Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr)


Jul 02 mins. I know this is a long session but you can always take time for a break, have a drink, or whatever you fancy. Before we get the show on the road, here are newcomers to Sequences, 4th Eden from Wales composing melodic, spacial tuneful sounds. If Massive Attack or similar got down in the mud and rolled around a bit they might end up sounding like Rites of Fall. A Kosmiche conjuration exploring spectral echoes, pulses, and harmonic figures phasing through time from Ogre.

Listening Center, in growth dream-like melodies and electronic sound palettes. Jun 17 mins. Multi-instrumentalist and composer Leila Abdul-Rauf enters a world all of her own weaving brass, piano, and various other textures, into filmic soundscapes. Russian band Aesthesys, mixing progressive rock with touches of neo-classical sounds.

Jun 03 mins. Introducing the feminine side, Japanese composer Ryo Utasato with a rich body of work that runs the gamut from electronica to ambient to world music to rock and beyond. New York-born Berlin-based musician and filmmaker JJ Weihl, implementing drum machines vocoder, sound collage, theremin, and electric guitar, creating a small laboratory both in the studio and on stage. Various artists on Portals, featuring 13 tracks of Berlin school inspired electronic music from legends of synthesis like Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, and Steve Moore.

Throughout this edition, you will hear more new sounds from those appearing with us over the years. May 22 mins. We welcome you to another special edition, the music of David Parsons, an influential musician who has been so important in our genre of electronic sounds. David continues to live in New Zealand or Middle Earth, as he has taken to calling it since his homeland became the cinematic home for The Lord Of The Rings trilogyand still writes music for television and film.

With his experiences traveling through Central Asia over the years have given him an insight into his own music. It's more like a sense of awe. You go to the Himalayas and you hear the rumble of the ice and the low long horns of the monastery. TRACK Sequences Master No May 12 mins.

We like to welcome the musicians featured for the first time on Sequences. From Tucson Arizona, guitarist and composer John Gregorius. Lively and spirited new work from Masa Takumi incorporating ancient instruments like the shamisen and the koto, a stringed instrument that is the national instrument of his native Japan, with modern sounds.

The Vintage track comes from Robert Schroeder's first recording, Harmonic Decadence rejected inthen went back into the studio where the well-known debut album, Harmonic Ascendant was created. Harmonic Decadence was finally released inas part of the D. It was sad to hear that the co-founder of Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider passed away recently with cancer. Apr 25 mins. The vintage track comes from the Colours Of Time by Peter Micheal Hamel, today he is recognized as a major German figure whose compositions have greatly enriched the development of 20th and 21st-century repertoire.

With most of us in lockdown, we hope our latest edition will for the next 3 hours give you some relief away from this devastating disease spreading throughout the globe.

Mar 19 mins. As we like to feature the female side of electronic music, we are happy to say the following are featured for the first time on Sequences. Carolina Eyck is known as one of the best theremin soloists worldwide. Mar 08 mins. Onboard with this edition includes Hollan Holmes, ten impassioned electronic compositions influenced in part by the Berlin school. Magnificent, majestic and immersed soundscapes created by Steve Roach.

One half of Coral Cave, Tito Voiighaus melodic rhythmical style. Presenting cosmic, spacey synth-rock David Wright, featuring the guitars of the late Klaus Hoffmann-Hock, just some of the excellent music to immerse yourselves into.

The vintage track comes from Urban Sax, the French multimedia performance ensemble, on this early vinyl LP, all the instrumental sounds were created with saxophones. Feb 19 mins. Exciting melodies and detailed subtleties of Mikael Fyrek. Nein, Danke! Feb 05 mins. Sequences Podcast No Jan 19 mins.

On a sad note, we lost Michael Allison of Darshan Ambient after a brave fight with cancer, as a fitting tribute, we give you music from his latest album A Day Like Any Other, released just before his passing.

Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr) List No Jan 04 mins. As we start a new decade we wish all our listeners, happy New Year. Ten new acts grace this first edition of Ylang, Ylang, a. Special Edition Nothe music of Andy Pickford. Dec 21 mins. We would like to thank all the musicians, labels and listeners who have supported us in Happy Christmas, roll on the new year. Now we come to our last edition before we enter Since his very first CD release inAndy Pickford has been one of the pioneers of the British Electronic Music scene, who has developed a distinct style that is instantly recognizable from the quality and power of his numerous albums and concert appearances, all of which have led to his international acclaim in the field of Electronic Music.

Andy Pickfords playlist Dec 10 mins. This will be our last edition of the year, but wait, we have another one of those specials, to come before Christmas. More new names to add to the list appearing on Sequences. The eighteenth album from veteran Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang, two live long-form ambient soundscapes by Jim Ottaway, another re-release album from Patrick Kosmos on Groove, who departed this world too soon. Renowned composer and instrumentalist David Helpling delivers another album, RUNE, of pure ambient electric guitar performances.

Sequences Podcast No Playlist Nov 22 mins. Sequences Podcast Master No Nov 02 mins. Oct 21 mins. We are in our seventh year of starting Sequences podcasts, beginning with easy accessible electronic music, i. Sep 30 mins.

Welcome back, hope you all enjoyed our special edition on Erik Wollo, more to come later in the year. Lets now continue our look at more new releases, with some info on the new musicians to appear on Sequences. The deep drones embedded in neoclassic arrangements, of strings, interweaved with field recording by Imaginary Landscapes. Hypnotic patterns weaved around drifting synth scapes from Motionfield. Winter Light label gives us Sysselmann, employing more organic field recordings and uses these in combination with acoustic instruments.

The Kahvi Collective, always comes up with interesting acts, Weldroid being one of them, a multifaceted foray of chilled electronics that spans through ambient synthesizer and abstract IDM fissures. Erik Wollo Special: No Sep 16 mins. Erik Wollo Special Edition: When it comes to the electric guitar in Electronic Music one name that is always at the forefront, Norwegian professional musician Erik Wollo.

After over 30 years of innovative writing and recording, he has developed his own style, playing and composing not only very expressive synthesiser parts, but also blending it with his own guitar style. Sequences Podcast Aug 30 mins. Touching on the Berlin School influence on Syngate, Dask. Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr), beautiful, ambient styles with mesmerizing soundscapes from Daniel Dorobantu, Obukhovaudio, Kelly David and from Tang's current bandleader, Thorsten Quaeschning, a live solo outing at the Ambient Wave Festival in Munichare some of the musicians appearing in our second show of this month.

Aug 10 mins. The adventure continues, with some of the latest releases in our world of electronic music. Michael Neil teams up with Kristoff Beckerunique, going under the name of RKM, a brand of live improvised electro, experimental, chill out soundtracks.

Rich, melodic, rhythmical, interlocking sequencer driven sounds, from the master Steve Roach. New to Sequences, Russian label Zhelezobeton, featuring all sorts of experimental, electro acoustic, post industrial and unconventional music.

Jul 19 mins. Hope you all enjoyed our split edition of Sequences. Enough of the blurb, lets the music begin with Caterina Barbieri, giving us hypnotic modular patterns, live in Helsinki.

Jul 01 mins. Welcome to part two of our latest podcast, noDevoted to the ambient side of Electronic music. Due to Mick having a very busy month, we are bit late with our second June edition. With so many promos coming in, we decided with the up and coming podcasts, to have two editions of our latest one, no Part 1 featuring the more sequential, melodic and the slightly off beat electronic styles with some experimentations. Jun 16 mins.

This edition features as usual, looks at many of the new album releases from well known names who have graced our airways over the years. The conceptual ambient musical project by Sveere Knut Johansen with soundscape pioneer Robert Rich, analog structures of live sequential sounds from Spyra, joined by the voice of soul mate Roksana Vikaluk. Neo-Classical synthesised uplifting compositions of Gunnar Spardel, the beating heart that brings David Gerard intrinsic sound structures, that are hypnotic, using strings piano and choirs in a dramatic complex setting.

Naturalistic drone scapes of deep ambient textures of pure organic sound from Alio Die and Lorenzo Montana. May 28 mins. We also would like to add, that he is one of the kindest and friendliest people we know, with great stage presence. Do check out the bio on his musical career and photos on our website. Musicformessier collaborates with ambient guitar legend Dan Cain on "Timelessness", one of the best guitar driven atmospheric albums of the year. Apr 22 mins. Welcome to the new edition, hope all of you are enjoying the Easter break, especially our friends and family in the UK with some warm unseasonal weather there.

Quite a lineup we have that spans many aspects of electronic music, it certainly opens up a varied sound world. Heart-centered sonic meditation from veteran transformative, shamanic practitioners Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig. Apr 07 mins. London based electronic act Echaskech, a unique and compelling amalgamation of sound. It functions almost as a study of significant contrasts, where foundation shaking low frequencies are paired with almost ultrasonically high register noises verging on the upper limit of human hearing.

In truth, it is not too dissimilar to the approach of some of the earliest Whitehouse recordings, but here executed with a scientific, almost clinical precision Here is where a significant amount of variation can be heard. The volume rises and falls, and sounds almost resembling horns and pseudo-rhythmic segments appear, before the piece ends on a foundation rattling note There are also pieces included with less clear sources, but are no less engaging.

Voices appear at erratic times throughout "Untitled ", augmented by swirling tones and understated electronics. There is a notable amount of activity to be heard, though where it is coming from is anything but clear, ending with what sounds like a sharp spring reverb passage. Later, however, and almost drum-like thump is introduced that gives an entirely different feel to the piece This release is definitive in putting you through the true threshold test of mental tolerance by crushing you with pure multilayers of harsh analog-tronics.

Submit your senses and sanity to extreme provocation as you soak in the complexities of high and low frequencies while allowing the swirling madness envelope you in sonic chaos. What Nam-Khar offers up here are nine very different pieces of ritualistic music, each with the common thread of bringing you to a place of both focus and isolation. The subtle use of traditional instrumentation creates small vacuous pockets for the listener to move into, which are then juxta-positioned with slightly harsher, more industrial sounds.

These are then all neatly sewn together with ice cold drones, warm bass sounds and synth sweeps With its short stabs and metallic sounds, the music can sometimes feel cold, unsettling and edgy.

Tracks such as Shidak re-shaped could easily soundtrack the nightmare segment from a film, where the drones pull you stumbling through dark corridors, treading uncertain footsteps with a feeling of anxiety, never knowing what shapes are hiding out in the shadows, or what lies just around the corner. But the other side to the music from Nam-Khar lies in the warm, rich textured sounds and the drones that slowly build in density.

Each aspect complimenting each other to bring a rich varied sound to the whole album and drawing all the tracks together Samples for the second track are provided by David Von Ekberg. Part of those even included my then 8-year-old son reading improvised poetry. These loops were meant to get the ball rolling on our collaboration, but rather than using these loops at the time, Gigi instead sent me back a set of all new tracks that were inspired by my loops.

I then added my parts and that became our 1st album. Then inunknown to me he went back to those original loops and blended them into his alchemic audio processes and created a whole new musical work. I then spent parts of and overdubbing further additions, crafting a final mix and a master.

Dreamfields is a deep collaboration made up of many layers. I see it as a great sonic painting that contains a nice balance of our individual voices as well as some new sonic landscapes that neither of us expected and I am very proud of the result!

As with the previous releases, one gets the feeling when listening to 'Spheres' of being a passenger. A passenger aboard this vast, ghostly vessel that eerily glides through the galaxy, or across the thoughts and expanses of the inner mind; equally just as distant.

Aboard this vessel, you become an observer. A witness to the might, power and wonders of the universe. A coming together of great forces; clashes between energies of immeasurable magnitude, such as on the track 'Orbiting Iron Spheres'. On this offering, quite possibly his best to date, we are treated to 6-tracks of symphonic and celestial awe. The universe is indeed a haunted house and Phantom Ship is one of its bigger spectres In the words of the artist himself - "'Spheres' is inspired by the eternal dialogue between the inner and the outer sphere of the human psyche" Petersburg-based project Pustota presents almost two hours of conceptual useless filling of the surrounding ether.

Two whole discs as a result of mental cleansing and informational self-cleaning. Monotonous chaos and complete absence of any inner systematics.

Absurd meditation for complete detachment from any positive or negative characteristics. And all this without a doctor's prescription Now, 25 years after the inception of his solo ambient project, Rapoon is still very much with us and still very much active The Mercury Rising Trilogy will comprise of three brand new studio albums, all with exclusive material. What if you had created a race of sentient beings and then simply abandoned them, having no further use left for them?

What might become of them and what sort of world would these replicants create for themselves, if left to their own devices?. Celebrations and rituals created to overcome the sense of loss and abandonment, after being discarded by their creators, deemed to have no further worth. Scattered across the many moons in their new solar system, they gather en masse to worship under alien skies, bathed in the fractured light of moons and suns.

Dressed in splendid costumes, they sing and dance along great winding, standing stone pathways; a procession of vibrant colours and chants moving hypnotically towards stone circles raised high to the heavens Processed vocals, atmospheric pads, sub bass patterns, strings and old school sci-fi sounds all exquisitely layered to produce an album of intense beauty. The feel is one of ceremonial celebration and ritualistic joy. A ray of shining hope in the lives of a forgotten people.

The journey now continues Every years the moons align and block out the light entirely from the small inhabited planet of Offworld OP1.

Too cold even for the androids to survive they move en-masse to the farthest moon Celios and wait out the winter in the relative warmth.

The ice crystals in the nearby gas planets rings reflect the meager light of the far sun and throw rainbows down to the surface of Celios… a sign… The androids have built their shelters in the shape of the six pointed star with a circular perimeter representing the outer rings of home system Saturn and the sun that moved.

Looking back along the aligned moons they diminish in intensity until Offworld is just a shadow, a memory. It will take six months before the the first light shines again on Celios and another six before the androids will return.

Celebrations await that return…. Spacious synth sweeps glide through the air, whilst icy piano tones play out, filling the spaces with crystallised sounds. Drums crack and fall away, a lo-fi saxophone plays a sombre song to itself, as alien voices raised to the skies chant the mantras of a temporarily dislodged Offworld race of sentient beings. Robin has collaborated with many artists over the years and for this release additional vocals for the album have been supplied by the Russian folk singer Tatyana Stepchenko aka TOLOKA The pull of the mountains and the deserts and the infinitive light of the stars, shining from the distant past.

We travel… [label info] [ bandcamp ]. Using original poetry composed by founder Stuart Harris, he began writing new material with John Frost to produce the album "Legion". The new album retains a darker, more disturbing portrayal of the sociopathic nature of serial killers - be they psychopathic, or simply mentally disturbed - again, utilising various styles to signify various killers own tastes.

Though more "accessible" in nature, it becomes for that reason - more real. These people walk among us! In the ancient Celtic tradition, a Nemeton was a sacred space, primarily situated in natural areas, often sacred groves of trees. The album 'Nemeton' will take you to your own sacred place, as it hints at what lies hidden, ever deeper in the thick forests and darkened woods of Germany. A lo-fi master piece in dark ambient, the six tracks on this CD invoke feelings of apprehension, wonder and longing for a place never visited in the flesh but often travelled to in the minds eye.

A place that lies tantalising just out of reach in the distance but that at any moment can become all consuming and enveloping. Encompassing you in thick dark layers of ambience and transporting you to a space from which there is no return. The opening track 'cold morning' invokes images of sunlight playing across fields steeped in deep white snow while your cold breath disappears in to the morning air. The title track 'winterlicht' is a slowly evolving darker, deeper 13 minute drone piece.

Here the heavy mantle of winter steadily envelopes the listener, drawing the darkness of the nights ever nearer, as the cold winds howl and the ice begins to form, locking the landscape in to a frozen tundra The play between light and dark, the subtle use of environmental sounds and carefully chosen instruments, played by a stellar array of Seetyca's friends, is what makes this album truly engaging.

The listener is pulled between worlds, shrouded in dense layers of fog or pinned to the edge of a scene, forced to watch as an observer, while the part plays out. The album is laced with lush melodies, light ambient touches and otherworldly samples which bring to this piece a welcome sense of detachment For this release, Seetyca has been joined by a number of contributing artists including Thom Yeesland ambiant guitar soundsJulian Eckstein trombone and Kris Caelis glockenspiel and environmental sounds.

Seetyca himself plays an array of instruments including e-maschinen, samplers, ocarina, recorder, zither and acoustic guitar to name but a few. Even if the approach is different, the sound is definitively and uniquely Sektorwith shifting layers of industrial clutter, mechanical whir, and gloomy, unsettled synthdrift. A necessary companion to all Sektor works and a nice counterpoint to the heavier, more rhythmic based material.

A fantastic audio document filled with dynamic, hammering percussion, junk metal abuse, shouted vocals, and haunting atmospherics. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release. Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves.

One of the most emotional and profound Troum releases! Dedicated to Eternity. Re-mastered by Thomas Dimuzio. New amazing artwork by Pierre-Ives Girard. Two-sided j-card, recycled tapes. On side A, you have full length War Against Society set, which for my knowledge has never been featured in any of his live releases. Recorded in Zurich B-side includes even more exceptional set, related to Shards of Ordnance 2xCD release.

Live in Lahti, Finland,Con-Dom performed 35 minute set consisting nothing but rare tracks. Studio versions featured in various compilations, while this was first and only time these tracks have been played live! Inspired by techniques like automatic writing, all the tracks are live mixed and recorded as one-shot meditations, aiming to capture the feeling and the entropy of the moment intact. The Greek project d E presents an aural trip to the primary cognitive stages of a human from its birth to a formal operational state.

Ever evolving. Deffektegg is a cold hand reaching through the black and morphing surface of the sea, which is exactly where Weightless emerged from. Mostly built on deep and thick drones, but sometimes crushed by distortion and swallowed in the abrasive and distant voices of drowned souls, Weightless is hypnotizing like the songs of hundred sirens, but carries endless grief for all lives, forever lost in the black waters All music and photography brought by the mighty waves of the Bulgarian Black Sea and captured by Yavor Grancharov from to Very neat.

Side A - Tape recorder, amplifiers, IC recorder, microphone, speakers. Feedback noise action recordings. Trying to cope with the unexpected. Side B - Found sounds cut-up synthesis. Sound objects become subject. Out of context, into reality. On their second full-length album Laskovoe Echo come to the apotheosis of retrograde analogue sound and truly gourmet mastering based on the technologies from the ies. The result is a multicolored psychedelic journey, which could well have become cult album among the psychonauts fifty years ago.

However, even now "Journey Tape" sounds fresh and mesmerizing. Colorful covers, numbered by hand. Cassette with hand-painted stickers. Two dictaphone recordings of three sources of different noisy contents: overcompressed tape distortions, hardware glitches and recordings of street rumblings. The resulting sound resembles the "noise wall" style, but retains the tactical features of this project. Artwork - cardboard sleeve covered with coarse black polyethylene.

Side A - a recording of the search of abrasive radionoises on the territory of an abandoned Soviet pioneer camp. Side B - broadband reception of distorted codenames of ham operators and radio control services. This edition has all the signs of artistic differentiation of noises and can be used for aesthetic compensation of energy loss.

Artwork - kraft-cardboard envelope. Dedicated to all kinds of stuff related to ice except for the ice-cream. Recorded by Labros Tsamis mini synth, drum machine, spoken word and Theophanis Melas mini synth, lead vocals live on audio tape at Labros Tsamis' apartment on No microphones, no amplifiers, no overdubs, no rehearsals, no thanks. Thank you. Inspired by 20th-century classical composers and by ritual chants, Ten Thirty improvise during live sessions dreamlike soundscapes with industrial sounds, field recordings, samples and synthesizers.

Most of these paradoxical and enigmatic ballades are regarded as an "acoustic-mental cinema". Mar 18, by IOK Etched Traumas is proud of this release from Sweden. In these highly addictive five tracks IOK-1 explores a vast sonic spectrum of slow paced melodies and frequencies. Therefore, it is not just a static and typical drone work but an advancement. The outcome leave us in awe. One can Topics: Dark Ambient, Drone.

Mar 18, by Guido Bisocoli. This release incorporates the acoustic stimuli of our last century into an exemplary realm of minimalism. The barest and fewest elements are used to construct an one of kind sonic experience. The imitation of natural sounds such as water and the creation of subtle phobic environment are two of the characteristics of Duality. Bisocoli delves into the fascinating world of minimalism and provide us with a majestic output.

Immerse yourself in his music. Guido Bisocoli is an Argentinean composer and Topics: argentina, bisocoli, minimalism, dodecaphony, electroacoustics. Feb 2, by Lezet. We are happy to release another work of prolific Lezet. Sep 4, by the wolfgirl liberation. Etched Traumas is proud of releasing the first EP of the wolfgirl liberation. There's an evolving hope in all tracks despite the obvious ominous ambience.

For example in the track 'Planet Earth I Love You' a certain amount of time and effort are required before the fragmented rays of light can be visible and Topics: uk, ambient, hope, electronic.

Topics: Russian Federation, ambient. Sep 2, by Kaztalien. The work consists of three amazing naturalistic folk ambient tracks. Kaztalien is an ambient project from Tambov, Russia. He creates rich drone ambient textures enhanced with field recordings since Kaztalien appeared in the summer of as a single experiment with natural sounds. The summer of Topics: Russian Federation, folk, ambient, tambov. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from music that Topic: ambient.

Sep 2, by Room Of Roots. Music made between and using piano, guitar, field recordings, resonating strings, homemade and circuit bent instruments. Sep 2, by Jimmy Watt.

Etched Traumas is happy to welcome Jimmy Watt from Chile. Watt's work methodology focuses mainly on the capture, extraction, editing and storage of audio samples from different sources. He transforms, relentlessly, curtails, beheads and sews sound works from different backgrounds Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr) authors, providing the glue that comes from analog-digital instruments and audio processors and resulting in a "sound narration" split into parts.

His sound works do not drop below 20 minutes Topics: Chile, ambient. Sep 2, by Tide Jewel. This work unites a unique menagerie of influences including Haibane Renmei created by author Yoshitoshi Abe and Sylvia Plath poems selected favorites include 'Flute Aug 15, by Yaws.

Known or not-known for attention to detail in his compositions and a lo-fi approach and aesthetic in creating music, Yaws makes rhythmic soundscapes, exploring long and expanding improvisations through repetition, static and noise. Taking influence from artists such as HTRK, Deutsch Nepal, Coil, and Craig Leon, his music is an incessant, yet subtle perpetual groove which intends to tap into a rhythmic continuum which transcends the listener. Topic: Yaws. Aug 10, by Las Paccariscas.

In this track lurking loneliness, a hope for salvation. Jan 11, by Martin Hoogeboom. These films show Jarman at his most visually courageous and creative, using prisms, filters, and superimposition to produce rich color and artistically bold compositions. The transient images, isolated like paintings, are the essence of Derek Jarman and his visual vocabulary. Topics: The Netherlands, Martin Hoogeboom. The discovery here on Earth of extremophile micro-organisms, organisms that thrive in otherwise extremely hostile environments, was an important breakthrough Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr) it extended the possibilities of life within our solar system and on exo-planets orbiting other stars.

The names of these organisms is a particular source of inspiration to me. There are the Oligotrophs, organisms capable of growth in nutritionally limited environments, there are the Cryptoendoliths, organisms that live within Topics: celestial, cosmic, dar, electro-acoustic, experimental, soundscape, tamahagane.

Jan 11, by islandInvader. This endoscopic release is a long underwater dive in troubled waters. Time and vision are distorted. Fragments of electronic genres come and go. Body music full of Etched Traumas.

The last twelve years - in and out of sanity - she Topics: Greece, noise, exploratory. Jan 11, by blue dressed man. Since the late nineties, Luxembourg based Jacques H. His direct influences are the environment, daily living, woods, urban nature, and withdrawal. Jan 11, by Martin Rach. We are more than happy to release another Martin's work. A spiral diving. Jun 16, by Side to side is a 4 tracks EP exploring several musical territories, textures and grooves. This is the first release of the duo but certainly not the last.

This great distance is not enough to stop spreading a common interest, across the land and the Jun 16, by Tar Miles. Tar Miles is the ghost of Thanos Papadopoulos, Hana, who creates electronic music in experimental mode through techno forms.

Between Transmat and Metroplex seminal sonic footprint, Tar Miles infuses the latter with an experimental twist. Structural and textural elements are clearly identifiable, phat synths, like percussion, modulation, low pitched vocal samples, while they manifest the starting point for Topics: Experimental, Electronic, Techno, Greece.

Jun 16, by Daniele Ciullini. We are honored to release Ciullini's latest release on Etched Traumas. Original released in by Cold Meat Industry the album has now been restorded, re-recorded and mixed to render the modern standard of sound quality still maintaining the perfect balance between subtle and harsh, dark and pure of the original mix.

A unity with double joy: Wallow in the melancholy! The album comes in a 6-panel digipak with awesome photos by Martin Pels. Mastered according to the K level standard. Snow melting on a deserted concrete platform at a station with no name in an urban wasteland.

White trees, limbs outstretched as if barring the way into the deeper woods and the darkness. Bone sentinels. A faint memory of once knowing and now forgotten. Elusive and dreamlike the ghosts return. The sound quality is not at all broken, but very clear. It may convey a certain sense of yearning and melancholy, but the overall feel is one of warmth and calm contemplation.

And there is indeed quite a lot to contemplate in these four compositions, all about 10 to 15 minutes long. While the music makes full use of the psychedelic potential of repetitive microtonal drones, in other layers of the composition there is also a lot of interplay going on between sampled acoustic instruments and undecipherable ambient noises.

Great music for a state of wide-awake trance. The sophisticated delicate ritual ambient which is transferring the transcendent nature of some special places, bringing a thin air subtle atmosphere of dawn and dusk foggy moments.

The below text is an authors preview of this great sound excursion to the mystical area which should be kept secret to save its ghohsts from noisy people attention Intrigued by the possibility that we are not alone, and with little else to do during one of our typical damp, cold, windy and generally unpleasant winters, we thought we'd try to explore the phenomena of paranormal activity.

We believe that the imagination is a gaping chasm. Further, paranormal activity can be rationally explained. Or so we thought. So, with the aid of a spiritualist medium who shall remain anonymousnight vision cameras, field recording equipment, EMF meters, flashlights and dowsing rods we set out to several locations in the North of England that have reported high and sustained levels of paranormal activity. In order to investigate Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP we also recorded noise from randomly tuned shortwave radios, between the hours of 2 and 5 am on no less than 10 occasions.

We cannot reveal details of the locations that we visited, neither do we wish tell you what we saw or what we experienced. We have made use of the sounds that we recorded during these nocturnal investigations and from the EVP recordings in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of "Save Our Ghohsts". Rose Sobchak vs. CD-R, carton pack, 46 copies. CDR, 50 copies with an insert - a painting done by a lazy boy. Beside samples from movies, in this recording were used bass and electro guitar, flute, synthesizers and field recordings.

The album emphasizes the dirt of the modern world. It doesn't even take it out from the depths of human taints and darkness, it just uncovers what is on the surface and furiously thunders against it. Saint Peters Cross continues the path of Mental Destruction who started in early 90s, but makes it in his own way, only taking the overall ideological attack vector from the Swedes.

Next comes Krabath - with renewed sound and ideas. Now the connection with the same-named Czech animation film is lost, and Krabath tries to develop the idea of descructive discrepancy between educational programmes of modern society and natural impulse of childhood.

Musically all compositions are woven from the sounds of various toys and voices of children of various age. Fans of dark experimental ambient should definitely appreciate "Arum Rapasopis". And the closing act is Joan Miro - noisy power electronics, insane brainchild of Pt74 also standing behind Krabath. Blind fury, insane atrocity with industrial sounds of a broken meat grinder - all this will bring pleasure to the lovers of formalistic art.

All sounds are occasional, nothing was recorded by purpose. Edition of 20 copies with full-colour printed cover, all info hand-written in silver ink. Splendor Solis -- " Splendor Solis lat. Shining of the Sun mixes typical Reach Out I - Lefterna - Reach Out (CDr) folk insruments, neoclassical compositional methods and early European musical heritage. Theirs lyrics are inspired by medieval European theology, apocalyptic symbolism, and also by theosophical doctrines and mystical branches of buddism.

Splendor Solis' debut album is dedicated to the infinite reincarnation of soul of a man. The album has been created using acoustic instruments only. Music of Splendor Solis is nice, harmonious, not very intricate but melodious right along. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. The music of Star Turbine, the duo of Sindre Bjerga from Norway and Claus Poulsen from Denmark, is built on such seeming opposites that they both work to collapse in their live performances with electronics and prepared amplified objects.

They navigate the wide open space between mechanical objects and electrical mains hum, creating imaginary galaxies from mundane materials. Strup -- "Disc of music. A very unusual phenomenon in the whole worldwide post0industrial scene, worth of discovering! Dedication to the consumption of people by people CD-R, hand-made slim-box with inserts.

Umpio -- "Opium Electronix Vol. Finnish quality. Rintala and friends make strange, strange music with homemade instruments, DIY modular synth electronix, and field recordings of seashores, birds, children This opus consists of 4 long ritual tracks recorded with sounds of breathing and vocals, acoustically processed through natural and exclusive equipments. Music of this album was heard by author while long sojourn far in Caucasian mountains at the shore of partly ice-covered alpine Psenodakh Lake Fisht-Oshten pass.

Psenodakh means "lost in the middle of moutains". Vishudha Kali presents hymns to the nature mysteries kind of wind, water, stonefalls, wild animals and birds as well as chants on Sanskrit.

Firstly album was released at Vishudha Kali's own label Fight Muzik with limitation of copies. New release limited to about copies. CD contain 4 tracks. It was previously published only on die hard edition of this album as additional CD-r limited to 33 copies. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with eight-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. Made as a web-release, there's also an ultra-limited edition on CDR with full-colour artwork.

A kind of sonographical report of a process that a "subtle spiritual existence merges into a physical body and becomes tangible through the senses. Filed under: Astral Body Drones. Transparent vinyl, silver labels. Silver printed inlay. The final statement of Drone Records and the last release of Spiracle! Crackling noises, granular sounds, waving drones, and more undescribable acoustic objects form an "other dimension" of its very own.

The music seems to point to existential archaic areas in our mind that are unaccessible but somehow known. Filed under: Divination Drones. Beautiful parchment inlays. Plays on 45 RPM! Zoviet France -- "7. Depressive cocktail of post-punk, post-rock, minimal kraut in vein of Can, German Oak and Ash Ra Tempel with harsh incisions of rhythm section, moans of post-Joy Division guitars, mouth harp solo and rare appearances of suffocated vocals. Squelsh of November rains in forgotten cemetaries.

Two bonus tracks. Petersburg and Tver'. Multi-layered psychedelic ambient from Lunar Abyss, a live recording. Classical drone-ambient from Dvory, expanding space with guitar waves and a trumpet, quite velvety sound. Artwork consists of handmade exercise book with various fetishes attached, all info handwritten, each copy is unique. Petersburg and Kamensk-Uralsk, two visions of hypnotic drone ambient. Waves of northern lights, vibrations of Earth, electronic manifestations of static sound.

Packed in a cardboard DIY-box with Soviet postcards depicting rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. Two sides of the cassette - two extreme positions of volume knob. Electrostatic drone-noise, saturated, mild, coarse, with drifting modulations caused by working engine and current oscillations.

Aesthetically quite hypnopositive background for "watching". Ultra-limited edition with DIY fetish-artwork in a cardboard box.

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