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Rafi associated with several of his contemporaries, singing duets with them and sometimes for them as in case of Kishore Kumar who was also an actor. This was probably the only time that all of them rendered their voices for one song.

Inthe popular female playback singer Lata Mangeshkar raised the issue of playback singers' share in the royalties. Recognizing Rafi's position as the leading male playback singer, she wanted him to back her in demanding a half-share from the 5 percent song royalty that the film's producer conceded to select composers. Lata's contention was that, there was no way producers and music directors could deny this singing duo, the royalty.

Rafi stated that his claim on the filmmaker ended with his being paid his agreed fee for the song. After that, if the film proved a hit, the filmmaker was welcome to keep the Gramco HMV royalty he earned from it.

If it did not prove to be a hit, argued Rafi, that he had already been paid the same fees for his song; so later the situation is resolved. Rafi stated that it is the producer who bets the money and the composer who creates the song, so his claim to the contribution of the song is compensated when the fees are paid. Lata viewed his stand as a stumbling block on the royalty issue and stated that it is because of the singer's name also that the records get sold.

This difference of opinion subsequently led to differences between the two. Rafi felt belittled, as music director Salil Chowdhury sided with Lata. The situation worsened when Lata declared that she would no longer sing with Rafi. Rafi stated that he was only so keen to sing with Lata as she was with him. In early s, Rafi recorded fewer songs.

At the same period Kishore Kumar's popularity increased due to the songs he sang for the film Aradhana. Burman fell ill and his son and assistant, R. Burman, took over the recordings. DuringRafi's musical output decreased; however, he did sing several songs. Burman and S. Rafi made a comeback as a leading singer in The physical album was released only in India by Universal. In a letter dated 11 June to the Guinness Book of World Records, Rafi had challenged the claim that Lata Mangeshkar has recorded the maximum number of songs "not less than 25," according to Guinness.

After receiving a reply from Guinness, in a letter dated 20 Novemberhe wrote, "I am disappointed that my request for a reassessment vis-a-vis Ms Mangeshkar's reported world record has gone unheeded.

After Rafi's death, in its edition, the Guinness Book of World Records gave Lata Mangeshkar's name for the "Most Recordings" and stated, "Mohammad Rafi d 1 August [sic] claimed to have recorded 28, songs in 11 Indian languages between and April Rafi died at p. Rafi was buried at the Juhu Muslim cemetery. Inhis tomb was demolished to make space for new burials.

Fans of Mohammed Rafi who visit his tomb twice a year to mark his birth and death anniversary use the coconut tree nearest to his grave as a marker.

Bashir is hoping that Rafi will attain sainthood as a result. This poll was published in Outlook. In an article in Times of India, Rafi is described as "a versatile singer, who could render classical, rock and roll, indeed any kind of song with ease, he was Hindi film's, favourite male voice through the s and s".

Music director Rajesh Roshan, who composed some of the songs with Rafi, remembers him as "a warm-hearted simple person with no ego". Classical and playback singer Manna Dey, who was also a contemporary of Rafi said, "Rafi and I could sing everything, and he was such a gentleman.

He was a better singer than me, and I will say this - that no one came even close to him! He deserved everything he got! We had a great understanding and it was never about one-upmanship". I used to often go for the recording of my song, which was sung by Mohammad Rafi, only because I used to like telling him how I would perform on this song on screen so that he can sing it that way. Even he liked my involvement".

Over 9, musical tributes were organized in July commemorating the 31st anniversary of the singer's death. Mohammed Rafi Academy was launched in Mumbai on 31 July on the 30th anniversary of the singer's death, started by his son Sahid Rafi to impart training in Indian classical and contemporary music.

Rafi is one of the recording artists mentioned in the hit British alternative rock song "Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop. The film opens with the lead character dancing around in her bedroom to a video of Gumnaam. This song is played in the background in Kate Winslet's character's home while the lead pair are having a drink at approximately Rafi married twice; his first marriage was to his cousin; Bashira[66] and took place in his ancestral village.

Rafi had four sons and three daughters. He was very much a family man, following a recording-room, to home and to recording-room itinerary.

He rarely attended film parties, did not smoke or drink, was religious, and was considered a humble man. His only indulgences were playing carom, badminton, and flying kites. Ilaiyaraaja born Gnanadesikan is an Indian film composer who works in the Indian film Industry. Regarded as one of the finest music composers in India,[1] Ilaiyaraaja is also an instrumentalist, conductor, singer, and a songwriter. To date, he has composed over songs and provided film scores for Indian films in various languages,[2][3] particularly being acclaimed for his background scoring.

Ilaiyaraaja has been a prominent composer of film music in the South Indian cinema since the late s. Of late, he also composed for two Marathi films. A gold medalist in classical guitar from Trinity College of Music, London, inhe organised a full symphony and thus became the first Asian to compose a full symphony performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London's Walthamstow Town Hall, which is yet to be released.

Inaccording to an international poll conducted by BBC, people from countries voted his composition Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu from the film Thalapathi as fourth in the world's top 10 most popular songs of all time.

In the s, he composed a variety of non-film music, including religious and devotional songs, an oratorio, and world music, while shifting his focus to Malayalam and Kannada films. When he joined the school his father changed his name as "Rajaiya" but his village people used to call him as "Raasayya". Rajah who was a popular one. Ilaiyaraaja was married to Jeeva and the couple have three children—Karthik Raja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Bhavatharini—all film composers and singers.

Ilaiyaraaja grew up in a rural area, exposed to a range of Tamil folk music. While working with the troupe, he penned his first composition, a musical adaptation of an elegy written by the Tamil poet laureate Kannadasan for Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister.

Ilaiyaraaja specialized in classical guitar and had taken a course in it at the Trinity College of Music, London. In the s in Chennai, Ilaiyaraaja played guitar in a band-for-hire, and worked as a session guitarist, keyboardist, and organist for film music composers and directors such as Salil Chowdhury from West Bengal. Venkatesh, he worked on film projects, mostly in the Kannada language. Venkatesh's assistant, Ilaiyaraaja would orchestrate the melodic outlines developed by Venkatesh.

During this period, Ilaiyaraaja also began writing his own scores. To hear his compositions, he would persuade Venkatesh's session musicians to play excerpts from his scores during their break times.

Ilaiyaraaja would hire instruments from composer R. Shekhar, father of composer A. Infilm producer Panchu Arunachalam commissioned him to compose the songs and film score for a Album) film called Annakkili 'The Parrot'. Udaya Shankar and Gulzar and is well known for his association with film makers such as Bharathiraja, K.

Vishwanath, Singeetham Srinivasa Rao and R. Ilaiyaraaja was one of the earliest Indian film composers to use Western classical music harmonies and string arrangements in Indian film music. According to musicologist P. Greene, Ilaiyaraaja's "deep understanding of so many different styles of music allowed him to create syncretic pieces of music combining very different musical idioms in unified, coherent musical statements".

By virtue of this variety and his interfusion of Western, Indian folk and Carnatic elements, Ilaiyaraaja's compositions appeal to the Indian rural dweller for its rhythmic folk qualities, the Indian classical music enthusiast for the employment of Carnatic Ragas, and the urbanite for its modern, Western-music sound. He mastered this art of blending music to the narration, which very few others managed to adapt themselves over a longer time. Although Ilaiyaraaja uses a range of complex compositional techniques, he often sketches out the basic melodic ideas for films in a very spontaneous fashion.

Ilayaraja would look at the scene once, and immediately start giving notes to his assistants, as a bunch of musicians, hovering around him, would collect the notes for their instrument and go to their places. When the orchestra played out the notes, they would be perfect, not just in harmony but also in timing — the background score would commence exactly where it should and end at the exact place required. Ilayaraja is a genius, who could compose music with just one look at the scene.

Ilaiyaraaja's music is characterised by the use of an orchestration technique that is a synthesis of Western and Indian instruments and musical modes.

He uses electronic music technology that integrates synthesizers, electric guitars and keyboards, drum machines, rhythm boxes and MIDI with large orchestras that feature traditional instruments such as the veena, venu, nadaswaram, dholak, mridangam and tabla as well as Western lead instruments such as saxophones and flutes.

He uses catchy melodies fleshed out with a variety of chord progressions, beats and timbres. Ilaiyaraaja's songs typically have a musical form where vocal stanzas and choruses are interspersed with orchestral preludes and interludes. They often contain polyphonic melodies, where the lead vocals are interwoven with supporting melody lines sung by another voice or played by instruments.

The basslines in his songs tend to be melodically dynamic, rising and falling in a dramatic fashion. Polyrhythms are also apparent, particularly in songs with Indian folk or Carnatic influences. The melodic structure of his songs demand considerable vocal virtuosity, and have found expressive platform amongst some of India's respected vocalists and playback singers, such as S.

Balasubrahmanyam, K. Yesudas, S. Janaki, Jayachandran, K. Chithra, Minmini, Jency, Swarnalatha, S. Sailaja, T. Soundararajan, P. Ilaiyaraaja has sung over of his own compositions for films, and is recognisable by his stark, deep voice.

He has penned the lyrics for some of his songs in Tamil and other languages. Notable works. His music compositions for the Hindi movie "Cheeni Kum" and Paa 3 December has won critical acclaim in several media reviews. Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto.

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Thackeray began his professional career as a cartoonist with the English language daily The Free Press Journal in Mumbai, but left it in to form his own political weekly Marmik. His political philosophy was largely shaped by his father Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, a leading figure in the Samyukta Maharashtra movement United Maharashtra movementwhich advocated the creation of a separate linguistic state of Maharashtra.

Through Marmik, he campaigned against the growing influence of Gujaratis, Marwaris, and south Indians in Mumbai. In the late s and early s, Thackeray built the party by forming temporary alliances with nearly all of Maharashtra's political parties. Thackeray started his career as a cartoonist in the Free Press Journal in Bombay. Inhe launched a cartoon weekly Marmik with his brother. The paper survived for one or two months. He formed the Shiv Sena on 19 June with the intent of fighting for the rights of the natives of the state of Maharashtra.

Politically, the Sena was anti-communist and wrested control of trade unions in Mumbai from the Communist Party of India and demanded protection money extortion from Gujarati and marwari business leaders.

During the tenure of the government from toThackeray was nicknamed 'remote control' since he played a major role in government policies and decisions from behind the scenes. Thackeray lost his wife Meena to a heart attack in Septemberand his eldest son Bindumadhav "Binda" to a road accident on 20 April On July 28, Thackeray was banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, till December 10, on the recommendations of the Election Commission.

Thackeray claimed that the Shiv Sena had helped the Marathi manoos Maharashtrian laymen in Mumbai and also fought for the rights of Hindu people. Thackeray was a staunch Hindu and believed that Hindus must be organised to struggle against those who oppose their identity and religion. This was after Thackeray's son, Uddhav, was given the task of leading the party when Thackeray announced his retirement from active politics.

Raj continues to maintain that Thackeray was his ideologue. Thackeray then spoke negatively of the rift with the MNS blaming Raj for the defeat. On February 14,Thackeray condemned and apologised for the violent attacks by Shiv Sainiks upon a private Valentine's Day celebration in Mumbai. If that really happened, then it is a symbol of cowardice. I have always instructed Shiv Sainiks that in any situation women should not be humiliated and harassed.

Thackeray was criticised for his praise Album) Adolf Hitler. I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed, but he was a wonderful organiser and orator, and I feel that he and I have several things in common What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently, but with an iron hand. But he was an artist, I love him [for that]. He had the power to carry the whole nation, the mob with him.

You have to think what magic he had. He was a miracle The killing of Jews was wrong. But the good part about Hitler was that he was an artist. He was a daredevil. He had good qualities and bad. I may also have good qualities and bad ones. Thackeray was admitted to Lilavati Hospital's intensive care unit in Mumbai on 25 July after he complained of breathlessness.

In other parts of Mumbai, some shops voluntary closed, citing the risk of untoward incidents should Thackeray's health deteriorate and possibly be fatal.

Bollywood also stopped filming, while the Pakistan Cricket Board wished him well. Thackeray death was announced at by his family doctor Jaleel Parkar on 17 November at "Matoshree", his Mumbai residence, following cardio-respiratory arrest at local time, according to his physician. The whole of Maharashtra was put on alert, while Mumbai had an additional 20, Mumbai police officers, 15 units of the State Reserve Police Force and three contingents of the Rapid Action Force were deployed.

An unnamed police officer said: "Nobody has been asked to shut their shops or malls. Everybody closed their shops voluntarily. Autorickshaws and taxis also voluntarily stopped plying on the roads. The two papers he founded headlined their papers the next day with full black print, it was also Saamna's cover page were print in black.

The headline read: "Ishwari Avtarache Swargarohan" A divine avatar goes to heaven and "Balasaheb navache vadal shaant zhale. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called for "calm and sobriety" amongst the populace in the city, while praising Thackeray's "strong leadership;" his Twitter account posted a message that read: "He was a consummate communicator whose stature in the politics of Maharashtra was unique. I am grieved to hear about his demise. May his soul rest in peace. Advani said: "It is rare that I have seen a leader who has left a deep and abiding imprint on the country's events as Balasaheb Thackeray.

He was uncompromising in his patriotism. He possessed remarkable qualities of leadership and an abundance of attributes of head and heart. May his soul Rest in Peace. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Balasaheb was a great son of the soil and a true nationalist who minced no words to express his views. Individual reactions included, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani issued a statement that read: "I am deeply saddened by the passing away of Balasaheb Thackeray, the founder-president of the Shiv Sena.

The nation and the state of Maharashtra have lost a great leader, whose robust patriotism matched his soaring popularity. His clear thinking, inspiring oratory and commitment to cause endeared him to the masses. And just a couple of hours back, as I stand next to his still, peaceful, saffron draped body, it is difficult to imagine When I last met him he placed his hand on my head and blessed me.

Moving to shake things up, the show, now under new head writers James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esenstein, decided to reinvent itself by abandoning the traditional open-ended method of storytelling, where plots often take years to resolve, to week "books", where arcs were given a more definite beginning, middle and end, somewhat reminiscent of Latin telenovelas.

The show also decided to delve into supernatural elements and themes of gothic intrigue, incorporating vampires, angels, time travel, love after death, and so on, turning itself into a modern-day Dark Shadows. The method also allowed cast and crew, who tape two episodes a day, to work only six months out of the year, which also helped save money.

As a result of these changes, the critics universally praised the new storytelling method, and the show's ratings began to grow, though not as much as ABC had hoped. Esenstein confirms that Frons and Sweeney were going to ax the show fairly soon. I speak for all of us when I say that we are grateful that Springbok is funneling money to keep us, and our three compatriot shows, alive. Port Charles is an essential show in the lineup, especially to all the young viewers who have been following us since at least the Tainted Love book.

And mark my words, it wouldn't have stopped at us. Sooner or later down the line, they would have cut One Life to Live and All My Childrensimply because their ratings have never been as good as General Hospital. That would have been a massive blow to soaps fans everywhere. With a steady stream of working capital at the shows' disposal, the remaining shows of ABC Daytime are likely secure for as long as they will continue running.

By now, thanks to an Emmy nomination and Springbok's capitalization, Port Charles may especially benefit from this and grow by as much as 30 percent in the ratings.

The show's current book, Desireis scheduled to end on the Fourth of July, and the most recent arc that was taped, The Giftwill start the following Monday. When asked about where the series will go afterwards, Esenstein plays coy. Springbok also announced that they will provide cash for one of the network's biggest primetime series, The Practicewhich has been hailed as a refreshingly un-glamorized legal procedural compared to its predecessors and peers, especially regarding ethical dilemmas.

Springbok Productions' record label arm, Exploitation Records, has officially chosen to buy out the Dixie Chicks' contract from Sony Music to show support and solidarity with the beleaguered country music trio.

The band has been buffeted with criticism and anger after lead singer Natalie Maines' comments denouncing President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, which led to an industry blacklist, bonfires, radio stations pulling support, several dates on their North American tour being cancelled, and death threats aplenty.

Exploitation Records has announced that they have the rights to the Dixie Chicks' entire discography and all future records, and will relaunch the album the band has been touring behind, last year's Homein order to boost its performance. This includes releasing a previously planned, then cancelled, remix of the song "Travelin' Soldier" by Sheryl Crow that was supposed to have been played on adult contemporary stations this spring. The label will also take over the rights to a live album and video of the current tour from Sony.

Besides being involved in these companies and the Saudi MP3 family, he owns a great deal of his wealth to his family's involvement in the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, or Saudi Aramco, which holds the world's second-largest proven crude oil reserves, which clearly means massive revenues. It has come out through a transcript of the minutes of the meeting and an investors' call that co-founders Kurt Cobain and Charlize Theron were not supportive of having Al-Waleed invest in the company, because of his oil company ties and and wanting to stay out of Middle Eastern politics.

Keyes and the accountants, overrode the founders, stating that the prince would crowbar his way into the company some way or another, and it would be best to accommodate him. They also stressed, through the wording of the term sheet, that it would be a one-time only investment, with no further involvement or contact with Al-Waleed, the rest of the Saudi royal family, or Saudi Aramco. It also included a planned "ejection" clause with which to kick Al-Waleed out should "the situation materially change.

For now, at least, Springbok's capitalization is further shored up by Al-Waleed's infusion of capital, as well as gaining a powerful figure regarding the company's potential expansion and release of its projects in the Middle East. In little more than two weeks, MTV will premiere a bold new animated series called Code Lyokoa fantasy-adventure action series set in the heart of cyberspace.

The show, which is heavily inspired by the Disney film Tron and more recent fare such as the short-lived Fox series Dark Angelfocuses on a group of French high school students that live double lives; part of the day, they are normal students with all the normal concerns, the rest of the time, they are fierce warriors that travel to a virtual world called Lyoko to defeat a malignant virus named XANA and prevent it from destroying the world.

In addition to having a commitment for at least three seasons at MTV, the producers also have a deal with Sony's Columbia Pictures division to release three full-length theatrical films, to be directed by Besson and co-produced by MTV Films.

Springbok and several of their partners decided to drop by and give IGN the inside scoop on the new show. They had an idea for a Tron -inspired animated series, with high-stakes adventure and fantasy, RPG-like combat in a virtual world against a malignant enemy trying to destroy the human race.

I happened to meet them in the late '90s, at a cafe, and they came up to me, recognized me, talked about how much they liked my films, and that I'd inspired them to work on this concept they had.

They shared it with me, and I was hooked from the word go. It happened that with my leaving Gaumont and setting up EuropaCorp, one of the things I really wanted for the company to find or create a viable children's franchise, something for the young, an audience certainly different than what I'm used to delivering for. I also wanted to find a project suitable for my wife actress Milla Jovovichbecause we'd lost the Katheryn Bigelow Joan of Arc film Company of Angelsand I'd promised her I'd give her something.

As it turned out, she wanted this one just as badly. So I told Thomas and Tania that I wanted in on the ground floor, and I'd help them make it as great as it can be.

While Besson, Jovovich, and Besson's frequent collaborator Robert Mark Kamen began coming up with initial ideas for the franchise alongside the creators, the tenor of the show really changed and word got around to Springbok Productions, by virtue of a time Besson ran into Cobain and Theron.

And because of their own industry connections, they found people who were just as interested in the idea. As Theron says: "Luc really sold us on the whole thing at once.

Then, because Kurt and I knew Sam and Rob, because of our guest slot appearances for Xena,Jack of All Trades and Cleopatrawe knew that they had the juice to help sell this concept for television, so it took all of us little time to join in and begin the process of really planning out how we were going to pull it off.

Work on the show's story bible, which gathers together all the information, plot background, character traits and outline of the story's events, began in earnest.

Murphy found the key to make the project work, and became the showrunner as well. We predict great things for him in the future, and he will truly be someone to look out for and notice in the years to come. As to what the background is that was so painstakingly crafted?

Just know that we have a really strong and interesting narrative, a grand scale adventure, and a lot of effort went into it, starting with a lot of painstaking research, examining history and technology. We also talked with some notable filmmakers and storytellers to get some input and for them to look at things, give pointers here and there.

Throughout this project and working on it, we've had the likes of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon, John Lasseter and Brad Bird all dropped in, take a look at the story bible and the scripts, and they gave their opinions about the series quite freely, gave us some interesting leads to follow and see if they'd pan out.

It was a lot of fun, being in the company of the masters, knowing they really loved what we were doing and wanted it to succeed. Everything about Code Lyoko is clearly built with the intention to really stand out, complete with its animation style. Stan Kinsey, head of Denver and Delilah Animation, explains it.

It's made in a style very similar to anime, though definitely tempered with a Western sensibility. It's also made to be painstakingly natural and believable, to make one think that it could very well be happening in our own world right now.

Lyoko is CGI, it definitely has a video game aesthetic to it, particularly familiar to those who play fantasy RPG titles often. Lyoko also has different sectors with different terrain: ice, mountain, desert and forest. They have their own character, their own behavior, their own identity. They're also made to essentially be an abstraction of Earth's biomes rather than be realistic, Matrix -like simulations.

They represent both the possibilities and the limitations that we, as a collective species, face already with the Internet and the idea of virtual reality. We've been anticipating and salivating at the ideas of how these things can bring us together and also make us more than we are, but that concept isn't fully there yet.

We certainly have visionaries and talented people trying to cobble it, the figures and people like a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates, but they can only do so much. Among other notable elements is that at the end of each episode, there will be an interlude for "animated music videos. A deal has also been signed with Interscope Records to release soundtrack albums compiling the songs, rather than having Springbok reserve it for its own label, Exploitation Records.

Cross-promotional opportunities are abounding for the show. Hasbro has signed a deal to create merchandise and toys based on the show. Burger King will do meal and kids meal tie-ins. General Mills has a deal for a promotional cereal. Hot Topic has signed to be the exclusive retailer of apparel for the series.

Video games are in the planning stages. Dark Horse Comics will create comics based on the series. And Springbok's own publisher, Autumn Deer Publishing, will create novelizations of the series as well. And sweepstakes and giveaways aplenty are planned, especially through the series' website. All of it adds up to making quite an impressive work that will hopefully be one of the most important animated series today, we truly believe. Of course, that's no guarantee of success.

If it finds its intended audience, then it will. If it doesn't, it doesn't, and we're perfectly fine with however it pans out. Besides we have plenty of other ideas and projects in the works and we'll make sure to really give each one the care, love and attention that it deserves.

These acquisitions are made with the intent to add the releases under these groups to Springbok's record label arm, Exploitation Records, and do a remastering campaign. The active label being acquired is Sh-K Boom Records, a pop-oriented label started by Broadway actress Sherie Rene Scott; it also includes the label Ghostlight Records, intended for releases of Broadway and stage production cast recordings. The Compendia group has been quite troubled for nearly a decade.

The main bedrock of Compendia is the former label Intersound Records, formed by former Pickwick Records executive Don Johnson no relation to the Miami Vice actorwho purchased some Pickwick assets in and formed Intersound. Intersound had a notable in house distribution system from warehouse to retailers based in Roswell, Georgia and Alpharetta, Georgia, which did well financially for the privately owned company, especially since Intersound's roster of artists did not do massively well in terms of sales figures.

Kansas ended up signed to Exploitation Records in Platinum Entertainment, founded by Steve Devick inwas a company focused largely on gospel music, but also branched out by signing older artists in other genres rather than developing new talent.

Besides Intersound, Platinum Entertainment's main label was River North Records, named after a famed Chicago-area recording studio, knowng for releasing The Beach Boys' much-maligned country artist mashup tribute Stars and Stripes Vol.

It also acquired the Christian label Diadem. Platinum Entertainment lost its footing after the turn of the millennium, and filed for bankruptcy in Inseveral Platinum assets were reorganized into Compendia Music Group, with its distribution apparatus based in Alpharetta, until choosing in to shutter it and sign a distribution pact with Koch Records. However, Compendia did not fare well in either case, and is well on the verge to bankruptcy once more and having its library acquired on the cheap by someone who will then fold the company.

That someone happened to be Springbok. Exploitation Records also relies on an in-house distribution system, without a third party, but in its case, with many notable veteran artists in a variety of genres, the profit margins are extremely high, especially thanks to established industry connections with retailers, the Internet, radio, MTV and VH1.

Exploitation Records will take the libraries of both labels, remaster and re-release them in a spirited campaign. Among the first such release planned is a re-release of Live at the Whiskyboth the album and the concert video, which was released only on VHS and has since gone out of print. The video has been disowned by the band, but Exploitation Records promises that it will do right by the project and the band with the release and remastering of the video.

Every artist on the roster has artistic freedom, with the potential to earn the right to not have their albums rejected by the label. They have full ownership of their masters and timely and equitable royalty payments. The label treats each act and their release as a priority, with full connections to radio stations, MTV, VH1, and all the possibilities that the Internet has provided.

You have to spend money to make money, and give the artists plenty of rope, including raises. Because it's the long-term revenue streams that matter most, not the money that comes in immediately. Azoff chuckles a little.

And without Springbok, that paradigm was never going to change. Because it's not just gaining all the acts we can that gives us joy. It's getting all the other labels, major and indie, to wake up and smell the coffee at last. I can say that our poaching of so many legacy acts and giving them a new lease on life did the trick. Because of that, we have almost eradicated litigation in that sector, and, along with how the industry as a whole changed by sensing that the Internet was going to be an important part of selling music and embracing selling MP3 files through their own websites early on, ensured that the coffers of the industry will always be nice and fat.

Besides Azoff and Springbok figure Jerry Weintraub who besides his legendary film production credits also managed John Denver and The Carpenters, and helped book Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley's performancesthe advisory board is filled with many notable managers, including:.

When queried about whether the new advisory board effectively means the music industry is now a de facto oligarchy, Azoff merely chuckles once more. If anything, it's always been that way. We're basically making it more honest. Springbok Productions officially signed a deal to produce three films to be distributed by New Line Cinema. The intent is to produce films that fit the New Line aesthetic and are vastly different from each other.

We are justly proud of this deal. As to the future, much can be expected. New additions to help lead or be point men for the various branches of the company, taken from various legends of the industry, continue to occur.

Among these additions are legendary film producers David V. Picker, Robert Evans and Albert S. Springbok has officially announced the creation of a new division dedicated to creating English dubs of popular anime, as well as film and television adaptations of the same.

Dubbed Enima anime spelled backwards, as well as reflecting Kurt's sense of humorthis division is expected to help bring about a massive upswing in international popularity for a notable art form, and attract the absolute best, talented individuals to bring the characters and stories to life. Enima will have much to talk about by this time next year, having been invited to be keynote speakers at Anime Weekend Atlantaand is also currently working hand in glove with Disney for their dubs of the films of Studio Ghibli and visionary director Hayao Miyazaki.

Denver and Delilah Animation officially is proud to confirm the reports are true Produced in conjunction with Tom Hanks and his production company Playtone, the series will premiere on HBO in the summer of Titan A.

But when embittered loner Cale Tucker learns that his long-deceased scientist father hid a powerful ship known as the Titanwhich contains the ability to create a new planet for humanity, an intense, white-knuckle race to find it is on. The series will take the basic story of the original film and expand upon it, with further fleshed out backstories, thrilling obstacles at every corner, and a greater list of supporting characters to bring the universe into great detail. And as a link to the past, Ron Perlman reprises his role in the film as Professor Sam Tucker, the inventor of the Titan.

The series is co-created and developed by Brian Helgeland, the talented screenwriter behind L. Confidential and Mystic Riverwho is also the show's frontrunner. Original film directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman will serve as executive producers. In addition to its work on Adult Swim that is currently known, such as ATHF and the forthcoming Squidbilliesanother production for the programming block is in the works.

Entitled Metalocalypsethe show, created by Brandon Small of Home Moviesrevolves around metal group Dethklok and their dealing with a level of fame and fan hysteria that puts The Beatles to shame. It is expected to drop in But Denver and Delilah is not content to simply create animation for more mature audiences.

Besides its continuing involvement in Code Lyokoit is proud to announce, that debuting shortly on Nickelodeon, it will be involved in a breathtaking and wholly original new concept entitled Avatar: The Last Airbender. Set against a dazzling backdrop inspired heavily by Chinese mythology and martial arts, the show tells the story of world, centered on the four elements of water, earth, fire and air, at war against the encroaching and tyrannical reach of the Fire Nation, where only the Avatar, the master of all four elements, can save them.

But the road to such a victory is long and arduous, and filled with discovery along the way. While development on massive tentpole features for such as Batman Begins and Memoirs of a Geisha have been underway, Springbok was in successful negotiations to officially purchase fellow production company Brandywine Productions, the group responsible for the Alien franchise, and which has been sitting dormant since the polarizing release of Alien 3 and a cancelled sequel to that film.

While it is far too early to say anything definitively, Springbok is confident that a legendary franchise can surely be resurrected to its former glory that the original two movies established. After all, the success of the Disney theme parks attraction Alien: Terror Incarnate has demonstrated that there is a definite audience waiting for such an event. Springbok has also purchased Lexington Road Productions. An active financier in film, television and theatre, it is managed by sister company, East of Doheny East of Doheny will remain independent.

The coin of Lexington Road Productions will help in financing and production of other projects, including the financing of documentaries by other producers. In addition, it has been officially confirmed that negotiations to enter a three-picture deal with Mel Gibson's Icon Productions have concluded satisfactorily. We are truly blessed to be working with Mel, Bruce Davey, and the rest of the Icon family, the same team responsible for the likes of Braveheart and We Were Soldiers.

Mel's work behind the camera is truly something to admire, and we are proud to help make more cinematic history together. Kurt and Nirvana's very good friends Tenacious D, headed by actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass, are also considered important members of the Springbok family.

Ever since assisting with the production and release of their self-titled album and JB's iconic role in the Springbok-produced hit film The School of Rockplans for a feature length Tenacious D film and a soundtrack album are proceeding quite smoothly. Scheduled to be released by New Line Cinema sometime init promises to be hilarious and truly rocking.

With the success of legendary lyricist and producer Jim Steinman's Dance of the Vampiresthe early workshop production of the forthcoming musical Lestatand impressive reviews for the film adaptation of The Phantom of the OperaSpringbok's musical theatre arm is naturally keen to continue to grow.

Plans for a somewhat revamped stage version of Phantom for a North American tour and a Las Vegas spectacular are in the works, to incorporate some of the changes in the film, and possibly encourage the same to happen Album) the main New York, London, Toronto and L. Springbok also plans to assist in a Broadway transfer of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical, The Woman in Whitecurrently playing in the West End, as well as mounting an American tour and later a full production of Whistle Down the Windhis collaboration with Mr.

Steinman, which broke box office records during its three-year run in London's Aldwych Theatre. Springbok has officially signed a deal with Walt Disney Theatrical to help work on their planned stage transfers of TarzanThe Little Mermaid and Mary Poppinsas well as an English version of their stage transfer of The Hunchback of Notre Damewhich played successfully for three years in Berlin, Germany.

Springbok has thrown money into though is not fully producing a film version of the successful Broadway musical adaptation of Mel Brooks' The Producersis fully producing additional stage versions of the same, and is working with Mr. What is a price? Factors to consider when setting prices Customer perceptions of value Company and product costs Other internal and external considerations affecting price decisions Marketing at Work 9.

We'll give you a cue Promotional pricing Making Connections Linking the concepts Geographical pricing Dynamic pricing International pricing Price changes Initiating price changes Responding to price changes Public policy and pricing The Journey You've Taken Reviewing the concepts Navigating the key terms Notes and references 10 Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management Chapter objectives The Way Ahead Previewing the concepts Case Study Pinturas Fierro: slow but safe growth Supply chains and the value-delivery network The nature and importance of marketing channels How channel members add value Number of channel levels Channel behaviour and organisation Channel behaviour Vertical marketing systems Horizontal marketing systems Multichannel distribution systems Changing channel organisation Marketing at Work Making Connections Linking the concepts Marketing's impact on society as a whole Marketing's impact on other businesses Citizen and public actions to regulate marketing Consumerism Sustainability Marketing at Work Home Marketing: An Introduction [3 ed.

Marketing: An Introduction [3 ed. One of those later books was the Remnants series, which had several black, Hispanic, and Asian characters, a character who had a messed up face because it was burned in a fire 2Faceand Noyze, who grew up deaf.

They even tried to put a lesbian in this kids series frombut sadly, it didn't quite work as planned. Invoked in a short story "Papanin's Mauser" by Michael Veller. It depicts a drift-ice research unit of four people. Three of them are Russians and Communists and the last one is a nonpartisan German.

According to the Soviet laws three Communists is enough to constitute a Party cell, so every day they have to conduct a Party meeting, for members only. During these meetings the German has to leave the "meeting room", that is the tent where they all live and spend time tramping around it in the bone-chilling cold. Eventually he applies for membership in the Party to end this nightmare but is rejected on the following ground: as he is he symbolizes the international nature of the Soviet people and the unbreakable ties between partisans and nonpartisans.

Lheorvine is the only black man in Black Legion, and one of precious few in Warhammer 40, Before Matt Ward retconned their dark skin into a "mutation" the Salamanders space marines, and the people of their homeworld, Nocturne, were an entire planet of token blacks.

Post -Ward, it's assumed that the denizens of Nocturne are white, but "turn black" when they become Salamanders. In How to Build a Skydeck, fish-out-of-water protagonist Stan realizes that all his co-workers avoid him for being a Token Minority. Specifically, being the only white guy on the construction crew. Lord Wulfston in The Savage Empire books by Jean Lorrah is the only black person we see in the first five books or so. On the other hand, nobody makes a big deal about it; he just has a hard time being anonymous.

To Mrs. Rowling's credit, no ado is made of any that she's a transgender. She does this before providing little else in the context of the game. I get that Terrans are space hillbillies, but wow Ace Combat series' Constructed World of Strangereal seems to have no equivalent of Africa or East Asia, yet some token characters obviously representing those regions' ethnic groups come included: The most egregious case is the Series Mascot Kei Nagase, who has appeared in some form i.

Harvest Moon occasionally has a few. For example, Harvest Moon 64 has a black fisherman and Ambiguously Brown Kai in a town full of mainly white and a few Asian people while Story of Seasons introduced the first explicitly gay character in the series. Body Blows: The British boxer Junior is the only black guy among the human characters.

Though Junior does make up for this somewhat as being a prominent character in that he is one of the only two characters to be in all of the games of the series. Web Comics Alice in the Loserz strip. As she says in one strip, one of the few black kids in school. Missi Fuller's ethnicity, while lampshaded in her intro comic, serves no plot purpose other than to bring a bit of variety to the cast and the sole black character who's particularly recurring, Eponine, only in later times started getting attention.

Grace and Nanase in El Goonish Shive. Sort of. Sensei Greg too, but he's become a Brother Chuck. And Nanase doesn't even look very Japanese. Clark is probably this in Shape Quest. Subnormality: Lets not forget to always give them One Award. Introduced as "The new friend", he has never moved, spoken, or been aknowledged by another character. He's even called the token black friend in the theme song! Amusingly enough, he is actually the third black character introduced after Barack Obana and The Big Man, with both actually having at least a minimum of a role in the comics.

Interestingly, in Homestuck itself, Word of God has given a similar, though less cynical, rationale for having Jade, Nepeta, and Equius be furries. Hilariously subverted in Errant Story by Bani, who's well aware of her status and doesn't want to become the black dude who dies first.

Axe Cop does it with as crazy a twist as everything else: When asked whether there will be "members of other races" in Axe Cop's team, they introduce a merman team member. Parodied in a Shortpacked! Jordan being approached to play the Human Torch. An irate comic fan complains to Jacob about this development and states that this would likely make the Invisible Woman Torch's sister black as well, and when Jacob doesn't see a problem with this, the fanboy responds by claiming that having two black people in the cast would be "unrealistic".

The fanboy then runs off screaming when Lucy, the strip's other major black character, shows up. Celebrity judge Oscar Wilde implies that Shange is only there because she is a black female, which Shange doesn't take kindly to. Hilarity Ensues. The Channel Awesome sites: Krissy Diggs, a. That Chick With The Goggles, was the only black person on any of the sites doesn't help that her video postings are extremely sporadic.

That is until The Rap Critic was added. Angry Joe was the only Hispanic member as well, and Benzaie is the only open bisexual. He's now joined in the Hispanic representation by The Blockbuster Buster. Ma-Ti, the only non-white hero in Suburban Knights.

Inverted in Funday Night Gaming's cast, as all but one of the main cast is gay. Achievement Hunter had Ray Narvaez Jr.

Lindsay Jones ne Tuggey is the only woman who commonly appears on camera and for awhile was the only woman in Achievement Hunter, but they have since added Steffie as an off-camera helper.

There's also the very British Gavin Free. The Ultimate Sidemen have Vikram Barn Vikkstar as their only member who is neither white or black; he is of Indian descent. Part of the joke is that all the other characters think he's the token rich character the only one to regularly call attention to Token's blackness is Cartman, who has been shown in other contexts to be quite racist. And his parents own the Hooters expy restaurant Raisins. Which is done as a deliberate subversion of this trope.

For some reason, the Vampire kids have one Angry Black Man among their group, which leaves the goth kids slightly confused. The final season tried to address the black issue by replacing Black Vulcan with Cyborg of the Teen Titans, a character that Marv Wolfman and George Perez worked hard to create as a legitimate original character. Less "token" because not only does he have the same nom de guerre as a major member of the original team, but he has worked with the League in a number of stories in the comics when he was Hal Jordan's backup, thus giving the character's inclusion some credibility.

Furthermore, in the Unlimited phase of the series, the producers strove to dilute the issue by bringing in many of DC's other minority superheroes like Mr. Terrific, Vixen, Steel and Doctor Light. In addition, the second season of Unlimited featured the Ultimen, straight and far better done versions of many of the Superfriends token characters.

Shayera Hol Hawkgirlfrom the planet Thanagar, was deliberately given a Hispanic voice actor as well. Out of the Original Seven, Batman is the only one without super powers. But who needs that when he's Batman? The only people who aren't minorities on the team are Batman and Flash. Superman: The Animated Series had Angela Chen, who was essentially a race-swapped version of Cat Grant from the comics, right down to being a catty gossip columnist and Lois Lane's rival at the Daily Planet.

Beware the Batman looked to be doing this by using Katana as Batman's sidekick instead of Robin or Batgirl. Noticeable in that she was explicitly touted as "the new Robin" in press releases. Seeing how the show was canned after a mere 26 episodes, forbidden from being aired after September 28,and written off by the company we will never know.

In order to have some racial diversity in the cast of Bionic Six despite the main characters all being relatedthe Bennetts were given two adopted sons who were African American and Japanese respectively. Clerks: The Animated Series also added a token minority, Lando named for the only person of color in the original Star Wars trilogywho rarely did anything other than show up to showcase his non-whiteness.

This was expressly parodying this trope, however. The Extreme Ghostbusters team was compiled of all minorities. Roland a black man, Eduardo a Hispanic, Garrett a white guy in a wheel chair and Kylie a "Goth" chick.

Egon was the only non-minority but he didn't always go out with the team, but held a figure head position. Their receptionist, Janine Melnitz is Ambiguously Jewish considering her last name. The original animated series, The Real Ghostbusters, had the movie version of the team so there is only a token black guy instead of a whole token team. Talk about having your cake and eating it too And then there's Cleveland Brown, the token black guy who in the later seasons becomes a portmanteau for black stereotypes that had nothing to do with his established personality.

And you can't bring up minorities on the newscast team without talking about "Blackuweather forecaster Ollie Williams. One example when Cleveland is in the golf course the second time with a Richard Nixon mask.

Another parody in Futurama, where the characters sometimes watch the soap "All My Circuits", which features a cast of robots and a single token human. Fry: What's he do? Bender: Eh, the usual human stuff. He laughs, he learns, he loves. Fry: Boring! In Daria, Jodie Landon and Mack Mackenzie seem to be the only black students at Lawndale High, and they are apparently the only people other than possibly Andrea who Daria and Jane respect in that school.

Jodie and Mack are painfully aware of their status and are uncomfortable being effectively examples of their race; for instance, Jodie complains how she has to be "Queen of the Negroes" at school. This includes when they were dubbed school parade King and Queen consecutively over multiple years, which they suspect is possibly in part because it disguise how little real diversity there is at the school. However, Jodie notices a little black girl looking awestruck at her being so honored, and decides she can put up with it for the greater good of inspiring other minority kids to dream.

On the other hand, Jodie's parents are a pair of jerks, Tiffany of the Fashion Club is an Asian Airhead, and the school's principal, Angela Li also Asian ethnicity is a strutting self-important dictator.

Spyke in X-Men: Evolution is not only the token black member of the team, he's related to the only other black person in the cast. Spyke was so unpopular that he was written out of the series and made to live in the sewer no, really. His eventual guest-star role as a vigilante was more well-received by the show's fans than his entire run as a cast member. By that time they had balanced things out a bit by adding a few other minority kids to the cast, notably Sunspot Afro-BrazilianMagma Race Lifted into a dark-skinned Brazilian and Jubilee Chinese-American.

Though of course Jubilee herself was also Put on a Bus until the finale. Transformers His Masters Voice - Takahashi Jones - Divercity (File had token Hispanic Carlos. The fact that his catchphrase was "holy frijoles" should tell you how badly that turned out. Alexis was also supposedly Vietnamese, according to Word of God. Uh huh. Animaniacs has Dr. Averted amongst the humans in Transformers Animated, where there are a number of prominent nonwhite characters.

However, it's notable that when the Autobots turn human in "Human Error", there's one black kid - and it's Bumblebee. This is because of the voice actors - Bumblebee is the only main-cast Autobot with a black voice actor Bumper Robinson. The children's television series Dragon Tales has a dragon in a wheelchair, he can't fly either.

Most of the plot of the episode where Lorca is introduced, "A New Friend", hinges on this. John Thunder, the Native American member of the Centurions. Maybe one of the best out there. Orange Blossom and Ginger Snap of Strawberry Shortcake, though later seasons introduce more characters. Doozy Bots, the attempt to adapt Gundam to American audiences in the early 90s That thankfully never got past a short 5 minute preview video featured the Black Kid of the gang who also happened to be in a wheelchair.

Raven is an apparently white Half-Human Hybrid and the other two have orange and green skin though Beast Boy was born white before turning green. Herald and Bumblebee are black while Mas y Mens are Hispanic. However, many secondary characters are white. The show is set in Mexico or at least a Mexican-American communitywhere everyone is perceived to be "foreign" and "exotic" in some way.

The show in general obviously tries to be very cosmopolitic. Though one episode has the cast visiting the "Mexican Jewish Cultural Festival" so Danville might just have a particularly large population of Mexican-Jews The Famous Five were reimagined for a Disney cartoon series, starring the children of the original Five. George's daughter Jo Jyoti is half-Indian. Compare the extremely white originals with the next generation.

Anya didn't show up as often after the Five-Episode Pilot, but A. Spoofed in the Robot Chicken sketch 12 Angry Little People, when the lone black juror points out that not every black person needs to be a positive role model. The whole main cast of The Weekenders. Averted in Young Justice.

As of the end of season one, four of the core cast members are people of color Aqualad and Rocket are both black, Robin is Romani, while Artemis is half-white and half-Vietnamese. Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats was black. Of course, she was this in the comic book beforehand. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! However, he sometimes goes whole episodes without saying anything. Some unused production art shows that at some point before the series finally aired, Black Goliath was apparently supposed to take Giant-Man's spot on the team.

Somewhat funny since in the comics, Falcon was added to the team to fill a diversity quota and quit when he decided he didn't want to be included simply for being black. Perhaps in response some of the complaints about the racial and gender disparity in the live-action movie, Avengers, Assemble! However, he has a very large role in the show, and is the Audience Surrogate of the team. Jonny from Ed, Edd n Eddy is implied to be black.

Rolf may count, as he's Ambiguously Brown. They might even be a light parody of this trope. Freight Train from Where's Huddles?. She is Indian. Everyone in Bertha is white, except for the Indian Panjid. Elena of Avalor: Elena's best friend Naomi Turner, a pale, blond-haired, blue-eyed girl with an English name in the Spanish-style Kingdom of Avalor; almost everyone else is dark-haired and tan. The Loud House has Lincoln and his family being white except for Lucy who has pale skin resembling a light shade of gray, Clyde being black with a black dad and a white dad, and of course, the Casagrandes as a Hispanic family with CJ having Down Syndrome.

Inverted in Rango, where most of the inhabitants of Dirt seem to be anything but mammals. Literature Lowly Worm from Richard Scarry's books. Of the "Pony Friends" Cutesaurus the Dinosaur is the only non-mammal. Princess Silverswirl from G2 has an unnamed pet dragon, which fans have nicknamed "Spike" despite the completely different design. Inverted in SpongeBob SquarePants. Sandy Cheeks a squirrel and Pearl Krabs a sperm whale are the token mammals among the main, major, and supporting characters.

Donald Duck started out like this, though his love interest and many family members were introduced later on. Inverted with Sleepy Bat in Birdz, the only reoccurring non-avian. There were also anthropomorphic ducks in "Arthur's Almost Boring Day".

Several episodes of The Get Along Gang included a turtle named Braker as an ancillary member of the Gang, with the Cartoon Over-Analyzations blog describing him as "the Furry equivalent of a Token Minority," as he was the one reptile in a group of mammals.

Zootopia has this as a significant part of the plot, with Judy Hopps being the first rabbit police officer of Zootopia and has to struggle against the label of being the Token Minority. He is not only explicitly said to be from New Zealand but also a Maori. Web Original In the cat video series The Six Cats Parade, Rico is the only black cat and the only without white color of the group in contrast with his three black and white and one siamese siblings and his mother, which is a gray and white cat.

Western Animation Pete and P. In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the majority of the population as well as the main six characters seem to be evenly distributed among unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies.

However, there are several other intelligent species in the world. Cattle, sheep, donkeys, mules, buffalo, zebra and possibly goats are all people just as much as ponies, and the same goes for some mythological beings like minotaurs and griffons. However, these beings only have short gag cameos or one-shot appearances. The only exception is Zecora the Zebra. Note that in the original book he's human by heritage; his parents are his actual parents. He just happens to have been born with the approximate form of a mouse.

How anyone worked out he was a viable life-form, let alone that he had the potential to grow up intelligent, when he was born so mutated and looking like a miscarriage is left to the imagination, because it is a children's book.

Western Animation Minerva Mink from Animaniacs. Also, Wilford B. Wolf is this when he transforms into a werewolf. Mousey Galore from Pinky and the Brain. In fact, Word of God has been needed to identify some of the black characters in the series.

The other women are white. The two characters' nationalities definitely play a role in the series. Oddly, Alexis reveals in her thoughts that she knows that she was framed for crimes she did not commit because she was a poor black woman, but in the book starring her called Lethal Justice, that was not brought up at all!

Gone has a very large and very diverse cast, with multiple black, Asian, Latin, and gay characters, and even one character with severe autism. She is portrayed as a Soul Sister who speaks mostly in jive. Shaunee, the only black member of the "nerd heard" and the only black lead for the first several books and who we're constantly reminded is black. In the book "Come a Stranger" by Cynthia Voigt, the main character gets to be the only black girl at an exclusive summer camp.

After the camp gives her a lame reason for kicking her out, she gets asked "How does it feel to be an ex-token minority? Radar from Paper Towns; he even lampshades this by referring to himself as the "token black friend" of the group. Mike in Stephen King It see the film version. These characters are usually only in about half the episodes in any given season, onscreen for less than two minutes if they do appear and may not have any actual dialogue.

They occupy the roles of best friends of secondary characters. If they have dialogue, it almost invariably contains some reminder that they are gay. The tokenism appeared to be broken in Season 3 with the introduction of gay werewolf Ethan.

But he also occupied a minor role, did not always have lines and was only present for the one season. Worth noting that actress attended the same school of Mona Lisa Smile as listed above. The show also averted it in later seasons with the addition of M. Warner and Dr. Huang to the regular cast. As of Season 15 this trope is entirely averted, as of the five members of the main cast two are Latino and one is black.

Averted in Grey's Anatomy, in which almost half the regular cast is non-white. The production team is, however, very aware and tellingly proud of the fact. The GA staff used racial-blind casting, when you start auditions without picking the ethnic background of the characters. However as the show continued and a load of new cast members were added, the majority of them were white.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine averts this trope. Of the seven members of the main cast, three are female, two are Latina, two are African-American, and one is Jewish. Captain Holt, is both African-American and gay, though neither he nor his partner fall easily into stereotypes.

Argentine-born actress Stephanie Beatriz said that when she and Cuban-American Melissa Fumero realized they were both members of the main cast, they were sure there had been a mistake and that one of them was going to get fired Subverted on The Red Green Show, with the character of Edgar K. Montrose, played by First Nations actor Graham Greene. Greene himself approached producer Steve Smith, asking to be on the show after enjoying it on TV.

The role they gave him was essentially colour-blind - that of an explosives "enthusiast" who can't really call himself an expert, since experts have the proper license and permits, and more training in handling dynamite than just watching a lot of Road Runner cartoons.

Edgar was Too Dumb to Live, but that also described everybody else on the show. The only reference to Greene's ethnicity in his time on the show was a humorous Shout-Out in his first appearance, when Edgar commented about the film Dances with Wolves, and stated that the "Native guy" Greene himselfshould have gotten the Oscar.

However, this is incidental to his character; it's only brought up once, at the end of the first season, when Karen suggests going to a ticket scalper and he acts offended. Also, both bartenders Phil and Paul appear Cree. One of them speaks some Cree, enough to know the original name of Dog River. Referenced in Star Trek: Voyager itself a very racially diverse show where Janeway and Chakotay discuss the issues involved in a ship crewed by both Federation members and Maquis separatists.

Janeway notes that by making the Maquis Chakotay her second in command she hopes she has already shown that she can be tolerant of them, and Chakotay responds, "I have no intention of being your token Maquis. The original pilot pushed further with a female second in command, and Spock was considered to be radical at the time as an Alien, especially with the original plans being for Spock to have either green or red skin.

Also notable that both lead characters of Spock and Kirk were played by Jews. Then there's the gutsy move of creating a Russian main character at the height of the Cold War. Deep Space Nine, with a somewhat varied cast itself, has an odd class example. Miles O'Brien is heavily played up as a Closer to Earth blue-collar NCO in a staff of implicitly elite Officer and a Gentleman types, complete with a labour-movement martyr in his ancestry.

Granted, one can call Captain Sisko upwardly-mobile, as the son of a restaurateur, but this was revealed much later and never emphasised. Though the Federation is supposed to be truly egalitarian, classless meritocracy, so the whole issue is a little murky. Star Trek: The Next Generation of course had Worf as an in-universe example, the only Klingon in all of Starfleet, having been adopted by humans in his youth. Quite a bit of Character Development resulted from his dealings with born-and-raised Klingons who variously failed to live up to his idealized image of Klingon honor or disapproved of his choice to stay with the humans instead of returning to his people where his family was disgraced anyways.

Another in-universe example would be Data as the only Android of the Starfleet and one of the very few Androids of the whole universe. Pete Ross from Smallville is an especially funny example, as his comic book counterpart is white. Both radio experts on Hogan's Heroes were token black characters. Given that they were all prisoners and obviously not all from the same unit, WWII segregation wasn't really an issue. Kinchloe played by Ivan Dixon was more than the radio expert - he was second-in-command.

He also had at least three episodes showcasing him. And his role was prominent enough that the practice of cutting out the black characters for the "Southern Version" practiced up to the late 's wasn't usually possible.

Baker played by Kenneth Washington was a better fit when he took Kinchloe's place, having previously been the one black guy in the mob of line-less background prisoners. It is still notable that most of Kinchloe's spotlight episodes were the only ones to feature a black Girl of the Week an African princess and an old high school girlfriend respectively. Saturday Night Live has been guilty of this at multiple points in its run.

Pico Union, Phantom - Clancy Eccles - Freedom (The Anthology 67-73) (CD), Into The Darkness - Minami (5) - 東方Reflection Of A Drive (CD, Album), Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound (Vinyl, LP, Album), Talen 60 - François Valéry - François Valéry En Concert (Vinyl, LP, Album), Unknown Title, Tour Angel - Milt Jackson - Bags Bag (Vinyl, LP, Album), Twin Tee Pee Twist - The Boss Martians* - Vienna Beer Brawl (Vinyl), The Techno Peace - Various - Chasis - History 2012 (CD), The Honky Tonk Downstairs - The Po Ramblin Boys - Back To The Mountains (Vinyl, LP, Album), Various - Housexy Summer In The City (CD), Mary Bloody Mary - Defleshed - Body Art (Cassette), My Friends - All Get Out - The Season (Vinyl, LP, Album), Good Feeling - Jimi Hendrix - Jimi (Vinyl, LP), Desert Island Woman - Various - The Amazing Zigzag Concert (Box Set)