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I think that would be laughable, personally. In the case of Rageit has been out of publication for something like twenty years due to its controversial nature, and clearly King doesn't want to draw more attention to it than necessary.

Still, I personally feel that all the arguments point toward it having to be included. The Long Walk -- The only reason to exclude it would be if you were excluding all Bachman titles, and I've already indicated that I would vote against that. Let's now bring up a secondary possibility: rather than count the first four Bachman books individually, we could count The Bachman Books meaning the omnibus with King's name on the cover as a single title.

We'll come back to that possibility, but it's worth at least mentioning here. As for The Long Walk itself, I say count it. The Mist -- This novella was originally published in the anthology Dark Forces and then was collected in Skeleton Crew. So in counting Skeleton Crew in our primary list, we've already counted "The Mist. So does that grant it status as "a book" for the purposes of this conversation?

I myself say no. I would be open to the notion that its standalone publication might qualify it to be counted as a novel; but I feel that since it is in Skeleton Crewcounting it here would be double-counting it for little good reason. Oh, and by the way: whatever the decision on this is, it will also be applied to any other novellas which were published solo after their initial appearances Rita Hayworth and Shawshank RedemptionApt PupilThe BodyThe LangoliersThe Sun Dogand being the ones currently in existence.

Roadwork -- See comments on The Long Walk. The Running Man -- Ditto. Creepshow the comic book -- This one is tough. Pro: it's demonstrably a book, and it demonstrably has the name Stephen King on it, listed prominently. If you pay attention, however, you will note that King is not listed as the author of the comic itself.

He IS listed as the author of the screenplay, though. Thing is, there have been questions over the years as to whether the actual script for the comic itself might not have been written by artist Berni Wrightson. Wrightson himself is on the record in a fanzine called Footsteps as saying that King scripted the comic, however, so I myself am inclined to believe him.

That being the case, I vote for inclusion. Thinner -- See comments on The Long Walk. The Bachman Books -- This one is really, really tough. Here's the thing: I'm inclined to count the four novels included in this omnibus separately, but I do feel a pull toward scrapping that idea and simply counting The Bachman Booksalmost as though it's a collection.

Which it is! I could theoretically even see counting them individually AND collectively, so that what we ended up doing was adding a total of five titles as a result of four novels plus one collection. Because in a sense, The Bachman Books means something distinct as a collection than its four constituent novels mean individually. Plus, it absolutely did get published as a Stephen King book; it sold like hotcakes and, until it was withdrawn from publication due to Ragehad literal millions of copies printed.

I'm really torn as to which way to go with this one. For now -- and I am very willing to have my mind changed -- I am going to opt to be restrictive and vote no on including this as well as the individuals; but, like, I want to. Silver Bullet -- The screenplay for Silver Bullet was published by that title in a book including the Cycle of the Werewolf novella. I think a case could be made strongly, but I'm going to vote no, mainly because I consider this to be merely an edition of Cycle of the Werewolfkind of like the Illustrated Edition of 'Salem's Lot.

The Stand complete and uncut edition -- This is an interesting case. It's demonstrably a different version of the novel than the original, as it is longer by some pages. Still, I'm voting no on this one, and I'll tell you why. It goes back to the issue of what the central question of this post means: how many books has Stephen King written?

I contend that because he wrote all of this initially, for the purposes of this conversation the and versions of The Stand are the same thing. They were published differently, yes; but that's an editorial issue, not a compositional one.

Yes, there were additional revisions made for the edition; but guess what, that's not as uncommon as you might think -- the paperback version of the original also had revisions. Mild ones, true; but revisions is all they were, and I contend the same is true of the edition. So I vote no here. The Green Mile -- Wait, what?

Didn't we settle this immediately? Well, yes, we did. I wanted to pose a question, though. Since this was published as six individual mass-market paperbacks and audiobooks initially, I wonder if there's an argument to be made that the individual components ought to be counted rather than the collected version?

I think there's a legitimate argument to be made that they should, especially since King wrote them one at a time. For now, however, I'm going to vote no. I could probably be turned into a yes on it fairly fast. Storm of the Century -- I actually typed this on the list above at first, but took it out shortly thereafter when I realized it presented issues.

Pro: it's unquestionably a book, albeit in screenplay form. Not sure there is a con. However, I have to ask, does the mere fact of its book publication complete the argument?

What I'm asking is, for what reason should Rose Red -- similarly a three-night miniseries for which King wrote a full trio of screenplays -- NOT be counted simply because nobody ever put it on bookstore shelves? If it's the writing we're taking into account, then surely there's a question as to whether King's unpublished screenplays deserve consideration.

We may return to that topic later, but for now, let's focus merely on Storm of the Century the book. It's, uh, a book. I vote for including it on the list.

Secret Windows -- Here's another toughy. It consists of essays by King focused on the subject of writing. None of these were original essays; they had all previously appeared in various places. A huge chunk of the book -- close to half of it, if I recall correctly -- consists of an excerpt from Danse Macabre.

If not for that fact, including this book would be a no-brainer for me. But it's not an immediate disqualifier, either. Let's think of it from a distance. Imagine that King were today to release a book of short stories that had all been previously published, but with one exception not in one of his own collections.

The exception: one of his lengthier novellas, say, The Langoliers. It took up half of the book, with the other half consisting of never-before-collected stories like "The Crate" and "Weeds" and "Squad D" and "The Night of the Tiger. Would you exclude this collection simply because a big chunk of it was excerpted from another collection? Let's specify that everything other than it still consisted of enough material to equate to the length of a short novel.

In my mind, you'd have to count that. An oddity, yes; but a book of mostly unique content all the same. Well, that's also true of Secret Windowsso I'm voting yes. The Plant -- Yet another tricky one. Okay, so, first things first.

Big con: it has not been published as a book in physical form. NOW, by gum, we are obliged to contend with the issue of whether electronic publication counts as a book or not.

The purist in me automatically revolts at the idea of saying that it does. But, like it or not, definitions change over time; and as time goes by, I think fewer people each year will be opposed to the idea of an e-book being considered a book. That being the case, The Plant is still an interesting case.

It consists of six individual components, published serially. The first three were actually published in chapbook form in the eighties, and were later given as private Christmas gifts to people by King. He resurrected the story ine-publishing the three original installments presumably with revisions and then publishing an additional three after that. So my vote is to count this as a single title.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer -- This one I Believe - Various - The Dome Vol. 34 (CD) probably a no-brainer, but I figured we ought to mention it. Con: it was, uh, written by Ridley Pearson. So demonstrably not a Stephen King book. However, it was published as having been written by "Ellen Rimbauer," and rumors flew frantically at the time of its publication that King himself must have written it.

I would not be surprised if there are still people out there who think he did. Be that as it may, there is no argument to be made that would persuade me that misperception ought to result in inclusion. I Believe - Various - The Dome Vol. 34 (CD) vote no. Unlike with The Standthis did consist of some substantial new writing, so there's a stronger argument for inclusion to be I Believe - Various - The Dome Vol. 34 (CD) here. And yet I am still going to hold off on making it; I'm very, very tempted to, but I'm not.

I'm contending that we're still talking about a revision rather than a genuinely new work. Again, you might be able to talk me out of this one.

This one was written by Richard Dooling. But so what? And anyways, since the book consists of a lengthy correspondence between the two of them, Faithful has the virtue of being more clear-cut than, say, The Talisman as regards what King wrote and what I Believe - Various - The Dome Vol. 34 (CD) didn't. I don't see any logical rationale for leaving this one off; only reason I didn't include it on the no-brainers list is because it's not listed on the list I took a photo of.

Stephen King Goes to the Movies -- It's a surprising inclusion to me on that alleged master list in the photo up top. It does technically contain unique King writing, in the form of new introductions to the stories all of which were previously collected in other books. Cumulatively, this new writing is not the length of a substantial essay. So for me, this is an absolute no.

If we go with yes, then I think it obliges us to reconsider some of our other decision regarding double-up titles. It would mean for me that The Mistfor one example, would suddenly have to be counted separately from Skeleton Crew. That way lies madness. So I vote no. Blockade Billy -- This novella was published as a limited edition on its own prior to its collection in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

And then it was republished with a second story "Morality," itself later to appear in Bazaar as a mass-market edition. I'm going to argue that its later absorption by Bazaar removes it from contention. I'm aware, however, that this is an iffy decision; so if you feel strongly, here's your invitation to sway me to your side. Best Sellers in Books. See more Discover Outdoor products See more See more.

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