Mr. Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl)


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And it can beatbox. W e I nvestigate K ool I ncidents to stop its breakaway organization K. The narration focused on Report Sihta beginning agent of W. Report and his new partner, the short tempered Ere D. Nust, infiltrate K. Mr. Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl) by Dab's brother Yug, the sexy agent "Ms.

Without spoiling much more of the original arc it was also the longest one, and rightly soReport eventually leaves W. Since then, the comic has consisted of largely standalone story arcs though frequent Call Backs prevented it from becoming an utter Continuity Snarlwhich explored all kinds of themes and settings over its long, long run.

There's even going to be a Tournament Arc. After a couple of years, the original author abandoned the comic and it was picked up by a series of "guest authors". The arcs written by the original Mr.

Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl) became known as the " Golden Age ", with numerous different authors contributing afterwards, creating their own "Ages" as the story grew more. On February 28,the webcomic ended with a total of chapters, and over pages worth of material. The comic can be read here. Actually, no. This comic does not exist yet but this page was deliberately styled after existing webcomic pages to perpetuate the illusion of the contrary.

The story troped here, however, is as real as any —it's just being written by a cadre of fellow tropers and published in a deliberately confusing metafictional format. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Background: Dab note Not pictured: Literally everyone else.

If we did picture them, we'd take up the whole front page. Acrofatic : Taffy Is somehow able to go toe-to-toe against Google-hime without dying right away. A-Cup Angst : Regnis lampshades this trope. Regnis : I've got a happy Mr. Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl) with my awesome husband and amazing friends. Why do you think I'll be crying because my breasts are tiny? Doog Gib: Nobody's escaped it since it was founded two millennia ago.

Lyrica: This is for Lyrus, who died for the sake of someone who couldn't give a damn about him! Kaen: I don't think you care about your sons at all! You're too preoccupied with your stupid job! Doog : I did care about them. Kaen: Then why didn't you prevent Dab from going crazy-evil?!

Ere: Retrope, when Report died, I was barely able to function. It took weeks for me to cope. But you You'll be just fine. Ere: Because you have. You always have. You'll always be able to, even when I'm gone.

Tsidalb : "Saying the name out loud helps to clarify to the gods which trope you mean to invoke Tsidalbin the next day's news post : I am an excellent comic-maker while sober. I am a movie-making god while drunk. Kerrie : Great. Facing off against an army of mooks in an unfinished universe we have no right to be in. Kuro : Relax, these aren't so tough. Kerrie : This is supposed to be vacation, though! I don't want to have to beat up bad guys when I could be vacationing in Moria! Kuro : Why would you vacation in Moria?

It's cold Mr. Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl) dark. Not to mention full of Balrogs. Kerrie : Balrogs keep it warm and well-lit, I'll have you know. Hina: So what? Have Mr. Nuke Is A Fool - T.I.M.E. C.A.P.S.U.L.E.* - Mr. Nuke Is A Fool (Vinyl) gone blind again, Ere?

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