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Hall, who died after the film opened. Adaptation is dedicated to Donald Kaufman, fictional character and a credited co-writer, who dies in the film.

The Crow simply has "For Brandon and Eliza". Brandon had originally been offered the opportunity to play his father. Vaya con Dios" translated to "Go with God" in Spanish. Gettysburg was dedicated to Richard Jordan, who played General Armistead, and died suddenly after filming, and to Mike Shaara, who wrote the novel the screenplay of the movie was based off of.

Top Gun was dedicated to stunt pilot Art Scholl, who crashed and died while performing a flat spin near the end of the film. My Dog Skip was dedicated to Willie Morris, the author of the book it was based on.

He died before it was released, but did live to see the finished product. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Almost Heroes is dedicated to Chris Farley. Brainstorm is dedicated to Natalie Wood. Canadian Bacon and Wagons East! Gladiator is dedicated to Oliver Reed. Queen of the Damned is dedicated to Aaliyah. Twilight Zone: The Movie is dedicated to Vic Morrow, who was killed by a helicopter crash during filming.

The Great Race is dedicated to Mr. Laurel and Mr. Electric Dreams was dedicated to the memory of the Univac I the first computer designed from the outset with buisness and administrative purposes.

This film was made inthe year that personal home computers really started to take off with the general public. Saving Mr. Banks is dedicated to Walt Disney 's daughter Diane, who died about a month before its release. She tragically died in Augustright before the film went into production.

Mulholland Dr. Syme died in a car crash in Aprilbefore the movie was released. The Rocky series is dedicated to Jane Oliver, to whom Stallone owes his career. He was a consultant for the film's production before he died in a car crash six months before the film was released. The film contains a dedication during the ending credits: "He never saw it. He lived it. Every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched. You mean everything to us ". Campbell 's recent death.

Asimov didn't know any other way to honor the man who helped him become a successful author. Philip K. Dick 's A Scanner Darkly ended both the novel and film version with a list of names of those that Dick had lost to drug usage - including himselfas his pancreas was irreparably damaged by that point. In memoriam. These were comrades whom I had; there are no better. They remain in my mind, and the enemy will never be forgiven. The "enemy" was their mistake in playing.

Let them play again, in some other way, and let them be happy. Live-Action TV. The Academy Awards have sadly become notorious for limiting the number of acknowledged personalities, omitting lesser-known but much-loved figures in favor of big names who have less-illustrious film resumes.

Infor example, Michael Jackson made the montage, but Farrah Fawcett didn't, despite the latter having a much longer and more beloved cinematic resume. A notable tribute appeared at the Academy Awards. Camera assistant Sarah Jones was hit by a train on set in February. At the Oscars in March, her name flashed onscreen after the proper segment had finished. Another interesting one: Bill Paxton passed away the day before the ceremony, and presenter Jennifer Aniston mentioned him before the proper segment played.

Home Movie: The Princess Bride : Carl Reinerfather of the director of the original filmis the final actor to play the Grandfather, and passed away three days after recording his scene, the day the series premiered. The series as a whole is dedicated to his memory. Family Challenge : The first Michael Burger episode paid tribute to the series' first host Ray Combs, who committed suicide in Family Feud : A episode saw Steve Harvey giving out a moment of silence for original host Richard Dawson, who had died on June 2 the same date that the above-mentioned Combs, who was also a former Feud host, committed suicide.

Guy's Grocery Games ran two tributes to popular contestant and judge Carl Ruiz after his sudden death. The September 25, episode, airing four days after Carl's death and one of the last episodes he judgedhad a tribute at the end of the episode. All the contestants and judges were friends of his from the usual collection of Flavortown judges, other friends and relatives appeared on the show, and all the challenges were ones Carl hated.

The Hollywood Squares NBC daytime version : Peter Marshall paid tribute to semi-regular panelist Wally Cox, best known as the voice of Underdogupon his death; and again in when Cliff Arquette, who played his Charley Weaver character on the show, passed away after a stroke.

Tom Bergeron version : Twice, with tributes to sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner by Whoopi Goldberg, then producer and center square during her week of shows early in the run; and John Ritter inby then-producer Henry Winkler.

Executive producer Mike Richards paid tribute to him on the first episode aired after his death, and every posthumous episode featured a tribute to him after the credits. Let's Make a Deal : Wayne Brady paid tribute to co-creator and original host Monty Hall on the October 6, episode, which featured clips of Monty's sporadic appearances on the Brady-hosted revival and ended with a montage of pictures and clips from classic Deal.

Both times, Barker remarked how much each announcer added to the show and that they would be missed. When the Australian version returned inLarry Emdur dedicated the first episode to former host Ian Turpie, who passed away just a few weeks before that series began production. Pyramid : Dick Clark briefly noted the passing of announcer Bob Clayton shortly after it happened in November The run of The Pyramid was dedicated to Clark, who died in April that year.

Wheel of Fortune : Pat Sajak made emotional tributes to Jack Clark in September with the syndicated version, and in early August on the daytime show and Charlie O'Donnell in November after their deaths; both were long-time announcers closely tied to the show. Vanna White joined Sajak on the latter. After director Mark Corwin died during the summer hiatus, a tribute was edited into a summer rerun.

The Donald Trump roast was dedicated to Greg Giraldo. The episode in question deals with the death of the father character that Ritter portrayed. An episode of The Amazing Race 16 was dedicated to the memory of He Pingping, the world's shortest man who was able to walk, who handed out clues to racers following one of the leg's Roadblocks. Pingping passed away a little more than a month before the episode's original broadcast.

A Season 6 episode taking place in Sri Lanka was dedicated to the victims of the Christmas tsunami that ravaged it months later. The final audition of Season 12 of America's Got Talent was Brandon Rogers, who was killed in a car accident a month before it aired.

It was both preceded and followed by message cards dedicating the performance to him. Doyle had died in the first season, and Quinn died several years later, of an accidental drug overdose. On Barney Millerafter Jack Soo Yamana died, they had a fourth-wall breaking episode where the cast showed their favorite Jack Soo moments. The first episode of the Beverly Hills, reboot was dedicated to cast member Luke Perrywho died of a stroke on March 4, Cake Boss dedicated one episode to Salvatore Picinich, a long-time friend and employee, after his death from cancer.

During Season 5 of Canada's Worst Drivera contestant's brother-in-law was killed by a careless driver. The contestant was allowed to leave though not graduateand the episode ended with video clips of the other contestants talking about their own "failures to yield" note the specific charge filed against the driver who caused the death, and something everyone on that season was guilty ofa memorial card, and Silent Credits. The Castle episode "Punked" closed with a tribute version of the Stephen J.

Colleague, mentor, friend. We'll miss you, pal. Additionally within the show itself, Cannell's poker chair has become an Empty Chair Memorial. Chico and the Man : On the first-aired episode following series star Freddie Prinze's death, a pre-taped comment from co-star Jack Albertson was played over the closing credits, thanking fans and viewers for their show of sympathy.

Two episodes of Cobra Kaiwhich is a continuation of The Karate Kidhad episodes dedicated to actors from the original movie who have passed away. The Season 1 episode "Counterbalance" is dedicated to Mr. Miyagi's actor, Noriyuki "Pat" Moritawho died in A memorable episode of The Cosby Show guest-starring The Muppets was dedicated to their creator Jim Henson in reruns its premiere broadcast was before Henson's death. An episode of the documentary series Disney Family Album centered on voice actors was dedicated to Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck.

As a result, the UK broadcast had a dedication to Pertwee at the end. The credits for Series 4 opener "Partners in Crime" featured the words "In Memory of Howard Atfield", who was meant to reprise his role as Donna's father for the series. Unfortunately he was in ill health and died after his scenes in "Partners in Crime" were shot, and his character role was given to Bernard Cribbins ' newspaper salesman in "Voyage of the Damned", who became Donna's grandfather and a key character in the final stretch of David Tennant 's run on the show.

Series 6 opener "The Impossible Astronaut" opensrather than ends, with a dedication card to Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladenwho died 4 days before the episode's premiere.

Opening the episode with the dedication helps in establishing the episode's darker Wham Episode tone compared to other season openers. BBC Four also reran her final classic serial " The Hand of Fear " in Maya month after her death, with dedications made by the channel's continuity announcer ; these dedications can be found on the Season 14 Blu-Ray box set. A further long-lasting tribute occurred in with the introduction of companion Clara Oswald who, it was later confirmed, was named in honor of Elisabeth Clara Sladen.

Though not an "in memory of" card, "The Wedding of River Song" weaves, in a subtle but unmistakable way, a nod to the memory of Nicholas Courtney into the episode, and even manages to make it a plot point of sorts.

The Doctor is on a "farewell tour", trying to postpone his rendezvous with his impending death in Utah as much as possible, and so he rings up the nursing home where Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is, hoping to share a drink or two with his old companion. This event is the one that finally spurs the Doctor to stop running and face his fate.

The classic series Blu-Ray season box sets raise the bar with feature-length tribute documentaries to departed figures involved in a given season who didn't receive featurettes during production of the DVDs, including serial director Lennie Mayne on Season 10, Elisabeth Sladen on Season 14 and John Nathan-Turner on Season The first part of "Spyfall" ended with a tribute to Terrance Dicks. This was all the more poignant due to the fact that minutes before the audience was introduced to a new incarnation of the Master, a character Dicks had co-created and defined in his time as script editor.

Fame did one for Michael Thoma, who played Mr. The episode was called "A Tough Act to Follow". Forensic Files : The first episode of the sequel series Forensic Files II was dedicated to Peter Thomas, the narrator for the original series, who had passed away infive years after the original show ended and four years before the new show premiered.

The episode itself includes interviews with some of his friends who were racing in Formula One at the time. Friends : The fourth season episode "The One with the Cat" was dedicated to series co-creator Martha Kauffman's mother, who passed away shortly before the episode aired.

Frontline 's first report of"Netanyahu at War", was dedicated to Millicent Bell, a journalist and recurring sponsor for both Frontline and another WGBH-produced documentary series, Novathrough the Millicent and Eugene Bell foundation, who had died a few months before.

Because of Cory Monteith's death in Julythe third episode of the season of Glee was dedicated to him, with his character Finn being killed off. The episode focused on Finn's loved ones remembering "The Quarterback".

It also featured a dedication card and Silent Credits at the end. Remaining footage allowed him to appear briefly in two more episodes. These and two more following episodes were dedicated in his memory. Unusually, the dedication was positioned in place of the series title, over the beauty shot of the hotel at the end of the opening credits. Garcia, the original performer of Binyah Binyah, who was killed in a car crash in early A episode of Have I Got News for You opened with a dedication to Big George, the composer of the theme song, who had died the week before.

The second-season two-parter 'Unholy Alliance' had a dedication in the credits to Werner Stocker, the actor who played Duncan's 'mentor figure' Darius. Werner Stocker had died just as the last few episodes of the previous season were filmed.

Holmes Makes It Right : One episode ended with a tribute to crew member Craig Lowe, who had died in a scuba diving accident shortly before the episode aired. Cruelly played with at the end of every episode of the sketch comedy Human Giantin which a faux-memoriam to a random, allegedly dead member of the show's real crew and staff featuring the real face and name of a crew member is interrupted by advertisements for non-existent Human Giant products.

In Living Color! A season three episode was also dedicated to comedian Sam Kinison who had guest-starred on two episodes that season prior to his untimely death and the show's hairstylist Troy White. When Trevor Goddard, the actor who played Mic Brumby, died in June the season 9 premiere episode "A Tangled Webb" part 2 ended with one of these showing a clip from "Life or Death" 5.

The series finale of Justified has a dedication to Elmore Leonardauthor of the story the series is adapted from. Clips of him from throughout his eleven years on the series were shown while his on-screen mother Michele Lee sang "Look at that Face". When the actor playing Compo on Last of the Summer Wine died, a full three episodes were devoted to the character's death, funeral and memorial.

He was replaced by Compo's previously unknown son, played by the actor's son. The Disney Channel would reair the episode in April, and a framed photo of Duke as Janice seen very visibly on a table in Aunt Dena's living room during the season 3 finale "Californi-A-Rooney".

A few weeks after the release, Lucasfilm added a dedication to Bulloch to the end credits. When the dog playing Buck needed to retire, Married Of course, being a Bundy, even sweet doggy death doesn't give him any relief; he's reincarnated as their new dog. Also, the season nine premiere episode "Shoeway to Heaven" was dedicated to James Maura. Marvel Cinematic Universe series: The second episode of Daredevil was dedicated to Carlos Lopez IV, a stuntman on the show's first two episodes who perished in a parkour accident in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 19th and final episodes of Agents of S. Season 4 were dedicated to Bill Paxton and Powers Bootherespectively. Paxton, who died two months prior to his memorial episode from heart surgery complications, played Agent John Garrett in Season 1.

The second and fourth episodes of the show's last season were respectively dedicated to Barbara Gutman and Joseph Teague. Gutman was a longtime Hollywood production accountant whose work included the first six seasons of S.

Teague began as a rigging grip in the early seasons before he was promoted to rigging best boy grip and passed away in a car crash about a month prior to his episode's broadcast. The series finale of Luke Cage featured an in memoriam to Reg E. Cathey, who had a posthumous recurring role in the final season as Luke's father James Lucas. The season was released four months after Cathey's passing. In"The Map", an episode of The Middle that began with the Hecks coming back from Aunt Ginny's funeral, ended with an "in memoriam" to Frances Bay, who had played the character until she died the previous September.

Family Communications Inc. Bull: Quite a story, huh? Selma: [deadpan] I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. Bill Murray: in a respectful and solemn manner This just came in from Spain. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

On their album Anchors Aweigh The Bouncing Souls had "Todd's Song", in which they sang: "I grab into my sixpack and raise a can to another fallen friend With a heart so big that you can't hide you took the path of a a slow suicide. Matt and the lads from ImperfectPlan identified patterns in the way Kris and Lisanne took photos. They often took multiple photos at least two in quick succession. Photo may therefore have been a photo similar to photos and But not necessarily so, as we do not know the exact time when it was taken.

The taking of photo may also have coincided with another known event; the first attempts to call emergency services at PM on April 1st. But Matt notices that when you are focused on calling for help, taking a photo with your digital camera at the same time may not seem like a priority.

And as for image being just another dark night photo like photo ; this seems also less likely to Matt, simply because it begs the question why the photo and only that photo Only Human - The Hope Blister - .Smiles OK (CD then have had to be removed. There are about a hundred night photos which mostly show the same dark surroundings, but only one of them had to go?

And with regards to the rest of that week-long period of April 1 st - 8 th Matt reckons it is also a stretch to imagine that Kris and Lisanne would take one single photo with their camera then, while they had their mobile phones powered on at least shortly on most of those days and could have more easily taken a photo with their mobiles right there and then if they felt the need to document something.

Besides, their habit of taking clusters of photos would also contradict with taking this one lonely photo then. And considering the stressful situation they were probably in, it also begs the question why that sole photo was then deleted again. Matt deems it most likely, all in all, that photo was taken in the afternoon of April 1 stafter but before PM.

Image numbering All images are sequentially numbered, just like the Canon SX HS digital camera would do by default. Out of the sequence of images there is only one file missing: image It was not available to the forensic analyst who examined the SD card of the camera. Looking at the SD card on a Windows computer, it would look as shown in Picture 1 below:. Picture 1: Simulated sequence of images. Note that those are not the real images nor times and it serves only to visualize the file names.

So with this setting, once image was deleted, the next image would automatically be In case of the specific Canon camera from Kris and Lisanne, Matt was unable to be certain which of the two numbering methods was selected, as this info was not saved in the EXIF information.

All testing for his article was done with Firmware 1. Retrieving other photos Out of the total of images found on the Canon's memory card, investigators actually retrieved 64 images and 4 videos with image recovery software that were deleted and partially overwritten. But no trace of image was found or recovered. All recovered images were thumbnails and other formats of the images Matt writes that the case file forensics commented that those thumbnails were likely created by the camera to preview images when they were replayed in the camera.

However, this is not correct according to Matt, as the camera does not create or store thumbnails and the review images are created from small versions of the image that are embedded in the EXIF information, which can be seen in Picture 2 below. Why was photo most likely missing? Matt identifies two options: 1. There never was a photo to begin with and there was a camera malfunctionor glitch of sorts and this number was skipped. Matt deems the chance of this very small.

Computer programs very rarely just skip a number by mistake, and this specific camera never did before, as far as could be seen in the photo history. Experimenting with the deleting of photo Forensics also reviewed the sectors on the SD card on an image of the SD card to locate image Picture 4 shows what was found.

Matt explains in his post in detail how images are stored on a Sandisk memory card and how one photo takes up a certain amount of byte sectorsdepending on the size of the image. When any photo is subsequently deleted, this image leaves an empty space in the byte sectors it once occupied. This space remains, as the photos coming before and after it will continue to occupy their own respective sectors. Matt did detailed testing of this mechanism with his own Canon SX HS camera and came to the conclusion that when simulated image was deleted on the camera, this did not actually delete the image itself, but only the directory entry to the file.

But the file was still on the SD card and recognizable. As a result, the deleted image could easily be recovered. Which is also what image recovery software does: it looks for such image remains and restores an entry for the directory so that it is shown by the operating system. The results Matt also found with his camera experiments that when he deleted image directly from the camera right after it was taken and before photos and were taken test 1the camera subsequently skipped number for the next photo and there therefore was no photo left on the SD card, but there were also no byte sectors missing : there was no byte gap between the mages and The below 1st purposely simplified illustration shows how things were found on the original SD card:.

Matt then tested what happened if he deleted photo with the camera's delete button after photos and were already taken test 4 and when he then copied the remaining images onto a Windows 10 PC. Then he deleted all the images from the SD card with the help of the computer, and then copied them back onto the SD card.

Then he deleted all the images from the SD card with the help of the computer, and then copied this entire image folder back from the computer onto the SD card. Result: there was no image and there was no byte gap created between images and In test 6 Matt deleted image with a computer after photos and were already taken and he then copied the remaining images onto a Windows 10 PC. Then he formatted the SD card with the computer.

And then copied the images and their folder back from the PC onto the SD card. In test 7 he took imagesthen took a video MVIfollowed by four images And there was no byte gap created between images or videos. The video was however not stored in the sequence it was taken. In test 8 Matt took again a video MVI followed by three images.

Again a video file was found on the SD card but not stored in the same place, image would be stored and there were no gaps between images or videos. This gave the same results as for test 8. For test 10 Matt took eight pictures This overwrites the image file with random data which makes the image unrecoverable.

For test 11 Matt took six images and one video He then turned his camera off while waiting until buffering was complete and shot two more images and Then he deleted video in the camera or with the Windows PC.

Summary Out of all test runs there were three that matched the configuration that was found on the original SD card of Lisanne's camera: Tests 1, 5 and 6. All other tests resulted in different configurations. This means that the possible scenarios have been condensed to the following three ones for our missing file which could still have been either a photo or a video, theoretically : Either was deleted in the camera before image was taken ; Or the entire image folder of the SD card was copied and cut from the card and pasted onto a computer and then was deleted before the remaining image folder was copied back onto the SD card again sans Or the entire image folder of the SD card was copied and cut from the card and pasted onto a computer and then the SD card was formattedwas deleted before the remaining image folder was copied back onto the SD card again sans Unfortunately, the forensics report does not go into more detail than is shown in this article and therefore Event test 1 or 2 or 3 cannot be distinguished based on evidence.

Scarlet: Good to know this. Three most likely scenarios, of which the first will appeal to Lost believers and the other two to Crime followers. For your information: Dutch forensic specialists of the NFI already determined early on in the investigation that photo matched photo seamlessly. Seamlessly means zero micro space. So, a difference of zero between the successive OCLs. They concluded that this can only be achieved with the use of a computer. But now Matt singles it out as one of the 3 possible options as well.

I guess that with different fingerprints found on the camera and with there being theoretically a whole week when this deleting could have taken place, there is also still place for a fourth theory, one in which it could also have been someone other than Lisanne who deleted image on the camera. I find the 1st test option surprising to be honest, as it was always claimed that if photo was deleted in the camera before photo was taken, that image would automatically take on the number This was also claimed in The Travel Channels episode on this disappearance case.

It seems Matt proved this theory wrong. But it's not the default so it wasn't done I am sure and there would have been no trace of then. That goes against almost everything that has always been claimed so far, also by specialists who Jeremy Kryt interviewed about this.

And we at least know for a fact now that Lisanne and Kris were fully aware of the video recording capacities of their Canon digital camera. And the fact there was no goodbye video is not down to them not realizing the camera had that recording option. Concrete theories that are now left.

It would have been done on purpose therefore and not by accident highly unlikely, all in all. If Lisanne deleted image on purpose, then the question still remains why she would delete it at that stressful moment in time, and why only that one photo. Matt notes that of all the images that should have been deleted, image a not published photo of Kris on the Mirador is the likely candidate because it shows her with her eyes mostly closed.

As for deleting to make space on the SD card: this is very illogical because A. And if a 3 rd Party intentionally deleted image in such a manner that it cannot be recovered anymore, we also have to wonder about their possible motive. Maybe there was something on image that was not desirable for others or the police to become publicly known, such as an indication of a suspect, someone pictured who did not want to face police scrutiny or evidence of a crime.

Or perhaps it was a photo showing an area away from the Pianista trail and its hinterland. As explained, it would be fairly easy to remove photo permanently. Matt thinks that the methods described above to successfully remove the entire filemeans that it would have had to be either someone un lucky or a knowledgeable person to perform this action. Matt said about this that if we accept the phone logs as created by Kris and Lisanne, then they lived for several more days after the night photos were taken.

This opens the possibility that goodbye videos could have been recorded near the end, so after the night pics and these could have been deleted theoretically. Lastly: Matt also came with more clues that the Panamanian investigators worked on these photos, before the memory card and camera were sent to the Dutch investigators. Matt revealed that it is confirmed now that there was access to the SD card and that was done in a careless way.

Because software was used on the SD card by someone may have been anyone involved in finding the backpack and camera or it could have been anybody within the police forces who had access to the SD card that created thumbnail images. Thumbnail images were also deleted from the memory card as a result and images were rotated and saved back again onto the memory card.

Whoever performed those manipulations on the SD card was extremely careless. However, simply deleting image was not done and the person doing it would also have to copy the entire image folder to a computer, accidentally deleted imageand then moved the folder back to the SD card. It seems unlikely that a person who carelessly works on the SD card would have gone through the trouble of also copying the images to a computer and then back onto the memory card. The comment in the forensics report is that this is the version before rotation of the image.

All three images are taken in portrait orientation and it is likely that they were rotated with image editing software and then saved. Matt does not know which software would do this and change the file name like that, but he suspects it was Apple software. It should be noted that those file names appeared first in Panama but it is unknown when and by who they were created.

At a minimum those edits consisted of rotating images and deleting thumbnails that were most likely auto generated by the image viewer used. Unfortunately it was not determined when the edits and deletions were made and if it was done before or after the camera was given to the police. With the very limited information in the forensics report it is not possible to determine when all those changes were made.

For this access to the disk image of the SD card would be required. But the problem goes beyond a lack of will, the forensic scientist says. In the majority of these cases, no bodies have been recovered, no rigorous investigations launched by authorities. Boquete's forum members discussed also a warning safety leaflet, issued locally in town.

By Linch K. Panama is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced prostitution. Although some Album) women and girls are found in forced prostitution in other countries in Latin America and in Europe, most Panamanian trafficking victims are exploited within the country. Although statistics were lacking, both NGOs and government officials anecdotally reported that commercial sexual exploitation of children was greater in rural areas and in the city of Colon than in Panama City.

NGOs report that some Panamanian Album), mostly young girls, are subjected to involuntary domestic servitude. Most foreign sex trafficking victims are adult women from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and neighboring Central American countries; some victims migrate voluntarily to Panama to work but are subsequently forced into prostitution.

The Government of Panama does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. During the reporting period authorities increased public awareness about the prostitution of children through seminars in schools and an outreach campaign with the tourism sector.

Despite such efforts, the government showed little evidence of progress in combating human trafficking. Law enforcement efforts remained weak, the Panamanian penal code did not prohibit trafficking for forced labor, and the government failed to provide adequate assistance to victims and to identify trafficking victims among vulnerable populations; therefore, Panama is placed on Tier 2 Watch List.

Recommendations for Panama: Amend anti-trafficking laws to prohibit forced labor, including involuntary domestic servitude; intensify law enforcement efforts to investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses and convict and sentence trafficking offenders, including any public officials complicit with trafficking activity; train government officials in anti-trafficking laws and victim identification and care; dedicate more resources for victim services; and develop a formal system for identifying trafficking victims among vulnerable populations, particularly women in prostitution.

Prosecution The Government of Panama maintained its law enforcement efforts against trafficking crimes during the reporting period. Article of the Panamanian penal code, which was updated inprohibits the internal and transnational movement of persons for the purpose of sexual servitude or forced commercial sexual activity.

The prescribed sentence is four to six years imprisonment, which is increased to six to nine years if trafficking offenders use deceit, coercion, or retain identity documents, and is further increased to 10 to 15 years if the victim is under 14 years of age.

Article prohibits sexually exploiting another person for profit. Under aggravated circumstances of threat, force, or fraud, this constitutes human trafficking as defined by international protocol, and carries a sentence of eight to 10 years. Article prohibits the internal and transnational trafficking of minors for sexual servitude, prescribing prison terms of eight to 10 years imprisonment, and Article prohibits subjecting an individual to sexual servitude using threats or violence.

Prosecutors may also use other statutes, such as anti-pimping laws, to prosecute trafficking crimes. The above punishments are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for rape.

Panamanian law, however, does not specifically prohibit human trafficking for the purpose of forced labor, including domestic servitude. During the year, however, authorities achieved only one conviction, compared with two achieved during the previous reporting period. The trafficking offender was sentenced to 72 months for pimping a child, which was reduced to 48 months incarceration for unreported reasons. This sentence does not appear to meet the standards established in the Panamanian penal code for this crime.

One prosecutor based in Panama City was dedicated exclusively to prosecuting trafficking crimes. There were no reports of partnerships with foreign governments in joint investigations of trafficking crimes during the reporting period, although Panamanian authorities met with Colombian officials to exchange information.

The government opened no formal trafficking-related corruption investigations during the reporting period. Some judges received training on sex trafficking.

There were no reports of training for the members of the diplomatic corps abroad. Protection The Panamanian government sustained limited efforts to assist trafficking victims during the reporting period, though overall victim services remained inadequate, particularly for adult victims. Authorities did not employ systematic procedures for identifying trafficking victims among vulnerable populations, such as women in prostitution or detained irregular migrants.

During the reporting period, however, authorities did not report extending victim services to repatriated Panamanian victims or foreign victims of trafficking, and the Immigration Office indicated that there were no foreign victims of trafficking over the past year. The government continued to provide partial funding to an NGO-operated shelter with dedicated housing and social services for child trafficking victims. A shelter for child trafficking victims, funded by a foreign government, was in the process of being constructed.

There was no shelter care available exclusively for adult victims of trafficking. The government could house adult victims in hotels on an ad hoc basis but did not report doing so or providing any legal, medical, or psychological services or long-term care to adult trafficking victims during this reporting period. In past years, Panamanian authorities encouraged victims to assist with the investigation and prosecution of trafficking offenders, although few victims chose to do so.

The government did not provide foreign victims with legal alternatives to their return to countries where they may face hardship or retribution, although in past years foreign victims were allowed to remain in country during investigations. Trafficking victims were not penalized for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being trafficked; however, due to the lack of victim identification strategies, not all foreign victims may have been identified before deportation.

Prevention The government maintained efforts to prevent human trafficking during the reporting period. To raise awareness about commercial sexual exploitation of children, the government conducted seminars in 84 schools, reaching 6, students, teachers, and parents. In collaboration with the ILO, the National Commission for the Prevention of Crimes of Sexual Exploitation, a multi-agency task force, sent letters to the tourism sector to raise awareness of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Child sex tourism is prohibited by law, though there were no reported prosecutions of sex tourists during the reporting period. During the reporting period, the government implemented its National Plan for Prevention and Elimination of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents by publishing a comprehensive guide on health care of children and adolescent victims of commercial sexual exploitation and through supporting a study of sex trafficking in Panama.

The government undertook no initiatives to reduce demand for forced labor. I thought I would put this out there since I read a post by BEC that made mention of preventing future issues. It is common around the world even in quiet Boquete. I love to point out statistics and facts, and this would be a primary reason this particular popular tourist destination was most likely selected. Keep in mind that this is the 4th case in the last 10 years, which is extremely low by most agency or country standards.

However it does lend credence to the fact that it's here. There are many steps that can be taken to prevent or slow the rate of Human Trafficking, I would suggest that training be attained from Qualified Professionals in the field. And the neighborhood watch does not count, well If Ning users want to be proactive, and personally contribute to the search for these young ladies I would suggest going to a website named Backpage.

I have personally worked 4 recovery missions that were given actionable intel from this site. Start with the middle east, UAE being my first choice. Replies some of them. Lee Zeltzer wrote on April 21st, "I have thought a lot before taking the action of closing this thread. It was of interest although the information cited was years out of date. Panama is a tier 2 country as are most non "first world" countries that do not fall into tier 3.

Panama is not great on protection of victims of human trafficking in fact they offer Colombians a special sex trade Visa. None of this except the claim of four possible abductions in all of Panama is relevant.

Since the one I know about, and the only other case in Boquete was a 29 year old British male. I doubt he was abducted for sex trade so that tragedy is probably not related to the content of this thread.

I do not want to discount the problem nor the risk of abduction or being lost in the wilderness surrounding Boquete. I realize closing the barn door after the horses have escaped is important as a precaution for others still inside. There are people trying to do that now, Fran, Lori and the Spanish Language Schools are all trying to prevent this from occurring again. We are all hoping for a positive event and positive ending of this horror for Lisanne and Kris but this thread has become shopworn and is now closed.

Keep skipping around town pretending everything is la di la. Go check yourself. It's public record. Go to the DIJ and the sala judicial and ask them for files about the child porn case in Boquete. I don't need to give you specifics, do the work yourself if you want verification. I was there. I saw the kids and the perps.

I don't need verification that Boquete is about to go the way of Costa Rica. Give me a break. This is reality. I can't sugar coat this nor it shouldn't be. My heart goes out to the family, but this is the real world, the 3rd world. This idea, you call it speculating, should have been investigated on day one. Many investigations and crimes are solved in the first 48 hours, after that, the odds of solving drop exponentially.

You can read about the case, I don't know the exact date in the Prensa archives. The DIJ has info as well. You won't read about it in any Boquete welcome center.

Linch K. I feel if you chose to live in a Spanish speaking country then you should be able to communicate in said language. I have no axe to grind other than AAC has no business involved in a case such as this.

They should know their place and stay in it. As far as being a true professional, brutal honesty just comes with the territory, sorry my chosen profession does not afford me the privilege to hug a tree every time my feelings are hurt. I tell you what, when everyone involved with AAC produces some credentials that validate their existence, I will close my ning account and leave the neighbor hood watch alone. Your post - your novella - is so wrong on so many different levels it's actually quite sad.

I mean WOW. Good luck with that. They're nothing but hero complexed expats with no achievements. Ask for credentials, you get silence. Ask them for schools, nothing. All they do is brag, and brag about what they know is good for other people just to reprimand them later.

You can't praise and scold in the same paragraph. Just leave them alone. Let them waste their energy. Hey "we have many young people that visit here maybe we should have the hostels, and other venues have some basic warnings and guide lines for our young visitors". Thankfully my kids school did up the security and protocol for pick up at the time of the reports.

We are all aware of the evil in the world, especially to young women but most made the choice to dismiss the mayors warning and media coverage in Oct Instead of being pro-active, the warnings I posted were considered rumors and made fun of. I just feel bad, if our community would have used common sense maybe two young women would be home with their families.

Many of the usual negative people chastised me for writing and called it a rumor. Many did not take me or any of the kidnappings seriously. I was overreacting and all the media outlets were lying, even the mayor. A statement from the mayor Nov, the Mayor of San Lorenzo district, eastern Chiriqui, issued a statement alerting parents to pending departure of students in the college, and also monitor small when they are at home.

Mireya Rodriguez Moreno, Deputy Mayor of San Lorenzo district, said the statement is a warning to parents, mainly because information was received from the National Police over an alleged kidnapping in the village of Mount Boca, San Lorenzo. Well if the community would have taken any of it more seriously, maybe tourists would have been warned about traveling alone, recommendations about not taking rides with strangers, not hiking alone or informing foster homes where they were going and when they were scheduled to return.

Mark Heyer wrote on April 18, "Linch, Your comments are right on the money, thanks. Human trafficking is an international problem, but it is also preventable if we took it as seriously as, say AIDS.

Much more to be said going forward. It surprised me because I grew up here and that was unheard of. Among those found were many missing children that were kidnapped from around Panama, Costa Rica and Columbia and used as sex slaves.

I did many details with the embassy and no one paid much attention because none were American. It was found that some kids were sent to other countries or even murdered. Some of those bodies were found without organs. No one can tell me crime is not a happening here. I am here because of crime, a personal one. There are murders, kidnappings, rapes, burglaries and simple attacks on people here that did not happen before.

The Pianista trail is famous for those attacks. No one knows if the girls were kidnapped and used for sex slavery. It is just a theory. Another is that it was foul play, and the girls are The thing to know is that if that's the case, the person or persons are still on the loose and will strike again.

I've done too much and been though hell training to not know that. All of you should too. Take your hands from your eyes and ears and wake up. Jim T. Maybe this explains their disappearance. I asked why since he lived in Miami would he be going to Panama. Matt looked more closely at the night photos Chris from Imperfect Plan published his findings.

I will summarize the gist of it for you here. I will add first that I know that these photos are the more eerie and fascinating part of the case for many people.

I understand that, I watched the Blair Witch Project in the cinema at the time; these photos are appearing to us like potential messages from the grave.

But I personally see them as red herrings. Staged photos, taken by someone other than Kris and Lisanne in an attempt to make it look like the girls were out in the jungle alone in the night of April 8th. I've written enough already in this blog about my own suspicions, but this is why I am not that keen on analyzing these photos without end.

We have already established long ago that there is no head wound or blood clearly visible on the back of Kris' head. No selfies, no arm or hand from the photographer visible. No bag with belongings or a leg with shoe pictured from the girls. So all the hours and meters of text spent on the analysis of these photos may just be wasted energy to the amusement of whomever did make these photos. But because not much in this case is certain at the end of the day, and I may be wrong with my suspicions, here we go.

The quality of the photos Matt looked at the night photos, numbered towhich you can find in my part 3 blog. Going by the date and timestamp on the Canon Powershot SX HS digital camera, they were shot between and in the early morning of Tuesday April 8th. Of these photos, only about 50 have been made public by Juan after leaks by an anonymous source in November of Matt observed that these photo files were damaged to some degree: most photos have been resized from their original resolution of x pixels.

Matt writes that "the publicly available images were all resized to x and x ". But just to be precise; a couple of photos that were taken on the summit are in fact pixels.

For instance this onephotowhich Martijn Froon used as a background photo on his facebook. It has x pixels. This one is also x pixels and this one x And the last two photos of the day, andare also x pixels. But even then, they are unfortunately still a lot smaller than the original files.

This is a problem with all the photos from the girls' memory card. They were mostly all published through media sources or leaks and all those photos were made smaller. And it is tricky to zoom in too much on them, therefore. Nothing but darkness Matt establishes that a lot of the night photos had their brightness and contrast enhanced in a straightforward manner before they were leaked. I assume this was done by the anonymous source, because in their original state many of the photos truly seemed to be mostly black.

Matt writes that he thinks it was a truthful description by Dutch officials and the Dutch families to describe the night photos as nearly black: "This is also an explanation for the statements made by people that saw the original images. Apart from a few of the night photos, the original night photos would have been mostly black.

I probably have to disagree therefore. We're not talking about inexperienced people who just took a quick glance at the photos and came to this conclusion. The Dutch prosecution had investigated these photos at that point and this includes inspecting if changes in brightness and contrast could show more in the darker photos.

They already knew there was information on these photos about rocks, about trees, about surroundings. But they had no intention of sharing them with the public, and thus they were downplayed.

Which in itself is fine, but based on that non-correct statement, the discussion out on the internet has been warped before these other night pictures were leaked. We could have known all along that the person who took the photos was not running around, on the run or picturing her dead friend down a ravine. On top, the following photos were also included in the 'nothing but darkness' comment and these are not photos of nothing:. Matt confirms what Juan and I also concluded, that some of these leaked night photos are simply manipulated originals with the brightness adjusted.

Nothing strange about that, whomever leaked these files had clearly already done his or her homework, as we all would have done. Matt also notices that the camera bag on the photo of all the collected belongings of the girls seems not a good fit for the camera. Photo 24 C. Photo, 22 C. Juan added that the camera temperature is measured with a censor within the device and that it does not reflect the outside temperature.

It could be 30 degrees during the day, orand you will normally still see a 24 degrees camera temperature. Photo overlay collage Matt created a beautiful overlay of the night photos. A very interesting and pretty looking collage. He more or less digitally stacks a selection of the night images on top of each other, showing you how many of them overlap in the center.

But also showing the parts where they do not overlap. Matt writes about this: "The images are simply overlaid so that common features show the most overlap. Perspective is not considered so that image that are to the sides are distorted.

In order to create a perfect panorama, it would be necessary to stretch the images to correct for the perspective. Since there are not enough images and the angles they were taken under are too great makes this impossible. He also shows the process step by step in this video. Followed by: "They may not have been taken near El Pianista trail though. We cannot be certain of the precise location. Personally I have not seen a single piece of hard evidence for this. But this is one of the biggest and most important questions regarding those night photos.

Where were they taken? None of these night photos have been claimed by someone to have been for a fact taken here or there. Everybody hoped this would happen once these other night photos came into the public domain, but nothing. No official has ever identified the location of the night photos with evidence, nobody has made photos of any location and put them next to our night photos to show they were from the same location.

Many people think that these night pictures were taken somewhere else entirely. Some people seem to have made the suggestion that these photos were taken at the first river crossing behind the Pianista summit, a good amount of hours of walking up north.

But all the evidence for this is a photo of a rock next to the river, which in my opinion looks just like any other rock of about that size over there. Regarding collages, I did something a bit different last year, placing these night photos together by matching edges. You can read about it in my part 2 blog. Also a video from me about how the same V-shaped tree can be seen in the majority of these photos, and a video about the returning typically shaped leaf which was first confused with a dead body.

Recreating the hair photo Then follow some other observations, such as who could have possibly taken these photos Lisanne, Kris, Kris and Lisanne, Someone else.

No sublist of possibilities for Someone Else unfortunately. Matt tries to recreate the hair photo of Kris, pretending to be Kris herself. Wearing a beautiful wig : In other words; can one take a selfie of one's own back of the head?

Fast forward: no. I was able to take the following image" :. This explains the lower right corner where the hair is darker and appears to have a different colour.

This is caused by the flash being shadowed by the head. That Kris may have been walking close by Lisanne and that she got in the way of Lisanne This is by far the most interesting photo of the series.

But Matt himself also deems the accidental photo theory unlikely, because you'd need to focus to get such a sharp photo. In other words: you'd need to have intent.

Matt also finds it astounding that Kris' hair is completely dry, with not a spec of dirt and not a single leaf or twig or anything in the hair. The only possible foreign object in the hair is in the upper left corner. This could be a leaf or torn piece of paper. It is difficult to say for sure due to the low image resolution. I do not think that it is hair. But he tested the wig anyway outside in the rain. It is very clearly visible that the hair is very wet after only 15 min.

The dark spots under Kris' hair, I have discussed them for lengths in part 2 of my blog series. Matt thinks they are shadows caused either by the flash or by two crossing hair strands. He does not believe that the spots are stab, bullet or other woundsbecause there is no blood visible anywhere and no disturbance of adjacent tissue.

He believes that we truly look at the back of Kris' head, not at a frontal with hair flipped over the face.

And Abner Krill's been off the radar since Arkham. He fits the profile, Brown. We all hate Krill," he added hastily. And if Walker can teleport now, and he's making moves against the people who've hurt him, then it's only a matter of time before he makes his way here. He wouldn't go to Slabside, not for revenge," Chuck sighed. Krill, Deathstroke, Strange, the entire League of Assassins; you. But there's no one he blames more than himself.

Batman turned his head away. As the jet soared off into the night, Chuck ran his hand through his hair. Hellhound slid his gloves back on, as he and Rigger walked up towards the group, his dog by their side. Resting against a nearby chimney, Chuck was now nursing Reardon's head wound with an ice pack. Narrows territory. Ten sighed. I thought that, what, Sex Offenders Club of yours would've desensitised you to that. The trio watched the Beast pace in its' cell.

It was on all fours, and every now and then, it'd start hissing, manically. At that point, Dragon King would press a button and send a electrical shock to the metal bars containing it. Gambler was staring at it, almost intently. Chancer shivered slightly, as the creature turned its' gaze Album) him, licking its' lips. We intend to study the Beast's brain patterns, and determine the source of its' immortality. Chancer was silent for a second as he eyed up his grandfather.

When at last he spoke, it was with a slight hesitance. Sharpe shuddered slightly. Dragon King shook his head. Doctor King always theorised that body swapping was possible, but this? He transfers his very being by praying on the lust, the shame, the desire, of others. Theoretically, Mr Kyle is the answer to immortality in the only way that matters.

The mind. He is a wonderful specimen, wouldn't you say? Ito turned his head. Lovely, isn't she? You'll have plenty of time to warm to her after the wedding ceremony," Ito said, as he adjusted his apron. Ito cocked his head to one side, his eyes gleaming. Sharpe scratched the back of his scalp awkwardly. I don't really know your daughter, I just know that she scares me.

Chancer looked at him indignantly. Please, she doesn't even know you! I know you, man! Look, listen, maybe if I was drunk enough, I'd pull through it," he said reluctantly. Gambler marched back into the room, a silver six shooter in hand.

We have guests. Ito drew his sword, Chancer grabbed his bat off of the table, and the duo departed, leaving Stephen Sharpe alone with his prize. He pressed a button on the cell door, and the Beast arched its' back as it breathed in the fresh air. Gambler coughed into his hankerchief, and pocketed the bloody tissue. The Misfits were making their way through the tunnels.

Leading the charge was Hellhound, his dog sniffing along the ground. Sharpe made sure he'd shaken free of Ito before approaching, laying his bat on the ground as a kind of peace offering. I could really use your help. I thought this was going to be the fun kind of cult, but suddenly Ito's gone all Scientology and has prepared a child bride for me. The Album) shared a look between each other, before Reardon spoke, nursing his head injury. Not good, the opposite of good.

I can't get married. Blake and I made an agreement to remain bachelors indefinitely. Barring true love. And for me, that means D-cups. Look, I concede there's been mistakes on both sides-". So let's grow some balls, and do this shit," Sharpe declared, as he turned around and ran back off towards the laboratory, Hellhound close behind him.

Sharpe took a step backwards, slumped on the floor, was Blake's unconscious body. Hellhound pushed him aside as he walked towards it, and placed a gentle hand across its' face.

Then where did it go-? Walking towards them, the King of Cats, reborn. In an instant, the Beast swung under his legs, and knocked them out from under him. Sharpe landed on the stone floor with an uncomfortable thud. Next, it fired Gambler's pistol at the others; Chuck and Reardon retreated behind a table, but Hellhound let out another whistle, and the dog reached for the Beast's crotch.

The creature picked it up by its' collar, and slung it against the wall. Hellhound drew his knife, and slashed the Beast around the chest. It dropped the gun, snarled, and in returned, dug its' claws into his face, lapping his splattered blood, then kneeing him in the crotch. And then- Nothing.

The gun fell to the ground. The Beast's laughter trailed off, then- silence. Hellhound opened his eyes; Stuck in the Beast's eye, was his own dagger, thrown there by none other than Thomas Blake. The Beast's eyes contracted for a minute in shock, then, it stumbled backwards towards the ledge, and plunged into the watery depths below with a sickening squelch. Chancer let out a horrified yell, as he scaled the stairs down after it. Chancer rushed towards his grandfather's body, as suddenly, he was punched to the ground.

His daughter sulked, but obliged. Chancer wiped his eyes with his sleeve. Hellhound looked over to the others, and tutted irritably. Hellhound winked. He only goes for sad cases anyhow. Has anyone displayed any recent, sudden urges of arousal?

Chuck, Reardon, Blake and Rigger turned their heads toward him. What the hell are you doing here? Hellhound stroked Gambler's face and monologued privately. Wherever loneliness thrives and libidos rise, the King will be there. No matter how small, the king will be there, whispering tainted words, preying on fear, inciting arousal in the hearts of men. Perverting intimacy and love, the King will survive. He always survives," Hellhound lamented softly.

The door slammed open with a thud as Drury Walker, the Suit at his side, entered the living room, and hurled a suitcase at Axel. The house phone began to buzz, and he swore under his breath. The kids took a concerned step back. Drury stared incredulously as, before he could answer it, The Suit grabbed the phone and held it to its' head, nodding along as the caller spoke, before finally handing it back to him.

Gar and I- Well, you're his emergency contact- I didn't know who else to call. Her voice was trembling. We were walking home from work, and it happened so fast, but-". This seems to be my claim to fame. The jackpot in this case is half of you viewing my photos. At least until her breasts start growing. Apparently now she needs size 4?! I just purchased three pairs of the size 3 two weeks ago. Per her suggestion! Was I really incapable of measuring the kids shoe IN the shoe store and doing the whole purchase process properly?

No, I could of. Instead, I relied on my 3rd grader to just tell me. I just plopped one on her, had her gallop around the aisle with 1 shoe on and the other in tow tied by a string. This probably looked like a retard convention to anyone watching. Nope, just my way of trying on the kids shoes. Well guess what? Shoes are too small. The 8 year old was wrong. How peculiar. I had to bring Chloe her lunch she forgot in her car yesterday.

This whole scene kind of was prompted by this phone call:. I show up with the lunch and the school secretary lady up front has this big smile her face regarding the shoes and lunch. I could tell she was thinking something like this:.

But am I that marvelous? I could have measured the feet. I could have made sure she grabbed the lunch. I could of got her on time to school. A single dad at that! Not only are my blunders not perceived as negative as they would for a fulltime single mom. On the contrary my slip-ups are perceived as CUTE. How cute the kids toes not fitting. At least he got her the shoes, how adorable is him kissing her.

But more to do with the lack of a job the rest of the fathers in America have done up until this point. My conclusion: Try harder. Do yer job Daddy-O! I walk beside these hulking, monstrous, silent sentinels, and I know that when I breath my last breath, when my heart beats its last pump of drug diluted blood, and my body becomes part of this sludge we call "Home", they'll resurrect me. Emotionless and without thought, that which is the only thing that liberates me from the oppression they call life down here, I'll be reprogrammed like a piece of circuitry.

They tell you when you sign up that in order for society to make its strides towards success and progress everyone must walk in the same direction. For anyone to gain that nirvana that awaits once you clock out one last time would be to take two steps backwards.

We all know that's just bullshit, but the pay is good, and the drugs let us get one step closer to that relief we all seek. The high is cheap, but so is life. So I walk side by side, with some curse soul. Repairing the infrastructure made for the rich, and maintained by the scum. I'll never understand its pain, but it can't even understand the word "pain". It's some kind of fucked-up joke really. No longer can I use the future to escape the reality in which I live like I did when I was younger.

Because I see my future beside me. It's physical. It's as real as me. The second I signed that contract, I signed my life, actually my death, away to some corporation as lifeless, cold and ugly as the goblin I call my guardian down here in the abyss. It's built to look ugly on purpose. I really wanted to use that center piece after getting a couple of the old Exo Force sets.

I just want to offer a quick explanation of what in the holy hell I am doing with this project. I quit for 10 straight days around March and decided to come back, hence the lapse that marks every photo after that. And for a while, I was able to edit it and write about it the same day I took the photo. But I stopped doing that a while ago. So now? Fuck it, why not? And the location is there too. I have too much fucking shit in my caption.

Yeah — get it. Lesson learned. I took the babe back down to crab cove, which was the same place I went the day before on day After various unsuccessful attempts at producing a picture worth a shit and the sun hastily going down, I spotted these benches.

I quickly gave the babestar my cell phone, blackberry, and sunglasses and threw her on top of the table. This essentially is a portrait of the babe with me sneaking in just because I had to.

I kind of feel like I cheated because my addition to this photo in effect detracts from it. Stupid self-portrait project! The music has the right balance of electronica versus rock. Video: Combat Baby by Metric. Now you don't have to read all of the twaddle below.

When hybrid mesh heads first hit the grid, aroundI'll admit I was bewitched. Those perfectly-proportioned, exquisitely detailed faces were quite a leap from the blocky, basic avatar mesh.

But, this was pre-bento, so, you couldn't alter the features in any way. Hence, the Logo Chloe always looked like Chloe, and Snow Rabbit's Nea always looked like Nea, and the personality of the individual avatar was all but lost.

Sure you could customize them with a 3rd party skin and a bit of makeup, but you'd always be able to spot those designer heads a mile away. I loved looking at them, but, they weren't for me. Then, bento came along, and that felt like just the thing I was waiting for. I ran from one crowded store to another snapping up head and skin demos and high-tailed it back to my skybox to indulge in an orgy of narcissistic self-discovery.

Which combo defined me? Which head would give me the greatest flexibility to re-sculpt my, by then, years-in-SL face into the Runt I recognized? Like everyone, probably, I recoiled in horror seeing my carefully-constructed SL shape bent and bloated into an absolute monstrosity when I tried on that first demo. Big forehead, tiny eyes, weird, pinched little mouth, it was terrifying. And hilarious. But once I made peace with the fact that I'd have to commit to major facial reconstruction from the ground up to suit these new mesh heads, I slowly saw Runt re-emerge.

Her sly, feline eyes. Her small, plump, smirk. The hungry delicacy of her cheekbones and chin. I was able to faithfully reconstruct her without too many uncomfortable compromises. Except for one thing I had gotten used to a plethora of tattoo layers to make her look Her face and body told a story.

She had dark circles under her eyes from a mostly nocturnal life. Her misspent youth whiled away in seedy punk clubs, drinking and smoking to excess. She had a tracery of blue veins visible beneath her pale, sun-starved flesh. She had gnarly body bruises and abrasions from rollerderby accidents. The occasional scar or lovebite for spice. And let's not forget about the makeup! Tons and TONS of slap; loud, bright, wild streaks of war-paint meant to play off her insane outfits, her tropical-parrot dyed hair, or sometimes just a particularly gaudy pair of boots.

I mean, there were times I had her in at least a dozen different eye and lip makeups layered on at once. So, now, here I am, suddenly met with this mesh body and head which maxes out at 2 or 3 onionskin layers and, well, you can see the dilemma. Bruises or veins? Stretch marks or cellulite?

Tattoos or nah? And forget about the face! Having to choose between a greasy, screaming, acid-green smear of eyemakeup tamed with a perfectly-executed flick of liquid liner, or forgoing one or the other for my beloved shadowy eye-bags was helland I don't think I'm being overly-dramatic when I say that. I'd swap back and forth between appliers, shoving them into HUD save-slots to re-layer once they got knocked off, and I was never really satisfied with the results. She'd have her eccentric makeup choices neatly in place, albeit, a tamed-down version of them, but underneath was this disturbingly flawless skin.

I didn't recognize that insipidly pretty face, and what's worse, I didn't like it. Runt was never, ever meant to be perfect. She just looked all wrong. I didn't realize how much the lack of choice fucked with me until bakes-on-mesh came along. I had taken a long break from SL over the summer, and found I didn't really miss it.

When I came back, I had a ton of projects on my mind, friends to reconnect with, and a lot of re-organizing to do, so, of course I overdosed, which only made me want to flee from it more. Until Firestorm released their BoM viewer, of course. I'll admit, I logged in with a curiosity that felt more like a sense of duty than anything truly fun. I dug around in the depths of my inventory until I found an old skin that mapped the planes and valleys of a mesh it was never made for acceptably enough.

I frowned at all the places it didn't. Areolas smeared to a pink blur. Fingers and toes with nailbeds stretched beyond all recognition. Body shading that didn't quite match up with the peaks and hollows of my physique. I cursed the inability to use my fairly recently-acquired skin that had fit everything so well before. Mapping issues aside, the details of the face looked a bit dated, too.

This wasn't going at all well. But then I found those I don't know what it was, but something about putting on these thick, bold, black eyebrows that had traveled with me over several skins, chosen specifically so long ago for their ferocity, unlocked some kind of joy in me. That wry, sarcastic face from the past suddenly smirked at me like; 'Sup bitch?

Remember me? By the time I found my haggard, sleep-deprived little eye-bags, I was gone. Way gone, daddy-o. And it was that good, old, pure love of early SL. Vintage love. That love I didn't think I'd get back, because I thought the magic was gone.

The love that literally built the Dastardly Twins. Once I'd finally got Runt's baseline texture sorted out, I started exploring all those old tattoo layer makeups, and I discovered something else; cosmetic creators were really ballsy back in the day! Some of this stuff was really out there. You know, kind of Lots of deep, rich, raccoon-eyed shadows smeared on with a heavy hand.

It made me realize how conservative things had gotten in recent years. I did a deeper dive and found that a lot of the more innovative makeup designers from back then appeared to be, sadly, out of the game. Nuuna, which offered some truly arresting costume-style makeups that covered whole sections of the face in some really intense colors was long gone, though some really cool stuff still exists on the marketplace. Glamorize, who offered super-affordable and brilliant things like modular eyemakeup kits where you could build from a selection of different colored bases and add your choice of cut-crease and browbone accent, or sheer lip glosses that painted just the center of the lip, meant to be layered over lipcolors, adding interest and dimension.

And Mock, who somehow mastered the art of creating makeups that didn't mask out the skin beneath it, yet still had amazing and intense color payoff. Not to mention how sensationally those cosmetics blended with others! Mocksoup Gravesif you're out there, and I know you are, because you randomly burst out with excitement in the group chat one day declaring the joys of BoM before I had discovered it myself, I hope you're thinking about coming back!

While my favorite Mock creation might always be her Adam Ant style warpaint stripes how I missed those! That might have been the most orgasmic of all the folders I rediscovered, I think. They're these heavy, color-rich, smoked-out eyeshadows that look a little worn-in, like you partied too hard and then slept in them. They look a little reckless, careless, messy and dangerous. Very Runt, and punk af. I feel like punk used to be a much more prevalent fashion genre in the early years of SL.

Once upon a time, creators wouldn't think about releasing a pair of Doc Marten boots or Converse high tops without including some beat-up versions in their HUDs. Tights and other hosiery always came with a ripped and shredded option. Jackets could be found patched with electrical tape, and feathers and fun-fur accessories were abundant. And where have all the mohawks gone?! Top hair creators had whole mohawk sections in their stores back then!

Is punk dead in SL? When did everything get so clean and safe? Anyway, I digress. My point is that I think bakes-on-mesh might be the most exciting update to SL in years. Shit, possibly ever! The refined physical articulation of bento was a massive breakthrough, but with bakes-on-mesh, now we can really own it. It feels like customization is back in the hands of the user again, not to mention the freedom it gives creators! I really hope both camps take that ball and run with it.

Let's get crazy! Let's get messy! Let's get weird! Look, I'm not shitting on pretty. If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful. It's nice. I'm just saying that pretty never worked for me as Runt. Runt is a reckless and untamed creature. Runt is out here flailing around on rollerskates and banging into stuff, scattering glitter everywhere and wearing too much makeup because she wishes every day was Halloween, snagging her tights and scuffing her boots up, staying up too late and having too much to drink and dancing like a maniac.

I needed her to look like it, and once again, thankfully, she can. It's good to see you, Runt, you messy little bitch! I've never read a book on parenting in my life. I don't yack to many other parents sharing stories and tips because guy's don't do that kind of shit. I've mostly just winged this whole fucking experiment for the past 8 years.

I'd say anybody can really do this parent thing. Without a heavy dose of those 2 things, you probably shouldn't of gotten into this whole parent predicament in the first place. I know I have the willingness. And this is usually accompanied by love. You might be surprised how many parents I see on a daily basis who you can just tell don't value being a parent.

I think they treat it more like a job or a chore. But in reality this is a fucking privilege from god. Life's ultimate privilege. And I think my logical way of doing things works well for parenting.

I mean in theory, it shouldn't be hard to deal with someone who is clearly very simple and innocent. You are older, wiser, and more complex. You've already been through it. I try not to judge other parents in this category, especially if the willingness is there.

We all have our own methods. That saidevery once and a while something will pop up in the babe parenting journey that leaves me clueless. For example: how in the fuck do you teach this kid how to ride a bike? Do I just take her to an open lot and let her fall and scar herself up till she gets it. Like total Concentration Camp style?

Or take baby steps when she feels like it? And what do I even do when we're practicing. Clap her on like a fucking zoo monkey or try to hold her? Her bike currently has 1 training wheel. Not because I thought taking one off was the obvious next step to getting two off. Actually it's because the 1 fell off and I lost the screw. Now with her 1 training wheel, I'm not sure if I should leave it on or take it off. The last thing I want is a 12 year old who can't ride a bike.

And she's approaching that age that most kids she is surrounded by can ride one. And her training wheels wheel is at the point that she shouldn't have them it.

Do you know how? If not, are you embarrassed by this fact? Do you remember your parents teaching you how to ride one? And fellow parents who have accomplished this feat, help? Hal: Also fuck the DCSG they are satanists who hate people that have stupid ideas i'm gonna nake a few Skype accounts and harass the admins and drive my rep 2 the ground!!!!!

The doors to the homeless shelter shut in ten minutes, but Caleb needed another drink. It was Christmas Eveand he was wandering the streets of Eureka, California in a tattered and filthy Santa suit, crimson hat perched atop his head, dirty beard pulled down around his neck, a streak of vomit running down his left leg. When the Salvation Army gave him the costume, days ago—how many now? Too bad, he thought, that the racket had to end tonight. Fuck it, he was headed to the nearest bar and had a pocket full of money.

Bells on bob-tail ring, making spirits bright. Oh what fun it is to sing a sleighing song tonight. Finally managing to make eye contact with the simian faced bartender who was absent-mindedly pushing a dishtowel up and down a pint glass, Caleb waved a fiver in the air, a wry smile of what the fuck?

Red and green Christmas tree lights flickered over the bottles and mirrors and off in the corner the Ghost of Christmas Past grinned its horrid smile. The bartender nodded acknowledgment and strutted over. The bartender got him his drinks, took the twenty, and left his change in front of him on the bar. Sipping the bitter medicine, Caleb noticed a woman a few stools down trying to draw his attention, a jet of blue smoke issuing from her cherry-red lips as she raised and lowered her thickly-penciled eyebrows.

He could tell she had done her best to look good tonight: lots of eye makeup, newer, hipper-looking clothes, but he could see the age in her face, recognized her need like a bad smell. Always good for a warm bed and a hot meal, but too crazy to spend any real time with. She slid down next to him as the grim faced bartender mixed a rum and coke, speared a lime with a tiny sword and dropped it in the glass.

What about you, Santa? They talked for a while. Then Caleb ordered a pitcher of beer and a couple more shots and they moved to a corner booth. Sandra talked on and on, chain smoking Salems while he drank his beer and sipped his whiskey, watching as the room began to spin in slow, psychedelic and nauseating circles.

Caleb put his hand to his neck, let it drift down to the dirty fake beard, and pulled the knotted grey and black mess of hair over to cover his throat. You come back to have these damn hippies spiting at you?

I feel for you, sweetie. My daddy died in France fighting Nazis. Now my brother is in the Navy while this country goes to shit. You got these bastards like that dirty Abbey Hoffman saying to steal everything. And this Charlie Manson Family killing movie stars. I was down in a tunnel. Just me, my. Looking out for booby traps and rats and spiders, and this animal. Fucking attacked me. But when I killed it, when I shot it.

Trest I - Team (4) - 7edem (CD, Album), Miguelito - Lucho Bermudez Y Su Orquesta - The Exciting Tropical Dance Rhythms Of Colombia (Vinyl, L, Final Four Interview, Poème, Op. 25 For Violin And Orchestra, God Only Knows - Captain & Tennille* - Love Will Keep Us Together (CD, Album), In The Bush - Musique - Keep On Jumpin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nog 1 Keer - Greatminds* - Sticks*, Jiggy Djé, Winne, Dr. Moon* - Great Minds (CD, Album), Long White Con (Demo) - Circle Of Dust - Metamorphosis (CD), I Feel Your Pain (Vox Extended Version) - Various - Танцевальные Хиты (CD), Talking About Heaven - Jamie Wright, Eternal Brothers - Talking About Heaven / Meet All My Loved On, Angel - Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits (CD), Voices - Cobra (15) - Cobra Is Back! (CD, Album), Green St. Groove - Nick Brignola - All Business (CD, Album)