Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr)


Lucian Build Guide [ Garen by dobrykebab Garen Player. Soraka's hurricane. Once she hits 6 be wary of her ult. Stay behind your minions and constantly move after she hits six, that way its harder for her to land her ult.

Cait Baby! You can easily trade her with your auto-attacks, but be carefull with her slow. She can stun you with her R, but if you dodge it, she will be an easy target for you. Dodge R or die. To win this match up: Its honestly the same as Varus but less intensive. Midorima's Vayne Guide Patch 9. Also her all in pressure is very heavy when paired with any support. Varus Season 10, Patch M7 Jhin Build She has a lot of cd on her w so you can all-in her while her w is down.

Vayne by Ichaid Vayne Player. She wil probably attack you when her Q is stacked. She doesn't have much mobility, but you have to be scared of her ultimate. Your passive also counters her, so this is more of a farm lane. Just ban her.

Tristana AD by black Tristana Player. Her slow and poke just shuts down your kill potential. Ask your support to either go a sustain champion Soraka, Nami, Yuumi, or Bard or a engage champion. Try to stand behind minions and dodge her W, watch for her Q stacks and her ult. She never really bothers me anyway though, and shouldn't be too scary without a gank.

Just watch out for her ult while backing. Kali by fireice90 Kalista Player. Cold Bitch. All in her early and look to end the game fast. Dodge her W poke, as it hurts quite badly. Nyahr Kai'Sa Player. Her W poke will push you out of lane. Try to farm as much as possible without taking damage from her pokes.

When she hits level 6, her ult is a gamechanger to be honest. If you get hit by her ult, the fight is basically over, unless your support is really good.

Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver 9. Play around your support's CC for potential all-ins but don't force as Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr) can easily turn on you with superior range. Really though, it's winnable, just VERY irritating. She can run you down with her slows on auto. So freeze the wave, avoid upfront auto to auto trades, and poke on cs. At level 6, be careful of her ulti. In teamfights, wait it out before going in. That ult can lock you down and give her a free kill, which also means you will loose alot of stacks.

Be sure that she has already used ult or have flash up before fighting her in a 2v2. If she wins lane she will be almost unstoppable to you. Though if you win, she'll be like a fly on the wall. Senna adc by Obariyon Senna Player. You regret having a damage adc instead of a crit one by Tophatant Dr. Mundo Player. Your support will probably need some sort of hard CC in order to catch her when your E is down.

Try to dodge her ult with yours and avoid getting hit by her W as it can lead you to a bad spot since you are pretty immobile without your E. Fly up the ranks with Xayah. Diamond Lucian guide not done yet by dravenfizz Diamond Lucian Player. Please stay behind minions and dodge her ult when possible. Try to dodge her ult with yours and avoid getting hit by her W as it can lead you to a bad spot since you are pretty immobile. Miss Fortune [BOT] very guidy guide. Kill her. She can not run away from your roots.

Xayah noob's carry guide by Sahalio Xayah Player. She becomes a much bigger threat when she hits level 6 and gets her ultimate. Fight her when you have Flash up or if you can cc her long enough to kill her before she has a chance to use her ultimate. Lucky for you you have two blinks so try not to get hit by her ultimate. Otherwise, one shot after lane. Patch 9. Her passive Crit slows and her Ult stuns you.

Be careful if she's fed and specially after her level 6. If this happens, build CC resistance tenacity items. If you get slow on engage by ash you Done, if you figure out a way to dash toward ash without getting slow by volley,stand behind your minion then dash foward once volley is on cooldown. If at least you respect thisyou should always win 1 v 1. If you get any Slowing champion with ash as supportyou might Tilt your actual lane. Although she doesn't win lane easily vs Cait, if she goes even she generally scales better into the mid and late game.

Try to always position yourself behind your minions to dodge her W spam, get as much tower damage as possible while safe, and respect her R once she gets it. Ashe is super squishy and shouldn't stand any chance against you unless she's fed and has Bloodthirster. Launching a fully charged ult should kill her after 1 more hit.

Ashe's R can be tough as you are already slow enough you do not need a 3 - 3. Early in lane this will most of the time spell your death. Avoid 1v1'ing her if she is fed as well and get the help of your team to gang up on her and you can cut her down to size.

Poke her off and then engage. Snipe snipe snipe! Jinx - A Simple Guide [Patch 9. She can slow you hard, but once you DO catch up to her, she's gone. Don't let her kite you. Best sneaky killer by Numresunw Diamond Twitch Player. She's easy pickings with W and R. You should also be able to kill her before she has a chance to charge her Q up. Q poke on her is very effective.

Be careful until 6 though! You need to be wise at what you take and what you don't. Jax the jungle GOD 9. Do not underestimate her capabilities. Her ultimate can stop Jhin's ultimate, and is often used in close-quarters despite being global. Be weary in the laning phases, and avoid 1v1s if she is fed. Stick with your team and focus her as she is Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr) single-target ADC. She can outpoke you and out shove you if her support is better.

The problem can be over level 6 when she engage with ulti. Try stay behind minions so her W doesn't hit you boots early can help you! Vayne Guide Patch 9. Consider going Doran's shield for start. Save E for her ult. Wonder Woman - Top of the meta [9. So win the early game and she wont be a Problem.

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We can help with urgent tasks Need a paper tomorrow? Pay a fair price Our prices depend on urgency. Frequently Asked Questions. If she also lands her ult she can easily kill you. But you also have good options to kill her with your Lethality. The Korean Thundering Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr) Taking cleanse is a must for her ultimate.

Watch out for her W and her Ultimate ability, any of those can get you stuck and vulnerable to the enemy team. So do not extended fight vs ashe, you will lose. Do not do a wild engage onto ashe shes a decent 1v1 champion.

Make sure that you are in a good position to react to the ult. Annoying in lane and can scale decently well if she gets ahead. Take Cleanse for her Ultimate. She has 75 more range than Kai'Sa, good poke and high utility. Pair all of that with her chase down ability with approach velocity and you have yourself a tough lane. Surviving this lane and playing around your support's engages are most important here!

She's really immobile. Either poke her out or just CS and wait for jungle ganks. Her kill pressure is fairly low because you can block her R with your spell shield just don't let her bait it out and then R you. Not only that, but as of Season 11, she can build Kraken Slayer and auto attack you to death with her slows.

The best you can do is pull the reverse and CC her down and land a good W combo into your typical Q auto. Be sure to pick an aggro bot if you're playing Vs.

Don't let her volley poke you down so be sure to stay near your minions if you can't dodge well. All-in her at level 3 and snowball the game from there. If she R's you, just W. ALWAYS keep a safe distance, if she manages to get close and you don't have w you are most likely dead. However, without her R, you can slowly poke her down with Q without her having the chance to engage on you. Once she's low enough you can all-in and win.

It's often worth to flash her ultimate if it's going to hit you, especially from a close distance because you can get closer while dodging and not give her the chance to escape since you tend to deal more DPS overall.

She can easily shove you in lane and all in you at 6. This lane will be absolute hell without an early lead. More kill pressure through her Arrow R. If u can get on top of her shes easy though. Oh hey remember her q Extends her Auto range, and it outranges the turret have fun. However paired with the right support she can be a bit of a bully. Use minion waves to block her Volley when you can other than that don't over aggress into their lane because you will be slowed and extremely vulnerable to the enemy support as well as the enemy jg.

The main threat here is if she spaces you well and dodges your damage as her slows let her walk you back to your turret with very little counterplay.

If you can, you should be good. However her slow can be quite annoying to deal with. Don't true to chase her because she is one of the best kiters in the game with her slow. She will kite you till death. And she has range.

Quest Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr) by ooftheiii Ezreal Player. Really annoying poke lane, and can run you down if you push too far up. She enjoys taking extended fights to make use of her Q, so try to avoid fighting her for long. She has little self peel outside her ult, so lock her down with your W when fighting her.

Silver Bronze Mr. You can do short, one auto trades with her in rockets since you have equal range to her at level 1 and in later levels you strictly outrange her in terms of auto range. While laning, try to stand in your minion wave to avoid poke from volley. Keep in mind that if a minion is low enough to die to volley, the arrows will pass through that minion. Ashe players use this as an easy way to get harass off in lane against unaware players.

Pay close attention to your positioning when playing against ashe, and try to avoid getting hit by her enchanted crystal arrow, which is her strongest form of setup and pick potential against you.

Consider taking cleanse to cleanse the stun or build Galeforce to dodge her ultimate. Her poke potential with enchanters and engage with engage supps makes her a hard matchup in every way. You can fight back if you're the one engaging but be careful of her slows and r stun. Senna Relatively easy lane tho. Also if u got caught by her slow when getting some farm, you are basically dead. You outscale her in teamfights too!

Ashe is to easy to deal with. She is very inmobile and very squishy, though her poke is annoying. If you catch her, you will blow her up. Stay behind minions Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind (CDr) she can't hit her W. I recommend taking cleanse and trade her when she wastes her W in lane. If she has something more passive like a Soraka then take Cull and farm it out, If she has something more aggressive like a Nautilus or Leona then take Dorans Blade because I highly doubt you will be able to farm against that.

Against Ashe take exhaust or build mercurial. Look to trade back once she has used W because of its high CD early. McNugglz Guide To Aphelios You can all in a lot better than her early. And her hard CC doesn't show up until level 6 which is when she really becomes a threat. Although her ability to perma slow might make it so the enemy JG picks you off in lane phase. Don't let her do this. Never lost a fair game If you place your feathers correctly, you can provide a bit of self-peel to make a clean getaway in the event that she's chasing you down.

Twitch build for season 11 by Zammey Twitch Player. Best ADC? If you play it right and wait for the right moments you can all in her, but in general you want to either hard shove all the time or sit under turret depending on the support matchup.

I recommend using low health minions and your E to slow, as the threat of a Q could be enough to back her off. Can be easily killed with the right support and in mid to late game. The one and only Jhin by Ineffabilem Jhin Player. Profesor APH. Diamond Aphelios Player. You can't do anything. Permaban this. Keep a far distance and you wont get hit from her W. Patch Consider getting a Crucible after your Athene's and Swiftie Boots. Start Relic Shield.

However, with a good support you can easily kill her in lane and snowball harder than she does. Make sure you use W when she has stacks of passive already on her, since she lacks the mobility to dodge it and you want to maximize dps. Ashe excels when she barely outranges you, since she can auto you for free and you can't hit her back due to her slow, so try to close the distance however possible. But she also scales pretty well so try to not give her any extra kills.

The perma slows are strong later in the game, but if you dodge her arrow R you shouldn't have an issue killing her for the most part. Guidelines for a Vayne Main. As it can be an annoying matchup as well.

Focus on your csing! Take cleanse and wait for an opening. New Meta Lethality Jinx Wait till level 6 for engage. If she gets cc'd by anything however she will die. Comet Ez by Redsaturn Ezreal Player. Nach den 4ten Autoattack kann sie die Q aktivieren.

Vayne S11 by Katarevolution Vayne Player. Sie hat durch ihrer Q einen burst dmg. Varus S11 by Katarevolution Varus Player. Season 11 caitlyn guide by Hoplit Caitlyn Player. Try taking her by surprise when attacking.

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