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According to Brooks, Larry is named after a musician like his siblings, in this case the inspiration being Larry Mullen, Jr. However, on December 29,the gaming site Kotaku published an interview with Brooks contradicting this action.

On August 10,an edit was made to the Wikipedia page for the long-time Mario artist Yoichi Kotabe stating that his latest work was for Super Mario 3D Land as an illustrator. While the art style of the letters is similar to Kotabe's Mario artwork, his name is not listed in the staff credits for Super Mario 3D Landnor is he mentioned in the two Iwata Asks interviews dedicated to the game.

Marlow explained that Rare found a memory leak to occur after a short amount of playtime and, as they were unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue before release, were forced to bundle the Expansion Pak with the game as a quick fix. Mark Stevensona developer of Donkey Kong 64would deny this claim in a November interview, stating that Rare's management Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) the game's developers to support the Expansion Pak early in development to accommodate Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) graphical effects.

Stevenson speculated that these two stories were likely conflated into one, creating the memory leak rumor. The Cluck-A-Pop mode features a series of prizes in toy capsules labeled with the name Bugbandand each one is a sound test where each layer of a song is represented by characters which the player can isolate, remove or interact with from the Wii U GamePad screen.

This matches the description and images found on the patent. The tentative cover art of the game appeared to be based off of artwork used on cans from a Super Mario promotion between Campbell's and Nintendo. However, the original artwork used on the can is simply stock promotional artwork. Before the announcement of Nintendo's collaboration with Campbell's in late November[84] the art had made many prior appearances.

It was used on a standee [85] and banner images used on gaming news websites [86] [87] advertising "The Nintendo Experience", an event where customers could access playable demo versions of Wii U games, including Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D Worldat select Best Buy locations on June 12 and June 15 of The art has also been used on the official Super Mario Brothers Wall Calendar, which was released on August 1,[91] a Facebook application designed for use during E3[92] in a generic banner image besides the Nintendo logo used as press material in news stories since[93] [94] [95] [96] a set of three Nintendo eShop gift cards, [97] and on the North American, [98] United Kingdom, [99] and Italian [] varations of Nintendo's child-oriented websites, including Play Nintendo and Nintendo Kids Club.

Additionally, the original stock art has been featured on products that have continued to be sold after the soup cans and Mario Party: Star Rushsuch as a travel case for the Nintendo DS family of systems, [] [] a "Step Into Reading" children's book by the publisher Penguin Random House[] Super Mario fruit snacks by Kellogg's[] file folders [] [] and a special trading card [] sold by Yamada Denkiand various wholesale party favors and decorations.

Valentine's Day cards. The "Game Description" section on page 2 of the instruction manual for the original Super Mario Bros. Blocksand Hidden Blocks that produce power-ups upon being hit, which cannot be destroyed. However, in single-player New Super Mario Bros. WiiToads are trapped in blocks that, when hit by Mario, free the Toads. Inafter the release of Super Mario Bros.

This guide contains an illustration of Princess Toadstool designed similarly to her subjectsleading to the impression that Toadstool was intended to be a Toad at some point during the development of the game, as the illustration was mistaken for concept artwork. After Peachette was revealed in a Nintendo Direct presentation in Septembergaming news websites used the image in their discussions and analysis of the character, theorizing that the artwork hinted at a connection between Toadstool and Toadette.

The guide was written and illustrated by people outside of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Developmentand was likely illustrated based on vague descriptions given to the illustrator. Because these illustrations were not produced by Nintendo employees, and created years after the game released, they have no impact on the development history of Super Mario Bros.

Several design elements in Super Mario Bros. These include the rising and closing curtains at the beginning of the game, the end of each stage being a black void representing an exit stage, several platforms being visibly suspended by cables and some being bolted into the background and casting shadows onto the sky.

A popular rumor states that an issue of a Nintendo magazine in the United Kingdom said that Bowser had a wife named "Clawdia Koopa". Additionally, most websites that make this claim attribute it to "Nintendo Power UK", a publication that does not exist the official Nintendo magazine of the UK went through a variety of names, but none related to Nintendo Power. Many of these sources also show an image of a female Koopa as proof of Clawdia's existence. However, the image is actually of a Nintendo Comics System single-panel comic named Koopa's High School Yearbookin which the character is unnamed and their relationship status with Koopa is not stated.

The user Lemmy Koopa, the owner of the website, created an original character named Clawdia to play the role of Bowser's wife in his fanfiction. She appeared on the site as early as The trophy description for King K. Rool in Super Smash Bros. Brawl states that "His brother, Kaptain K. While Donkey Kong Country 2 was developed by Rareware in TwycrossEngland and subsequently localized to other regions, the inclusion of the term "brother" in Super Smash Bros.

Brawla game developed in Japan and localized into English, led to fans wondering if Kaptain K. Rool being a separate character was a change made during Japanese localization of the Donkey Kong Country games. As this theory was shared, it may have been subject to a broken telephone effect, becoming the 'fact' that King K. Rool's disguises are seen as separate characters in Japan.

Rool's aliases being mere disguises. On September 20,Rare's official Twitter account would make a post affirming this, citing a developer stating that "It's the same character in different clothes". The Donkey Kong Country animated series featured Kaptain Skurvya pirate-themed character who uses Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) same model as General Klump with different textures, and who is eventually revealed to be Klump's long-lost brother.

Brawl may have conflated this relationship with the one between King K. Rool and Kaptain K. After the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii inits Japanese website stated that the Koopalings are minions of Bowser rather than his children. Bowser's only child is Bowser Jr.

On December 29,an interview on the gaming site Kotaku with former Nintendo of America employee Dayvv Brooks revealed information about the production of Super Mario Bros. Brooks changed their dialogue in its manual and gave the originally unnamed characters their names, [60] which have been used in the original Japanese versions of Mario games ever since. However, these changes were the only ones made to the Koopalings in localization.

The fact that they were once considered Bowser's children in Japanese is evident in:. On April 11,the Super Mario Wiki page for Ashley and Red was edited to include the unsourced claim that Ashley was a "six-year-old in the original japan version" of WarioWare: Touched!

On the WarioWare: Touched! There are signs that Ashley is intended to be a younger child of less than 15 years, such as her voice and the fact she refers to herself in the third person in Japanese material, a speaking pattern that usually denotes young, immature characters in Japanese media.

However, she has never been given an exact age in any Japanese WarioWare media: while the Japanese description for the Crazy Galaxy badges in Nintendo Badge Arcade states that "[Ashley] looks like more of an adult", she is not given a reference point for this aging. It was then reported on by several other websites, with a recurring quotation being that of Shigeru Miyamoto stating that he pictured the recurring Mario characters as "[ Many who reported the interview omitted the context of this statement, with the gaming website Polygon using it as a headline.

Additional evidence included the idea that Super Mario Bros. Analyzing the full statement, however, provides additional key context. When asked by the interviewer why Mario and Princess Peach partake in friendly sporting competitions with Bowser despite their antagonistic relationship in the platformer games, Miyamoto responded that he pictured Mario characters as being similar to old comic and cartoon characters such as Popeye the Sailorwho frequently changed time period and occupation depending on the scenario with no explanation.

This shows that the phrase "troupe of actors" was used to highlight the malleability of the characters' roles rather than the legitimacy of their adventures. Interviewer: Time and again, Bowser kidnaps Peach.

Why do Mario and Peach still race go-karts and play tennis with him?? Miyamoto: If you're familiar with things like Popeye and some of the old comic characters, you would oftentimes see this cast of characters that takes on different roles depending on the comic or cartoon.

They might be businessman in one [cartoon] or a pirate in another. Depending on the story that was being told, they would change roles. So, to a certain degree, I look at our characters in a similar way and feel that they can take on different roles in different games. It's more like they're one big family, or maybe a troupe of actors.

On November 17,the gaming website GameSpot posted an article featuring a segment of an interview with Koichi Hayashidathe producer of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

When discussing the genders of Toad and ToadetteHayashida stated that "' However, an interview with Shigeru Miyamotothe creator of Mario, in Decembercontradicts this. Using a human translator, Miyamoto described that "we didn't really have in mind whether Toad was a boy or a girl" until Toadette was introduced. This led players to "take the impression that Toad was a boy because Toadette was a girl". A famous rumor surrounding Super Mario 64 was that Luigi can be unlocked as a secret playable character, with proponents often citing the star statue in the courtyard of Peach's Castle as proof.

The statue contains a plaque with small, blurry characters that purportedly read "L is real ", which supports the idea that Luigi the character "L" stands for exists in the game. The inscription has also been said to read "Eternal Star" by many, but this interpretation does not prove the point as clearly.

After the discovery of this plaque, many theories regarding the meaning of the "L is real " message circulated, many being that the number "" hinted at the method of unlocking Luigi. These methods, which varied in levels of absurdity, included running 2, laps around the courtyard statue or collecting every single coin in the game there supposedly being 2, coins in total.

They concluded that Luigi's inclusion in the game was simply a myth. Nintendo itself acknowledged the rumor in an April Fools' feature in the April issue of Nintendo Powerwhich stated that it would discuss the "L is real " message on the non-existent page During the same year, a fan sent a letter to Nintendo of America asking about the message on the statue. Chandler's response letter, the message has no actual meaning and was only added as a joke to trick players into thinking that it had a hidden meaning.

Post-release interviews for the game would reveal that the developers had initially planned to include a cooperative multiplayer mode featuring Luigi, with early prototypes allowing players to run around in a large space simultaneously, but that this feature had to be cut due to hardware limitations.

A variant of the rumor claims that "L is real " instead refers to Paper Marioa game that Luigi does appear in, though as a non-playable character. According to the rumor, the "" refers to the game's supposed North American release date of February 4,[] [] even though the actual date was one day later, on February 5. In addition, Paper Mario was initially released in Japan on August 11,and was originally scheduled for a December 26,launch in North America before being delayed to February Eventually, Luigi was made a playable character in the remake of the original game, Super Mario 64 DS.

Coincidentally, due to a large-scale asset leak of pre-release Nintendo games, a prototype model of Luigi in Super Mario 64 was found and assembled on July 25,24 years and one month hence, after the game was released. Former Nintendo Power columnist Daniel Owsen would state in a subscriber-exclusive feature of the magazine that one question he was asked many times was how to unlock "Ninja Mario" in Super Mario Despite repeatedly confirming that such a form does not exist, fans continued to ask him about it.

After some time, his answers went from tongue-in-cheek responses such as "A ninja never reveals his secrets" and "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" to actively flaming anyone who mentioned it.

Various rumors have circulated regarding earlier versions of and cut content from Luigi's Mansionmost of which claim that the game was meant to have a darker and more violent tone than the final version. Two recurring parts of these rumors are the presence of an in-game time limit [] and a cut "hunter" Portrait Ghost. During E3a playable demo of Luigi's Mansion featured an on-screen timer of 1 minute 30 seconds. Gadd would appear and return the player to the title screen, ending their time with the game.

This time limit may have been subject to a broken telephone effect leading to the belief that original versions of the game featured a mandatory time limit, after which the titular mansion would disappear with Mario still inside. However, no evidence of a scrapped time limit exists in the data of the final release.

Additionally, no other previews of the game mention or showcase it. Another contributor to this rumor may have been a commercial for the game in the United States, in which the narrator states "You only have one night to save Mario.

The October issue of Nintendo Power included a page with preview screenshots of Luigi's Mansionincluding a screenshot of an earlier build of the Safari Room with the caption "When your ghoul-busting mission takes you to the trophy room, proceed with caution. If you meet up with the ghost of a hunter, he'll want to add Luigi to his collection.

Similar to the time limit, no evidence of a hunter ghost is Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) in the game's data despite the presence of other unused ghosts, and no direct mentions of the boss exist in previews prior to the game's release in Japan in September The caption was likely an attempt at hyperbole rather than a serious indication that a hunter-themed ghost was in the game, as the article was written after Luigi's Mansion released in Japan, meaning all characters would have been finalized long before the article was published.

If the player waits while he answers a telephone, lightning strikes and reveals his shadow, which appears to be suspended from the ceiling. This led many to believe that it purposely depicted Luigi hanging himself, and the shadow became a source of creepypasta and speculation about the development of the game. The appearance of Luigi's shadow is simply a glitch caused by shadow positions being based on the angle of the in-game camera. Because the camera moves slightly lower while Luigi is answering a telephone, his shadow is projected slightly higher.

This graphical effect can be replicated while speaking to a Toad or Professor E. Gadd over the Game Boy Horroras a similar camera angle change occurs. In the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansionthe lighting system is improved, and shadow positions are no longer based on camera position; therefore, the error is not present. After Super Mario 64 DS released on November 21,its inclusion of multiple playable characters caused rumors to surface about Waluigi appearing in the game, similar to the original Super Mario 64 Luigi rumors.

Various fake and sometimes very elaborate ways to supposedly unlock Waluigi were shared, some even involving the original "L is real " statue. One of the most popular pieces of evidence that Waluigi was both present and playable in the game was a fake magazine scan titled "Purple Prizes.

He posted the image onto art-sharing site DeviantART and some small gaming forums as a joke for April Fools' Daybut it quickly spiked in popularity and began to be shared as fact, despite his detailed explanation of how the image was created only two days after it was first uploaded.

A popular rumor surrounding Mario Kart 64 involves the Thwomp locked behind a cage at the beginning of Bowser's Castle. Its peculiar color and situation led fans to name it "Marty" to distinguish it from other Thwomps.

While the exact origin of this name is unknown, it was popularized by the user Clay McElveen, who uploaded two videos to YouTube on March 24 and April 1 ofshowcasing complex methods to unlock Marty as a playable character in the game. Both videos involved playing as Bowser and making various complicated movements around the track, such as driving around a statue of Bowser or driving in reverse to a specific point of the track, before returning to the room with Marty, where the bars on his cage would rise, indicating that he was unlocked.

There is no evidence in the data or code of the game to indicate that this Thwomp or any other character is unlockable. Additionally, no green Thwomp textures exist in the game, and the green appearance of this specific Thwomp is a result of the yellow light from its cage reflecting off of its surface. In the video, Mario jumps between the two right? Blocks of the level and enters an invisible Warp Pipe. This takes the player to a hidden Giant Gatewhich unlocks a new level titled "???

In this level is a Message Block containing a congratulatory message supposedly from Nintendo staff presenting the Laser Suit power-up. In this form, Mario has the gliding property of Cape Mariobut can also shoot lasers directly forwards.

On an online message board, they stated that they included the Message Block "so people would be fooled on Youtube", and made the hack publicly available to download on February 4, In June ofa playable demo of Super Smash Bros. Simmons has denied all of these claims. The first Kiss performance took place on January 30,for an audience of fewer than ten people at the Popcorn Club renamed Coventry shortly afterward in Queens. Our first show ever was at Coventry.

Coventry was a study in contrasts. The first time we played there was nobody there. The last time we played there, you could barely get in the door. On March 13 of that year, the band recorded a five-song demo tape with producer Eddie Kramer. Former TV director Bill Aucoinwho had seen the group at a handful of showcase concerts in the summer ofoffered to become the band's manager in mid-October.

Kiss agreed, with the condition that Aucoin signs the band to a record label within two weeks. On November 1,Kiss became the first act signed to former teen pop singer and Buddah Records executive Neil Bogart 's new label, Casablanca Records. It was at this concert that, for the first of many times, Simmons accidentally set his hair which was coated in hairspray ablaze while performing his fire-breathing routine.

Casablanca and Kiss promoted the album heavily throughout the spring and summer of It was like somebody pushing you into the deep end of the pool whether you can swim or not. The early years of Kiss were far from glamorous.

We rode in a station wagon hundreds of miles every day. We would take turns driving and sleeping in the back. We ate burgers at roadside taverns. We stopped and peed on the side of long stretches of a highway when we couldn't find a town anywhere near. Becoming a rock star was better than anything and beyond anything I ever imagined. There were moments of doubt for me that we were gonna make it. This broadcast included Simmons's first televised interview, a conversation with Mike Douglas in which Simmons declared himself "evil incarnate", eliciting uncomfortable reactions from a confused studio audience.

Fellow Jewish-American guest Totie Fields said it would be humorous if beneath all the make-up Simmons was "just a nice Jewish boy ". Simmons responded, "You should only know", to which Fields replied, "I do. You can't hide the hook ", a reference to the stereotypical "Jewish" nose. Despite the publicity and constant touring, Kiss initially sold just 75, copies. Meanwhile, the group and Casablanca Records were losing money quickly. The band while touring stopped in Los Angeles in August to begin recording its second album, Hotter Than Hellwhich was released on October 22, With Hotter Than Hell quickly dropping off the charts, Kiss was pulled from its tour to quickly record a new album.

Casablanca head Bogart stepped in to produce the next album, trading in the murky, distorted sound of Hotter Than Hell for a cleaner and slightly poppier sound. Dressed to Killreleased on March 19,fared slightly better commercially than Hotter Than Hell.

It also contained what later became the band's signature song, " Rock and Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) All Nite ". Although Kiss albums had not proved to be big sellers, the band was quickly gaining a reputation for its live performances. Kiss concerts featured such spectacles as Simmons spitting "blood" an effect made primarily from eggs, yogurt, red food coloring, and maple syrup and "breathing fire" spitting flammable liquid at a torchFrehley soloing as his guitar burst into flames light and smoke bombs placed inside the guitarCriss's elevating drum riser that emitted sparks, Stanley's Townshend -style guitar smashing, and pyrotechnics throughout the show.

By mid, Casablanca was almost bankrupt, and Kiss was in danger of losing its record contract. Both parties desperately needed a commercial breakthrough if they were to survive. Every night, I'd ask somebody before the show, 'How are we doing? All of a sudden it was becoming the norm. For me the first realization that things were on an upswing was when we played the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

Before the show I went on stage, looked out through the curtain and saw this big crowd, and said to myself, 'My God, this is really happening! Kiss wanted to express the excitement felt at its concerts which its studio albums had so far failed to do with its first live album. It was the first version of the song with a guitar solo, and this recording has become the best-known version. It is also the basis of most covers, such as the cover by Poison in In recent years the band admitted that additional audience noise had been added to the album, as well as overdubs on select guitar and vocal spots, not to deceive fans, but to add more "excitement and realism" to the record.

The success of Alive! Following this success, Kiss partnered with producer Bob Ezrinwho had previously worked with Alice Cooper. The result was Destroyer released March 15,Kiss's most musically ambitious studio album to date.

Destroyerwith its rather intricate production using an orchestra, choir, and numerous tape effectswas a departure from the raw sound of the first three studio albums.

Album art was designed by Ken Kellywho had drawn Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian and also produced album covers for acts such as Rainbow and Manowar.

Only when the ballad " Beth ", the B-side of the single " Detroit Rock City ", began to gain more airplay on FM radio did the album's sales rebound. The single was subsequently reissued with the A- and B-sides reversed. The show, co-produced by Bill Aucoin, helped introduce Kiss to an even wider audience. In addition to the three songs, Kiss was the subject of a brief comedic "interview" conducted by Paul Lynde.

This included Lynde noting, when hearing the member's first names, "Oh, I love a good religious group. Two more highly successful studio albums were released in less than a year: Rock and Roll Over November 11, and Love Gun June 30, A second live album, Alive IIwas released on October 14, All three albums were certified Platinum soon after their release.

In Japan, Kiss performed five sold-out shows at Tokyo's Budokan Hallbreaking the previous record of four set by the Beatles. Until you're faced with mass hysteria it doesn't really sink in. For you not having been in a certain country makes them that much more rabid for you to go. In MayKiss made the first of its many comics appearances, in Howard the Duck issue 12, published by Marvel Comics. The first Kiss compilation album, Double Platinumwas issued on April 2, This double album included many remixed versions of the band's hits, as well as "Strutter '78", a re-recorded version of a song from the group's first album.

At Bogart's request, this version of the song featured a disco influence. During this period, Kiss merchandise became a substantial source of income for the group. Some of the products released included a pair of comic books issued by Marvel the first contained ink mixed with actual blood donated by the groupa pinball machine, dolls, "Kiss Your Face Makeup" kits, Halloween masks, board gameslunch boxes, trading cards and many other pieces of memorabilia.

Membership in the Kiss Armythe band's fan club, was in the six figures. Alive II was the band's fourth Platinum album in just under two years, and the ensuing tour had the highest average attendance in the group's history.

The group, along with manager Aucoin, sought to push the brand harder. To that end, an ambitious, two-pronged strategy was devised for The first part involved the simultaneous release of four solo albums from the members of Kiss.

Although Kiss has claimed that the solo albums were intended to ease rising tensions within the band, its record contract did in fact call for four solo records, each of them counting as half an album toward the group's five-record commitment. It was the first time that all current members of a rock band had released solo albums on the same day. For the band members, it was a chance to showcase their individual musical styles and tastes outside of Kiss, and in some cases to collaborate with contemporary artists.

Simmons's was the most diverse of the four, featuring hard rock, ballads, Beatles -influenced pop and a cover version of " When You Wish Upon a Star " from the Disney film Pinocchio. The solo albums were released on September 18, Of the four, Simmons's album charted the highest in the U. The second part of Kiss's and Aucoin's plan called for the band to appear in a film that would cement its image of larger-than-life rock-and-roll superheroes.

Filming commenced in the spring of Although the project was proposed to the band as a cross between A Hard Day's Night and Star Warsthe final result fell far short of those expectations. It was released theatrically, after many changes, outside the U. The band members were unhappy with the finished film and would speak about their filmmaking experience in later interviews with a mix of humorous embarrassment and regret.

They felt that the film portrayed them more as clowns than superheroes. The artistic failure of the film led to a rift between the band and Aucoin. Kiss's first album of new material in two years, Dynastycontinued the band's Platinum streak.

Session drummer Anton Fig performed almost all the percussion on the album while Criss recovered from an automobile accident. The only song to feature Criss's drumming was "Dirty Livin ' ", on which he also sang lead. Billed as "The Return of Kiss", the Dynasty Tour was expected by Kiss and its management to build on the success of previous tours. Plans were drawn up for a Kiss-themed traveling amusement park called "Kiss World", but were abandoned because of the immense costs involved; [59] however, "The Return of Kiss" saw a marked decline in attendance.

The crowds on this tour were much younger than previous audiences had been, with many preadolescent children in Kiss make-up with their mothers and fathers who were sometimes wearing the make-up themselves in tow at most concerts. Kiss themselves did little to dissuade this new fan base, donning colorful costumes that reinforced a cartoonish image for these younger fans. The fans were unaware of the dissension within Interview - Various - Legends Classic Rock (DVD) band.

One very public indication of the heightened friction within the group was an infamous October 31, interview on Tom Snyder 's late-night The Tomorrow Show. During the episode, a visibly irritated Simmons and Stanley attempted, unsuccessfully, to contain the inebriated Frehley, whose frequent laughter and joking overshadowed the conversation between Snyder and the rest of the band.

Criss made references to his large gun collection, to the chagrin of Simmons. By the end of the Dynasty tour in Decembertensions between Criss and the rest of the band were at an all-time high. His drumming skills had noticeably eroded, and he even intentionally slowed down—or stopped playing altogether—during some concerts.

The final show of the tour December 16, was the last time Criss performed with the group for almost 17 years, although he remained an official member for nearly six more months. Anton Fig played all the drums on the next album, Unmaskedalthough he was not credited, while Criss appeared on the cover. Showcasing a slick, contemporary pop sound, Unmasked released May 20, had the dubious distinction of being the first non-Platinum Kiss album since Dressed to Kill.

Soon after the album's release, Criss's departure was officially announced. The band auditioned dozens of replacements for Criss in June One of the many who auditioned was Tico Torres who would later be with Bon Jovi. They finally settled on a little-known drummer-guitarist-pianist-keyboardist-singer from Brooklyn named Paul Charles Caravello born July 12, who adopted the stage name Eric Carr.

His first make-up design was modeled on a hawk, though it was rejected as Stanley felt it looked more like a chicken. Carr ultimately settled on a "Fox" persona. This was Kiss's only U. The band's tour of Australia and New Zealand, on the other hand, was one of the biggest in its history, as they played to sold-out crowds and received overwhelmingly positive press coverage.

For its next album, the band worked again with producer Ezrin, with whom Kiss had found success on Destroyer. Early press reports indicated that the new album would be a return to the hard rock style that had originally brought the band success.

However, 's Music from "The Elder" was a concept album featuring medieval horns, strings, harpsand synthesizers. The album was presented as a soundtrack to a film that was never made, making it difficult to follow the storyline.

To make matters worse, having received negative feedback following its record company's preview of the album, Kiss altered the record's track sequence in most countries to emphasize potential singles "The Oath" and "A World Without Heroes", which all but guaranteed the inability of listeners to understand the already-muddled storyline. Once released, fan reaction to The Elder was harsh; it failed to achieve Gold status and peaked at No.

The band made only two appearances in support of the new album, both in January One was a performance on the ABC late-night variety program Fridayswhile the second was a lip-synced performance that was broadcast via satellite during Italy's Sanremo Music Festival. Absent from the satellite performance was Frehley, who had become increasingly frustrated with Kiss's new musical direction.

Upset with the band's decision to record Music from "The Elder"he did not actively participate in the album's creation, providing lead vocals for only one track, "Dark Light".

He did not appear at a special concert at Studio 54 in New York City, leaving Kiss to perform as a trio. He recorded his guitar parts at his home studio in Wilton, Connecticutand mailed them to Ezrin. Another source of frustration for Frehley was that with the departure of Criss, and with Carr not being an equal partner in the band, he was often outvoted 2-to-1 on group decisions. In JuneFrehley's departure from the band was negotiated, although he did not officially leave until December.

Soon afterward, Kiss made major changes to its business dealings — chief among them was severing ties with its manager of nine years, Bill Aucoin, and cutting back on its unwieldy organizational tree. Although Frehley had already decided to leave the band, he was pictured on the covers of 's Killers and Creatures of the Nightalthough he did not participate in the recording of either album.

Creatures of the Night October 13, was Kiss's heaviest album to date, and although it fared better than Music from "The Elder"it peaked at only No. In Frehley's absence, Kiss utilized a number of guitarists for the recording of the album, including Vinnie Vincent. Frehley's last appearance with the band until the reunion was in the music video for the single " I Love It Loud ", which was co-written by Vincent.

Frehley also appeared on the cover of the original Creatures of the Night album artwork. When the album was remixed and re-released in with a non-makeup cover and a slightly different song order, to reflect the band's roster change and abandonment of its make-up and costumes, Vincent was again absent from the album cover, as then-current lead guitarist, Bruce Kulickappeared instead.

Vincent officially replaced Frehley as lead guitarist in Decemberas the band embarked on its 10th Anniversary Tour. Vincent originally wanted to use his birth name in the band, but this was vetoed by Simmons on the grounds that it sounded "too ethnic". Specifically, according to Simmons, "it sounded like a fruit vendor". Simmons went on to note that "fairly or unfairly, rock and roll is about the image".

Simmons later suggested the name change to "Vinnie Vincent". Vincent started actively pushing to join Kiss as a full member. Despite the misgivings that both Simmons and Stanley harbored about his personality, Vincent was taken into the band.

Stanley designed a character, "the Wiz" [85] [86] also known as "the Egyptian Warrior", [87] and make-up centered around an Egyptian ankhfor Vincent. A persona as "the Ankh Warrior" or similar is not mentioned in the book at all. Vincent's personality did not mesh well with either Stanley or Simmons, and he was dismissed from Kiss at the end of the Creatures tour.

He was quickly reinstated before recording started for Lick It Up because Simmons and Stanley could not find a new lead guitarist on such short notice. Vincent appeared on the cover of Lick It Up and was credited as the lead guitarist.

He received a writing credit for eight of the ten songs on the album. Personality issues arose once again, and Vincent was fired following the Lick It Up tour, due in part to excessive guitar soloing at a concert in Quebec. He was replaced by Mark St. Vincent and the band parted ways.

Persistent rumors circulated for years among Kiss fans regarding the true reason for Vincent's dismissals from Kiss, with at least one band member refusing to comment except to say that legally it was not up for discussion. Simmons stated in an interview several years later that Vincent's firing was for "unethical behavior", but he did not elaborate:. Vinnie, for the record, was fired for unethical behavior, not because of lack of talent. Sensing it was time for a change, Kiss made the decision to abandon its trademark make-up and costumes.

The band officially appeared in public without make-up for the first time since its very early days on a September 18,appearance on MTV, which coincided with the release of Lick It Up. Lick It Up became Kiss's first Gold record in three years, but the tour was even more sparsely attended than the previous one.

Vincent did not get along with Simmons and Stanley, and he left the band at the conclusion of the tour in March Vincent's replacement was Mark St. Johna session player and guitar tutor.

With St. John, Kiss released the album Animalize on September 13, Animalize followed the success of Lick It Upand due in part to consistent MTV play for the " Heaven's on Fire " video, Animalize was the band's best-selling record in America during the decade, with over two million albums sold.

With the success of the album and subsequent tour, Kiss had recaptured some of its earlier glory though not to the level of its s heyday. John, however, came down with reactive arthritis during tour rehearsals, and only performed at a handful of shows before being dismissed from the band in December The band hired Bruce Kulick to replace St.

Kulick had previously filled in for St. John during the first two months of the Animalize tour. Kulick was Kiss's fourth lead guitarist in less than three years, but he stayed with the band for 12 years. That kind of good time is infectious. You can't fake it.

You can't fool the audience. The people will see right through you if you put on a fake smile or you're not putting out your best. The band are alive and well and playing better than we ever have. One of the first concerts Kulick played as an official member of the band was at Detroit, Michigan's Cobo Hall.

Crazy Nightsin particular, was one of Kiss's most successful albums overseas. The single " Crazy Crazy Nights " reached No. Kiss ended the decade with the October release Hot in the Shade. Although the album failed to achieve Platinum status, it spawned the hit ballad " Forever ", co-written by Michael Bolton. Peaking at No. During this time, Kiss struggled with its identity and fan base. Simmons, arguably the driving force in Kiss during the s, became less involved with the group in the s as he pursued outside interests, most notably a film career.

Stanley took a more prominent role as a result. In Februarythe band decided to once again enlist Ezrin to produce its next album. Before recording could begin in earnest, however, tragedy struck. In Marchit was discovered that Carr had a tumor on his heart. It was successfully removed the following month, but more tumors were soon discovered in his lungs. Carr received chemotherapy and was pronounced cancer-free in July. However, in September he suffered the first of two cerebral hemorrhages.

He died on November 24,at the age of Singer had played with Paul Stanley previously, as part of Stanley's backing band during a solo tour. Kiss released Revenge on May 19, It featured a leaner, harder-edged sound, as indicated by the first single, " Unholy ". In a surprise move, Kiss enlisted Vincent to help with songwriting duties. The album debuted in the Top 10 and went Gold. Kiss embarked on a brief club tour of the U.

Four days later, Kiss were inducted into Hollywood's RockWalk. Inthe group released the book Kisstorya page, 9 pounds 4. That same year, the band embarked on a unique and well-received Worldwide Kiss Convention Tour. The conventions were all-day events, featuring displays of vintage Kiss stage outfits, instruments and memorabilia; performances by Kiss cover bands; and dealers selling Kiss merchandise from every stage of the band's career.

Kiss appeared live at the conventions, conducted question and answer sessions, signed autographs, and performed a two-hour acoustic set composed mostly of spontaneous fan requests.

On the first U. It was the first time Criss had performed publicly with the band in nearly 16 years. The band contacted Criss and Frehley and invited them to participate in the event. In the weeks following the Unplugged concert, however, the band with Kulick and Singerreturned to the studio for the first time in three years to record a follow-up to Revenge.

Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions was completed in Februarybut its release was delayed for almost two years. Bootleg copies of the album circulated widely among fans.

These efforts culminated with a public event as dramatic as any the band had staged since its unmasking on MTV. With the following statements, Tupac Shakur introduced the original Kiss lineup, in full makeup and Love Gun -era stage outfits, to a rousing ovation at the 38th Annual Grammy Awards : [].

You know how the Grammys used to be, all straight-looking folks with suits. Everybody looking tired. No surprises. We tired of that. We need something different, something new, we need to shock the people On April 16, the band members held a press conference aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City, where they announced their plans for a full-fledged reunion tour, with the help of new manager Doc McGhee.

The first public concert featuring the newly reunited Kiss was an hour-long warm-up show on June 15 for the annual KROQ Weenie Roast in Irvine, Californiaduring which the band nearly ignited the stage of the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. There were many many nights when I was looking around the stage and going "This is magic. What was important about these shows is we had a much bigger task than people understood.

Our biggest competition was our history. We didn't have to be as good as we used to be. We had to be as good as people thought we were. The show wasn't to be a replica of what we've done, it was to be what people imagined we had done. We had to be totally committed. In terms of the stage show for the reunion tour, what we wanted to do was look at the '77 show in a sense as a pinnacle.

That is what we chose to build on but not copy. There are also elements from other shows too in the sense that there's bombs and the flying rig and the breaking of the guitars.

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