Elias - School Of Seven Bells - SVIIB (Vinyl, LP, Album)


MyHeartSttoodStill 6. Formed in in Chicago, Illinois, the self-described "rock and roll band with horns", Chicago Transit Authority began as a politically charged, sometimes experimental, rock band, but moved to a predominantly softer sound, generating several hit ballads after shortening their name and the group had a steady stream of hits throughout the s and s.

Chicago sold over one million copies of their first byand it was awarded a platinum disc. When the actual Chicago Transit Authority entered legal proceedings, soon after the album came out, the band's name was shortened to Chicago. Track Listing. One of the finest American songwriters and folk artists of all time, John Prine was the new kid on the block inand at the time the two radio broadcasts included on this CD were recorded, he had yet to release his first album.

This session remains a dynamic piece of history in the John Prince archive as it not only illustrates quite what a natural and consummate performer the man was when simply strumming an acoustic guitar at a time when he had only been performing for a number of months, but also how the man's songs were destined to become instant classics once distributed to a wider audience. For additional artist information please contact Matt Goforth matt.

Ricky Skaggs had been a member of Emmylou's Hot Band since having replaced Rodney Crowell, and his skills on mandolin and banjo brought a further traditional edge to the group's sound. His input to this performance is, as will become obvious to the listener, pivotal.

Previously only released in a very abridged format, this complete show in its full glory featuring all the music and all the talk is finally available on this CD for the first time, and is certain to prove an essential addition to the libraries of Emmylou fans everywhere. Time Has Come. It's not just the title of Ben Poole's new studio album but also the consensus of the press, punters and star players who have caught this British gunslinger on his rise from hot-tip to headline act.

Ben has moved fast since he burst out of the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music onto the post-millennial scene. We've had the breakthrough debut album 's Let's Go Upstairs. Now, Time Has Come fuses both sides of Ben's musical personality, capturing the gritty velocity of his shows in a studio context. In an age of sterile, computer-driven productions, Time Has Come is an album that lives and breathes.

Recorded at Nottinghamshire's Superfly Studios in latethe sessions found Ben's core band tracking nose-to-nose in the live room, with producer Wayne Proctor and engineer Andy Banfield catching the sparks, and an anything-goes ethos spurring the collective to new heights. Given Ben's reputation, you'll come expecting guitar fireworks, and won't be disappointed, from the wah-soaked opener Lying To Me, through the nimble rock n roll picking of Stay At Mine, to the impulsive call-and-response outro solo of I Think I Love You Too Much.

Add to this wonderful backing vocals by Stevie Nimmo and you have a real quality album. Guns N Roses' Appetite for Destruction Tour, performed across four continents to promote the band's debut album released in Julywas undertaken over a month period during which the group served as opening act for The Cult, Mtley Cre, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith, as well as headline shows of their own. Performed while promoting his Zoot Allures album, Frank had taken to the road with a band that can only be regarded as an allstar line up.

Bassist Patrick O'Hearn and drummer Terry Bozzio would later spearhead the alternative act, Missing Persons, with Bozzio's wife Dale; and keyboardist Peter Wolf eventually became one of the most successful producers of the s, scoring chart hits for Starship, Lou Gramm, Big Country, and many others.

This CD contains the entire show recorded that night for broadcast. A dynamic and powerful performance that, for a band who had played almost every night for the best part of a year and a half, is quite a staggering achievement and remains testament to the early promise of Guns N Roses.

It is just a shame, albeit an understandable one, that Guns N Roses would never recapture the magic that was witnessed on this legendary tour. Zappa is eager to show off the excellent musicianship of the band, allowing each member to excel and letting different players share the lead vocals. On "City of Tiny Lites," he showcases Bozzio and Wolf, whose fills and runs provide an appropriate backdrop to Zappa and Belew's sweet guitar licks.

The songs collected here are beautiful, poetic, lyrical, full of interesting characters from all walks of life, offering an insight into a truly great songwriter. If the language barrier might seem unsurpassable to some, this shouldnt really be a concern; the passionate, emotional voice of Jacques Brel is enough at times to give clear meaning and intent that overcomes any language obstacles. Paul Anka not only became an international star at the tender age of 16, he was also writing most of the songs that were bringing him such phenomenal acclaim.

This collection brings together all the early hits, when the young songwriter was so eloquently able to express the hopes, fears, joy, and frustration of what it is to be a teenager. The band's first single was the captivatingly up-tempo and lyrically-obscure, Radio Free Europe, released in Other early songs in this set were also destined to remain unreleased - notably Just a Touch and the dynamic instrumental White Tornado.

This CD features the full show Carl and band performed at the Bottom Line on 13th Aprila performance recorded for live broadcast across the greater New York area. Featuring all eight tracks from the Carl Wilson album plus a gorgeous rendition of 'Long Promised Road' from Surfs Up, a rousing cover of Sam and Dave's 'I Thank You,' and a couple of numbers featuring Myrna Smith on lead vocals - for the remainder of the show and indeed on the album, Myrna handled BVs - which curiously were both covers of Pat Benatar songs.

Wilson went on to release a second solo album, Youngblood, inbut by then he had also rejoined the Beach Boys. Featuring seven of the album's ten tunes, plus another three from his eponymous record, this remarkable show, broadcast around the local vicinity by local FM Radio, shows the artist at his most profound best at a time when North America was finally ready for something outside of the traditional s musical fare.

Maniacs' appearance at the Greek Theatre, L. TheStru umbellasarebuildingamajorsto orywithHope,aanalbumjampaackedwithmem morable,radioreeadysongsfromtoptobottom. Foraddition nalartistinformaationpleasecon ntactKatieThorn ntonatorKatie.

TThornton umussic. TrackList: 1. Money 5. Keep Living L. The first sin ngle Day Stealer, which prem miered last wee ek via Stereog gum, is now available to listen n to and share on Record Soundc cloud. Recorde ed at Bomb Sh helter Studio wiith Andrija Tokic Alabama Sh hakes, Natural Childthe ele even newly minted tracks on W Wake Up Laughin ng, showcase the t bands knac ck for writing ca atchy, surprisin ng, high-energyy songs that make their influe ences as vast a as they are difficult to pin down.

Their T songwritin ng echoes theirr constant ques st for discoveryy and reinventio on, while alwayys remaining tru ue to themselv ves. Wake Up ng is what you want to listen to t when youre filled with ques stions, an albu m so empowerring and flawle essly sequence ed that its Laughin impossiible to listen to just one song. It is Music Bands profound respect r for eacch other and fo or those who ca ame before the em as they toe the t line betw ween light and dark, which ke eeps them hurttling forward intto the great de elights of the un nknown.

Placeboisoneofth hedefiningaltternativerockkbandsofthe epast20yeaars,with12m millionalbumsssoldtodateworldwide. Thebaandsselftitle eddebutalbumhelpedpavvethewayfo orastrongsh iftinBritishm music,actingasanantitheesistoBritpop p andinsspiringagene erationofban ndstofollowthem. Placeb bowentontooclaimtheirp placeinBritisshmusichisto orywithfivettop tenalb bumsintheU UK.

AllThe eWay 2. HighHopes oMe, 3. TalkTo 4. FrenchForeignLegion 5. ToLove eAndBeLoved 6. W Witchcraft 8. Ol 'Macdonald A AllMyTomorrows Posted up by Shane on I talked to lead singer Matthew Molarius this morning who was starting to sound pumped up about the show tonight at the Royal Oak Music Theatre where they are opening up for Killers frontman Brandon Flowers.

From that connection, Brandon heard about Transfer and invited them to tour with him through Europe and the US. The best part he states is the building anticipation of the audiences in Europe. These kids waiting would be for hours for the show to start and just flip out when the show starts. Now that Europe is done, they are here in the US. He formed a friendship with fellow band mate Jason Cardenas and talked about swapping music. Both groups of parents were rock fans and they followed similar paths as seen by Jason trading Led Zeppelin albums to Matt who would give him Pink Floyd in return.

In 7th grade, these kids had good taste in music which is something that they seem to emulate. However, songwriters need to learn a few things, esp that when you record something it is forever. When he learned that, he also learned to take a little more time respecting the craft and take your time.

He feels that this has come together after meeting up Shaun who besides playing bass, also does piano and produces which helps get there sound together. Transfer is the first really serious attempt and putting out music and Matt admits, so far it has been a good run with the new songs and the tour of Europe with Brandon. The band has a single out which can be found online. He says it is just an introduction and their plan is to just work it and hopefully either release more singles or a full album.

They are also planning on going back to England in Feb. If that works out, they will be opening for the Bravery. In the meantime, he is just focused on the show tonight and meeting the audiences in this part of the country. This is his first time out this way, so you can see him before your friends do. Elysium Nightclub, Detroit. Touring together with Gaiser, the Team will pass through 9 cities in Canada and North America, for this two week event. Elysium Lounge. Turner Hall Ballroom.

Mansion Miami. We made our pals at Vagrant Records feel so bad about School of Seven Bells skipping Detroit on tour with Interpol that we made them offer up some free white vinyl records to giveaway. Pick up a copy of the latest record here. Trance legend Paul Oakenfold rocked the house at the Fillmore this weekend. I was looking at the concert schedule and with the exception of Friday, it gets pretty sparse this time of year. Good luck versus New England this week though they are looking tough.

At least you will have Kid Rock for your halftime entertainment. Did you know that Kid Rock and I share the same birthday? It is nice seeing familiar Detroit settings and trying to figure out where certain episodes are shot. It was even cool seeing a guy that worked with me on the Census appearing as a cop on one episode I think it was episode 5 and he even had one line of dialogue! Lastly, here are a couple more photos to share from the Concours.

I hope everyone has a great Thansgiving! Go Lions! Ultimately we hope that pop up Detroit will enhance the arts and culture of the city. During Noel Night December 4th Grand Rapids Prog band Dendura will be opening for Epica, Scar Symmetry and 3 other national touring acts the day after thanksgiving at Blondies Detroit. Sam Adams just released is his latest mixtape, Party Records, and is now available for free download.

Trekking through the Midwest, The Cult finally arrived in Detroit. Ian and fellow Cultists delivered their ass kicking rock and the fans put it in their pipes and smoked it.

Oh, and they smoked Cannabis too. I had an hour to spare before The Cult show tonight, so I trucked down to Campus Martius for the tree lighting ceremony. It was chilly, but well worth the jaunt. Besides, MCB is hardcore. Detroit Derby Girls Season Opener. Retrieved November 19, Cox, Jamieson February 23, The Verge. Gallacher, Alex January 16, Long, Siobhan February 25, The Irish Times. Akomanyi, Sarah December 17, Highlight Magazine. Rys, Dan January 15, Munro, Scott December 1, Thorley, Andy February 25, Maximum Volume Music.

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April 8, Retrieved December 22, What a voice. This song, from that EP, has a very contemporary groove, and a super vocal. Guardian pop critic Alexis Petridis wrote a piece about a deep house duo from I am a big fan of house music, so it was great to hear eight songs I had never heard before, each as good as the other. In a Vision leapt out, but next fortnight it could be another.

Perfect music to work to, and sounds outstanding even in this Protools era. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has shaped the new album of his Kentucky frie n ds, the lead single from which is this, an addictive ditty that sounds like a Black Keys offcut. Her USP is her love of alpacas, but her voice is pretty enough on its own. One of these performers was a girl with an acoustic guitar and a sweet voice named Louisa Rose Allen.

In she was the musical performer at a TV recording I attended, promoting her first album. Then comes some slide guitar and a chantalong of the title; sounds like a hit, or an A-listed track on BBC 6Music. Selected by Chris Imlach for the Sound of podcast, this is a super tune with multi-tracked vocals, a fun riff and the recurrence of the title throughout the chorus. Vampire Weekend fans will be sated, as will fans of Mika whose Radio 2 show over New Year was terrific and is still iPlayerable.

In brief, this is a song that bops and shimmies and will please fans of musical theatre. Some of the chords are Cole Porter-inspired, while I can imagine the lead witch in Wicked singing this in her warm-ups.

Only after a few listens did I notice that the verse is in the key of G, while the chorus is in F, a real Porter-type chord shift that merits my applause!

Another one of these young men doing good things with country music, this song chugs along like a country-rock song from Bizarre, waking up at 6 and then following breaking cultural news even before it was confirmed. This is the track which had clues in its first verse that Bowie was not long for the world.

Read my piece on Bowie, written as I was listening to BBC 6music prove it should never have been earmarked for closure, on the site. She started the year playing the Ryman Auditorium in her home town of Nashville, after the massive success of album Untamed.

Make it a hit!! Julius, who just turned 86, was born in Brooklyn and was infamously sacked live on air from his job as a singer on the popular Arthur Godrey show; Gambo pointed us towards the Youtube clip of it, where Julius talks of his tyrannical and jealous boss, defying him by getting himself an agent.

Arthur Godfrey is dead; Julius La Rose is alive!! Guitars are dead etc, but some kids still know how to rock. Vant have built a big following through lots of live gigs inand sees them play a sold out London show under the NME tour banner. Fans of bands like Sloan and The Cars will find stuff to love here, the best of the four tracks put out so far. Last year I wrote a long piece on Acolytes of McCartney, singers who write melodic rock songs in the manner of Macca.

One of these men is Andy Sturmer, who was a quarter of the band Jellyfish. In summer their two records, Bellybutton and Spilt Milkwere reissued on CD, and I spent happy hours embracing the powerful pop and marvellous arrangements. This song, from Spilt Milkis structured sublimely, with soft bits, Beach Boys-y harmonies and a guitar-led instrumental break. Hopelessly uncommercial inthis is music made to last, and sounds so fantastic through my new earphones.

Tapestry remains a touchstone for young especially female songwriters, but her uptempo tunes, many showcased in the Broadway and West End musical Beautifulare the sound of Young America. But fortunately RCA has made her album available on European streaming services so it was high time to investigate. This tune is what Lana Del Ray sounds like with a bit of gristle. I wrote at length about Elle for the site; take a looksee as you listen.

What a confection! The Waitress is a Broadway show based on a movie I never saw, but seems topical because baking is recession-proof! This tops the Twenty, and is good enough to top the next! Some fans shiver while branded, having spent money on Watford-monogrammed windbreakers. I spent forty minutes hopping seats, after ensuring I bought one ninety minutes before the game. Fans queue up as I go in, because away fans have been given the entire stand, rather than just a third of it.

Proudly terrestrial broadcasting still holds the rights to the Cup, now sponsored by a well-known airline that services the Middle East. And the Conference, now called the National League. Eastleigh, the giants of non-league football, almost beat Bolton, the financial strugglers of the second tier. The goal of the round was the third of the round, Lee Holmes scoring from a corner and providing a meme for fans of Everton and beyond.

I think it mattered that Mitrovic looked like a Serbian version of Nicolas Anelka, diving and sulking and missing and moaning, and that the wingers Thauvin and Ayoze looked very bullyable. The game was chess. Often Deeney pointed to where he wanted the ball but I could remember no attack of note in the first 43 minutes from the home side, who defended expertly.

As ever, Heurelho Gomes palmed and swatted everything away, two decent shots right at his throat. Then a blessing: bad defending.

Moussa Sissoko looked pacey and excellent; Ayoze Perez has scored some goals this season and missed a big chance in the first half that sometimes would have gone in; Mitrovic did well to last ninety minutes, at one stage being talked to with Wijnaldum present for half a minute. Their fans, straining to see the other end of the pitch, were already thinking of the schlep back up to Toon. Siem de Jong, injured for most of his Newcastle career, came on too late to make a difference.

Remember that? It was only a few seasons ago. Papiss Cisse or Demba Ba kept scoring, fed great through balls by Cabaye. Tiote who played against Watford and Coloccini broke up the play, while Tim Krul was dominant in the penalty area. What Newcastle need is a new Geordie hero, not quite a Messiah but someone who can galvanise them. Other young players are there and thereabouts: Adam Armstrong, who made his first-team debut at 17, is a local lad out on loan, going great guns at Coventry, while Rolando Aarons had enough potential to play as a teenager for the first team.

Still only 20, he has played for an England Under side managed by former Watford gaffer Aidy Boothroyd. With Cisse struggling and Mitrovic off the pitch more than on it, it would be super if McClaren would pick Aarons or Armstrong. Maybe next year Armstrong can lead the line; perhaps he would have finished one or two of the chances against Watford; his loan finishes on 16 January, but Coventry are going for promotion, having been upset in the first round of the FA Cup by struggling Northampton, with whom they recently had to share grounds.

Their midfield now contains Joe Cole and Stephen Hunt, both former internationals, and they are back in the Ricoh Arena, doing the man whose statue stands outside the ground, the late Jimmy Hill, proud. Coventry should not be in the third tier, just as Newcastle should not be in the second tier. I remember Craig Cathcart, then on loan from Manchester United, hitting a Wijnaldum-type back-pass which led to their first goal, and I remember seeing half an hour of young Andrew Carroll.

Cathcart is a better player now, despite his slip against Tottenham that led to their first goal. With either Britos or Proedl beside him, the defence is sturdy, especially at home. Nottingham Forest will be a stern test. Perhaps former Hornet Henri Lansbury will play; Forest can do with a good cup run to go alongside their decent league form.

I remember hearing Space Oddity for the first time, with its handclaps and weirdness. It was the first Bowie tune I heard in a post-Bowie world. A major character passes away while Neil and Buzz are extraterrestrial. Many obituaries will be written and many heads will talk, so go to them to learn why Bowie was an iconoclast. Not Bowie! Having spent the s his late-twenties and early-thirties as one of the most fantastic live draws in rock, before succumbing to addiction and heading to Germany to recover, Bowie also seemed to have been a family man.

Happily married for 23 years to his second wife, the model Iman, he fathered her child Alexandria, half-sister to Duncan formerly Zowie Jones, child of Bowie and his first wife Angie.

The director of the films Moon and Source Code has always been asked questions about his dad, which will be more poignant in the promotion of Warcraft. Peter Doggett wrote a version of the Beatle-commentary book Revolution in the Head which made this fact irrefutable.

Grab or borrow a copy of a song-by-song breakdown of Bowie at his pomp. Among all the tributes, the music should come first.

Alternative music holds Bowie in high esteem, for reasons that bands will make clear in the following few weeks: shape-shifting, chameleonic, concerned with the visual as well as the audial. So many musicians have crossed paths with Bowie in the fifty years of his career, and from many genres.

Buxton was content with this. The internet is a great place LP its users rally together for a common good. People will recall seeing him in concert, meeting him for interview, laying down tracks behind him. The same people who reviewed Blackstar will now be giving orations and obituaries. Amid a lot of great pop and rock, I found his voice fascinating. Many millions will feel the same. Then he is at a desk, writing something a will? When a rock star dies, history is rewritten, but even in his lifetime, and thanks to taking an early retirement, David Bowie became a paragon of what it was to be a rock star.

His influence will last until the last drop of glitter is spent in the world. The door opens, and in walks Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane. Wayne has some time between a commercial engagement for adidas and picking up his kids from school. Harry has had this in the diary for months, which is why his form in was so good. Only England call-ups can join the Book Club. Two minutes later, and with massive headphones in his hand, Rio Ferdinand enters.

His book 2Sides is the first book for discussion in the group. Roy: Gentlemen thank you all for coming. We had apologies from Daniel Sturridge, who is unwell, and Raheem Sterling, who has to see schools for his kids.

In their place, Harry Kane has been kind enough to come by. Gary: Can I just add my thanks for your appearance, Harry. Roy: Yes, gents, thanks for hosting this inaugural Book Club. Rio: Shut up!! Roy: Hashtag, Two Sides. Rio, would you like to make some opening remarks about why you chose to write the memoir now.

Rio: Classic bantz, Wazza! Rio: I knew I had some time on my hands, especially in a World Cup year. So I sat down with David Winner and we wrote it together. Harry: I think his ability to read the movements of strikers came about because he was a striker in the youth team days.

Rio: It was bare long!! Kids I played with who checked out birds are now working on building sites. I was playing and I had to get a train to get to training. No disrespect to Harry Kane but kids these days are ferried to and from training by car. Harry: Wow, I got mentioned! None taken. I bought my chauffeur a trip to Dubai for the holidays.

Money was never an issue. I just wanted my teammates and the fans and the coaches to respect me. Gary: You and Keano had my respect at all times. Remember when I stood by you when the FA wanted to ban you? Rio: Anyway, the crowds were intense everywhere. At least for me! Rio: Precisely right, my dear Harry. Some of the players, Gary, it was just a privilege.

Gary: I think Ronaldo chopped two years off my career. I had to mark him in training and Wayne would just point and laugh. Rio: True, off the pitch too. He would fly in a chef to make his food. He had his own pool. You would just smash them all the time…. Rio: Only cos Sven told him to!

Rio: It was so bad, almost the worst day of my life. My mum was stressed, bullets came through her door. Roy, you wanted me back in when my back was sorted! You fessed up on the tube, man! Roy: I was getting enough stick for thinking about recalling John, but the other coaches and almost every journalist wanted me to move on, to play Gary and Phil.

Gary: Our squad needs to be full of characters, and players quick enough to catch Bale and Ronaldo and that lot. Rio: Sounds like a hit, Harry. What about the influence pros can have? As kids we always ignored racism. We never brought it up cos we just wanted to play with older, better players. Rio: Down in Peckham we were all decent lads, but the kids today are off the streets in the academies, doing work with the community, teaching little ones. Different world down there.

Rio: Only nutters have machetes. The problems are at home. Anyway, I wish Twitter was around when I was a kid. Rio: Banter, boss. Rio: Yeah, sweets, man. Pasta before the game, sweets after. Rio: I got a better idea, boss: bring in Glenn Hoddle. Forget what the suits say, he is a legend.

He could trap a ball from thin air, he was that good. Then he talked about his beliefs. Rio: Sir Alex? He just wanted you to prove you were good enough.

Does the boss do it with you, Wayne? Wayne: No, my older uncle, boss! Rio: Keep the kids close, mate. I used to have a guy to book holidays, one for property, one for investments…Then I almost got into gambling debts.

He was at Watford but got into problems with lifestyle. Gary: Best feeling in the world. They should come to Salford City! They can get on the bench!! Each fortnight Blastocyst. Two other songs hold steady in the Twenty, but can the King topple King? Scroll down to find out below, and find a widget at the bottom of the page to listen to the songs as you read. Nashville and country music makes many appearances in this Twenty, but here is something from Nashvillethe TV show.

Will Lexington is the heart-throb who unhappily finds himself as a gay man on campus. The man who plays him is also starting a career in the genre, writing sweet songs like this, which has a very adult-rock chorus full of yearning. The same man has put his voice to many top pop songs as the voice of Maroon 5, but none is as poppy as this one.

This is traditional vocal pop that recalls Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap, but even better! Is the title to do with the type of person who writes romantic notes in jet spray? Will need more listens to decipher. Yep, another country radio hit. Tyler takes the sultry route in the verses before encouraging his girl or guy, but probably girl to wear some KCs.

The solo is pretty good as well. Another country radio hit, with pedal steel guitar, a decent beat, a good riff and a nagging chorus with some cool syncopation. I wonder how many new streaming subscribers, throughout the array of big ones, will be sucked in by the introduction of the music of Lennon-McCartney to them. Deserves to be a pop hit as well as a country hit. One of three tracks still in the Twenty.

Two men wrote Without You, the song made famous by Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey, but both hanged themselves within a decade. Twin guitars, lovely vocals and on No Matter What some sultry chord shifts, the band deserve a bigger place in music history. Bouncy and really Swedish think Ace of Base with an drum machinethis is the sound of pop music. Later in the Twenty will be a little Stella, but her mum and dad are this duo. This song, on the soundtrack to the latest season of Nashvilleis a super tune with the title used as a refrain.

They began working on Voix after the release of their previous album in The focus this time is on precision, the space between the notes and beats, articulations, pulse, breath and resonances. Deakin sitting this one out for a side project of his own.

Chance The Rapper. He spent close to a decade working on clients in the Oakland area. Even after he moved to Los Angeles about four years ago, he traveled back to the Bay Area for occasional appointments.

Eventually, he was able to put down the scissors, but memories of the salon have stayed with the musician and artist better known as Hunx, from his bands Gravy Train!!! As Hunx, he made a solo album called Hairdresser Blues that was accompanied by a commercial featuring lots of hair and hand-decorated cans of cream and goop.

In Bogart's work, the remnants of salon life mix with objects of musical obsession. Since then, Bryant has been busy mastering and touring with Corners, or so we thought. Vinyl edition due April From there, the songs come together. They're a short, usually inexpensive way to discover new music and support your favorite artists in between bigger releases, and sometimes you strike gold. Unspeakable Axe's upcoming 4 Doors To Death full-length split offers an excellent collection of modern death metal, and fans of both Horrendous and Chthe'ilist will find something to satisfy though those seeking singalong choruses or In Flames worship would do well to look elsewhere.

There are no weak links or disposable tracks, which says quite a lot about the quality of bands herein. Robert Crumb and John Heneghan play 78 rpm blues, country, Hawaiian and pop records from their fabulous collections and then along with Eden discuss music, philosophy and the state of the modern world. It features just two tracks, a tribute to Jaco Pastorius from Davis's Amandla album and the title-track from 's Tutu.

In the context of Ghana's pop music landscape, Katapila's music is singular. The uptempo, bass-heavy, Roland rooted sounds echo early 's Detroit techno and Chicago acid house more than the contemporary hiplife productions blasting across Ghanaian airwaves currently. He recently released Weathered added to BBC A List for four weeks and Breathe Life from his forthcoming debut album Phase, which builds on his genre-bending sound and will tip him for ones to watch in Vinyl version due April Given the band's collision of interests, Die Alone's manic diversity makes perfect sense.

These songs are patchworks of parts conceived individually as demos and woven together collectively during sessions in guitarist T. Coahran's basement—which is also where the album was recorded on 8-track with Seattle garage-rock guru Kurt Bloch as engineer.

No song sounds like another and yet the album sustains a dizzying, alluring vibe. Her vocal delivery is bewitchingly unpredictable, the band stretching the song around her like bubblegum. Her brother taught her to play guitar in elementary school, and she began learning piano on her own a few years later. Gudasz studied theater and creative writing at the University of North Carolina, then stuck around in Chapel Hill and Durham post-college after connecting with some of the areas most promising young musicians.

Together, they served notice of a major new voice in the N. Triangles music community. Eric Krasno produced the record and shares songwriting credits on many of the tracks with his fellow Lettuce cohort. Kraz also appears on the album along with? The Super 8 film is a comforting study of a peaceful setting in one of the most crucial and endangered areas of our planet.

The varying use of cello, voice, synthesizer, and electronics creates a listening experience that reflects both the vast beauty of the quiet scenery and the necessary caution of its inhabitants. This double-CD set also includes recordings from March 21,many of which have never been released before although some of the recordings were unofficially exploited via a limited bootleg inand comes with an expansive page book providing rare, previously unpublished photos, historic essays, interviews and memoirs.

She is currently in remission. Sonically, parts of the set are apparently in the same wheelhouse as Enya, whom Klassen apparently heard a lot of during his formative years. I wanted to really embrace ethereality. No saxophone player has ever dared to explore these uncharted outer realms of woodwind expression. RAW brings together noisescapes, electronica, death- and doom-metal approaches, and contemporary instrumental composition techniques, while ReSpace combines soundscapes of dark ambience and controlled feedback with a reductionist approach to create eerie ambient sound-fields.

All sounds are saxophone-produced and performed live, with no sampling and no purely electronic sounds. We've always been this somewhat uncategorizable, weird, outlying, genre-less band. That's the statement we wanted to make with this record: be yourself. We have always 'rocked our side pony. Laplante and Evans are each devoted to creating multi-dimensional improvisational spaces, pushing their instruments to the edge in the service of a musical experience that travels beyond the realm of the mind.

The deeply mysterious, epic improvisations on Secret Meeting points toward a seemingly ancient relationship between these two boundary-breaking improvisers. The resulting LP is a post-blog-era joint that seems to exhale the whole of the 20th century in a single, fascinating breath.

Like its namesake, the album runs across its variations as a single, continuous minute experience that starts with the grinding turn of the wash size selection wheel, and ends with the alert noise that signals that the wash is done.

Background notes and images are included. Recorded piecemeal on various back porches and down back roads in Burlington, Vermont, Nashville, and his home base of Cumberland, Maryland, his debut solo LP Mowing came together in quiet moments of downtime between polishing earnest jangle-pop gems with his wife as Cotton Jones. The DVD features 11 videos. This reissue presents the whole lot again, this time with some rare and heavy extra cuts added into the mix.

Tyla has had an extensive solo career, and has toured with Alice Cooper. Vinyl version due April 1. With mystical fire, enraged by global injustices, the group delivered scathing political and society-indicting messages aboard an apocalyptic roller coaster, ferociously straddling their beloved influences such as free jazz, conscious funk, heavyweight dub and audacious experimentalism. Rangda is no exception: a supergroup comprising fellow Drag City signees Ben Chasny, Sir Richard Bishop and Cris Corsano, who have borrowed their group name from a Balinese demon queen, like a composite creature born from the inner depths of guitar picking.

Correspondingly, the album sees the group—which originated in Syracuse but has now dispersed all over the country—getting back to their house party roots without abandoning the more-heady soundscapes they explored with 's Beta Love.

The result is an album that's celebratory without being saccharine, and that LP the group collectively mining their prior experiences to craft something that looks toward the future with an optimistic gaze. In the s, when radio became available in his area, Alfred listened to and enjoyed performances by several of the era's popular singers. Album) would purchase songbooks and hymnbooks, and his wife Nettie would read the lyrics to him.

Because the songs he learned from others did not always express aspects of what he was thinking, feeling, and experiencing, Alfred felt compelled to compose his own songs, and he was exceptionally talented in this endeavor - a craftsman with many things to say.

Relying upon his talent to generate money, he gave music lessons, performed at dances and various social and church gatherings, sold printed copies of his own lyrics, and, in andmade the commercial recordings included on this set. Or at least gets some serious traction on that uphill climb to being the sort of artist that can pack a venue, light up the radio dials and find their audience through some magical combo of talent, relatability, hard work and the best of luck.

Austin musician Sam Riggs has been on that kind of trajectory lately, finding the sweet spot between the crowd-pleasing sound of modern country music and the sort of detail-oriented, personality-driven songwriting that makes his best songs among the more memorable ones to dominate Texas radio in recent years.

Vinyl edition due April 1. Misery is an exercise in simplistic, tightly controlled negativity that crushes the fine line between panic and frenzy into oblivion. A rapid attack of artillery-mimicking snare and bass heavy hunch is the canon, wrought in a Bay Area sewer and reveling in a verminous infestation of post-punk pulse: think Wire versus The Spits in a Shaolin death trap.

Whenever debut LP Neo swerves close to normality, these formula-shunners tear things to shreds. So Pitted tend to find the rulebook, chuck it into dynamite before penning their own in smudgy, indecipherable shades.

He's long represented one of the most forbidding corners of the techno scene; just consider the name of his turbulent duo with Regis, British Murder Boys. But even at its most bruising, his music is marked by its formal inventiveness and formidable intelligence.

With his new album, From Farthest Known Objects, he wades back into techno's roiled waters. All eight tracks employ four-to-the-floor rhythms, flickering triplets or 16th-note syncopations, and studiously greyscale atmospheres.

There are no melodies, just gnarled one- and two-bar loops that wend their way across the tracks' blasted expanse like inchworms through radioactive ash. Universal ideas of loyalty, pleasure, purity, power, aging, and love are confronted with a knowable specificity.

There is a quality of wholesomeness, but also an edge—a kind of wise anger and electricity. Teeny Lieberson's lyrics take a dramatic leap forward as she analyzes the complexities of aging relationships, sensuality, and misogyny that all too often goes unchecked. Even on a scene known for strong personalities, these guys were renegade cats.

Between andthe group released four studio albums and a singles comp and countless singles both on Teen Beat and also in Japan and Thailand. This mini-album from the world-renowned Charlottesville, Virginia band may remind folks of releases on the Slumberland label and may also bring to mind the Teen Beat bands Flin Flon, Versus, or Unrest. The Wild Mercury is their fifth album. The mournful tenor is then joined by harmonies, drums, acoustic guitars, and then we arrive to where the fun begins.

This album is folksy, country, and rootsy. They have crossed all of those throwback bridges and then lateral the football to the modern times touches of synth, and back to the past with pedal steel guitar accents. To attempt to pigeonhole this album into a single genre would be doing it a disservice. The only way I could classify it is as music from another era.

Forthcoming on the new Eats Everything album Edibleit's the first of two special new tracks included on the mix. The track CD versopm features 11 exclusive Moodymann edits. This compilation serves as a good introduction to their scene, with new tracks by Volahn, Arizmenda, Shataan and Kallathon. The goal was to develop songs with interchangeable structures and sub structures, yet musically pleasing motifs.

It may not be a radical transformation — the dream pop label could certainly still be attached — but the natural evolution of the track is evidence of the freedom Tatum allowed himself. He has performed solo as well as with current backing group the Yarra Benders.

He first came to attention as front-man of The Unfaithful Ways and has also performed and recorded as a duo with Delaney Davidson. William's music style straddles folk, country, soul, bluegrass and the blues. Guests include Timbaland, Future, Lil Wayne and others. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds two bonus tracks. The guys are back with their debut full-length, Disciples Of The Infernoand they prove on their latest that they have quite the admiration for bands like Proclamation and Blasphemy.

More importantly, they up the intensity and tempo on most of their new material. Formed in Southampton, UK, in the mid- '70s by Alan Green bassDave Rodwell drumsand John Westwood guitar, vocalsAgnes Strange failed to reach any glory or fame, but their legacy of heavy rock riffs, raw leads, and tough attitude -- with a spacey Hawkwind-esque touch here and there -- helped them reach cult status among '70s rock fanatics.

Drummer Eddie Prevost's superb and detailed liner notes document AMM's early history, including the confusion engendered not only in audiences and critics but even in the band members themselves, unsure if they were in a free jazz ensemble, a contemporary classical group, neither, or both.

The title track, is a quintessential song from the mid- '70s. The album stays true to his country roots with lazy waltzes and lap-steel but also incorporates distorted guitars, spacey atmospheres, strings, horns, and haunting background vocals.

The two compositions revisit the sites of Jude's initial photographs in and around the Salton Sea in the Southern California desert, and use site-specific field recordings and analog processing to craft an aural counterpoint to the photographs themselves and the photographic process. Contact microphones and hydrophones were used to gather sounds from flora, desert refuse, architectural ruins, and the Salton Sea itself to create an expanded study of the acoustic ecology of the area.

His first release Fission turned heads with its juddering, noisy take on EBM, while the follow up, Populous reissued in by pioneering dubstep label Hemlocksignaled for many the arrival of a genuinely unique and intriguing talent, bolstered also by his affiliations with the endlessly fascinating and undeniably forward thinking Quantum Natives collective.

By stripping back on some of the beat-suffocating distortion that defined some of his earlier work and by zeroing in on some of the more disorienting side effects of immersing oneself in trance and hardcore styles, Brood Ma has made his most radically club-oriented release to date on Daze.

The set is comprised of lap steel, electronics, prepared guitar, sampler, live environmental recordings from Bali, Malaysia, Australia and Italy and acoustic and electronic percussion.

This is an absolutely essential collection from an American folk legend. Billy Childish's group Thee Headcoats used to play there monthly. Bonus material includes a track-by-track commentary, an exclusive backstage interview with Jones and his spoken word performance from the Wacken Festival.

He is a contemporary member of the underground indie rock and indie folk musical scenes, and his influences range from older indie artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith and Pavement to more mainstream and well known acts such as Nirvana and Bob Dylan.

Sound-activist sinceDoctor L moves through musical galaxies like an incandescent comet, fusing '80s punk rock with hip-hop, electronica, and Afrobeat. Burroughs, Metallica, Genesis, LP Purple, Falco, and others - all remix projects that have created a massive stir on the dub scene. Their love of minimalist electronic dance music with epic endings reaches a climax on Physical Echoes.

Harvey - Tales Of H. Lovecraft laid the foundations of modern horror; without him the golden age of horror films in the late 20th century would have been very different.

The setting is a perfect meeting ground for both actor and group, who bond over their mutual love of horror history. The artists approached the stories like screenplays to create a soundtrack in the mind to rival the narrative and visual thrust of film. Following his heroes Kate Bush, Gram Parsons, and The Smashing Pumpkins, Wakefield casts a spell of irresistible tangy guitar reverb, bending synths, and candid melodies.

Demonios - Berwanger* - Demonios (File, MP3), Sound Of Magic - Various - Fantazma (CD), Dancer - Various - Dusty Fingers Volume Six (Vinyl, LP), Face A La Mer (Massive Attack Remix Full Version) - José Padilla - Café Del Mar (The Best Of Compile, The Five Discs - The Best Of Five Discs (CD), Head North - Bloodlines (Vinyl), Downtown Samba - Yello - Solid Pleasure (Cassette, Album), Main Title - Jerry Goldsmith - Capricorn One: Original Motion Picture Sound Track (CD, Album), Tango Fur Einsame Herzen - Jack Van Doorn - Tango Fur Einsame Herzen (Vinyl), Ill Stick Around - Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (CD), Dust 19 - Circle Of Dust - Metamorphosis (CD), Capital Murder - F-Minus - Suburban Blight (Vinyl, Album)