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King Sodomy - Heretic (4) - Angelcunts And Devilcocks (Cassette, Album)


Hail the Album). Thomas Goat. Black Perversion. Crowned In Filth. Angelcunts and Devilcocks. My Demon Mistress. Sweet Little Sacrifice. Morbid Maniac. King Sodomy. RJ Bloodcurse. Let Me Be Your Altar. Maze of Madness. Styles Heavy Metal. Or was it a coincidence? The History of Sacrifice The surprising origin of this seemingly senseless ritual. Cattle Mutilations Can we Album) this phenemena all the way back to Cain and Abel? The Role of Satan Scripture reveals not necessarily that Satan hated men but that his job was to test their faith.

The Sodomites The real reason this town was destroyed. The Fallen Angels The origin of this familiar term is not very obvious. The Star of Bethlehem Why did this moving 'star' appear? The Prodigal Son Who was this parable for? Who is God A cosmic secret revealed. You heard it here first.

A test also must be made, a direct confrontation between holy and unholy, between angels and humans, to make the iniquity be considered filled. I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know. God is seeking for a way not to have to condemn the city. He has, as it says in Ezekiel"no pleasure in the death of the wicked"and He wasn't prepared to pass the verdict yet, even on this culture, which in that state still was considered very evil and sinful, with sin crying to heaven for revenge.

The test was that angels were sent to Sodom in human appearance, to see how they would be treated in the city. When the two angels entered Sodom, they let themselves be persuaded to stay over night in Lot's home. At first their intention had been to stay in the street during the night, possibly to make a quick evaluation on how the citizens would act against them. But Lot "pressed upon them greatly", and they entered his house. The first impression thus may have been to the city's advantage. The hospitality of Lot could have saved them, if it not had been for a sudden knock on the door.

During the evening supper, the house had been surrounded by men, young and old, who had heard that strangers had come to the city. The text reveals that they considered as their civil right to have male visitors paying their visits by sharing in homosexual acts. The text says that the whole male population of the city had gathered outside Lot's house. This exiting event must have been arranged like this: Some of the men committed the rapings, or, if the guests didn't dare to resist, the shameful acts, while the rest of the people watched and hindered the victims to flee.

Thus a kind of public gang-rapes, which took place with the authorities' permission, supposedly even with their participation. Why I think about the "Pride Parade" here, I don't know, but there is something in the setting that reminds of it, even if "our" society is just Album) the primary stages to this.

The angels stopped the intended abuse, but now they knew, and the Angel of the Lord, who was waiting for their report, knew the state of the people of Sodom. Lot were given the Album) to flee King Sodomy - Heretic (4) - Angelcunts And Devilcocks (Cassette his family.

These men now had not only condemned themselves, but also their possible wifes, their mothers, and their own daughters, to be destroyed in Sodom - together with the other four cities subjected to and as fallen as, Sodom. These men's madness and their manipulation of the laws of their society for that is what must have preceded thisresulted in that not only they, but the whole population, now would be dragged down in destruction.

We know that the judgements of God, our Creator, can come in that way.

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