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They'd keep up the pressure so that I kept on writing. I was there in their offices working like that for six or eight weeks and when I flew home to Manchester I went straight round to see my doctor. I was feeling sick and could not eat. The doctor told me: 'You are totally over-worked. That was a time when I had lost a little bit of confidence in my writing.

I hadn't had any hits for some time. I felt awful. I just didn't seem to be keeping up with what other people were doing. It was very depressing. We did a lot of tracks in a very short time — it was really like a machine.

By his own account, King chose the name after having a dream in which he was standing in front of the Hammersmith Odeon in London where the boarding read "10cc The Best Band in the World".

A widely repeated claim, disputed by King [19] and Godley, [20] but confirmed in a interview by Creme, [21] and also on the webpage of Gouldman's current line-up, [22] is that the band name represented a volume of semen that was more than the average amount ejaculated, thus emphasising their potency or prowess. The song peaked at No. Although their second single, a similarly s-influenced song called "Johnny Don't Do It", was not a major chart success, " Rubber Bullets ", a catchy satirical take on the " Jailhouse Rock " concept, became a hit internationally and gave 10cc their first British No.

They consolidated their success a few months later with " The Dean and I ", which peaked at No. Sheet Music became the band's breakthrough album, remaining on the UK charts for six months and paving the way for a US tour in February Stewart recalled:.

At that point in time we were still on Jonathan King's label, but struggling. We were absolutely skint, the lot of us, we were really struggling seriously, and Philips Phonogram wanted to do a deal with us.

They wanted to buy Jonathan's contract. Our manager Ric Dixon invited them to listen to what we've done. He said "This is a For Your Love - Graham Gouldman - The Graham Gouldman Thing (CD, it's a done deal! We did a five-year deal with them for five albums and they paid us a serious amount of money. It was Grainge's idea to release 'Life Is A Minestrone' as the first single holding back the big one to give us more longevity for the album.

Creme made it clear that the band had fully intended to sign with Richard Branson 's fledgling Virgin label, with the band's records to be released in the US through Atlantic. Stewart and Creme were about to go on holiday with their wives Stewart and Creme are brothers-in-law through marriagehowever, and had left their manager Harvey Lisberg with power of attorney to accept the Branson offer. No sooner had they left the country, but another higher bid arrived from Phonogram and was accepted by the management team, including Lisberg.

Creme said that he felt "horrified, embarrassed and disgusted - to this day I still am". The Original Soundtrackwhich was already complete, was released just weeks later.

It was both a critical and commercial success and featured distinctive cover art created by the Hipgnosis team and drawn by musician and artist Humphrey Ocean.

Although it bore an unlikely title picked up from a radio talk show" Life Is a Minestrone " was another UK Top 10 placing, peaking at No. The song provided them with their first US chart success when the song reached No. A collaborative effort built around a title by Stewart, "I'm Not in Love" is notable for its innovative production, especially its richly overdubbed choral backing.

Godley stated:. If I was to pick one track from everything we've done, "I'm Not in Love" would be my favourite. It's got something that none of our other tracks have at all. It's not clever in a conscious way but it says it all so simply in, what, six minutes. During this time 10cc also collaborated with Justin Hayward on the single "Blue Guitar", being a backing band and doing production work.

But by this time the once close personal and working relationships between the four members had begun to fray, and it was the last album with the original line-up. The title track was the epic B-side of "Neanderthal Man", a section of which had been reworked as "Fresh Air for My Mama" on the 10cc album.

Frictions mounted Album) the group's two creative teams during the recording of How Dare Youwith each pair realising how far apart their ideas had become. The device, which fitted over the bridge of an electric guitar, contained six small motor-driven wheels attached to small keys four wheels for electric basses ; when the key was depressed, the Gizmotron wheels bowed the guitar strings, producing notes and chords with endless sustain.

First used during the recording of the Sheet Music track "Old Wild Men", the device was designed to further cut their recording costs: by using it on an electric guitar with studio effects, they could effectively simulate strings and other sounds, enabling them to dispense with expensive orchestral overdubs. We left because 10cc was becoming safe and predictable and we felt trapped.

But speaking to Uncut magazine 10 years earlier, [30] he expressed regret about the band breaking up as they embarked on the Consequences project:. We'd reached a certain crossroads with 10cc and already spent three weeks on the genesis of what turned out to be Consequences The stuff that we were coming up with didn't have any home, we couldn't import it into 10cc.

And we were kind of constrained by 10cc live We felt like creative people who should give ourselves the opportunity to be as creative as possible and leaving seemed to be the right thing to do at that moment. Unfortunately, the band wasn't democratic or smart enough at that time to allow us the freedom to go ahead and do this project and we were placed in the unfortunate position of having to leave to do it.

Looking back, it was a very northern work ethic being applied to the group, all for one and one for all. If we'd been a little more free in our thinking with regard to our work practices, the band as a corporate and creative entity could have realised that it could have been useful rather than detrimental for two members to spend some time developing and then bring whatever they'd learned back to the corporate party.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. Our contemporaries were people like Roxy Music who allowed that to happen and they gained from that Had we been allowed to get it out of our system and come back home, who knows what would have happened. I was sorry to see them go. But we certainly did fall out at the time. I thought they were crazy.

They were just walking away from something so big and successful. We'd had great success around the world and I thought we were just breaking in a very, very big way. The collective dynamite of those four people, four people who could all write, who could all sing a hit song. In one band. Yet I think it becomes claustrophobic, in the fact that you're trying to perfect things and you're looking at each other and eventually you maybe say this relationship is a little too tight for me now, and I need to break away.

And that's what in retrospect, I found out long after because I still speak to Godley and Creme who — Lol is my brother-in-law, so I've got to see him — but for quite a while we didn't talk. I just said you're out of your minds for leaving this band.

We were on such a winning curve, Graham Gouldman and I had to decide, are we going to be 5cc? Are we gonna scrap the name completely? Well, we thought we, no, we'd better carry on because we, this is 10cc, we are 10cc, this band. Two of our members are leaving us and that's not our problem, but we've got to carry it on.

Stewart said there were immediate benefits in the absence of Godley and Creme. Having honed their skills on the equally innovative clips that they made to promote their own singles e. They also directed a video for Album) and Gouldman's "Feel the Love". After the departure Album) Godley and Creme, Stewart and Gouldman opted to continue as 10cc, working with drummer Paul Burgesswho had up to that point been their tour backup drummer.

Their first album as a three piece band was Deceptive Bendsnamed after a sign on the Mickleham bends on the A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking in Surrey.

Stewart later said he and Gouldman felt vindicated by its success: "I was out to prove also that we could write a hit album without Kevin and Lol In10cc embarked on an international tour with guitarist Rick Fennkeyboardist Tony O'Malley Kokomo and an additional drummer Stuart Tosh ex- Pilot and recorded a live album, " Live and Let Live "which mixed the hits with material by Stewart and Gouldman from 10cc's career alongside two songs written with Godley and Creme.

Fenn, Tosh, Burgess and keyboardist Duncan Mackaywho Album) Tony O'Malley after the tour, were now full members of the band and performed on 's Bloody Touristswhich provided the band with their international No. Both Bloody Tourists and "Dreadlock Holiday" performed very successful around the world, however additional songs released as singles became only minor hits with the second UK single "Reds in My Bed", featuring lead vocals by Stuart Tosh, failing to chart.

The band suffered a major setback in January when Stewart was seriously injured in a car crash. Due to his injuries, Stewart was unable to work on music and 10cc had to be put on hold. This led to cancellation of legs of tour with other band members working on solo projects.

Stewart later told the BBC: [32]. It flattened me completely. I damaged my left ear, I damaged my eye very badly. I couldn't go near music. I couldn't go near anything loud and I love music and motor-racing. I had to stay away from both things for a long time, for about six months. And the momentum of this big machine that we'd had rolling slowed and slowed and slowed. And on the music scene, the punk thing had come in a big way.

The Sex PistolsThe Clashlots of things like that. So by the time I was fit again to play, I think we'd just missed the bus.

It'd gone. And whatever we did after that, we got a few tickles here and there and we could continue touring forever on the strength of the past hits, but it didn't feel right again, we just didn't have that public with us. Gouldman, too, considered the aftermath of Stewart's accident to be a turning point.

In a BBC interview [33] he said:. Really, after '78 things went downhill for us. I don't know what it was. We'd been doing it for so long, maybe we should have had a break then, rather than in '83 when we did have a break, or brought new blood in or done something. And even as the things were getting bad, we thought, 'Ah, it's gonna be all right, don't worry about it, it'll be great'. While Stewart recovered, Gouldman recorded the title track to the film Sunburn with the help of some of the 10cc band members, which became a minor UK hit in Gouldman also recorded the soundtrack to the animated film Animalympicswhich was originally intended as 10cc project.

To fill the gap between 10cc releases, a greatest hits compilation was issued in late Greatest Hits —and released a Album), coupling "I'm Not in Love" with "For You and I", which failed to chart. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved 9 August The 10cc Story. ISBN Sound on Sound. Archived 20 August at the Wayback Machine.

Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 10 August Hot Press. Retrieved 21 August The Irish Times. Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 3 September Ten Out of 10 Windows in the Jungle Meanwhile Mirror Mirror. And More. Greatest Songs and More Great Box. Kevin Godley Lol Creme.

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