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According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the game is based in a chaotic and dangerous futuristic city. In this game, players will become bounty hunters to manoeuvre among forces and to make their way to become a legend With crime and darkness are hiding behind the flashing of neon lights this is one of the upcoming mobile games which seems promising with its teaser.

With just an announcement, the game is yet to receive any release dates. Interactive Entertainment Oh My Dayz will launch under the Portkey Games label. The gameplay will be focused on collectable cards and features strategy roleplay elements that are set to delight the Potterhead fans. Set some years after the Second Wizarding War, it invites players to embark on their very own illustrious wizarding journey, which includes mastering spells, recruiting allies, and devising unique strategies and magical combinations for player versus player combat.

For more in-game details, you can visit their official site. A Battle Royale game, similar to PUBG and Fortnitewhere you jump out of an aeroplane Oh My Dayz up to other players and start looking for guns, ammo, and then take down enemies.

The last one standing wins. Similar to the other games of its genre you can play solo or team up with your mates in groups of four. With the hope that bringing the game to mobile will result in its expansion in the burgeoning e-sports market. With the original game having launched nearly 20 years ago, EverQuest mobile is one of the most sought after upcoming mobile games.

Japanese developers Select Button partnered with Nianticthe brains behind the famous Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go announced their new game which would turn sleeping into entertainment. Though the gameplay specifics have not been revealed, it was scheduled to release in which is delayed.

Its unique mechanics make it one of the most awaited upcoming mobile games. The game takes you back to the beautiful city of Portia set in a post-apocalyptic era.

Your main objective is to restore your family workshop to its former glory, at the same time building up a farm, raising animals, growing Oh My Dayz, and making acquaintances with the people of Portia.

Read our full coverage on the game here. Still no words on the release date, yet Bohemia Interactive has just released alpha footage of the gameplay. Back in January, the official announcement of Romans: Age of Caesar for mobile was made.

The development of the title was to be the first-ever online cooperative city builder and is one of the most-awaited upcoming mobile games this year.

It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. In the game, there will be an Online Continent where the players will have control of an individual city. They must rebuild Rome while sharing resources, re-establishing trade routes, and protecting their cities from barbarian invasion. Romans: Age of Caesar is expected to have a mobile release sometime around Originally launched way back inOnmyoji is yet another fantasy RPG that is making its way to mobile. Its spin-off was a former release named Onmyoji Arenaand a prequel is currently on its way.

The upcoming release will watch players as they dive into Shinkiro, land, and home of the Yokai, and they will get to play a card game known as Hyakabun. This game takes its inspiration from Japanese folklore. Check out our full coverage of the game here. Ubisoft has revealed that its forthcoming free-to-play multiplayer skating game Roller Champions is coming to mobile.

The game is exclusively available for pre-registration on the game sharing community app TapTap. You can check out more about this game on their official site. The game is featuring the contents which the devs cut from the original version. Saga Frontier was launched in exclusively for PlayStation 1. The SaGa Frontier remastered version is set to feature updated graphics, events, cutscenes, enhancements and a new protagonist! The remastered version of SaGa Frontier is planned to launch in the Summer ofthe publisher announced.

Check out our detailed coverage of the game here. A new mobile game based on the fictional series, Tomb Raiderwill be releasing next year. The official Twitter account announced the upcoming Action — Arcade game in the tweet below. They also included a very short teaser trailer as well. Check our detailed coverage of the game here. Boom Beach: Frontlines will be the latest addition to the very popular Boom Beach universe. From what we know so far, the game is a multiplayer strategy -based RPG.

The game is currently up for pre-registration on TapTap Oh My Dayz it has a perfect 10 rating on the app as of now, making it one of the most popular upcoming mobile games on our list! Frontlines is still in alpha and nothing has been confirmed about the release dates.

Check out the gameplay from the tutorial! The most exciting thing — all the heroes will be free in this game! There, players would need to grind gold or whatever currency is required to purchase heroes and expand their champion pool. But the announced game will release all heroes for free and allow them better flexibility in their champion selection. This is much more new-player friendly when compared to traditional MOBAs.

Back in JanuaryNetEase Games announced their first solely developed competitive football game titled Vive le Football. There is authentic use of in-game player motions from motion-captured by real players making them accurate as much as possible.

The developers are yet to announce an official release date yet. With only the alpha test concluded recently, the development progress still has a certain distance from the official launch. This action game will see real-time players battle it out between themselves, with settings that draw inspiration from iconic Star Wars locations.

Squads will be formed from a variety of unusual characters that include bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and Imperial stormtroopers. The teaser promises fast-paced combat, weapons, and lots of magic. This game will introduce new story elements surrounding the founding of Soldier the elite super soldier group Cloud Strife came from and are canon to the Final Fantasy VII universe. Check out the full coverage of this game here.

Square Enix Co. It is one of the major upcoming games released on mobile in for both Android and iOS as well. Almost after a decade, the game looks similar to its prequel, with more added features such as new game mechanics, enemies with newly-added HD graphics. Check out the full coverage of the game here. Read more Oh My Dayz the game here.

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We also protect you from any type of anti-cheat software and this means that you will not need to worry about getting caught. DayZ is a game that really develops your tactical skills. There are so many thrills and suspenseful moments that you will definitely never have a dull moment when playing. Because DayZ is such a strategic game, it can take time to build your tactics and strategies for winning the game, and doing this without cheats can take a lot of effort and time.

If someone kills you, that will mean all your hard work was for nothing.

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