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Dateline NBC later asked a structural engineer to examine the posts. In the video she sits, clad in a bright-pink T-shirt, hands folded on the table in front of her. She smiles as she is sworn in. But there are new signs of nerves: She works her mouth, sucking her lips in and licking them. Whether she said to people I was her best friend, she loved me. McCarrick urged her to set up a trust for the girls—for their sake but also for the sake of appearances.

Butsch arched an eyebrow. The first time around, an officer had testified that nothing developed when police darkened the house and did the Bluestar blood analysis, so the jury would have to take their word for it. Some images were almost solidly black, some showed a very slight luminescence that could Somebody Told Me - Various - Every Day A Story 2 (CD) been caused by interaction with substances other than blood, and the rest were daylit shots of the rest of the house.

He also received, anonymously, a printout of an email that looked like it had been sent to Askey by Mike Lang, then captain of investigations in Lincoln County, and indicated an intense romantic relationship between them. Askey denied having an affair with Lang and said the email had been doctored. Next, Schwartz and Swanson received a new videotaped interview: Apparently Pam had brought fresh information to Lincoln County detectives that June.

Swanson hit Play; watched for a minute; replayed it; let out a long, slow expletive; and texted Schwartz. You knew that would help her. So you were there for her in every aspect. The notion that pity, on either side, tipped the women into a lesbian affair brings a snort from one longtime acquaintance:.

Somebody Told Me - Various - Every Day A Story 2 (CD) it explained how Betsy could have wanted Pam to have the money. If you two f—king muff-bumpers—if I ever catch you guys again, I am going to bury you in the back yard. She also says that Betsy planned to tell Russ that night that she was leaving him.

She saw Russ at the crime scene! Is any part of that correct? Did you see Russ that night? She Somebody Told Me - Various - Every Day A Story 2 (CD) no. There were two men inside. And one of them, she now adamantly believes, was Russ Faria. After 33 years in law enforcement, he now trains people in detecting deception. Mark McClish, a retired deputy U. Recent memories should be consistent.

Deceptive accounts often inadvertently slide into present tense for the same reason. Analysts strip away extra words and look for qualifiers, hedges, accidental disclosures, indirect answers, stalling tactics. Her lapses and contradictions began less than 12 hours after the murder. I usually do. I take a shower every night before I go to bed.

There is not a trust set up for them, no. Schwartz brought in his own expert, who determined that:. Schwartz and Swanson showed up at the Lincoln County courthouse on November 2,ready to tear into all this new information. This time, Schwartz had opted for a bench trial, no jury. Askey tried once more to exclude any evidence of an alternate suspect, insisting that Pam Hupp had no direct connection Somebody Told Me - Various - Every Day A Story 2 (CD) the crime.

She testified that she believed the bloody light switch was wiped with a bloody cloth; it bore the texture of fabric. I know we talked about this yesterday but I feel I really need you to believe me. I really do feel that Russ is going to do something to me… He continued to tell me how much money he would make after I die… Last night was the worst. I fell a sleep on the couch while watching tv. I woke up to Russ holding a pillow over my face… He said that he wanted me to know what dying feels like.

I need to change my life insurance… Do you think I could put it in your name and you could help my daughters when they need it? She was the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. She was waiting to be called to the stand, and neither Askey nor Schwartz was calling her. I would love for him to grill me for 8 hours. Schwartz had just hurdled the most bizarre series of obstacles in his legal career.

His client had finally been acquitted. Askey still maintained that Russ was guilty; she had no intention of charging anyone else. Schwartz still thought Pam Hupp should have been a suspect. He picked up the phone, called the U.

But a drunken car crash in smashed his skull against mangled steel and left him childlike, soft-spoken, occasionally frustrated, unable to process complex thoughts.

Charles neighborhood. She then drove the 13 miles to her house on Little Brave Drive to let her dog out, and as she pulled up she saw a man dropped off by someone in a silver four-door sedan that sped away. On August 23, the St. They believed Hupp had lured the man to her house by saying she was a Dateline producer and offering to pay him to reenact a scenario for the show.

To throw suspicion on Russell Faria for a prior murder in which she was the only other logical suspect. Why then? The heat of scrutiny. The U. Charles County had filed a police report about a troubling incident involving The other woman said yes, then panicked: No Dateline business card? No camera crew? When police interviewed Russ, that last detail confused him. Then he recalled that his dad had some landscaping timbers in the front yard.

Had Pam driven there to check it out? The neighbor offered to go through the footage. A GMC Acadia. About an hour after Hupp was arrested, she stabbed herself—driving a pen into her neck and her wrists.

In her mugshot, the expression on her face—above a ruff of thick white bandages—lands somewhere between grim and mocking. The St. He kept his head down, but she smiled widely at the camera, almost laughing, and flashed a peace sign. Now awaiting trial for first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the Gumpenberger case, Hupp continues to maintain her innocence.

BOX St. Louis, MO Skip to main content. Home Features The unimaginable, infamous case of Pam Hupp. Russ Faria's bloodstained slippers were one of the exhibits used at trial. Photo by Kevin A. Back to Search Results. Tank, along with several other former Blackground artists, declined to speak for this story. But I learned to live with that. On Jan. In addition, the estate was not made aware of the impending release of the catalog until after the deal was complete and plans were in place.

Instead, Blackground and the estate have communicated through representatives. I wish we had the Somebody Told Me - Various - Every Day A Story 2 (CD) relationship that we had years ago. I love my sister. But when it made the statement last August that it had begun speaking to labels, the estate reached out to Blackground and expressed a desire to be involved in the process of finding a distributor, conversations it says went on for an extended period of time.

Ultimately, the estate says it was informed that the EMPIRE deal was happening only after it was final, without having any input. During the course of the reporting for this story, the Aaliyah estate hired a public relations firm and made clear that it would not be supporting the deal between Hankerson and EMPIRE.

This time, however, it appears that the final outcome will be different: Blackground and EMPIRE are moving ahead with the plans to roll out the catalog. As of now, there are no plans to take legal action to stop it, sources say.

We have always been confused as to why there is such a tenacity in causing more pain alongside what we already have to cope with for the rest of our lives. In the meantime, the rollout remains on track to begin Aug.

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