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She was going to have to put it all back on her own. I think she was thrilled. Light sheens, quickly dissipating, Album) been reported each day since the blowout. With no outside sponsorship, little promotion and no commercial facilities except for a beer tent, the event still manages to attract a niche following of curious spectators.

The union is opposed to the stock plan because of fears of potential job losses. I left here a long time ago, but a lot of my friends out here know your heart stays here, it never leaves. At this time we are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the shooting, but there is no danger to the community. This is not a contest between the United States and Russia.

FCMXVKSjIvur - October 28,am Lost credit card cost of erectile dysfunction surgery centers Backstops can come in the form of franchise value of a bank or insurance company, or a government guarantee. Her father, Valerio Gruppioni, runs the company and was formerly president of the Bologna soccer team, according to Italian news agency LaPresse. Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol said 30 percent of the fruit that Chile exports has been affected and pledged aid for farmers.

Fortunately, a new trend of nighttime treats sweeping luxury hotels can alleviate some of the stress. No set plans for another book, inner circle says. But his moves toward managed-care privatization in health care and school vouchers in education could anchor another vanity-policy tome.

The Venezuelan model was spotted out with friends on the beach on March 30, The fiscal year begins on Oct. And both Wal-Mart and Costco said sales of higher-ticket items such as electronics and games have been soft. He tried to hijack a service truck and then a car before boarding a second bus about a block away, Pugel said. After police confronted him, the suspect raised his gun and was shot at least twice, Pugel said. Websites such as Craigslist and eBay make it possible to get good prices for quality items.

The trick is to find things you own that are worth more than a few dollars. But with Smithfield selling food technology secrets China can use in competition against other American producers, a bipartisan group of senators wants food security elevated to the national security level. She was killed in a gun and bomb attack at a rally in Rawalpindi, near the capital, Islamabad. EDT, a. Cygnus was originally scheduled for a Sept. The tissue-thin, moss-green squares are most commonly used for wrapping sushi rice.

Their crisp texture, and ocean-like aromas mean that they enhance the fish-rice pairing, as well as having a practical use of holding maki sushi together. Nori has incredibly strong flavours though. So much so, that a single tissue-thin sheet can be overwhelming for many - which is why sushi chefs have gone to great lengths to develop alternatives such as the inside-out-sushi-roll, or soy-paper-sushi-rolls.

In other words the take-away may not be for all of us to pile into activist hedge funds but instead to push our existing pension and mutual funds to adopt the same tactics. But you go outwith an enhanced CV. On Monday, Alternative fuer Deutschland presented itself as a very confident alternative.

The party will stand in the German elections in September. Plaza Towers and Briarwood will be rebuilt as safer structures, he said. But getting the money to retrofit every school in the district has been a challenge.

He was both. But this account seems correspondingly more fresh for the years of leaden interpretation that precede it. And when they ran into one another, they burst into laughter before they even spoke. It may keep boots off the ground, but it apparently kills without discrimination: children, the elderly, wedding parties.

The drone programme represents nothing more than a total avowal of the steroidal neoliberal militarism for which the world has always hated America. Chuck in all the failures to move on wiretapping, copyright, meaningful financial regulation and the rest, and you get a whole raft of pretty broken campaign promises. Turnover at industrial chemicals soared The core comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Revis Island, by its very definition, means he should be out there on his own playing man-to-man.

Levels above the limit can permanently damage farmland. They can disable programs that they feel are installed improperly. BTAKUlwSZUYSANAF - October 28,am In tens, please ten pound notes topiramate online I ran for it — so fast my feet almost slid out from underneath me — and gulped with my mouth pressed against the spigot, so much cold water, so fast, that a spike of pain slid into my temple.

Hiccuping, I rinsed the blood from my hands and splashed water in my sore eyes. Tiny splinters of glass — almost invisible — tinkled to the steel tray of the fountain like needles of ice. All three deny the allegations. They were seized by thegovernment in during the financial crisis as they teeteredon the brink of collapse under the weight of souring loans.

He was exactly what he is right now, a classic example of all sizzle and no steak. When you decide you want to move up in politics, you need accomplishment on your resume. Show me the great accomplishment of Rep. Anthony Weiner. This makes them a robust medium for long-term storage of content. It makes sense to pull back from some of the smaller and lessprofitable areas to concentrate on aspects of the business wherethe banks hold the upper hand.

An investigation has been started. Treasury securities will be honored in full and on time. Among those with atrial fibrillation who did not have ablation, 3. The stroke rate in the comparison group without atrial fibrillation was also 1. The amount of the investment required depends on the type of project. Investors who are approved for the program can become legal permanent residents after two years and can later be eligible to become citizens.

Last December, Congress passed a set of human rights sanctions on Russian officials named after Magnitsky. That led Russian lawmakers to pass a retaliatory bill that included a controversial ban on adoptions to the United States. Escrow and tax distributions are scheduled to be made back to teams no later than July Major decisions still required his approval. And his passing has come in the midst of an identity crisis for the once-thriving organization.

Sincehe has quintupled production, to more than tons a year, and he has eight workers. Doubtless they will look to sell theremainder off once the market has digested the first divestment. Religious leaders expressed concern over the use of artificial intervention and some raised fears that science was creating babies who could experience medical difficulties later in life. According to a press release from Stewart-Haas Racing, he will remain hospitalized for observation and a second surgery will be necessary.

The release did not mention how many other races Stewart will miss. The winner will get a ticket to ride on SpaceShipTwo. Scotland and Wales were also in positive territory but much of the rest of the South of England and the North saw declines although not on the scale of Northern Ireland. Shops there endured a 5. That forward-thinking behavior helps people feel more in control when they are faced with difficult choices. NationalHurricane Center said in its latest advisory.

We have a responsibility to help drive a sustainable increase in production and the biofuels market can play a role in delivering the necessary economic certainty that will help us all achieve this.

It is designed to improve the ability of patients withchronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension to exercise. Thedisease can be caused by old blood clots in the lungs and canlead to shortness of breath, chest pain and heart palpitations. But the main reason we save them, or we think they must be worth money, is that so many of the stories and photographs are so memorable.

Seattle feels like he was stolen from us. It was special. I was excited. The torn pectoral muscle that sidelined him as a rookie was one thing. Last year, things got worse. The numbers were based on a survey of parks that self-reported injuries on their properties. The Yanks moved to Dallas in as the Texans before moving back to Maryland and once again becoming the Colts. While in Baltimore, he became one of the very best defensive linemen to ever play the game.

Inhe was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In fact, they were often rather suburban tales. These dramas showed the drabness of British life in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

They were set in the past, but it was a not-too-distant past that audiences could hazily recollect. Apples, almonds, tomatoes, berries, peaches and flowers would suffer.

One remaining test result is pending. The boot now resembles a Glastonbury field after half a year with a muddy iCandy pram in and out of it, my three-year-old has kicked the back of the front seats to smithereens in his wellies and the leather has sagged from the pressure of two child seats in Isofix tethers. Ian Callum, true gent, replied that his cars are there to be used. What I have observed is that all work and no play makes Jacquetta a one-dimensional, frazzled wreck.

Success is sweet. But sometimes, as those cooking utensil sales show: jam can be sweeter. Some needs to stay in the blood stream. It acts as fuel for red blood cells. But by staring at the region close to the black hole for more than 20 hours of total exposure time with the VLT's Sinfoni instrument, the team was able to measure the velocities of different parts of the cloud as it streaked past the central black hole. Add the garlic, cabbage, squash and broth. Turn the heat down to a gentle simmer, cover the pot and cook the vegetables for about 15 to 20 minutes.

The night [of the landing], I was one of the activity leads monitoring the telemetry, basically the state and health of the spacecraft. It is up to them to take any action. This is potentially a dangerous situation. I am as certain as I can be that Mr Jackson did not know he was exposing himself to danger. Cameron also said he wants to make it illegal to possess violent pornography that portrays rape, and urged search engines to block queries for illegal content.

YJcHsUewctopQ - October 28,am Go travelling what is divalproex dr mg used for Auto companies, academics and government agencies globallyare working to develop cameras, sensors, radar and othertechnologies that allow vehicles and surrounding infrastructurelike stoplights to alert each other about nearby drivingconditions.

YJcHsUewctopQ - October 28,am I saw your advert in the paper interaction between eldepryl and demerol They do not march in lock-step with either the left-wing extremists or the right-wing extremists. Editing by AndreGrenon.

Then three shots are heard, and people on the crowded sidewalk start running for cover. Thestock has run up 31 percent since Jan. Europeans who expected sweeping reforms of American anti-terror efforts are disappointed. The Snowden leaks have been even more devastating abroad than they have been at home.

From Germany to Mexico, the NSA has been secretly eavesdropping on foreign leaders while insisting it was doing nothing of the sort. Leave it to the scene stealing Nets to televise the Garnett and Pierce press conference live last week. Brazilian government bodies regularly file more requests for user information or content removal than any country other than the U. Another tests whether monthly statementssent to borrowers accurately reflect what a borrower has paidand owes.

Venus Williams was supposed to make the occasional appearance as the star player inbut she dropped out with a lower back injury. These funds generally weathered the financial crisis better than banks; none required a government bailout. Elizabeth II only got it because there was no brother, either older or younger, to pip her to the post. Air Force satellites but is looking to break the monopoly United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, has on flying big military satellites as well.

His departure means the company is 'attempting to reduce its dependence upon the Nook as a long-term operational driver,' Barclays analyst Alan Rifkin said. The drug wasrecommended recently for approval in Europe. Even so, its support has soared in recent years, tapping into the anger and pain caused by an extreme economic recession that has left 1. So far this year, 31 people across Florida have been infected by the severe strain of vibrio, and 10 have died.

Experts had expected the deal to enjoya smooth ride through the regulatory process. The rapper, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. When officers ran his name in the system, they learned he had four warrants out for his arrest stemming from several run-ins with the law.

Flav apparently never settled up with the court in four separate automobile-related offenses, including driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation and two cases of driving without a license. It ordered that the part of the law granting it the power to impose such penalties be immediately struck out. A new law will be required to restore its powers. Chicago battles Washington in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

Selig could invoke the broad powers outlined in the Basic Agreement to impose a suspension in the best interests of the sport, but that would provoke a fight with the Players Association and even possibly a federal lawsuit. Owner-occupants have to go through the bidding process, agree to complete certain renovations and agree to live in the home for at least three years to qualify for this program. The Chinese leadership has been focused on trying to build a stronger legal system and forestalling popular unrest which they believe will begin to take place if economic growth drops below 8 percent.

The latest estimates are that Chinese economic growth will drop to 6 percent and then China may be the last of the BRIC countries to face mass unrest with unpredictable outcomes.

The 35 percent decline is high compared with competitors. JPMorgan Chase cut its third-quarter compensation expense by 15 percent. The Pentagon could not immediately be reached for comment. Then, he came up with a virus. He came back and had a really good race in the Criminal Type. It was a good race, and it turned out to be a tough race. We were proud of his effort. I think it has set him up perfectly for this. I have no concerns about it. Although his role at Minden was small — he commanded the reserve cavalry — he was soon afterwards promoted to command the whole of the British force in Germany.

Competitors will be scenting blood. He has organised more than workshops on wellness for various companies such as Oracle, Sapient, International Data Corporations, etc. This week marks the 15th anniversary of their collaboration. The cut of the diamond directly affects how light moves through the stone.

According to Matlins, differences in cutting can affect the value as much as 40 percent, assuming everything else is identical in the stone. After pitching six no-hit innings in Game 1, Sanchez allowed four -- three earned -- in six innings Thursday.

This rare sand cat is the first to be born at the Ramat Gan Safari. Sand cats have been extinct in the region, though they once were common in the dunes of Israel.

With the successful birth of Renana, zookeepers have a renewed hope of reintroducing the species into the wild. It offers a lot of small roles and while nothing is technically demanding, everyone is given a gratifying moment in the vocal spotlight. A One Nation Labour government will extend broadband access so everyone has broadband. Boeing began installing reinforced lithium-ion battery systems on the in April. The Telegraph is responsible for the first part of the promotion, which is the publication and adjudication of the prize draw.

All other facilities connected with the provision of the prize are the responsibility of SalonQP. That level was unusual for thefund and far exceeds that of any comparable fund at the time. By contrast, agency MBS accountedfor Aggregate Bond Index, the industry benchmark. CWQTCbGnDdT - October 28,pm Looking for work where can i buy generic albuterol inhaler Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Snowden should choose a final destination and go there as soon as possible, but it is unclear how he would get to any of the Latin American countries that have offered him asylum.

You cannot improve on anything unless you are prepared to put your hand up and admit your mistakes. That is the first priority. We are truly distressed to have learned that these things have happened and I want to articulate that for the parishioners there. The level,near 1, is becoming technical resistance. If their children or other family members provide major financial support for entrance fees and monthly expenses, they also may be eligible for tax deductions. Henry Ford II. The ability to balance is seen as an indicator of prenatal neurodevelopment.

In other words, it is linked to your development in the womb. One gave the driver first aid while the other chased the suspect. Other officers joined the pursuit, and the suspect aimed his gun at them and tried to enter two vehicles before climbing aboard a parked bus, where he was shot, police said. It gave them 48 hours to leave the U. Yellen was prescient in arguing in late that the financial system was headed for danger and later prodded the Fed to take extraordinary measures to bring the world economic system back from the brink of collapse.

Employees currently do not contributeto their pensions. Together, they paint a picture of how polar bears in the wold are modifying their behavior over the past several years, especially in light of climate change. Mike Enzi. One, two, three, one, two, three… and it went on like that until we got to the hospital. Then for five hours I had no idea where she was. The only thing I could think was that she was being operated on. Any attempt to create an official breakaway state could trigger a wave of sectarian killings and have dangerous repercussions in a region where many religious, ethnic and tribal communities have separatist aspirations.

It says the onset could be delayed if heat-trapping emissions are curbed. Editing by Stella Mapenzauswa and Hugh Lawson. In his 31 years with the Partnership, Mark has worked across John Lewis, Waitrose and group roles and is well placed to take on this additional leadership role at a Partnership level as we continue to grow our business.

He accepted the need for a second vote to authorise any involvement. He should have said he would consult with Miliband and reflect carefully on what to do. He spent the night in Council Bluffs after a delayed flight to Omaha. His court-appointed attorney, assistant federal defender Brandon LeBlanc, who said his client denied the charges at a court hearing Oct. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy President Nicole Hamilton said the largest populations of monarchs she observed during her most recent trip to Mexico were found in El Rosario.

Only two health insurers are offering coverage in the state on the federally run subsidized exchange for private insurance, with premiums for a benchmark plan costing more than the national average. Does that mean he might really roll back centuries of tradition on priestly celibacy? INtWZiyzbF - October 28,pm Jonny was here purchase lisinopril 40 mg The House bill also targets other loopholes in the current sanctions regimen, including foreign exchange reserves that have allowed Iran to deal in euros.

It also targets Iranian shipping with stricter inspection and flagging regulations. Tax-free yields are at two-year highs. We have now refused to take part in an international coalition led by a democrat president.

It said itneeds the subsidy to shore up its insurance fund to maintain arequired capital cushion. In Madhya Pradesh in central India, a report in found half the schools did not serve meals regularly and cooks brought utensils from home. Since they moved the 19th Century marble statue of Dante from the middle of the piazza to its current position on the steps of the church, the piazza has become the perfect venue for outdoor rock concerts.

Here, during a balmy September night four years ago, I had my own form of epiphany, enthralled by the musical sermons of Leonard Cohen. I remember wondering then what Dante would have made of it all, though the real challenge to his famously disapproving marble features was last year when the Italian actor Roberto Benigni came to Santa Croce for his famous recitation of cantos from the Inferno.

He returns next week for the final circles of hell to an expected audience of 60, a night. The southpaw has lost his last two outings and has a career-worst 13 losses and his 4. He had conspired with another inmate to tape a fake confession implicating Lykken. Turns out, the ostrich egg was used to cast the Lenox Globe. S needs to strengthen the non-jihadi forces through covert support, says former deputy NSA Abrams, through money, guns and training.

Abrams made headlines in the s for his support, along with then-Marine Lt. Oliver North, to sell arms secretly to the Iranian government during the Iran-Contra affair. Hewas convicted in for withholding information from Congress about his participation. But we know that these conscientious preventive measures work.

Just like that. You immediately thought of the way Justin Verlander, one of the great younger pitching stars of this generation, got lit up in the first inning of the All-Star Game.

Some investment bankers said there was talk inbanking circles of a possible tie-up between the two given theircomplementary businesses.

Six months earlier, the markettotalled 5. Given that the markets are now higher than when they crahsed in with no reasonable basis for it except the Bernanke QE, it is likely to happen quite soon. The one guarantee is that the longer we wait to curb the excess of global trade as they are now structured the more uncontrolled and severe will be the final result.

He also said his investors bailed out too quickly. And he blamed just plain bad luck. The sector trades atless than 10 times forward earnings or 30 percent belowdeveloped stocks. The Economy Ministry was evacuated, according to Reuters witnesses, and local television Album) similar evacuations taking place across the city. Rodriguez seemed surprised that reporters were aware of his refusal to go to Buffalo.

Not only engaging in adultery, but breaking the law? And how about Mark Sanford? A guy who lied not only to his wife and kids, but to his state when he fled to South America to see his mistress?

Such purchases and partnershipswere meant to give foreign lenders a foothold in China andenable Chinese banks to gain expertise in developing newproducts and risk management. George on Staten Island.

Bloomberg suffered a rare real estate defeat in his bid to turn the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx into a mall, but scored on his second attempt with a giant ice rink complex, now in the works. At times the whole poem forms itself within the mind, before the first word is written down.

At times a couplet, a single lineperhaps the first, but more often the lastor even a phrase or a mood comes first, with the dominant insistence that it be given the intermittent immortality of writing. The wise procedure for the poet is to write down what comes, as it comes, even if only a single line or less is the result. As far as possible, write out the poem without delay, to prevent another visitor from Porlock's silencing part of your poem forever, as Coleridge's Kubla Khan was silenced forever.

When the poem or poetic fragment is written down, the critical intellect comes into play. If technical mastery has become habitual, the intellect may have no changes to suggest. The poet who fails to be a critic as well is usually his own self-slayer.

More extended poems, of course, require more preparation and slower writing and criticism. In all cases the danger is more in the overuse of the intellect than in the use of inspiration.

Originality in Poetry The easiest way, in poetry, is to rephrase your own emotional reactions in the words and phrases created by the favorite poets of the past: so that a thing is "white as the driven snow," or "red as a June rose.

Second-rate poets distrust their own vision, which differs in every case from that of every other person in the world; and hence sag into such uncreative repetitions. It is wisest to be true to your own differing vision and seek to expand the boundaries of poetry by stating your own desires in your own terms. The weakness of much verse and some poetry of the past is partly traceable to unoriginal teachers of English or versification, who advised their pupils to saturate themselves in this or that poet, and then write.

Keats, saturated in Spenser, took a long time to overcome this echoey quality and emerge into the glorious highland of his Hyperion.

Many lesser souls never emerge. It is valuable to know the. But the critical brain should carefully root out every echo, every imitationunless some alteration in phrasing or meaning makes the altered phrase your own creation.

The present double decade has splendidly altered the technique of versification in poetry, by the addition of freer rhythms, consonance, and other devices in the direction of natural speech. It has altered the themes and subjects of poetry as much, until the Verboten sign is unknown to the present generations of poets, as far as themes are concerned. If the speech is natural and conversational; the treatment sincere and original; the craftsmanship maturedthere is no reason in the poet's effort to withhold him from a seat among the immortals.

It is easy to understand and not easy to define. In prose and poetry it means the flow of accented and unaccented syllables.

It may be defined as: The successive rise and fall of sounds, in pitch, stress, or speed; when used of words, depending on accents, pauses, or durational quantities. In classical Greek and Latin poetry, rhythm was not based on accent, but on the conventionalized time it took to pronounce syllables. Syllables were not accented or unaccented, as in modern poetry, from a standpoint of versification; but were long or short.

Since two consonants occurring together made a syllable long, and a short vowel made a syllable short when followed by one consonant, the word honest was scanned as short-long: the rhythmic stress occurring on the second syllable, not on the first, as with us. Honest, pronounced in the classical Greek or Roman way, would be ta-TUM; with us, it is pronounced rhythmically TUM-ta, the accent falling on the first syllable.

This one example will show why verse written in English according to classical rules of scansion, based upon long and short syllables instead of accent, is unnatural and only slightly pleasing to the ear. It is no more at home among modern poets writing in English than Greek clothing or the Greek language would be.

Modern poetry written in English must be in words whose rhythm, based upon accent, tends toward uniformity rather than toward variety. Both prose and poetry have rhythm, the stream or flow of accented and unaccented syllables; in prose the pattern constantly varies, while in poetry it approaches some sort ofregularity. This is clearly poetry:. Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, Are heap'd for the beloved's bed; And so thy thoughts, when Thou art gone, Love itself shall slumber on.

It would be no less poetry if it were set up: Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory. Odours, when sweet violets sicken, live within the sense they quicken. Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, are heap'd for the beloveds bed. And so thy thoughts, when Thou art gone, Love itself shall slumber on. It did not take the line division to make this poetry. Technically, the tendency toward regularity in the rhythm made it definitely verse and not prose, while its emotional appeal, to most people, makes it poetry.

It is equally poetic in either typographic form. Set up the opening of the first chapter of this book in the same line division: The word poetry is often used Loosely to mean whatever embodies The products of imagination And fancy, the finer emotions And the sense of ideal beauty. In this lax usage, men speak of "The poetry of motion," the poetry Of Rodin or Wagner, the poetry This is prose.

No magic worked by the line division can bring it any closer to poetry. Only a comparative regularity in the alternation of accented and unaccented syllables can make it acceptable verse; this, plus the proper emotional appeal, alone can make it poetry. Meter and Metric Feet Meter is a comparatively regular rhythm in verse or poetry. There are four common metric feet used in English verse. Their names are taken over from classic durational or quantity meters.

The first two feet listed below are occasionally encountered in English verse, the third rarely or never. In practice, the spondee may be used as an iamb or as a trochee; in combination, we may have In head -long flight in which the word is used as a trochee; He plunged head-long in which the word is used as an iamb.

In actual verse and poetry, never forget that the actual rhythm of the words, as normally uttered in a conversational tone, differs from the artificial scansion pattern adopted. Take one of the most regular five-foot iambic lines in the language: The curfew tolls the knell of parting day.

The curfew j tolls the knell of parting day. Here we have one iamb, two feet consisting of mere accented syllables for which we have no name, and two feet of three syllables each unaccentaccentunaccent, or amphibrachs. To make the actual line fit the planned iambic pattern, we have to divide words as follows: The cur-1 few tolls the knell of part-1 ing day. Absolutely natural iambic lines are rare: And dwell upon your grave when you are dead.

The Comedy of Errors, William Shakespeare. A repetition of such lines would be monotonous, unnatural and intrinsically unpoetic. To show a still further group of variations, the opening of Hamlet's most famous soliloquy, commencing "To be or not to be," is theoretically in the same iambic five-foot pattern: three lines, each consisting theoretically of five ta-TUM's.

The actual scansion brings in strange and unusual feet, or groups of unaccents with one accent, and shows that these three lines have only four actual feet apiece a foot being, in. English, normally grouped around one accentwhere the pattern called for five in each line: To be I or not to be. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare. Here are four feet of two syllables each two iambs and two trochees ; four of three syllables each three amphibrachs and one anapest ; one of one syllable; and three of four syllables each two of one type, one of another. And only four natural feet to each line. This is acceptable five-foot iambic verse, in the hands of the world's greatest master. In later plays, his variations became more extreme, until at times his rhythms were less regular than Whitman's typical free verse or polyrhythmic poetry.

What is desired, in metric poetry, is a regular pattern, with restrained freedom and variety in its use. The poet should learn to scan his poetrythat is, to mark the accented and unaccented syllables as above, and then to divide it both into the natural speech rhythm and into the artificial pattern rhythm.

There is no need for pride, if the poetry is excessively regular. As a rule, that means that it is strained and unnatural in phrasing, and to that extent falls below true greatness in technique. In reading poetry aloud or to oneself, avoid most of all an unnatural singsong. Instead, read this and all other poetry as naturally as if it were unpatterned prose.

The pattern is there and will make itself felt. Excellence in reading depends upon naturalness in expression. Many more words in English are trochees than iambs. Iambic is the preferred pattern because such trochaic words are normally introduced by a one-syllabled unaccented article, preposition, or the like.

Normally lines do not open with the trochee hoping, but rather with such a phrase as in hoping, for hoping, and hoping, this hoping, if hoping, and so on. Lines name the metric pattern and are described by the type of foot and the number of feet to the line.

Thus a one-foot iambic line could be written: All hail! A two-foot iambic line would be: All hail to you! A three-foot iambic line would be: All hail to you, my friends! A four-foot iambic line would be: All hail to you, my worthy friends!

A five-foot iambic line would be: All hail to you, my wholly worthy friends! Note how naturally trochaic words like wholly and worthy fit into this iambic pattern. This line might have been: In hailing friendship's wholly worthy sons, in which case four words hailing, friendship's, wholly, worthy are complete trochees in themselves, yet are transformed into word-split units in the iambic pattern, by the introductory unaccented word in and the concluding accented word sons.

The iambic pattern may be used with a feminine ending: that is, with the addition of an unaccented syllable to the last foot. A stanza of five lines, successively one- two- three- four- and five-foot iambic lines with feminine endings, could be manufactured easily: Good morning, Benignant April, With all your rainbow blossoms, With birds all carolling their rapture, With love alive within the hearts of maidens.

The scansion for this would be:. With all I your rain-1 bow bios-1 soms, With birds all car-1 oiling their rap- ture, With love I alive within the hearts of maid-1 ens. This is often described as if the first line, for instance, were a twofoot line, with one syllable missing, and is called catalectic verse.

The reality is that of an iambic foot followed by a loose or unattached, unaccented syllable. Writing iambic verse is as easy as writing any form of verse. Iambic verse may be altered into trochaic at any time, by adding an accented syllable to each line's beginning or by removing the opening unaccented syllable.

The process may be reversed as easily, thus changing trochaic verse into iambic. Start with this iambic version: And then the little Hiawatha Remarked unto the old Nokomis, I know that hills are edged with valleys. By adding an accented syllable at the beginning of each line, this becomes trochaic: Now and then the little Hiawatha Said aloud unto the old Nokomis, Well I know that hills are edged with valleys. By removing the opening unaccented syllable in each iambic line above, the lines are four-foot trochaic: Then the little Hiawatha Said unto the old Nokomis, All the hills are edged with valleys.

This is the regular meter of Longfellow's Hiawatha and is as easy to write as iambic verse. Trochaic Verse Trochaic verse is less usual in English than iambic, because the custom of the language is to introduce most remarks with an unaccented syllable or word.

Hiawatha opens upon this pattern: Should you ask me, whence these stories, Whence these legends and traditions, With the odours of the forest, With the dew and damp of meadows.

Hiawatha, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In natural accent the first three of the lines quoted have only two accents apiece, and not four: so that the natural scansion, as of the third line, is With the odours of the forest. Shakespeare commences a witches' incantation with the abrupt staccato natural accent: Round about the cauldron go; In the poisoned entrails throw.

Toad, that under cold stone Days and nights has thirty-one Sweltered venom sleeping got, Boil thou first f the charmed pot. Macbeth, William Shakespeare. An interesting variation here is the use of cold as a dissyllable, as if it were pronounced co-old. It may be regarded as the one-syllabled cold, followed by a pause consuming the length of time it would take to pronounce an unaccented syllable. In any case, it is an effective variant device.

Trochaic verse might certainly be described with propriety as iambic verse, with the introductory unaccented syllable omitted in each line. The description is unimportant; the important thing is to choose, understand, and use adequately the pattern, whatever it is called. But the accepted pattern is trochaic four-foot, and the custom is to prefer the first scansion given. At any time, within reason dictated by the poet's own. Similar substitutions may take place in dactylic verse.

The best poetry contains variety within uniformity. Notice that in the trochaic lines from Macbeth the last unaccented syllable is omitted in every line. This again gives an example of catalectic verse. The name is unimportant: a trochaic line may end on a masculine ending as easily as an iambic line ends on a feminine ending. A dactylic line may end on a trochee or an accented syllable; an anapestic line may have an extra unaccented syllable, or even two of them, without losing its anapestic character.

Variety in uniformity It may be described as an iamb with an extra unaccented syllable added before it. A typical line following this pattern would be: To the end of the world in the dawn.

The English language has more accented syllables than many others, and a succession of two unaccented syllables is comparatively infrequent. There are so few natural anapests in the language that this is usual and permitted. The same thing applies to dactylic verse. In anapestic and dactylic verse, a fourth syllable, usually unaccented, again like a grace note, may appear in any foot. So long as such variations please the inner ear, the inner sense of word music, they are aids.

The natural poet will always make his own patterns, knowing that poetry is self-created and not devised by rigid rules.

It may be described as a trochee with an extra unaccented syllable added after it. Here is an illustration: Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered; Stormed at with shot and shell, Boldly they fought, and well.

Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered; Stormed at with shot and shell, Boldly they fought, and well. Once the technique of scansion is mastered, the poet must be his own court of last appeal upon it. These feet become excessively monotonous in long poems, though they may be used with advantage in brief lyrics. Variations in Metric Verse The use of variations in metric verse is widespread.

The development of every poet of importance, whose technique did not begin and remain rigid and crystallized, has been in the direction of more and more variety. This is displayed impressively by the development of Shakespeare and of Keats. Little such development is shown in the technique of more rigid minor poets. A few examples must suffice. Shakespeare in his final peak period wrote lines whose natural scansion was as loose as: A malady Most in-1 cident to maids; bold oxlips and The crown imperial; lilies of all kinds.

The flow-1 er-de-luce being one! O, these 11 lack. The Winter's Tale, William Shakespeare. One of the most praised lines in Keats is: Robs not I one light seed from the feath-1 er'd grass.

Hyperion, John Keats. Keats has at least one line, in the same pattern, consisting of five trochees: Thea! Where is Saturn? Robert Frost has such masterly lines as the following, in the same five-foot iambic pattern: And spread her apron to it. She put out her hand. Strange how such innocence gets its own way. The Black Cottage, Robert Frost. And the saw snarled and rattled, snarled and rattled. But the hand was gone already. In this last line the monosyllable So is followed by a pause that takes the place of a foot and a half.

One of Frost's most triumphant variations is: Littlelessnothing! And that ended it. Alison Gross, Old English Ballad. Where the chaf-1 finch sings on the or-1 chard bough.

Home-Thoughts, from Abroad, Robert Browning. So numerous are the variations to which the metric pattern in English can be adapted, to the greater naturalness of the poetry. Accent Pattern Instead of Metric Coleridge, in one poem, abandoned the formal metric foot altogether, in favor of a rediscovered Old English method of letting the line pattern consist of a definite number of accents, with any number of unaccented syllables, occurring in any order.

How drow-1 sily it crew. Christabel, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This follows the same method of accent versification. Walter de la Mare's most famous poem is built around a pattern of three accents to the line, as the second and fourth line below indicate; he uses unaccented syllables where he pleases: But on-1 ly a host of phantom listeners That dwelt in the lone house then, Stood lis-1 tening in the qui-1 et of the moonlight To that voice from the world of men.

The Listeners, Walter de la Mare. Other modern poets have done as much, or more. Variety within uniformity. Blank Verse and Free Verse Blank verse means simply unrhymed verse.

Any line pattern, if unrhymed, is blank verse. Heroic blank verse is unrhymed five-foot iambic poetry or verse. Most of Shakespeare is written in heroic blank verse. Heroic couplets, beloved of Dryden and Pope, are pairs of five-foot iambic lines rhymed with each other. Free verse may be rhymed or unrhymed, although it is usually unrhymed, since rhyming is an even more unnatural convention of poetry than meter; and the poet who has abandoned formal meter will hardly, as a rule, still use the device of rhyming.

Free verse is verse without a metric pattern, but with a wider pattern than meter allows. It still tends toward regularity, rather than variety, and the final court of appeals as to whether any example should be classified as poetry or prose from a standpoint of content, or as verse or prose from a standpoint of technique, is the individual poet or reader himself.

To many readers, the following are all poetry: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, return, ye children of men. The Ninetieth Psalm. But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicatewe cannot consecratewe cannot hallowthis ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or to detract. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here; but it can never forget what they did here.

The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln. Out of the cradle endlessly rocking, out of the mockingbird's throat, the musical shuttle, out of the Ninth-month midnight, over the sterile sands, and the fields beyond, where the child leaving his bed wandered alone, bareheaded, barefoot, down from the showered halo, up from the mystic play of shadows twining and twisting as if they were alive.

Walt Whitman used the artificial line division of poetry to present the third of these selections; the King James version of the Bible and Lincoln used the natural line division so familiar in the printing of prose. Little or nothing is added by the artificial line division: Out of the cradle endlessly rocking, Out of the mocking-bird's throat, the musical shuttle, Out of the Ninth-month midnight, Over the sterile sands, and the fields beyond, where the child leaving his bed wandered alone, bareheaded, barefoot, Down from the showered halo, Up from the mystic play of shadows twining and twisting as if they were alive.

It is poetry, to many, in either form; and the first form is the more natural and readable. Scan the Whitman selection, or any of the others, and the tendency toward regularity of rhythm becomes apparent: a wider regularity, perhaps only an up rhythm or a down rhythm, but still inevitably there.

This distinguishes free verse from prose, from the technical point of view. At times writers of free verse let their lines reach surprising lengths, no matter how lovely the music is: thus Sandburg. Cool Tombs, Carl Sandburg. Again the lines can be extremely brief: It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

Fog, Carl Sandburg. The free verse writer devises his own line-division pattern. This form, eliminating the devices of meter and rhyme, calls on the poet to avoid the inconsequential and the trivial, and to write down only his important utterances. If rhyme is a shelter for mediocrity, as Shelley wrote in his preface to The Revolt of Islam, free verse is a test of the best that the poet has in him. Line Length in Verse Oliver Wendell Holmes, himself a doctor, advanced the theory that line length in verse marked physiologically the normal breathing of the poet.

In other words, a breath should be taken at the end of each line; and the line should be no longer than the poet's ability to hold his breath. No artificial line division is used in prose, to indicate where a breath should be taken. There is no greater reason for artificial line division in poetry.

It still remains true that the long Greek lines, each consisting of six feet, called for huge-breasted warriorbards to chant them; that the norm of English verse, the five-foot iambic line, indicates a lesser chest expansion in the typical English poet; and that the briefer modern tendency shows a further deterioration in the chest expansion of poets. Where poetry consists in end-stopped lineslines with a natural pause at the end of each linethere is more reason for an artificial line division.

Shakespeare began so; many poets never get beyond this, in the main. But when we come to poetry like We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life. A sonnet set up in this manner appears: O bitter moon, O cold and bitter moon, climbing your midnight hillside of bleak sky, the earth, as you, once knew a blazing noon. Night brings the Album) hour when she will die. We shall be cold as you are, and as bitter, icily circling toward a tepid fire, playing at life with our deceitful glitter, past joy, past hope, forever past desire.

Yet still the forest lifts its leafy wings to flutter for a while before the chill. And still the careless heart is gay, and sings in the green temple on the dusty hill.

And the gulls tumble, and the homing ships peer for the harbor. And the sand drips. The Flight of the Eagle, v, Clement Wood. In an earlier volume, this had appeared with the usual line division of poetry as ordinarily printed. Rhyme can occur of course in ordinary prose, although this usage is extremely rare. Where the rhythm of verse is used, as in the sonnet quoted, it is possible for poets to use the line and paragraph division usual to prose, if this is desired.

Common Name, or Explanation A verse containing one metrical foot. A verse containing two metrical feet. A measure consisting of two metrical feet; a ditrochee.

A verse containing three metrical feet. A verse containing four metrical feet. A verse containing five metrical feet. A verse containing six metrical feet. A verse containing eight metrical feet. A strophic verse of two lines, usually called a couplet today. Evaluation is hard. I always say that is for others to judge but, that said, you know when something is working or not. First, I like to be challenged. Jonathan Ellery, founder of Browns, is a good editor of what is good and he knows how to challenge the guys in the studio.

The phrase we use a lot around here is, Make yourself feel uncomfortable. That way, you dont stand still. It works. My criterion for good design is based on two questions: Do I wish Id done it? Would I steal it? How does process play a role in the creation of good work?

It is vital. Especially in editing down ideas. Understanding your inuences and reference points is even more critical. When a designer can mix old and new, understand his or her reference points, know the origin of ideas, then he or she can create more stimulating work, tell better stories, and help persuade clients. It becomes even more important how you then present your inuences and ideas in todays world with all its touch points and myriad mediums.

But it is an exercise to be enjoyed. An eective design process is always very much about the editthis typeface or that, this material or that one, this editorial or another, and so on. But the process is also about enjoying the friction that arises as you make decisions.

Contemporary, for example, isnt always Helvetica tightly spaced in Flouro foilsit can be about woodcut in modernist surroundings. Picasso and Czanne are known for abstract and cubist works, but both were superb technical draftsmen who could draw beautifully and accurately. Without this training and under- standing, they would not have been able to create the works for which they are best known. Sandra Equihua and her husband and collaborator, Jorge Gutierrez, are cocreators of the the Emmy awardwinning cartoon El Tigre on Nickelodeon.

She grew up in Tijuana and, like many from that city, came to San Diego for opportunity, thus helping to make it one of the most vibrant visual arts communities in the West. She began her career in design, but she soon developed skills in illustration, voice acting, and animation. She is heavily inuenced by the midcentury giants of illustration as well as Mexican folk craft and anime from Japan. Sandra, when you see good design, what is it that appeals to your senses, your intellect?

When more detail is appropriate, a good designer ensures that it is both pleasing to the eye and well controlled and organized. The chalkboard metaphor for this: Plain and empty aesthetically pleases me. When it is covered with too much content, it becomes visual white noise, hard on the eye.

But when you add color and organization, it welcomes you back. Tell us about some designers you most admire and why. Mary Blair and Miguel Covarrubias are two. They are great.

They use shape and color to create awe-inspiring designs. Jim Flora is another who comes to mind. He is best-known for his jazz and classical album covers that fuse dierent design styles.

Your work crosses disciplines quite a lot. Who else do you admire who does the same? Ryohei Yanagihara. He uses simple shapes to create whimsy. And he is cross-disciplinary, employing design and illustration to create something more powerful than either alone. Color, concept, and shape are the keys to the gateway of cross-disciplinary design.

Master them and you can explore a myriad of other work such as illustration, sculpture, character design, and motion graphics. Even the ugliest design can have a useful purpose so long as it sends a message that elicits a reaction. Good design is all about function. So yes, there is a place for pretty design or just plain pleasing, if the function is merely to look pretty or please.

But good design takes it further. Good design pushes. Good design has a missionto communicate. Joel Nakamura I like it because it is a time machine. I remember them looking just like this when I was a kid.

The manufacturer left the design alone. Good for them and good for children. No reason to change it. Its classic. Just add a GPS navigation system, and the modern kid is ready to roll. Its perfect in its practicality, from the slight curve in the handle to allow you to walk upright when pulling it behind you, to the curved lip on the top of the bed to allow smooth loading and unloading of children, dogs, and cargo.

Its got sturdy axles, wheels, and no-at tires to allow for a lifetime of smooth rides. Peer respect and design immortality are, of course, something we all desire. Even the most luminary names among us fear the opposite: a forgettable career. Peer approval is benedic- tion.

It tells us something about ourselves and lends us denition. If lucky enough to earn it, we might get free of some our most paralyzing self-doubtsthat we are merely faking it, that we are more lucky than good. Earning respect is dicult. It oats back just as it seems within reachthe mirage of respect. The only thing we can do is keep learning from our mistakes and honing our skills.

We must continuously seek work better than our own to emulate. We cannot grow complacent. Approval is nice. But its not the ultimate goal.

As you have read here, one persons deni- tion of good is another persons denition of something wholly dierent. We cannot bend like a reed every time an opinion blows in our direction. Good work requires integrity and courage. So will you become a design immortal? Im not sure it matters. The only thing within your control is what you plan to do with each God-given day. Get up and get after it.

Heidegger wrote that people pursue that which retreats from us. Tao instructs us be free from desire. Goethe reminds us, Trust yourself and you will know how to live. Turnstyle Studio in Seattle produces world-class work that makes a big impact. Some people nd it smart. Others think its smart-ass. Whatever you think, Turnstyle is a vital participant in a new generation of design in a city known for great design. What distinguishes good design from great design?

When you nd your work imitated by your admirers. Turnstyles work is. Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of attery. Steve Watson is a huge part of Turnstyles success. Where do you look for inspiration and great design? I am often blown away by new media work that has the added dimension of motion and sound. I would love to learn how to do more of it myself, but I already have such a long to-do list.

Then again, I dont know how to do my own taxes at this point either, but I think Id rather learn new media than learn how to be an accountant. What designer or design firm floats your boat? I am impressed by those who can deal with ber-complexity, such as the process-based philosophy of the design rm Lust. They once indexed a book by counting up how many times every letter of the alphabet appeared in the bookthe index for the letter A alone took up like seven pagesmind boggling.

Why do I regard such things as good design? Because I wish Id done it, even though I know I never would have come up with the idea.

My brain doesnt work that way. When I heard creatives from Lust speak about their work and process, I felt like I had been transported to another dimension. Good design does this. It can turn you inside out. It steps on your head. You like to laugh and make others laugh. What role can a sense of humor play in communication?

A lot, if you have a good one. A designer whose sense of humor appeals to me is David Shrigley. His is completely bent. He offers a perspective that is both hilarious and random. His style is often simple and undesigned, a perfect example of form taking a backseat to function. It makes you look. He makes you get it. Words and design are inseparable and.

When design distills something to its absolute essence, it reveals its pure truth, leaving the viewer thinking, Of course! I love that stuff. I call it ber-simplicity. A simple typographic poster with a funny or arresting headline will bowl me over much more than some complex, photographically rich and layered design.

Finding words to describe simplicitys appeal is not so easy. Can you explain it? Good design can boil a thing down to its essence while still maintaining its interest. Take for example the animal and nature art of Charley Harper. He calls it minimal realism. Instead of trying to put everything down, he tries to leave everything out. He distills reality in order to enhance the identity. Harper once said, I never count the feathers in the wings.

I just count the wings. When design achieves such a level of simplicity, its brilliant. Its exciting. And it resonates with many of us. There are many styles and genres that are good. But it is the skilled application of funda- mental design principles that distinguishes good design. Why does so much design fail? Because it is so overwrought.

I take a rst, do no harm approach in terms of the messages Im sending or the products Im promoting. Good design has a responsibility to avoid visual pollution, to minimize environmental impact, to eschew moral degradation. Good design can improve the human experience through visual clarity that fosters understand- ing, simplies complexity, or simply delights the audience.

Do you respect any design that fails to exhibit such a world awareness and human sensitivity? Look, to be a good graphic designer, you should be obsessed with being aware of what is going on around you. You have to like moving from subject to subject. You have to be good at taking in this information and visual stimuli and distilling it down into astute observations and comprehensible constructions. If all you care about is just graphic design, you live in a lifeless cul-de-sac and your audience is only yourself and people just like you.

Subjectively, Swiss stuff gets me every time, especially when the design is a completely new take on that aesthetic. I appreciate design rooted in a Swiss aesthetic that reinvents the genre as well. What gives you the greatest satisfaction? Getting a reaction. Making people laugh, amusing and delighting them. If my work can- not do that, at the very least I want it to enlighten them.

Thats what its all about. I dont care about being a celebrity. I just crave reaction. The creative process lets me get it.

Watsons watchwords for design: Steer clear of sprawling ornamentation, silhouetted birds, derivative indie rock post- ers, focus groups, pseudoscientific surveys, and design strat- egy handed down by marketing or the product.

Mucca Design founder and father figure Matteo Bologna left Italy years ago, but he retains his native lust for life.

A conversa- tion with Bologna is its own adventure, as hi s wit, intellect, and sense of play make you feel more like you are playing a game of hide-and-go- seek rather than getting into his head. One thing is for certain: With Bologna, you end up where you startedutterly delighted. Please tell us the names of some designers whose work you have long admired. Charles Spencer Anderson. He is very famous. He is an idol to me because I never studied graphic design and my sources of inspiration were coming from books.

I used Type Directors Club books as schoolbooks. Andersons designs always appealed to me because of the craftsmanship and the fact that his approach was totally new twenty years ago. Good design is very distinc- tive and very dierent. This makes it timeless. And often copied. Can you think of someone else? Yes, Louise Fili.

I hate her. I love her. You know how it is. I am very envious of her. Sharon Werner, too. She hurts me she is so good. My preference is toward. They are so good.

I am jealous. Rodrigo Cor- ral is another. He understands history, and he knows how to use it to make things fresh. Practically all U. I hate them. Love them. What else do you hate that is good? I hate it. Any approach like Bauhaus where everything should look the same I hate. In Milan, where I come from, all the design is product design, and much of it is very clean.

This look is largely based on the work of designers from Milan, the design capi- tal in the 60s. Yes, it is very influential, this modernist style. I see it everywhere in graphic design but only Massimo Vignelli could do it well. But I got bored with it, bored with Helveticaalways the same thing.

The fact is, its kind of emotionless because its part of. Universal language to solve the worlds prob- lems, they tell us. Which is not true. Design is about artistic expression. It is not science even if theres some science or technical skill behind it.

Okay, so how do you define good design? It depends on who is doing it. Who has the skills and tools to do it well? For example, I can say something and you are not convinced. But Robert DeNiro can tell you the same thing and you are convinced. He is trained to speak the sentence convincingly. I hate him for this.

But the main intent of good design is to get your clients message across with the target audience. Thats successful design. It is not that complicated, really. How do you evaluate the success of your own work?

I feel Im successful when I dont have to explain myself to the client, when I dont have to give them feedback. Album) get it. I understood them. They understand me. We both can move on.

Success also is when I see something I did a few years ago and still like it. How do you evaluate the success of someone elses work? In other peoples design, its good if I can copy something from it, if I can nd in it some- thing valuable to use in my own work.

Thats why I have a lot of magazine subscriptions. I am constantly looking for things I admire, things I can use. But how do you decide what is good or bad design, as you thumb through magazines? If its shit, its because you designed it.

Shit is never the clients product. Its your fault. Its your fault because you didnt ght enough for the best result. Because you gave up. But you know, sometimes you have to give up. That way you can continue. Sometimes, the client doesnt even deserve it, all your eort and time. But rst, love yourself, dont hate him. You know its your own fault if you dont do a good job, so accept it and ght harder next time. The main intent of good design is to get your clients message across with the target audience.

Are you motivated by money or the glamour of your work? I am motivated by work I enjoy that also makes money. We work eight, ten hours a day and want to be paid for these ten hours of the day, but I also want to have fun.

I dont see why you should do something that you are not happy doing. You should put the same energy into something you do for a well-paying client as you would for a nonprot or pro bono client. You know, I can do work for myself and enjoy it, but I need to nd the same kind of enjoyment in doing work for someone else. So, have fun with your own self- produced work but have fun with your clients work as well, because if you dont have fun, you wont give them a good result.

What is the one thing a designer should seek that will make her or him better? I would like to learn how to do motion graphics. I know a little Flash; that doesnt count. I was too busy to learn how to be good at it. That is the true problem success brings at some point in your career: You dont have time to learn new stu. You cannot stop every- thing and immerse yourself for days. At least, while I am at the oce I cannot do it.

In the evening I am too tired. Once, I took a long vacation and all the time I had for myself I spent working on fonts. Type design requires long hours.

Im thinking of some of the. Im proud because I did themnot because they are goodbut because the process of designing typefaces is so painful. Just being able to have one that I did, its enough.

Ive designed a lot of typefaces. The question should be how many did I finish? Very few. What other disciplines do you know? Combine these sentences into two logical sentences. Liman Susilowati. Siva Kumar K. Chapter Stay Connected - Sapient - Letterhead (CD Physical Inventory and Warehouse Management.

Kamble Abhijit. Michael Adams. Estefani Paez. Islamic Directorate of the Phils. Court of Appeals. Scribd Government Docs.

Ihtisham Ul Haq. Priyesh Tawani. Shambhawi Sinha. Nailul Hafiz.

SwordRunner Full 2 - Daniel C. Holter - Drone (Dramatic Scene Setters) (CD), Call On Us - Instrumental, Wild Mountain Thyme - Bert Jansch - Heartbreak (Vinyl, LP, Album), Late Jam (Willie Burns Dance Remix), Conduct After Sundown (Mattbeat Remix), Billie Byrd With Jimmy & Rene - Prove Your Point (Vinyl), Slow Days Of Summer - Garrison Keillor - Aint That Good News (Vinyl, LP, Album), No Name, Horace Andy - African Girl (Vinyl), From The Beat Side - Fleck E.S.C. - Citizen Cage (CD, Album), Pozory - Fenomen - Efekt (Vinyl, LP), Dark Clouds - Travis & Fripp - Follow (CD, Album), Well Respected Man - The Kinks - 25 Years - The Ultimate Collection (CD), All My Tears - Various - American Music: The Hightone Records Story (CD)