Status Quo - The Party Aint Over Yet... (CD, Album)


Subaru engines Subaru EZ30R Engine. EZ30R block. Not because of your underlying racism. Nor your hatred for anything that threatens your western artists. There is much more context needed to talk about the subject than people are generally willing to look into.

That seems like a wave to me. You seem really bothered by it all. Let people like things. The fact that he wrote about Kpop is a contradiction to his assessment. Do you know why us girl scream when they come cause the cute handsome and hot. They most like likely look better than you. They got talent most boy band here are boring what did you expect. So i think u should back up before i get some more Kpop fans over here. We a army we will attack if we have too. I agreeee. Problem is that you have only used the billboards as your only evidence.

The fact is also that many people in the music industry are not willing to change with the trend therefore they prefer western pop more. These songs are jumping from 1 to 40 in a day. Now, go ahead and hate on me. Call me a bitch, come to my house and rob it or something. I know that BTS and other k-pop bands are not as popular as American artists, and this article tells the truth.

K-pop artists are just as talented as American artists. Everyone has their own fricking taste in music so stop being total idiots. Well people who dislike K-pop also are people and get opinions too. Anyways I got stuff to do. Have a nice day man. You are overreacting. You just can not face the truth. Every one has their own taste in music. Is it possible for you guys to listen to music without dissing other people for no reason?

If you dont like it move on. Or do Americans need all the spotlight?? Asians need some credit too. Who cares if K-pop is popular or not. They have dreams and they have been trained to give people happiness.

Let people live, let people love. Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber — they all have toxic fans. This is the world. Stop being dramatic and respect other countries. Kpop idols are also hard work humans, they have dreams. They love singing, dancing, rapping, composing, writing, producing songs. They received happiness from their fans and gave it back. I wish you open your heart and respect it too. Excuse me, I would just like to say, shut up. K-pop is popular. People do.

And even if the billboard was considered, it is obvious that they show favoritism towards english artists. Since K-pop was unknown by international people, it being on the billboard is pretty impressive. The hot is songs from gazillion songs so even if it drops 75, it is still impressive. I feel like he chose the title of this article so that he could shit stir people and get more views.

If you have hate keep it to yourself! I mean why do you even have to show hate? Imagine if it was you we were talking about and throwing hate on? They are also human beings with feelings!!!! They work very hard for years to get to where they are and in just 10 minutes you trash them?! Well I am glad thee are less people like you in the world and more lovers. The people who cheernot just Korean idols, but all IdolsI hope you live a wonderful life. Get yourself a LIFE! Unfortunately kpop will never be a genre that is accepted by everyone, and largely that is to do with the language barrier.

People make the point that music or art transcends language, however, the human race is fickle. PSY managed to stay on the Hot for 7 weeks at No 2, the fact he never got to number one despite the massive views and radio time he got that year says a lot about why kpop will never be mainstream for the long term.

Kpop is like a meteor, it comes suddenly for a short period for time, people pay attention then it disappears just as quickly. However, I am pleased with what BTS has achieved. I completely agree with you. K-pop obviously is not as popular as American pop in America, but what do you expect? This is America not Korea.

BTS does not have that. Army bug stations to play them. Shawn does concerts in many cities of the U. Kpop is not at a popular level to appeal to the diversity of masses. They are gaining fans every time they perform in the U. Actually getting nominated for a Real award based on music would be the biggest push for them.

People would check them out simply from curiosity. Fans nor Artist in the U. They need to top the charts and stay like other artists. When they beat Post that was his 4th week of sells and they barely topped him. I also know for a fact that some Army bought multiple copies to try to help them on charts. BTS needs to know what kind of hurdles they still have to overcome so they can stay determined to meet their goals. Despacito has more english than any of their songs.

Did you really just say this? Have you ever listened to Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee or did you listen to the one featured with Justin Bieber. So no. Please get your facts straight. Also I love and adore BTS but what the article said even if the writer sounded super rude is true. Of course those people would stream their songs and buy tons of their albums so that they get 1 but after that? Do you not know how stupid you sound half K-pop groups have more English in there music and than Despacito has like no your facts first.

Very well said. BTS is not from western mainstream language or race. I doubt if there has been any other artists who did the same with other language than English.

The mere comparison without considering its context and background is how they wrongfully justify the mainstream value and superiority. K-pop has also created numerous world records -specifically Bts- But this article has a point though. Tbh nothing is ever liked by everything and everyone. And sadly most of the hate on BTS is pure jealousy.

Wait, so true facts are pure jealousy? Look, Chinese they have like the biggest population in the world, so you know where most of the fans are coming fromTaiwan, South Korea of courseetc. Not so much on the Western side, sorry to say. Why is that not okay?! Jesus Christ.

Are you trying to say that every single person in China likes kpop? Or every person in Japan? Or every person in South Korea? Kpop stars get life x harder than Western artists.

They have succeeded when THEY think they have succeeded. So just shut your dick-gagged mouth before I beat the shit out of you. And trust me, after being reported by me, your career will be crap. Like, leave the genre of music alone if your not interested.

Writing about it makes it hate so…. We are a country of different ethnicities. No one will EVER have the same exact tastes in music. Some people yell the same about rap, country, rock. BTS is no different. Open minded people may give them a chance and still not like them and others may love them. Even though they are my fav, I do not consider them the best out of Kpop. They simply appeal to me the most.

I just feel sorry for the ignorance some of people. While United States is always a melting pot country since the beginning some still think that this country belongs to the White and ONLY white American only. I personally like any kinds of music regardless the language the artist use. I like the music and the message behind it.

Just my 2cents. But if they came from the Asian side, it goes down easily, unless it will become a meme or something. And for them, it translates to a bad and weird thing and it is sometimes, too different for them. But people also define you as weird and strange. Umm no. Anime is widely accepted actually.

Just Kpop is not. But I agree that it depends on the person. And if you think about it, people will like songs if they think that the lyrics Meaning they understand them are good or the sounds in the background are good IMO. Sorry if I offend you, just my honest opinion. That is not true. Two years ago BTS uploaded songs that went popular and got multiple awards for it. Plus I knew kpop a long way back. When Psy was out, no one said that was Kpop.

We simply knew it was an Asian man with a catchy song and dance. BTS will grow but most of Kpop will not take hold in the U. I call that a cookie cutter system to make money, not love for the particular genre. No one likes a poser. Though, I think everyone enjoys those top hits from America due to English is widespread or because the American music industry the starter of anything related to pop, including kpop.

Search it up, the creators of kpop got their inspiration from American pop is still the largest on the world where it can spread quickly.

The genre is pop. Pop music made in Korea well, recycled American pop made in Korea. Because you make it in Korea by Asian artists still makes it pop. Maybe BAtS should go over and record their next album in Taiwan. I mean, a huge amount of recordings are done overseas. You all sound so unintelligent. Is he kidding? Then all their creepy fans go awwwww how awesome and sweet and perfect he is, what a stand up guy!

Oh but you love them having success here. Which is it for fucks sake? But mostly they want to sing to it and people WILL sing along. But they either have to know characters or be able to grasp that shifty phonetic crap that is often off and too fast.

One word took him five times slow. Americans can easily pick up Spanish because they hear it often, they likely took it in school, and because it actually is the same language family with shared words. Stop making it something else. I look them up and if I love it then I do my best to learn to sing some of it.

What a platform to grab against sexual inequality and sexual exploitation in their own damned country but some if their lyrics made me fucking sick. Have some respect. The hypocrisy. I say get SHINee here. There are othe groups and solo artists who would do well here. And everyone who dies a crossover? The first hit has to be in English. Maybe one song in native language at first. We have awesome bands from all over the world speaking tons of different languages.

They all made their albums in Enflish and now sell out their tours here…and never whine about it, because English is spoken all over, like it Status Quo - The Party Aint Over Yet. (CD not, and you reach the most potential fans. Get over it. When will move past this shit. No one has a right to call Americans names because seems they treat their beloved kpop boys very well and pay big money to see them.

Theyvwelcome them. Their nutty fans like anywhere. Shove your bigotry. And if you actually did look up all their lyrics their earlier songs made reference to homosexualism and whatnot.

The Album) that you write a full page of bullshit does not mean u spitting facts. Thanks for reading. They are not champions for gay rights, if anything they have backtracked. So do yourself a favor and just go outside, for once, it might do you some good! You need to shut the heck up. No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion either.

No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion. Listen man. Non kpop is garbage…but should not be nuked. Should be saved for bedtime music for the retarded. And you are just garbage that needs be thrown with the rest of my shot. First of all, that is disrespectful. Leave Buckleys girlfriend alone. She just crossed over to kpop…hence this ridiculous article. The guy who wrote this article fails to do any contextual heavy-lifting.

He is actually comparing a nascent band and the genre they are associated with with very established artists, failing to account for their incredible growth in less than a year. They are the best-selling artist worldwide, period, and one of the Top 3 selling pop artists in the USA in pure sales. That alone is astounding. People buy their albums, not singles. They are in the Top 3 most streamed bands on Spotify worldwide consistently. You can talk about worldwide all you want but none of it matters when he was talking about the US and the numbers in the US.

I wish success to BTS and to other artists in the kpop genre, their fans will probbaly settle down with the crazy when they get older. Well put and Amen. People across the world were blown away. Sorry not this time. Too manufactured…. And many fans over are 25, making all these stereotypes quite trite.

Back in during my hs years, I tried to introduce my friends to Super Junior since this group was really popular during and I was using MTV channel to showcase yes kpop was on demand program since thenmy friends did liked it and talked about it for several months like about the lyrics, dance moves, and how cute the guys in the group are but 9 years later no one even care anymore. My friends who used to love kpop back then only listening to either US top-hits or 80ss songs nowadays.

Same thing could be apply here with BTS, things might look very promising due to the internet and social media but nothing lasted forever especially for a foreign genre in America music industry. But on the last night of the trip, Emily enters their hotel suite to find blood and broken glass on the floor. Kristen says the cute backpacker she brought back to their room attacked her, and she had no choice but to kill him in self-defense.

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Seven Days in June. Tia Williams. Eva Mercy is a single mom and bestselling erotica writer who is Status Quo - The Party Aint Over Yet.

(CD pressed from all sides. When Shane and Eva meet unexpectedly at a literary event, sparks fly, raising not only their buried traumas, but the eyebrows of the Black literati. What no one knows is that fifteen years earlier, teenage Eva and Shane spent one crazy, torrid week madly in love.

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Look for the sequel, Tokyo Dreamingin ! Laura Dave. Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her new stepmother.

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One allowed me to experience ultrasonic inputs. It gave me a bat sense, as it were. I also interfaced my nervous system with my computer so that I could control a robot hand and experience what it was touching. I did that when I was in New York, but the hand was in a lab in England. Such interventions enhance the human condition, Warwick insists, and indicate the kind of future humans might have when technology augments performance and the senses. Some might consider this unethical.

But even doubters such as Whitby acknowledge the issues are complex. Is it ethical to take two girls under the age of five and train them to play tennis every day of their lives until they have the musculature and skeletons of world champions? From this perspective the use of implants or drugs to achieve the same goal does not look so deplorable. This last point is a particular issue for those concerned with the transhumanist movement.

They believe that modern technology ultimately offers humans the chance to live for aeons, unshackled as they would be from the frailties of the human body. Failing organs would be replaced by longer-lasting high-tech versions just as carbon-fibre blades could replace the flesh, blood and bone of natural limbs. Thus we would end humanitys reliance on our frail version 1.

However, the technology needed to achieve these goals relies on as yet unrealised developments in genetic engineering, nanotechnology and many other sciences and may take many decades to reach fruition. As a result, many advocates such as the US inventor and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil, nanotechnology pioneer Eric Drexler and PayPal founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel have backed the idea of having their bodies stored in liquid nitrogen and cryogenically preserved until medical science has reached the stage when they can be revived and their resurrected bodies augmented and enhanced.

Four such cryogenic facilities have now been constructed: three in the US and one in Russia. The largest is the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona whose refrigerators store more than bodies nevertheless referred to as patients by staff in the hope of their subsequent thawing and physiological resurrection.

Not everyone is convinced about the feasibility of such technology or about its desirability. I was once Album) by a group of cryonic enthusiasts based in California called the society for the abolition of involuntary death, recalls the Astronomer Royal Martin Rees.

I told them Id rather end my days in an English churchyard than a Californian refrigerator. They derided me as a deathist really old-fashioned. For his part, Rees believes that those who choose to freeze themselves in the hope of being eventually thawed out would be burdening future generations expected to care for these newly defrosted individuals. It is not clear how much consideration they would deserve, Rees adds. Ultimately, adherents of transhumanism envisage a day when humans will free themselves of all corporeal restraints.

Kurzweil and his followers believe this turning point will be reached around the yearwhen biotechnology will enable a union between humans and genuinely intelligent computers and AI systems. The resulting human-machine mind will become free to roam a universe of its own creation, uploading itself at will on to a suitably powerful computational substrate. We will become gods, or more likely star children similar to the one at the end of A Space Odyssey.

These are remote and, for many people, very fanciful goals. And the fact that much of the impetus for establishing such extreme forms of transhuman technology comes from California and Silicon Valley is not lost on critics.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who wants to send the human race to Mars, also believes that to avoid becoming redundant in the face of the development of artificial intelligence, humans must merge with machines to enhance our own intellect.

This is a part of the world where the culture of youth is followed with fanatical intensity and where ageing is feared more acutely than anywhere else on the planet. Hence the overpowering urge to try to use technology to overcome its effects.

It is also one of the worlds richest regions, and many of those who question the values of the transhuman movement warn it risks creating technologies that will only create deeper gulfs in an already divided society where only some people will be able to afford to become enhanced while many other lose out. The position is summed up by Whitby. History is littered with the evil consequences of one group of humans believing they are superior to another group of humans, he said. Unfortunately in the case of enhanced humans they will be genuinely superior.

We need to think about the implications before it is too late. For their part, transhumanists argue that the costs of enhancement will inevitably plummet and point to the example of the mobile phone, which was once so expensive only the very richest could afford one, but which today is a universal gadget owned by virtually every member of society.

Such ubiquity will become a feature of technologies for augmenting men and women, advocates insist. Many of these issues seem remote, but experts warn that the implications involved need to be debated as a matter of urgency. An example is provided by the artificial hand being developed by Newcastle University. Current prosthetic limbs are limited by their speed of response. But project leader Kianoush Nazarpour believes it will soon be possible to create bionic hands that can assess an object and instantly decide what kind of grip it should adopt.

It will be of enormous benefit, but its use raises all sorts of issues. Album) will own it: the wearer or the NHS? And if it is used to carry a crime, who ultimately will be responsible for its control?

We are not thinking about these concerns and that is a worry. Transhumanism is valuable and interesting philosophically because it gets us to think differently about the range of things that humans might be able to do but also because it gets us to think critically about some of those limitations that we think are there but can in fact be overcome, he says.

We are talking about the future of our species, after all. In reality, bionic limbs have suffered from multiple problems: becoming rigid mid-action, for example. But new generations of sensors are now making it possible for artificial legs and arms to behave in much more complex, human-like ways. SensesThe light that is visible to humans excludes both infrared and ultra-violet radiation.

However, researchers are working on ways of extending the wavelengths of radiation that we can detect, allowing us to see more of the world - and in a different light.

Ideas like these are particularly popular with military researchers trying to create cyborg soldiers. PowerPowered suits or exoskeletons are wearable mobile machines that allow people to move their limbs with increased strength and endurance. Several versions are being developed by the US army, while medical researchers are working on easy-to-wear versions that would be able to help people with severe medical conditions or who have lost limbs to move about naturally.

BrainsTranshumanists envisage the day when memory chips and neural pathways are actually embedded into peoples brains, thus bypassing the need to use external devices such as computers in order to access data and to make complicated calculations. The line between humanity and machines will become increasingly blurred.

No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman Immortality or Bust follows the presidential candidacy of Zoltan Istvan from the Transhumanist Party. If someone believes that immortality is possible and wants to run for president, their name better be Zoltan.

Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve behind its current physical and mental limitations with the help of science and technology. Now, whether you believe in Transhumanism or not, it does not make this documentary in less interesting. Zoltans life story sounds like a sci-fi film. In his twenties, Zoltan Istvan traveled the world on a sailboat by himself with five hundred books aboard. In his more recent years, he had the idea to drive across the country in a coffin bus Yes, a coffin bus to raise awareness of Transhumanism.

While doing so, he also reveals that he was running for president in At this point, just about anyone run for president, except Kanye West, he was a bit late to the party.

During the documenting of his trip and candidacy, we are given information about how technology has evolved and how it relates to human life.

At one point, Zoltan talks about a heart that runs on wifi and is meant to be a life-long replacement for a human heart. Zoltan talks about a heart that runs on wifi and is meant to be a life-long replacement for a human heart. This idea of wanting to extend life is one thing, but to be immortal is something I really question. Why would anyone want that?

There are far too many ethical and moral issues that come with this idea. The documentary explores these issues a bit, but not enough. It is definitely a one-sided argument and an agenda-driven documentary. With that being side, it is still quite interesting.

Zoltan along with others gives his reasons for wanting to look further into technology to help evolve the human lifespan. Although some might have decent reasons, some are just hilarious. Zoltan often uses sex as reasoning. He talks about being able to have a heart that can withstand sexual interactions when you are older and then talks about how technology can and has made way for people to experience sexual activities while being in completely separate locations.

There is somewhat of an uneasy moment in the film. The film opens with Zoltan and his mother crying, but it is not clear why. It is not until the end of the film. It is made clear. They are crying over Zoltans fathers dead body. I get that this can push his argument further, but its also something very personal that a normal human being would probably not want on camera.

Immortality or Bust could be a documentary that is meant to sway a persons view on Transhumanism, but it is also a story of an interesting man with interesting or far-fetched ideas. It is surprisingly a quick watch even though it is a little more than an hour and thirteen minutes in length. Much of the documentary will also make you think of classic sci-fi movies that show how technology can change the world.

Its not a good thing when Zoltan keeps mentioning Jurassic Park in his argument. We all know what happens there. Immortality or Bust - Film Threat. Things get interesting when these science fictions meet the world of fact. Robert J. Marks: In your book, you discussed Dan Browns novel entitled Origin. Now Dan Brown is famous for writing many, I dont know, kind of strange books.

One was the Da Vinci Code, but his recent one deals with artificial intelligence and you discuss his novel as the springboard for your discussion about AI in the future. What did you find appealing or compelling about Browns novel that you commented on it so much? John Lennox: Well, it was the actual story line. The main character in Origin is a billionaire computer scientist and AI expert whos called Edmond Kirsch, and he claims to have solved the fundamental big questions that everybody asks at some time, Where do we come from and where are we going?

And he uses AI in the novel to answer these questions. But his intention is philosophical, and thats what caught my attention. In fact, somebody told me that this was in the book and thats why I read it. His goal was to, I quote, employ the truth of science to destroy the myth of religions, in particular Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and he actually concentrates on Christianity.

And so here is someone using AI to answer these big questions in such a way as to completely destroy, in his view, religions answers and hes using AI to do it. And the kind of AI involved is, of course, the more science fiction type. Its the advanced technological modification of human beings into transhuman beings or into super intelligences.

And I was very interested in the kind of philosophy thats coming through. And that was one of my motives for writing this book. John Lennox: Oh, of course he has presuppositions. And its hard to really disentangle his own presuppositions from those of his main characters, except for the very interesting fact that the hero of many of his books is a professor of symbology, whatever that means, called Robert Langdon.

And hes an expert at recognizing all sorts of mysterious and rare and hidden patterns in things. But one of the astonishing things about the book was when Langdon is asked the question about the origin of the genetic code, which figures very largely in the book and theres great interest in developing exactly what this involves.

And Landon says something like this, and it raises the questions of God. He says, The question of God, for me, lies in understanding the difference between codes and patterns. Patterns occur everywhere in nature, the spiraling seeds of a sunflower, the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb and so on.

Codes are special. Codes by definition must carry information. Codes must transmit data and Album) meaning. And he ends up by saying, Codes are the deliberate inventions of intelligent consciousness. They dont appear organically, they must be created. And one of the other female heroes in the book says, You think DNA was created by an intelligence? And he just goes as far as saying, I feel as if Im seeing a living footprint, the shadow of some greater force that is just beyond our grasp.

And I thought, This is utterly fascinating. In a book by someone whos trying to bring down religion by the use of AI, what hes doing is actually heightening evidence for the existence of God by postulating an intelligent designer for DNA.

So its a very complex thing. Marks: Very interesting. So Dan Brown, who is obviously agnostic, or certainly not religious in any sense, came to the logical conclusion that I think many theists or deists do, that there must be a creator behind some of these things. At least he was intellectually honest at the end. Note: The full transcript is available as a download at the podcast page. Show Notes and Resources may be found below.

In an earlier podcast, Lennox and Marx discussed vs the difference AI could make to Big Brother There, Lennox made the point that we need to seriously think about whether the surveillance AI technology enables is an advantage before were engulfed by it. John Lennox: How AI raises the stakes for all of us. AI could cause more serious problems than nuclear energy. You cannot build a bomb in your bedroom but you could hack your way around the world. In his new book,the Oxford mathematician doubts that AI, now or then, will out-think humans.

Our real worry is how the tech will be used. I will be expanding on this, but this point from a regular astute commenter is exactly one that I have touched upon here:. Oh, theres a bunch of problems with heaven, but all of it anchors around the reward based-system that religion depends on.

Youre never virtuous for your own sake; youre always acting according to your own idea of virtue because you know if you dont, you wont get into heaven. Therefore, one could argue that by your own standards, you arent a virtuous person if you believe in heaven and are motivated by heaven as a potential reward. And thats before we get into the issue of heaven dividing families and the suffering that will inevitably cause. Its what happens when your reward system is individually based rather than focused on something like a society as a whole.

The very existence of heaven implies that morality is unimportant; if morality were important and satisfying, then that would be the end goal itself and morality and virtue would be seen as an atelic activity rather than a telic one. Its a problem that results from all teleological narratives, actually, where they be religious ideas of realitys nature or the historical narratives of the orthodoxy, pushing their particular brand of nationalism, or some libertarian transhumanists, who think were moving closer to something they call a singularity by virtue of their historical narrative of the endless self-improving nature of technology.

All of those are wrong, just like heaven is wrong, but theyre all wrong in an understandably human way, and one that fails to account for the hedonic treadmill, which is vital to a discussion like this. I actually asked my youth pastor about this when I was around 11 or She laughed and told me not to overthink it, just be a good person for whatever reason I want to. Addendum: as I see it, if youre only practicing virtue in the hopes of a reward, your true nature shows itself sooner or later.

You can always rationalize why youre totally going to Heaven no matter how repulsive a human being you are. So, can you ever be truly moral, truly alturistic?

Its the classic question that I remember debating at school even then, I surmised that you couldnt. Either way, its even harder with the twin ultimate conceptual blackmails of heaven and hell hanging over you.

Transhuman Collective has been successfully creating and delivering some of the most spectacular events for brands and Govt bodies over the years. In view of the ongoing circumstances, the minds behind Transhuman Collective thought of creating and providing a unique concept that will engage and motivate audiences across the globe.

The industry has been noticing various virtual events that have been hosted in India, but somewhere there was a lack of a never seen before concept.

Transhuman Collective along with their team of enthusiasts conceptualised a multiple immersive technology like Realtime 3D technology, sound reactive lights, augmented reality, holographic, projection mapping etc to offer a one of a kind experience to their audience. A music and arts festival for Mumbaikars - Times of India. Do you think Mr Price be struck off? Let us know in the comments below. Mr Price said: " I would assert the absolute right to freedom of expression.

The student school was in special measures at the time Mr Price wrote the blog. He answered: "I'm sorry that so many pupils are forced to do this. That's what I'm sorry about. See original here: Teacher who insulted pupils and colleagues in 'Gossip Girl' style blog faces being struck off - Mirror Online.

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