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He then revealed himself to be a master class weapon user and politician that is apart of Yami. Cornered with nowhere to go already realizing if they ran he would catch them.

Kenichi and everyone else all decided to fight even if they died and they all fought him at once. Kenichi managed to land one hit on the master and Sakaki revealed himself. He tells them one master is always chosen to watch over and protect Kenichi when he goes on missions or when there is a situation and this time it was him and he had been following them from the very begin.

He tells Kenichi that even though they told him not to fight a master he personally does hate Kenichi having the courage to fight one. He then faces of against Ishida and tells kenichi how to fight an enemy when injured and quickly and easily defeats Ishida.

Nijima reveals he has MP3) spread the information just as Akisame told him to. After the incident time has pasted and the masters have yet to return. Kenichi wounds have healed and he has been getting used to it being just him and Miu at the dojo he has also been doing the training regiment Akisame left form him but has been multiplying it, causing Miu to be impressed and happy.

When he and Miu arrive at school he asks Niijima about the status of things wondering when his masters will return. Ukita teases him and asks if he will miss the days when it is just he and Miu and tells him if anything has happened and if there are any developments in his relationship with Miu he can tell him about it, which makes both Kenichi and Miu embarrassed. Later on after school Kenichi thinks about his relationship with Miu and the development of it. He reminds himself that the first thing that tempered his strength was his heart not his training and life threatening battles.

Miu brings him a cup of tea and he knocks it over in the air by accident, he and Miu both react and quickly grab it before it hits the floor and end up holding hands while grabbing the cup. Both blushing too embarrassed to let go they hold hands for a minute.

Later that night he found Miu on the roof the same part where he and Miu have always had important talks in the past. Kenichi tells Miu that there is an emotion that he wants to put in words but, wants to save it until he is able to protect her.

And tells her that he only wants to say that he has this feeling and asks if it is a cowardly thing to do. Miu tells him it isn't and if he says it like that until now without words but with action he has shown her how he feels and she kisses him on the cheek. All of the masters suddenly return and the elder angry by what he just saw, surprising and scaring them both.

Apachai says he didn't see anything and the elder tells him if he wants to be with Miu he has to defeat him first. He says he knows that very well and begins training with Akisame. Since then, Miu has been under her surveillance away from Kenichi. However, others have noted how much more cheerful and energetic she is and happy around Kenichi. As Kenichi realizes how his relationship with Miu is improving he also notes that he doesn't know much about her.

As a result of this he asks her more about herself and finds out how she always tries to find out more about her parents but fails and decides to help her. Kenichi lies and said he took the bullet for him by he is seen through. The elder shows up and agrees to tell Miu and Kenichi what he knows of this village which is actually a story about Miu's parents and birth. Kenichi's sight of being able to read his own opponent now has surpassed Miu now during the fight between the two masters, however, Miu decides to not stay behind and keeps watching.

Hayato saved Kenichi, but Miu thought he was dead. After seeing Miu's rage and skills, Silkwat knocked out Miu and kidnapped her to make her his disciple. Kenichi was brought out of despair knowing that Miu is strong and is determined to rescue her. After finding word of Miu found in Tidat, Kenichi and Sakaki set out their to find her.

While their, they would find word of Miu from Raden Tidat LonaJihan's younger sister and she wished for them to work together to take down Jenazad together and save Miu. While together, they were attacked by assassins and Miu was with them, shocking them.

Sakaki realized something was wrong with her and Kenichi followed her and tried to reason with her only to be attacked. Miu however, was unable to kill Kenichi despite being brainwashed by Junazard due to. Junazard would take him to another hideout and jail him with John, the man who's been helping Lona help find Junazard and Miu.

After telling John of how important Miu is to him, Kenichi was brought to a stadium and was shocked to see that Jenazad was a young man and not as old as the Elder. As Miu arrived who everyone else calls Bulu she forcibly engaged combat with Kenichi in hopes of Junazard removing the one thing holding her back: the man she loves.

As they fight, Kenichi notes how strong she is when she doesn't hold back and needs to end it before Minusbaby - Monkey Patch (File finished. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like last time. Instead, it provokes Miu even more, causing her to unleash a barrage of punches and kicks at him.

Kenichi dodges some due to Miu holding. Knowing words won't reach, Kenichi uses the moves Miu taught her when they first met in hopes of reaching her declaring he'll bring her back if it kills him, only for Miu to use a devastating move to his face.

However, Miu was able to hold back at the last second from hitting him. He unleashed a former disciple of his, Pengulu Sankanwhose failed training resulting in him becoming a mindless killer in hopes he would pressure Miu enough to kill and finally become fully brainwashed. With Kenichi declaring he'll fight Pengulu, the warrior slashes down on Kenichi, only for him to use "Shiraha Nagashi" to counter by striking his. Even though Miu also fights Pengulu, she also attacks Kenichi due to her still brainwashed and not knowing who he is.

Regardless, he still fights against Pengulu. As Kenichi is struck and severely injured by Pengulu, Menang throws Kenichi his guards due to him having gained faith from watching Kenichi fight and manages to block and destroy Pengulu's sword and continues to fight the warrior while Sakaki and the others arrive to fight Jenazad's men. Despite fighting with everything he has, he's no match for Pengulu. When he grabs Pengulu's sword using his body and tells Miu to attack him, Miu, still unable to control herself, brutally attacks him in the back and Pengulu strikes down on Kenichi's back causing him to lose consciousness.

He tells Kenichi to gather his strength and protect her from falling into darkness and evil. Kenichi, while barely conscious, saves Miu from getting killed and the shockwave from the attack breaks her mask and finally brings her back to her senses while shedding tears seeing Kenichi again.

With their combined effort, they defeated Pengulu. After Miu thanks Kenichi for everything and protecting her so well, Miu was unable to fully break from Jenazad's spell, she knocks herself out.

Kenichi then carried her body trying to escape but were surrounded by Tidat masters and were saved by Menang and Hartini. After thanking Kenichi for protecting his daughter so well and giving the boy her hair clips back, he states he's a man worth trusting, having earned his respect.

He leaves once Sakaki arrives with Miu briefly waking up thinking she heard her father. As Miu only rushes over to try to save Jenazad, Kenichi manages to climb up despite his injuries and Sakaki holds him on his back while he knocks Miu out. He's left shocked at Junazard's death and the arrival of the Tidat regular army. Just as Lona is killed by the army, the elder arrives with the presumed deceased Raden Tidat Jihan who stops the army, shocking Kenichi that he's alive.

The two talk while Jihan finally acknowledges his skills and says he survived because he's a king. The elder then appears in front of Kenichi asking if Miu is alright and when Kenichi says she is, the elder places his hands on Kenichi's shoulders and sheds tears of joy thanking Kenichi from the bottom of his heart for protecting his granddaughter, moving Kenichi. Just as Miu almost attacks Kenichi again, the elder knocks her out with a Ki move stating they can bring her back to her old self thanks to Kenichi's efforts.

As they all head towards Jihan's palace to heal themselves, Kenichi sees Saiga on top of a tower and Saiga flashes his gauntlets to him and Kenichi does the same. He tries to tell the elder about Saiga, but he seems to be aware and asks him to not tell Miu for a little bit longer. He's treated at the palace with everyone else and is surprised by Jihan's new attitude towards Kenichi. Having returned home from Tidat, Kenichi resumed his training and school life while his masters noted how much sharper he's become and Kenichi's noticed he and Miu are even closer now that he saved her life from Junazard and is glad she's back to her bright and cheerful self again.

On his way their he runs into Miu who was heading to the Shinpaku headquarters to visit the others. The voices are revealed to be Miu and Rimi who followed for their own reasons. The two decide to help the girls and Miu apologizes for following stating she heard Rimi would be hear and wasn't sure what she should do. The next day at school, Kenichi would see that Chikage would be coming to school normally again and saw Tanimoto also and asked to talk to him but Tanimoto states he's being too relaxed and says that Ogata is very passionate in raising his disciples and Kenichi asks if he wants to take Miu like Jenazad did, but Tanimoto believes it's more like he wants Miu to become fodder for his disciples.

He tells Kenichi that in the future there may be a battle were their will be deaths, but Kenichi refuses and declares he won't let anyone die even if his body and soul is destroyed. After Ukita's double date, he would wish Ukita luck in his fight with Shiratori and come to watch. However, due to Akisame's brutal training machine he had to walk with a stick and Miu decided to help, however, they were being followed by an assassin.

They arrive to the fight and see Ukita defeated by Shiratori and amazed how skilled Shiratori is despite him being a lower ranking member. As Kenichi tends to Ukita the assassin arrives and Kenichi senses his killing intent and then Miu's as her emotions get the better of her and brutally attacks him only for Kenichi to stop her from killing him and as the shooter tries to shoot Kisara when she kicks him, Ukita rises and grabs him and they fall off a ledge. He and Takeda watch as Akisame chases Shiba over what happened and tells Shiba he choose the path of martial arts himself.

He later is surprised to hear from Takeda that Shiratori is actually a woman stating he didn't know that either. At Shinpaku Headquarters, Kenichi and the others are training and are greeted by Rachel and while the others want to kick her out to her status in YOMI, Kenichi states she helped find Miu and should let her stay as a comrade, seemingly shocking her.

The next day, they gain word of a Yami lair and all of the masters and the Shinpaku Alliance followed head out. He's shocked to hear from Niijima that Berserker became Ogata's disciple and demands to know who the other person is and he introduces himself as Lugh and Lugh decides to see how strong the Alliance is. After hearing Lugh knowing very well the kind of man Ogata is Kenichi declares his resolve to defeat him as a Katsujinken and doesn't want anyone else to fight him.

However, as Ukita attempts to attack him, Siegfried saves him and becomes shocked to hear that Lugh is blind and then realizes that his fighting style involves locks thanks to Siegfried's attempt to attack him.

He checks on both of them and they state their fine and Kenichi states he'll fight next, only for Takeda to step in stating he'll be the one to fight Lugh and Kenichi tells him to keep his guard up.

Kenichi is shocked to see as Lugh notices the former injury to Takeda's left arm just from the movement of his arm. As Takeda prepares to sacrifice his left arm Kenichi notes how reckless this is of him and notices how Lugh is grabbing his arm just like a technique Akisame taught him and calls out to Takeda and realizes he's serious about losing his arm. Just as Takeda lunges his fist at him and Ukita tries to save him, Kenichi steps in and saves them both.

He apologizes to Lugh and Takeda for interfering with their fight, but states he cannot stand by and watch as his friends get hurt and agrees with Ukita that their masters would not be happy if they sacrificed themselves in this fight. He asks Lugh that from this fight and that they can consider this his loss. However, Lugh leaves and declares he'll take Takeda out first next time and as he leaves, Shigure arrives back to check on them all having sense Lugh's presence.

Kenichi then listens with his conversation about killing Ogata, surprising him and even more when the elder says he's acting like Ogata. Tanaka leaves and warns them all about Ogata's attempt to likely use Kenichi and Miu as sacrifices and tells them to be careful.

After training, he and Miu go with the Alliance to the amusement park and tries to have fun with Miu only for her childishness to affect her and leave him in the dust as she runs away. He then has a talk with Thor about roller-coasters and they bump fists after they both realize they hate scary rides as Kenichi already has to deal with Akisame's crazy machine's almost everyday.

He then notices Miu staring at a merry-go-round and that she wants Minusbaby - Monkey Patch (File go on it and she says she's never been on one before and Kenichi recalls how the elder had her travel so much with him that she missed out on a lot of things. As Thor notes she gave up a lot for martial arts, Kenichi notes it's because of martial arts that he got to meet her and convinces her to ride it with him together and they ride it together which causes Miu to note how happy it is to wave from the ride for a change.

At night, Kenichi lost sight of Miu again and notices that the entire park is empty and at that moment is shocked to see Berserker appear behind him and the two prepare to fight. He tells Kenichi he's hear to finish him and notices Niijima appear and runs away seeing Berserker and Kenichi tells him to warn the others.

He tells Kenichi that Ogata told them to "go and devour you" but coming to the. He notices that his attacks are flowing being formed by his will alone and he's just attacking like he's feeling alone himself. Berserker then starts fighting seriously and attacks him with strong punches only for Kenichi to block them and Berserker comments on how impressive he is that up until now, no one in YOMI has been able to dodge his attacks as perfectly as Kenichi and says he's glad he made Kenichi his target and that whether he was a suitable match up, the other YOMI members had to consider a bit.

As Kenichi realizes the other YOMI members are there, Berserker states that the fate of him and his friends are to die. While fighting, he sees Miu fighting Rimi Kokorone while blocking a punch from Berserker.

Noticing Miu in trouble, Kenichi notices her ki going berserk again as he dodges Berserker due to him losing focus on his fight. Seeing Miu overwhelmed by Rimi, Kenichi realizes that cause her ki is going berserk, the other personality Junazard made is is about to take over and Miu is trying to suppress it as her movements are now slower.

As Miu crashes into a building, Kenichi jumps upward shouting for her to open her heart and listen to him. He tells her to not be afraid of the curse of Junazard and tells her about how the elder once said "Do not spread your wings halfheartedly, but fly with all your might". He goes on saying that though he has Sei ki, he's sure that beyond the curse of Junazard lies the answer to control her Dou ki. Rimi takes advantage of her limp body and throws Miu into the air, crashing into the merry-go-round as Kenichi shouts for her to fly and he'll be by her side.

As Rimi attempts to finish her off, Miu regains herself and counters, standing with herself in control and a new look in her eyes as Kenichi smiles at her as his words reached her. He then watches as the now in control Miu dominates Rimi. After Miu seemingly defeats Rimi, Ogata appears. As Kenichi recognizes him, he walks to him ignoring Miu's warnings and politely thanks Ogata for the time when he saved his life in the forest. Ogata states his happiness over how Kenichi has grown, to which Kenichi thanks him but says that he and Ogata, being Katsujinken and Satsujinken, walk different paths.

He then prepares to resume his fight with Berserker. There efforts are in vain as she uses it still and completely dominates Miu as Kenichi calls out her name. However, he has to keep his guard up against Berserker noting he's not to be underestimated. As Ogata states how it's a shame Rimi died, an angry Miu attacks him, but Ogata sends her flying with ease, horrifying Kenichi as he catches her and notes she's still alive.

He gives Ogata an angry glare and punches the ground with his fist and yells out at Ogata while striking his arm. As he prepares to face the Yami master, Kenichi tells Berserker he will beat him up and won't even touch him. Ogata, accepts Kenichi's challenge and faces him. Though the disciple fights to the best of his ability, Ogata severely outmatches him, avoiding Kenichi's attacks, while countering with the exact same strikes and power as his opponent, all with the greatest of ease.

After creating a small opening, he kicks Kenichi to increase his speed enough to break. Before he can be hit by a killing blow, Tsutomu Tanaka blocks the attack while.

As they fight, Kenichi is shocked at Tanaka's claim he'll kill Ogata and begs him to reconsider. As Tanaka is proven he doesn't have any killing intent, Ogata goads him into doing so and purges him into the darkness, much to Kenichi's anger.

As they continue, Ogata kicks away Tanaka's phone, greatly angering him even further, which Kenichi picks up the phone and tries to tell Tanaka's wife that it's too dangerous to come to the park.

However, he is shocked and confused to discover that there is nobody on the other side of the call, just an automated message. Questioning where his wife and child were, Tanaka answers with them being in a "safe place", worrying Kenichi. His fears come true as he is left speechless hearing that Ogata murdered his wife and unborn child.

The two then decide to finish it with same technique against each other. As their techniques clashed, Tanaka was eventually overpowered by Kensei's technique and received a heavy wound across his chest. As he listened to Kensei's explanation of how his philosophy for martial arts justify his actions, Kenichi was enraged, but confused as to why he can't completely hate Ogata and laments how he can't stop the fight.

When the fire starts to get closer, Kenichi musters up enough strength to rush over and save Miu just before the fire topples on her, prompting an amused Tanaka to tell Kenichi to always protect her. As he watches Tanaka give up his hands to try to kill Ogata and uses a last ditch effort to bite his neck out, Tanaka tells Kenichi to never be like him as Kenichi and Miu watch in horror as Tanaka's skull is crushed by Ogata.

They are all later found by Renka and Niijima and Niijima tells Kenichi he saw Tanaka leave with his family safe, prompting Kenichi to find peace knowing Tanaka reunited with his family after so long. Following Tanaka's death, Kenichi resumes his training immediately, much to the surprise of his masters. His reasons state this is the path he choose and can't let anything stop him. A couple of days later, the masters talk about the subject of how Tanaka's fight with Ogata was unavoidable, and how they need to find a way to help Kenichi and his friends with their fight against the weapon users of Yami.

They all agreed that they would eventually fight the weapon division on a frequent basis, which is when Shigure comes up with a plan for helping the Shinpaku Alliance, a plan which she calls the "Shigure-chan Special". When asked about her plan, Shigure says it's a secret, prompting Kenichi and Miu to wonder if it's a type of hellish training for the alliance.

Wondering what her plan is, the two follow her and Apachai to gather sand from the sea. When Shigure gets some dirt and a device for moving water in a canal and Miu realizes Shigure is using a metal flow while Kii states she's right and it's used for forging metal, as Kenichi and Miu realize she's providing arms for the alliance. Shigure corrects them stating she's making armor for the alliance and when she says it will take a week, she tells them to go home but Kenichi is determined to stay with her.

Though flattered, Shigure says the best he can do is train less he train with Apachai and Kii, to which he does. Following the week, Kenichi sees off the elder on a trip and tries to console a depressed Miu. Later, Kenichi and Miu meet up with Shigure and Apachai as they reveal the new armor to the alliance, which are arm guards similar to Kenichi's own.

During this time they are visited by Inspector Honmaki with news that starting tomorrow, the police force is to guard Yami during a meeting in a governmental building, greatly shocking everyone. While the other masters comment on how their influence has reached in the government and all resolve to lock them in Big Lock while Miu wishes the elder could witness this, Kenichi reassures her, while taking her hand, that he'll return with a smile. This prompts Kensei to slap their hands away stating he swore to the elder he'd keep their relationship "moderate".

They all then proceed to each lunch together and prepare for tomorrow. The next day, as the masters minus Shigure go out to face Yami, Kenichi wonders if he should go with them. Sakaki states he should't and Kenichi begins to complain about how reckless their actions are, to which they say that as martial artists they have to stand by their beliefs to the very end, with Sakaki even saying that one day Kenichi would be standing side by side with them, to which Kenichi wishes them good luck.

After he trains for an afternoon, Shigure informs him and Miu about someone she saw on the news that she knows as a murderer that possesses one of her fathers weapons. As Kenichi notes she's uncertain as to go or not, he and Miu agree she should, to which Shigure decides to bring them both along in case Yami comes along to harm them.

At the Tokyo docks, Shigure tells them both to stay close to her and later find two bodies left for dead. As Miu treats them, Kenichi questions if this is the work of the armed group, to which Shigure confirms it is of "him". As they follow his trail they manage to board the boat holding him, but Shigure notes there are a total of seven people on board asides from him.

As they find a helicopter hovering Kenichi notes the container is surrounded. As Shigure has no choice but to fight him, she apologize to Kenichi and Miu over the situation, but Kenichi notes there is no need to do so as he needs to bear witness to her fights and he will protect himself and Miu. Though touched, Shigure tells the two to escape as she faces Mihai, who intends to cut open Kenichi and Miu.

Miu mentions the situation is like in Tidat, to which Kenichi thinks to himself about his resolve to stand and fight and promises himself that he'll at least make sure Miu makes it out alive. He and Miu then see their black flag of Yami to represent their change in the world and Shigure then slashes at the containers to see what they are carrying.

They discover it's all pure gold, prompting Kenichi to hold Miu back from her excitement of the gold present. As Shigure continues to fight the Bow Master, Kenichi tries to figure out a method to escape, knowing he can't win against a master. Remembering all the times he was in the heat of battle and knowing of certain masters fighting styles, he tells Miu to get ready to run.

He claps his hands together and starts dancing oddly, which has Mihai confused along with everyone else. He uses this opportunity to make a run for it with Miu, enraging Mihai from being tricked. However, they are stopped by the Yami Armored Knight. As Mihai praises Kenichi for his cleverness, he chooses to go against the hostage situation and goes to kill them.

As Miu is tossed aside by Mihai, Kenichi tries to attack, but Mihai puts his neck around his scythe. Shocked by the appearance by Sakaki's old associates, Kenichi asks why they are here, to which Eclair states they were ordered by the Japanese government to help out. Christopher, Mycroft, and Shigure group together and Shigure requests that the other two escape with Kenichi and Miu.

Christopher asks what she is planning to do against the powerful enemies if they run and Shigure responds with "Please. Just as they escape, Mihai attempts one final attempt on Kenichi's life but is stopped by Shigure as Kenichi escapes. He was then seen on the escape ship shedding a tear over Shigure's capture. While he worries over Shigure's status he blames himself for her capture for causing her hinderance, but he is corrected by Akisame.

Akisame states Shigure is to blame over her going for her own personal reasons and for bringing both Kenichi and Miu along. However, Akisame states they will save her and make Yami wish they were dead for what they did to her. Later, Kenichi and Miu go to the Shinpaku headquarters to inform them of what happened with Shigure.

Despite this, he still resolves to fight Yami with everyone. Later on, Kenichi is seen practicing against a wooden post, with a serious look on his face. Miu passes by and notices that he is using a weird stance, Kenichi answers by saying that it is a sword stance that Shigure taught him. Kenichi also says that he was wondering whether or not he could use this stance without a weapon, and declared that he always learns techniques from Shigure but never practices what see she teaches him.

While at school Kenichi and Miu are running a marathon for their school when Kenichi is kidnapped. Miu tries to catch up with them but loses them as Kenichi struggles with the kidnappers. Luckily, Akisame anticipated this knowing Yami would go after Kenichi and flips the car saving him after confirming Shigure is alive, to which Kenichi shows his anger at being used as bait.

After interrogating the man through Akisame's and Sakaki's rather frightening methods, Miu, Kenichi, Akisame and Sakaki run on rooftops and arrive at an empty train station though Kenichi has difficulty compared to the others.

They hear voices stating they are glad the targets have been brought to them as the masters tell Miu and Kenichi to stay back. Weapons are thrown at the two as they dodge, though the electrical wires are cut and is now dark. The two attackers are happy to encounter such able opponents and introduce themselves: "Francisca Freaks" Sherman Camus and "Scramasax Master" Cedric Casken. They watch as Akisame and Sakaki fight the Yami weapons users and are both surprised how calm the opponents are.

They then are visited by a man named Okamoto who works for the government. With Niijima's help, they locate Kiyoi's location. After she talks about her past with her brother, she reveals a special satellite phone only her brother is able to call her with and is impossible to make calls out to. Just then, someone calls them as its non other than Shigure, shocking everyone as Kenichi screams in joy. Just before the calls is destroyed, Shigure gives her location out and tells Kenichi to become strong.

As Kenichi is distraught over the situation, Sakaki and Akisame tell him to not be as they now found her location and are going to save her, to which Kenichi agrees to. As they leave they are greeted by Okamoto who was listening on the conversation and asks Kenichi a personal question. Later, Kenichi and the rest of the alliance are on way to save Shigure with Okamoto who states they are the only ones capable of stopping them and saving Japan. While on the way, Kenichi and Miu spar while Okamoto engages in training with them while pointing out where they need improvement.

Kenichi expresses his surprise when Okamoto requested the Shinpaku Alliance's to assist in the war, and asks his friends if they are indeed jumping into the battle. The Shinpaku captains look back with a smile and Niijima reassures Kenichi that they are ready, stating that with master-class fighters on their side and the world at war staying in Japan would not have made them any safer anyway.

They are later sent to rest for the time being to which they question Okamoto's loyalties, but Kenichi states its worth the risk if it will save Shigure. Miu then apologizes to Kenichi about bringing him into the world of martial arts, to which Kenichi tells her to stop worrying. As Takeda questions Miu about going to war, she states she's been Minusbaby - Monkey Patch (File war twice, shocking Takeda and Kenichi.

Kenichi then brings up his earlier conversation with Miu and says that he does not regret being invited to the world of martial arts because he was able to meet all of his friends.

Just then, Okamoto enters telling them to get ready as Kenichi and the Shinpaku all prepare for battle. Before they go to shore, Okamoto takes out the soldiers at the bay with ease, much to Kenichi's shock as with the others.

They then enter a forest towards the Yami base. Just then, she and the others are ambushed by Yami soldiers to which Kenichi and the others are able to easily fend off through physical harm, much to the soldiers surprise. After Okamoto agrees to hold them off on his own with his men, Kenichi and the others escape.

Niijima tells Kenichi and Miu that they'll take advantage of the commotion and move on ahead. Kenichi rejects the idea as he doesn't want to abandon his friends but Niijima reminds him of their purpose of disabling the missile base. Niijima adds that the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance have talked about this prior to the battle and they encourage Kenichi to advance. Kenichi, MIu, and Niijima run into the forest to take cover as the other Katsujinken disciples charge in towards the battle.

Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima arrive at the missile base and Kenichi is awed by the prospect of making their way inside. Miu reassures him that they'll do what they can and they advance and knock out the soldiers guarding the entrance.

Another soldier shows up and prepares to shoot at them but is knocked out by Kajima Satomiwho has been waiting for them. He introduces himself as the One Shadowi's Yomi and tells them that he knows a much safer route to get into the base. Miu and Kenichi have their misgivings of following him but Kajima reminds them that Shigure is also inside the base and they follow him. Making their way inside the base, Kenichi asks Kajima if this is a trap and Kajima laughs and responds that Kenichi really is interesting.

Kajima leads Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima to the cell where Shigure is being held to find that she has already escaped. Kenichi asks if he helped her and Kajima explains that he was ordered by his master to let Shigure escape, making Kenichi think that Saiga couldn't be evil, being Miu's father. Kajima grins and reaches out his hand towards Kenichi to give him a handshake.

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The pro version of uTorrent comes with streaming and premium customer support. No more you have to wait for complete movie torrent to downloadplay right away as soon as you start downloading.

Top of that your browser is your torrent client, so you can use Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for downloading torrents. This is one of best, fastest, safe and widely used p2p program. Performance of BitTorrent is way better than any other available P2P clients. Soluseek central server type of P2P file sharing application. Soluseek is good old p2p file sharing program best of sharing music files. Download Souleseek Client. This was one of early p2p program when p2p was still new concept.

Shareza has millions of users and uncountable numbers of files shared across Shareaza network. The developer behind Shareaza still working and upgrading the client with new features. This protocol improves the overall usability of peer to peer networkability to downloads single file from multiple peers simultaneously. KCeasy supports multiple networks for file sharing. Though you can still download the KCeasy and try it. Download KCeasy. Ares is one of my favorite p2p program and I have been using it from last 4 years, Ares network is not that much big as compared to other p2p but its completely free from viruses, spywares and adwares.

Ares List is used more than normal Ares client because of its low size, speed, and performance. Download Ares for Windows. WinMX one of pretty old peer to peer file sharing program has suffered due to the law suite and its official website and server is now offline from although WinMX program is still operating successfully. WinMX network has a limited number of Viruses and also it has the restriction of maximum file size can be shared is 2 GB only.

WinMX is majorly used for audio and video file sharing but you can use it for sharing any types of files. Supported Operating system : Windows. Download WinMX. WinMX client after suffering huge blow due to weakness in their protocol, was under constant attack and ended up losing several thousand users. As of now, you can get the beta 1 release of OurMx. Download WireShare. Gnutella is file sharing network which is supported by several p2p clients like LimeWireBearShareShareaza etc.

Gnutella has the strong user base with less number of infected files present in file sharing network. Azureus is best torrent client with built in search functionality as well as peer to peer torrent sharing. Veze has best bandwidth management for faster file transfer and downloading. Download Vuze client. Update: Frostwire no longer offers peer 2 peer downloading but rather it has been turned into a full-fledged torrent download client. The latest version of FrostWire offers built-in file search, preview or play media while downloading along with built-in media player and media library functions.

FrostWire is also available for Android smartphones and java based devices. Frostwire is like Vuze is another most popular BitTorrent client as well as p2p file sharing client which supports GnutellaGnutella2EDonkey Network. Download FrostWire Client. LimeWire is clean, safe, virus and malware free p2p software.

It has built-in media player with the optimized search result and supports downloading from multiple hosts. Like Shareaza, Kaaza was one of best and most popular p2p during early days of p2p evolution.

Kazaa has lost its popularity. However, kazaa has been continually trying to make Kazaa network virus and spyware free with many new features like built-in virus scanner, infected file blocking made available in latest Kazaa Client to protect users. Kazaa Lite is one of best client of Kazaa P2P network for file sharing. Download Kazaa Lite. Download iMesh Client for Windows. Bearshare is pretty good p2p file sharing program with having pretty good user base and millions of files shared on Bearshare also supports for Multi-language.

Download BearShare Client for Windows. Piolet is the 3rd generation peer-to-peer file sharing client. Free version of piolet shows ads and has no search functionality.

I really doubt whether this can become good P2P file sharing program. Overnet is distributed file sharing program which is based on its own network Overnet has more than millions of users with some interesting features like File corruption detectiondecentralized, fast search and downloading of files.

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