Whos Generation - Sham 69 - Tell Us The Truth (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Aggressive Rockproduktionen. Labels: Aggressive Rockproduktionen. Monday, July 6, Oi Brasil Records. Labels: Oi Brasil Records. Tuesday, June 16, Hata Age Records. Labels: Hata Age Records. Monday, June 15, Syndicate Records. Office Para Whos Generation - Sham 69 - Tell Us The Truth (Vinyl. Thursday, June 11, Radikal Records. K split 7" RK T. Labels: Radikal Records. Friday, June 5, Creep Records.

Labels: Creep Records. GMM Records. The listing on this is all screwed up. None of it would strike anyone as out of the ordinary From that masculine frame emanates a woman's voice, one that doesn't just hit the higher registers like some Appalachian castrati, but possesses an assertive feminine lilt reminiscent of Laura Cantrell or Iris DeMent.

But this isn't the typical androgyny of glam, which has no freight in the Americana traditions Death Vessel adopts. Gender isn't an issue inherent in the band's music, but is projected onto it by listeners and passively undiscouraged by the artist himself. Thibodeau-- who plays most of the instruments on the album-- doesn't write from a female perspective-- or from a male perspective either; on Stay Close the point of view is deliberately clouded by the delivery, which adds a layer of mystery to every note.

As complex and compelling as it is, this aspect of Death Vessel proves as much a liability as an asset, often suggesting the mere novelty of a physical feat rather than actual artistry. On a few songs-- most notably the jaunty openers "Mean Streak" and "Later in Life Lift"-- Thibodeau's Whos Generation - Sham 69 - Tell Us The Truth (Vinyl delivery sounds like an end in itself, but more often it serves the purposes of his precisely crafted melodies and obscurely out-of-time lyrics, melding nicely into the mix of acoustic guitars, banjo, fiddle, and organ.

Occasionally this atmosphere sounds studied and rehearsed, but moments like the coda of "Nothing Left to Bury" and the menacing drum-guitar interplay on "Deep in the Horchata" suggest a creative investment that transcends put-on airs.

A mortal dread, played out with tensely intertwined guitar lines and gusts of feedback, shadows "Blowing Cave" and "Tidy Nervous Breakdown", making even the capriciousness of upbeat songs like the bluegrass "Mandan Dink", about a leisurely day at a place called Picnic Rock, seem precarious.

On "Deep in the Horchata" he scratches out a melody on fiddle to echo his own vocals, as Daneil Mazone's drums stitch everything together. Review from pitchforkmedia. Chris Forgues does love making noise, and that comes across quite obviously on most of these tracks. However, instead of just blowing out speakers, he is also interested in using his array of Album) built oscillators and effects to create a more moody, atmospheric backing to the destruction.

The vaguely musical sounds of the home made gear also appear on "Poison Blur" in the form of a cheesy s Eurotrash art flick, but the mix stays tamer on a backing of subbass oscillator swells and other ambient effects. It is as weird and wonderful as it sounds. The use of an answering machine message on "Cool People" may be reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle's classic "Death Threats" but is much less sinister, and augmented with a metric ton of noise.

Balancing pummeling electronics and the absurd is a tough call, but he does it, and for that reason, this album may have appeal outside of the circle of folks that make orgasmic moans at the thought of the Merzbox.

Review from brainwashed. Chippendale unleashes another comic upon an unsuspecting world. Awesome screenprinted cover, 76 pages of black and white brain destruction. This is what I consider DIY quality. Destiny In Time Band - Dance DeVarne - Kiss You Everywhere Visions Of Tomorrow - Galaxy Monofide - Party Tetsuo Sakurai - Kimono Yumi Sato - Ame Hitomi Tohyama - Rainy Driver Sentimental City Romance - Hello Suisei Mizuki Koyama - Kare Niwa Kanawanai Past Due Records reissues this album as a remastered 2LP featuring two bonus tracks.

These are great grooves put down by top-flight musicians. Past Due Records now reissues this album, fully remastered and featuring two bonus tracks. Comes in a grey custom bag. Check out these rad horn arrangements, gay instrumental soli and the fresh and inspired songwriting.

And, o yea, there's a notable Rolling Stones cover too! This rare gem of an album is comprised out of tracks written by some of the top jazz composers of all time including Thelonious Monk and played meticulously by Baker and his all-star line-up consisting out of Jon Burr Yo-Yo MaBen Riley Sonny Rollins, Alice Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and many others.

The material on their joyful and lively debut-album ranges from playful and melodic to dissonant and stubborn. ALFIE Capps is back with another ode to his hometown. You get nine swingin', sweatin' dancefloor rippers guaranteed to put a spur in your step. Includes two original tracks from Club Paradiso with their 80's cosmic disco flavor. Inspired by Suicide, they began to create heavily repetitive rhythms on their sparse synths and drumcomputers.

With this first episode, on which powerful beats and galloping sequencers translate the social and political anger of the global pandemic, Vitalic looks into his past and channels his love for off-kilter synth sounds, skew-whiff pads, catchy refrains, distorted vocals and heavy beats. Comes on gram white vinyl, and includes download card. Her second album, 'Varka', brings together musicians from different backgrounds and gives a new lease of life to these forgotten songs. Originally released inthen reissued for RSDthis single features the band's classic self-destructive party anthem, backed with a blazing cover of the MC5 classic 'Kick Out The Jams'.

Brutal pummeling punk rock at its best! Aisha a. Aisha has been making records since the s having grown up around her father's Sound System in the West Midlands. This record delivers heavy heavy dub!

On vinyl, this is a LP of essential early ska recordings from the acclaimed Jamaican artist. Alton Ellis, previously one half of the duo Alton And Eddy, basically invented the term rocksteady when he gave one of his songs the LP 'Get Ready Do The Rocksteady '. It also proved a fantastic outlet for the Dub Plate Specials cut at Tubby's studio, providing exclusive cuts to be played out and to intice the dance's audience.

The tracks at the time were mainly cut over producer Bunny 'Striker' Lee rhythms, that Bunny stored at Tubby's studio which was in fact his home, 18 Drumilly Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica. The versions were given exclusive plays at Tubby's sound before some finding their way on to vinyl, as the b-side version cut to it's a-side vocal, proving so popular that the records were often brought for its version side over its vocal counterpart.

Jamaican Recordings have compiled a selection of cuts that were all tried and tested on Tubby's Home Town Hi Fi Sound System and worked a great set of Bunny Lee's rhythms in fine style. All killer, no filler! This seminal album, acclaimed by critics as a masterpiece, elevated Nyro to a new musical level and to this very day remains a unique, enigmatic and totally stunning musical statement. Here's a great vinyl compilation of original rudeboy sounds, dating back to the years ' Marrying a psychedelic aesthetic to his jazz-steeped beats, James Wavey originally released his full-length 'Roses' in an edition of only copies.

This is the artistic name of David Del Conte, a genius American gypsy musician who is responsible of probably the rarest and most sought-after psychedelic music album of Album) time. We're talking about his debut album, 'Song Of A Gypsy', which was originally released in This album has a totally unique sound, with the "crooner-like" voice of Damon, the omnipresent melodic fuzz guitar of Charlie Carey and truly atmospheric melodies.

The Damon album is an essential purchase. Dream with the Fishes. Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope. Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Body Language. Crazy Nights. Declaration of Conformity. Destination Anywhere. The Devil You Know. Do It Yourself. Love Among the Ruins. Now Playing. The Very Best of 10cc. Happy End of the World. Heavy Soul. Paul Weller. Adrenaline Rush. Candy Toy Guns and Television. Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival.

Some Other Sucker's Parade. Keep Your Receipt. Men in Black: The Album. No Way Out. Straight on Till Morning. Three Dollar Bill, Yall. Cherry Poppin' Daddies. The Collection — The Drop. Vanishing Point. Another Lesson in Violence.

Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded. One Second. The Dandy Warhols Come Down. Home Grown. Under the Covers. Ocean Machine: Biomech.

Adam and Eve. The Art of War. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Give 'Em the Boot. Nothin' but the Taillights. Official Live: Proof. Songs from Northern Britain. Spawn: The Album.

Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. How to be a Player. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Lovesongs for Underdogs. Backstreet Boys. A Deeper Kind of Slumber. Gun Shy, Trigger Happy. No Holds Barred. Release Some Tension. Godspeed You Black Emperor! In Deep. The Fourth World.

Kara's Flowers. The Dance. All That I Am. Devotion: The Best of Yanni. Last of the Sharpshooters. Love Scenes. Songbook A Collection of Hits. Welcome to the Freak Show. Sunday, July 13, Episode The Ramones. Friday, July 4, Episode 69, Dude! Greetings Dear Listener, Hopefully you will come out of this weekend of independence with your thumbs intact. After months of trying to track them down, I finally saw Zeitgeist the other night.

They opened for Jello Biafra's new band along with Submachine. Both bands played to the stunning apathy that only a Pittsburgh audience can provide.

And people wonder why there isn't a much larger scene in this town with more all-ages shows. Zeitgeist tore it up. The band was incredibly tight and the singer, Tilley, was an absolute monster on stage. I am very curious to see how she would attack a real crowd.

Go to their bandcamp page for downloads and check Mind Cure for the self-titled vinyl and single. He'll be screening all twelve videos that were filmed to coincide with each of the twelve singles that came out in the series.

To cap off the evening, The Gotobeds will be playing at Gooski's at 10pm. Battered Citizens was a late 80s band from Pittsburgh. Members of the band went on to play in Submachine and Killer Of Sheep. The record comes with a download that includes two shows from the Electric Banana. There is a kids summer camp called Girls Rock! At the end of the week there is a showcase where all of the bands play.

Not only do the campers learn about music but there are also Women's History classes and seminars dealing with body image and discrimination. The first session was last week but there is a second session in August. Go here for more information. Ice-T's band Body Count put out a new record called Manslaughter. I'm not sure if the world was looking for a new Body Count record but by golly it sure is entertaining. Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has been putting out a steady amount of compilations for free download.

They also have a summer singles club. This year it's sixteen bands over sixteen weeks. Sleep is slated to be the single for week seven. Go here to check it out. Ipecac will be handling the release. Teri's singing in Spanish. It is four tracks of awesome and it's available to download on bandcamp. Greg Ginn's new version of Black Flag played in town last week. I gave a passing thought to going to the show.

I'm glad I forgot about it until the day after. Something tells me it would have been a let down. That and the fact that I don't want to give the Ginn any more of my money. Thanks for listening. Rock over London. Rock on Chicago.

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