Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl)


This unique album comes as a deluxe g DOUBLE vinyl edition strictly limited to copies worldwide with obi strip. The jacket features exclusive pictures shot by legendary Dutch photographer Joost Leijen known for his work with artists such as Chet Baker and Pharoah Sandersalso included is an insert with liner notes by renowned author and producer Russ Musto. Goode, Johnnie Johnson lived in obscurity in his hometown of St.

The record represents Johnnie's brilliance and reaffirms him as the formative master of rock n' roll piano. The package also boasts brand new gatefold packaging. Though this album doesn't present a baseline criterion, Muddlin Gear will prep you for when the body-snatching pods land to give you the most visceral baseline experience of your life. The Entroscooper 2. Said Dram Scam 3. Ill Shambata 5. In Inphidelik 7. Silent Why 8. Da Doo Doo. Magma is one of the most influential of all French bands.

They have left a legacy of music that defies any of the standard and convenient classifications of rock, operating instead in a realm of their own creation.

BBC Londres is pressed on silver vinyl. Only individually numbered copies are available worldwide, exclusively at record stores for RSD Black Friday. Breeze 2.

In The Temple 3. Dance Of The Furies 4. Slide Hidden Track 5. Starblood Remix Hidden Track. The band had its roots in the Congo although it formed in Kenya in the mid-sixties.

Each of the songwriters sang lead in their native tongues and this meant they used vocals in three African languages next to the songs sung in English. In when the BBC held a competition to find the best band in Africa, Matata submitted a song and came in first. Several singles also came out of this and Matata scored hits in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. With a wealth of material and a dynamic live act to its name they would play packed gigs every night. The group was a visual, as well as musical feast and quickly became favorites at several well-known London nightclubs.

There would be no further Matata recordings and sadly the band split after releasing their second album. The album we are presenting you today Independence from comes swinging right out the gate with a set of no less than TWELVE monster tunes. This unique record comes as a deluxe g vinyl edition strictly limited to copies worldwide with obi strip and featuring the original artwork. This reissue also comes with an insert featuring pictures of the band and extensive liner notes from award winning author John Masouri.

Featuring eleven original tracks written by JD McPherson and his friends. SOCKS is an album of holidays songs sure to be standards while you are decorating the tree. SIDE A: 1. All The Gifts I Need 2. Bad Kid 3. Hey Skinny Santa! Socks 5. Every Single Christmas 6. Ugly Sweater Blues. SIDE B: 1. Claus Vs. Claus feat. Lucie Silvas 5. Twinkle Little Christmas Lights.

To commemorate the album's 10th anniversary, the first-ever vinyl release of the acclaimed tenth album by classic rock icons Night Ranger! The album was the group's first with guitarist Joel Hoekstra Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ushered in a decade that saw the band -- who have sold more than 17 million records worldwide -- achieve its highest visibility in years via tours with the likes of Journey, Def Leppard, Foreigner and Sammy Hagar.

A modern AOR classic from a legendary band that both epitomized and transcended the arena rock sound! Growin' Up In California 2. Lay It On Me 3. Bye Bye Baby Not Tonight 4. Follow Your Heart 5. Time Of Our Lives 6. No Time To Lose 7.

Live For Today 8. It's Not Over 9. End of the Day Rock n' Roll Tonite Say It With Love. Seminal Florida punk band Pink Lincolns see their original unreleased four-song cassette demo get an official vinyl release for the very first time. Side B, "I am a Genius," stops nothing short of the name. This is the last unreleased recordings of Pink Lincolns, featuring founding and now deceased guitarist Dorsey Martin.

Original demo recording never before heard by fans. Comes with liner notes from front-man Chris Barrows. First and only pressing. Limited to copies. Apartment 54 2. Friends of Mine The Zombies.

Hailing from Memphis, Chris Travis has created his own wave in the hip-hop community for almost the past decade. Intro 2. Purple Thoughts 3. How It Is 4. When We Ride 5. Sip That Shit 7. Codeine Vision 8. Drugs- Wavadelic Freestyle Pt. Psychedelic Funk Actavis Tokyo Wet Like My Bitches Balance Stayin True.

The 7" will be numbered and limited to copies. Boston A historic early recording of Aerosmith in their rehearsal room - just the band, crew and friends captured on Joe Perry's tape recorder. Chet Baker is highly regarded as one of jazz's greatest trumpet players, and he recorded numerous albums over his 35 year recording career. Recorded inAlbert's House features eleven instrumental compositions by Steve Allen, who produced the recording session to assist Baker in restarting his career after a horrific dental injury in ' This monster is a barrage of middle eastern clarinet, oud, dumbek, kanun, sax, tambourine, wild percussion, and kaval, along with finger cymbals and the occasional vocal from some of his favorite belly dancers.

Still performing at 91 with his group Taksim, Souren Baronian is a living legend and he was Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl) enough to let us raid his tape archive!

Siro Yerk 2. Makhmoor Aghchig 3. Pinkeol 5. Hey Yala 7. Geozlerin 8. Groovin' ""Hye"" 9. Ser Khosha Govand Halime Chifte Telli Shek Mazerov Laz Bar Nane Souyou Achchig Hos Yegoor Norike Bar Chem-o-chem Dari-lolo Khun Dzorin Dzar Khorodig Hye-Ena Siroon Min Elek Hub Eench Anem Herosi Bar Aghli-Jen Both sets are included on this RSD Black Friday release pressed on psychedelic color vinyl in a high-gloss tip-on jacket. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered live to a vinyl master, in one take, on the evening of November 6th at Welcome To studio in Nashville.

There were no overdubs, edits, punch-ins, remixes or remastering. This type of recording is very rare due to the technical and creative difficulty associated with it. Once the recording has started it cannot stop until the end of the side. You are hearing one complete take per side of the record, which is no easy feat for all involved! In -- some three years before his self-titled debut solidified his stature as a pre-eminent Fender bender -- Roy Buchanan signed with Polydor Records and began work on his first full-length platter.

Never before on vinyl, the Prophet comes in a two album set, pressed on orange and black "fire" vinyl because you won't often encounter more fiery guitar work than what's herehoused in a gatefold jacket and limited to 2, copies worldwide. Funky Junky 2. Black Autumn 3. Day and Age 4. There'll Always Be 5. Billy Joe Young 6. The Story of Isaac 7. Baltimore 8. Sign on the Window 9.

Humbug Down on the River; Pain I Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl) You; Stormy Monday Jam; Roy's Bluz Sweet Dreams.

Alexander's Ragtime Band 2. What'd I Say 3. I've Had My Fun 4. Raelettes Intoduction 5. Games People Play 6. Don't Change On Me 7. I Can't Stop Loving You 8. Marie 9. I've Got A Woman. Madlib had made an Azymuth tribute record he wanted to play for him. On a rainy night in Rio, Mamao and Madlib went in the studio.

Several hours later the rhythm tracks that make up Sujinho were laid and the process began. Mamaoism 2. Barumba 3. Anna de Amsterdam Interlude 4. Brasilian Sugar 2.

Sao Paulo Nights 3. Xibaba 4. Upa Neguinho feat. Thalma De Freitas. Casa Forte 2. Amazon Stroll 3. Berimbau 4. Anna de Amsterdam Reprise 5. Waiting on the Corner. Tijuca Man 2. Nao Tem Nada Nao 3. Sunset at Sujinho 4. Segura esta Onda feat. Mamao on vocals. The fourteenth solo album from Alice, originally released inand the first 45 RPM pressing. Mountain feat. Frank Bello 2. Kiss it Goodbye feat. Howard Jones 3.

Everyone Dies feat. Stix Zadina 4. Rat Child. Sivad 2. Little Church 3. What I Say 2. Nem Um Talvez Side C 1. Selim 2. Funk Tonk Side D 1.

Inamorata and Narration by Conrad Roberts. The debut solo album from British singer-songwriter and ex-Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson. This first-ever vinyl release adds a bunch of extras that did not appear on the original CD, including the track "The End of the World" recently covered by Billie Eilishand a second disc with the Nude EP from the deluxe CD reissue, made up of acoustic versions of Catherine Wheel songs.

Packaged in a gatefold jacket and pressed in red and yellow "seahorse" vinyl, limited to copies worldwide. Songs From the Deep captures our collective moment perfectly with a sense of personal nostalgia Late Night Drive, Back Porchsociopolitical resolve Forward Marchand several powerful shout-outs to recently departed civil rights icon and fellow Alabamian John Lewis Walk With the Wind, Stand.

Originally released in following the birth of his daughter, Show You The World took Living Legends MC The Grouch on a new path of growth and maturation as he navigated his new world of fatherhood and the new perspectives it brought. With topics ranging from his experience as a new Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl), partner and son, to drug addiction in the family, as well as his own personal struggles and triumphs, The Grouch succeeds in showing us his world.

Microphone Intro feat. Rio Amor 2. Watch Watch feat. Mike Marshall 3. Clones 4. Artsy 5. Favorite Folks 6. Yarkwork 7. Show You The World feat. Raphael Saadiq 9. The Bay To LA feat. Murs Never Die Shero Bring It Back Hot Air Ballons feat. The Time feat. Marty James His legendary performances had him dressed in gold and leopard costumes with props including rubber snakes, a smoking skull on a stick, and his signature coffin.

Over his career he didn't record many studio albums. Experience Frank Ocean through the ears and sounds of High Pulp, as the Mutual Attraction saga continues, with the final installment of the project.

The three arrangements are an homage and a thank you to Frank, who has had such a heavy impact on the band and the way they think about writing music. Along with digging into a different genre of music, and focusing on being a tribute to just one artist for this volume in the series, MA 3 also has the band performing as their largest ensemble yet: a piece band, including a 5-piece string section.

Giving no limits to these reimagined versions of Frank Ocean tunes. On election daywhen I saw that there was a good chance the state of Georgia might go blue, I came up with an idea: to record an album of Georgia- related songs as a thank you to the state and donate the money to a Georgia based non-profit organization. I will admit my motivations were a bit selfish. The songs on this album are some of my favorite Georgia-related songs, but the tracklist is not meant to be comprehensive.

I hope you enjoy listening to these recordings as much as we enjoyed making them. Keep listening to good music and fighting the good fight. Released inTear Gas is the fourth and arguably most notable studio album from The Jacka.

The album features the hit singles, "All Over Me feat. Matt Blaque," and "Glamorous Lifestyles feat. Andre Nickatina". Summer feat. Just A Celebrity feat. Sky Balla 3. Glamorous Lifestyle feat. Andre Nickatina 4. Greatest Alive feat. They Don't Know feat. Freeway 6. Dream feat. Won't Be Right feat. Cellski 8. Keep Callin' feat. Devin The Dude 9. Girls Scared Money feat. Get It In feat. What's Your Zodiac feat.

Phil Da Agony Dopest Foreal Callin' My Name feat. Mistah F. What Happened To The World The Movement feat. Planet Asia Storm feat. Cormega Our Heroes feat. Stalin All Over Me. Madison Carnival of Losers, Pt. The Elusive Sensation of Bliss It Was Perfect A Thing for Weak Guys Honeymoon Iraq Triangle of Death Cheerleaders Huffers of 1st Platoon Another Day, Another Mission Night Tremors Unholy Retribution Date Night Acquiescence I'm Your Worst Nightmare Crossing the Line Rob Another Bank Overdose Side D Your Fate is Darkly Determined One Last Job The Comedown Album Version What I'm Trying to Say Is Bonus Track.

Contains the original tracks on the first three sides, with an original band interview on Side Four. The first time on vinyl for the album.

The first vinyl release for this album. NOW became Maxwell's first album to reach 1 on the Billboardselling overunits in the U. Get To Know Ya 2. Lifetime 3. Changed 5. NoOne 6. For Lovers Only Side B 1. Temporary Nite 2. Silently 3. Symptom Unknown 4. A full livestream production was taped, and the band plans to tour the album in the US this fall.

Lean Into It shows that Mr. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy 2. Alive And Kickin' 3. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 4. CDff-Lucky This Time 5. Never Say Never 2. Just Take My Heart 3. My Kinda Woman 4. A Little Too Loose 5. Road To Ruin 6. To Be With You. Features songs and story from the original cast of the beloved TV show. At The Munsters 2. Herman Says, "Hello" 3.

Everyone Is Welcome 5. Meet Our Pets 6. Meet Grandpa! Grandpa's Lab 8. Herman's Favorite Story 2. Lily's Favorite Story 3. Grandpa's Favorite Recipe 4. Final Theme. They are the "Last of the Breed" -- the elder statesmen of classic country music who have inspired artists for decades.

No one else sings country music with the passion and purity of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Ray Price, and, in Marchthese living legends and Country Music Hall of Famers united on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime concert event that was captured for television and recorded to give fans the ultimate concert experience.

Limited edition 10" of special versions of songs originally taken from his landmark eponymous album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, released near its one year anniversary. Previously unreleased historic recordings from Charlie Parker's legendary and highly eventful visits to Los Angeles. LP 1 Side A December 17, 1. Cement Mixer fragment into Intro into Blues fragment Dizzy Atmosphere fragment no Parker improvisation Fifty-Second Street Theme into closing announcement Intro dialogue with Gillespie into Dizzy Atmosphere into announcement Intro dialogue with Gillespie into A Night in Tunisia into announcement Intro dialogue between Vallee and Gibson into Salt Peanuts All the Things You Are Anthropology into announcement Intro discussion into Cherokee into announcement Dizzy Atmosphere Out of Nowhere Scrapple from the Apple incomplete Night in Tunisia Party Chatter into Embraceable You Hot House Cool Blues Scrapple from the Apple Au Privave incomplete Harry The Hipster 3.

Dizzy Atmosphere 5. Fifty-Second Street Theme 6. Groovin' High 7. Shaw 'Nuff 8. Dizzy Atmosphere 9. Gordon Mills en. Johnny, reviens Johnny B. Les Rocks les plus terribles. Lucille Lucille. Au rythme et au blues Roll Over Beethoven. Tu me quittes My Baby Left Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl). Rien que huit jours Forty Days. Frankie et Johnny Frankie and Johnny. Oh, laisse la partir Let's Have A Party.

Vline BuggyHugues Aufray adaptation. Je te reverrai I'll Be Seeing You en. Sammy FainIrving Kahal en. Quand revient la nuit Mr. Harold Dorman en. Mick Jones. On a ses jours She's a Woman. Rock'n'roll musique Rock and Roll Music. Gilles ThibautJohnny Hallyday adaptation. Joe Thomas, Howard Biggs en. Plus je te regarde Hi-Heel Sneakers. Zeep a dee yeh Zeep a Dee Doo Dah. Ray GilbertAllie Wrubel. Le diable me pardonne. Jean SettiGilles Thibaut. Un cocktail pour deux avec Sylvie Vartan Cocktails for Two en.

Sam Coslow enArthur Johnston composer en. J'attends minuit Skinny Minnie en. Je l'aime Girl. Hugues AufrayVline Buggy adaptation. Jacques Chaumelle adaptation. Du respect Respect. Les coups Uptight Everything's Alright. Mick JonesTommy Brown. Don't need nobody avec Mick Jones et Tommy Brown. Noir c'est noir Black is black. Jacques RevauxJohnny Hallyday. Ralph BernetJacques Revaux. Medley de C. Ike TurnerTina Turner.

Je crois qu'il me rend fou avec Sylvie Vartan Such a fool for you. Bernard KesslairJohnny Hallyday. Steve MarriottRonnie Lane. Aussi dur que du bois Knock on Wood. Steve CropperEddie Floyd. Petite fille. Mon fils. Ralph BernetVline Buggy. Lucille en anglais.

Tommy BrownJohnny Hallyday. Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller. Mick JonesJohnny Hallyday. Au pays des aveugles. Entre mes mains. Jean Renard. Cours plus vite Charlie Cut Across Shorty. Marijohn Wilkin enWayne P. Jean-Jacques DeboutR. Je te veux. Voyage au pays des vivants. Mick Jones - Tommy Brown. Deux amis pour un amour. La pollution. La fille aux cheveux clairs. Fils de personne Fortunate Son. Gentle Sarah Oh!

Ma jolie Sarah en anglais. You'ain't Home on the Range. Brewster M. Higley en. Daniel E. Kelley en. Tommy Durden enMae Boren Axton en. Sauvez-moi Salvation. Johnny HallydayTommy Brown. Tu vois ce que je veux dire version studio de Voyez ce que je veux dire Do you know what i mean.

Comme un corbeau blanc. La Musique que j'aime. La prison des orphelins en duo avec Michel Mallory. Te tuer d'amour en duo avec Sylvie Vartan. Bye bye Baby en duo avec Sylvie Vartan Version longue. Que je t'aime en japonais.

Gilles Thibaut Jean Renard. Vivre Fever en duo avec Sylvie Vartan. Je t'aime, Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) - Bobby Vinton - 4 Play (Vinyl) t'aime, je t'aime.

Tom Jans. Toi et moi en duo avec Sylvie Vartan. C'est une honky tonk woman Honky Tonk Women. Mick JaggerKeith Richards. Nadine Nadine Is It You? Venez tous avec moi C'mon Everybody. Eddie CochranJerry Capehart. Michel MalloryJean Renard. Ned Fairchild enEddie Cochran. Comme un fou Stuck On You. La terre promise Promised Land. Michel MalloryJohnny Hallyday. Mister Lonely Quand reviens la nuit en anglais.

Voglio tutto di te Te tuer d'amour en italien avec Sylvie Vartan. Train sans espoir Mystery Train. Une nuit sans toi One Night Whith You.

Il faudra plus de temps que m'en donnera ma vie Lovin' her was easier than anything i'll ever do again. Les Chiens de paille. Will JenningsTom Jans en. Gabrielle The King Is Dead. Tony Cole musician en. Johnny HallydayMichel Mallory. Requiem Requiem pour un fou en italien. Vito Pallavicini adaptation.

Prendimi Prends ma vieen italien. Alice Dona [ ]. Pierre Billon. Greg LakePeter Sinfield. Long ChrisPierre Billon adaptation. Huey "Piano" Smith. Michel MalloryPierre Billon. Salut Charlie. Cassella, Luberti, Richard Cocciante. George JacksonThomas E. Jones III. Eddie VartanMichel Mallory. Fais ce que je dis pas ce que je fais. Frankie Miller en. Chez madame Lolita. John S. Carter enSammy Hagar. Serge Haouzi. Excusez-moi de chanter encore du rock and roll.

C'est pas facile Yesterday Dreams. Brian Cadd en. II ne faut pas me ressembler. J'en ai marre. Richard Supa en. La ballade de Johnny chanson publicitaire pour Continental Edison. Rock'n'roll party chanson publicitaire pour Continental Edison. Black es noir Black is black Noir c'est noir en espagnol. Oxford University Press, March Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved 18 June In Titles and Forms of Address21st ed. Categories : English grammar English words.

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3. The Stamper - Béla Bartók / György Sándor - Solo Piano Works (CD), Regenerate - Rom Di Prisco - Esoteric Velociti Paradox (File, Album), Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - How Great A Fame Has Departed (Vinyl), Your Final Gig (Ton Dernier Acte), The Black Dress - Paul Plishka - Heavenly Grass (And Other American Songs) (CD), Fingerprints - Sleight Of Hand - Sleight Of Hand (CD, Album), Activate My Heart - Various - Tanga (Vinyl, LP), Promised Land - Mose Allison - The Collection (CD), My Love Is Deep (Nush Mix) - Various - Killer Tunes 3 (Vinyl), Snake Rag - Louis Armstrong With King Olivers Creole Jazz Band - Louis Armstrong: 1923 (Vinyl, LP), Altered Course - Isis (6) - Panopticon (Vinyl, LP, Album)