King Pleasure - Im In The Mood For Love (Vinyl)


Horn players included a Ramon Sweat, none other then Keith Sweat's younger brother Wherever your ear might place them, Kenny dope's edit of these two lost sides is a heavy, heavy sound - don't miss it this time around. KD Soul Severes-I Official Mr Bongo reissue. All of their records were pressed as a private pressing and were sold by Yosuke himself at King Pleasure - Im In The Mood For Love (Vinyl) parties he played, most of titles are not found in the market any more.

KD Yosuke Tominaga A superb drum sound with layers of Rhodes, live Bass, Clav, Percussion and Organ, the cut is so soulful it hurts. Elements reminiscent of Money Mark, the Meters and Bob James combine to form a cracking three and half minutes of bliss. Again, a killer drum sound and instrumentation to match.

One thing is clear. The new Mike Bandoni sound is here to stay and we here at Skyline Recordings dig it! Disco Re- Edited Vol. It's in this spirit that TK present some of the finest contemporary reworkings from their legendary catalogue, classics reimagined with todays dancefloor in mind, nipped and tucked in just the right way by some of the finest names to flirt with the discotheque. Dig in, and enjoy!

Disco Re-Edited","T. Disco Re-Edited Vol. Disco Re- Ed Ted Taylor Who were the players? Where were they from? The whole release comes off as an almost 'Library' style LP with tracks short, and to the point. There is not a second or drop of Funk that is wasted throughout, proving that a little can go a long way!

The music contained within is masterfully produced and arranged, it's obvious that whoever was drafted in by Holmes to realise his vision was the creme of the crop in terms of musicianship.

This be the sound of the dancefloor, or the food for the starving sampler right here. It's understandable why, this one has it all on paper, but most importantly it has the Funk in spades! Often bootlegged, to very low standards, here is your chance to own a truly unique record - fully legit! The first of many, keep them peeled! The newest addition: not one but two 45s around Jay Dee a. J Dilla. Another never-before-released Jay Dee beat is 'Feelin' Good', an essential case of Dilla's unparalleled ear for swing.

Pure gold. On his turn, Soul Supreme takes on Dilla's timing, rhythms, and harmonies. How Jonny Murray improvises on trumpet rather than replaying the sample. The swing hits different. Soul Supreme heads deep into his music. The urban middle classes, which were developing as a result of the slow process of industrialization that had taken place throughout the 19th century, as well as the rural poor, were beginning to organize and seek out alternative forms of government.

This, plus a combination of other factors, meant that the Russian economy was in steady decline by the beginning of the 20th century.

Tsar Nicholas II, who was in power fromwas insecure about his ability to rule what was obviously a crumbling country, and he had made many enemies amongst the nobility who saw the state of the empire as an opportunity to expand their power, influence, and status. All of this led to the formation of a constitutional monarchy inwhich meant that the Tsar, for the first time ever, would need to share his power with a parliament, as well as a prime minister. This development seriously weakened the power of Tsar Nicholas II, although he retained his position as head of the Russian state.

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