The Butcher Boy - Schooner Fare - Day Of The Clipper (Vinyl, LP)


Ricca got the Rolls valued at half a mil. Nevertheless, according to the suit, the garage unlawfully auctioned off the car. Timberlake kicked things off with a week-long golf tournament, with players including a mixture of professionals and celebrities. I was old fashioned. Spielberg established the Shoah Foundation in to collect and preserve stories from Holocaust survivors.

Its archive now includes more than 50, video testimonies from survivors and witnesses from 56 countries. The organization recently joined forces with an African group to record and preserve testimonies from survivors of the genocide in Rwanda. The Shoah Foundation became part of the University of Southern California two years ago, which is making its video archives and accompanying curricula available to scholars around the world. Anne Hathaway is Broadway bound, according to Internet reports.

According to BroadwayWorld. According to a neighbor, Cruise and Holmes are buying up lofts in a story building slightly south of 14th Street. Cruise bought a 10th-floor unit in and has held onto the space since.

But Katie just kind of keeps her head down. Everyone in the neighborhood is buzzing about it. Page Six.

Angelina Jolie says that her priorities have changed from career to motherhood since giving birth to twins in July. It was only when I came out of my shell and started taking care of others that I found the real Angelina.

We were in France these last few months and after a while they started asking when we could get back on a plane.

Asked if she plans to make an honest man out of Brad Pittthe actress hints that they may end up tying the knot — under pressure from the kids. You know, they see films and start asking questions. It is supposed to be the moms who boast about their kids, but with Liv Tyler and her 3-year old son Milo, the compliments flow in the opposite direction.

These days, the King of Comedy is graying at the temples and sometimes a little wobbly on his feet. No, why? You got something better to do? Miley Cyrus is playing coy when it comes to her year-old beau, model Justin Gaston. Isaac Hayeswho quit South Park over their critical portrayal of Scientology, left nothing to the infamous Church in his last will and testament. Take that! According to sources, the will is divided into thirds: a third to his 11 elder children, a third to his widow and young son, and a third to his charitable foundation.

And none to Xenu! Especially since members attended not one, but maybe four different funerals for the musician. She cried on cue while lifelong Memphis friends of Hayes snickered behind her back. But when those start expiring inthe family will inherit a fortune on account of the Songwriters Act ofwhich states that the copyrights transfer to the heirs once the artist has died, and they can renew from there. So the fam is set for life. During an outing Wednesday in L. See more photos at JustJared.

US Weekly. In an online poll that received more than 1. Ford tallied 24 percent of the vote, a landslide compared to 16 percent for his closest rival, Morgan Freeman. The latter earned the No. The poll was conducted from Sept. Harrison Ford, Air Force One 2. Morgan Freeman, Deep Impact 3. Michael Douglas, The American President 4.

Bill Pullman, Independence Day 5. Kevin KlineDave 6. Dennis QuaidAmerican Dreamz 7. Jack NicholsonMars Attacks Jeff BridgesThe Contender Russell Brand has said he has received death threats following his appearance on the American MTV awards. American singer Katy Perry has been criticized for being photographer posing with a flick knife. The singer has been accused of glamorizing knives the Telegraph reports. There is nothing glamorous about knives — they wreck families.

Rapper 50 Cent has reached a settlement with his ex-girlfriend over visitation of their year-old son. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, will get one weekend per month with his son Marquise, as well as one month in the summer and half of each his winter and spring breaks. The boy and his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, had been living in the Long Island community of Dix Hills when a fire destroyed the mansion last May.

An arson investigation is ongoing. Blake Lively has a date with a tailor — in small clams court. A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey, claiming she and an attorney made false statements that led the FBI to arrest him on charges that he tried to extort the talk-show host.

Bonvillain, of Houma, La. Bonvillain claims in the lawsuit that he did everything he could to avoid doing anything illegal. Another T. The track solddigital copies in its opening frame. You know, if toilet talk and fart jokes are political, which they can be, in that sense yeah, very. Anytime we play new songs, it always seems like a brick. The group will play about 10 songs at the tiny La Cita bar in downtown Los Angeles, bass player Eric Avery and guitarist Dave Navarro said on their respective blogs.

Avery declined to participate in subsequent reunions, but is now indicating he is more amenable to the idea. We are a great band. Dr Pepper is making good on a prior promise to provide every person in America a can of the soft drink if the album were to arrive inand yesterday Oct.

After registering online, fans will receive The Butcher Boy - Schooner Fare - Day Of The Clipper (Vinyl coupon redeemable for a oz. Dr Pepper wherever the drink is sold. The twist: the coupon is only available for 24 hours and will expire on Feb. The boy and his mother, Shaniqua Tompkinshad been living in the Long Island community of Dix Hills when a fire destroyed the mansion last May.

Parts of the movie, starring Daniel Craig, were filmed in Chile and Panama. The film opens in November. The musician turned thesp has been cast in the English remake of the French film, 13 Tzameti. The movie centers on a man who steals a mysterious package that promises to pay out a fortune. Fiddy will not be playing the lead character. Mickey Rourke and Jason Stratham have also signed on to do the pic. Zac Efron has denied that he is going to appear in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, though he would love to he asked.

Exec producer Brandon Freeman wrote the screenplay with his brother Heath and Burns. LeGros is repped by IFA. Handley is repped by Endeavor. The latest well-known director who has met on the project is Ben Stiller; while the discussions for Stiller to helm the film are very much at the exploratory stage, the actor and DreamWorks are mulling whether such a pairing would work for both parties. Under terms of the DW-Par separation agreement, DreamWorks has taken over development of the project.

Patients are either referred to the show by their counselors or approached by the casting team, said executive producer John Irwin. The current cast completed treatment in June. All have made strides in recovery, and many have remained clean and sober, Irwin said, adding that Pinsky runs an aftercare program for show alumni.

Comedy Central has been struggling in Germany since its much-ballyhooed debut in The Web portals shrugged off the accusations, saying they could not control all the users that upload videos to their sites. More people use a blue one of these than any other color? Who was it? In which country was tennis player Jennifer Capriati born?

The next time you travel, are you praying you arrive safely at your destination? What about if you want to pray when you get there? Christian World Travel dot com offers faith-based tours and travel, such as reformation tours that occur in Germany, Switzerland, England, and France.

WorshipQuest dot org has a database of more than 70, places of worship for nearly all faiths in the United States. Eden dot co dot uk is a church database in the United Kingdom, and it includes details of services and activities. GoDaven dot com is a worldwide database that lists where to find synagogues, and it even provides information on new synagogues that need help opening. Salaam dot co dot uk has a database mosques in throughout the U.

S, Europe and India. October 24 th :. October 25 th :. October 26 th :. To this day there have only been nine. Some historians date this day as the first day of the Great Depression. It happened in a speech before the senate. We won! They did, several months later. Pierce, graduated from the week course with a group of 45 men.

The Beatles played the ballpark in On this date inthe match is patented. It was the original hot head. InAnna Edson Taylor, became the first person to go over Niagra Falls and live to tell about it.

On this date innylon stockings were sold for the first time. There was quite a run on them, but women bought them anyway. Inthe hour work week went into effect. Our work week must have gone into effect in Two months from today is Christmas Eve.

Okay, we said it. Actor Kevin Kline is 61 today. How do these actors keep getting so old and we stay the same? Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones is This is why most of their concerts now start at 4pm.

Bonus points if you know who David Nelson is. Former NFL great Y. Tittle turns 82 today. A study conducted by psychologist Dr. The villain is a postage stamp-size portion of the brain about an inch or two behind the right eye called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. The more activity in that area, the more likely a person is to be a sourpuss. For those of you keeping score, that would be the third time around with her.

Lindsay, apparently, was quite the diva. That will do it alright. Victoria Beckham and the three kids will stay in Los Angeles when David Beckham flies to Italy to play soccer there for a while.

Lassie — This almost-psychic collie saved so many lives during his 20 seasons on TV and countless film incarnations, it is no wonder those farm people were always calling her to come home. We keed! Others think he deserves his own puppy flashback.

We think Vince has one of the safest jobs on the planet, because the writers have to know they would be in the doghouse with fans and animal lovers if they killed off this reliable islander! Scooby-Doo — He solves crimes, hangs with Cher and the Harlem Globetrotters and has his own line of snacks. Not bad for a Great Dane whose owner is obviously a stoner. Those kids were meddling in something, all right.

New research shows touching something warm can make you feel and act more warmly toward others. So, that led Yale University scientists to wonder if physical warmth could promote psychological warmth, by subconsciously priming people to think better of others. Scientists recruited 53 different students having them briefly hold one of those heat or ice pads sold in drugstores for pain, allegedly as part of product-testing.

Students who held the hot pad were more likely to choose a reward for a friend, while those who held the ice pad were more likely to choose a reward for themselves. Harrison Ford, Air Force One Morgan Freeman, Deep Impact Michael Douglas, The American President Bill Pullman, Independence Day Kevin Kline, Dave Dennis Quaid, American Dreamz Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks Jeff Bridges, The Contender Most Americans are happy with their jobs.

The survey which interviewed workers between and also found that job satisfaction increases with age, with workers over 65 being among the most satisfied. Most of us think honesty is not the best policy. Telling tall tales is especially rampant on the job, where fibbing appears to be accepted behavior.

Males said a selfish desire to have an easy life prompted their lies, while females claimed they fibbed to protect others from worry. Many surprising and freaky conditions! Stories of home improvement gone terribly wrong. Polygamy is still alive and kicking. People keep some weird things. Very funny! Yadda Yaddda Yadda. Very pissed off people. He has long been dogged by rumors of a non-sports-related bond with his coach, Edit Pakay who may or may not have decided to blab to a British tabloid.

David apparently is planning on suing the tabloid. Lots of sweaty hook up stories. Share your near death story with us. How did you almost kick the bucket? Natalie Cole experienced a dramatic change in her life when she had difficulty breathing in September and was hospitalized. Should you ever talk politics at work?

My co-host and our production guy always talk politics and they almost come to blows over their candidate. I tell them to stop talking about politics, but it always comes up over and over. Do you hate a co-worker? I mean a coworker that you truly hate. Why do you despise them so? On-air clashes! Backstage fights! Is it time for Elisabeth to leave the show?

Look for stories from people who ran all over the place searching for something. Anything for a bulb for a head light to something you would think would be anywhere or nowhere. Once again money talks! What did you hate the most at your school cafeteria? Teens and plastic surgery… this is a hot one. Are you a horrible parent if you encourage your daughter to get say a nose or a boob job, only to save her from the horrible ridicule you put up with your whole life?

This one is a bit weird. Does anybody out there flirt for friends? One of the hardest things to do after your married, is find friends that both of you like. Ever flirt with a married guy or gal and hope their spouse is just as cool?

What is the one thing at your wedding that caused the biggest fight? People will complain about losing their favorite CD, etc. Why do women date bad boys? A recent Maxim — Marie Claire joint survey found:. How long were you successful before he turned back to his bad boy ways? Treasure Trolls are cute. Some dogs are so ugly their cute. Took calls all morning long about what the difference was. The best part is, one woman called in and thought I was hot! What else would be a good motto for Florida?

Or for your state? Know someone who is getting married? How many showers are too many? Make sure they change the names to protect the innocent! How can you tell a good auto mechanic? Does anyone have all three that they trust? Mice Munched My Money! The bag was misplaced during the flooding in March but was eventually found.

Unfortunately it appeared a group of rodents tried to make a meal of the cash so he took it all to the First Missouri State Bank in Jackson in hopes of covering his losses. Bank manager Michelle Johns said she and two staffers picked through rodent droppings and reassembled the bills. Mint will actually reimburse you for damaged bills as long as both sets of serial numbers printed on the bills match up.

Grandma Vs. In Butte, Montana, year-old Carol Lince went toe to toe with a doe — and she won! The Montana Standard. Robber Leaves Behind a Most Interesting Clue In Washington DC, a suspected armed robber left some interesting evidence behind at the alleged brothel he robbed — his thumb! About two hours after the robbery, a nine-fingered man showed up at an emergency room.

Police caught up with him and brought the severed thumb to the hospital. The Washington Examiner. Phoner: Anybody lose a finger, toe or other body part in an accident? What was that like? Drumming For Jesus? He broke in only to play the drums! Idiot Mafia Wannabes! A group of wannabe Mafia mobsters in Italy tried to terrorize a shopkeeper — but just ended up looking like idiots.

It was the work of idiots. Dawn was charged with disorderly conduct and faced a possible 90 days in jail. But the judge at her trial found her not guilty, saying that swearing was not illegal and her language was constitutionally protected free speech. So she planned to sue for wrongful arrest. In the end, I found justice. Two Planes Collide — Nobody Dies! Amazingly, six people miraculously survived without injuries after the two planes they were riding in collided with each other over Grand Junction, Colorado, and then managed to land safely!

A Cesna plane flown by two sheriff deputies and carrying two prisoners to a Colorado Department of Corrections facility returned and landed safely at the Grand Junction Regional Airport with its front landing gear unreleased, while a Cesna with a father and son aboard landed upside down in a field 15 miles southeast of the airport. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate why the two planes collided. Dakota Fanning has appeared in all of the following movies except for one: Spy the lie!

All of the following are the names of real songs except for one: Spy the lie! If they guess incorrectly, be sure to have you morning partner reveal his or her bleep!

Of course, the people at home, work, and in their cars will have a ball imagining what the bleep! We play the celebrity birthday game every week. Caller 5 is an automatic winner, but if they guess all 5 they win a big prize. We put the celebrities that have been guessed and clues to the others on our web site. No energy used to heat it up. Nurses, lock up your newborns! Miss Teen Louisiana Lindsey Evans has been stripped of her crown and title following her arrest for marijuana possession and leaving a restaurant without paying.

Let that be a lesson to you young people. Whenever you dine and dash, never leave your purse behind with your ID and stash in it. Of course, so is my K. Nearly half of all American marriages end in divorce, yet many of us have the wrong information on splits. Here are the 10 worst myths about divorce:. Orli Peter, Ph. Men dump their wives — Truth: Women initiate the majority of divorces. Women regret divorce — Truth: Divorced women are happier as they take control of their lives.

Divorce hurts women more than men — Truth: Psychological tests show ex-wives surpass ex-husbands in emotional health. Divorced men marry more easily than divorced men — Truth: Their stats are similar — 75 percent for women and 80 percent for men. Children usually recover pretty quickly from the trauma — Truth: Splits trigger long-term personal problems.

Kids do better with stepfamilies than with single parents — Truth: Single parents do just as well. Second marriages tend to be more successful — Truth: The divorce rate for second marriages is higher than for first marriages.

Play a line from a song in your format, then stop the song and have a caller sing the next line to win, they must sing! Sun Although you may not know it, you and your beloved pet share many of the same abilities, like smiling when you feel good and dreaming when you sleep. Here are a few secrets your pet would love to share with you if only he could talk:. They miss you so much that they need the comfort of your scent when left home alone. Keep your feathered pal happy with an array of colorful toys and loving attention.

The morning host goes up against a listener to see who can answer the most out of ten questions in 60 seconds. The listener goes first while the morning host leaves the studio. He then comes back in and tries to answer more of the ten than the listener. He gets to kiss 7 beautiful women all at the same time, only he will be blindfolded and one will be a man. What do your listeners think?

Crusty behavior? The British Office for National Statistics says the bad economy there is causing Britons to buy less food. Think the British had a stiff upper lip before? Eliminate chewing and it gets even stiffer! I had no idea Warren Buffet was that horny. Miss Teen Louisiana, Lindsey Evans, has lost her sash and crown after dining and dashing at a restaurant, but leaving marijuana behind in her purse with her I.

The beauty contestant pageant was charged with petty theft, possessing pot and disturbing World Peace. Liberal bloggers keep criticizing Alaska Gov. Take it easy on Sarah. Where she comes from, tooting your horn is the only way to keep the polar bears away. Florida Congressmen Tim Mahoney, a married man, is involved in a huge sex scandal that went public when his mistress caught him cheating with another woman. The Backstreet Boys sang the national anthem before game one of the World Series and they worked some unusual lyrics into the song.

All Right! India sent a rocket to the moon this week. Hoping you have enough candy for Halloween. Running out of candy on Halloween. Running out candy for the third time and Halloween is still a week away. A Jack-O-Lantern on your porch. A lumber jack on your porch. Jack Kevorkian on your porch! Finding out a ghost is moving into your guest room. Hearing the ghost that has moved into your guest room. Hearing your mother-in-law is moving into your guest room! Seeing a spider web in your yard.

Walking into a spider web in your yard. Finding out there are pictures of you on the web! A black cat. A black widow. A black suburban parked out front of your and those guys who keep talking into their sleeves. Stupid, but fun. Over the looped bed. Too fun. To save you some time. He weighs pounds and will be wearing a bunny suit. If they do, they get passes, if not some batteries. The more drinks Jack consumed the more his life was slipping away.

As drunk Jack stumbled home, the Devil demanded that Jack come to Hell with him because of his evil ways. The angry Devil demanded that Jack release him. But first Jack made him promise that when he died the Devil would not claim his soul. The Devil agreed and Jack set him free. He was forbidden to enter the gates of Heaven because of his mean and evil habits.

Desperate for a resting place, Jack tried entering Hell, but the Devil denied Jack access because of their previous promise. The Devil gave the rejected Jack a lighted piece of coal to help him find his resting place. Jack, who was munching down on a turnip at the time, placed the coal inside the turnip and used it as a lantern to light his way through the dark night. In keeping with the legend, the Irish at first used carved out potatoes, beets, or turnips as lanterns. Pumpkins were not used until Irish immigrants came to America and realized that these big orange squashes were more abundant and cheaper than beets or turnips.

Still, an ambitious partner is a heck of a lot better than an aimless one. Turning every encounter into a challenge means he values winning above all else. According to Dr Elayne Kahn your Halloween costume reveals alot about ones personality:. Always honest about there feelings. Judge people by there actions, not by their words. Enjoy being the center of attention. Socially active. Have difficulty expressing themselves.

On the big screen, Hannigan is famous for her role as band geek Michelle opposite Jason Biggs in the American Pie trilogy. Be advised, fellow gossipers: Rumors and photos have it that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.

Of course rumors and photos are often found to be lies, but just knowing the possibility is out there is pretty exciting. In fact, Hough was energetic all afternoon and evening. The segment, airing later in the season, was taped twice.

During the second take a spirited Hough exhorted the crowd to cheer loudly. Hough also appeared fine during the one-hour telecast. She performed an encore dance with partner Cody Linley: a lively jitterbug that brought the crowd to its feet. It turned out just to be a bad stomach.

As my mom said, better safe than sorry. However, the pair was forced to cancel the holiday and spend the day at the medical facility instead — but Kardashian got in to the spirit of the event by donning a hospital gown. When I saw him limp off the field my heart dropped! All that has mattered is that Reggie is going to be okay! And he is okay!

Caller on Heritage vehicle lockout on Birch Street. Lane reports pumpkins smashed accident on Mayflower Street. Animal No injury. Control notified to pick up. Caller on West Street reports possible overdose.

Party a. Mailbox on Eagles transported to Jordan Hospital. Nest Road damaged overnight. Caller reports person m e n ts an ilable. Open House p. Party in station to t a keeps ringing doorbell on Ever- Apar omes av report tree on primary wires on e n H green Street. Spoken to. West Street. Fire department no- Gard tified. Friday Oct. Lost dog reported on a. Caller reports suspi- Autumn Avenue. Officer reports noise coming from freezer.

Officer reports party shining lights at cars. Officers assisted state. Damage reported to mailbox on Autumn Avenue. One party un- All secure.

Charged with person under 21 in possession of liquor, a. Low hanging cable speeding, negligent operation of a over Bay Road. Transported to Plym- p. Motor vehicle acci- Stop by to get aquainted —Tuesday open house pm, or call to arrange a personal tour.

Hit and p. Party in station to re- run, no injuries. Caller reports suspi- cious motor vehicle traveling in p. Party sleeping in car to be tested circles at Duxbury Beach lot. Officer spoke to party.

Caller reports gun- ing on the side of the road. Area shots in the area of Cross Street. Area search negative. Parties spoken to. Thursday, November 12th, beginning at p. Officer coming in The test will consist of a steady, three-minute siren tone beginning at p.

There will be no reason for the public to take any action during the test. Great Entertainment Perfect Anytime! Located at 61 Hedge Road, Plymouth. Patricia Ford, Duxbury Duxbury 5 Hideaway Lane, Duxbury Perched majestically above the bay in Duxbury, this international-style Look out over the point of historic Duxbury Harbor from this majestic Oversized custom-built Cape with an open and versatile floor plan, liv- waterfront compound is situated on 13 acres of lush rolling lawns, gar- Antique Colonial.

The magnificent 1. Elegantly appointed for entertaining, some of the prised of mature gardens, patios, sweeping lawns, carriage house and an area. Entertainment-sized family room with stone fireplace, master suite upscale amenities include a French gourmet kitchen with a La Cornue inground pool. Duxbury Village location! Entertain in style in your spa- Fantastic five bedroom Colonial with recent renovation and expansion New Construction at Duxbury Estates!

Enjoy the clubhouse, fitness cious ten room, four bedroom Colonial. Commercial grade kitchen, including a large gourmet kitchen, family room, mud room, private suite center, putting green and walking trails all nestled on 25 acres of lush amazing great room and four decks. Windows galore offer natural light and screened porch on 2. A must see! MLSlandscaping.

Have a home to sell? No problem. Visit our furnished model or go to: www. Open House Sunday The original model at MacFarlane Farms!

You will fall in love the moment you walk through the front door. Sun Three finished floors, two to three bedrooms, three full baths, granite This showcase property offers all that you have been looking for, inside drenched kitchen features butcher block counters, hardwood floors, counters in the kitchen and baths, two gorgeous gas fireplaces, and and out: eat-in kitchen, fireplaced family room, first floor laundry room, beadboard ceiling and walls, dine-in area.

Soaring cathedral ceilings, hardwoods on the first and second floor. This special home comes with formal dining room, luxurious 24' x 26' cathedral master suite and lower windows galore and natural light will beckon you to the comfy living two boat moorings. Duxbury sports duxburyclipper. For more photos see page 9. Chandler Field. Junior Ben Kane Haffey engineered a A nice return by sopho- Hingham has been a thorn Startzell was automatic on the play, yard drive that ended more Henry Buonagurio in the side of Coach Dave conversion and the Dragons in a tying score.

Spotting tight brought the ball out to the Maimaron since he took over were on top by a point. The senior got his options were limited if they downfield for the go-ahead TD. Moving the sion and the hosts were back on had killed the Dragons all af- gling it once again as it fol- ball out to the Hingham top at less than five min- ternoon, and they would wound lowed him down the sideline yard line on five plays, Dux- utes into the game.

After a yard pass from captain Bobby Murphy broke much the rest of the first quar- Fortunately, the Dragon de- Haffey to junior Matt Hallisey through the line and down the ter. With an Director Steven Karidoyanes will www. A federally licensed tax professional out three.

Mezzo-soprano Beth MacLeod 11, from 7 to p. Religious Send church listings to events clipperpress. Representative Jeff Perry will discuss. For more information, u n i t y ry ev me e t e n t s, contact Bill Harris at or e-mail willmharris gmail. C omm r Dr. Come and talk with Senate sh Candidate Steve Pagliuca and hear during worship time.

Sunday p l ays o p s, his thoughts and ideas for a better school classes, children throughdanc and v es Massachusetts. Join us from adult, immediately following morning worship; p. Van Wyk; 6 p. Study Abroad with AFS. AFS prayer time.

Awana Clubs for service. Wednesday: Mens information night at 7 p. Adult Ed 11 a. For more information call Deb Gallagher holyfamilyduxbury. Thursday: Adult Choir ish ed on a sp a even ts.

Friday: AA da r it ems a re publ erci a l Dux bu ry-b ase d at Bryan Parrish C a le n omm meeting at 7 p. The Art Rev. Babysitting avail- Rev. Catherine Cullen more information, contact Jo-Ann Dec. Class on Nov. Daily The office is open from 9 Thursday, Nov.

Registration urday, a. The rosary is a. Closed Nov. Poster Art Exhibition. Opening Candlemaking demonstration. More The Plymouth County Beekeepers sally artcomplex. Adora- Association offers a free tion of the Blessed Sacrament, at a. Meets on the second 10 a. Evening prayer a. Extension Building. For information tation at 7 p. For more information, call call John Phillips at Book group the Duxbury Senior Center. Open meets Thursdays at 9 a. Sew- ing group meets Thursdays at Gallery talk.

Duxbury artist LP) Cleveland is having a new show and Sunday Nov. Facilitated by Norwell Potluck at p. For more VNA and Hospice. Call Renee Rev. RouteMarshfield from 9 Rev. Eloise Parks, Ast. Pastor org. Included is a fundraiser Sunday Worship Service at St. Also, this is Open Doors from 10 a. Church office hours, the Nazarene Friday Nov.

An opportunity for all to meet Friday Nov. David Troxler Rabbi Rachel, tour the sanctuary and Rep. Calter Office Hours. Meets on day-Friday, a. Countdown to Copenhagen: Water Torah, and get introduced to Judaism.

Pilgrim childcare and preschool, Justice, global and local. Listen and the third Friday of each month, Sunday worship, 11 a. For more information, e-mail info a. For more Monday-Friday, 7 a. Nursery is provided for all ser- talk with speakers and local residents shirathayam. Sunday school meets An opening Tuesday, p. Ladies a. Thursday, Sacred Youth Bible study, Tuesday at 7 p. Junior choir rehearsal, Wednesday at 5 p. Alden scheduled from p.

The p. Pilgrim Ringers rehearsal, Bible Study, Fridays at a. Wednesday at 7 p. Installation service for Rev. Families and a mock battle with cardboard tubes for Kids, Thursdays from in the field behind the Duxbury Free Todd Vetter at 3 p.

In addition, Gamewright games will be for sale during the Monday Nov. Pre-register at the DFL Church go back to support the school. For Illusion in Art and M. Escher circulation desk. The hand Soul Sister Turkey Trot.

The Soul Rev. Barbara Kszystyniak Christ, Scientist is quicker than the eye — a look at the Sister Foundation is hosting the tricks of the art world. All lowed by fellowship, adult choir rehearsal, a. Steven Karidoyanes Tuesday Nov. Third Friday of After school movie. Register at open to all, 15 Standish St.

Halls Performing Arts Center. A pre-concert held from p. Last Wednesday of the month day 10 a. Senior, Youth and Group discounts desk. Joshua 12 p. Sunday Salon Series. Meets St. John the Journey performance, as available. Advance from p. Senior Center. For Menus vary. Proper plating, kitchen www. The Mayflower equipment, entertaining ideas. For more information, call Rev. David Woods Congregational Church of Kingston registration, call Linda at x or visit duxburyfreelibrary.

Sunday services: 8 a. Holy Eucharist said and 10 Sunday, 10 a. Holy Eucharist with choir ter at Miramar. Main Street, Kingston. Crafters, and hymns. Sunday school white elephant table, bake table and luncheon. No admission charge. Tickets are younger teens dedicated to making Senior Center. Call Katie Rudicus Transportation to medical appointments. For Friday, Nov. Plymouth, Kingston, Marshfield, x Duxbury Every Wednesday at 3 p.

Meets at 4 hotmail, or find the event on Hospital to seniors and handicapped Integrated Preschool will host an individuals on Tuesday and Thursday advisory group meets to review, p.

Open House on Friday, Dec. The Duxbury a. Rides must of Duxbury. Meets duxburyfreelibrary. Meets on the at Bumpus Park across from the King Church with coffee at 9 a. Gail with any questions at The Council on Aging fitness Zumba latin dance aerobics meeting at a. For more at on Wednesdays and p. Ongoing Strength training on Thursdays at for more information or visit communitygardenclubofduxbury.

Sunday Salon a. Does not Craft Fair. On Sunday, Nov. Callx for questions. Tuesdays at either 10 a. Drop in for ages three and under Thesaurus part of the Holly Days celebration, with an adult on Wednesdays at The Duxbury Free Li- trolleys will make stops at the Senior during November and December. Poetry Circle. Meets on the second Thursday of every month, a.

From 9 preschool or kindergarten with an shoppers off and pick them up. Tables p. Joshua Kendall, author of on Washington Street, featuring Sean Foreign Film Day. Table fee is Meets on the third Friday of each Tuesday of each month at p. Library Netbook Program. For month, a. For more information, required. Brunonia Barry at the Library. Free Library Reference Department saurus. Meets at 22, at 2 p.

Patrons must be p. Come to the month at the Senior Center. For more discuss his painstaking and Merry Room. For more information, information, call Judi Vose at call x or visit Reference Desk on the upper level Knitwits.

Every Tuesday at 3 p. A two Adult Lounge. Teen crafting group attempt to divide the world Festival of Trees cocktail party. The hour per day maximum time limit meets to knit, create decorative Cooking with Emil Lundin.

Meets will be enforced. Conversation with a maestro a clinical Oliver Sacks feel. T the material pretty much his week, the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra moves up to Duxbury for their justifies it.

The Nov. Anyone familiar with the Plymouth Phil knows that Steven is a gifted and en- cial event. For more infor- thusiastic orator. He frequently kicks off his concerts at Memorial Hall with a pre-concert LP) about this program talk, but on Nov.

The class on Nov. There is a charge event at the Ellison Center for the Arts on St. Bring a photograph or at sally artcomplex.

Manuel de Falla y Matheu was a Spanish composer who died in The Oct. Quincy Sept. The Wikipedia Oct. Andalusia is the Nov. Had Bizet been a Spaniard, this is how he might Sept. The program gathers a high-quality, audition Sept. Fenwick over Dux and Friday evenings. There is no fee. I repeat: there is no fee. Many of its singers Oct. If you think you are ready to take Oct. Passion and love, as Beth described it, right here in Oct.

Quincy Oct. Football wins over Hingham Nov. Andrew Buron would take a Sept. Fenwick Sept. Quincy pinned the Harbormen deep at the yard line. What the offense Oct. Quinn Oct. Two plays later JB Marston went up the middle for six Oct. Quincy Quinn took it upon himself to get his team back in the game Nov. The defense was up for the challenge and Oct. Two plays later junior Sept. What appeared to be a perfect setup for Startzell to kick the game-clinching field goal, suddenly took a bizarre twist, as Sept.

Haffey went back to pass on third down and was nailed for a Oct. Wednesday, November 11, Duxbury Clipper 5. Field hockey foiled again by Hopkinton By Mike Halloran Sports Editor, another battle right from the sports duxburyclipper. As their ef- Milton 0 forts continued to be fruitless, it gave Hopkinton a renewed field hockey sense of confidence.

Walpole and Hopkinton. Sunday in Hopkinton and were nior Mimi Smith gave the until she was forced to make secutive Milton corners over a patrick kicked away a poten- eliminated from the Division 1 hosts a lead at the a big save with less than five three-minute span and stopped tial goal in the last minute of South Sectional quarterfinals mark of the first half.

Having minute left in the half to pre- them all from getting through play to preserve her 13th shut- by the Hillers, But Duxbury forced the fore finding sophomore Molly Haffey, Therese Kozmiski, ing that the Wildcats had tied over to Smith for what would play back up field and coun- Zaverucha out in front of Mil- Sami Siciliano, Katie Griffin, Walpole during regular-season prove to be the game-winner. A golfer needed to shoot a Its two-stroke victory over 76 to qualify at Easton and Sandwich was the Stoddard came in at Norton 0 his collegiate soccer career Senior Tommy Drummy come to an end last Wednesday controlled the ball from 25 when the Hawks were eliminat- Both teams played cau- yards out and unloaded a shot ed from the Northeast tour- tiously in the first half, as they on net that hit the crossbar, nament in a loss to South- were both unfamiliar with coming down on the foot of ern CT.

State… Senior Jack each other. The strategy seemed on the road. Session Two will begin p. All youth ages 7 and Dec. First week only practice on Nov. Anyone who wants to will be Tuesday, and Thursday participate should be there by 3 p. Regular prac- equipment.

E-mail come first served basis. We accept cash or checks only. The registration fee is Please call the pro shop at with any questions. Wednesday, November 11, Duxbury Clipper 7. Members of the State champs pose at their home course in Duxbury.

Curtis Owen lines up his putt. Caroline Hickey and Abby Armstrong display their silver medals. Brighid Davis the largest rowing regatta in and cox Zach Peterson fell ill the world. However, make it John Geary found Joe Guil- at Tucker Han- and he struck again, scam- 7 8Friday 1. JB Marston grinds out a first down. Matt Hallisey follows his blockers on a punt return.

Photos by Mike Halloran. Live Deliberately This Autumn! Come Back Pat McWilliams tries to break free after catching a pass. Taryn McCall fends off a Bishop Connolly opponent. Riley Mackin heads up field. Colleen Leddie dribbles around her defender. Senior captain Caitlin Burke unloads her shot.

Jackie Trevisani goes after a loose ball. Goalkeeper Emily Brook fires a ball to a teammate. It was a great tribute to Royce Whitaker, the seven-year-old student who was killed by a car last summer. Bay 5K race this Sunday. Town Committee will be hold- Homeland Security. Like Reagan, Nov. We welcome Committee on State Adminis- citizens are finding reassur- anyone who is interested in tration. In assessing his be served. Great Price! The inc.

It is scheduled to Mon-Thurs am-9pm Specials against another. Boys Varsity-8 races at the State Championships. Wilson and Pat Gearin. Girls Varsity-8 heads toward the finish line. Signs posted. Haslinger madriver.

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