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UltiMix Back Spins remixes series. Total size MB. The heavy backspin serve that spins back to the net is one that players often want to learn and you In this video I show you how to attack a backspin ball with a forehand topspin. Examples of backspin in a Sentence. Taylor Lomba. Collections, Ultimix. So look no further, you have found Vinyl Gold. Ultimix Back Spins 12 Reviews. Ultimix Back Spins 19 [] [03] Santana f. Your name: Review Title: Rate: Review text: Submit back spins 11 cd ultimix lil kim motley crue soft cell steely dan spin doctors.

Greensboro, NC You must be a working non-broadcast professional to employ anyUltimix BackSpins Com Guitar Community. Parent Label: Ultimix, Inc. Ultimix is a resource for professional DJs only. Use it before it's gone. BackSpin-Hosting is the most reliable hosting company. She does get 25 range for each note she has in the duration, so watch out! She can auto attack you before you do to her! This is why this lane is going to be ALL about poking until you can burst her down!

Also remember that she is also very squishy! Feel free to just buy Oblivion Orb early on and then upgrade it when necessary! As long as you dodge it, you'll be fine. Just remember even if you dodge it on the way out, it does come back to him, so make sure you don't get caught in both instances of it.

If he does, tell your team to back off until it expires, and then go in again. If you try to fight with his ultimate up, he can pack a serious punch and will be healed tremendously. His W healing is insane. This is the most important ability you need to dodge. All of his damage, including his passive, means him landing this and getting close to you to burst you. If he can't do this, he can't kill you.

Dodge it appropriately since he can't bind before ulting like you can and you win the 1v1. If he can't jump in and get to you, don't worry about it. If you feel you won't need it, TP is the best next option.

She is able to push her balls in a straight line using her Scatter the Weak. Try to watch Syndra's positioning and make sure you are not in a parallel configuration between Syndra and one of her balls. She can easily use her Scatter the Weak to push it forward- and this will stun you. She also has Force of Will.

She is able to pick up her balls or minions and throw them at a pretty good range at an enemy. If this hits you, it will SLOW you! Watch out for it. But Lux has the range that Syndra doesn't and Syndra needs to be able to stun and combo you so negating that means you win the lane. However, barrier helps against her burst a lot as well. Dodging the seismic shove is incredibly important. Ward accordingly when you guys are 6 because she will most likely be looking to push and roam.

This is a harder matchup in general, so rune choice doesn't make too much of a difference, it's more preference. The best you can do is try to match his roam if you have good warding, or shove the wave and get plates Move Your Body - Various - Magic Mix 28 (CDr) the vision you need. If he becomes an issue, upgrade it, otherwise just sit on it until later on. Dodging these cards is key. If it is blue, he will just auto a minion unless you are too close and get mana back. If it is yellow, keep away, as he is trying to stun you.

This red card has a splash damage and slows whoever is in this splash damage. He is wanting to push and roam, but if you keep the wave as managed as Lux possibly can, he is going to be forced to miss waves of minions if he roams. If he does roam, push and get free plates unless you have teleport or something and can follow him.

V X Y Z Matchups. Comet is always a good alternative. I'm not a huge fan of cleanse since I usually buy Mercs and unless he uses his E perfectly, you can walk around in his E and dodge his W in it as well, or just flash out of it if needed. If he has to stay far back and use his spells on minions, it means he can't use them on you.

He scales decently well since he gets AP from his passive, but he shouldn't be a huge issue since you can burst him. The three stack proc does tons of damage- true damage as well.

He can press this spell to detonate it early, so just keep that in mind when trying to dodge it. If he has his 3 stacks on you, his ultimate will do true damage! However, you can also burst him right back! Please shield allies and not just yourself if you guys are in his ultimate. If you want to keep your distance, comet is the best alternative. Otherwise, we want to poke from afar with our E.

He normally will use it to hit a minion wave, so try not to stand too close to your minions. This spell once upgraded will clear a wave so fast. The further he is away, he slower the ultimate gets. His ult does keep going after he dies, so keep that in mind! Use this to your advantage and poke him down. Watch the bar under him, if it's full and he uses his Q on you, he heals for WAY more than if he uses it on a minion, plus it does a chunk of your health.

Let that bar go down or expire before getting aggressive again. Try to bait him into using it before using your other spells. Try to match this by providing your ult too, or even by bursting him if you can get to him while he's ulting! I always go barrier but exhaust is great too if he tries to jump in on you or an ally.

However, comet is and will always be standard and good, so this one is more preference based. If he isn't in range, this can't happen! He has a lot of gap closers and tricks like his E being able to go out of his body to fight so just watching for these and bursting him is key! As long as he doesn't buy defensive items, a lot of his abilities lock him down he has to go back to his E or he gets locked down for a second when he ults means opportunities for you to cast your spells without him being able to dodge them.

I like barrier because it has lower cooldown and can negate a bit of his burst, but exhaust is amazing too since it completely stops his combo on you or an ally. He has really fast burst with his clone and shurikens, so dodging that is key.

Make him choose one. Comet is a good alternative if you want to stay back and poke more! Cleansing her bubble is key. Lux can bind Zoe when she portals, and then just combo her where Zoe ports back to since Lux has the range.

During the laning phase, there are 4 key steps to successfully working your lane:. How to last hit? Should I farm with my spells? When you are against melee opponents. When to use your abilities in lane. What camps should I take? When should I take these camps? When do I roam? Use your Lucent Singularity to poke enemy champions.

Stay back and throw your spells at your enemies. Always remember to use your ultimate whenever you get the best possible chance. Helping your ADC survive. There are 3 things to look out for before choosing Lux:. Look who you are up against. Look what what your teammates are choosing. Your own capabilities. There are 3 things to consider when looking at synergy with Lux:.

February Long Changelog UWU. Should be good to go! I also added minor things to make how to build seem clearer and added my own personal build to both the rune pages and the top page. Also updated the guide a little bit. Added a full Lux support and an AP Lux support build into it. Guide should be up to date now!!

Added tons of viable builds including Luden's echo route, liandry's torment, or defensive items. Will soon be working on the lux support section in terms of visual updates like I did with the rest of this guide!!

Added support to the table of contents. I read through the guide again and edited everything, hopefully getting any outdated information out of the way and adding helpful new information. New year soon, new guide?? Zhonya's Hourglass. Horizon Focus. Lux's Top Runes. Follow YouTube Twitch. Cast Your Vote Today! Join MFN. Easy to learn. Lackluster waveclear. Lots of Utility. Abilities are easy to dodge. Great Teamfighter. Long Cooldowns. Long Range.

Mana Issues. It is VITAL to escape, reposition, dodge a skillshot, flash over a wall, or even be used to catch up to a champion! There should be NO exceptions, if you need to replace a summoner spell, replace barrier. Barrier This is the most important and most used Move Your Body - Various - Magic Mix 28 (CDr) that every Lux main takes! Please remember to activate it when they are bursting you, not after they're done.

The most common mistake with this spell is they use their barrier after the burst and try to maybe wait it out, but you're going to die and waste your barrier if you use it after. It's a relatively low cooldown so don't be afraid to use it when needed, but remember to be more defensive when it's not available. For example, if they have a sejuani jungle and a TF mid, this should be taken because you need cleanse to get rid of the Sejuani ult or TF card!

Also do note that if they have a lot of CC in general, it might be good to invest in mercury's treads as your boot of choice! Teleport I personally love teleport in certain situations. It's great if you want more lane dominance since you can make the enemy miss a wave or two since you can teleport back instantly. I also like to take it when you're going vs someone who also takes teleport or vs someone like taliyah who can get places fast with her ultimatethat way you can match their teleport presence, whether that be back to lane or to another lane.

Exhaust Exhaust is a good spell versus assassins, like TalonZedFizzand so forth. If you don't think you can time it correctly, take barrier instead. Illumination Your next auto attack against enemies hit by your abilities take extra magic damage. Lux's offensive abilities mark all affected enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, dealing based on level. Light Binding Roots and damages two enemies.

ACTIVE: Lux releases a sphere of light in a line that deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit and roots them for 2 seconds. Prismatic Barrier Shields yourself and your allies with Lux's wand on the way out and back. Lux's wand then returns to her, stacking the shield to all allied champions it passes through and herself.

ACTIVE: Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to the target area for up to 5 seconds, Slow icon slowing enemies inside and granting a radius Sight icon vision around it. Lucent Singularity can be recast at no delay. Move Your Body - Various - Magic Mix 28 (CDr) recast while in flight, the ability will detonate on arrival. The slow lingers for 1 second after leaving the area. Enemies hit Move Your Body - Various - Magic Mix 28 (CDr) Lucent Singularity are slowed for 1 second.

Final Spark Lux fires a laser that deals damage to anything in her path. Final Spark triggers and refreshes Illumination if the enemy was damaged by Lux's other abilities.

I personally buy these if either it's a rough game where I need my barrier and flash up more, I'm going Liandrys and won't really need MPEN but would rather want CDR for more burning, or if you just preference it. You do lose out on a bit of upfront burst damage since you're missing MPEN from Sorcs, but these boots can be really good or even better in certain situations! These boots are very very good in those situations, but remember to only buy it if you feel you need the defensiveness!

Ahri: The Nine-Tailed Fox. Akali: The Rogue Assassin. Anivia: The Cryophoenix. Annie: The Dark Child. Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger. Azir: The Emperor of the Sands.

Brand: The Burning Vengeance. Cassiopeia: The Serpent's Embrace. Corki: The Daring Bombardier. Diana: Scorch of the Moon. Fizz: The Tidal Trickster. Galio: The Colossus. Heimerdinger: The Move Your Body - Various - Magic Mix 28 (CDr) Inventor. Irelia: The Blade Dancer. Karma: The Enlightened One. Karthus: The Deathsinger. Kassadin: The Void Walker. Katarina: The Sinister Blade. LeBlanc: The Deceiver.

Lissandra: The Ice Witch. Lucian: The Purifier. Malzahar: The Prophet of the Void. Morgana: The Fallen Angel. Neeko: The Curious Chameleon. Pantheon: The Unbreakable Spear.

Qiyana: Empress of the Elements. Orianna: The Lady of Clockwork. Ryze: The Rune Mage. Seraphine: The Starry-Eyed Songstress. Swain: The Noxian Grand General. Sylas: The Unshackled. Syndra: The Dark Sovereign. Taliyah: The Stoneweaver.

Talon: The Blade's Shadow. Twisted Fate: The Card Master. Veigar: The Tiny Master of Evil.

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