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I'm making musical statements, or, most of the time, musical questions for people to figure out, and I'm not going to get in the way of that. Throughout his career, Patton has utilized various differnet genres including, avant-garde[86] [89] [90] alternative metal[91] [92] experimental[89] [93] experimental rock[94] art pop[95] [96] contemporary classical[97] [98] funk metal[99] [] and thrash metal. Mike Patton achieved the first place in a May VVN Music's Vintage Vinyl News analysis ranking various rock and pop singers in order of their respective octave ranges.

I don't think that I have the biggest range. And even if I do, who cares! This is not like Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD) Olympics of vocals. Patton is enthusiastic about collaborating with other musicians, stating that "It is really what makes life interesting", [] but he only participates in projects he feels close to.

Phil Freeman of The Wire groups Patton with Tom WaitsFrank Zappa and Brian Wilson in what he calls 'California Pop Art' - artists from that area who adapted unconventional sources into their music and created pieces to then hire musicians capable of realizing them. Bungle and Mothers of Invention because of the quantity of their work, wide-ranging influences and recurrent use of humor. Film scores by Patton have been described as blurring the lines between genres, as well as "radical", in a manner similar to popular musicians such as Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who turned to the audiovisual medium without any strict adherence to its orchestral tradition.

And if [some members] fuck up one little thing, he's like, "Stop! There was one little thing here; do this, try this. He's like Stevie Wonderguys that just could play everything that's going on in a room, and they know everything.

Patton bases his vocals on what "the music dictates", whether that is using his voice in a traditional way or as "another Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD). Although he has performed with many improvisation and game ensembles through his career, [88] Patton rarely composes vocals through jam sessions.

You have to accept the pain. Ultimately, it's not about you. It's about how the music can be best served. No rules, just part of the music. Former bandmate William Winant singled out Patton's immediacy to concretize musical ideas he has in his head. But he has this key to understanding music on a real gut level, and his ideas honestly made these songs even better. Patton creates lyrics after hearing the instrumentals [88] and, in the same way as the vocals, he approaches them depending on "what the music needs".

I wanna be myself, not say what I am. I guess the idea is that, as a singer, you're supposed to inherit a lot of responsibilities, but I never thought of myself as that important. None of us are that type of artist. When I see a picture of myself, I don't get a hard-on.

For him, records are akin to an "adventure" or scenes from a movie, and he enjoys that people interprets them in their own way, corresponding to how he himself listens to other music. His early songs in Mr. Bungle dealt with "real nasty, offensive stuff".

As a young child Patton had an aptitude for the recognition of different sounds and, according to him, his parents became aware that he imitated bird vocalizations. Mike Patton is mostly a self-taught musician and cannot read or write notation. Thereby, he points up that "hearing more", both to his and other music, has been his most important education.

People are too concerned with theoretical knowledge. I think the important thing is to hear more. Patton's views on creating music are somewhat similar to those of Brian Enoa self-professed "non-musician", with the difference that Patton excelled at his main instrument and mastered at least the rudiments of several others.

Although Patton disregards the preponderance of theory in favor of doing, [a] he still attributes part of his development to working with learned musicians: when Mr.

Bungle formed inhe was "fascinated" with his friends Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunnboth theory and jazz students at school, because they knew more about music than him, and decided to "follow their lead. Composer and saxophonist John Zorn, who met Patton inis credited with teaching him "many things", such as vocal improvisation when performing with an ensemble.

As regards his influences, Patton stated: "You should be able to draw inspiration from any and everything. There should be no limits, it's fundamental. A lot of people listen to music that I make and [do not understand why my songs are so eclectic.

But] that's the way I listen to music! That's the way I see the world and that's how it comes out of me. The deeper that well [of inspiration] is and the more places you can find it, the better.

Eliot quote, " Good artists copy; great artists steal. Patton's first bands in high school played heavy metal and by the start of Mr. Bungle the frontman was immersed in death metal and hardcore punk. Bungle's evolution: upon his arrival, he "devour[ed]" extreme metal and punk rock music, [28] [37] all the while his coworkers introduced him to diverse artists who ranged from rap to reggae to folk rock and other genres. Bungle's interest in tearing down the walls between opposite styles, and challenging the seriousness of the extreme metal community.

Bungle also echoes the lighthearted youthfulness and wacky videos by British ska pop band Madnesswhose song " House of Fun " reminisces "Carousel" by Mr. Bungle musically. He pinpoints his discoveries of "extraordinary" Motown singers and some records by Frank Zappa as landmarks at his record store job.

Bungle bandmates would listen to. This rapidly led their music tastes to grow. One of Patton's biggest influences was Greek-Italian singer and researcher Demetrio Stratosleader of Areawho studied the limits of the human range and recorded several vocals-only albums that Patton examined.

Another influence is Tom Waits ; [22] Angel Dust included the Waits-inspired song "RV", [] and at that time Patton began to use a megaphone both on stage and in the studio. Inhe cited the spoken word -esque lyrical style of Leonard Cohen as inspirational, as well as the voice and note placement of Serge Gainsbourg[22] in addition to the writing of Bob Dylan. Patton disregarded this type of musician when he was younger, until he eventually "hear[d] new things" in them.

Inhe cited Nomeansno and The Residents as influences. As ofhis favorite genre had become easy listening [] and years later Patton named composer and arranger Les Baxter as the main influence on one of his film scores. And I can do that in 30 seconds flat. I hear new stuff in there every time I listen. InPatton mentioned actor and comedian Steve Martin as an influence on Mr.

Bungle, [] and the singer would later state that he felt identified with him. Bungle covered " Macho Man " as early as its second active year. Films and books have informed Patton more than any other medium. Bungle, as "the musical equivalent of a David Lynch movie. Other musical influences are experimental hardcore band Melt-Bananawhich Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD) with Mr.

InPatton remarked:. Japanese musicians seem less worried about the way things should sound and look. That involves more creative freedom. They are unique. Reviewing Patton's live performances, The Believer noted that "his gestures are as anarchic as his vocal sounds", [] while Revolver highlighted his "maniacal and dapper stage presence".

When he joined Faith No More, Patton was "wound up tight" about matching his performances with the band's attitude. During his third concert with Faith No More, Patton's right hand was permanently numbed after he fell down on a broken bottle that severed his tendons and nerves.

The next day, he spent five and half hours in reconstructive microsurgery. In London, on March 10,during the first live performance of Tomahawk Patton started the show by urinating onto a security guard and photographers, much to the dismay of the press.

However, a few days later the band's website said that Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD) was actually a prank-dildo that sprayed water. During Faith No More's concert at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, Patton swallowed a shoelace from a shoe thrown at the stage, before loudly regurgitating it and throwing it back to the public.

Fame is like going to Las Vegas. And if you can't laugh first and foremost at yourself, then you are fucked. And when you are going through that, it's hilarious. Labelled as an "icon of the alt-metal world", [] and a "reluctant pin-up boy ", [14] Patton reacted strangely to his fame. According to a article from East Bay Express : "[Mike Patton]'s undeniably striking, with piercing Italian good looks and that inexplicable aura shared by first crushes, high-profile criminals, and celebrities And he's definitely, well, a little weird.

Fishman compared his career and image with those of actor and author Crispin Glover. Bungle, Patton's band before his sudden rise to fame, already acted bizarrely in the late s; they self-identified as "Star Wars action figure porno freaks" and would throw out bras and underwear for their audience, among other antics. Bungle inPatton gave himself an enema and expelled it over the crowd. In the aftermath, the singer claimed that he carried it to buy an "antique book" there, but could not disclose its name.

The North Coast Journal retrospectively pointed out the "profound lack of fact checking " by some journalists on Patton's statements, [] and Culture Creature stated that it was hard to determine when he was teasing interviewers.

Patton is a genuine rarity: someone who started at the top [with The Real Thing in ] and willingly worked his way down [through his artistic and public endeavors following it. Patton's conviction [is] that the only thing in life that should be taken seriously is music He was an anti-rock-star rock star who, instead of blowing his head off like Kurt Cobainjust mocked the absurdity of it all. In the latter part of the s, Patton stopped continually acting irreverently offstage [9] and claiming strange things to interviewers; [] by the last years of the next decade he had entirely ceased to do so.

Inhe explained: "I'm already giving a thousand percent to the music There's an art to [talking to the press] And [on the other hand] fucking with [it] and being a dick it's not really worth it. And I think, I hope I've gotten a little better at that". The frontman concluded: "It's much easier to just be, what did I say to you before: the easiest thing in the world is just to be yourself.

Classic Rock magazine notes the " antihero demeanor" of Patton: the singer regularly makes acerbic criticisms and mockeries of music, but they always seem rooted in his own obsession with it. I think that's ridiculous", he said. One of the things you realize [by releasing albums independently] is, it's your money!

So don't go to some expensive studio and hire some guy to hold your golf clubs, just make your fucking record and get the fuck out of there!

A major feature throughout Patton's career has been to collaborate with and promote many relatively unknown musicians, either via direct projects or releases through his own label. There's so much interesting music that deserves to be heard; all those artists deserve to be treated with respect. I don't pay attention to the rest of the industry.

We just focus on what we like. We wanted to find a place where we could find interesting music controlled by the own musician. A big part of Patton's negative views on the entertainment industry born out of witnessing the behind the scenes of Faith No More's world tour as a support band for Guns N' Roses and Metallicathe two most successful heavy metal acts at the time.

Of course we found that thought exciting. But once you're at it, you realize it's total and utter bullshit. Patton expressed cynicism about the infamous lifestyles of rock stars. He told the San Francisco Chronicle in"It's hard to see as much as you'd like with our schedule on the road, but it's harder to do coke and fuck whores every night. Now that's a full time job. Patton, again, laughed at Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD) request, telling a reporter, "I think everyone else knows [why I was not interested], except them.

Which is the funny part. Around the turn of the millennium, there was a tribute album to Faith No More in progress that featured DisturbedDeftones and several nu metal bands, but Patton lampooned it in interviews as soon as he heard about it, statements that prompted its cancellation.

Patton accepted but decided not to hear the record in advance, and the conversation was awkward, with the singer describing Moby's material as "electronic wallpaper shit".

The incident happened amid an unscripted interview done to Patton in the surroundings of the venue, when he suddenly stopped to remark, "Are you hearing this shit?! What year are we in? Sorry, I was about to [puke. I've never been happier. In his first years with Faith No More, Patton had a long hairstyle without facial hair, wore baggy clothes and displayed a "unkempt style". The magazine considers both vocalists as its best-known exemplars. Around 's Angel DustPatton started to explore his "masculinity" through diverse anti-fashion styles.

Fool For a Lifetimeall the members of Faith No More, excluding Mike Bordin, shaved their heads, [] which in the following months, for Patton, became "unkempt and overgrown, complementing a thick, lazy moustache". He has sometimes varied them with "slightly hippier" attires or basketball jerseys.

GQ praised the first style for its "simplicity and darkness with a touch of European elegance", that stands in contrast with the established looks of mainstream musicians. Although Faith No More had a major influence on several mainstream American acts, they found more commercial success in other territories after The Real Thingsuch as Australia, Europe and South America.

InPatton was reported as having a "mixed relationship" with his fanbase and the press, and, even though a non-reclusive person, some aspects of his fame had "freak[ed] him out" — "[Patton is] a private person who'd much rather shuffle through Burt Bacharach and Joe Meek CDs than talk about himself".

Notoriously, in an Australian female fan handcuffed Patton to herself when he was backstage, remaining so for two hours until personnel from Faith No More could free him. Patton married Cristina Zuccatosta, an Italian artist, in Patton has referred to her as his "best friend" and says that "she probably understands [him] more than Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD) himself does. He has no children. The singer's numerous projects and constant touring have led him to be widely identified as a " workaholic ".

The frontman owns a massive record collection and, as ofhe regularly traveled to Japan with John Zorn to buy albums. This was one of his reasons for the establishment of Ipecac Recordings. Patton is a foodie. Since childhood, Patton has been an avid fan of basketball team Los Angeles Lakers. In between tours, Patton practiced swimming and weight training. In most areas in our culture, fame and wealth are universally admired and respected, it doesn't matter what it took to get there.

Patton rejects all of that. For a frontman, he's fairly comfortable being the center of attention, and he's not a self-promoter. He's certainy got the looks and talent to be famous, but he absolutely doesn't care about that. Maybe that's why he's won the respect of so many musicians. A list published by Consequence of Sound based on vocal range acknowledged Mike Patton as "the greatest singer of all time" in popular music. Bungle albums were "groundbreaking", features that, along with the experimental rock instrumentations of his bandmates, inspired a generation of musicians that came after him.

The world he moves in is occupied as much by academically-minded and conservatory-trained musicians as punks and freaks. In fact it could be compared to that of Olivier Messiaen. Patton has often been credited as an influence to nu metala form of alternative metal spearheaded by bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit in the lates. In addition to his towering legacies with Faith No MoreMr. Devin Townsend proclaimed in " Angel Dust into Mr. Bungle changed every singer in heavy music.

Patton is a living treasure. Vang, Jes Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved August 8, Alternative link.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 28 September American singer. This article is about the U. For other people, see Michael Patton. Not to be confused with Mike Patto. Avant-garde alternative metal experimental rock art pop contemporary classical funk metal.

Singer songwriter voice actor record producer film composer. Epic Ipecac Tzadik Warner Bros. Faith No More Mr. Musical artist. This section focuses too much on specific examples without explaining their importance to its main subject.

Please help improve this section by citing reliable, secondary sources that evaluate and synthesize these or similar examples within a broader context. October I love music. Why limit yourself? Demetrio Stratos left and Yamantaka Eye right influenced Patton's extended vocal techniques. The members of Mr. Bungle often traveled to watch Nomeansno play live. See also: Mr. This section needs expansion with: his live performances with Mr.

Bungle and other projects. You can help by adding to it. Patton declined offers to join chart-topping bands INXS top and Velvet Revolver bottom in order to work with experimental, underground artists.

That performance was attended by Eric Andrewho studied there at the time but ultimately became a comedian, who later said that Patton led him to question his decision. Bungle would later contact to join them in They quipped that it took them an hour to learn one minute of music. Similarly, Mr.

Bungle changed their setlists each day and also gradually rearranged and modified their songs to the extent that they became almost unrecognizable on their last tour dates.

Bungle invited Melvinswho had just released their drone doom record Lysolto play a show together in Anaheim, California because they were big fans of them, but the audience booed the Melvins to the degree that they could not hear their instruments, in what frontman Buzz Osborne described as one of their worst receptions. As a response, Mr.

Bungle got on stage and performed only white noise during the entire hour set. Bungle released after their twenty-year hiatus was a cover of "Fuck the U. Patton instead suggested vocalist Brad Mowen, who ended up in the band. Arcana: Musicians on Music. ISBN X. Archived from the original on May 29, Classic Rock in German.

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Event occurs at favorite films that unsettled himsoundtracks that impacted him the mostchildlessapproach in film scoresworkflow when working for filmmakersinspirationdream collaboration with a directorproduction techniques and vocalsvocal rangelyrical approach. Archived from the original on November 7, Retrieved July 18, Murmur Radio Podcast. The Modern School of Film.

Event occurs at watching movies as a childinfluence of film music on his bandsplumber analogy. Event occurs at and Eureka's isolated and religious culturefreighthoppingmusic classes in school and universityFaith No More interviews.

Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved July 15, This Must Be the Gig Podcast. Event occurs at meeting Faith No Morerecord storeand self-taughtgrowing up in a small townCohen, Gainsbourg and WaitsSinatrarelationship with the press.

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