405 Fridays - Defari - Focused Daily (Vinyl, LP, Album)

405 Fridays - Defari - Focused Daily (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Defari - Focused Daily. Xzibit 13 Friday's 14 Checkstand 3 15 No Clue feat. Chocolate Tye 16 Gems 17 People's Stand. Defari - The saloon music LP. Intro 2. Ralo R. Jam 3. Say It Twice 4. Interlude 1 5. Aged Whisky Aged Remy feat. Chuck Hustle 6. Develop Tools 7. Interlude 2 8. The Unforgettable feat. Veronica Mendez 9. Real Not Fake feat. Chocolate Ty Interlude 3 Clear The Lane feat.

Phil Da Agony Big Up '95 Classic Exclusive Big Up Instrumental. Defari - Odds And Evens - Retail Electrosoul System.

Publicado por gjungle en No hay comentarios:. Etiquetas: Drum and BassExperimental. Pulp Fusion Vol. Wiggle Waggle - Herbie Hancock 2. Dorado - Blue Mitchell 3. Knucklehead - Grover Washington, Jr. Blow Your Whistle - Soul Searchers 6. Getaway - The Salsoul Orchestra 7. Slippin' into Darkness - Ramsey Lewis Trio 8.

Fat City Strut - Mandrill Nautilus - Bob James September Publicado por Nayo en No hay comentarios:. Etiquetas: FunkJazz. Bonde Soukora Gomni Sega Amandrai Lasidan Keito Banga Ai du Bootsy's Rubber Band - Ahh The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! Etiquetas: Funk. Blind Boys of Alabama - Spirit of the Century Jesus Gonna Be Here 2. No More 3. Good Religion 5. Give A Man A Home 6. Amazing Grace 7. Soldier 8. Nobody's Fault But Mine 9.

Way Down In The Hole Motherless Child Just Wanna See His Face Etiquetas: BluesGospel. Sergio Colombo - El Natty Combo Tracklist: 1. No me Preguntes - Sergio Colombo 2. Puppet On a string - B. Coulteer 3. La Promesa- Sergio Colombo 6. Little nut tree - Brevette 7. Band yu belly- L. Dillon 9. La Pipa - Sergio Colombo Publicado por Dean en No hay comentarios:. Etiquetas: Reggae. Nazarenes - Songs Of Life Song of Judgment Day 2. Song of Love 3. Song of Righteous Life 5.

Song of Liberation 6. Song of Mary Jane 7. Song of Warmongers 8. Song of Consoling 9. Song of Mother Earth Song of Unity Song of Sharing Song of Mission Marco Polo - Port Authority Publicado por Dean en 1 comentario:. The 18th Letter Always And Forever prod. Skit 4. It's Been A Long Time prod. Remember That prod. The Saga Begins prod. Skit 8. Guess Who's Back prod. Stay A While prod. New York Ya Out There prod. Show Me Love prod. Skit The Mystery Who Is God?

When I'm Flowin prod. Guess Who's Back Alternative Mix prod. Publicado por ZianurhO en 1 comentario:. Tracklist: Tres heridas Un cambio va a llegar. Tracklist: Intro. Fat Joes Way Respect Mine Watch Out Say Word Success [DJ Premier Remix] Dedication The second Ed O.

Bleak and even claustrophobic, "Streets of the Ghetto" is no glorification, nowhere near celebratory. Instead, the track conveys the realities of the trade while outlining how a person with severely limited options can be lured into it.

While rap was going harder in than it was inEd O. G's shift is natural with no apparent desire to cash in on the increasingly prevailing trend. It's where his head was at, enhanced greatly by a handful of Diamond's most overlooked productions, as well as a batch of relatively playful tracks helmed by Awesome 2 Productions Teddy Tedd, Special K, and their many associates. Streets of the Ghetto 2. Busted 3. Love Comes and Goes 4. I Thought Ya Knew 6. I'm Laughin' 7. I'll Rip You 8.

Go Up and Up 9. Try Me Dat Ain't Right Less Than Zero Dilated Peoples - Expansion Team Having threatened on their debut, The Platform, to bring the sound of the underground to the masses, Dilated Peoples hones their 405 Fridays - Defari - Focused Daily (Vinyl hooks and breaks on Expansion Team to ensnare purists and the mainstream alike. Yet it's the instantly addictive slow roller "Worst Come to Worst" that best proves their point.

Their messages may not be new, but the Dilated Peoples' genius is delivering them with simmering tunes that make them worth hearing again 1. Live On Stage 2. Worst Comes To Worst 3. Clockwork 4. Trade Money 5. Heavy Rotation 6. Self Defense 7. Phil Da Agony Interlude 8. Proper Propaganda 9. Dilated Junkies Panic Pay Attention Night Life War Hard Hitters Defari Interlude Dilated Peoples - The Platform Longtime darlings of hip-hop's underground, Dilated stays true to their roots with The Platform, combining spare, churning bass hooks with Babu's epic turntable episodes.

Their constant boasting is also the album's only setback, as all the self-lauding can, and sometimes does, get tired. So May I Introduce to You 2. Platform 3. No Retreat 4. Guaranteed 5. Right On 6. Main Event 7. Service 8.

Ear Drums Pop 9. Years in the Making Annihilation Expanding Man Last Line of Defense Triple Optics Shape of Things to Come Work the Angles E-Life started his music career with rap crew Dope Syndicate.

Bring It On would drop from the charts after two weeks. The album features contributions from Michael Franti and Postmen. Thoughts 2. Watch Me 3. Come On feat. Sonny D 4. You Dont Even Know Bring It On 6. Push 'M Up 7. The Lounge 8. My Love feat. Michael Franti 9. Bubblegum feat. Ganza and Son On Top Of This Chemistry feat. U-Niq Feelin' This Shit Old Story feat. Ganza Who Stole The Soul Understand This Rollin feat. Rollarocka and R Labels: downloade liferapidshare.

Brand Nubian - Foundation Foundation, the first album since Brand Nubian's debut to feature all four original members, is an incredible return to form. The rhymes by Grand Puba, Sadat X, and Lord Jamar are as striking as they were on the group's breakout, and the focus on message tracks 405 Fridays - Defari - Focused Daily (Vinyl a refreshing turn from the rap world's played-out tales of thug life.

Here We Go 2. Return 3. Shinin' Star 4. Beat Change 5. Migraine Interlude 6. Brand Nubian 8. Maybe One Day 9. Let's Dance Back up off the Wall Black on Black Crime Interlude I'm Black and I'm Proud Sincerely Probable Cause Ghetto Interlude Love vs. Hate Too Late Straight Outta Now Rule Foundation Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth Hell on Earth is a album by hip-hop group Mobb Deep, released a year and a half after The Infamous.

The album is largely a continuation of the style pioneered on its previous album, which was produced by Havoc, who also rhymes on the album with Prodigy. Animal Instinct 2. Drop A Gem On 'Em 3. Bloodsport 4. Extortion 5. More Trife Life 6. Man Down 7. Can't Get Enough Of It 8.

Nighttime Vultures 9. III Get Dealt With Hell On Earth Front Lines Give It Up Fast Still Shinin' Guru is a model of understated consistency -- from "Manifest" to "Just to Get a Rep" to "You Know My Steez," he can always be depended on for thoughtful and innovative material, if not outright classics. Guru sounds obsessed with fake thugs and gangsters, and at 21 tracks without an updated flow or much variation in theme, the record becomes a struggle early on. His usual insight, storytelling, and clever swagger are replaced by a punchless braggadoccio, and his guest artists only offer the same.

Guru - Wheres Our Money 2. Guru - Back 2 Back Feat. Mendoughza 3. Guru - Rollin Dolo 4. Guru - No Surviving 5. Guru - Underground Connections 6. Guru - LP Know 7. Guru - In Here Feat. Guru - The Come Up 9. Guru - Cry Guru - O. Talk Guru - Pimp Shit Guru - Never Ending Saga Guru - War Tactics Guru - Collectin Props Guru - Revolutionist Guru - No Grease Guru - Stay Outta My Face Guru - The Anthem Posted by hiphopheadz at AM 0 comments.

Labels:baldhead slick and da clickblogspotgangstarrgurureal rap headz. Recordkingz - Heavyweight By this I mean that it finds a talented producer hooking up with a host of talented MCs and dropping dope phatness.

When was the last time you heard a proper jump-up hip hop track anyway? The underground has been plagued by masturbatory production for too long - even if there has been some lyrical insanity. On the other hand, the mainstream shits out club beats like its got diarrhoea — but is plagued by lyrical inanity. Move the crowd. Portobello Dave Skit I Cried Feat. Tragedy Khadafi Joell Ortiz Do You Feel It Skit 1 LP Ya Shoulders Feat.

The Beatnuts Hip Hop Throwback Feat. Guilty Simpson Playin To Lose Feat. Little Brother Scratch And Chop Skit 2 This Is 4 My Peoples Feat. Evidence Heat Feat. Mobb Deep Da Money Feat. Glasses Malone Pay Your Respects Feat. Problemz Keep It Coming Feat. Get High Skit 3 Bad Cats Feat. Juliano On The Cuts Skit 4 You Been Warned Feat. Aasim 405 Fridays - Defari - Focused Daily (Vinyl Keep On Feat.

Chalice And Ruk. Labels:blogspothardcore raphiphoprapidsharereal rap headzrecordkingz. The album features some of the earliest appearances from Diamond's later D. However there were promotional copies pressed up with full artwork which were very highly sought-after. The vinyl edition was eventually made available as a reissue years later.

The original promo has a sticker on it; the reissue had this sticker scanned into the artwork. Intro 2. Best Kept Secret 3. Step To Me 5. I'm Outta Here 8. A Day In The Life 9. Last Car On The 2 Train Red Light, Green Light I Went For Mine Check One, Two What You Seek Boom Music MHB's Put a Curse on You Astro Black Green Power Jazz Cats Pt. The Unseen Phony Gane Astro Travellin' Blitz Axe Puzzles Discipline 99 Pt. The Unseen Instrumentals: Stones Throw - Remixes EP: 1. The Look of Love - Slum Village 2.

Slang Editorial - Cappadonna 5. Wanna Test - Lootpack 6. Don't See Us - Roots 8. Records - Angels Without Edges: 1.

Prelude 2. Julani 3. Papa 4. Keeper Of My Soul 5. The One Who Knows 6. Paladium 8. Life's Angels 9. Think Of You Uno Esta Rugged Tranquility Daylight Hot Water Mestizo Eyes Sun Godess Kuhn's Theme Little Girl Broken Dreams Last Day Stones Throw - The Beat Conductor: 1.

Earth Sounds 2. Conducted Rhythms 3. Breaks of Meditate Pt. Elements For Mr. Crabfeather 6. Blades 7. Pike's Strike 8. Lost Lust Drama Scene 4 Ashby Road Soul Sonata LP Mindtouch Stones Throw Records - Shades Of Blue: 1. Slim's Return 3.

Distant Land 4. Mystic Bounce 5. Stormy 6. Blue Note Interlude 7. Please Set Me At Ease 8. Funky Blue Note 9. Alfred Lion Interlude Stepping Into Tomorrow Andrew Hill Break Montara Song For My Father Footprints Outro Blue Note - A Piece for Brother Weldon 3. Irvines Vine Spirit Mans Lament 4. Time 5. Welldone 6. Liberated 7. Keys 8. Nodlew Day of Spirit Man Master Wels Tune Theme For a Broken Soul: 1. Don't You Know 2. Sunrise 3. Universal Peace 5. Sao Paulo 6. Eclipse Pt.

Song For My Lady 8. Moonride 9. Waves The Doo Do It Diggin In Brownswood Microphone Mathematics: 1. Microphone Mathematics 2. Microphone Mathematics Instrumental 5. Disciple 99 Instrumental 6. Hittin' Hooks: 1. Hittin' Hooks 2. Microphone Mathematics Remix Stones Throw - Come On Feet: 1. Come On Feet 2. Come On Feet Instrumental 3. Come On Feet Remix 4. Boom Music 5. Boom Music Instrumental 6. MHB's Stones Throw - Invazion: 1. Cut One 2. Track Two 3. Song Three 4. Fantastic Four 5.

Number Five 6. Part Six Stones Throw - Elle's Theme: 1. Elle's Theme 2. Rerev 3. Herbal Scent 4. Sunrays Stones Throw - Basic Instinct: 1.

Basic Instinct 2. Basic Instinct Instrumental 3. Dinosaur Brain Beat Stones Throw - Bunky's Pick - Madlib - 2. The Bomb Shelter: 1. The Bomb Shelter 2. Knucklehead 3.

Rocket Love: 1. Rocket Love 2. I Am Singing Stones Throw - Uno Esta: 1. Uno Esta 2. Papa 3. Life's Angels 4. Funshine 5. The Science Stones Throw - Heaven Must Be Like This: 1. Astronaut: 1. Astronaut 2. Am I Confused 3. Lonely Piano Antidote - Mystic Brew: 1. Mystic Brew 2. Harlem River Drive 4. Experience: 1. Experience 2. Fifty Eight 3. Solar Waves 4. Song For Airto 5. Parallel Worlds 6. Tomorrow, Yesterday 7. Flower of Life Stones Throw - Please Set Me At Ease: 1. Mystic Bounce 3.

Steppin' Into Tomorrow Blue Note - Slim's Return: 1. Slim's Return 2. Steppin' Again 3. Dimples 4. Young Warrior Blue Note - Broad Factor: 1. Broad Factor Street 2. Broad Factor Radio 3. Broad Factor Inst. Broad Factor Acapella 5. Brainasaurus Inst. Stones Throw - Steppin' Again: 1. Steppin' Again - Rich Medina - 2. The Red: 1. The Red 2. The Red Clean 3. The Red Instrumental 4. The Official 5. The Official Clean 6. The Official Instrumental Stones Throw - Champion Sound Dirty 2.

Champion Sound Clean 3. Champion Sound Instrumental 4. Strip Club Instrumental Stones Throw - All Caps: 1. Secondary Protocol: 1. Code Red Listen 3. Hands Up 4. The Movement Pt. Secondary Protocol 9. Puttin' In Work Wonder Years Operation Radio Raid Interlude 7.

Vinyl Talk Instrumental 9. I'm Telling You Remix : 1. I'm Telling You Remix - Instrumental 3. Knicknack 1. Knicknack Instrumental 3. Kiana 4. Kiana Instrumental Stones Throw - Youzafiend Remix: - Mr. No Love 2. No Love Instrumental 3. No Love Acapella - Wildchild - 4. Youzafiend Remix 5. Youzafiend Remix Instrumental - Science Project - 6. Bad Brains 7. Bad Brains Instrumental 8. Bad Brains Acapella Stronghouse - Rules of Engagement: - Infamous MC - 1.

Inna Opus Instrumental 4. Inna Opus Acapella - Wildchild - 5. Rules of Engagement Clean 6. Rules of Engagement Dirty 7. Rules of Engagement Instrumental 8. Rules of Engagement Acapella Illmindmuzik - Illmindmuzik: 1.

Trouble N da West Who's Crew? Welcome Skit 3. Let It Be Known Clean 4. Madlib Beatdown 1 Illbeat 5. Illmindmuzik Dirty Mixtape Version 6. Jazzylude Skit 7. Roll 'Em Right Clean 8. Look For the Signs Skit Wicked Ways Clean What's Goin' Down Skit Let It Be Known Inst. Illmindmuzik Inst. Trouble N da West Inst. Roll 'Em Right Inst.

World Domination Inst. Wicked Ways Inst. Goodvibe Recordings - Andsoitisaid: 1. Move It 3. Oxnardbangbreak 4. Magicalmuzikbreak 6. Sickman Skit 8. Asylum Walk 9. Exclaim the Name Get' Em Skit Kizumsihtrofdogknaht Cheebaskit Andsoitisaid Beatcondutasinsai Muzikillmind Bumptybumplebildamludeotis Spybreak Reasons Unuthafatassdrumple Caliwayz Dayz End Outro Groove Attack - Andsoitisaid Instrumentals: Groove Attack - Dudley Perkins - A Lil Light: 1.

You Really Know Me? Momma 3. The Light 4. Money 5. Washedbrainsyndrome 6. Yo' Soul 7. Muzak 8. Falling 9. Solitude Flowers Lil Black Boy Forevaendless Lord's Prayer Just Think Never Ending: 1. Never Ending Radio 2.

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