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Two airchecks by this band, recorded December 20,constitute the earliest Torme recordings. The year-old Torme's role was much smaller, but he was heard singing on four songs when it opened in December. Meanwhile, on Pollack's advice, he had begun working with a vocal group out of Los Angeles City College called the Schoolkids.

They also began appearing on the radio, notably on the comedy series Niles and Prindle, which ran from January to June Torme continued to work without them as well, appearing in the Bpicture Junior Miss in June.

In the meantime, Torme continued to make small or even cameo appearances in films, turning up in Warner Bros. He continued to do occasional work with the Mel-Tones for many years, however. Half a century later, Torme estimated that there had been 1, recordings of it.

The solo career of the year-old Mel Torme was launched formally with his first nightclub engagement at the Bocage in Los Angeles in earlythe start of nearly 50 years of regular work for him.

He also continued to record for Musicraft through November. As Torme began to tour more in the late '40s, his partnership with Wells was amicably dissolved.

But while Torme's work as a recording artist was at its commercial apex, his film career slipped away. Cast in MGM's The Duchess of Idaho with Esther Williams, he found when it was released in June that his role had been trimmed to a handful of lines of dialogue, his one song left on the cutting-room floor.

It later turned up on the Rhino album At the Movies. In addition to his successful singles, Torme conceived an ambitious musical work that was his answer to Gordon Jenkins' tone poem Manhattan Tower Suite.

He returned to prime-time TV in the summer of as co-host of another music series, Summertime U. It came from his final session for Capitol, after which he was without a label affiliation for a year before signing to the Coral Records subsidiary of Decca Records, for which he began to record in October The release came close to the end of Torme's association with Coral; the label later gathered together some of his singles and other stray tracks for the collection Musical Sounds Are the Best Songs.

The following month, Bethlehem added to the confusion in the record racks by having Torme recut California Suite. In its defense, the label was in trouble financially; after one more Torme LP, Songs for Any Taste actually consisting of leftover tracks from the Crescendo dateBethlehem went out of business.

Back in the U. In the U. On February 14,Torme had taken a nonsinging acting role in the television drama The Comedian, broadcast live on the prestigious Playhouse 90 series. The appearance reawakened his film career, and he made a series of appearances as a straight actor in usually lowbudget films: The FearmakersThe Big OperatorGirls TownWalk Like a Dragon for which he wrote the title songand The Private Lives of Adam and Eve His recording career picked up inwhen he was signed to impresario Norman Granz's jazz-oriented Verve Records, the same label on which such peers as Ella Fitzgerald recorded.

I Dig the Count! The albums were well received, especially by the jazz community, without being big sellers. But by the early '60s, Verve was the subsidiary of a large record company, no longer an independent jazz label, and Torme accepted an offer from what he thought would be the more sympathetic Ertegun brothers, Ahmet and Nesuhi, and their Atlantic Records label.

Unfortunately, Atlantic wanted Torme to make more pop-oriented music. Atlantic rushed out a Comin' Home Baby! LP, but it did not chart. In the spring ofTorme accepted an offer to serve as musical advisor for the upcoming television series The Judy Garland Show. He wrote arrangements and special material for the musical variety program, which broadcast 26 hour-long episodes beginning on Sunday night, September 29,and ending on March 29,when it was canceled.

He later recounted his experiences on the show in his first book, The Other Side of the Rainbow, published in He took time out from the job in November to record the title song for the film Sunday in New York, which played under the credits when the picture was released the following month.

Finished with The Judy Garland Show in the winter ofTorme returned to his main occupation, live performing. He signed to Columbia Records, for which he made a few singles during the year. And he took time out to play himself in the film The Patsy, released during the summer. His sessions for the LP Right Now! He next began creating television roles for himself, writing an episode of the series Run for Your Life and guest-starring in it, then adapting Dollarhide, a Western novel he had written under a pseudonym in the '50s, into an episode of The Virginian and appearing on the show.

He had, however, largely given up on his recordings, at least as a venue for work he liked, agreeing to record contracts as a necessary evil to help promote his live performances. Moving to Liberty Records in earlyhe cut the LP A Day in the Life of Bonnie and Clyde, having composed the title song, the rest of the selections dating from the s and '30s.

After this he disappeared from the record shelves for several years, while continuing to perform regularly. The series ran through the end of August. He returned to television in an acting role with his starring performance in the TV movie Snowman in He would continue to make occasional appearances in acting and singing roles on TV for the rest of his career.

In Septemberwhile appearing at the Maisonette Room in the St. A New Album in London in June It was followed by the January sessions for Together Again: For the First Time, on which he was co-billed with his longtime friend, drummer and bandleader Buddy Rich, actually released prior to Torme!

A New Album. A New Album brought him his fifth in the same category in Torme took a breather from singing to finish writing and publish his second novel this time under his real nameWynner, in Encore at Marty's followed in on Flair Records. By the early '80s, with traditional pop music beginning to come back into vogue, Torme had weathered a long drought and was becoming appreciated as a jazz singer, performing regularly at jazz festivals, in prestigious concert halls, and with symphony orchestras, along with yearly engagements at top clubs in major cities around the world.

Reaching number 34 in the jazz chart, it marked the beginning of felicitous and prolific associations with both Shearing and Concord. Torme was nominated for his seventh Grammy, as usual for Best Jazz Vocal Performance, forand though he protested that Shearing deserved equal recognition, he won his first Grammy at the ceremony held in February The following Carnaval - Various - Танцевальные Хиты (CD), he re-teamed with Shearing for the studio album Top Drawer, the title track of which won him a second Grammy Award in February The Shearing pairing was resumed in August with a session for the album A Vintage Year, which earned Torme his 11th Grammy nomination for and reached number 13 in the jazz chart.

Two months after that, he was captured live in Japan for the album Fujitsu-Concord Jazz Festival ' He continued his busy recording schedule in Marchcutting a duet album with Cleo Laine, Nothing Without You; it reached number eight in the jazz chart.

The year also brought the publication of his long-promised biography of his friend Buddy Rich, Traps, The Drum Wonder. Amazingly, it brought him his first-ever chart placing in the listings for pop albums that December. That made for enough recordings for a while, and he stuck to live performances and finishing his sixth book, My Singing Teachers published in Carnaval - Various - Танцевальные Хиты (CD), until Maywhen he cut the studio album A Tribute to Bing Crosby; it hit number 18 in the jazz chart.

The following month, on August 8, he suffered a stroke. While he had recovered sufficiently by November to be released from the hospital, he faced continuing medical challenges for the next three years and never returned to performing. He died at 73 on June 5, While Torme disavowed some of his recordings in his autobiography, particularly the ones made with pop intentions in the s, his more jazz-styled sides for Musicraft in the '40s, Bethlehem in the '50s, and Concord in the '80s and '90s seem to have met his high standards, as well as those of critics and fans.

Indeed, even the '60s recordings have found their adherents as they have been reissued and heard more widely. In truth, Torme brought his considerable skills to any material he tackled, and his large body of recordings fully justifies the assessment of him as a major jazz singer of the post-World War II era.

Ad Libitum. Born in Zurich inVollenweider was ensconced in the city's fine art scene, courtesy of his father, one of Europe's leading organists. After becoming proficient on guitar, flute, and other instruments, the young Vollenweider developed a passion for the harp, which he modified to suit his needs.

Not only did he construct a damper to expedite more rhythmic playing, he broadened the harp's tonal range by electrifying it. His buoyant funk beats, exotic pan-cultural influences, and colorful harp improvisations began to sweep Europe in the early '80s as Vollenweider signed with CBS Records to release Behind the Gardens Behind the Wall. Three albums later, he won his first Grammy for 's Down to the Moon. Over the years, Vollenweider has managed to maintain his artistic integrity and vision despite increasing commercial success.

The harpist's album Book of Roses is a testament to his ability to expand his scope as a composer while keeping his trademark sound intact; after a lenghty hiatus, he issued Kryptos infollowed two years later by Cosmopoly. His debut album for HighTone, Cold Is the Night, announced his arrival in stunning fashion; his subsequent output on HighTone and Verve has only served to further establish Walker as one of the leading younger bluesmen on the scene. He traveled a circuitous route to get to where he is today.

At age 14, he took up the guitar, playing blues with an occasional foray into psychedelic rock on the mushrooming San Francisco circuit. But byWalker was burned out on blues and turned to God, singing for the next decade with a gospel group, the Spiritual Corinthians.

He assembled a band, the Boss Talkers, and wrote some stunning originals that ended up on Cold Is the Night. More acclaimed albums for HighTone — 's The Gift, Blue Soul the next year, and two riveting sets cut live at Slim's in — preceded a switch to the major Verve imprint and three more discs that were considerably more polished than their grittier HighTone counterparts.

Blake, Jr. Biography by Bill Dahl He was one bad dude, strutting across the stage like a harp-toting gangster, mesmerizing the crowd with his tough-guy antics and rib-sticking Chicago blues attack. Born in Memphis, Wells learned his earliest harp licks from another future legend, Carnaval - Various - Танцевальные Хиты (CD) Junior Parker, before he came to Chicago at age Ed Sheeran - River.

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