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Machete - Drop Top - Machete (File, MP3)


That's about it, really. Slender Ravine. Created by Zet0r. This map is Stop it, Slender! Stop it, Slender! Created by Necrossin. Current workshop version: Created by Pufulet. Slenderman SNPC. Created by -Sev. This SNPC is meant to scare you. It looks like Slenderman but had different traits, for instance instead of teleporting he walks ever closer to you, he has a few different sounds added in that aren't related but I think he will give you a good scare on any Slender Forest.

Created by MontE. The Steam workshop download This one has just the night version, but the Gamebanana link has both the night version and the day version. Slender Man and Kate. Created by GlubtasticMrPeelz. Use the Body and Skin option in the C Menu to change the page. Credits Karimatrix - Sk Created by big titty bitch.

This player model has hitboxes and works with M9K weapons. I also tried to make Slender Man himself, but, the arms were glitchy.

I will try and fix this at some poin Collectable Slender Pages. Created by Jon a scone. Using this addon you can spawn and collect the 8 different pages from Slender! Improved flashlight texture. Created by Wheatley.

New flashlight texture. Third Person Flashlight. Slenderman Scripted Weapon. Created by TurtleP. You can turn invisible by pressing the 'reload' button for about 6 seconds and then use the secondary fire to sneak around and teleport behind unsuspecting friends! You need to Created by Fartomaticatron. Welcome to Shambles way, the evacuated English suburbs set in the midst of an apocalypse Features: houses with interiors and gardens -English architecture -based on my real street -Fully noded environment -Optimisation for intense gameplay Customizable Flashlight.

Created by Paynamia. This weapon is meant to be a recreation and improvement of Zoey's Magenta's Zombie Master Flashlight once available for Garry's Mod This weapon is recreated from scratch to provide a similar function to the weapon removed from garrysmod.

Custom flashlight. Created by TheTwinkiGuy. This is my custom flash light and it's world model is really descent. It's realistic from the world model. If you want your own custom flashlight PM me for it.

I'll try to make it. Thing to do: -Fix lights Created by Bizz. Dark winding corridors dotted with splotches of blood, the sounds of doors creak ominously and the TVs only report static.

This is a large Hospital map with a huge system of corridors, hallways and hospital facilities, making it very easy to get lost in. Alien: Isolation - HUD. Alien: Isolation - Crafting System. Simple crafting system from Alien: Isolation. Alien: Isolation - Motion Tracker. Alien: Isolation - Flamethrower. Alien: Isolation - Revolver. Alien: Isolation - Flare. Amnesia SNPC's. Created by Predator CZ.

As prior tothere are some changes. Convars has been removed, everyting is editable just like any vanilla item Going to desktop mode, right clicking on entity and selecting "edit properties"NPC features can be changed only by admi Created by TamiyaKC. Special Thanks to Mr. SCP Facility. Created by Keithy. SCP - Nextbot. Created by Shaklin. SCP swep. Created by Vinrax. Alien: Isolation - Noisemaker.

ZM LV Created by HarryCane. Slender Subway. This map is "Stop it, Slender! Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. So please stop asking about NPCs, thank you. Since this map is so large and contains so much, I had to split it into 2 parts in able to get it o Since this map is so large and contains so much, I had to split it into 2 parts in able to get it on Workshop. Created by Splinks. On a serious note this is a CreepyPasta character I never quite understood on how people chose to visually portray and instead chose to ruin a rather potentially insanely scary figure.

So I chose to give my twisted take on him by combining the fan ap Jeff the Hunter Ragdoll. Created by SpongePierre. Alien: Isolation - Molotov. Alien: Isolation - Shotgun. Improved-er Blood. Created by Vondervol. The gore effects featured in the video were from another mod that no longer exists on the workshop. THIS mod replaces the blood decals of the game. Like, when you shoot an NPC and blood splatters on the walls. THAT is what this mod does.

Please consider th Cry of Fear Lantern. Created by LordiAnders. Another ported weapon! This isnt a "weapon" its the lantern seen in Cry of Fear!

Yes i decided to create this because i thought that all the other weapons that emits light didnt fit dark atmospheres too well Horror Story. Created by SirQuack. Ever wanted to play horror maps without having to worry about noclipping co-players and use of weapons they shouldn't use?

Then this is the addon you need. Horror Story turns Garry's Mod into a full-fledged, fully compatible horror game. Features like Created by MSF. If you do, start up Gmod, open the addons list, disable the old footstep mod and then restart Gmod.

Have you been recently stuffed into a suit filled with an endoskeleton? Are you just a fan of Created by Nekres.

Adjust the threat level of a map. Silent Hill Mode is still with crap fog in video, it looks very very good now Audiotracks used in the Silent Hill mode experim The Original Weeping Angel. Finally I got around to uploading this! Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe.

Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck. Silent House. Created by thotbustah. An old Half-Life 2 mod from brought into GMod! All credit goes to the Creator Slenderman Playermodel.

Created by Vipes. Everyone's favorite creepy, no-faced mute now as a Playermodel. And Slendy needs his twenty. Bare with me, face is kind of messed up, but if people like, I'll keep it. Re-uploaded to non-beta workshop and finally fixed! Blood and Gore Overhaul 3. Created by TFA. As of January 1,this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!

Created by Cuba Pete. The map is a rendition of the first level, with additional rooms and elemen AvP Flamethrower Swep. Created by snaek eatre. Well i t Five Nights at Freddy's Gamemode. Created by VictorienXP. The gamemode goal is to improve the gaming experience on the FNaF map!

Morbus Gamemode. Created by Remscar. Morbus is a survival horror gamemode where players are either Humans or Aliens. The aliens have one objective, to infect all the humans. On the other hand the humans want to first, survive, and second, kill all the aliens. Morbus is very similar to the mov Morbus Content. Content required for the gamemode Morbus.

Morbus Maps. A collection of maps for Morbus, these are not included in the main content addon because of size restrictions. This pack does not contain the arming files for a server due to. You can get those on ModDB or morbus. SCP Site 19 Sandbox. Created by Kammorne. I have included most of what this map requires and have added and changed multiple aspects of the map.

This map requires Cou Created by Clay. This addon replaces current blood textures with by Outlast Blood. Thanks to the people at Red Barrels for making the 2spooky4me Outlast game. This addon may be something more in the future but for now, we enjoy the blood Created by Emperor of the Internet. SCP Player Model. Created by Magic Bacon. This is a rough adaptation of SCP into a player model.

I had to hack some things around so his arms are slightly shorter and obviously his fingers don't work. There is no ragdoll yet but I'm working on that Tails Doll Model. Created by FusionFall. Rock Rigged and ported by FusionFall Seeing as Halloween is coming up I figure I'd Start making some halloween theme sonic stuff And what's more scarier than a plush d Created by Ethosaur.

TTT - The Vampire. Created by Exho. An alternate take on Traitor Cannibalism. The Vampire. But you can also take from you Created by SaLaMi. You need Half Life 2, Ep 1 and Ep 2 for this map Created by Order Why won't it work?

I already have the page locations, and I'm just waiting to see if the c Created by Epic Gaymer. Is anybody out there who doesn't know the SAW movies? Jigsaw Machete - Drop Top - Machete (File the bad guy.

He kidnaps people, puts them in buildings full of deadly traps and plays his game. The goal is to escape and save your life. The map c Freddy Fazbear's Pizza No events. This version of the map contains NO jumpscares, spooky sounds, or anything of that nature.

The map can be foun Created by hi. Created by Badhamknibbs. I will be working on the events version as time comes along. Please report bugs in the thread in discussions. Requires Counter Strike: Source DarkRP - Skyrim Lockpicking. Break into bases like a true nord! Created by FireFlame.

Its Emptiness Link For Your fun needs! I would LOVE to be credited on photos or youtube videos or whatever you upload this too, but only if you want! Created by M3SA. This adds the HL2 hand flare, but it has a better texture on it. It is not a dupe, this is a working flare. Oh, also, don't dupe this or reupload. Half Life 2 Settings. Created by kompakt-disk. The difficulty changes enemy and friendly Talking Bible. Created by Kogitsune.

Burn the wicked, heal the faithful, listen to it not shut up. Use it to stop it from starting another rant Created by ghor. Please do not share download links for commercial WAD files in the comments or discussions. If you are experiencing a problem with Created by upset. Happy New Year!

Created by DrVrej. Created by Misterlegodude. Scary Horror Map Pack. Created by Emnu. Death Of The Dream Mappack. I did not make these, just putting them on workshop. Death of the Dream 4. Hell's Resort. Scary United Coop. Hell's Prison. Left 4 Dead Death Sound. That'd just be silly Gamemode Icon Pack. Created by Jacob. This adds icons to each gamemode in the Server List.

Health Based Post Processing 2. Created by Buckash Should be entirely client side now, and much less intrusive! Inspired by this amazing addon 's post-processing system, this addon modifies your scree Jason Voorhees. Created by Evil-Ash. My first test upload on the workshop. The Vampire is available on "digitalero" and Freddy o Michael Myers. Created by Hollywood SN. Its Halloween, so fuck you. Comes with knife.

Fix's f MKX: Jason P. Created by Lenoax. Well well well Heroic Bloodshed : The tone and styling of the first two games are notably informed by this genre almost as much as Film Noir. By the third game however, there's little trace of this beyond Max's gunfighting antics.

Hero Insurance : Averted, Subverted, and played straight. Explicitly explained in the first game. In exchange for killing Nicole Horne, Alfred Woden promises that no charges will ever be filed against Max for any of the murders he's committed in his quest for revenge. Quite justified, because Woden needs something to offer to Max. One wonders how Max managed to beat the rap from his antics in the second game, given that he kills hundreds of goons, actively assists a wanted assassin in killing even more goons, and Act III outright has Max being hunted for shooting his partner.

Plus, Woden gets killed near the end of the game leaving Max without any friends in the power elite to bail him out. For what it's worth, everyone Max kills is either a mobster or secret society rent-a-commando actively trying to murder him, and his partner was literally in bed with the Big Bad. Then again, unlike the previous two games, Max is never caught by the police, and there are no living witnesses to his actions, and it also helps that a local cop works with Max to expose the fact that the politician and police Special Forces were pretty much engaged in systematic mass murder against the city's poor population and criminal element.

Newspaper clippings in the third game indicate that Max was fired from the NYPD for the events of the second game. So he wouldn't be guilty of murdering his partner note he actually did kill her without knowing she was corrupt, but no one besides him and Mona would know that but it's unlikely he'd be forgiven for the body count he left behind.

Hide Your Children : Averted as after the Junkies kill Max's wife and daughter you can see her body Machete - Drop Top - Machete (File the crib. Hired Guns : The cleaners in the second game. A whole army of them. Hitscan : One of the first games to make a big deal of averting this; all of the weapons fired modeled projectiles, the bullet-time mechanic was created largely so you could see this more clearly. Played with in 3 - Bullets are hitscan in real-time, but are modeled projectiles in bullet-time.

How We Got Here : The first game opens immediately after Max kills Nicole Horne, and then flashes back to how he got involved in the whole thing. The second game start right after the conclusion in Woden's mansion, then flashes back to Max in the hospital after his shootout with Winterson earlier that night, which serves as the first level of the game. At the end of the level, Max finds her body, which causes him to flash back again note Yes, a flashback within a flashback.

By the time that flashback ends, there are only a few levels left of the game, which are spent telling how Max wound up at the conclusion. Hyperspace Arsenal : Max can fit a ludicrous number of guns in his jacket in the first two games, but it's averted in the third game. He can carry one large rifle or shotgun and two smaller weapons also letting him mix and match them, MP3) he can carry an Uzi and a revolver, one in each hand if you wish. Max will even realistically carry his longarm in his off hand due to the lack of a sling, even during cutscenes.

And if he needs to go Guns Akimbohe has to drop the long gun. The game even edits cutscenes to take account of whether or not Max entered the scene carrying a rifle and has to put it down or have it taken, and he later carries a duffel bag throughout a level. The Beretta Model 12 submachine gun has also had its stock and foregrip removed to allow it to be fit in Max's shoulder holsters although both it and the Sawed-Off Shotgun still look ridiculous when they're stowed there.

There's an element of Gameplay and Story Segregation in play in the early games, however, as several frames in the graphic novels in the first game depicts Max carrying a duffel bag full of weapons.

I Call It "Vera" : Played with. The evil commando calls his gun "Dick Justice. Lampshaded by Max during Mona's section in the second game: Max: They have hit everything but me here.

If you don't hurry they'll eventually shoot me by accident. Max: [narrating] Pissing Punchinello off was a dangerous game. But when people get mad, they make mistakes. That's where I wanted Punchinello, mad enough to trip over his own feet, preferably into a grave. Horne: What do you mean, "he's unstoppable"? You are superior to him in every way that counts. You are better trained, better equipped, and you outnumber him at least twenty-to-one. Made of Iron : Just give him some painkillers, and Max can walk off anything.

In cutscenes, he's survived a lethal overdose of Valkyr, having his skull used for batting practice, wandering through the worst snowstorm in New York's history without even buttoning up his coat, getting shot in the head several times, once with a Desert Eaglefalling off a cliff, and having high-powered explosives detonate with him standing nearby.

The third game introduces bullet wounds including exit wounds for both Max Machete - Drop Top - Machete (File the enemies, so it's not uncommon for a cutscene to have Max littered with holes and still going about business as usual. In the first game, Elite Mooks and bosses could survive truly incredible amounts of damage before dying Rico Muerte, the first really bullet-spongy opponent you face, can soak a full 36 rounds from your dual Berettas before dropping, and some later bosses like Jack Lupino are even tougher.

The second game tries to be a bit more realistic and averts this, with even kevlar-wearing commandos going down with only a few shots from a decent automatic weapon. The second game also mostly does away with boss fights; Kaufman is the only real "boss" in the game, and even he only has about 4 times as much health as a regular Mook, while the final opponent is largely a Puzzle Boss fight.

BB in the first game is the closest thing the entire series has to a Damage-Sponge Boss. Just one direct him from a grenade launcher or a bullet to the head from a sniper rifle is not enough to take him down. The Mafia : Most of Max's villains.

The Punchinellos have seen better days: It's implied that Angelo's restaurant, which includes a second floor ballroom, has fallen on hard times, and the mob-controlled block of tenements is a pit of vice and decay. Max laments the hotel as a "sad old thing", a kitschy relic from the seventies which the gangsters never bother to maintain.

The Mafiya : Vlad's other schtick, though it turns out he's fighting for control over the Inner Circle in the second game. Mangst : Max deals with the death of his wife and child by shooting up entire armies of mobsters and thinking in metaphors.

Meaningful Echo : In the beginning of the first game, immediately prior to going home and finding his wife and daughter dead, Max stubs out a cigarette in front of Alex and says "See? My last smoke. It's bad for the baby. One of the major components of the game is downing bottles of painkillers.

John Mirra in Address Unknownriffing on "Mirror. Don Punchinello is a reference to the Victorian-era puppet show charactersignifying that the don is Nicole Horne's puppet. Nicole Horne's is called "the hag" repeatedly. In keeping with the Norse theme, that's N.

Jack Lupino's name conveys his wolf-like tendencies. During his crazed tirade, he makes a reference to "the wolf" and howls. This might be considered another Norse reference as well, to Fenris. Rico Muerte's last name is Spanish for death. The Sax twins' names are Mona and Lisa. Ragna Rock is a reference to Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse. The Aesir Corporation is named after the Aesir, the chief pantheon of Norse gods.

Max learns about Project Valhalla by accessing a computer network called Yggdrasil, the name of the giant tree from which Odin was hung, an ordeal which gave him secret knowledge. Valkyr drug makes user high with potential deadly results.

Much like Valkyries, flying creatures who take the warriors to Valhalla. After they die, of course. Most of the names of the second game's levels.

Though most of the allusion goes to the quotes present within the level, some are relevant to the general situation "No 'Us' In This" is a level where you would expect to have Mona as a sidekick, but she runs off or even gameplay features "Dearest Of All My Friends" is exactly how much you have to protect Vinnie during the game's Escort Mission. Mook Promotion : In the first game, Vinnie Gognitti is a ratty, low-level flunky who Max chases and torments for information, and is so pathetic Max figures he's not even worth killing.

By the second game, Vinnie seems to be pretty much running the entire Mafia, due to Max having killed everybody else in the Family hierarchy during the course of the first game. Mooks but No Bosses : Invoked in all three games, which have Elite Mooks at several points and a "sequence" as opposed to a final boss: The first has Max shooting the last of Horne's mooks, before crushing her helicopter ; The second has Max collapsing the structure Vlad is onwhich then turns into an Elite Mook fight; Machete - Drop Top - Machete (File, the third has Max a shootout with Becker and his goons, before he chases and blows up Victor's jet in Da Silva's car.

Moral Dissonance : All the games have had a degree of this, with Max soliloquising on his murderous antics occasionally, but more often than not resolving with very few civilian casualties. Motive Decay : The first game is an unusual example of the protagonist experiencing this. In Act 1 he's mainly interested in tracking down the supplier of Valkyr and finding out who murdered his partner, but his Cowboy Cop tendencies get noticeably further out of control as the game progresses And then he does track down the supplier of Valkyr and learns several important facts about them starting with the fact that they murdered his wife and baby daughter as part of a cover-up and Well, he's not really interested in collecting evidence anymore.

Murder Simulator : The second game has a woman filing a police report about her boyfriend and how she destroyed her own TV because he gamed too much. She goes on to state that she's worried that the controller even resembles a gun to her. Had them since maybe If it is not actually Cat7, you got ripped off. Cat5e is more than enough for everything up to 1 Gbps. MBps and Mbps are very different things.

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Bolero Cancão - Lisa Ono - Esperança (CD, Album), The Jolly Captain - John Watterson - Fake Thackray (The Songs Of Jake Thackray) (CD, Album), Every Loser Wins, Stranger In The Night - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix, Fishmoon - Music By Axel Manrico Heilhecker (CD, Album), Dont Feel No Way - Dennis Brown - Live At Montreux (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Jealous Wings - A Plea For Purging - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell (Vinyl, LP), Whos That Girl - The Bootleggers* - Hot Mix 2 (Vinyl), Compete - Wasted (2) / The Stakeout - Split 7 Inch (Vinyl), Ill Just Play, Mr. Brightside - The Killers - Direct Hits (CD), Rendered Horizon I - mindSpiral - Triangulum (File, MP3, Album), Kriti Sarasamukhi - N. Ravikiran - Music From Madras - Ravikiran Plays Chitravina (CD, Album)