Hot Legs - Rod Stewart - Unplugged ...And Seated (CD, Album)


Com Atlantic Crossing ele voltou ao Top 10 da Billboard. Em Rod Stewart deixou a Warner Bros. Records e mudou-se para a Atlantic Records.

Por causa das baixas vendas, a Atlantic Records cancelou o contrato com Rod Stewart e ele acabou assinando contrato com o produtor Clive Davis e a nova gravadora J Records. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Rod Stewart. Rock pop disco blue-eyed soul blues rock folk rock soft rock. Cantor compositor produtor musical.

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It also appeared in the feature film Seven Psychopaths. Keith Hampshire had the first chart-topping hit of the song when his recording of it became a number-one hit in Canada inreaching the top of the RPM national singles chart on 12 May of that year.

It was a huge success, and spent four weeks at No. In a departure from the original, Stewart excludes the concluding "But when it comes to being loved, she's first" from the refrain. Hot Legs - Rod Stewart - Unplugged .And Seated (CDhe recorded a live version during a session of MTV Unplugged. This was included on the album Unplugged It remains his most commercially successful track and was a big hit in Europe. The single peaked at No.

Radio, club and dub edits are available too. It became one of Crow's biggest radio hits, peaking at No. Internationally, the song was a top-twenty success in Hungary, Ireland and New Zealand. Filmed in southern Utahthe video features Sheryl in a rocky desert singing with her guitar, riding horses and interacting in a cowboy environment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Hot [14] 21 U. Billboard Adult Contemporary 43 U. Joel Whitburn 's Pop Annual [18] Hot adult contemporary triple A radio.

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