Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD)


Low and quiet upon approach, standard evasion programs, and put us down far enough away to avoid potential detection. She'll get used to it though. Desert gives way to Savannah which in turn gives way to forest and jungle. By the time the Atet slows, Ra's mood is dark, his mind ripe with the horrors he may encounter.

Third Quest Arrive]]. Many hours later, Ra sits before a table on the Atet, empty bowls littering it's surface. My mind was so full of what is coming, I failed to stop and acknowledge that this world has it's own dangers.

With both body and pride wounded? I have done all that you have asked of me, helped to arrange the construction of your pyramids, helps ensure that word reached everyone who would listen. Yet being here with you right now, knowing what you are, and knowing that you are not the perfect God that most believe you to be," She trails off for a moment, "It gives me hope.

Then if even one in ten thousand can do the same, then humanity will thrive in the face of your enemy. Perhaps the saying among my people is true, 'Be careful not to loose yourself to what you touch,' but my people are gone, and among these people, I do not think I would mind loosing myself to what I touch. We wished to fight for our survival. These people choose to fight for each other. The sun is high in the sky when he finally sees the blight. Feeling elated, he calls out in happiness, the shrill cry of the falcon he resembles fills the air around him, the sound carrying for miles.

Maybe I should go down there and look around, try to figure out what I'm dealing with before I decide the best course of action? Ra bursts out of the cave, a the darkness of night accompanied by clouds drapes everything in blackness. If not for the rain striking his flesh and the faint lights coming from a small number of the nearby buildings, he wouldn't have even known he was outside. In spite of the searing agony of a rapid change, his entire body goes from his natural form to that of a falcon in less than a heartbeat.

Then he's in the air, his keen eyes searching for any sign of the Atet. Ra pauses to consider his options for a moment before his mind turns to a particular strand of genetic code. A young man he met in the early weeks after he had arrived on Earth, and the man's surprisingly large genitalia. Ever so slowly, she begins to disrobe, blinks once as she finishes, then reaches out to tentatively touch the massive penis. She lets out a surprised sound as her feet leave the ground and she instinctively wraps her legs around his hips, in the process pressing her pubic mound against his over sized cock hard enough that he can feel her outer lips part and nestle around his shaft.

Grasping her ass tighter, her hips buck, gliding her sex against his rigid member. When she presses down, he feels pressure bulk at her entrance. Then one second to the next his cock deflects away, brushing across her clit hard enough to make her body shudder.

Without even pausing, she rises up again, her hand darting down to line him up again. She shudders, her pussy rippling pleasantly around him as she begins to cum. She clings to him in orgasmic bliss as he continues to thrust himself into her. With a loud groan, Ra shoves forward hard.

The sudden urgent invasion causes Hathor's moans to reach a new crescendo. Her hand comes to rest on his chest affectionately as she looks him in the eye. Last Stand of Ra.

Ra's eyes linger on Hathor as she turns to kneel on her hands and knees, wiggling her bottom at him enticingly. He can feel a tightening in his belly followed by a sort of stretching sensation as the sheath for his canine anatomy starts to form. Then there's a secondary tickling sensation, only more intense, from inside the sheath as the penis itself starts to form and engorges with blood at the same time. Then as he moves into position behind her, his hand slides upwards over her hip before following her spine up to a point between her shoulder blades.

However, instead of penetrating her his slick shaft glides along the folds of her pussy, parting them and flicking at her clit on the up stroke, but not finding her opening on the first attempt. His hips are nearly a blur of motion as he fucks her. He has to hold her hips to keep her in place as he ruts at her pussy with a desperate need that seems to grow in proportion to his swelling knot.

Hathor's cries reach a new pitch as his fist sized knot slams against her opening, then becomes a breathless sigh as the knot slips past her tight opening into the snug confines of her vagina. Ra's eyes roll back in his head as he begins to spill his seed directly into her womb where the tapered tip of his cock is lodged against her cervix.

As he does so, Hathor's pussy convulses around his length, milking his cock as it clamps down on his knot.

His lips find her shoulder where he allows them to drift lightly across her skin. She must feel it too because she moves beneath him, her hips gyrating once as she makes a little cooing sound. Then she grows still again. It's another five minutes or so before Ra's cock slips free of Hathor's pussy with a slick wet sound. Either in disappointment that Ra is no longer inside of her, or of discomfort from the stretching she just experienced. Ra's seed looks so very white against her stretched opening as a small trickle of the pearly fluid leaks from her.

Part of him screams that attacking would be futile, but Ra can feel his terror being swept aside by a strange sort of numb rage. His entire body seems to hum with energy as he subconsciously begins to reach for the part of himself that allows his transformations.

Ra pivots toward the sound, his eyes falling on something he hoped never to see on this world, and it's blocking his exit. Even as he moves, his body begins to shift, his instinctive need to flee causing him to manifest the falcon DNA in his body. The change comes rapidly and painfully his body contorting into a mush smaller form as feathers burst from his skin.

Easily head and shoulders taller than Ra, and him being taller than most of the humans he finds himself living among, the creature is imposing to say the least. Its hands and feet are stretched impossibly long, becoming long black claws he knows full fell could cleave him in two.

Ribs and bones seem to protrude everywhere, giving the creature a nearly skeletal appearance. From its groin dangles a flaccid penis, nearly as long as its thighs so that it almost reaches its knees. But most unsettling is the face. While the rest of the body is shaped much like the human it was created from, the face holds no resemblance at all. Sharp jagged teeth fill a mouth that can barely close around them.

Flared nostrils perched above lips that seem pealed back to reveal the bloodless pink gums. Long pointed ears lay back across its skull as if they are unable to stand fully on their own. In the past, the ones he has seen were created from his own people, the usually black eyes turning to a deep shade of green.

This one's eyes are a solid blood red and looking directly at him. But Ra's quick thinking and transformation means he's a much smaller target now than he was as the ghoul had coiled to spring. Thrashes under the ghoul, trying to escape it's vicious attacks, but lacking an arm already puts him at a bigger disadvantage than he would have had otherwise. But wen so the ghoul does not even slow it's attack. He can see the ghoul's claws coated in his deep blue blood, bits of blue green skin and tissue dangling from its long fingers.

His skin ripples and shifts as portions of his body go through partial transformations that do not quite complete. He opens his mouth in an attempt to say something, but all he is able to manage is a gurgling sound as blood foams at his mouth.

Ra pivots toward the sound, his eyes falling on something he hoped never to see on this world, and it is blocking the exit from the cave. Even as he moves, his body begins to shift, his instinctive need to defend himself causing him to manifest the canine DNA in his body. The change comes rapidly and painfully his body contorting into the powerful form of the dog, fur sprouting from his skin in a wave.

He lunges at the creature, his sharp canine teeth sinking into the flesh of the creature's neck and filling his mouth with the rancid taste of their tainted blood.

Ra thrashes his head from side to side, ripping the ghoul's throat out in the manner he's seen dogs kill their prey. Tilting his wings again, Ra allows himself to fall into a gradual dive, circling as he looses altitude. He revels in the feeling of the wind rushing around his body, the way it moves around his wings and across his feathers.

Mere seconds from the ground, he spreads his wings wide and angles them to catch the air, his descent slowing with a thunderous sound as he approaches the ground, his taloned feet touching the ground right as he starts to change into his canine form. A throaty growl escapes his lips as he arches his back, pitching forward onto four limbs instead of two as thick dark hair bursts from his body in a rippling wave that starts near his middle and spreads in every direction. Ra pivots toward the sound, his eyes falling on something he hoped never to see on this world, and it's blocking the exit.

The confines of the cave makes the motion awkward though. Thinking fast, Ra follows the creature, jumping onto it's back and grabbing hold of it. His hands go to it's eyes, gouging and clawing desperately. The thing shrieks as Ra's thumb sinks deep into a wet socket, black ichor gushing out across his fingers. He has just enough time to see the thick fluid oozing from the hole where it's eye just was before it moves again.

It flexes, drawing back it's arm to take a swipe at Ra. For a split second he pictures his life ending like this, but then he kicks out with his leg as hard as he can, catching the creature in the knee with a sickening crunch. He rolls out of the way before the ghoul falls on it's front. Ra reaches for a large rock and brings it down on the creature's head. Ra brings the rock down again, this time knocking it prone, a third and fourth hit finally stills it. He lets his eyes remain on the ghoul for a few seconds longer, glances at the cave opening, then turns toward the dark depths of the cave.

A little self love never hurt anyone? If you think you belong on this list but your name isn't there, please let me know so I can get it fixed. The reason for this is that not all of the work done this week was added to the game. The final quest of the game is going to be big, and since I don't expect to finish it in a week, I've opted instead to split my time between writing that and writing sex scenes. This adds the Hathor transformation. This includes at least one scene for every transformation currently in the game.

Requires that you have the Anubis Transformation. Third quest is not yet available. Expect this to grow in time. Currently this includes a brief description of many of the places either appearing or referenced within the game as well as brief descriptions of the currently unlocked transformations. Can be unlocked through random encounter in the Oasis after the first quest has run it's course. The quest itself is not yet available, but the scene that leads to it is.

The Temple of Amun. Much of this update is focused on him and his temple. Includes his introduction scene. No supporting content yet.

This is another repeatable scene. Three of them can not trigger until the First Quest has been started, and depending on your choices in the first of those will determine which of the other two you see at a later time.

Descriptive text only. Can be found when spending time with Hathor. If you think you belong on the list and you don't see your name, please send me a message so we can get it corrected. Seven small scenes. Six small scenes. Have two more that are in the images folder but are not yet used. Anything that has been reported up to this point. Ra glides toward the ground, starting his transformation back to his natural form just before he reaches the ground. Taloned claws become feet as his weight is placed on them, then upward as his body seems to burst upward.

Bit by bit the changes come over him, feathers being replaced by blue green skin. Every step he takes, he knows that it is a risk. From the rot, I'd guess no more than two or three of them. Maybe I'm lucky and they're hunting.

Springing into motion, Ra runs toward the mound with every bit of speed he can manage. Then with a burst of dirt and rock, it emerges from the ground. Perhaps twice as long as a man is tall, the creature hurls itself through the air, it's sickly purple skin somehow fitting of the rot that permeates the area. Leading the way is a cluster of long pink tentacles, wicked looking white barbs lining their undersides.

Faster than Ra can blink. At the same time a second Cthonian bursts from the ground, its own tentacles reaching for him and managing to grasp his head and one arm. All around himself, Ra can feel people moving, sometimes they move away to make room for someone else, other times he can feel the same person move to another part of him. She slips from his lap, and a second later he feels fingers on his cock.

He isn't sure if it's the same person or not, but a moment later he feels his cockhead nestle against something warm and wet. Pressure builds, then in an instant he feels himself start to slide inside of an incredibly tight hole. He gasps in breathless pleasure.

His cock throbs almost painfully at he reaches the point of Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) return, the person straddling his hips only just settling against his hips as he begins to cum.

As soon as he begins to soften, the person straddling him extracts them self and are quickly replaced by a pair of mouths that seem intent to kiss and lick him clean.

She hesitates, then pushes downward. He can feel himself starting to enter her, the head of his cock slipping inside with almost agonizing slowness. Then barely inside the woman stops again, a pressure against the tip of his cock seems to draw her up short.

Young, beautiful, and her expression pinched with concern. There is a man and a woman to each side of her, each whispering in her ear. The man's hand is between her legs, gently rubbing her clit while the woman draws the her into a deep kiss.

Her hymen offers little resistance as she plunges downward, taking his entire length in a single motion. Her cry is muffled as the man kisses her, and Ra can feel her pussy clasping tightly around his quivering member.

She bites her lip as the smile continues to grow, then she begins to rock her hips gently, her eyes rolling back as she savors the feeling of Ra's penis filling her most intimate place.

His cock swells and twitches, his balls pulling tight as he prepares to cum yet again. Her expression is surprised as she meets Ra's gaze again, then that same hesitant smile from before starts to form on her lips right before the man and woman with her gently lift her off of his deflating cock.

Unlike last time however, they don't seem interested in coaxing him back to a full erection, instead their actions prove more sensual in nature. Faster than any time he has ever transformed before, Ra forces the change. Every inch of his body is engulfed in fiery white pain that fades nearly as fast as it starts.

In the days that followed, a shadow fell over the land. Not a shadow like that cast by a cloud in the sky, but one that shades the soul and denies it warmth.

Every living thing could feel the change, as if the end was upon them and all knew that there was nothing that could stop it. Some however held on to hope, believing that the Sun God, Ra would save them. Entire families would vanish from their beds in their sleep. Or bodies would be strewn about in impossible patterns of gore.

This time, Ra draws on the DNA in a different way. Instead of being in his natural form or in the form of the dog, he shifts into a blend of the two. A soft whine leaves his lips as the pain of a second rapid transformation washes over him. He pivots, his paws becoming more hand like but maintaining the the hard nails at the tips of his fingers.

Wide bloodless furrows open on the ghoul's chest as Ra's claws rip him open. One of Ra's hands swings at the ghoul's head, catching it by the ear and holding on. He can see the ghoul's lips part in preparation for it's howl of pain, but Ra is too quick. His other hand comes up and catches the thing by the jaw. With all his strength he pulls with one hand while following through with the other. He hears two more answer the call, one so close to himself that he freezes in place.

Ra tries to shut out what comes next, but he can hear all too clearly the creatures beginning to feed on one of their own. As he approaches, he takes on his natural form again before taking the last few steps to the cave entrance. Such pleasure is intoxicating and overwhelming," Ra admits. It almost instantly begins to harden again, "Then perhaps it is practice that you need, so that you might bask in the pleasure rather than be consumed by it.

Ra sits on the small mountain of pillows across from Hathor. For quite some time he listens to what she has to say. Each word that leaves her mouth is committed to memory as Ra tries to learn everything he can about these strange people that he finds himself living among. I'll be back as soon as I am able. He quickly turns and walks away before she can ask anything he does not wish to answer. But it's when he sees the massive stone structure in the early stages of construction near the center of the city that he finds himself shocked.

Your death will be exquisite. When he opens them again, a man, dressed little better than those that surround him, motion for him to follow, "Ra?

Nyarlathotep told us you would come. The tiny crystals reflecting the light in the room to cast a faint glow. Then shapes among the crystals capture Ra's attention, skulls, dozens of them, perched in small alcoves or sitting on the ground. Each gazing back at him from black caverns behind empty eye sockets. He shudders, and with an act of will pushes back the feeling, "You would help me save this world?

He takes two rapid steps toward the cave he came from before his conscious mind registers that it simply is not there any longer. You came to this planet in search of refuge, found it remarkably untouched by my kind," The joy in Nyarlathotep's voice is clear, "Only small pockets of corruption on an otherwise untouched world. So you start to do what must be done to hide this world from any who might find it.

Yet for some inconceivable reason you find me doing the same on the other side of the world. We are far from all that walk this world. My kind has been here many times in the past. Sixty six million years ago, my kind feasted upon this world, and it is ripe once again.

Mighty Cthulhu glutted on this world, and to this day he sleeps in the city of R'lyeh, deep in the sea where he will soon wake and feast once more. His daughter Zal'chaas works tirelessly to open the door between this world and the next.

This world is about to end, just as it has many times before, and as it will many times in the future," Nyarlathotep Continues to speak. He swallows, then tries again, "And you don't want this? At least not yet. I want to play," He sounds almost like a child as he says it, "I want to whisper in the ears of insignificant men who believe themselves to be gods, I want to spark wars and watch these petty little creatures slaughter one another. Not forever, just a few thousand years to watch this world ripen into something truly special.

If you don't, my kind will ravage this world again, the people of this world will be wiped in less than a full cycle of the sun. Maybe these people will learn and grow, find a away to fight back like your world did.

If they're lucky, maybe they'll even be able to prevent their end for a few precious decades," In less than a blink of the eye, Nyarlathotep is standing behind Ra, whispering in his ear, "And you'll thank me for all of this, because should you fail me, I'll make your precious little Hathor live a million years, and every time she screams, I will be wearing your face.

It takes all of his will to force himself to speak again, "Why do you need me? All the while, Nyarlathotep's laughter chases him every step of the way. He's just preparing to cast a glance behind himself when the man speaks again. Then he steps off to the side, motioning for Ra to pass. As soon as he is past, he can see faint light from further down the corridor. The faintest of lights is enough to set the crystals aglow. The two of us are unique in that we can even see it in such low light.

The flesh that inhabits this world, their eyes can not," The voice holds a sense of wonder, though the very fact that he hears Nyarlathotep's voice is enough to fill him with a cold chill. In the dark, even that light is nearly blinding, not only are they two points of light, but it sets the entire cavern aglow that takes Ra's breath away. However the natural beauty of the cave is quickly eclipsed by Nyarlathotep's presence. Even so, Ra has no doubt that he is looking upon Nyarlathotep. Half an hour later, Ra finds himself sitting in the shade among a small grove of trees.

His attention divided between the lazily flowing water of the Nile, and Hathor who is just now sitting a hand woven basket between them. A cluster of boulders even blocks the view of the city in the distance to give the illusion of complete seclusion. She reaches inside, plucking a fig from inside and holding it toward Ra. Instead of handing it to him however, she moves it to his lips. Hathor smiles as he nips playfully at her fingertips. She picks up another fig, a giggle threatening to spill forth as she moves it toward his lips, but then pulls back at the last possible instant as he goes to bite the small fruit.

In a second, he finds himself chasing after her. Hathor skids to a halt, amusement overwhelming the pretend shock on her face. Right before Hathor reaches himRa sidesteps, placing her headdress on his own head as he does so.

He doesn't even see the small herd of cows until he crashes into a white one. The cow's genetic code is stored almost instantly in his body, at the same time his body starts to change rapidly. By the time his hands hit the ground, white fur has already engulfed much of his body. He's already two thirds cow by the time he feels his face starting to change, his skull reshaping itself as a gasp of discomfort passes his lips.

Ra's head snaps toward the sound, finding a boy, nearly a man, standing among the cows. Shock bordering on terror is etched on the young man's face.

Only instead of words, only a long drawn out "Moooooooo," escapes his mouth. As she places it back onto her head, Ra starts to shift back into his natural form. When Ra reaches the hermaphrodite, he doesn't even bother transforming himself as he does not need genitals of the kind these people use to do what he intends. Instead, he kneels, his hands gliding sensually along the inside of her thighs as he teasingly seeks out her dual sex.

Even as she does so, one of her hands moves to her breast where she pinches her nipple while her other hand reaches out and brushes hesitantly across Ra's head. Her hand instinctively moves to the back of his head, urging more action from Ra. Being that her genitals are smaller than average, he has little trouble getting her entire length into his mouth. Savoring the unusual taste, his head begins to bob up and down with an even rhythm, his pace expressing no urgency.

Then when he feels her start to swell, he releases her penis. With one hand, he scoops her cock and balls up, nearly engulfing her how and swollen member before leaning in again.

This time his lips touch her slit in a soft kiss that becomes deeper, his tongue parting her nether lips and tasting her vagina. The sound she makes is one of raw need. Her hips begin to move in time with his ministrations, working with him for maximum effect. Then when he feels her body start to stiffen, he begins to stroke her cock, stimulating both sets of genitals at once.

Her eyes having a glazed look to them and a little half smile on her lips as Ra steps away. His pace quickening as he glances over his shoulder only to see the Bukavac rising from the water, not a single drop of water visible on it's scales.

As it draws near, Ra uses the cat's incredible agility to bolt to one side, evading the creature for a few more precious seconds. Anything that might be able to use to break or damage the rune. As it draws near, Ra uses every bit of the dog's speed to surge forward, putting distance between himself and the thing that follows so close behind. As it draws near, Ra lunges to the side, screaming in pain as he rolls back to his feet, the Bukavac already turning to face him once more.

The very defense mechanism his species evolution had had prepared him for. Even as the genetic code pushes forward, he can feel the corruption coursing through his body, making him want to vomit. His body presses outward, becoming a hulking massive form. With a powerful swipe he slams his hand down at the rune, shattering the stone in a single blow.

Standing perfectly still. It's only then that Ra sees the shimmer in the air as the rift begins to collapse. Late in the night, he stands, "Thank you all for your hospitality. I am greatly honored by this eve's celebrations.

When I return, I will wish to speak with your leaders, your elders, and your people of learning. We have much to discuss, and even more to do. He takes a few more steps before stopping and turning. If her eyes were a proper black instead of brown and white, she could be beautiful in this light.

She is acting so strange. She seems intent on following a few steps behind him until he urges, "I find it much easier to converse with someone when they walk by my side rather than behind me. The moonlight seems to reflect off of the ship's hull in a way that makes the whole ship glow in the faint light.

She takes a tentative step forward, her hand coming up to touch the edge of the portal with a look of wonder on her face. Ship Tour]]. Ra doesn't know how long he sits alone in the cage, he even begins to wonder if Abu will even come back to torment him, then the soft sound of a sandal on the dirt floor captures his attention. Instead of Abu, he sees Hathor, her eyes wide with fright and a sword clutched in both hands.

Her right arm is crimson with blood as is the blade of the sword she is holding. From where Ra is sitting, the relief is tangible like a physical thing. At the same time her hair frizzles up and she shakes her hands violently. Horns sprout from his head, his body elongates as an impossibly long tail sprouts from his bottom. Ra pitches forward onto all fours as huge bony spines jut from his spine. His clawed hand catches the first of the ghouls across the chest, disemboweling it with alarming ease.

At almost the same instant his tail lashes out catching something he's not even looking at around the throat, constricting until the neck snaps, then releasing the lifeless corpse in his wake.

The guards fan out, containing the ghouls and herding them toward Ra while they actively try to keep their distance from the horror he has become. Among the guard, Amun can occasionally be heard shouting orders. More than once a guard comes too close to Ra in spire to Amin's warnings, and in his blind rage, they too fall victim to his ferocity. Seeking prey, Ra prepares to charge the nearest human, only to have Amun step between him and the guardsmen.

His eyes are wide with fear, but he holds his ground, shouted, "Well done! Mighty Ra has defeated this threat! Amun is asserting himself, trying to give Ra a chance to back down without loosing face. As his body shrinks, he collapses to his knees as his strength fails him.

I pledged myself to protect them, yet I slaughtered them as easily as I would any enemy. He begins to feel as if his skin doesn't fit, a strangeness that seems to emanate from this horror's touch. Ra looks past this thing, this terrible thing that frightens him more than anything he has ever had the displeasure of laying eyes upon before in his life, and what he sees validates every bit of fear that threatens to consume him.

Ra can see their teeth beginning to fall out, their fingernails falling away from their hands, and the hair falling from their bodies. The blood that flows increasingly from their bodies defies gravity, hanging suspended in the air even as they crumple dead to the ground.

The blood begins to swirl in the air, forming thin strands and intricate patterns that begin to expand out toward the walls, each strand as it touches stone forms a rune of some form as it splays itself across the wall.

It's not long before the walls are coated in the red and black blood of the dead, runes and symbols that Ra has seen before but does not understand are everywhere.

The voice has a casual, friendly tone to it as he continues, "I will look forward to our next meeting. Soft, nearly imperceptible laughter hanging in the air for a few seconds longer. Ra's eyes half close as he draws on the genetic code stored in his body. From his groin there's a mildly uncomfortable feeling as a penis begins to form, the flesh pushing out and growing to create the phallus. There is wonder in the man's eyes, and a slight tremble in his hand as he reaches out to touch the penis throbbing before him.

Then with just a little hesitation, the man leans forward, his lips parting to accept Ra's cock. Ra can see his partner's body, every subtle curve of him.

Meanwhile, the man reaches up, gently cradling Ra's balls in his hand, squeezing them gently. With a mighty groan, Ra's cock throbs and twitches, shooting thick white streams of cum into the man's mouth. Then opening his mouth to show the white fluid as if it is some precious prize, he smiles, closes his mouth, then swallows. Drawing on the genetic code of the women he has come in contact with since arriving on this world, Ra draws on specific elements of various females, his body changing slowly as he focuses far more on the changes than he usually would.

Ra reaches out, lightly touching the man's now rigid cock. Much of what is inside of me is from this new world, every person I brush against, every living thing I touch. Ra reaches out with one hand to take hold of the man's penis, while the other drifts between his own legs to touch the moist vagina there.

Straddling the man, Ra guides his rigid member to it's destination. There's no urgency in their actions, only a desire to savor their shared pleasure. The tightening in the pit of Ra's belly is a clear indication that he's nearly there as well. When the man's cock swells and throbs, Ra's vagina quivers as a powerful orgasm begins. The moment that a hot pulse of semen begins to fill Ra's pussy, Ra cries out in pleasure. Both of them tremble and moan, clinging to one another as they each bask in their shared pleasure.

He can feel each and every subtle change he is experiencing, including an odd sensation as the vagina between his legs shrinks, forcing the man's seed out of him in a steady stream to splatter across the man's groin and legs, and the ground near him.

With a little smile to himself, Ra allows a fairly average human penis to begin growing between his legs. The tanned pillar of flesh standing in contrast with his natural blue green skin. When his manhood becomes exposed, she looks upon it. Her head tilts from one side to the other, visually inspecting it before reaching out to touch it. He finds the sensation of her soft lips touching his own to be strange, but not unpleasant.

He feels something tighten deep in his belly, his balls drawing up just moments before his cock throbs and begins to fill her pussy with cum. She clings to him, seeming to crave the touch of his cool skin against the heat of her own.

Seeing her lips pucker, he knows what she is seeking and meets her kiss with tenderness. Something deep inside of Ra snaps, an anguished scream leaving his lips as he raises his foot and slams it down on the abomination he just birthed. The thing makes a shrill sound, a sound that calls every fiber of Ra's being to protect it, but instead he rises his foot and stomps the horrid thing a second time. Eventually he seems to tire of his own voice, mutters something, then storms from the chamber, leaving Ra alone to his dark thoughts.

Back on the bridge of the Atet, Ra broods, thinking about the Cthonians and how best to approach the problem. For more than an hour he sits there looking at the display before his eyes widen, "Ana ahmaq!

Once there, he flares the engines, blasting much of the carnage away from the hilltop. Almost immediately the ship's computer locates two of the nine runes that would twist reality and allow a portal to form. The warning claxons that begin to wail inside of the ship tells him how ill advised his plan was, but even so he sees one of the runes flicker on the screen before him before fading out.

He springs into motion, working the controls to raise the Atet first into the air, then to move it back away from the area. Dirt, rock, and plants fall into the hole but nothing seems to slow it's progress.

He's surprised when he sees the massive sinkhole reach the nearby river, the water beginning to flow into the hole rather than down stream. As if seeking only to quench it's thirst the hole stops its advance.

You have just reset Ra's virginity. He has never enjoyed the carnal embrace of any creature from earth. Ra takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly. The glowing orbs where a person's eyes should be move unnaturally to regard Ra, "You've fallen far since we spoke. I see acceptance in your soul. Barely a second later the flashes red as it pinpoints the location of the anomaly.

As if there may be some small hope of winning still. Even so, he has to enter the command three times before the computer accepts his command. Ra considers for a few seconds, uncertain of how to feel about Hathor's advances, her desire to mate with him. Moving with an eerie similarity to the felines of this world, she begins to crawl toward him, her eyes never leaving his.

She reaches out, touching it lightly with her finger tips, exploring it. Then, he does as his studies have shown him, he moves forward and places the tip of his human her opening, then pushes inside. Once he is fully inside of her, he pulls back and immediately thrusts back inside a second time. He can feel his human anatomy jerk and twitch, spilling seed inside of her before he pulls out. Looking over those gathered in the courtyard, Ra realizes he has his choice of the prostitutes present.

From young women barely of age, to motherly women, to feminine men, to more exotic examples of humanity. An hour after leaving, Ra still wonders at the look on Hathor's face. Worry etched her brow as if she never expects to see him again, but she never voiced so much as a hint of objection at being left behind.

It looked like the location was pinpointed when I left, but now it looks less focused. At least it's still a small enough area I should be able to scout it in a day. Shrieking a falcon's cry, he propels himself at Nyarlathotep. At the last possible instant he slings his taloned feet forward to gouge at the horror's eyes.

A chill that seeps into his bones while at the same time his flesh begins to blister and peal as if burned. Feathers begin to wilt, darkening as they singe under Nyarlathotep's furnace gaze.

Each appearing as a spiral galaxy, spinning slowly on it's axes. The faces of so many he once knew, so many he cared so deeply for, so many that he loved, looking back at him, beckoning to him, is more than he can take. He falls to his knees beside the water, looking into the faces of those who were once closest to him, each of them pleading for him to join them, pleading for him to save them, each playing on his own insecurities and his desire to reunite with those he has lost along his long life.

And when the ghostly forms beneath the water reach out once more, he reaches out toward them in return. What just a split second before was loved ones reaching out to touch someone they have missed dearly, become twisted vestiges of themselves as they grasp his arms in steel grips, pulling him into the water like a pack of wild animals who have captured prey and refuse to let go. Ra struggles, but with each passing second his strength ebbs. As the seconds become minutes, his struggles weaken, then still as his body is moved by a thousand hands back toward the surface.

The water takes shape as it flows back toward the pond, and when that shape enters the water, Ra's ghostly face turns back toward the surface. We can protect you. I love you, join me. Panic enters his eyes as he starts to struggle, however the act of struggling only makes matters worse as pieces of himself start to fall from his body, hitting the ground and scattering like clumps of dust.

Not wanting to be anywhere near the ground, where the Cthonians could easily attack him, Ra instead glides to the top of the mound, hovering for a moment just before he allows his taloned foot to touch the ground. But his elation is short lived as the ground trembles beneath his feet. He can see stars strewn across a black backdrop behind something looming much closer. Long pink tentacles seem to drift in the air before it, wicked looking white barbs lining their undersides.

It's a female, long jagged cuts from the Cthonians barbs ooze blood. The sounds she makes are like a cross between a sob and a whine of terror. He has little doubt that his own eyes are every bit as fear filled as her own.

Ra looks at the source of her horror, seeing that the shapeless void against the star field is much closer now. He can make out some small details, but most obvious are the long stalks that have begun to emerge through the portal.

Each stalk is different, but the theme remains the same between all of them. Each stalk ends in a head, some long dead, Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) still dripping gore, and all somehow fused to the stalks that they are a part of. Every one seems to come from a different race, he sees a human head among those visible, two from his own race, and others that that he has either never seen before or knows to be long extinct.

Then the whole creature freezes in place. The pain of the rapid transformation forces a pain laced scream from his lips a split second after every head turns toward him at once.

Ra however has more pressing concerns. In the form of the falcon, he beats his wings as hard as he can, the sound like thunder in the air. The first Cthonian lunges at the spot Ra was just standing so close that Ra feels it's tentacles brush his tail feathers. A second one bursts from the ground directly in his path. Ra banks hard to one side, but the creature still manages to Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) him with enough force to drive the wind from his lungs. With the keen eyes of the falcon, he can see both of the Cthonians moving about, clearly agitated at having lost their prey.

But more troubling is when he sees the woman's headless body convulse. It jerks twice, then seems to curl in on itself. The cause becomes immediately obvious as a gore covered Cthonian slides from her neck. Barely as long as a person's arm, it turns and begins to consume the mother that just gave birth to her in a perversion of the act of giving life.

But how do I find them among the bodies with the Cthonians present? Hours later, Ra opens his eyes, laying in the Atet's heal pod. Corruption, irreversible. An hour later, Ra sits in an open area near the middle of the small town. With a wry smile, he sometimes waves at them, but they always scurry off as soon as he does so. She did not believe my words, but she came. She insisted someone tend the cattle before coming. Ra turns his own head to look as well.

She's tall, with dark hair that hangs to the middle of her back and prominent breasts. There's an intensity in her eyes that leaves Ra nearly speechless. Her eyes may be a bit small, and her skin doesn't even have a hint of healthy blue to it, but even so she is not hard to look upon.

She registers surprise, Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) quickly suppresses it, never breaking stride. She clearly looks to be trying to rub the color from his cheek. With reflexes faster than any human, Ra's hand snaps toward her own, catching her wrist, twisting until he can feel bone beginning to grind, then slaps her hand with his free hand to send the knife flying. Feathers burst from his arm in a wave that follows up toward his shoulder.

As the changes reach his chest, he sees the woman's eyes widen in shock, and by the time his head changes into that of a falcon, her mouth is open in wonder. The wound closes in it's wake within seconds leaving nothing more than a few drops of light blue blood where she had cut him. Evening Party. You have just reset all quests. The First Quest is set to start for your convenience. When Ra opens his eyes again, he finds himself laying in a tangle of limbs.

One hand gently caresses the inside of his thigh while a single person rains little kisses across the nape of his neck.

Before he can start looking for his loincloth, a young man steps before him, holding the item. Without a word, he fastens the garment around Ra's hips. A while later, Ra steps board of the Atet once more. He's barely entered the ship before he sees Hathor. Hathor watches it go, her expression content. She glances at Ra, then back at the cat, "I should make her feel welcome," She says, then follows the cat.

When finished, he towers over the guards around him in a form that is part feline, and part himself. His ears perk, listening for the worst of the fighting before moving off with a dancer's grace toward the battle.

Ra snatches the bloody sword of the dead man from the sandy ground and swings upward as he passes, opening the ghoul from the navel to the rib cage in one swipe, then pivoting to hamstring the beast with a second. Even so, Ra pushes his advantage, cutting at one while keeping an eye on the other. Then out of the corner of his eye he sees two more ghouls rapidly approaching. His sword bites deep into the creature's belly, though to Ra's surprise the monster barely flinches. Instead, it reaches for Ra, sending him on the defensive as he looses his grip on the sword and springs away.

And while one-on-one, the feline form could rival any of them, escaping a wall of towering ghoulflesh proves impossible. Lock all exterior hatches, NOW! Lock all interior portals! Somewhere deeper in the ship, something causes the entire ship to tremble slightly. He can't make out all of the details, but he can see massive claws, jagged teeth and twisted horns along it's long reptilian body.

Even as he watches, the thing shreds it's way through another bulkhead as it makes it's way inevitably toward Ra. Self destruct the moment our intruder breaches the bridge.

He can hear metal groan as the ship reorients itself toward the rift. The sound shrill enough that it makes his entire body ache. Protecting a people, even if everything I have done was ultimately futile.

The bulkheads visibly bending with the force of the blow. Atet Go Boom]]. The sun is high in the sky when Ra sighs, his eyes on the Nile in front of him while his thoughts wander between his lost home, his new home, and the woman beside him. He allows his gaze to drift over her features, following the contours of her face before trailing lower. If you are not old enough to view pornographic material or are easily offended, please leave now!

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Touching on a piece of human genetic code. The skin near his groin starts to lighten into a tanned shade common among the people who inhabit this region of the world, that color shading upward across his belly. There's a joyous wonder in her eyes as she reaches out to cup it, then strokes it delicately. Her eyes turn upward, meeting his eyes for a second before she Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) forward, taking the entirety of his genitalia in her mouth at once.

The whole while, one of her hands is between her own legs as she stimulates herself, the scent of her growing arousal filling the air. At the same time the schlicking sounds of her fingers playing with her sex.

Hathor only seems to redouble her efforts. Then, right before he cums, Hathor shudders with her own release, her cheeks hollowing Animalistic - Lick (2) - Heap (CD) she sucks harder.

With a little smile, Hathor parts her lips to show Ra's semen on her tongue, then she closes her mouth, swallows visibly, then opens her mouth to show that it is empty.

Steeling his resolve, Ra commits what little information the computer offers to memory. Then knowing that he is as ready as he will likely ever be, Ra forces his body to make a rapid change, his body contorting and twisting painfully as his skin ripples. Feathers burst from his skin as he extends his arms, arms that become wings in little more than a heartbeat.

His body compresses, shrinking so quickly that his feet momentarily leave the ground before gravity can pull him back to the deck beneath his feet. In doing so, his head turns half way around, finding Hathor standing behind him, looking at him with a sort of sadness in her eyes. Her gaze lingers on him, then flickers to the computer screen he had just been looking at.

When she returns her attention to him, she nods her head in understanding, "I shall await your return. If I am to die today, then I shall die fighting. Perhaps even if I fall, they will find a way to fight back. First Quest 1]]. Later that night, Ra still feels exhausted, emotionally drained more than physically as he sits across the small table from Amun.

Taking the glass, Ra sips at the heady fluid. Some ask, if you slay those you swear to protect to easily, how is it that you are any better than the other monsters. Looking down, Ra sees the cause of his problems. Blue-green blood flows around a dagger in his chest, Amun's fist curled tightly around it's handle, "I asked that question," Amun admits, twisting the dagger to open the wound further, "I laced your drink with every poison I know, and I will keep cutting until you are either dead, or you stop me," As if to emphasize his words, he withdraws the dagger and thrusts it in a second time, "I saw you slaying those monsters tonight, as fiercely as any God might slay their enemies.

Mere seconds from the ground, he spreads his wings wide and angles them to catch the air, his descent slowing with a thunderous sound as he approaches the ground, his taloned feet touching the ground right as he starts to change back into his natural form. The last of him to change is his face, blue green skin looking almost as if it is pushing outward as his beak seems to melt into the rest of his face. Opening his mouth, he works his jaw once before shifting his attention to his surroundings.

While the sands of Egypt stretch to the horizon in every direction, their colors ranging from white to gold, a bright swath of green cuts through the region in the form of the great river Nile.

His skin ripples as he shrinks, feathers bursting from his skin along his arms even as his face pulls forward to create a beak. The wave of feathers are starting down his legs by the time his body begins to contract.

Spreading wings, the bird takes flight as he takes to the skies. Less than a man's height off the ground he begins to change again, his body transforming much quicker this time as he assumes his natural form once more. My people do not sigh, yet the gesture feels natural to me. These people who's lives I have irrevocably changed? Or myself?

His eyes focus on the shapes, quickly coming to the realization that he is looking at cattle grazing. The cattle's owner seems to be inspecting a couple of the animals, then he calls out, using the staff in his hand to nudge them along toward their destination.

He barely takes another half dozen steps before two children burst from the bushes running and giggling. The second they see him they skid to a surprised halt. A moment later a third child crashes into the first two in his headlong rush to chase after his friends. It's not until he gestures away from the river that one of them moves. Then as if that first child running up the bank is the cue for the others, they quickly follow.

Ra's sigh comes out as an unintended growl. After a moment, when Ra doesn't reach for it, the dog hesitantly sniffs his fingers again, this time it's long tongue lolling out of it's mouth as he begins to lick Ra's fingertips.

His hearing is much better, but the scents, he can smell things that he's never smelled before. He doesn't even notice the loping gate of his movements as he moves through the city. Angry, Ra lashes out. All around them the crowd has fallen unnaturally silent. Simply releasing the dog's neck, he allows the animal to fall lifelessly to the ground at his feet.

Still angry at the animal for biting him, he allows his lips to curl back to reveal his canine teeth, a low menacing growl filling the air around him as he does so.

It makes another whimpering sound and this time it's bladder cuts loose as it makes a puddle beneath itself. When finished, he towers over the guards around him in a form that is part crocodile, and part himself. His massive head pivots, seeking out battle, then he starts toward the fighting with a lumbering gate, massive taloned feet pounding the sand with every step.

Ra snatches the ghoul with his bare hands, slamming the surprised creature into the ground once to disorient it, then shifting his grip to the ghouls legs, he rips it in two like a wishbone before casually discarding the dead and broken thing at his feet.

Many of the creatures turn their attention on Ra as he enters their midst. As half a dozen of the monstrous creatures attack him, Ra's roar can be heard from the mass of enemies, but while nearly any other form would have been torn to pieces, the natural armor of the crocodile protects him from all but the worst of their attacks. Some part of his mind worries that this might be the end as more and more of the ghoul's attacks get through his defenses.

None cutting deep, but every one weakening him just a little bit. Another attack gets through, cutting Ra deeply across the shoulder and neck. THe force of the blow is enough to stagger him, and as he sees the ghoul before him rising up to strike him down, a spear ruptures it's chest in a spray of blood that splatters Ra's face. But the last thing he sees before loosing his consciousness is Amun, standing on the back of the fallen ghoul in front of him and pulling his spear from it's back.

Drawing from the DNA of one of the many humans he has come in contact with, he allows a specific portion of that genetic code to manifest itself.

She lays back on the pile of pillows that fill the room. Her legs part as she pulls her garment above her waist, the glistening wet petals of her vagina parting to reveal the opening within. Using the fingers of one hand, she holds herself open, her other hand raising to beckon him forward. Her eyes widen slightly as he begins to push it gently inside.

It's not until nearly half of his length is in her that she releases the folds of her pussy and wraps her legs around his hips to pull him closer. When he starts to pull back to make his first thrust, she locks her legs around him and prevents him from withdrawing very far, then flexes to bring him back inside. With that in mind, he begins to fuck her with short but rapid thrusts.

The wetness of her sex leaves both of their crotches meeting makes loud slapping sounds that fill the air with a rapid yet steady rhythm. When he nearly reaches his peak, her body shudders and she pulls him tight against her body.

His human parts answering it's biological calling as he reaches his release. His cock throbs, spilling a thick stream of pearly white semen into her.

He can see a twinkle in her eye, perhaps mischief, perhaps pleasure, but he finds the look endearing regardless of the cause. Almost instantly, she straddles his chest, then leans forward until her lips touch his. He can see just a hint of his seed trickling down her thigh as she turns back toward him. They share a smile between them as he exits the room. The temples of the city are easy to spot. Most skirt the edges of the city, but others rise up from within the city itself, massive pillars stretching for the sky as if attempting to case everything around the temple in shadow.

Some temples have imposing walls, like a fortress in their own right. Every wall covered in carvings and painted hieroglyphics. Others are flanked by huge statues that seem to guard the entrances. Fully formed feathers sprout from his skin in a wave reminiscent of a breeze passing over a field of tall grass.

For just a few seconds he allows himself to be content before turning his attention to the temples. All across his body his skin begins to move, like something moving just beneath the surface. His hands touch the ground a bare moment after dark hair begins to sprout along his back. People, not knowing who he is, shout or jump out of the way as he barely slows among the dense population. It's not until he nears one of the many temples in the city that he begins to slow.

Several of the people around him gasp in awe or throw themselves to the ground submissively, but he pays them little mind. Black fur starts to spread across his arms and back. He falls to his hands and knees as his body elongates. The fur spreading across his body envelopes him, following his tail as it grows from his posterior. The pupils of his eyes narrowing to slits and the hair finally starts to spread across his face. The last thing to change is the long whiskers sprout from his upper lip and fan out.

The people pay him little attention in this form, he slips from place to place sometimes between shadows, other times darting between people. Only then does he move out of the crowd and allow his own DNA to reassert itself.

His teeth begin to sharpen as his face pulls forward into a mockery of itself, at the same time his eyes pull back to either side of his long toothy maw. Even the children who usually look at him in awe cower behind their parents. Masterfully carved statues in his likeness rise up to either side of the archway leading inside. The shine of the blue beads woven into their fishnet clothing sparkles in the sunlight. Many of them have lips painted bright red, and tattoos adorning their bodies.

But then again, until I adopted the genetic code of these people, I never felt any carnal need either. The newcomer's face is creased with a serious expression that nearly hides the surprise that flickers across his features. While his towering hat is easily a head taller than nearly everyone around him, he himself barely stands to the shoulders of all but the younger prostitutes gathered. Even though is he clearly a grown man, he is easily the shortest grown man of this race that Ra had ever met.

His hard eyes never leave Ra's. Those people quickly scurry off into the temple or vanishes into the milling throng filling the street for some unknown task. Please, allow my temple to honor you. The chill quickly becomes a surge of warmth as his body stores this man's genetic code.

But what really grabs his attention is the subject matter. A blue man, who can only be himself is standing beside a cow wearing Hathor's headdress. Ra half smiles, then continues on his way. This feeling is intoxicating. Even if I allow them to view me this way in order to save them, it still feels wrong. In a way, we're creating something new through the blending of our cultures and language.

All the while, people look upon him with awe and reverence. Even though the people around him look upon him with awe and reverence, there's a sense of him being a god made flesh rather than an unapproachable force of nature. His skin tingles, like it doesn't quite fit for a few seconds as he absorbs a new strand of DNA. His eyes dart downward, only to see a solid black cat brushing against his leg.

Bastet Cruel. Bastet Ignore. Bastet Kind. Everywhere he looks, he sees guards, however instead of bearing the colors of the city guard, they bear the colors of Amun, and his insignia upon their chests.

From the descriptions people give, it's clear they are speaking about ghouls. The guards smile, greeting people as they do their jobs. I might be the closes thing they ever encounter to a real God, but that that doesn't deter that arrogant man one bit.

Perhaps people like him can help lead this world. Can ensure this world has a future once I am gone. Seeming to grow stronger with every passing hour.

He samples some of the fruits, the dates he finds particularly pleasant as he allows the priests and priestesses to tell him about the state of the temple and other things they think are important to him. Surely one lie is a small price to pay in order to save this world? Tonight we shall feast and tomorrow we will begin to plan for what is to come," Ra's mood darkens slightly, not liking the situation he puts himself in but seeing no other solution.

His feet are barely off the ground, his arm only just starting to make a mighty swing at the monstrosity in front of him. As his fingers tighten, the flesh bulges between each finger, Ra's eyes bulging as he flails about trying to free himself.

Standing on the bridge of his humble ship, the Atet, Ra looks out over the scene before him. Where there was once a village is a rapidly growing city. Grand temples are being built for worship, and on the horizon he can see the great pyramids being constructed. Face them again? They'll be somewhere else, somewhere without a fresh supply of the dead if they are attacking people in the streets at night," Ra speaks absently, his mind racing for a solution to their current crisis.

Is Amun trying to lead me to the pyramid site on purpose? But I can not imagine him being an enemy. Inform the guard that I have need of them, every man they can spare must meet me at the pyramid site as the sun sets this evening. Deep in his chest comes a chill that threatens to consume him. His body trembles as he reaches out, pressing the button that triggers the display. Seven small areas of the map glow red. The computer begins to do it's work, trying to pinpoint the locations instead of just projecting the vague regions.

Her stoic expression hardening. You will defeat this evil and protect us," Her words hold complete certainty. Share your thoughts with me? Couple thousand miles North of where I am right now. Only a few minutes travel by the Atet.

I want to save them, and this is the easiest way to do so. If only I had so much faith in myself. For the next few minutes, Ra talks, checking, and sometimes double checking, that she knows everything that must be attended to in his absence. Once satisfied, he returns his attention to the holographic display, trying to discover what exactly he is up against.

In the second that follows, a cold dread settles over him. He's surprised at how steady his hand is when he reaches out to press the button. Before the console can flash a second time, Ra is already there, keying in the commands that will bring up the holographic display.

The dot is a angry deep red that seems to pulsate every few seconds. I'll be leaving soon. Make what plans you must and I will return as soon as I am able. Within he sees Hathor, dressed in robes so sheer that he can see through them, sprawled across piles of pillows and blankets of truly amazing craftsmanship. Or do you have some treasure to reveal to me? Speak of her people. Short and thin haman penis. Or do you finally wish to feel my touch?

He takes a deep breath to gather his thoughts before replying. Then his brow furrows when nothing happens, "Atet, enlarge the display. Likely due to natural body fluctuations, amount detected might have momentarily spiked. It's going to stop accepting commands from me very soon. Or rather the lower portion of the band of land connecting them. When she is seated, he points at the red light on the display, "Tell the Atet where you wish to go. He can see piles of soft looking pillows and blankets, but there is no sign of Hathor.

Occasionally he stops, pressing a few buttons on a keypad associated with one piece of equipment or another. After deciding he is pleased by the adjustments, he continues his rounds as he checks, and double checks, the vital systems of his ship. She doesn't even slow down until she bumps against his leg, arching her back as she rubs against him. It opens its eyes lazily to look at him, stretches, then curls back up as it closes it's eyes once more. His attention however is quickly drawn to the bright string of flowers woven together and draped over one of the consoles.

First Quest Begin. Second Quest Begin. Third Quest Begin. Fourth Quest Begin. Once you start this quest, you will not be able to return to Egypt again. If you have anything more you wish to accomplish in Egypt, you should do so before starting the final quest. Letting his lip curl in distaste, he half pushes, half kicks the cat away from himself.

The hairs stand on it's back as it bears it's teeth in a raspy hiss. Black fur crawls across his skin. Whiskers begin to form on what is becoming a short snout while the darks of his eyes pull into narrow slits while the surrounding orbs become a deep shade of gold. His feet start to become paws but he forces his hands to maintain most of their humanoid appearance, only becoming furred and clawed.

The hiss that fills the air is far louder than that of the cat. His hearing is more acute than he's experienced before. Every sound seeming amplified. With his feline eyes, every dark shadow seems brighter than he's used to. Stepping into a cool room, Amun turns toward Ra. He opens his mouth to speak, but Ra talks first, "These are trying times, and you letting your temple guards patrol the temple district is both a brave and noble act.

A good leader earns the trust of those around him, and this kind of act is why so many look to you. It only lasts for a second before he recovers.

With a little bow, he gestures for Ra to sit, then sprawls himself across a pile of pillows, "These things that plague the city, they are ghouls? How do we stop them? They have been run out of the cemetery, and the fact that they are trying to capture the living means wherever they are hiding now does not have such a supply of corpses. Reaching out, he knocks several items off of a nearby table, sending a platter of fruits clattering to the floor, "You have no idea what is coming, and you have a troubling lack of respect for someone who is trying to stop these dark gods.

The enemy within? Before Amun is able to fully turn to address Ra, Ra is already speaking, "What exactly do you think you're doing? The temple district is not your personal playground. Let the city guards do what they must, and keep your people out of the way. You have your people everywhere, this temple is yours, this city is not," Ra's anger burns bright as he speaks, and deep down he wonders how much of that anger stems from his own failings and the corruption coursing through his veins.

This city is as much mine as this temple is," He jabs his finger into Ra's chest. You come among us in a time of peace, claiming evil is coming, evil that seems to have followed you to us," Much of the fire seems to go out of Amun as he steps back, "Ask yourself, who is the real enemy here? The monsters, or the one who brought them?

Reaching out, he knocks several items off of a nearby table, sending a platter of fruits clattering to the floor, "You have no idea what is coming, how long they have been preparing for this, and you have a troubling lack of respect for someone who is trying to stop these dark gods. Very slowly, very carefully, Ra begins to move along the ground, half crawling, half dragging himself away from the water.

Come to the water's edge. We can save you, you can save us. He almost doesn't hear the Bukavac rising from the water's behind him. Ra struggles, arms grasping at the powerful tail, though it seems to have no effect. The voices from the water seem ever closer, cooing, encouraging him as he begins to loose consciousness. Ra stands at Atet's bridge, one hand above a control console as he looks out the view screen.

One of her hands clasps his own, her fingers interlacing with his, and she leans lightly against his side as she has grown fond of doing. She is smart, and full of life. Yet she has never been so forward with me again. I wonder if she still thinks of that night? And there was also that time Dale mistook him for an intruder and whacked him in the face. Also, while he found some minor success being a children's entertainer, "Redcorn Gambles With His Future" shattered his dreams of becoming a famous rockstar and losing his Native American casino after investing thousands of dollars on it.

While these unfortunate events may not be directly connected to his prior sins, it does go to show that not everything goes his way. Kahn took a big risk showing Hank the top secret project he was working on and specifically told Hank to never tell anyone. Hank immediately told Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer and after Bill blabbed about it at work, Kahn was fired for treason.

The only way he was able to get another job was to take one in Houston, three hours away. Hank blamed it on Kahn being an asshole, despite the fact that he was the one went back on his word and got Kahn fired in the first place. The only punishment Hank got was a What the Hell, Hero? In Kahn's case, he did it purposefully to brag about his new promotion by luring Hank to his workplace under the pretense that they needed propane, then after showing off everything he did, revealed they actually had no need for propane at all.

Buck has gotten away with illegal activities several times. He's bet branches of his company and employees on poker games. He refused to pay child support for his illegitimate son Ray-Roy, and freely admitted that he would've planted evidence that Hank murdered Debbie Grund in front of a Texas Ranger and still gets off scot-free.

The reason Hank works for him in spite of all this is that he believes somewhere deep down inside him, is the amazing businessman he used to be. The only time karma ever really hit this man is when his emus attacked him in a parking lot since he was trying to have them killed to commit insurance fraud.

In "Junkie Business", instead of hiring the incredibly well-qualified and knowledgeable Maria Montalvo for the new Accessories Associate position at Strickland Propane, Hank hires Leon Petard, who later turns out to be a drug addict. While Anthony Page later giving Leon free run can be seen as Laser-Guided KarmaHank committed two various obvious forms of discrimination as not only did he refuse to hire a woman but he asked her about her religious belief despite knowing it was illegal. At least they're shown hiring her at the end.

Basically, Hank punishes Bobby for seeing him and his girlfriend do suggestive dance moves at a concert by literally stripping his room clean of everything except his bed, and when he leaves, he says something along the lines of: "Okay have fun! Not to mention the fact that he forces Bobby to cut off all ties he has with his friends. Nobody bothers to call Hank out on his overreaction, not even Peggy says anything, and this episode had her portrayed as smarter than she normally was Post-Flanderization.

The hijackers from the Grand Finale were never caught. Though Bobby's team acted like general jackasses, the opposite team went a little too far. The three terrorists in "The Accidental Terrorist" never got caught after bombing the car dealership and leaving Hank to take the blame.

In "Bad News Bill", Bobby's new Little League coach tries an over-enthusiastic approach to encourage Bobby to do well in baseball and makes Hank look like a horrible dad for "giving up on Bobby" when he really was just being realistic, not wanting Bobby to feel disappointed if things go bad instead of giving him false hope. Nobody calls out the coach on his attitude towards Hank, even when his techniques eventually fail to help Bobby and only humiliate him, though Peggy says Hank knows what is best for his son.

In the same episode Bill is given a position of authority and rubs it in Hank's face. He refuses to let Hank watch Bobby play without doing meaningless tasks, where he has to deal with hostile people who call him a bad father. Hank is eventually banned from watching Bobby play and Bill remains in his position. The only consequence Bill receives is Dale and Boomhauer agreeing with Hank that Bill is in the wrong and running off after Hank has enough of his attitude and threatens to kick his ass.

Kayfabe : In "Glen Peggy Glen Ross", when Peggy starts working for Sizemore Realty, she learns that Chris Sizemore has his employees do things like pretend to be married in order to improve their sales.

Near the end of the episode, Peggy impresses him by having Connie pose as her adopted daughter. Since he was hired by the owner, his boss can only "promote" him to men's room attendant. Kissing Cousins : Played with. Hank and Peggy punish Luanne and Bobby by making them think they have to get married since Bobby messed Luanne's birth control pills, telling him that he caused her to get pregnant, note She wasn't having sex at the time, she was just using them for her complexion.

Of course, Kahn isn't surprised by the "hillbilly cousin wedding": Mihn, it's finally happened! Hillbilly neighbor marry trailer trash cousin! You owe me five dollars! In your face! Hank: My friend is erm, er Nurse who Weissman had insulted earlier : I don't hear a thing. And I have to watch those two, Cotton and Stupid, with their beautiful new baby that they don't even want!

Hank: So are you Chinese or Japanese? Kahn : I live in California last twenty year, but, uhfirst come from Laos. Hank : Huh? Kahn: Laos. We're Laotian. Bill: The ocean? What ocean? Kahn: We are Laotian! From Laos, stupid! It's a landlocked country in southeast Asia. It's between Vietnam and Thailand, okay? Population 4. Suddenly jump to an extreme closeup of Mr. Giggles' face, complete with Scare Chord. Bobby gasps and immediately backs off.

Judge: No es culpaldo Not guilty. Peggy: Oh God, I'm going to jail!!! Hank: No! That's going too far. I cannot accommodate that. I won't! Anthony: It's not up to you, Hank! It's up to Hank!

This man is not your slave! You don't get to name him! Hank: What's wrong, Connie? Connie: Um Hill, I just got my first period. Hank: You know, Kahn, we may deny our kids completely different desserts, but they both go to bed hungry, and that's what really matters. Earl: Twenty minutes ago, we were talking about ordering a pizza.

What happened here?! Anthony : Mr. Hill, you are out of control! Hank : You're outta control, twiggy! Hank: Yep. Bill: Yep. Boomhauer: Mm-hmm. Dale: Yep. Sharona : Well you are going to fail the hair dye test and flunk out of beauty school, and you'll have to work at the mall at the pretzel place, and we'll all be famous hairdressers and we'll be on the third floor of the mall working on the people's hair who eat pretzels at the pretzel place.

All feature visuals on par with the rest of the show. Somewhat played straight in that the show suggests two guys in their early twenties are able to create an entire 3D open world sandbox game with multiplayer, sounds, voice acting, etc.

Even a mod would take significantly more time than that. When Bobby pretends to be playing a game to throw his family off the trail by mashing buttons randomly Justified, however; one can spot that the D-pad and the buttons were swapped.

Panty Shot : Luann in "Luann Virgin 2. And let's not even consider Peggy, who simply goes overboard with this. Note that his reasons probably have absolutely nothing to do with race, his dislike of the Hills, or even Chane himself; and everything to do with Chane's father Ted, who Kahn utterly worships and will shamelessly brownnose at every available opportunity.

Kahn probably figures that if he can get Chane and Connie together, it will get him closer to Ted. Funnily enough, his wife Minh reveals Kahn himself was not her own father's first choice of husband material for her, so this apparently is a running trend in their family. People's Republic of Tyranny : What Laos is correctly portrayed as. Perfectly Cromulent Word : Dale: Objection: conjecture. Hank: Bwaaah! Put some pants on, Luanne! Police officer: You scratched the bumper sticker from my daughter's school, jackass!

Dale: Step on it, Bill! I don't know which way it's comin' out, but it's comin' out! I have a three-line phone and absolutely nothing at all to do with my time!

Dale: smugly That's what they want you to think. Arson Investigator: Matter-of-factly Sir, we are 'they'. Dale jumps back in shock and fear, then runs away. Hank : Hello. Hank : We're here to remind you to register to vote.

So go ahead, fill out your registration card, and you'll be eligible to win these valuable prizes: Freedom, civic pride, and a brand-new president. Boomhauer : Y'all listen up, man. This is Boomhauer. This is your lungs on air. This is your lungs on smoke. See the difference, man? It'll stunt your growth all over. End up in a dang old hospital bed like Morton Downey Jr. Y'all talk about oral gratification. All that dang, it's gonna give you a low sperm count, man.

Give you ear hair, yo. It just ain't no good. Hank : Hello, I'm Hank Hill. Roger : And I'm Roger Sack. Tonight's episode dealt with racial stereotypes, especially the myth that white people do not have butts. As you can see from the man standin' next to me, that's simply not true.

Hank : Thank you, Roger. Roger : It's a damn fine butt. Hank : uncomfortable Oh, yeah, thank you. Roger : That butt is the bomb! Clogged toilets are a serious issue that affects everyone. I'd like to take a moment to give you a few pointers on proper toilet usage so what happened in this episode won't happen to you.

First off, items like cotton swabs, chewing gum, cigarettes, and, uh, lady things should not be flushed. The basic rule is, never flush anything down a toilet that doesn't come directly, uh, from you. For tougher clogs, purchase a snake at a local hardware store, or consult your local yellow pages for a certified plumber in your area.

If it's a father and son company, request the father. And finally, I want you to know that no pipes were actually damaged in the making of this episode. Thank you. Judy Harper: "The complacency of fools will destroy them. Hank: "Get out of my house!

Peggy: There's an expression I once heard, it goes something like "Two's company, three's a crowd. Peggy: Oh, Nancy, wait! He married his daughter! Bobby: Gah! I am a twelve year old boy! I am the child's nephew! I cannot do this.

Disgusteen, La Piragua - Los Diplomaticos* - Cumbias... Y Mas Cumbias (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rahasia Diri - Betharia Sonata, Ireng Maulana - Kata Dia Cuma Daku (Cassette, Album), Dangerous, Hold My Hand - Various - MTV Unplugged Superstars (DVD), The Very Thought Of You - The Zoot Sims Four* - The Innocent Years (Vinyl, LP, Album), Motor Junkie - Various - Plastic Bomb #17 (CD), Aint She Sweet - Erroll Garner - After Midnight (Vinyl, LP, Album), Skyhooks - Guilty Until Proven Insane (CD, Album), Sarabande From Violin Sonata In B Minor - Al Di Meola - Land Of The Midnight Sun (CD, Album), Rehab - Curt Crackrach - Lonely Holiday (Vinyl, LP), Count Down - Julio Barreto Cuban Quartet - Iyabo (CD, Album), Villancico Del Final - El Mató a un Policía Motorizado - Navidad De Reserva (CD), Da Feelin - Dizzee Rascal - Math + English (CD, Album)