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Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD)


Eila Member. Oct 27, 1, When you need to show up at and it's and you're still home. Ok no, but I must say this music works well when you're driving. At home I don't like it as much. Hah, your Av is the same good job hiding. Also yeah, I figured I'd have to do that. JP is kinda hit or miss for me so I might use From Japan. But it obviously would be nice if I could save money by not having to.

Like some of my favorite Japanese Hip Hop artists use Bandcamp and ordering an album is so easy that way. But man, if this is really it end of an Era. I got into Avex via DDR and never looked back. ScandiNavy said:. Do you make eurobeat remixes of your favourites, or what? Just searched YT and found loads of remixes. Wulfric Member. Oct 25, 5, This Namie Amuro cover is one of my favorites So this songs are produced for the Japanese market right?

Cause half of these folks I've never heard of outside of these sort of compilation albums. Akileese Member. Skiptastic The Fallen. Oct 25, 2, Money Go, Speedy Speed Boy. Straight fire.

Oct 27, CT. That playlist is straight fire. I still have a playlist in the car that's pure Eurobeat. Wulfric said:. Zoe Member. Oct 25, 10, The lack of variety in the J-pop disc is surprising. Made in Italy for the Japanese market. Since the mids. Oct 27, Had volume 1 and a few of the early ones though. Tribute to club Velfarre with Eurobeat and trance. That's really interesting! I was curious since a lot of the songs and artists are in English. I always wondered where Beatmania and DDR got all those goofy songs with lyrics that don't quite make sense.

Of course, there were alsways some in-house music from Konami. These songs were published on Beatmania mix series very few songs were made in complete versions.

All those discs were not Avex Trax though. Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD) had their own contracts with Italian labels at the time.

In fact, the singer behind Joga is Nathalie Aarts. You know That's how deep things are. It's like a spider web. I remember this was the first megamix I listened to, which I still consider a classic. So many good songs on it. If you're into Initial Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD), this album is the hottest shit in the world.

Space Boy 2. No One Sleep In Tokyo 3. Be My Babe 4. Remember Me 5. Spark In The Dark 6. Don't Stop The Music 7. Dance Around The World 8. Get Me Power 9. Running In The 90's Heartbeat Break The Knight Back On The Rocks Save Me My Only Star Supau said:. Wow, haha, at least Avex is keeping a cottage industry alive. Do you think Koda Kumi's Driving Hit's series borrows from the same producers?

She is under Avex as well. It looks like the lives were a great success judging by the pictures and messages. Back in the early s, avex trax had three main music video channels that were streamed over the net for free. I would always spend my free time watching these channels as I was just beginning to get into Jpop.

And due to that, these songs helped me during the most difficult times of my life. Now, I am no keiko, as you can recognize while listening. But, I had lots of fun singing and also rapping.

Hey, Happy August! I been enjoying it with a week-long vacation. I been super-lucky and was able to catch up on sleep and cleaning. Something that is odd but wonderful at the same time.

The only thing I can find is that it was an alias for then-newcomer Rodger Sanchez, who is now an award-winning DJ. But, it also has a night side where the airy electronic keyboards and a flute-like instrument helps to create an ambient, cool atmosphere. When I randomly picked up this single from a second-hand store, I had no clue who produced it or what did it sound like.

However, I knew that I wanted to give the record a chance. And by giving it that chance, I was able to enjoy the song with its soothing summer night atmosphere. It seems like Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD) when I downloaded my first Eurobeat album P. I too was curious if the eurobeat version was anything like the classic Madonna song. However, it is totally different. Nevertheless, I got into eurobeat thanks to a boom in the late 90s and early s that made a major impact on the Japanese music industry.

One such artist that helped to make an impression was the idol group HINOI Team, a girls group that covered a lot of eurodance songs. I wrote an extensive paper about the topic when I was taking a pop culture class at the local community college in I wish I could share it on this blog because it was a well-crafted piece I might still have it, depending on the condition of my old college laptop that I left in America.

The paper basically summarizes how eurobeat influenced Japanese pop culture and used many examples like parapara and popular artists like Namie Amuro, MAX, Ayumi Hamasaki, and others. That is what makes Eurobeat a bit strange; most artists releases a song not under their real names but under a nickname.

Maybe because it is easier to remember each artists or it creates mystery whenever a new Super Eurobeat compilation album is released every month. For Clara, I think she chose to release songs under different names as each name as had a different personality.

Mela had the soft vocals, Cherry had the blazing vocals that was a perfect fit for fast-paced dance songs, and Clara Moroni is the rock side. The high energy; it is a super paced song that is in the range of BPM. Nevertheless, the fast pace helps to create super-dance movements. It seems taxing on her as the notes sounds strained and tinny. If not, ignore the last paragraph and enjoy!

In about seventeen hours or so depending on your time zonemany of us will have go back to normal lives; school, work, commute, and so on. We never want our weekend to end. However, the shimmery hope towards the next weekend soon dawns when we go to work on a gloomy Monday.

Not much is know about Mocki. Is it an artist? Is it a band? What genre? Thank you! Mocki is a German three-piece indies band consisting of singer Domino and the producing duo Sister. Their music experiments with mostly dance, punk, and electronica, according to Earmilk. It got a further push in the limelight when Jai Wolf released a remix of the song a month after.

The synthesized bass beat thumps at the very start, subconsciously making you want to dance instantly. The instrumentation is pretty basic for a club song; just the vocals, a strings kit, and a few synthesizers. Nothing too special. Happy Golden Week everyone!

Luckily, I get a week off from work; which I been using to sleep, relax, be lazy, write, and see a lot of free mini-concerts around Nagoya City. Starting this week or the next, I am going to do a Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol.

150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD) up about the lives I see in additional to the monthly post about the anime songs of I will try to see indie artists as well as popular artists, so please check them out.

The show featured fifteen minute episodes where each episode focused on the different experiences of the group living in a house together. While the show was on the air, the band decided to take a stab at a musical career. A month later, the band released their self-titled album with the same results; this time charting at number 42 for only two weeks.

The band split up soon after with each member going their own ways. Thalia found success on the small screen like Ashley as she appeared on various TV dramas and shows. For the other girls of the band, Rebecca and Sandi made minimal TV appearance throughout the years.

Eventually, the two woman eventually married their partners and currently living a quiet life with their own families. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 30, Montparnasse Musique by Montparnasse Musique. Supported by a cast of up-and-coming singers and producers, the UK electronic enigma marks his return to Hyperdub with a five-track EP.

Run Away Single by David Mansfield. This track is awesome as heck man!! Jorge Veguilla. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Together Forever - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mix (CD).

Jake Dieffenbach stops by to discuss his latest album and his life as a deaf heavy metal singer. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. Idris - I Believe by Idris. Arctic Wizard. Samuel Chasuk.

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