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Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) - Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) (Vinyl)


Puppycorn's Trike Meet The Emotions At the Bar contains samples of Suspect Roundup Peppermint Patty's Suite The Grand Slams The Superweapon This Means War! Billy Barty RV Chase Movie Theater The Big Market The Subconscious Basement includes the opening samples of Welcome to Radioland Meet Harmony Escaping the Subconscious Aki's Karate Force Theme from The Shining Dick Dastardly The Kidnapper Well, You See An Army of Characters High on the Balcony of the Superweapon We Did It Everything turns Back to Normal The Statement The Will Again Wedding Day The True Heroes Scrat's Ending Scene Warner Bros.

The game is produced by Disney, Warner Bros. Despite following the same plot of the movie, there are many bonus story elements that relate to the previous films: the main locations from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and many more.

The band love to play this laid back set, and it always goes down a hit with guests. If you have a specific song you would like the band to do an arrangement of, then get in touch and they will see what they can do for you. It's important to the band, that your event Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) - Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) (Vinyl) tailored to you, and isn't just a generic party or jazz set that you may get elsewhere. Overview 6 piece party and jazz band Delivering a high energy set where everyone has a good time Option for a DJ set afterwards delivered by a professional DJ piece jazz options available The band is based in Milton Keynes, often playing in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

About this Act Fan Club House Band was formed in and consists of six professional, highly qualified musicians that met whilst all teaching their chosen instruments at a music school. Lineup 6 piece band consisting of female vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keys, drums and backing vocals. All agree but Cinder, who does not want her brothers to live forever, as she claims to be doing. As the Titans come to blows, Deathstroke attempts to take Jericho and leave, but Jericho, disgusted at what his father did to achieve his restoration, takes over his body, intending to destroy first the Methuselah Device, then himself and Deathstroke.

DJ Molecule blasts Slade, knocking Jericho out of his body. Arsenal then attacks him for stealing the Titans' legacy. Slade escapes and the Methuselah Device is destroyed by Cinder. Afterwards, Slade berates himself and becomes Deathstroke once more. Their target is Jeffrey Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) - Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) (Vinyl), an arms dealer traveling on a plane. After discovering that the weapons Bode is trafficking are clones of the villain ClayfaceDeathstroke and the other mercenaries are able to dispatch them, killing Bode in the process and retrieving a suitcase he had in his possession.

Deathstroke subsequently betrays and kills the Alpha Dogs, enraged by the notion that his employers feel that he is unable to accomplish his tasks alone. Deathstroke then begins to take on increasingly dangerous missions in an effort to prove his worth, but is also spurred on by the contents of the suitcase he retrieved from Bode — namely the mask and knife belonging to his son Grantboth of which were stained with fresh blood, indicating that he may be still alive.

It turns out the parents of one of the Alpha Dog members have hired multiple mercenaries to kill Deathstroke, all donning the green and purple color, to get revenge on him. Deathstroke tracks them down, but is confronted by his son Grant. It is revealed that all of this has been a plot to lure Deathstroke to him. Although Deathstroke manages to kill both the parents, Grant defeats him, claiming superiority over Deathstroke.

Grant is about to finish Slade, but he hesitates, and leaves. Recovering from his injuries, Grant takes another contract, Slade is happy that his son has become a better warrior than him, and then visits his father's hospital bed to mention that he has grown up to be a greater man than him. Slade takes a contract from Harvest, to bring the Ravagers back to the colony.

He does this in exchange for his daughter Rose and Terra. It turns out that Lynchthe leader of Team 7 had needed Terra to stop a rampaging Majesticwho was thought to be killed by Dinah Drake's sonic scream. Instead of stopping Majestic, Jericho takes control of Majestic, Adeline, Grant, and Terra in order to kill his father.

Adeline dies, buried in the rubble caused by Majestic's stampede. Jericho momentarily loses control by this time, and Slade, Rose, and Terra manages to restrain Majestic, with the help of Rose's Gen-factor. However, Jericho retains control over Grant and Terra. When Slade knocks Terra unconscious, a cornered Jericho threatens to stab himself and Grant with a sword.

Deathstroke, without hesitation, drives the sword into both of them, killing them instantly. But a later scene suggests Jericho has escaped, since there is shown a worker with glowing green eyes walking out of the clean-up scene, strongly implying Jericho has possessed the man to flee.

Deathstroke's altered origin is introduced in Deathstroke 0. The fact that he participated in the military at 16 and met Adeline has not changed. Already a legend in the army, Slade was drafted into Team 7 and went on many missions.

In one mission, Slade was gravely injured and had to undergo an operation that enhanced his abilities, making him virtually a superhuman.

After this, he married Adeline and had two sons, Grant and Joseph. Around this time, Slade received intel that his best friend, Wintergreen was caught in Somalia.

He donned a mask and flew to Somalia to rescue Wintergreen, slaughtering all the captors. Deathstroke the Terminator was born. As his fame grew, his enemies did too. An attack targeting his house seemingly killed Joseph and Adeline. With evidence that the attack was from North Korea, Slade killed a group of North Korean soldiers, but lost his right eye in the process.

It is later shown that Joseph and Adeline are still alive. This origin was again changed in Teen Titans: Deathstroke 1. After a mission that involved destroying a children's Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) - Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) (Vinyl) which Slade was unaware of, he quit the army. After Team 7's termination, Slade started to operate under the Deathstroke identity. He took Grant on his mission, considering him as not only his son, but as a business partner, and the only person he could trust.

But during a mission in North Korea, their refuge was infiltrated and North Korean soldiers barged in, firing into the house. Grant was shot, and as Slade looked back at his son, a bullet penetrated his right eye, blinding it. Enraged, Slade went on a massacre and slew the soldiers. However, Grant was presumed dead. Now, Slade works for the sake of his daughter Rose, as he knows the only thing that will keep Rose safe after he is gone is money.

It is unclear if Rose's mother is Adeline or not. Five years before taking the contract from Harvest, before taking the name Deathstroke, Slade once operated with Team 7. With metahuman threats rising, The Majestic Projecta plan to control future metahuman threats was devised by John Lynch.

And to secure the project, Team 7 was created and Slade was recruited. The first mission was retrieving the Eclipso Gem, where Slade was possessed by Eclipso and Alex Fairchild had to drive a sword through his chest to save him.

Their next mission site is the Advanced Prosthetic Research Center. Henshaw is tasked into reactivating the android Spartan. But the Spartan Subject is activated, infecting everyone in the center to be turned into mindless cyborgs, including Caitlin Fairchild. Team 7 is sent to the spot. Pilot Summer Ramos is killed by a cyborg. The team breaks into the facility, intending to bottleneck them. Caitlin appears out from a door. Relieved to see his daughter, Alex Fairchild rushes to her and hugs her, but actually infected, Caitlin stabs her father to death.

In a fit of rage, Slade chases after her and dispatches her. Then from behind, Henshaw, temporarily free of the Spartan virus, explained that this was a distraction by the Spartan Subject to target agent James Bronson, currently at his home. A Spartan cyborg breaks into his apartment, and attacks, activating Majestic. Majestic actually turns out to be agent Bronson's Gen-factor, which was activated when the Kaizen, the dictator of the island nation of Gamorra, sent the cyborg to trigger the Majestic Persona.

It is later explained by Lynch that another purpose of Team 7 was to activate potential metagenes in the agents to create powerful human weapons, which would make America invincible to other nations. Bronson was planned to be Majestic, but the activation of the gene just then had been unexpected. Team 7's last mission was to salvage Pandora's Box. The Team, with new pilot Steve Trevor is sent to Gamorra. The Kaizen, who possessed Pandora's Box, prepared to unleash its power.

When they reach the Kaizen's palace, the child precogs show the Team a future where Kaizen Gamorra has opened the Box, and the whole world is going off the rails. Hearing the precogs say the Kaizen had to be stopped to prevent this fate, Majestic flies up into space, and impacts the coast of Gamorra with the force of a comet, creating a massive tidal wave, annihilating five million residents.

But the Kaizen's palace stood however, and the team couldn't defeat him, until Majestic burst in. The Kaizen explains that Majestic is the key to opening the box, which also explains why he targeted Bronson in the first place. Majestic kills the Kaizen with a single blow.

But he subdues to the Box's power, and starts attacking the team. Dinah lets out a canary cry that destroys the entire palace. In the chaos, Lynch is possessed by the box, but Amanda Waller knocks the box from his hands and tells Dinah to take the box away as far as possible. Lynch tries to take down the helicopter containing Dinah and the remaining team agents, but Waller shoots him from behind, seemingly killing Lynch and leading to Team 7's dissolution.

Deathstroke has Lex Luthor's life in his hands, but Lex Luthor persuades him that it will do him no good if the Syndicate takes over the Earth. Slade has a change of mind and shoots Copperhead in the head, killing him. After they defeat the rest of the gang, Deathstroke remarks that Lex Luthor ought to pay him a big fat check after this is over.

The syndicate later retreats when they find out that Alexander Luthor has been freed. Deathstroke witnesses the only "hero" from Earth-Three kill Deathstorm and steal his abilities.

Alexander Luthor then attacks Deathstroke, shattering his helmet while he lets out a string of obscenities directed at Luthor. The experience moves him to give up being Deathstroke, so he builds a team of heroes called Defiance, with both his children, Wintergreen, Adeline Kane and Wallace as his teammates. Deathstroke was later imprisoned in Arkham Asylumthough he escapes and is later captured by the new Damian Wayne's new roster of Teen Titans. He tried to goad Damian into killing him, but he was instead killed by Red Arrow.

Labs, which in this version are the main antagonistic force behind the creation of the Titans. The Deathstroke Annual for was an Elseworlds story featuring Deathstroke in a post-apocalyptic world. Deathstroke fights a legion of mutants and desperately tries to help humanity rise from the ashes of its ruined civilization.

At the same time, however, he proved skilled enough to defeat Colossus in a one-on-one fight despite the latter's superior physical strength. Unlike Wilson and Murdock, Dare is a woman. Though Dare is legally blind, she wears an eyepatch because of her mangled right eye. She also has horns surgically attached to her forehead. She uses a sword in combat. In the Flashpoint reality, Deathstroke is a pirate, searching with his crew formed by Sonarwhom he broke out of a floating prison, IcicleFishermanClayfaceMachiste and The Eel for any sunken loot to steal in the flooded remains of Paris, and also for his daughter Rosewho has been kidnapped by persons unknown.

While continuing their journey, the pirates were ambushed by the fleet of Warlord and forced to surrender, but are then saved by Jenny Blitz who destroyed one of Warlord's ships. Soon Deathstroke and Blitz were alerted that his crew were planning a mutiny.

Deathstroke and Blitz fought and killed the treacherous crew, but Sonar manage to contact another pirate fleet under the leadership of the Caretaker before Deathstroke shot him. Later, Deathstroke and Jenny approaches the Caretaker's fleet and discovers Rose is being held captive.

Deathstroke formulates a plan by offering to exchange Caretaker with a stasis-like Jenny for Rose's freedom. However, the Caretaker double-crosses on their deal and have his crew to attack him. But Deathstroke unleashes Jenny from her stasis upon Caretaker's fleet.

During the battle, Deathstroke ignited a grenade at a weapon stockpile which destroyed Caretaker's ship and its crew with it. Deathstroke and Blitz were rescued by Rose.

Reunited with his daughter, Deathstroke sails towards an unknown destination. Deathstroke appears in Superman: American Alienwhere he was sent by Carmine Falcone to assassinate a young Bruce Wayne who is supposedly on a yacht party.

However, like everyone else on the boat, he mistakes a young Clark Kent for Bruce and is surprised when the neurotoxin he put in Clark's drink just makes him dizzy instead of killing him. He tries cutting him up with his sword, but is further befuddled when the sword breaks over Clark's durable skin, and Clark simply flicks him off of the yacht to defeat him. The actions of the Regime have forced Deathstroke into early retirement, causing him to develop a grudge.

Labs that will allow Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) - Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version) (Vinyl) to pull over doppelgangers from another universe to combat the Regime. Since Batman is the most wanted man on the planet, Deathstroke is the next best person to retrieve it, which he agrees to do. He breaks into the facility and easily takes out any soldier standing guard.

Upon obtaining the Mother Box, he is attacked by Metamorphowhom he kills. Afterwards, realizing he will not be able to get out with the Mother Box, Deathstroke uploads a blueprint of the device and sends it to Batman and Luthor so they can build it themselves. He is then captured and subsequently tortured by Cyborg and Raven.

In Ground Zero, which adapts the events of the game, Deathstroke is saved and aids the Insurgency in taking over the Watchtower.

When Luthor calls to inform him that he will be using the kryptonite gun on Superman, Deathstroke urges him to use it to kill him so they can finally be free of his rule. A mercenary wanted by Interpol described by Commissioner Gordon as "one of the deadliest men to ever carry a weapon"he is hired by Lex Luthor to kill Batman.

In order to hide his true goals from his quarry, he tried to get close to Batgirl and Robin, trying to recruit them to his side. This version is aided by a partner called Sunny, who helped drug Clayface and masquerade as Firefly.

Part of the eponymous series has been collected into a trade paperback :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Slade Wilson. Fictional character throughout the DC Universe.

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