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Ne nous doutons pas! Ne vous hatez pas! Ne me cherchez pas! Donne-moi ta main! Par exemple: Restons encore une heure! Sois venu e! Soyez parti e,s,es! Vous classez vos papiers? Monique revient ce soir. Si tu es en retard, je partirai sans toi. Toi, tu restes ici.

Nous travaillons bien. Ce terrain de sport est plus petit. Votre travail est meilleur. Vous travaillez mieux que lui. Vous ne voulez pas nous rejoindre? Tu es si stupide! Je ne suis pas si grossie que je semble.

Nous sommes contents de notre travail. Beaucoup de gens ont un chien. Il revient de Paris. Il descend du wagon. Je suis de Minsk. Il revient dans trois jours. Ma soeur travaille dans un laboratoire. Cette bague est en or. Je ferai ce travail en trois jours.

Merci pour votre invitation. Il est sorti pour acheter un journal. Ils partent pour deux jours. Sway - Level Up DJ Tarkan - Sad Story Wellenrausch - Million Miles to Run Rex Mundi - Bella Monaco Aerofoil - ID Frenzy Omnia - Infina Yura Moonlight - Harrier Elevation vs. Markus Schulz - Soul Seeking [from the album "Scream"] Dj VoJo - Club Desire vol. Far East Movement feat. Justin Bieber - Live my life Chuckie feat.

Gregor Salto - What happens in vegas Melanie C - Rock me rock version Shaun Baker feat. Carlprit - Love Music Radio Edit Pitbull feat. Knife Party - Internet Friends original mix Madonna feat. Nicco - Downpour Greg Parys - The girl is mine Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West - E. T Pandora feat. Stacy - Why magistral Alyssa Reid feat.

Tanzamomo - Rum and coca Bryce feat. Carlprit - Dance with me Avicii feat. Etta James - ID Levels Greene feat. Pitbull - Make It Rain Emin - Falling Raduga remix Dev - In The Dark Richard Durand feat.

Kash - Explode Nelly - Just A Dream Alessandro Viale feat. Vaanya Diva - Goes deeper Morris Corti mix Aquateca feat. Ange - Close Your Eyes Poshout remix Bruno Mars - Grenade Av8 Remix Tony Ray Feat. Mat Twice - Tell me waf Daddy Yankee feat. Don Omar - Lovumba Official Remix David Argunetta feat. Andrew Mastilias - Indigo Am feat. David Guetta feat. Jes - Show me the way Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf original mix Morra - One Love Radio Edit Jennifer Hudson feat.

Fonzerelli - Moonlight party Global Defence - Take me away Robert G. Sway feat. Kelsey McHugh - Level up Cahill radio edit Hardwell - Cobra Official Energy Anthem Pitbull - You know it aint love David May original radio mix As far as I'm keen on fashion, I'd like to read "Shout". There are the latest news about fashion in it. As far as I'm interested in private life of pop stars, I'd like to read "Big". It is packed with information about famous people.

As far as I'm interested in love stories, I'd like to read "Jackie". It contains love stories in photographs. It is the best magazine about pop, film and soap stars. As far as I enjoy reading about serious subjects, I'd like to read "Just 17". It approaches such subjects with intelligence, honesty and good humour. Besides, there is a lot of confidential chatter and advice on various areas of life. I think that almost the same products are popular with Russian teenagers. I buy soft drinks most often.

When I shop I take into account first of all my need, then price, then my own taste, and at last my friend's advice. I think good features are: give information about new products, they are full of fun and fantasy, give possibility to choose.

Bad features are: don't give full information, don't talk about negative features of products, too many ads. Phil said that advertising makes him to put on a lot of weight. Commercial interruption is the time for him to rush to the refrigerator. Rose said that advertising puts unnecessary pressure on parents, making them to buy new toys for their children. Ted said that advertising are creative and informative, they are full of fun, humour and fantasy.

Sue said that advertising are not true, they show life unrealistically. I was glad to hear that advertising is annoying. I was sorry to read that advertising put unnecessary pressure on parents. I was interested to learn that advertising is a real fun for somebody. On the one hand it gives information about new products. On the other hand amount of advertising is too big.

When I see the same advertising many times, I get tired. Besides in adverts there is untrue information. What's more bad or good points in adverts, I can't decide. They don't talk about product's defects. More than that they don't give true information. They also show life unrealistically.

In brief i think that there are only bad points in advertising. Watching commercials for me is like watching interesting television serial. Commercials are creative and informative. They are very funny.

Best of all I like when famous people endorse products. Besides, adverts are full of humour and fantasy. I always watch feature films and serials. Especially I like detective stories. They have very interesting story lines. They are really good. Besides, they help me to relax. I hardly ever take advertising seriously. Especially when famous people endorse products.

I better prefer to listen to the radio. I would tune in on Sunday at It would be useful to listen to viewpoints of other teenagers.

Radio 1 is Britain's oldest national pop stations. Radio 1 transmits a mixture of music, news information from 5. Radio 1 offer no commercials. Radio 2 broadcasts easy listening music. Radio 3 is devoted to classical music and cricket Radio 4 provides news, drama and current affairs. Radio 5 combines sport and education. There are more than local radio stations in Britain. Some stations broadcasts in languages other than English. The World Service transmits in 37 languages from London reaching a wide global audience.

There are a lot of regional and local papers in Britain. All they include articles of local and regional interest, they give information about local news and events, about theatre and cinema performance. Most of them are evening papers. If it is a daily paper, it cover also national and international news. Доброе Утро - Алиса - .Танцевать (Cassette also provide some local advertising.

Many towns and cities of Russia has their own local newspapers. It can be papers which is published every day or several times a week. They are mainly devoted to the news and events which happens in these towns and cities and also give some advertising.

Moscow also has it's own paper which is issued in the evening and is called "Vechernyaya Moskva". It gives to Moscovites all kind of information concerning life and events in Moscow.

Regional papers serve interests of local towns. They inform the inhabitants about entertainment in these towns and cities. The most of local papers are issued in the evening. There are local newspapers in some regions of Moscow. In our region we also have one. It 's called "Na Presne" and devoted to local news and events.

It is a free paper and is delivered to every house of our area. I enjoy reading this paper, because it approaches different problems, which are common for all inhabitants of our region. There are also some place in it devoted to advertising and your can give it free of charge. He thought he was a cultural icon. He thought he was an eminent TV personality. He thought he was important. He thought he was famous. He thought he was prestige. He hoped that people would believe him.

He was sure that people would feel the desire to eat the cereal. He was sure that people would try to follow his recommendations. Smoking 2. Drinking 3. Drugs 4. Eating too much fat food 5. Sleeping too little 6. Physical inactivity 7. The average student in our class don't drink alcohol and don't smoke.

He always has his breakfast, in the morning before schoolbut doesn't always have his lunch in time. He likes to watch TV, that's why he goes to sleep too late. He doesn't always have time for sports. People care about their health. They are trying to loose weight. Some of them join different clubs. The most popular ways to loose weight are: to cut out snacks and desserts, to eat less of everything and to exercise more.

Eating habits has changed now. People eat less fat and sugar and more fibre. They prefer healthy food. Many people go in for sports. Less people smoke now. All these facts affect our health positively.

The British try to keep fit by the following ways: they try to avoid gaining weight or they lose weight. They go in for sports. They eat more fibre-rich food and less fat and sugar.

They gave up smoking and drink less alcohol. Some of them follow a diet. Eating habits 1. How many times a day do you have your meal?

What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you have your breakfast together with your parents? What do they prefer for breakfast?

Do you and your parents often eat fruits and vegetables? Do you often skip your lunch? Do you like sweets and cakes? What do you usually have for supper? I found out that many people has changed their eating habits. First of all they try to have their meal regularly. They eat more fruit and vegetables. Many of them keep to a diet. The Russians believe that being too fat leads to different diseases, that's why many people try to lose weight by healthy diet and doing exercises. Yes, my family try to keep fit and to look modern.

That's why we care about our health. We have changed our eating habits. Now we eat more fruit and vegetables, more fish than meat. We try not to eat much sugar and sweets. Members of my family don't smoke. My mother is fond of aerobics and I visit a swimming pool two times a week. We often go to the country to spend time in fresh air. They may smoke too much. They might exercise too little. They might not get enough vitamins They may sleep to little. They may skip breakfast They might constantly snack.

They might diet too much. They might have anaemia. Many of my classmates always look pale and feel tired even in the morning. I think they have health problems because they don't care about their health. First of all they smoke a lot. They don't get enough vitamins and minerals because they don't eat fruit and vegetables. They don't have enough iron and have anaemia. Many people in GB now think a more about their health. They eat a lot low fat food and more fibre. Fat is thought to be the cause of disease.

Besides, people believe that they should exercise more not to be fat. Some people have started counting the calories they eat every day. A calorie is the energy value of food. So that they can try to take in less calories and lose weight. This is called a calorie-controlled diet. Special food with less calories for slimmers is produced now in GB.

It affects badly the whole family and the people around you. It affects your knowledge, because smoking Доброе Утро - Алиса - .Танцевать (Cassette alcohol makes brain centres sleep, causes loss of memory and slow reaction.

Of course some measures should be taken against bad habits, because they influence the people around the person with bad habits. Sometimes bad habits influence the whole family very seriously. And of course they influence people's health very badly. Some measures have been already taken against bad habits.

So advertising of cigarettes and alcohol are forbidden in TV and radio. Smoking is banned in buses and underground and in planes. I think some more measures should be taken against bad habits. The person should be put in prison for drunk-driving accident, and for taking drugs, for example, or to be sacked from school for drinking alcohol. It's possible to take money for smoking in public places. In our country some measures are taken against bad habits.

It's banned to smoke in buses and underground. There are some flights, where smoking on board the plane is forbidden. The advertising of cigarettes and of alcohol is 58 banned in TV and radio. I know that smoking is banned in cinemas and in some offices. An official warning is printed on all cigarette packets. If I were a president of the country I would forbidden smoking in all public places. I would permit to take alcohol for persons who is more than 21 years old.

I would permit to sell alcohol and cigarettes only in special places, but not in every place. If I were a mayor, I would make all schools in the city have special educational programmes, which would explain bad influence of alcohol, drugs and smoking on health and on life as a whole.

I think pollution has a direct influence on people's life. Clean air and clean water make people's life more healthy.

If people clean their places from litter, it will give no chance for different diseases to develop. As the result it makes people's life longer. Dirty air of big cities make a lot of health problems.

It can causes different diseases. I think life was not better a hundred years ago. There was a big problem of litter. The cities were not clean from litter.

It caused many diseases. The people died from many of them. It makes people's life shorter that now. Water was not cleaned as people didn't know how to do it. It also make health problems. So I don't think life was better a hundred years ago. Mary looks slim. Dick's hair doesn't smell.

Kate looks great. Nick looks better and healthy. Ted have lost weight. Mary looks so slim, because she has been eating only low-fat food for 5 months. Dick's hair doesn't smoke because he hasn't been smoking since last year. Kate looks great because she has been doing aerobics for 3 months. Nick looks better now, because he has been taken Coldrex for 2 days.

Ted has lost weight, because he has not been eating high-fat meat since August. I think they have been using Vidal Sassoon mousse for hair styling. I think they have been using Colgate toothpaste for cleaning teeth I think they have been using Clearasil Night Gel for cleaning skin.

I think they have been using Wella hairspray for fixing their hair. I think they have been using Nivea cream for their skin. It's very interesting to follow story lines. About some books of classic literature I may say " I can read it twice.

It's the real thing. I can learn more about life. Detective stories I can't put down until I'm finished. It's exiting and moves quickly. There is a lot of action. I can read them for hours. I forget about all my problems.

It's the book about the history of our country. We should know it. It's also interesting to know about people life before, about their feelings. I find "12 Chairs" by Iljf and Petrov" an enjoyable book to Доброе Утро - Алиса - .Танцевать (Cassette because it makes me feel good.

It is the sort of book I like. It is a very clever book with a lot of humour. I would give the books by Ioanna Khmelevskaya for stars for humour and five for fantasy. The are very interesting detective stories with unusual story lines and it's a real fun to read them. Detective stories by Koretskiy are big thrill. I find the books wonderful in every way. It tells about our everyday life, about crimes and about characters, who conduct investigations. I don't usually like poetry but I really enjoyed "Yevgeni Onegin".

It's a poetical novel and one of the best thing by Pushkin. You can read it very easy. These poems are like music. I found most of the stories by Agatha Christie very enjoyable and the best thing about her book was that it never got boring. They are very interesting because you don't know who committed the crime till the last page of the book.

I like the book by Sheldon "The Stars Shine down". The book is totally brilliant. It's a love story with good and bad characters and a happy end. What rubbish! I don' understand them. Once tried to read a book on economy. What a bore!

I couldn't read it. It was so annoying. Many modern books which tell you how to improve your health are big load of nothing. You could hardly follow their advises.

I don't like to read science fiction. Boring rubbish! The whole lot of it. It's very dull. And you? And why don't you like reading?

But I like to read newspapers and magazines. I can get all news and information from them. Do you read books in English? I prefer to read in Russian. And what is your hobby? I go to the basketball club. So I have no much time for reading. What sort of books do you prefer? You will enjoy reading it and we can discuss it later. I would recommend the book "Moscow and Moscovites" which was written by Gilayrovskiy.

It is very interesting book. It is about famous places and interesting people of Moscow. All the stories of the book are set in Moscow at the end of the 19th century. I particularly love reading it because I learn many interesting facts about my native city. I guess that the characters have some problems, for example the problem of loneliness. Some times young people have no friends and even families.

It's a 13 great problem when parents don't look after their children, have no feelings of responsibility. The problems of war are also very important for young people as for everybody.

Many countries are at the state of war at the present time. It's a tragedy for many families. I guess that books tell about political problems. How the life of ordinary people depends on political struggle. I think all young people in the world have almost the same problems. The yearbook of an American high school is about everyday life and holidays of the students.

Sometimes it tells about special occasions, such as a concert, where the students show their talent. Or it could be a report about sport competitions or matches. Yearbook of course give information about the beginning of new school year, new friends and maybe new teaches.

It tells about relationship between girls and boys, about friendship and love. It may give advises what to wear and discusses teenagers' fashion. First of all I would write about the beginning of new school year, about new students who came to our school. About what is happening in the school during the year. I would like to write about some special events in the school, such as competitions, concerts or conference.

If some students have an interesting or unusual hobby, our yearbook will tell about it. To make a book we need the following people: a designer, a computer man, a typist, a painter, a photographer 14 4. To make a school yearbook I need some people who can help me. We should discuss how our yearbook will look like, what articles we'll write in our book and who will be reporters.

I think we'll tell about the most important and interesting events in our school, about the most popular activity of students. My best friend can make the pictures. The book Album) contain a lot of pictures. It's always a great fun to look at them. The cover should be very colourful and look modern.

That's why we ask several students to make paintings and then we'll choose the best of them. I think will not be very popular with Russian teenagers, because you need special facilities for it and large spare place. I would like to tell about skiing in winter.

First because it is traditional Russian activity and it will show a beauty of Russian nature. Alexander Pushkin is the great Russian poet.

His poems and the most famous work "Yevgeni Onegin" is studied at school. There are two Pushkin apartment museums one is in Moscow and one Доброе Утро - Алиса - .Танцевать (Cassette St. Pushkin lived in Moscow not for a long time after his marriage. The most popular museum is his apartment in St. There visitors can see the sofa where he spend his last moments of his life and where he died. There are different things, which belonged to the poet and his wife.

There is the desk where he wrote his poetry. You can see his mask, made after his death. The museum is visited by many people. Sergei Yesenin was born in The village of Konstantinovo near Ryazan is his birthplace. At the early age of eight or nine he started writing verses. He came to Moscow and became known as a "poet of the village". The young Yesenin was captivated by the famous American dancer Isadora Duncan. They got married and went for a wedding trip abroad.

He was kind and never forgot his relatives. He believed that "there is no poet without a homeland" He lived only thirty years, but he wrote poems that made him well-known in Russia.

There are some students in our class who are fond of reading, but I don't know if I could call them bookworm. It's not bad to be a bookworm, because you can learn much from books.

But it is take too much time, so you have no time to go in for sport and to do something else. We have no such competition in our school. If I am going to spend the rest of my life on other planet and could only take five books with me, I would choose the following books: "The War and Peace" because it's a great book about life of people and their feelings.

You could read it many times and will learn something new. Some poetry, for example, Sergei Yesenin's poetry, because his verses are very kind and pure. The book of fairy tales by Anderson, because I like fairy tales very much and they remind me my childhood. A book about my favorite painters with reproduction of their paintings.

The Bible, because it' the book of all books, the book about our world and human being. On the following pages of the Guinness Book of World Records you will find information about the greatest and the most famous writers and poets of the world and all the times, the books which are known by everybody and the rarest books on our planet. You will also know about the best-seller which won all records. London is well known because of a long tradition of classical music. Liverpool is internationally known as a home town of Beatles.

Wales is well known as the center of choral music and bards. I think Elton John is a British musician. Eric Clapton and Fredie Mercuary are British musicians. I like modern music of Britain. Edinburg International Festival is enormously popular with the people of Scotland.

It's the festival of music and drama. Eisteddfod folk festival. The Aldeburg Festival. I enjoy listening Bach I adore Mozart. My joy is "The seasons" by Vivaldi. It makes me remember happy days. It makes me think of changing of different seasons. Music enriches our harts and feelings. Being free I listen to unforgettable music. It depends on my mood. When I am happy I listen to romantic music.

I switch off the radio when I listen tuneless music. I think music makes us cluttered. We both like classical music. Neither she nor I like modern rock music. Sometimes she also listen to pop music, but I always prefer only classical music. After sport competition, when the team won the prize you can hear the anthem "God save the Queen". In a church you can hear the religious song "Go Down, Moses". The British national anthem begin with the words :"God save our gracious Queen", because The Great Britain is a kingdom, the head of the country is the Queen.

The music of the Russian national anthem was written by Alexandrov. When I listen to the Russian anthem I always imagine happy faces of our famous sportsmen who won the first place in international competitions. I have heard some of sonatas by Beethoven. The impression was great. It was the music I have never heard before. But I am going to listen to his symphonies also. And do you know anything about him? And he became famous as a pianist. Do you know any of his compositions?

My world of music is classical music. The name of Nikolai Baskov is music to my ears. Because his voice is so sweet and breathtaking. The tunes of my world of music are the tunes of Mozart music. I don't know enough about Mussorgsky. But I know that his music is loved and honoured by many people all over the world.

He wrote such well-known operas as Boris Godunov and Khovanshina. Such composers as Bach, Beethoven, Wagner made their country musical powers. Especially his organ music. I agree with my classmates that these countries are really musical countries because many famous composers were born there. Their music is well known around the world. I can add that many other countries have their outstanding composers. We all like different music and different composers of many countries. I admire modern American music.

I enjoy listening to Michael Jackson. I like to watch his video clips on TV and feel like buying his CD 9. I look forward to playing computer games. My friends and I feel like laughingrelaxing and having a good time. I enjoy watching videos. My friends and I can't help playing sports. I think very famous and talented people can join RPO as it's conductor. I have heard some of Tchaikovsky Violin concert.

The audience will enjoy listening the most famous and well known things. I think we'll include composition of such composers as Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Vivaldi. I don't think everybody prefer classical music. The concert should entertain and be interesting for all people. I agree with these five things which they ask not to do during the concert. I think that coughing during the concert is the most annoying. I would like to ask not to talk during the concert.

Are you agree? It was great. But our neighbours' were very noisy. Their behaviour was annoying. I even asked them stop talking. Would you like to go to a concert tomorrow? It's the concert of the classical music. It will include the performance of musicians and singers also. The orchestra is going to be a success, because it's a well known and very famous one.

I am sure you've heard the names of the singers. I am sure they are going to be well received, because they are very talented. The musicians are going to play to full houses, because it was rather difficult to buy the tickets.

The music is very popular and it is sure to meet your expectations. The songs are sure to overwhelm you with different feelings because they are very nice You'll like the concert, I am sure. The conductor is Yevgeni Svetlanov. He is very famous and well-known. He also known as a composer and a pianist. The music is also very famous.

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Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions...The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks (CD), Kali Gandaki, Turning Pages (Piano Version), Go Nutz - Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - Go Nutz (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ms. Jackson (Reckonize Real Remix) - Reckonize Real - Remixes (File, MP3), French Kiss - Various - The Best Of Living Beat - The Living Beat Experience (CD), Khonsu, Fresh Apples - Various - Polynated (CD, Album), Spanish Flea - Various - Popular Musics Golden Hit Parade (Vinyl, LP), Ta Mara & The Seen - Everybody Dance (Vinyl), Song To Myself - Rainchildren - Limited Edition (CD, Album), Dat Eiland In De Zon - Various - Alle 12 Piraat Deel 4 (CD), Dogma, Diatribe & Dialogue - Sand Snowman - A Dolls Eyes / Red Rag Blues (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP,, Rising - Refuzion - Dream//Rising (File, MP3), One Of A Kind - Fred V & Grafix - Oxygen (Vinyl, LP, Album)