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So it needs 24 people to complete the job in half an hour. Assuming they don't all get in each other's way! Inverse Square : when one value decreases as the square of the other value. In fact the brightness decreases as the square of the distance. Because the light is spreading out in all directions. So a brightness of "1" at 1 meter is only "0. Registered to make damned sure I don't miss a ticker.

I laid in a good supply of IVM late last year from Density, doses of 12mg. Wanted to have enough for my family and close friends. Good friend of 50 years had a bit of the coof and let me know last week, so I did the math he's pounds for the dosing and made sure he had enough for him and his girlfriend. Density got through the week and are much better now.

Throughout this year I've talked with Density about this mess and he always was adamant about not taking the shot. Now that he's gotten through the mess, he's planning to get the shot 'just in case'. Dude just used up a good portion of my meds, came through just fine a couple days he said were kind of badbut now he's going to jump into the fire? I mean, Damn! I showed him the info out of India, out of Israel, out of England and kept him informed for months.

Sometimes we don't really know who we're talking with, who we've got on 'our side' if there is such a thing. People are truly weird. The Communists want death. That is what they always want. Question is, why are so many Americans so eager to support the Communists who will kill them? Is it not that the people have rejected the true God and have made man their god? And if their god of "men" wants them to Density then they will oblige.

Let there be no quit in the fight against this evil. Karl has provided the facts. Let's do our part and get the word out. Heres the article that was done by a doctor a couple weeks back on the same topic.

I actually went to the trouble of checking his numbers to see if they were accurate and he was spot on at the time. Dr said he liked it, they prescribe off label use all the time.

It was very safe, would I like Density scrip? I told him no, I'll wait till the fall when I see him again. They would not move the appointment up, so I finally just emailed Dr for the scrip. It's going to be an awkward face to face conversation with the Dr next week! And, really, only within the last month or two has it risen to the point of full pushback from TPTB.

They know that they have to protect their people unlike most other countries injecting these poisons; many Indians have seen what Gates has done with his vaccines in the past. So, they turned to what they could produce and what they could trust. So I was able to obtain some Iver from AliExpress and it was dirt cheap.

Now the low cost has me wondering if it's the real deal or not. It could just be that other online sellers are gouging like crazy. I know it's cheap to make, but THAT cheap? Study began in October,by Pfizer. AKCS V All Rights Reserved. If you have low bone mass, there are things you can do to help slow down bone loss. These include eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D and doing weight-bearing exercise such as walking, tennis, or dancing.

In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medicines to prevent osteoporosis. The information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Contact a health care provider if you have questions about your health. Bone Density Also called: Bone mass.

See, Play and Learn No Density available. Resources Find an Expert. It can show Whether you have osteoporosisa disease that makes your bones weak Your risk for breaking bones Whether your osteoporosis treatment is working Low bone mass that is not low enough to be osteoporosis is sometimes called osteopenia.

Let Them Sing - Wolfstone - This Strange Place (CD), Allegro - Tartini* - Elizabeth Wallfisch, Richard Tunnicliffe, Paul Nicholson - The Devils Trill And, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen - Various - Legends - The Christmas Collection (CD), Marie - The Bachelors - World Pop Songs - The Bachelors (CD), When Shes Gone - My Laundry Life - Youll Be Ignored (CDr), Cantardos - Andrew Hill - Black Fire (CD, Album), Living In The Urban U.K. - Chelsea (2) - Anthology Three (CD, Album), Young Man Cried, Foolish Beat (Re-recorded Ver.) - Debbie Gibson - Ms. Vocalist (CD, Album), Bitch - Various - Mega Dancefloor #6 (CD), Le Tue Promesse - Roberto Angelini - Il Sig. Domani (CD), Fire On The Skyline - Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun (Cassette, Album), Laurel Aitken - Rock Of Ages / The Mule (Vinyl)