Mick Chillage - Reverie (CD, Album)


Limited edition of glass mastered cds. I bought 'Orchid' and was hooked. I love Matt's atmospheres and beats, the delicacy, expansiveness and expressiveness of feeling, and his intuitive and spiritual approach to music Matt had some free loops of his sounds on his site at that time and I couldn't resist - I used some in a piece and sent the piece to him, Matt kindly responded.

I then suggested a collaboration. He quickly sent me a entire DVD of unique material I think everyone will really enjoy these disks which are a very nice mingling of our individual sounds; you can hear the Ishq influence, but overall, probably a bit of a darker journey than his own work, but still spacious, organic, emotive. A palette of analogue sequencers, loopers and vintage analogue keyboards plays slowly pulsing arpeggios and melodies, blurred and washed out with multiple reverb and delay pedals into droning, textural space music.

Environmental sounds recorded by Richard Harvey at the Institut Laue-Langevin neutron science research centre in France provide an immersive and eerie backdrop to the music - the sounds of geiger counters and neutron detectors reflected in the walls of concrete blockhouses and control cabins.

This is the sound of machines adrift, a hazy psychotropic soundtrack to a sci-fi vision of a lone scientist working on an abandoned space station. Lee Norris and Matt Hillier have been busy in the studio over the winter Album) and present their fourth album as Plank and Ishq.

The organic and melodic sounds on Zeal Monachorum seem to have been sourced from deep woods and underground tunnels, where mysterious life forms breed and grow.

Assembled within hours, they manage to distil, like a magic time capsule, the essence of eternity in a few minutes. With a careful listen one is able to recognize, briefly, familiar sounds; a cricket on a hot summer night, boats dancing in moving waters. Blended with carefully filtered analog recordings and surrounded by an ensemble of vintage synthesizers.

Plank and Ishq's music not only exists within those sounds, but in the space between them and in the way they interact with each other. Artist: Various Artists Title: Nagual 3. Nagual 3 is housed in a square black box with mini cards for assorted artwork.

The 3rd Nagual collection from Txt collates 18 odd albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. United in a spirit of inquiry into head and ear-space, Lee Norris and Michael Gainford return with Metal. Blending post-digital now-voyaging with a hefty hark-back, these sub-genre archaeologists draw on trajectories of early-mid '90s halcyon days and hybrids of IDM experimentalism and environmental space music.

The God Particle was made in the spirit of magic number 7. This is the 7th album and celebrates 7 years in the world of ambient music by Aythar. After so many years, the desire for challenges and experimentation was still stimulated in preparing this new album. In offering this album not only for the fans of this music genre, but also for the ones, who just started to get to know it.

The God Particle is for anyone who let themselves be carried away by the notes to an inner journey Into a world, where you can go deep into your thoughts and feelings. Where you can find calmness and peace. A new relation with ourselves. Album) Mesmerising tapestry of ethereal synths, nature, environmental tones, effortlessly encompassing subtle sonic interferences beautifully utilising anything from urban vibrations to distant machinery to captured woodland life, creating a soundtrack to your deepest lucid dream.

Musically, revealing an evolving flow of captivating themes equally haunting as it is calming. Ambient Forms hypnotises you with a timeless quality that is sure to call you back again and again.

Artist: Si Matthews Title: Aurora. Si Matthews returns with his eagerly awaited second album, this time for txt. On "Aurora" Simon takes this blue print light years ahead, forging a clearer identity and narrative, each piece shines like an exploding star and infinitely expanding with a sense of galactic wonderment and futuristic optimism for mankind.

Artist: Mick Chillage Title: Exulansis. The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it,whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness which allows music to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

Mick Chillage presents us with 10 pieces of music that clock in around 4 hours with remixes from surprise guests. Limited to just 50 numbered boxes. Two new albums representing a period of immense personal change for Ishq, a sensory bridge between everything lost and all that remains, from the meticulous precision of high summer skies into the dark beauty of a winter spent reflecting in all directions, free of limitation.

Gently stripped patterns of pure Cornish minimal tech, shifting outwards and forever onwards to the looping edges of deep space, a darker, timeless, broken beauty smiling with you as it all makes endless sense and navigates the void. Further out, elaborately precise textual machinations opening wide infinite paths of circuits mixed and blended with the collapse of reality, if we aren't dreaming this and somehow are here, now, we find the positive valence soars, taking us past the point of earthly complications, full circle, held safe within chaos.

During these sessions a total of seven pieces where composed and Lee and Mick had the difficult decision of what tracks went on the boxset. The two orphaned tracks luckily found a home on the Nagual 2 USB album collection as "Broken Apart By Echoes" and for those that missed the collection a digital download was made available through bandcamp. Its now early Autumn and as work on the 5 CD boxset of "Broken Apart By moonlight" almost comes to a close, Autumn Of Communion have been overflowing with inspiration and ideas and have created an additional piece.

Clocking in at close to 70 minutes this should delight those who have requested a CD version. The origins are sought across the infinite universe but lies in our innermost being. A truly amazing spiritual experience! Listening with closed eyes is even more special, because not only we feel, but we see what the vibrations that the music is conveying!

Artist: S. Mixed and rendered at Studio FWD. In order to navigate the vast regions of interstellar loneliness, guide 'lockstars' are identified and used as signposts. To document the deep space anomalies encountered, a soundtrack of events has been composed and presented here. These recordings sometimes contain programming and compositing incidents that may seem out of place.

They are to be considered part of the audio image and not discarded as errors. Good bass response recommended for faithful rendition of recorded material. MOD01 was originally released on cassette and limited to just 70 copies!! MOD01 was recorded during in Prague, using mostly analog synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers and effects. Anything that take you off into another world, escapism, thats what I like. I'm not so crazy about the reality of everything.

I like a lot of fantasy, and that's what I try to create, to get away, to become moved" Limited to cd's. Autumn of Communion are back with a limited cd just before the release of their epic opus Broken Apart by Moolight boxset. Sycorax follows the same path as Polydueces and Autumn of Communion 4. Sycorax leaps out and is almost cheekily fresh, firmly strident, fizzing with bubbles of acidic bass lines,and beautiful ambient textures all the wheels inside of wheels.

New, now, but equally timelessly mature, older and wiser. This is Autumn of Communion for long journeys, for being transported, deep into space. Artist: Ishq Title: Fhorm. Ishq returns to txt with a follow up Lyght his first beautiful album for the label and now somthing of a collectors item. This new album called Fhorm evokes vast shapes,vortices and pulsing osciliate geometries added with cosmic spaces. It is very easy to be transported to a more peaceful and light filled world with the music of Ishq.

So often you hear electronic music that is so over-synthesized, or over-minimal drone type music but the sounds, voices and tones are meant for each other - an extraordinary marriage of sounds, sound effects and song. I simply think that each person will find something unique to gain from listening to this gem of an album.

The boxset "Broken Apart By Moonlight" will present AOC in a new format, each track will be long form and clocking in at twenty minutes plus and featured on its own mini CD, a total of five CDs in one release! Blending post-digital now-voyaging with a hefty hark-back, these sub-genre archaeologists draw on trajectories of early-mid '90s halcyon days and hybrids of IDM experimentalism and environmental space music, tapping into rich veins fed by cult-classic Namlook-mediated albums of the period.

More structured than its predecessor, crossing several genre trails-purist, techno, dub, electronic, blurring Mick Chillage - Reverie (CD tracks, it interleaves more intense long-form pieces with dream-scape vignettes If you enjoyed the first boxset then this is a must for serious collectors of AOC Each box is numbered and comes with an artcard and AOC badge. Hakobune's new How Slowly We Regret offers a light-headed darkness, a cloud to drift slowly within whilst blissfully hovering in warm air.

Reflecting beauty from the shadows, not the light, while drawing air in a beautifully vast muted choir. Music for slow trips far away. Limited to just copies from the txt website.

Artist: Murkok Title: Elemental Labyrinth. Fitting in absolutely perfectly on Txt we have this solid new release from Murkok. Slowly elevating, warm shimmering waves of magic from the very edge of Russia, deep engrossing trips into another perspective, another complete world of his own design.

Acknowledging a shared aesthetic with Hakobune and The Ashes of Piemonte, amongst others in the Txt family, Murkok's serene sound challenges us to go a little further out, across the gulf to where his sound is born bubbling with fuzzy focus and and a hint of beautiful darkness. Limited to copies with only 70 sold on the txt website.

Artist: Various Title: Nagual 2. This second Nagual collection from Txt collates 14 albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. Limited to 70 copies worldwide. Limited glass mastered cd of copies. Come in jewel case with 2 page booklet.

If the first Angling Loser album was a gentle and bucolic excursion from daily life, blurred between the surface of our world and the world beneath the water, then the second album presents a trip into all the slow motions and reflections found much further out from the banks. With strong echoes of the first, a familiar friendly voice but with stranger twists, hints of all being fine, a languid wandering float downstream and then we plunge out into the depths, taking us past where the sky and water try to touch and into dreams of fishes flying in and out of focus, while a solitary massively fragile guitar and bare piano keep us just this side of the lost within.

If there is a third Angling Loser album and if it follows the path set by the first two, we'll surely go over the edge and into a state of pure undulating perpetual beauty. Until then, this second work finds us closer to that edge than ever. The boxset "Broken Apart By Sunlight" will present AOC in a new format, each track will be long form and clocking in at twenty minutes plus and featured on its own mini CD, a total of five CDs in one release! The direction of the music will see AOC taking the "Ambient" blue print through new sonic paths with experimentation and improvisation being the only brief.

It's basically a diary of sound from that time, and tells the tales of weekends spent with friends, cooking good food and drinking fine wine, watching old movies to bike rides at night. Into the Void evokes the dark days and nights of a foggy autumn then the coming frosts and snow in winter. Some of the tracks are quite meditative which is perfect for midnight, sleep music while others have a dark edge that paints the picture of bitter cold winter nights outside the comfort of home. Zen Diagrams was recorded in summer of and sees Mick exploring the relationship of various sound sources and production techniques to create an immersive synergy of calm head spaces and uneasy ambient listening environments.

With moments of space ambient echoing his "FAXology" album along with revisiting the subtle emotive touches of "Reverie" but again sculpting new sonic paths in Micks prolific and varied output. Zen Diagrams was chosen for the "Nagual" USB album collection and after many requests for a CD release it seemed only fair to give the dedicated txt crowd what they wanted.

Having spent 1 month in total isolation at a friends studio the pair set about taking their Devon and Cornish influences to a new spiritual high. After the initial recordings were laid down in Bala the next place they headed towards was Ishq's home town of St Buryan in Cornwall.

With the influence of Bala and Harlech mixed with magic potions and storys of Witches and Cornish Mermaids and astronauts the result is a magical mix of ambient experimental space music. A technical glitch in the cosmic crowbar!! A consise study in magnetic sounds and shoestrings!! Crows-an-Wra is spread over 3 volumes and all released on the same day. Remastered by long-time collaborator Gen Tanabe, the reissue features artwork faithful to the original design with Album) addition of liner notes written by Toshhiko Terada of Ameto Kyujitsu.

Disc One. Disc Two. Side A. Side B. Side C. Davis — Plenitude [Live at Robert Johnson] Courser — Distances [Electronic Emergencies] ACT 2 1. Goldmund — Thread [Friends of Friends] 2. Earlham Mystics — Waters [Notown] 3. Steve Hauschildt — Horizon of Appearances [Kranky] 4. Pisetzky — Vahana [Just This] 9. Lanark Artefax — Touch Absence [Whities] Chambray — Cerulean [Ultramajic] Redlight — City Jams [Hot Haus] Lake People — Delusive [Mule Musiq] Rod — Pull with Christina [Klockworks] Plant43 — Frozen Monarch [Frustrated Funk] Sinfol — Crystalline featuring Barbara Ford [Anagram] Mark Henning — Expander Six [Soma] Album) Special Request — Carex Vesicaria [Houndstooth] Wata Igarashi — Lucifero [Midgar] Computer Mouse Click Sound 11 Mar, Pouring Water 8 Nov, Soft Alarm Ringtone 30 Oct, Jon White says:.

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