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After hearing what he believes to be evidence that his lab partners, Sophie Wagner and Pack Brightman Sonia Braga and Cleavon Littlehave purposely injected him with the virus in a plot to kill him, George vows to use what little time he has left to get revenge on his colleagues. Danny Darwin Yul Vazquezthe hard-partying front man of the rock group Exorcist, announces at the band's latest show that his best friend, guitarist Nick Bosch, has gotten married. Danny fears that Nick's wife, Scarlett Tia Carrereis attempting to break up the band, giving him a burning hatred for her.

His groupie, Vendetta Sherrie Rosealso hates Scarlett, and helps Danny calm down by letting him visit Farouche Heavy Da mysterious tattoo artist who ends up giving him a tattoo of Scarlett on his chest. Things quickly become surreal when the tattoo seems to develop a life of its own and won't go away, even after Danny murders the object of his hatred.

Helen Mimi Rogersan aging model, ends up losing a commercial deal to her younger roommate, Joyce Kathy Ireland. When she learns that Joyce is also participating in a rigged beauty pageant, Helen attempts to knock her unconscious with sleeping pills to take her place and revive her own career, but accidentally causes her to overdose.

At the pageant, Helen eventually murders her rival Druscilla Jennifer Rubin. She is soon named the winner and gets her big break, only to learn that the pageant, including the grand prize, has a rather macabre "autopsy" theme.

Alan Goetz David Warneran arrogant and snobbish child psychologist, learns that his radio show is on the verge of cancellation. In an attempt to boost his sagging ratings, he decides to do a series of episodes from the home of regular caller Nora Zelda Rubinsteina strange woman who wants help for her deeply disturbed daughter, Felicity.

After killing Texas ranger "Tracker" Tom McMurdo David MorseBilly Quintaine Neil Giuntolia remorseless gunslinger on the run from the law, wanders into a saloon and proceeds to get his comeuppance when the spirits of all of his past victims come back to haunt him. Sherriff Joe Garrett Raymond J. Barry is confronted by Billy Brad Pitta cocky hoodlum and street racer who has learned that Joe himself was once a Outro / Calm After The Storm street racer known as "Iceman", and attempts to challenge him to a race.

The stakes are raised significantly when Billy kidnaps Joe's daughter in order to blackmail him into racing him. Left with no other options, Joe is forced to come out of retirement and participate in one last race to save his daughter's life. Margaret Blythe Dannera meek librarian in an inner-city library, learns that a serial killer is loose in the area, and begins believing that she will be the killer's next victim.

To make things worse, head librarian Mrs. Pritchard Salome Jens forces Margaret to work late one night. Left alone after closing time in a library that is usually frequented by suspicious characters and not knowing exactly who the serial killer is, Margaret's paranoia ends up overwhelming her.

Small-time swindler Vic Stetson Joe Pesci ends up experiencing car trouble outside a bizarrely designed mansion. Letting himself inside so he can use the phone, he meets the mansion's occupants: reclusive twin sisters April and June Blair Jacqueline Alexandra Citron and Kristen Amber Citron. However, Vic soon gets a nasty surprise when he discovers that the twins harbor a dark and dangerous secret.

In an Agatha Christie -style mystery, a group of guests at a hotel discover that one of them has been gruesomely killed, and suspect that there may be a werewolf lurking in the nearby woods. When a mudslide blocks off the only road out, the hotel manager, Antoine Dennis Farinahires Lokai Timothy Daltona werewolf hunter who vows to find and exterminate the beast. But before he can do so, Lokai must figure out just who the werewolf is. Judd Campbell Ed Begley, Jr. When he ends up arriving at a wrong address, he finds new victims in the form of Ma, Pa, and Winona Brackett Tim Curry in a triple rolea strange family of rednecks with a fortune buried in their basement.

Unfortunately, the Bracketts have developed a burning hatred for salesmen after being swindled once too often, and Judd ends up getting more than what he bargains for when he tries to swindle them.

Devoe Sam Waterstona sleazy and dubious detective, to spy on her. Soon after, Devoe gathers evidence that leads Leo believe that Bridget is indeed having an affair with local priest John Sejac John Shea. With his imagination running wild, Leo resorts to drastic measures to fix his dilemma. Washed-up combat photographer Dalton Scott Roger Daltrey is told by his boss that he is losing his edge. When Dalton and Ike are sent to Central America alongside a group of mercenaries for an assignment, the former cooks up a deadly scheme to send the latter into a village ravaged by biological weapons, where Ike eventually ends up contracting a virulent disease that causes him to rapidly decay, in an attempt to steal Bobbi from him.

The Great Zambini Ernie Hudsonan abusive and mentally unstable circus performer with psychic abilities and a passion for cooking, attempts to read the mind Outro / Calm After The Storm his wife and assistant, Connie Joan Chenas she can already read his.

When he is finally able to read Connie's mind, he does so just as she is in the middle of an affair with the show's fire-eater, Johnny John Laughlincausing Zambini to go insane with jealousy.

As she prepares to rob Roger's cabin of its valuables, Norma learns that Roger already has a woman in his life, and that he and this woman are closer than she thinks. Con artist Jerry Lou Diamond Phillips and his man-hating girlfriend Gina Priscilla Presley believe that no one can top them when it comes to extortion. The two begin planning their next caper by tricking a quartet of Southern investors into thinking that there is oil buried underneath a local cemetery.

Before long, the growing costs for digging up the supposed oil begin causing everyone to begin double crossing and backstabbing everyone else, leading to an explosive conclusion. Also starring Alan Ruck and Rory Calhoun. Roger Lassen Clancy Brownthe ruthless president of a chemical company, discovers that his key partners are being murdered one by one. He is also told that the FDA have contacted his company, which is currently developing a new long-lasting preservative known as Xenthion-B, to announce that they are considering suspending the preservative's release because of the murders.

Thinking back to when he and his friends traveled to Brazil on a business trip, Roger remembers that he offered his best friend, Alex Jon Tenneyas a human sacrifice in exchange for receiving samples of the plant Xenthion-B is created from an indigenous tribe. Concluding that Alex is the one responsible, Roger is suddenly visited by his undead former friend, who reveals that the actual killer may be closer to Roger than he thinks.

Johnny Canaparo John Stamos is a gigolo involved with "Ruthless" Ruth Sanderson Eileen Brennana wealthy and powerful middle-aged woman with heavy connections to the Mafia.

When Johnny begins a forbidden affair with waitress Lucy Chadwick Kate VernonRuth finds out about the liaison and orders Johnny to kill Lucy himself, leaving Johnny to mentally debate what to do about the situation, and which woman he chooses to have in his life. In a rather repetitive tale, Rolanda Rita Rudnera struggling artist for Tales from the Cryptends up being berated and fired by her boss, Vern Richard Lewisafter presenting a particularly awful story. She returns to the office later that night and kills Vern in a drunken rage.

After she is caught and gunned down by police when leaving the scene, only to wake up in her bed as if nothing has happened, Rolanda discovers that she is caught in a time loop, destined to relive the same day and the same tragic outcome over and over again, no matter how many times she tries to prevent it. Nelson DeMears Tate Donovan is a meek, nerdy, and friendless computer programmer who is regularly taken advantage of by his co-workers.

When he returns to his apartment after work one day, he is enthusiastically greeted by Eddie Peter Dobsonthe crass and cocky imaginary friend he's had since childhood. Eddie encourages Nelson to come out of his shell and meet some new people, particularly his new neighbor, Jane.

After being encouraged to take Jane to dinner, Nelson and Eddie learn that she is a psychologist. Fearing that he will be forced out of Nelson's life if the relationship continues, Eddie does everything in his power to get Nelson to call the relationship off. Arnie Grunwald Anthony Zerbe is the sadistic and psychopathic head caretaker at a home for the blind.

He routinely goes out of his way to abuse the Outro / Calm After The Storm patients, Samuel, Armelia, and Osgood Issac HayesBibi Beschand Tim Sampsonby lining the walls with razor blades, walling off the bathrooms, spilling marbles on the floor, and unleashing his guard dog Bruno on them. When Shelia Teri Poloa new patient, arrives at the home, Arnie agrees to tone down the borderline inhumane conditions at the home if she sleeps with him.

Refusing to do so, Shelia teams up with the other patients and Arnie's abused brother Benny John Savage to ensure that Arnie gets his much deserved comeuppance.

He presents nude photos of Hiley that he was given anonymously to Puck and orders him to shut down the club. When he returns home, Hiley mentions that, due to budget cuts at her school, her college scholarship is getting revoked. In an effort to get enough money to send his daughter to college, Martin ignores his morals and returns to Puck, who bribes him with a dangerous offer. Benicio del Toro plays Bill, a security guard at the strip club. The agents explain that they are searching for her husband Marshall Teaguewhom they believe is Ronald Wald voiced by an uncredited Cam Clarkea former assassin gone AWOL, in an effort to kill him.

They explain to Janet that they must kill her as well, to silence any witness. However, the agents are unaware that Ronald is actually closer to them than they think. Gary Miguel Ferrer is an abrasive, hot-tempered shock jock who works in a small radio station inherited by his hateful sister Rita Wendie Malick. According to the will of Rita and Gary's mother, Rita isn't allowed to fire her brother for bringing in low ratings, instead demoting him Outro / Calm After The Storm the graveyard shift.

Rita also assigns Gary a new partner, Valerie Linda Doucettwho helps his ratings skyrocket. Trying to take the show in a new direction, Gary accidentally gets his show cancelled when he goes against his late mother's will and furiously defames her on the air. Deciding that Rita has gone too far, Gary resorts to murder in order to get his show back. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Ray Wells Adam Storke drives out to the countryside in order to claim a burned house owned by his late father, Des Rance Howard.

During the drive, Ray reminisces on his father's last moments, where Des reveals that he intends to give the property to charity. Furious about claiming what is rightfully his, Ray murders his father and burns his will. When Ray arrives at the house, he unexpectedly discovers a party going on inside, but soon learns however that both the house and the partygoers share a horrible legacy. After discovering mad scientist Dr.

Orloff Austin Pendleton attempting to steal a corpse, the doctor explains to the guards on how he believes, if done in just the right way, souls can be extracted from the recently deceased, having been stealing bodies in his quest to obtain one. After Orloff pays the two guards a large amount of money to steal and later dump corpses for him, Charlie begins having doubts about whether what they're doing is right or not, prompting Richard to decide that Charlie must have quite a soul himself.

The soldiers meet local game warden and fellow veteran Jeri Drumbeater Vivian Wuwho takes them to an abandoned weather station supposedly used as a hibernation site for bears. Instead, the hunters find themselves becoming the hunted when the station turns out to hold a nest of ravenous vampires. In this unique tale, Lou Spinelli, the corpse of a former criminal-turned legitimate businessman who, thanks to plastic surgery, bears a striking resemblance to Humphrey Bogart portrayed by Bogart himself through archive footage and voiced by Bogart impersonator Robert Sacchireminisces on the set of circumstances that left him dead, but still able to see, hear, and feel everything around him.

The story, shown entirely from Lou's point of view, involves a plot of greed, lust, and murder involving his best friend, Oscar Charles John Lithgowhis ex-wife, Betty Isabella Rosselliniand his lover, Erica Sherilyn Fennin a morbid homage to classic film noir. Lord Mycroft Amberson Leslie Phillipsa wealthy, elderly man with a weak heart, adds a stipulation to his will.

The stipulation mentions that his two sons, the womanizing Justin Greg Wise and the greedy Evelyn James Saxon must locate their long-lost brother, Frank, within a certain amount of time, or else risk having their inheritance be given away to charity. Jewel thief Nick Marvin James Wilby is double crossed by his partner, T Ronan Vibertand hides out in a nearby hotel after being shot in the shoulder. Once inside, Nick is haunted by many disturbing visions and occurrences inside the hotel, and is repeatedly visited by Laura Elizabeth McGoverna beautiful woman that only he can see who seems to have ulterior motives.

In Victorian England, Reverend Johnathan Anthony Andrewsa corrupt and adulterous priest, discovers that he is the long-lost father of twin daughters: the beautiful and gentle Angelica and the angry and deformed Leah Anna Friel in a double role. Deciding that having a family would be good for his image, Johnathan decides to adopt the girls as his own, but Leah, in a murderous rage, vows to kill their father for abandoning them.

With the ghosts of his dead brothers helping him escape, Dudley plans to take revenge on the Big Bad Wolf by using a laboratory once owned by a mad scientist to create a zombie pig also voiced by Brad Garrett. Other characters are played by Corey Burton and Jim Cummings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 3 July Kirk Douglas is 75 years old and "Yellow" marks the first time he's shared a stage with either of his acting sons I just didn't think I'd be working with Eric first. Comics from which all Tales from the Crypt stories are drawn. Zemeckis immediately saw the story--with its World War I setting and a plot line involving cowardice, betrayal and firing squads--as a chance to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick's "Paths of Glory," the anti-war film that featured one of Kirk Douglas' most compelling performances.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Crypt of Terror 17 1. Walter Hill. June 10, June 10, Also starring Gerrit Graham and Roy Brocksmith. Vault of Horror 35 Robert Zemeckis. Elizabeth Mary Ellen Trainora greedy, philandering housewife, kills her second husband Marshall Bell for his insurance money. Upon getting rid of the body, she is unexpectedly attacked by an escaped mental patient Larry Drake dressed as Santa Claus who has been going around killing women. A Japanese dub of the series aired on TV Asahi in Previous actors from the franchise who lent their voices to the Japanese Outro / Calm After The Storm include:.

In Germany, Season 1 — Vol. Throughout the summer of that year, Toei released 10 DVD Volumes of all 40 episodes as well as a second boxset with the last 20 episodes. Kamen Rider Wiki Explore. Kamen Rider. Reiwa Revice Saber Zero-One. Zero-One Saber. Who is the Traitor!? Kamen Rider Saber Vice Vistamps.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Their mature relationship, in the long run, was rather enjoyable. As he chooses not to associate with others, very few know much Outro / Calm After The Storm him. Brace yourself for some massive truth bombs — this route has a LOT of them! It had a point where I expected the plot twist to happen but dreaded it at the same time if that makes any sense? He was, unfortunately, the only love interest with lesser steamy scenes compared to the others.

Akaza is a young man of the Red who works as the director of the Kotowari. He assists and watches over Olympia in her activities on the island. He appears devoid of personal feelings, though he does what he can to help the heroine in her times of need. My only issue here is that as much as I adore Akaza as a love interest, he was hardly present during the most important reveals in his own story, which became a letdown because I wanted him to shine through and through.

Olympia is the last remaining survivor of the White Clan who used to reside in Tennyo Island. She possesses the power to bring light to the sun by offering her prayer to the deity, Lady Amaterasu, through her ritual dance.

The titular heroine, Olympia, was honestly the star of this game. I thought she was a marvelous protagonist and deserved every right to have this Otome title named after her. First, her personality was never one-note, and despite her years of sheltered upbringing, she never acted like a total idiot, and even takes a lot of time to educate herself, as well as learn every single detail she needs to know in Tenguu Island, including the injustice caste system everyone is facing.

She was in no way hasty and was very smart with her decision-making. I find it very refreshing that I can easily get behind her idealism and stand for equality, because her righteousness was in the right place.

Olympia has some cleverness up her sleeve too. She can read between the lines, and you best believe, can get to the bottom of things sooner than expected. Most of her instincts are always correct, even when doubting people close to her.

All throughout the game, she became THE most proactive character out of the entire cast! I blame most of this on the writing though, rather than Olympia herself. She gets pissed, angry, overtly happy, and even gets horny at various times of the day. I did spot some minimal errors like missing spaces, punctuations, etc. Update: Aksys has recently released a patch for Olympia Soiree, and the untranslated lines in the menu screen are now all there! Each memoir offered detailed information on certain characters and even pieced together a few plot holes that were left hanging in the main routes.

It took me a whopping 75 hours to complete its entirety. The common route was surprisingly lengthy, which probably took me five hours to clear and another five hours for each main route. Since the game revolved around a very elaborate fantasy setting, there was definitely a lot to take in during the first few hours of the common route. A lot of terminologies will be thrown at you, and it may take a while for you to get used to them right off the bat.

It was also very interesting how the writing brought up lots of Shinto religion and mythology references. I liked that most of them were spot on as far as portraying the revered deities like Izanami and Izanagi, but I also loved that the writer added their own flavor and twist to these actual Japanese myths. It really was as if I was living on Tenguu island. However, I can also understand how this may make others feel uncomfortable. In light of it all, I think the game did an excellent job when it came to portraying issues, such as the caste system and the prejudice against women, as the ultimate big bad.

And it was inspiring to see how the majority of these characters fought hard to destroy this crooked system. Riku and Akaza became my top two oshis. Do I recommend this game? The balance this game offers in both aspects was quite impressive! It kept me engaged at all times that I honestly could not put it down for a second. Thank you so much for this great review. I am so looking forward to this game. Like Liked by 1 person. Tysm for reading! Like Like. My copy just shipped today!

If Vol 2 was a great step in the right direction, Vol 3 was a sharp reversal straight into a brick wall. But the album that followed is weak, all over the place and severely lacking the momentum that that single brought. Good lord. Carter, NYMP. Kingdom Come had expectations and a record label stacked against it. Pick and choose. Shiny suits, am I right?

A pretty solid mix of great party tunes, classic introspective Hov and a great blend of chipmunk soul, bassy club and RNB. Jay-Z Magna Carta It actually kind of took me off guard how bizarre it is at times. W, Versus, La Familia. It thankfully proved one thing. Not just in terms of quality mind, but with tone and themes.

For the first time in a few years, Jay once again hit with laser precision and continued to build up the billionaire hustler image that he had been cultivating since he first arrived on the scene. Barack Obama was reportedly a fan. It was widely acclaimed, successful and continued her reign as arguably the biggest singer in the game.

Fusama Codex - Bill Dixon - Son Of Sisyphus (CD, Album), Crache Ton Venin - Téléphone - Paris81 (CD, Album), Fiori DInverno, Miroirs - La Vallée des Cloches, Catch The Cat - Claudius Alzner, Piano & His Rhythm Group* - Cocktail International Vol. 16 (Vin, My Cross To Bear - Bane (2) - It All Comes Down To This (Vinyl, LP, Album), Yes Or No - Wayne Shorter - Juju (CD, Album), Nam Of The Track (Version), Alfonsina Y El Mar - Vicente Fernandez - Vicente Le Canta A America Latina (CD, Album), Cathedral - O-Kult - O-Kult (CD), Ill Be Watching You - Various - Magic News Vol. 156 (CDr), Svært At Leve - Tøsedrengene - ... Det Går Fremad! (CD, Album), Hobsons Hop, (Talking) - Black Francis - Live In Nijmegen (CD), Ruler Of The Galaxy (Starbirth Version) - Takter - Ruler Of The Galaxy (File, MP3)