When The Sky Is Clear - Buster Williams - Dreams Come True (Vinyl, LP)


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Free Guy Homeland Iraq Year Zero AnnOrZ checked Nightmare Alley 16 minutes LP). Nightmare Alley Mdelafuenteh checked Gulp 17 minutes ago. Gulp Most popular movies. Most popular lists. Top users. Thank you. John Lee - Pt. Elton contrasts with the rest of the band as the master jazz musician of the quartet; his own singular voice on alto sax and saxello takes flight.

Throughout these live tracks Allan is afforded vast open reaches to explore in a more open context than with his own bands, rekindling his explosive chemistry with John Marshall. Herein Holdsworth devotees can discover a contrast in a setting, where some of the most storied masters and innovators from the 60s and 70s generation forge new paths together. The original source: 2 CDRs with flat stereo-mix of the show. Carefully restored, enhanced and mastered by Mark Wingfield.

Track listing: CD 1 1. Seven Formerly 2. Alphrazallan 3. Elsewhere 4. Baker's Treat 5. Calyx 6. Abracadabra 2. Madame Vintage Suite 3. Bad enough, but the final line is the kicker in which it is revealed that he has already killed his mother and has been talking to her corpse. Hank Williams III: A rare example in country music: the double album Straight To Hellcontaining a minute long end track that consists of a hellish pastiche of distorted sounds, ranging from pitch-shifted country songs to field recordings.

Interspersed throughout, however, are some rather nice if a bit "off" songs that detracts from the "WTF factor". Those Poor Bastards: They perform pitch-black horror-themed country with the fervor of fundamentalist backwoods preachers.

And their cover of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" is a terrifying ode to stalkerism. Hank Snow's obscure song "The Name of the Game Was Love" probably wasn't intended to be thisbut reading between the lyrics reveals far more sinister connotations. In theory, the song is a happy, nostalgic reminiscence of all the girls the narrator has been romantically involved with in his life, with an absolute earworm of a tune and the first verse even sounding similar to the children's nursery rhyme "Five Little Speckled Frogs".

Except that list of girls is insanely long, which makes it extremely likely that the narrator is a Casanova who goes out of his way to win the hearts of as many girls as he possibly can before abandoning them and moving on. While the song goes out with the narrator saying he loves them all, it's difficult not to question his sincerity. This goes a step further in the extended cut, culminating in Careful with That Axe.

Weird lyrics, and then this robotic voice talking about the noise, and this dissonance, and this constant LP) It's beautiful, though. Angelspit : "Sleep Now. Emotionless, like he knows and doesn't care, because he's given up LP). Near the end is a nuclear blast that halts the song, with winds heard as the band is presumably obliterated. Some copies of the song have a cover and poster of a nuclear explosion.

Assemblage "30kft". Autechre : Confield is unsettling in a very cold and mechanical way. The songs were produced using generative computer algorithm rather than human performer-based sequencing, which The Berzerker: One notable example would be "Burnt".

The scariest part of the song would have to be the midway point, where a man lists a number of torture methods accompanied by incredibly twisted industrial sounds.

Not only that, but later in the song, the man's monologue is played again, in case you didn't hear him the first time. The intro is mainly the squelching of footsteps in mud and some very primitive-sounding drums. The music video is essentially a tableau of primitive figures with spears superimposed on Bjork's face. Then about halfway through the video Don't say no to me, you can't say no to me I'm crying now, but nobody's there The air is scanty, my voice is decreasing My mind is confused I'm knocking on the coffin.

Lullabyes for dead children, incestuous love, silver daggers, unrequited love, senseless or all-too-sensible murder, graveyards, encounters with Death, crazy women wandering the hills, people frozen in various stages of grief A list of songs of hers that feature creepy undertones would be a mile long, but the worst offenders are "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" — named for a Japanese torture porn film— and "Choking Games.

Bro Smith's "Bigfoot" was meant as just another silly 70s novelty song about a monster that was then in-vogue, but the atmosphere the music creates is rather ominous, and the lyrics don't really play the legend for laughs at all. The album was conceived when sole member Dan Barrett was suicidally depressed, and is built largely around his experiments with a Voor's Head Device, which is a contraption produced by poking just enough holes in a plastic bag to keep yourself from passing out, and then tying it around your head.

The opening track contains samples from a recording made while Barrett was passed out, and they are eerie beyond belief. Read the accompanying book for additional terror. It mentions his suicide When The Sky Is Clear - Buster Williams - Dreams Come True (Vinyl a particular source of Fridge Horror is the fact that he still can't explain why he attempted it, but the implication is that his experiments with the device severely affected his mental state to the point where he lost control of himself.

The follow-up, Deconstructionistis ambient When The Sky Is Clear - Buster Williams - Dreams Come True (Vinyl explicitly designed to bring the listener into an altered state of consciousness. It comes with a disclaimer that people with severe mental illnesses probably should not listen to it, probably for obvious reasons. A lot of this is due to the album's almost constant use of binaural beats, which have been known to cause seizures. The overall effect of the album seems to be quite relaxing for most people, but some people have been quite terrified by it.

The Deadfly Ensemble: "Horse on the Moor" is definitely this. It begins with the narration of how the "Wife" character rose from her grave, desperate for her husband and declaring that she loves him still.

The song itself is about the husband cramming her wife's tomb with several things she enjoyed such as a horse's head because "his love liked to ride", or one of the maids to "help her under there". How does it get worse? Easy - the wife doesn't rise back from the dead at all, she was buried alive as revealed in the final verse.

Death In June: They nearly exclusively sing about death and cults and Nazis and the Holocaust and are Nightmare Fuel when they're not just depressing. They did a cover of songs by Jim Jones. Yes, that Jim Jones. Brian Dewan: He wrote a song from the point of view of someone undergoing brain surgery. The idea behind the song is people tend to be awake during brain surgery and poking different parts of the brain causes different thoughts and emotions. The song starts out almost funny, with renditions of Happy Birthday and Yankee Doodle mixed in with random thoughts.

Then he starts crowing like a rooster and crying "I want my oxygen mask! His version is scarybut other artists, such as Joan Osborne, have also covered it to spooky success. A both incredibly sad and incredibly disturbing tale of a poor farmer driven to desperate measures. Especially when he screams. Nurse With Wound: Anything by them is deeply disturbing on a primal level, whether you understand why or not. Sol Invictus: They have a variety of incredibly disturbing songs, be they about cannibals or ghosts.

Vienna Teng : "Radio" deserves particular mention for its liberal use of Adult Fear terrorist attacksbut "Passage", "Pontchartrain", and "Watershed" deserve mention as well. The song "The Dark Man" by Puzzlebox, about the vaguely described and unexplained entity. The creepy music and unsettling lyrics combine to make a song that can be very unnerving to hear. Heather Dale While the lyrics of "Changeling Child" come across more as mournful than as creepy, the melody behind it is pretty haunting.

It's especially noticeable at the beginning, before the song has properly started. There's nothing but eerie woodwinds. The narrator warns the listener not to come to places where faeries might dance after nightfall and advises them to ward off any that come visiting with Cold Iron. In contrast to the common perception of them, this song clearly portrays the uneasiness with which people once regarded The Fair Folk. However, "Now is the Time" stands out due to these two parts in particular The bullet in the blood, Came from those you love, The bullet in the blood ''Came from those you trust'.

So this is how it feels to die". Yeah, it's just a shame that they eat their own babies. Sweating this blackness, I'm shitting this cold death.

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