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Vital Times - ON (11) - Double Vision (Vinyl, LP)


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Titel: Party Is Over ex. Notes: slight hiss on side a. Label: High Note. Titel: Bumble Bee g. Titel B: Finders Keepers.

Label: Crystal. Titel: Shu Be Do LP) vg. Label: Studio 1. Titel: Standing On The Shoreline vg. Titel B: Cut Munoo. Titel: Love Is Overdue vg. Label: Attack UK. Titel: Undertakers Burial g. Titel B: Ghost Rider. Label: Crystal Blank. Titel: Shanty Town vg. She was also credited with co-producing every track. The album was recorded from December to Aprilduring the first year of Madonna's marriage to American actor Sean Penn.

She dedicated the album to Penn, "The coolest guy in the universe. According to Madonna, the title was from a favorite expression of her then husband Penn and his very pure vision of love.

The first track, "Papa Don't Preach", was written by Brian Elliot, who described it as "a love song, maybe framed a little bit differently". Two quotes from the original soundtrack were included in the song. Madonna made a demo of the song; when the film's director, James Foleyheard it, he asked Leonard to write the score for the film, as suggested by Madonna.

While working with Leonard, Madonna accepted it in Jackson's place and re-wrote the lyrics, earning herself a co-writing credit. Whenever I feel like that — and it does get to me sometimes — I say 'Wait a minute, I'm supposed to be having a good time here, so where's the party? I can still enjoy life. Musically True Blue was a different direction for Madonna. Her previous efforts had her singing in a high pitched voice. With this album, Madonna toned it down for a more bubblegum-pop voice.

The songs on the album reflect this and a number of instruments were used in the songs to bring out the different moods which the lyrics emphasized. It is an uptempo dance song with synth bass and double-tracked vocals supported by male voices in the chorus. There wasn't a precedent that made you gag. God forbid that I might have contributed to the mess we're in now. Lyrically True Blue reflects Madonna's ideas about love.

The album cover, shot by photographer Herb Rittsis one of Madonna's most recognizable pictures. It features a picture of Madonna from the neck up. The main colors in the picture are gray, white and various shades of blue to reinforce the album's title.

Madonna positioned herself in an elegant pose while wearing pale make up with red lips, tilting back her neck in a swan like pose. Heiden ordered about 30 to 40 test prints from Ritts' studio and made recommendations based on it. After the final photo was selected, Heiden commissioned two different versions of the album cover. The original image was taken in black-and-white, and Heiden experimented with a variety of treatments of the photo, to go along with the album's title, and finally arrived at the blue toned, hand tinted version of the image.

In the US and Canada, the cover did not have any logo, but in the European nations, they were sold with Madonna's name and album title on the cover. Heiden explained in an interview with Aperture magazine that they thought it would be "cool" to use a shrink wrap on the US covers, so that when one took it off, there would only be the photo of Madonna. The back sleeve and the booklet inside featured the song titles in Heiden's own handwriting.

It was like she was floating—her clothing was not visible. She took on the appearance of a marble statue—Goddess like. In the vertical cropping you see her leather jacket and the wall, and it becomes more typical, editorial, earthly. Jeri Heiden, the album's cover designer, commented, "She was already highly aware of the value of her image and was in control of it. The late s marked a new era of the pop artist as a brand, and Madonna became the first one to exploit this.

Erica Wexler from Spin described Madonna on the cover as "like a cobra basking in the hot sun, Madonna on the cover of her new album stretches her profile lasciviously. He felt that the "washed out color photograph" of her with head tilted back and eyes closed was "understated", especially when compared to the sexier poses she had been associated in the past. Musically and technically superior to her previous Virgin Tourthe Who's That Girl tour incorporated multimedia components to make the show more appealing.

Madonna trained herself physically with aerobics, jogging and weight-lifting, to cope with the choreography and the dance routines. Leonard became the music director and encouraged Madonna to go with the idea of rearranging her older songs and presenting them in a new format. The show included song-and-dance routines and theatrics, seven costume changes, and an encore consisting of the title song " Who's That Girl " and " Holiday ". Two concerts from the tour were later released on music video, Who's That Girl: Live in Japanwhich was exclusive to the Japanese market and Ciao Italia: Live from Italy which was released internationally.

The song was the second ballad for Madonna after " Crazy for You ", [21] and was used in the film At Close Range which starred her then husband LP) Penn. The song was received positively by critics with most of them calling it "her best ballad to date" as well as a "tremendous ballad that rewrites the rules of adult contemporary crossover". It was critically appreciated with most of them declaring it as "the stand-alone song" from the album, [62] also that "with songs like 'Papa Don't Preach', Madonna made the transition from pop tart to consummate artist, joining the ranks of 80s icons like Michael Jackson and Prince.

It LP) a dance-pop song inspired by the Motown 's girl groups from the s. The song became another top ten hit for Madonna reaching number three on the Billboard Hot chart, [55] and peaked at number one in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The song was appreciated critically with critics comparing it with sweeter post-Motown valentine songs, [71] and "perfect" for dancefloor strut.

The song describes Madonna as a tourist who prays "that the days would last, they went so fast". True Blue received general critical acclaim. The album's songs were described as "catchy", but Sigerson also commented on the lack of "outstanding tracks". He ultimately stated that True Blue is a "sturdy, dependable, lovable new album" which "remains faithful to her past while shamelessly rising above it".

Stephen Thomas Erlewinein a review for AllMusicdeclared it as "one of the great dance-pop albums, a record that demonstrates Madonna's true skills as a songwriter, record-maker, provocateur, and entertainer through its wide reach, accomplishment, and sheer sense of fun.

Entertainment Weekly reviewer Jim Farber said "Though Madonna's third project finds her adding to her palette with Spanish pop "La Isla Bonita" and messing with our heads with its seeming anti-abortion song "Papa Don't Preach". Also notable for 'Live to Tell,' her best ballad to date".

With all her contrivances and the delighted tunes that I can't exorcise from my head, her mystique is still explained by the young beefcake who told me, 'I love to pump iron to Madonna'.

In the United States, True Blue debuted at number 29 on the Billboard [96] and reached number one on the issue dated August 16, True Blue was also a commercial success in Asia and Oceania. In Japan, the Vital Times - ON (11) - Double Vision (Vinyl peaked at number one on the Oricon CD chart. True Blue achieved its biggest commercial reception in European countries, where it topped the European Top Albums chart for 34 consecutive weeks—a record that has yet to be broken—from issue dated July 19, to March 7, Stephen Thomas Erlewine noted that " True Blue is the album where Madonna truly became 'Madonna the Superstar '—the endlessly ambitious, fearlessly provocative entertainer that knew how to outrage, spark debates, get good reviews—and make good music while she's at it.

Sickels, the author of Entertainers Who Changed America: An Encyclopedia of Pop Culture Luminarieswrote that the album "cemented Madonna's place as the most popular female musical star of the s, shining alongside male pop icons like Prince and Michael Jackson. Regarding Madonna's influence on the record industry and younger artists, Debbie Gibson 's then manager Doug Breitbart commented: "Madonna has brought back a really strong, melodic component to pop music.

She has a very youth-oriented, up, bubbly, fun sound. The global success of True Blue marked the first time Madonna entering the Guinness Book of World Records in its edition, where she was dubbed as the most successful singer for True Blue also made social impact through its music videos, as author John E.

Semonche observed in his book Censoring Sex that Madonna pushed the envelope of what could be shown on television which resulted in increase of her popularity. She appeared as a stripper in the video, who escapes with a young boy from the strip parlour in the end. Author Douglas Kellner noted that the multiculturalism in her music videos and her culturally transgressive moves "turned out to be highly successful moves that endeared her to large and varied youth audiences.

Thousands of viewers submitted their recorded tapes which were mainly made using home-made video equipment and featured themselves or relatives as the actors. She became the first female artist to receive such career achievement from MTV.

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. True Blue cemented Madonna's position as the most popular female artist of the s, on par with male superstars Michael Jackson left and Prince right.

Brian Elliot Madonna [b]. Madonna Stephen Bray. Madonna Gardner Cole Peter Rafelson. Madonna Patrick Leonard. Madonna Leonard Bruce Gaitsch. Michael Barbiero Steve Thompson. Madonna — producerlead vocalsbackground vocals Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff — art direction Dave Boroff — saxophone Stephen Bray — producer, music programmingdrumskeyboardsdrum programming Keithen Carter — background vocals Paulinho da Costa — percussion Bruce Gaitsch — guitarelectric guitarrhythm guitar Siedah Garrett — background vocals Dann Huff — guitar Michael Hutchinson — engineering Jackie Jackson — background vocals Paul Jackson Jr.

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