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Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette)


When I noticed a flicker from the middle room in my right peripheral vision as I was chopping out doughnuts on the massive butcher-block table in the back room, I turned to look but saw nothing. It happened again a few minutes later, and again my direct gaze showed an empty middle room.

I said nothing to Sapphora and forgot about it. For that night. But the next night, and the one after that, I kept seeing motion across the middle room, a sense of something moving very fast at an angle from the ovens toward the far wall.

It was nothing I could catch in time to get a clear look. By the third night, I had figured out it would stop by the time we took our lunch break at 2 a. I was scared, confused, and too embarrassed to bring it up to Sapphora. A few nights later, I was frying with my back to Sapphora, who was cutting cinnarmon buns from a long roll with a bucher knife, working at her usual clip.

I helped her to the grotty bathroom, where we washed her wound, decided it didn't need stitches not that we had insurance anywayand I bandaged it thickly. She hesitated when it was time to walk back into the middle room. It caught me off guard tonight at the wrong moment.

From the ovens? For the last week or two. Not when you worked with the guy? And not when I've helped Brad on the day shift, but then it's a zoo then in the middle room, anyhow. What -- what do you see? It's like a person, a short person. But not solid. And fast, she's really fast. Or the collective. Let's do some research about the building, maybe at the library. We went back to work, temporarily cheerful from the relief of a shared visitation. On Saturday I went to the library and dug around but turned up nothing -- I didn't have my research skills yet.

Sapphora went to the bakery for her check and chatted casually with Brad, finding out when the building had been constructed and examining a few old photos he had of its interior from the turn of the century. We learned the ovens had not been in place long, another room used to occupy that space, and the far brick wall next to the back door also used to have an opening into a section of the bulding that had now been torn down, where the parking lot was now.

We had verified for ourselves the path taken by the ghost. It was, in fact, a woman, short. She was see-through and seemed oblivious to our presence. She emerged from the ovens at a near run, her thin shoulders hunched and her arms in front of her as if she was carrying something heavy, something not visible to us. She scurried across Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette) room and melted into the brick wall.

Sapphora said she thought the ghost had been pulled forth by our "woman energy". She professed to not be scared of it any more. But I sure as fuck was. I didn't go into the middle room without stopping to look at the ovens first, to make sure I wouldn't collide with her. Or whatever such an interception would be -- the idea of her passing through me made me sick to my stomach. A couple of nights later, Sapphora asked me to mix the custard for the eclairs.

This involved carrying a 50 lb bag of yellow "mix" up from the basement, dumping it in the Hobart with a few gallons of milk from the walk-in, and standing at the giant floor mixer to turn it off and scrape down the bowl sides intermittently as the custard congealed.

It was hypnotic watching the two-foot-long beaters rotate, and I stood there, leaning against the top of the Hobart, mesmerized and forgetting that the ghost's track went right beside me. Until I felt a chill and a swish on the left. I was looking down, and I saw her feet, the hem of her apron and dress, pass inches from my own feet. Her shoes had high tops and were buttoned up, presumably black leather although the only color to her was grey-white, semi-transparent.

Her apron corner gave a small flip from motion as it vanished into the bricks beside the Hobart. I stood up, icy from terror. I walked numbly into the back room and said "You have to finish the custard. I'm not going back out there. A week later, disaster struck. Brad announced with the off season, he didn't have enough pastry orders to justify keeping us both on the night shift. Come mid October, he was moving Sapphora to bread-making at dawn with him and I'd have to do the night shift on my own.

She doesn't know she's dead. I didn't have an alternative, I was lucky to be kept on the job at all. I started entering the cold middle room from the back door each night trembling with fear. I made sure I had no reason at all to leave the back room between 1 and 2 a. I had Alix and Stevie to keep me company, and I began Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette) myself minute steaks at each night -- never got tired of steak.

My not-quite-opaque coworker kept to herself, running her trays across the room during her witching hour. A couple of weeks later, past midnight, I heard pounding on the back door. It was the two dykes from Pagosa Springs, who had stayed in town for a performance and were going to crash in town because the roads were so bad. They decided to come visit me and cadge some coffee. They served themselves and returned to the back room where I was frosting maple raised with deft twists of my wrist.

Pauley stood leaned against a shelf and Sue hopped up to sit on the end of the butcher block table as they told me about their evening's entertainment. All of a sudden, Sue swore and leaped down from the table. I wasn't sure what to do. Sapphora and I had steadfastly kept our secret. But Sue was a loose cannon, and when she picked up a heavy rolling pin, I said "There's nobody out there.

I told them all about it. They kept waiting for the punchline. Sue began to look wall-eyed, and when Pauley saw the ghost again a few minutes later, they abruptly left. Our whole circle of friends knew about the ghost by noon the next day.

I gained a little cachet among those who believed the ghost was real for my guts at working alone with it each night. I kept to my avoidance and it was just another part of the schedule, like timing the rising of dough. Until one night in November, when I sat down Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette) the little staff table in the middle room at for my usual steak and potatoes.

My back was to the ghost's path but I was a dozen feet away from her trajectory and the active hour was past. As I lifted a forkful of food to my mouth, I heard a long exhaled breath directly behind my right ear. Nothing there, of course. I carried my food to the back room and ate standing up.

This is the final review of a recording from Norway's Issolei which continues the dissonant and technical style of Ondskapt are a band from Sweden that has had music reviewed before in this zine and on this recording plays an occu For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band? Antediluvian are a band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that has had music Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette) before in this zine and plays a d Pop Music CDs.

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Yet another example of how to do extreme black-death metal properly, the Philippine band never let up and never let you down. Give them a go, its going to hurt, but its so worth it. A damn fine heavy psychedelic rock album and one I urge you all to find, especially if you like a certain green plant!

Oh joy! It does my old black heart good to hear bands like Haunt keeping the flag of metal flying high and doing such a superb job of creating new classic songs. Long may it continue.

Hailing from Scotland gives him a rich heritage to create these sometimes furious and sometimes delightfully gentle stories of his homeland. Legends Of Minstrels - Leviathan (12) - Cold Caress (Cassette) though there is that freedom, he never goes so far that it becomes pretentious, just enough pure black metal, just the right amount of violin, bagpipes, tin whistle and coruscating guitar.

Everyone else? Even if the folk element puts you off five Saor a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. I was. It starts all well and good with a gorgeous, warm synth before an unholy bass rumble ruins the beautiful atmosphere in the most exciting way. This is how a cover version should be done! If you love your music dripping in a palpable darkness that cause as much pain as joy Yhdarl are needed in your miserable life.

Yet again I ask why this band are not on a high profile label? Do you need anymore fucking proof? Cult Of Luna is a good comparison as both bands employ some beautiful moments of post-rock brilliance and an intensity second to none, Dead To A Dying World conjure more beauty in these passages, a beauty of heartbreak, loss and distress is all over this album.

Once again the 7-piece band have created an album that will shake the metal scene to its core, equal parts beauty and wonder, ugliness and desolation. A damn near perfect album. The entire 53 minutes is a thing of darkened beauty, whether its the gorgeous melodic deathly doom or the more feral sections, Swallow The Sun are at the top of their craft. I urge you all to get this, especially if you crave slow dark death-doom of the highest order.

It rages, it has an out-of-tune aura and is topped-off with a set of vocals that are reminiscent of Big Boss from Root loosing his mind. After 2 demos Eadem finally get an ep out to, what I hope, will be critical underground acclaim. Now all we need is a full album of this damn unique black metal. The malignant filth of Triumvir Foul has returned with only an ep that destroys anything foolish to get in its way.

Ad Infinitum is impeccable throughout, whether its putrid vocals, scything out-of-control guitar or his bulldozing bass, his furious display is mind-boggling in its precision and brutality.

This is one release that shows you how to do putrid blackened death metal correctly, dripping in menace and as rotten as death itself. What was supposed to be a one-off grew into an album of transcendental psychedelic blackened sludge drone, an album that is so much more than mere words and music. The whole hour and a bit transforms you, trance-inducing drone bubbles under the majestic and rather worrying keyboards. True psychedelic rock. Its still up in the air if Waste Of Space Orchestra are going to continue or this is it.

If this is it, its a wondrous, compelling and thunderously psychedelic epitaph, if not? Well the possibilities are endless! Those twin guitars elevate this above mere hero worship, Pat Daly and Andrew Price combine in a classic UFO way and craft glorious riffs and classic rock runs. A damn fine follow-up to what was a solid debut, keep this up and album 3 will be monumental.

Sam Fowler has that yappy screech suited to this nasty side of grind, while the drums of Lee Deane are, at times, ridiculously fast even sounding like a drum machine! This is the way I would take the band and drop the schizophrenic The Dillinger Escape Plan -esque mental-ness, they are so much more powerful and effective when grinding it out.

Yes of course we need the hyper-speed grind as well and those slow, heavy bits only accentuate the blistering sections to the point of it sounding backwards!

After a multitude of singles, the debut Raised By Owls album is a touch sketchy, it rages yes but at over 50 minutes it drags towards the end. Trim the fat and Raised By Owls could be onto something. If you like your black metal with added experimentalism and a certain morose feel, Ewigkeit could well be for you, as this 9th album oozes both superbly.

Just absorb the gorgeous beauty of the title track with its ethereal beginning before combining with some feral black metal that produces not only a raw edge but a musical quality beyond simply black metal. Woods Of Ypres spring to mind on the more morose sections, deep dark and foreboding, trudging through some horrifying places before returning to that sensuous melody once again. A very enjoyable album, one that is compelling and keeps your full attention throughout.

You will need your head on right to follow the majestic and melodious music. First off, what the fuck is going on with the sound levels? This has been mastered far too quietly, robbing this masterful heavy metal band of almost all their power. As it stands, the music is superb but you cant fully enjoy it due to the sub-standard sound.

Lets hope they sort that out before the new album. The album lurches from a doom soaked in LSD through contemplative moments to all out pure psychedelic jams of the grooviest order. Please do yourself the biggest favour this year and get 11 Paranoias in your crazy, drug-fuelled life, they will only make it better, or worse.

Harley Phillips puts in an unstoppable performance behind the kit, blasting through this concise album with a nasty abandon creating a vibe so real it smacks you square in the face.

If a classic thrash barrage is your thing then you need to investigate Noisem closer, and most anyone really. With bands like Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, King Parrotand now Noisemreleasing raw thrash albums recently, updating the old sound into something far more feral than first imagined. The scene looks very healthy indeed. Maybe not the feral beast of old, Mystifier have tempered their sound so some of the purists will try to tear this apart.

When that asshole who screwed up Temples festival not only did he ruin the best UK festival we have ever seen, but also maybe my only chance to see these fuckers live, their unholy fucking death metal would have blown not only my head off but the fucking back wall too!

All mid-paced bouncing riffs and echo-drenched squealing guitar runs and, of course, a seriously filthy stench. Matt Mellon is inhuman, his drumming is so fucking heavy, so powerful, so deep and so fucking fast, but also wonderfully sloppy giving everything an old-school real feel.

The dual vocals of Demian Fenton and Tim Mellon vomit up sickening drawls covered in slime and bile, as if singing through phlegm.

Their guitars are unbelievably vicious, tearing flesh from bone easily as both unleash suffocating riff after suffocating riff. As second albums go. The folk collective known as Hexvessel are a wonder unto themselves, living in a commune in Finland the 7-piece well on this album anyway create music that makes you drift away to ancient, simpler times. Go on, take a chance. Atmospheric black metal when done the right way is a force that can maim and soothe in the space of a single song.

This epic track takes you to some desolate places with its morose atmosphere and ice-cold stabs of savage old-school, 2nd wave black metal. The closest I can think of is a more savage Altar Of Plagues with which to loosely compare Downfall Of Gaia to, but even that is not quite right. There is something wholly unique about this German 4-piece and their savage atmospheric black metal. From beautiful sound-scapes to bestial, but precise and ice-cold, black metal, Downfall Of Gaia simply crush it.

Since discovering Mexican stoner metal I have found some glorious bands; Vinum Sabbathi, Rivers Of Gore and now Weedsnake from Mexico City, who have all dropped gloriously stoned and grimy records this year. The unhinged vocals of Alex are a joy to behold, one minute soaked in echo giving off hypnotic vibes, the next growling like the legendary Alan Dubin OLD, Khanate, Gnaw fighting Mike IX from Eyehategod in a crack house for the last rock.

Nico thumps the tubs spectacularly, leading the band through some serpentine, stoned-as-fuck doom, so Etziel can let loose some beautifully psychedelic guitar runs that bend, that float and twist like bong smoke drifting through that crack of sunlight that sneaks in.

All the while Alex is doing his best to put a downer on things with his gloriously bleak and inhuman bellow. I might have to venture to Mexico to see this in the flesh. Talk about mind-melting! Starting life as more of a hard-core band, Cable morphed into a more progressive and atmospheric sludge-like band, sort of along the lines of early Kylesa or Floor.

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