ago, data confirms that a tribute record to her remains the best-selling chart single of all time. Recording Industry Association of America website. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 8 February John's song has sold the most copies when looking at copies sold since charts began, as verified in Guinness World Records.

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Retrieved 3 December Vol 2, No 8. K pp. Retrieved 14 December Halperin Heritage Capital Corporation. London: Turnaround.

OCLC Psychology Press. Archived from the original on 11 February They briefly returned to the stage, however, at a sold-out reunion at Carnegie Hall in and in a subsequent reunion tourwhich produced a hit version of Merle Travis 's " Sixteen Tons ", as well as LPs of their concert performances. In the late s, the Kingston Trio was formed in direct imitation of and homage to the Weavers, covering much of the latter's repertoire, though with a more buttoned-down, uncontroversial, and mainstream collegiate persona.

The Kingston Trio produced another phenomenal succession of Billboard chart hits and, in its turn, spawned a legion of imitators, laying the groundwork for the s commercial folk revival. In the documentary film Pete Seeger: The Power of SongSeeger states that he resigned from the Weavers when the three other band members agreed to perform a jingle for a cigarette commercial.

InSeeger wrote the first version of his now-classic How to Play the Five-String Banjoa book that many banjo players credit with starting them off on the instrument. He went on to invent the long-neck or Seeger banjo. This instrument is three frets longer than a typical banjo, is slightly longer than a bass guitar at 25 frets, and is tuned a minor third lower than the normal 5-string banjo.

Hitherto strictly limited to the Appalachian region, [ citation needed ] the five-string banjo became known nationwide as the American folk instrument par excellence, largely thanks to Seeger's championing of and improvements to it.

According to an unnamed musician quoted in David King Dunaway 's biography, "by nesting a resonant chord between two precise notes, a melody note and a chiming note on the fifth string," Pete Seeger "gentrified" the more percussive traditional Appalachian "frailing" style, "with its vigorous hammering of the forearm and its percussive rapping of the fingernail on the banjo head. From the late s on, Seeger also accompanied himself on the string guitaran instrument of Mexican origin that had been associated with Lead Bellywho had styled himself "the King of the String Guitar.

He combined the long scale length approximately 28" and capo-to-key techniques that he favored on the banjo with a variant of drop-D DADGBE tuningtuned two whole steps down with very heavy strings, which he played with thumb and finger picks. Inthen "Peter" Seeger see film credits and his wife, Toshi, traveled to Port of Spain, Trinidadto seek out information on the steelpansteel drum, or "ping-pong" as it was sometimes called.

The two searched out a local panyard director, Isaiah, and proceeded to film the construction, tuning and playing of the then-new national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. He was attempting to include the unique flavor of the steelpan in American folk music. In the s, and indeed consistently throughout his life, Seeger continued his support of civil and labor rights, racial equality, international understanding, and anti-militarism all of which had characterized the Wallace campaignand he continued to believe that songs could help people achieve these goals.

However, with the ever-growing revelations of Joseph Stalin 's atrocities and the Hungarian Revolution ofhe became increasingly disillusioned with Soviet Communism. He left the CPUSA inbut remained friends with some who did not leave it, although he argued with them about it. Alone among the many witnesses after the conviction and imprisonment of the Hollywood Ten for contempt of Congress, Seeger refused to plead the Fifth Amendment which would have asserted that his testimony might be self-incriminating and instead, as the Hollywood Ten had done, refused to name personal and political associations on the grounds that this would violate his First Amendment rights: "I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs.

I think these are very improper questions for any American Sir - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD be asked, especially under such compulsion as this. He was convicted in a jury trial of contempt of Congress in Marchand sentenced to ten one-year terms in jail to be served simultaneouslybut in Mayan appeals court ruled the indictment to be flawed and overturned his conviction.

Inthe San Diego school board told him that he could not play a scheduled concert at a high school unless he signed an oath pledging that the concert would not be used to promote a communist agenda or an overthrow of the government. Seeger refused, and the American Civil Liberties Union obtained an injunction against the school district, allowing the concert to go on as scheduled. Almost 50 years later, in Februarythe San Diego School District officially extended an apology to Seeger for the actions of its predecessors.

To earn money during the blacklist period of the late s and early s, Seeger worked gigs as a music teacher in schools and summer camps, and traveled the college campus circuit.

He also recorded as many as five albums a year for Moe Asch 's Folkways Records label. As the nuclear disarmament movement picked up steam in the late s and early s, Seeger's anti-war songs, such as " Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Seeger also was closely associated with the Civil Rights Movement and in helped organize a landmark Carnegie Hall concert, featuring the youthful Freedom Singersas a benefit for the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. This event, and Martin Luther King Jr.

He sang it on the mile walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, along with 1, other marchers. To describe the new crop of politically committed folk singers, he coined the phrase "Woody's children," alluding to his associate and traveling companion, Woody Guthrie, who by this time had become a legendary figure.

This urban folk-revival movement, a continuation of the activist tradition of the s and s and of People's Songsused adaptations of traditional tunes and lyrics to effect social change, a practice that goes back to the Industrial Workers of the World or Wobblies' Little Red Song Bookcompiled by Swedish-born union organizer Joe Hill — Seeger toured Australia in That tour sparked a folk Album) throughout the country at a time when popular music tastes, post— Kennedy assassinationcompeted between folk, the surfing crazeand the British rock boom that gave the world the Beatles and The Rolling Stonesamong others.

Folk clubs sprang up all over the nation; folk performers were accepted in established venues; Australian performers singing Australian folk songs—many of their own composing—emerged in concerts and festivals, on television, and on recordings; and overseas performers were encouraged to tour Australia.

The long television blacklist of Seeger began to end in the mids, when he hosted a regionally broadcast educational folk-music television show, Rainbow Quest. In NovemberSeeger wrote and recorded the anti-death penalty song "Delbert Tibbs", about the death-row inmate Delbert Tibbswho was later exonerated. Seeger wrote the music and selected the words from poems written by Tibbs. Seeger also supported the Jewish Camping Movement. There are multiple versions of what went on, some fanciful.

Two days earlier, there had been a scuffle and a brief exchange of blows between Grossman and Alan Lomax, and the board, in an emergency session, had voted to ban Grossman from the grounds, but had backed off when George Wein pointed out that Grossman also managed highly popular draws Odetta and Peter, Paul and Mary. I couldn't understand the words. I wanted to hear the words. It was a great song, " Maggie's Farm ," and the sound was distorted.

I ran over to the guy at the controls and shouted, "Fix the sound so you can hear the words. He was electric! Electric music is the vernacular of the second half of the twentieth century, to use my father's old term. A longstanding opponent of the arms race and of the Vietnam War, Seeger satirically attacked then-President Lyndon Johnson with his recording, on the album Dangerous Songs!?

Beyond Chandler's lyrics, Seeger said that "Mrs. Jay's little son Alby" had "beans in his ears," which, as the lyrics imply, [59] ensures that a person does not hear what is said to them.

To those opposed to continuing the Vietnam Warthe phrase implied that "Alby Jay," a loose pronunciation of Johnson's nickname "LBJ," did not listen to anti-war protests as he too had "beans in his ears. DuringSeeger and Malvina Reynolds took part in environmental activism. The album God Bless the Grass was released in January of that year and became the first album in history wholly dedicated to songs about environmental issues.

Their politics were informed by the same ideologies of nationalism, populism, and criticism of big business. Seeger attracted wider attention starting in with his song " Waist Deep in the Big Muddy ", Album) a captain —referred to in the lyrics as "the big fool"—who drowned while leading a platoon on maneuvers in Louisiana during World War II.

With its lyrics about a platoon being led into danger by an ignorant captain, the song's anti-war message was obvious—the line "the big fool said to push on" is repeated several times. Although the performance was cut from the September show, [62] after wide publicity, [63] it was broadcast when Seeger appeared again on the Smothers' Brothers show on February 25, Seeger's voice carried over the crowd, interspersing phrases like "Are you listening, Nixon?

Being a supporter of progressive labor unions, Seeger had supported Ed Sadlowski in his bid for the presidency of the United Steelworkers of America. InSeeger appeared at a Sir - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD in Homestead, Pennsylvania. InSeeger joined American folk, blues, and jazz singer Barbara Dane at a rally in New York for striking coal miners. InPete Seeger performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The performance was later released by Smithsonian Folkways as the album Singalong Sanders Theater, InSeeger and his wife Toshi founded the Hudson River Sloop Clearwatera nonprofit organization based in Poughkeepsie, New Yorkthat sought to protect the Hudson River and surrounding wetlands and waterways through advocacy and public education.

It constructed a floating ambassador for this environmental mission, the sloop Clearwaterand began an annual music and environmental festival, today known as the Great Hudson River Revival.

InSeeger performed at a benefit concert for Poland's Solidarity resistance movement. His biographer David Dunaway considers this the first public manifestation of Seeger's decades-long personal dislike of communism in its Soviet form.

I think so. How could Hitler have been stopped? Litvinovthe Soviet delegate to the League of Nations in '36, proposed a worldwide quarantine but got no takers. White people in the U.

Europeans could apologize for worldwide conquests, Mongolians for Genghis Khan. And supporters of Roosevelt could apologize for his support of Somozaof Southern White Democratsof Franco Spainfor putting Japanese Americans in concentration camps.

Who should my granddaughter Moraya apologize to? Let's look ahead. In a interview, however, he insisted that "I still call myself a communist, because communism is no more what Russia made of it than Christianity is what the churches make of it.

He characterized Seeger as "someone with a longtime habit of following the party line" who had only "eventually" parted ways with the CPUSA.

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Archived from the original on 15 September Retrieved 4 November Zippo" — via recordstoreday. Retrieved 18 February Elton John at Wikipedia's sister projects. Songs Albums Singles Videos Awards. Elton John songs. Goode " Albums discography Videography. Category:Elton John.

Awards for Elton John. Academy Award for Best Original Song. Sherman and Robert B. Lyrics: H. Rahman Disney Legends Awards s. Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music. Complete List s s s s s s s. Come Dance with Me! Grammy Legend Award. Kennedy Center Honorees s. Complete list s s s s s s. MusiCares Person of the Year. Laureates of the Polar Music Prize. Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 14 May ISSN Archived from the original on 22 May Retrieved 22 May Cats Revival Sets Broadway Dates".

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MTV Uutiset. Portugal Resident. Allo stabile regionale prima Italiana del tour del musical piu amato della storia". Politeama Rossetti. Archived from the original on 20 February Archived from the original on 12 April Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 6 August De Telegraaf.

Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 29 April Archived from the original on 25 September Australian Stage Online. Archived from the original on 27 June Archived from the Well on 9 April Retrieved 4 May Archived from the original on 16 January Archived from the original on 11 October China Internet Information Center. Archived from the original on 18 February HK Ticketing.

Archived from the original on 9 March BroadwayWorld Philippines. The Straits Times. South China Morning Post. Taipei Times. Archived from the original on 15 April Retrieved on 15 April Archived from the original on 19 June Retrieved on 20 June Retrieved 18 September China Daily. I'm With You. Wareika Hill Rastamonk Vibrations. Steve Cole Saxophonist Steve Cole is one of the most celebrated players in contemporary jazz and is now showing appreciation for the support he received during a recent health scare in his family via his latest recording titled Gratitude.

Theo Croker. The Complete. Birth of the Cool. Miles Davis Great music flowed from the creative mind of Miles Davis. Eight Track III. Open Road. Perpetual Optimism. A Little Love. Rubberband EP. John Coltrane New Directions. Facing Dragons. Christian Sands Facing Dragons is Sands' return to the recording studio with an indestructible band and an unwavering allegiance to the groove.

The Yellowjackets While the Los Angeles-based Yellowjackets have been a creative force on the jazz scene since when they recorded their eponymous debut, their fourth Mack Avenue Records album, Raising Our Voiceonce again ups the ante with bold new strides by inviting vocalist extraordinaire Luciana Souza to collaborate with the group for seven of its thirteen tunes as well as subtly taking a resistant stand against the status quo of the cultural and political undercurrent of our times.

Dave Koz and Friends. What better way to stroll down memory lane than to do it with Dave Koz and his Friends. The Grammy-nominated saxophonist returns with Summer Horns II from A to Zin a stunning set of 11 timeless classics the ensemble has reimagined. Alongside Dave Koz, this creative sequel also features Gerald Albright on alto saxophone and tenor saxophonist Richard Elliott both of whom played on the No.

Rick Braun and Dave Koz co-produced the album. Dave Koz plays the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes with impeccable ease and makes sure that these 11 songs will bring back a lot of great memories for you. Richard is simply beautiful here with his sensitive but passionate saxophone rendition of the melody Mike sang so well.

With Ashling Cole echoing the questions…"What about us…? Together they bring this song to the point where chills run down your spine and tears stream down your face. Magical Kite. Jazz Latin. Concentric Circles. Honored by The National Endowment for the Arts as a Jazz Master, Kenny Barron has an unmatched ability to mesmerize audiences with his elegant playing, sensitive melodies and infectious rhythms.

Inthe esteemed pianist, composer, bandleader and educator will celebrate his 75 th birthday and mark the 50 th year of a remarkable recording career that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the year will be punctuated with yet another milestone: the release of his Blue Note debut Concentric Circlesa sublime song set that finds the time Grammy nominee returning to a dynamic quintet setting. Concentric Circles features his new edition of the Kenny Barron Quinte t -- Kiyoshi Kitagawabas s, Johnathan Blakedrums, Mike Rodriqueztrumpet and flugelhorn, and Dayna Stephenssoprano and tenor saxophone -- on ten of the eleven compositions.

The group did not perform on "Reflections," the Thelonius Monk composition which features Barron's mastery as a soloist. Each song exemplifies Barron's finesse as a songwriter who can write exceptional sections for his band members to shine during their solos and improvisations. These songs also capture the maturity of Barron's musical career which began over 50 years ago.

Kenny Barron is currently touring in support of Concentric Circles so don't miss him when he comes your way. Keep in touch at www. Silver Lining. The long-anticipated release of Songs From the Swinghouse has arrived and the wait was more than worth it. The disc and video show the world-class musicians at the top of their game as well as spotlighting the compositional integrity and musicality of bandleader Lao Tizer. As a multi-instrumentalist on original compositions as well as three covers.

The band is currently on tour so check them out when they visit a city near you. The Junction. The Manhattan Transfer. The Questions. Kurt Elling. Music IS. Bill Frisell. Into The Light. CAP UCLA presented the award-winning pianist and his octet to a capacity audience who showed their appreciation with a robust standing ovation which spilled out into the ornate lobby as the ensemble completed their encore. Instead of disappearing backstage, the ensemble graciously greeted audience members who were more than happy to congratulate the band members.

Wobbly Dance Flower. John Daversa featuring Bob Mintzer. Kyle Eastwood. Gary Meek. Dave Bennett. Mike Stern. To contemporary jazz guitar aficionados, Mike Stern is regarded as one of the true guitar greats of his generation.

His latest, Tripis his first since recovering from a serious accident in the summer of that left him with two broken arms and nerve damage in his right hand that prevented him from even holding a pick. Diana Krall. Music From Our Soul. Charnett Moffett. This amazing collection of new music and two covers by Charnett Moffett celebrates a year legacy of creating great music with some of his most revered collaborators. Together the ensemble brings you an incredibly rich program of straight-ahead jazz compositions that are drenched in their boundless passion for spontaneous creativity.

Dejohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, Scofield. Jason Miles, the legendary producer, arranger and composer, has released the sequel to his Kind of New recording that featured trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. Titled Kind of New 2: Blue Is Paristhe recording features four new trumpeters interpreting the track titled "Blue is Paris" which Jason Miles wrote after visiting Paris in the aftermath of the terrorists attacks. There are 10 songs on the recording which also reveals the great musicality of Miles' core band comprised of Gene Lake on drums, Reggie Washington and Adam Dorn on bass, Jay Rodrigues on tenor sax and bass clarinet and Vinnie Summo on guitar.

Jason Miles has created an exceptional environment for these solists to create their impressions of "Blue Is Paris" and especially for trumpeters Theo Croker, Russell Gunn, Patches Stewart and Jukka Eskola - who have all been influenced by Miles Davis and how they perform in their own powerful styles. Out of tragedy has come a positive musical tribute that speaks to the reality we all revere - that of an upward movement toward peace and a new kindred spirit.

Overall, this project is another winner for Billy Childs and deserves to be in your record collection. Check it out and purchase it here, just click on the CD cover.

Tributary Tales. Gerald Clayton has grown musically by leaps and bounds and Tributary Tales reveals his astounding growth as a musician, bandleader and composer. Check it out then click on the CD cover to purchase Tributary Tales. Carmen Lundy began her professional career in Miami, Florida as a jazz vocalist and composer when there were very few young, gifted and aspiring jazz vocalists on the horizon. Over four decades later, Ms. Lundy is celebrated throughout the world for her vocal artistry and is highly regarded for her jazz innovation.

Currently on the Afrasia Productions label, Carmen has just completed work on her new album Code Noirdue this month. The album traverses musical genres and is a song cycle for these turbulent times. In addition to vocals, Lundy also plays keyboards and guitar and wrote or co-wrote and arranged all 12 songs. Carmen released her 14th album of her career in the Fall oftitled Soul To Soul.

Lundy the Keys to the City of Miami. As a composer, Ms. Piano Song. Peter Gordon produced this adventurous recording that demands your attentive listening to the interactive skills of Shipp's trio. Further, Piano Song is an incredible experience because of the options Shipp utilizes as a pianist. He easily leads as well as interacts with the powerful musical visions of his bandmates who seem to personalize each note to ensure a perfect fit with their leader's performances.

Each player honors the others' commitment to his program without boring the listener with improvisations that seem dated. In other words, you, dearl listener, can feel however you want after listening to this amazing collection of new music by one of America's greatest master pianists. Just think, change will do you good so check it out at the SOTJ store. Day Breaks.

The album features jazz luminaries including her Blue Note label mates saxophonist Wayne Shorterorganist Dr. It is unquestionably the work of a mature artist who has lived and grown immensely in her craft. To buy this CD, please click on the CD cover. Freedom Jazz Dance. Bootleg Series, Vol. Miles Davis Quintet. This triple disc box set collection chronicles Miles Davis' musical evolution in the studio from working with his "second great quintet.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Miles Smilesthe groundbreaking second studio album from the Miles Davis Quintet--Miles Davis trumpetWayne Shorter tenor saxophoneHerbie Hancock pianoRon Carter bass and Tony Williams drums --this definitive new collection includes the master takes of performances which would eventually appear on the Miles SmilesNefertiti and Water Babies albums alongside more than two hours worth of previously unreleased studio recordings from original sessions produced by Teo Macero with the exception of "Fall," which was produced by Howard A.

To purchase this great box set, please click on the CD cover. National Jazz Museum in Harlem. The Savory Collection, Vol. Presidential Suite - Eight variations on freedom. Chamber Jazz.

Just over a year removed from his debut, the same maturity and dedication to his craft that made him a phenomenon is evident in his remarkable evolution on his sophomore release, COUNTDOWN. Now stepping forward as a composer, while still paying tribute to the jazz greats Coltrane, Monk, StrayhornJoey is poised to continue his ascent to being one of the biggest names in jazz, recognized not as a prodigy, but as simply a great musician.

T he Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heart. Once again, the core of the band consists of five legendary, long-undersung musicians whose credentials read like a who's-who of classic-era jazz: tenor saxophonist Billy Harper was a member of groups led by Lee Morgan and Max Roach and served a two-year stint with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers; trumpeter Eddie Henderson and drummer Billy Hart were both part of Herbie Hancock's electrifying Mwandishi ensemble; pianist George Cables played alongside Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper; and bassistCecil McBee anchored Charles Lloyd's famed s quartet with Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette.

They're joined by torchbearers Weiss and, in his second outing with the band, alto saxophonist Donald Harrison. Available in audiophile HD format.

Colors for the Masters. The call and response between Turre and Jackon makes this song worth several listens. But what would a trombone lead recording be without a J. Johnson classic hit? Check it out and buy Colors for the Masters here. Her alto is pure and has a great sense of warmth and personal conviction. This song sets the tone for the entire album and gives her listeners a quick glimpse into her creative process and songwriting skills.

Check it out and then buy it here at SOTJ. El Viaje Harold Lopez-Nussa Cuban pianists are among the hottest new import in the USA now that relations with the island country are less stressed and more palatable. Vibraphonist Warren Wolf Convergence Warren Wolf Since graduating from Berklee, Warren Wolf has taken the jazz world by storm, first as a sideman in labelmate Christian McBride's quintet called Inside Straight and subsequently with the release of his self-titled Mack Avenue debut in and Wolfgang in Wild Heart.

Mindi Abair co-wrote the song with her long-time collaborator Jim Peterik. Overall, Mindi Abair offers something for everyone on this exceptional program.

Click on the CD cover to buy Wild Heart today. Nathan East. Gero and East also brought in special guests all well-known musicians in their own rightto share the spotlight and to deliver their creativity.

A special performance by newcomer Sara Bareilles also makes the album memorable. Buy Nathan East here. August to August was the most productive year of Miles Davis's career: in that short span of time, the trumpeter recorded enough material for his studio double-album Bitches Brewa studio single album Jack Johnsonthree sides of another studio double-album Big Funfour tracks from the double-album Live-Evil The searing white heat of these concerts, originally issued in severely edited form to accommodate LP sides, and without any track or song indications e.

The additional minutes of music in this set include a range spanning Wayne Shorter's "Paraphernalia" and "Footprints" from the earlier acoustic repertoire; to an early version of "Miles Runs The Voodoo Down" plus a RARE encore performance of "Spanish Key," compelled by the lightning-fast success of Miles's landmark studio album Bitches Brew.

This unprecedented collection tells a compelling story through its electrifying music, images, and cultural impact! In a rare, in-depth interview for art magazine Zygote II Zygotewhich will be reprinted for this set, Miles--while listening to the concert playback--was "so excited about the music that he wanted every set, every note made available to the public The June shows are the earliest documented live performances of Miles s band when he hired two keyboardists--Chick Corea, and Keith Jarrett, who had been added to the band the previous month, along with saxophonist Steve Grossman who had replaced Wayne Shorter in March.

The rest of the rhythm section--keyboardist Corea, bassist Dave Holland, drummer Jack DeJohnette and percussionist Airto Moreira--were in the backbone of this band throughout this explosive period.

Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra. Christine Jensen is one of the most remarkable virtuosi of her generation and immediately captivates us at a first hearing on Habitat.

The six compositions written or re-orchestrated for her member jazz orchestra are not left to the whim or ear of the instrumentalists; they are scored and written out, and can be listened to again and again because they are not just decorations of a familiar shape but a new arrangement of shapes.

The festejo rhythm, big band structures, beautiful chorale writing, and swinging sound make this song a winner. Buy Habitat today. The Bespoke Man's Narrative. Each piece has something to do with my musical development. The project gestated in April of in Indianapolis after Diehl, 26, earned first place in the rigorous Cole Porter Fellow in Jazz competition presented by the American Pianists Association.

It will be interesting to hear what he has in store for the audiences there.

Infection - Hydrogyn - Best Served With Volume (CD), Scherzo: Bewegt, Lebhaft - Trio: Schnell - Bruckner* - Zubin Mehta, Wiener Philharmoniker - Symphony, Dive, Hail Hail Spit N Drool - The Hives - Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Vinyl, LP), Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan (Vinyl, LP, Album), Protozoa Syringe - Man Is The Bastard Noise* / Gerritt - Man Is The Bastard Noise / Gerritt (Vinyl), Augustov Noc - Maok - Strom Vo Vetre (CDr, Album), Wozu Sind Kriege Da - Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester* - Ich Mach Mein Ding - Die Show (CD,, Thirsty For Life - Prosper - Inplugged (CD, Album), Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix) - Fleetwood Mac - Family Man (Vinyl)