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Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette, Album)


We were part of a music scene. That scene is back. It's right here online. Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette be square, be there! Stats View The P5 Stats. Follow this blog. Music Blog Updates. Wilfully Obscure. The Nameless - rumble epWise 20 hours ago. The Ripple Effect. Nothin' Sez Somethin'. Overlooked French Pop 4 days ago. Coast Is Clear. Still Corners, Tocotronic 5 days ago. PowerPop Overdose. Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 63 2 weeks ago.

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Nektar's re-issue of Down to Earth contains seven bonus tracks, including hilarious out-takes by Robert Calvert. The re-issue of Magic Is a Child an album which did not feature founding member Roye Albrighton features amazingly clear sound, and four bonus tracks including a live-from-the radio version of "Midnight Light".

Mr Clay was subsequently released from management duties early after a dispute over financial matters. The band also embarked on the production of a new album Book of Days. The album was released on May 16, on the Bellaphon Label. In mid a solo tour was undertaken by lead singer Roye Albrighton to be followed by a full band tour of Europe primarily Germanyand scheduled by a European-based promoter,but they had to postpone as extra funds were needed to complete the new album.

Social environment. My own about Asia swiss online Southeast Asia Thailande. On the short side, only about 38 minutes, that's the only thing wrong with this. The three tunes are from their first two albums, "UFO" and "Hinten". Garden of Delights release with huge booklet. Man these guys were great, highly recommended if you like Guru Guru. Maybe even if you don't! Stone In 2. Der LSD-Marsch 3. Labels: Guru guru. Voyage LINK: voyage Bit rate flac "Voyage" continues where "Adventure" left off with more strange sonic cosmos and amazing percussive tones and moods.

Essentially "Voyage" was a live in studio jam which got carried away one evening and was captured Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette tape Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette the world to enjoy.

Once again we are surrounded by the electronic genius of Joel Vandroogenbroeck and his gang of merry men. James Unger progarchives. Voyage Part 1 2. Voyage Part 2 Bonus Tracks: 3. Skyline [Analog ] 4. Underworld Paths 5. History Brainticket originally formed inconsisting of members of Swiss, German, and Italian descent.

Labels: Brainticket. Labels: The psychedelic furs. Broacastind in Paris. Introduction The Violent Sequence Cymbaline Atom Heart Mother with orchestra. Labels: Pink floyd. Rotterdam LINK: rotterdam 1. Reaction in G 2. Pow r toc h Interstellar overdrive Labels: Patti Smith. This disc features material recorded in Switzerland in The band does old Jane classics like "Windows", "Daytime", "Hangman", "Spain" and "Redskin", plus some impressive new material.

Well I guess it was new in ! Bassist Kai Schiering's vocals are awesome, the musicianship is spectacular, the sound is OK. The crowd noises seem a little intrusive at times, but only add to the general stoned 70's vibe that is alright by me. Almost 80 minutes of sweet Jane goodness, a must-have for all Jane fans.

Out Of Control 2. Spain 3. Redskin 4. Together We Are Stand 5. Emotion 6. So Solong 7. Take It 8. Hangman 9. Daytime Way To Paradise Silence Windows Nightmare Labels: Jane. I move a lot and my lp disappear a little bit every move I make. Tracklist: Never Again Shades Of Green Part 2 Even You May Shine In the end, you know, when Marvin was very sick, he came to see me often. We stayed close. Tecnically not an album or this story would be a runaway winner. Two recording sessions a year or so apart with 29 titles.

The story informing the music is that of the artists entire life and being. Ostracized, Ridiculed, Wife and child die in labour, Becomes itinerant muscician, Womaniser, Seems at times both god fearing and in turn resentful of religion. His name? Robert Johnson!

His 2 tracks appeared in first the early and then the late 60's on seperate lps. Eventually a compilation Double LP "Was" released. Location: Sydney. SvetonioMThe Ole' Rocker and 4 others like this.

Location: Perth Australia. This is easily the most intriguing album back story of the last ten years: Szymon - Tigersapp Musician's record released three years after his death It's an excellent album, and difficult to believe that it was mostly recorded in the guy's bedroom with mattresses against the doors to convert it into a makeshift studio. Surprisingly, although it's a sad story behind it, the music is not sad or depressing at all for the most part. Location: Katy, TX.

I really like this thread. Good stuff. I'm not going into the details, it's all been said too many times. And Rumours is has a crazy back story. And many of Nicks songs in general have great back stories.

Sara off Tusk has a great back story that intertwines with the craziness that FM were when they were recording the album. I'd love to have been there when Lindsey suggested the marching band.

Mwarewolf95Nick Brook and 1 other person like this. Location: Isle of Man. A deranged, abusive hillbilly visits a fortune-teller who informs him Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette his daughters are going to be world-famous rock stars; convinced of her powers, he buys them instruments and forces them to spend every spare minute rehearsing and writing songs. When they've penned enough material for an album, the hillbilly pays for a recording session, completely unaware that the girls have no musical aptitude whatsoever and not only cannot play their instruments properly but cannot even tune them.

Aghast at the sounds he's capturing on tape, the studio engineer turns to their father and says, "Sir, shouldn't they practise some more? I want to get them down while they're hot! Philosophy Of The World — an avant-garde classic, which sounds uncannily like the Velvet Underground due to its non-standard tunings and lo-fi ethic — is now one of the world's rarest albums, and an all-time favourite of many experimental musicians including Frank Zappa and Carla Bley.

It's one of my favourites, too. Location: Kenosha, WI. Two of them. He said she felt rushed, pressured, and was very uncomfortable.

Producer Keith Forsey handled the majority of the drumming on the album, with session musician Tommy Price playing on two tracks.

Kind Mother-Son - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette blows away the illusion that artists at the top of their game are always in complete control when they record their best work. Sometimes, it's just this magical set of circumstances making it happen. Khaki FJul 21, Location: US. Another unfinished project was Pink Floyd's "Household Objects".

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