Main Event - I Want You (Vinyl)


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Contact this poster directly Send message. Thank Reply Share. Comment by Daemordrath Can anyone else confirm this is from assorted parts? Its my last and freza hasnt given me any luck so far. It also has a low drop chance to drop from Steel Singer Freza. Comment by TrueFighter been doing the Reclamation Rig and killing Steel Singer since day one, but this last piece i need for my achive won't drop for me.

Comment by panasc I have just realized that the drop chance of this vinyl 0. I guess this means if you got the vinyl is like you got a the mount but you have to complete some other side achievements in order to get it.

Blizzard should consider increase the drop chance imho. Comment by jodmos It is possible to get this more than once. I had already completed the quest and got another one from the Box of Assorted Parts for completing the reclamation rig. Comment by Grepster I really hope they add some kind of sink into the zone at some point to help people get over the RNG curse. I have killed Freeza, completed Rec Rig both normal and also hard mode when available every single day and am stuck on this item.

Make it cost a dozen Galvanic Oscillator or something I have no other use for those things at this point anyways. Comment by ProdromusHarv Omg, up the drop rate of this damn Vinyl! I've literally been only this drop off completing Mecha-done for 2 weeks.

Comment by thomaslvnv I Main Event - I Want You (Vinyl) gramophone pattern day 1. Day 2 and everyday since I have killed her everyday. No stupid Vinyl. It's literally the last thing I need for mecha-done for the last week. It's now August 14th and I hate having to kill her everyday just to be sad. I wish blizz would up the drop rate on this. Comment by chiplickan After many weeks of farming, I finally obtained this today.

I have noticed a misconception from other players in game that this item only drops from the hardmode reclamation rig drop Irradiated Box of Assorted Parts.

I would like to confirm that this does drop from the normal reclamation rig as well Box of Assorted Parts. Comment by Shauolin Star date The planet is dead, everyone is gone, I survive on a daily regime of drinking recycled urine and eating a mixture of dry seaweed and some sort of strange plankton curried in the remains of my once fellow heroes with a pint and some mango chutney it could really go down a treat.

To whoever may find this bottled message I send out into the waves, wherever you may be in the world or in the stars, please know, that I Main Event - I Want You (Vinyl) till the end and lived out the rest of my days like a true warrior, here, on Mechagon, farming this vinyl Comment by Nesthion I hate the drop rate of this vinyl.

Comment by Djuntas Can anyone confirm you can get the Vinyl triumph of gnomeregan from this? Strange Recycling Requisition comments. Comment by Memrin Well finally after months of farming this vinyl on 3 characters every single dayeven when hardmode was available i did the normal mode too and finally it dropped after a hardmode rig runi was almost convinced this thing didnt really even existI want to wish everyone good luck to those who are still trying to farm this item outit was really driving me mad.

Comment by Can I farm this on alts for meta achievement? Comment by qrjan89 Finaly got this one today and got the mecha-done achievement.

I did reclamation rig on hardmode and opened the irridiated box, and i didnt get anything than the usual rewards, then i mounted up, then i got a icon popping up on my screen showing me that i got it Starting to wonder if the loot fortune wheel Main Event - I Want You (Vinyl) out.

Comment by mgoodall Same story here, only need that one song since day 1, annoying after working so hard to get everything for the mount except this stupid song Give us a break Blizz.

Comment by Nesthion They seriously need to up the drop rate of this. I got the mount from Rustfeather before I got this.

Comment by Icebeans Seeing an alarming trend where it is taking longer and longer to get the rec rig built and there are fewer groups in LFG these days advertising for it.

Try your best to get your rec rig farming done before 8. I even completed Junkyard Tinkmaster achiv in the mean time cause I just had so much time spent on mechagon. Farming Freza and Rec. Rig daily either Hard mode or normal, some rare times both if HM available that day and yet to see that item drop. After that huge amount of time I don't think that drop rate is intended in any way seeing all the other green vynils almost instant drop from their sources. I'm truly happy for ya'll who already got it, you were the "lucky" ones I guess.

I'll just continue farming daily 2 sources and hope for a drop before next patch hits in 8. Comment by Etaria FFS, i'm realy angry. Doing everyday Freza and Rig and still cant loot that Vinyl! Blizz have to fix that drop change, seriously! Comment by Lostelf Opened recycling requisitions while farming for this so I think it's safe to say that they don't drop the vinyl.

Although with drop chances this low from the other two sources who knows? Blizzard really need to adjust this one. EDIT: Apparently it can drop from the epic one according to a comment on that recycling requisition page, goddamn is that drop chance low. Comment by markcham It's ridiculous how low of a drop rate this item has compared to every other item required for the Mechagon achievement. I would never have started going towards the achievement if I would've known I would be spending months farming one single item by myself, since no one even goes to Mechagon anymore.

Edit: I haven't tried farming it in a few months and got it first try from rec rig today. I'm guessing they buffed the drop rate :. Go to the Rustbolt Gramophone. Get the Vinyl: Triumph of Gnomeregan I was playing when my daughter was watching and I was joking with her about what I could do differently this 31st time for luck when I opened the box. You know, like crossing your fingers or standing on one foot. This was what I came up with.

Actually I stood on the table too before dancing. It worked for me.

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