Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD)


Also includes a handful of other collectors' rarities, which have never previously appeared on CD. His composition "Peanuts" is a beloved oldie which has resonated throughout the last 60 years despite only ever reaching No 22 on Billboard's Hot and even lower on Cashbox and Record World. They recorded under various names and this is their story.

Tracks from a career spanning 30 years. Six years in a row in the s and early s, the Grammy for 'Record of the Year' went to Wrecking Crew recordings. And now, The Wrecking Crew tells the story in pictures and that oh, so glorious sound. The favorite songs of a generation are all here, presented by the people who made them for you.

The film tells the story of the unsung musicians that provided the backbeat, the bottom and the swinging melody that drove many of the number one hits of the s. The film is a fun and moving tribute from Denny to his father and to the music, the times and to the secret star-making machine known only as 'The Wrecking Crew'. Take a listen! Includes tracks by the Marcels, Premiers, Plaids and many others.

This volume features Dick Caruso. This volume features Gene Bua. Included is an exclusive 40 page booklet with pictures and info about the artists. Included is an exclusive 44 pages booklet with pictures and info about the artists.

Also has a 25 page booklet. Volume 24 in a series. Various artist contemporary music. Includes tracks by the Expressions, Hall Brothers, 5 Secrets and many others. Includes tracks by the Infascinations, Casualaires, Loungers and many others. You really want to hear this! Includes all of your favorites. Everyone can finish that line! Here are 30 songs influenced by Dion DiMucci. Features 12 of their favorite songs.

For a real treat, check out Si Cranstoun videos on youtube! Digitally remastered and enhanced for superior quailtiy. Some went to 1 - others barely made the top Pick the one that suits your needs best! Listen to all her songs! Bee Gees - Idea Bee Gees with 'ideas'. Beatles - Beatles songs featuring the years of to Beatles - Anthology Volume 1 Beatles anthology Volume 1.

Great selection of songs! With sound clips. This CD features different artists' versions of songs that you love, with Jerry's narration on the radio as if he were on the air! With sound tracks. Never too early to start the countdown to Christmas! Features the Shadows, Catalinas, Frontier and many others!

Features the Starlarks, Embers, Debonairs and many others! Includes 13 previously unreleased tracks. Includes 5 previously unreleased tracks.

She also secured a coveted spot as opening act for Jerry Seinfeld ; at about this time, she was featured on a Bob Hope special, and was also a frequent visitor to The Arsenio Hall Show. That same year, ABC developed and aired a sitcom based Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD) Cho's stand-up routine. The show, titled All-American Girlwas initially promoted as the first show prominently featuring an East Asian family, although the short lived sitcom Mr.

Cho has expressed subsequent regret for much of what transpired during the production of the show, specifically:. The show was canceled after suffering from poor ratings and the effect of major content changes over the course of its single season 19 episodes.

After the show's cancellation, Cho became addicted to drugs and alcohol. As Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD) in her autobiography, I'm the One That I Wantinher substance abuse was evident during a performance in Monroe, Louisianawhere she was booed off the stage by college students after going on the stage drunk. Though her career and personal life were challenging after the cancellation of the show, Cho eventually sobered up, refocused her energy, and developed new material.

Inshe wrote about her struggles with the show in her first one-woman show, I'm the One That I Want. Her material dealt with her difficulties breaking into show business because of her ethnicity and weight and her resulting struggle with and triumph over body image issues and drug and alcohol addiction.

Inthe show Notorious C. After completing Notorious C. Bam Bam and Celestea low-budget comedy about a " fag hag " and her gay best friend, co-starred Cho's friend and co-touring act Bruce Daniels. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in Her speech can be seen in the documentary Freedom to Marry.

InCho released her second book, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight, a compilation of essays and prose about global politicshuman rights, and other topical issues. Cho launched a national book tour in support of the collection. An audio reading of the book was also released. A DVD of a live taping of her Assassin tour was released in conjunction with the book.

The same year, Cho started promoting and touring with her new show, Assassin. The show became her fourth live concert film and premiered on the gay and lesbian premium cable network Here! TV in September In this DVD, she notably includes herself when talking about gay people, saying "we" and "our community. Cho launched "The Sensuous Woman," [27] a burlesque -style variety show tour, in Los Angeles on August 10,with tour dates scheduled through November 3, as of October Her episodes began airing in The episode featuring Cho aired on June 26, Later that summer, she appeared in her own semi-scripted reality sitcom for VH1The Cho Showwhich premiered on August 21, [32] and lasted one season.

She next appeared in the supporting cast of the series Drop Dead Divawhich debuted in July Also inonline human rights awareness project America had Margaret appear as one of the main characters, whose videos were played as part of the main storyline.

The Facebook-interfaced game uses a fictional, fractioned future to highlight today's social inequities. Cho embarked on her "Mother" tour in the fall of and slated it for engagements in Europe in The title of the tour refers not to Cho's impressions of her own mother, but to Cho herself.

It is her nickname for the figure she has played to her many gay friends over the years. The film is about stereotypes of gay men's speech patterns.

She was eliminated in Episode 4. In JulyCho started a solo podcast called The Margaret Chowhich features guests who primarily work in show business. Cho is also well known for discussing her relationship with her mother, particularly in imitating her mother's heavily accented speech. Her depictions of "Mommy" have become a popular part of her routine.

Cho's comedy routines are often explicit. She has covered substance abuse, eating disordersher bisexuality and obsession with gay men, and Asian-American stereotypes, among other subjects, in her stand-up routines. A substantial segment of her material and advocacy addresses LGBT issues.

In addition to her shows, Cho also developed an additional outlet for her advocacy with the advent of her website and her daily blog. When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom directed that San Francisco's city hall issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in San Francisco in until reversed by the state supreme courtCho started Love is Love is Love, [42] a website promoting the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Cho's material often features commentary on politics and contemporary American culture.

She has also been outspoken about her dislike of former President George W. She began to draw intense fire from conservatives over her fiercely anti-Bush commentary; a live performance in HoustonTexas was threatened with picketing. Although protesters never showed up, she held a counter protest outside the club until security told her she had to go inside.

InCho was performing at a corporate event in a hotel when, after ten minutes, her microphone was cut off and a band was instructed to begin playing. Cho claims that this was because the manager of the hotel was offended by anti-Bush administration comments. Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD) payment, which was issued by way of check directly to a non-profit organization, a defense fund for the West Memphis Threeinitially bounced but was eventually honored.

In Novembershe campaigned to pardon Stanley Tookie Williamsan early Crips gang leader, for his death sentence for four murders, but this campaign failed; on December 13,after exhausting all forms of appeal, Williams was executed by lethal injection at San Quentin State PrisonCalifornia. The tour, sponsored by the Logo channel, began on June 8, On January 25,Cho officially gave her support to Barack Obama for the nomination on the Democratic ticket for the U.

After same-sex marriage became legal in California in MayCho was deputized by the City of San Francisco to perform marriages there. InCho took up bellydancing and in started her own line of bellydancing belts and accessories called Hip Wear; [51] these she sold through her website.

She also had extensive tattooing done [52] [53] to cover the majority of her back. In NovemberCho joined the board of Good Vibrationsa sex toy retailer. On an episode of The Hour with host George StroumboulopoulosCho mentioned that she loved Broken Social Scene and wishes to be a part of the band offering to play the rainstick or the triangle. On air, Stroumboulopoulos called Kevin Drew from his cell phone, and Cho made her request to join the band via his voicemail.

The song, produced by Desmond Child[59] was featured on her VH1 series. Throughoutshe worked on a full-length album, going through the titles "Guitarded" and "Banjovi" before finally settling on Cho Dependent. The album was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Comedy Album. In MayCho rapped on and made an appearance in the music video for "Green Tea", a song by rapper Awkwafina. Cho and Awkwafina play with Asian stereotypes in hopes that "women of color embrace their quirkiness, their sexuality, their inner-child and their creativity with passion.

Ralphs and family who live in Crewe Cheshire; a John W. Ralphs and family who live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and another John W. Ralphs and family who live in Salford, Lancashire. You may be able to check those out through any British Embassy. Comment by Peter Halder — November 16, am Reply. Yes they were English and I am not sure if my great grandparents were born in BG although I have a record from my grandmother that says they were but she was definitely born in BG on Nov.

I was told she also had two sisters who died at a young age from eating poisonous berries but do not know their names. I have seen a newspaper announcement of my great grandparents Katherine Sarah W. Hancock and John William Ralphs wedding at St. Philips church on June 29, on the British Colonist site. Thanks for your help. Comment by Wendy Quinn — November 30, pm Reply. My name is Chris Ralph and I am trying to trace my great grandfather. His name was Reginald Randolph Ralphs. Can anyone confirm if he was born in British Guiana?

Comment by Chris Ralph — November 4, am. Update to last entry for Chris Ralph. Actually I stand corrected. My great grandfather was Reginald Harry Ralphs. Comment by Chris Ralph — November 4, pm. Ralphs who worked at Simpson and Allen on Water Street. I think they may be related but need more information.

Also saw a number of Hancocks which was my great grandmothers maiden name Katherine Sarah W. Comment by Wendy Quinn — December 2, am Reply. Comment by Wendy Quinn — January 12, am. It seems that he married a Mathildes Branco in and lived there until his death.

I am still looking for information on my great grandmother and great grandfather Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina Hancock and John Williams Ralphs married on June 29, in St. Philips Church, Georgetown, Bristish Guiana. Katherine had two sisters Jessie and Alice. Anyone that has information I would appreciate it very much. Comment by Wendy Quinn — April 19, pm. My name is Craig Ralph and I was born in Canada. My father is Reginald Randolph Ralph and grew up in Georgetown.

I am looking for information on a Bridget with a possible last name of Viera. Comment by Craig Ralph — October 7, am.

Hi, My name is Suzanne Morris. I was born in the Mackenzie Hospital in November of that year. A lot of the pictures are of the staff and of the mines.

One that I remember vividly is of a German submarine tied up at a dock. When I pull these all together, I will post the pictures and a run down of what my Mom and Dad wrote.

They certainly had some wild staff parties. We left, BG inflying out in a reclaimed Hudson Bomber. We ended up in Cubatao, Brazil for the next 4 years, then up to the States, and then back down to the Peixoto Dam in Brazil.

My Mom passed away a few years ago. Suzanne Morris, East Selkirk, Manitoba. Comment by Suzanne Morris — November 29, am Reply. Comment by gale — October 31, am Reply. I recently heard from Bob Wong and Peter Halder in regards to obtaining birth, marriage and death records for my Grandmother and Great Grandparents who were born in BG and I tried contacting the consulate mrkhanguycon hotmail as suggested but did not hear back from them.

I also wrote to St. Any other ideas on finding my family records. I would so appreciate the help. Wong passed on she became widow and moved to Suriname and married Maurits Jessurun. I am in search of my Wong roots.

The GRO keeps copies of certificates for overseas events. Latest information and prices of copy certificates from the relevant web pages. By the way I noticed that in your e-mail address that gave no response, you did not specify hotmail.

No reply often happens when one uses either no suffix or the wrong one. Hope this helps. Hello Michael I appreciate your suggestions.

My e-mail address is wquinn1 aol. I am not sure how to write the address you gave for the Overseas Department… is that in England? Thank you so very much Wendy.

Comment by Wendy Quinn — December 1, pm Reply. Hi Wendy: Sorry to hear. Comment by Peter Halder — December 1, am Reply. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried contacting the the GPO by mail in Georgetown but have not heard back yet. I will try Mr. Knowles suggestions and see what happens. Many thanks Wendy. Hi Peter I am still looking for a way to find my family history in British Guiana without much luck.

I have written to the Guyana consulate on Robb St. I have written to the GPO in Guiana also and have not heard back. I contacted the GRO Dept. Philips Church where I believe my Great Grandparents were married in and did not hear back so I am at a loss as to how to proceed at this point any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I live in the United States. Thanks so much Wendy. Comment by Wendy Quinn — January 17, pm Reply. Please let me know any info available Thanks. If he was an American try googling Stanley Allicock on the internet and you will obtain some interesting results. Comment by Peter Halder — December 7, pm Reply. By the way Pamela, are you related to Mr S.

Van Batenburg Stafford? He was the one man Commission of Inquiry into the Great Fire of He was also a politician. I recall seeing him speak at an Election public meeting. He was a candidate for Georgetown South. I was a kid then. Comment by Peter Halder — December 8, am Reply.

Comment by pamela van B Stafford — September 21, pm Reply. Pamela your Mother- in laws name was Frances!? Her parents owned Trent house on Main Street. Sid Stafford was a great friend of my parents. A true gentleman indeed! Comment by Nora kawalec — November 12, pm. Unfortunately my father would not be the Stanley Allicock that you were seeking. I have been researching and documenting the Allicock family linage and might be able to assist you with the question of Guyana or American born Allicocks.

It appears the original family of Allicocks was found to be in America as early as the s and up to s, just after the war of independence then abruptly disappeared from the records.

It is believed parts of this family settled in Demerara sometime between and spawning the Allicocks of Guyana. I hope that I was able to help. Best regards, Dmitri Allicock. Comment by Wendy Quinn — December 25, am Reply. Hello I was just in Suriname and found a bit of history fom my Jessurun side of my family and Wong but not much I found out that my greatgrand mother Ida Wong was born in Guyana her Mother was Martha Lo som Moy later Marthas husband died?

So I am in search for my Wong family there inGuyana or mabe they all moved other places or the family Lo som Moy. I did see your post. My family arrived in BG in from Montreal, Canada. All relatives at that point were from CA. We lived in Mackenzie for 4 and a half years before returning to Montreal. Comment by kdicksKaren Dicks — December 29, pm Reply. Comment by Peter Halder — January 3, am Reply. Comment by archibald nurse — December 7, pm Reply.

Hello all Guyanians! It is a great pleasure having access to this blog and learning so much about life in the fifties and sixties from ex-residents. I feel it is time to respond particularly to items 47 and 31 in that order. I found this out when working in the laboratory in the long vacation of The navigation re-opened with the shipment of the first set of wings for the new Airbus A from their terminal near the so-called Upper Ferry, to Mostyn for transshipment onto the French antarctic vessel Colibri of Kerguelen for the voyage to Bordeaux for Airbus at Toulouse, via the Gironde and by road.

On the day of publication the owner of the vessel Mr Yacoob Ally sent me a most civil fax stating that the vessel was indeed still afloat and could be inspected by arrangement. The Liverpool Daily Post North Wales Edition published a letter with a photograph of the steamer R H Carr sailing down the canalised section of the tidal River Dee, looking most exotic with awnings for a tropical climate and a tall, thin funnel.

With all this material the project advanced with the interest of the last living link with the Saltney Shipyard, Mr David A Bell, who was brought up by the Crichtons, as they were childless.

He was often invited to attend launches at Saltney at the age of about nine, and like me, was an ex-pupil of Birkenhead School. To answer the contributor who said he worked at Sprostons Yard, he might know that the R H Carr was converted from steam to twin oil engines in The new engines were Blackstone EV6, which had just been introduced as modernised versions of the earlier EPV6 with clerestory combustion chambers and developed up to hp per shaft, close to the output of the former condensing steam engines.

I had been the export sales manager of the Rolls-Royce Motors Ltd Diesel Division in Shrewsbury and became keen on the idea of visiting the vessel in the hope that the engines were still intact and even operable. This project was practicable and Mr Ally quoted Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD) price for the ship including cleaning, for proposed shipment as deck cargo on a heavy-lift or other suitable vessel returning from South America to the European Union, which could offload the R H Carr at Mostyn, as the approach had been dredged for the Irish ferry vessels.

The most promising potential local source of funding centred on the most fantastic coincidence, that Booker McConnell, a shipping line which virtually owned and administered British Guiana, had left at independence in and disposed of all its vessels. With the proceeds, they established Booker Distribution in Wellingborough and invested in a fleet of articulated trucks to feed a new network of Booker Cash-and-Carry wholesale distribution centres, nowadays well known around this country.

The corporate headquarters and registered office was relocated at the headquarters of Iceland on the Deeside Industrial Estate, only 4 km or 2. The research into this vessel culminated in the discovery of archival film of the launch in the British Film Institute website, which any reader of this blog can address and watch in wonder, as the Demerara Riverboat R H Carr slips into the Dee at high tide in June prior to her trials and the Atlantic crossing to her place of use in British Guiana.

B: I hope I have the date right! The bottom line is that I approached The Big Food Group and obtained a Companies House-based report showing the financial status of the new combined company, from my local regional library. More is to be written about this, but I thought all ex-Guyana bloggers would like to know how far the project to repatriate and restore the Demerara Riverboat R H Carr went before it stalled.

In due course the Irish Ferry ceased, the downstream economic activity of hotels, taxis etc. I will continue this account during the year Comment by Pat Hunte-Cusack — January 3, pm.

Thanks for this correction, although I thought Guyanese were the native people and not the settlers. I was trying to find the correct word in a hurry! Hello, Everyone. I asked in if anyone had information about my Grandfather, Dr. Bradford,a dentist of 21 Camp St. Appreciate any information. Comment by Margaret Eversley — January 9, am Reply. My name is Randy Bradford and can be reached at randy. Comment by Randy Bradford — August 28, pm Reply. Billaka willie steele.

Comment by Bill Steele — July 4, pm. Dear Margaret: I never met your grandfather personally but knew his home on Camp Street. His office was on the ground floor.

He mixed with my gang of about We met from time to time outside the gate to the house, Maybe he is your Dad. The person who may have information on your grandfather is Godfrey Chin the Nostalgia Writer. I suggest you contact him via e-mail at …. Comment by Peter Halder — January 9, pm Reply. Hi Evan Bob I have attached a photo of the boy scout contingent to the Arrow Park Jamboree in England and your uncle Leslie and I think your dad are in the centre of the photograph.

Comment by Geoff Burrowes — January 11, pm Reply. Hello Geoff. I keep seeing more and more factors connecting me with Guyana! My home town up to was Birkenhead, and Arrowe Park is on the periphery. I knew it well during my schoodays and it is famous for the Scout Jamboree of The Scout Movement was inaugurated in the New Year by Baden-Powell making promotional speeches all over the country.

It was commemorated in Birkenhead by a carefully-guarded plaque in the YMCA building in Grange Road, which still stands with its name moulded in the bricks, as was the custom.

Birkenhead YMCA moved to a new building in or about and the plaque was moved to the new site. Near Birkenhead School, a fine house exists with the name of Dalriada, an ancient kingdom in Scotland. Chin, who was 74, was found dead in his Kitty, Georgetown home. Friends recalled him having a bout of the flu last week.

His exhibitions were a hit with Guyanese in the Diaspora. After living in the United States for almost three decades, Chin returned to Guyana two years ago. He was divorced and had three sons. Bar-B-Que The secret with a barbeque, of course, was to place the pits upwind, so that the smoked aroma helped oversight and excuses for the paltry side dishes, whether potato salad or plantain chips. I remember this distinctly as my neighbour rode to the Chinese laundry on Broad St to pick up his suit and returned home at 5 am.

He still insisted that his wife, dress and they go out, so he could impress his neighbours with what a great time he had on the town.

There was no foil or paper available. A partner of mine spent the rest of his life explaining to his stay-home wife about the two quarters of raw chicken she found under the car seat three weeks later. First occasion in recorded history the chicken spilled the beans!

Fairs and bazaars Like barbecues, fairs have always been the main source of revenue for schools and charities. The International Bar at Colgrain House was a sophisticated high-class rum shop offering the best duty free liquor with international cuisine to support the local Red Cross and other deserving charities.

It was a pleasure witnessing the various consulates competing to offer the best of their homeland entertainment in an atmosphere of non-professional friendly rivalry. Ethnically, the Chinese had their Chinatown fair, while the East Indians held lavish Diwali fairs and sari contests with tassa drums.

Of course, the enjoyment of the December pre-Xmas partying depended on how many staff parties you attended. Cook-up After midnight, hungry Georgetown night owls would accept any cook-up as the best, and it was a question of your location while prowling. I am convinced that the sanitary quick wash of the eating utensils in two buckets of water — swish-swish and a shake dry — contributed immensely to our immunity against disease, and strengthened our endurance systems.

Towing maxed with five, before the frame bent or tire burst. Draycarts were the lifeblood of our commerce and local market trade. Comment by Jane Macdonald — August 7, pm Reply. Comment by Arlene Mattai — March 9, am Reply. Love to hear from you. Norman email nrocky07 yahoo. Comment by Norman Aslam — March 29, pm Reply. Your comments about the heavy rain confirm what I assumed about the rebuild of the R H Carr, with panelling and windows at the forward end of the upper deck!

Regards, MK. She came from a prominently political family. This, her first visit to India, was to last for two years, living in an Ashram in Tamil Nadu. It was there that she met her first husband, a cellist in a German orchestra.

In she travelled to Germany, married, got divorced, lived in Paris for a year then returned to Germany where she studied Social Work in Freiburg. Sharon now divides her time between England and Germany with her husband and two children. Aruna Sharan is one of two pen names Sharon uses: she also writes under the pen name Sharon Maas. Some interesting history of this woman Sharon Westmaas, who returned to guyana and got a job with the Guyana Graphic as a trainee reporter, My husband is looking for his father Bostock was the last name.

All he knew that he was one of the Editor for the Graphic Newspaper. My husband was born in If you have any information, we would be very happy to know anything else, cheers!! Comment by Brian and Beverley — June 21, pm Reply. We would love to hear from your husband for my husband. Comment by Brian — February 25, pm.

Hi Dmitri. Am hoping you can help me. Some years ago I was researching the Barlow family. Over the years went on to other things but have now decided to continue my research. I am very keen to contact her but have no details where to do this.

I do hope you will be able to help me Sweethearts - Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee (CD). Her name is in red on the comments but have had no luck. Thank you in advance. Kind regards. Pat Morgan nee Chapman.

Comment by Pat morgan — February 15, pm Reply. They lived in Queenstown, I cannot remember the name of the street, but it was not far from Forshaw st. Comment by clbarrow — January 25, pm Reply.

Hello there. What was her name? They lived at Eve Leary in those days. She was hard-of hearing- If you get this please respond! Do you have the details of how she was related to him — parents, siblings?

Comment by Eliza Florendo — April 6, am. Regarding your question on an old photograph of Main Street, Georgetown. I have a very old picture, taken around of some my family members on Main Street. I can send that to you via your email.

Now it may not do you any justice since the focus was the individuals and not so much the background. Dmitri Allicock. Hi DMitri. I see they have totally transformed it to the British Embassy. We lived there for many years and I think it was Dentist Denis Evan Wong that started his practice there on the first floor.

He was also my first Dentist. Mercury and all. It would be wonderful to find such an existing photograph. Thanks so much! About fort yards wide, it is divided up the middle by a wide canal full of the Victoria Regia Lily, the canal and the roads on each side, being shaded by an avenue of saman trees. Handsome houses, painted white, or some bright color, are built on each side of the street, nearly all of which are surrounded by gardens, full of crotons, palms, poinsettias, bougainvilleas, and all sorts of bright-hued plants and flowers; on some of the trees can be seen clusters of cattleyas with their mauve and rose colored flowers, from another an oncidium throws out its racemes of odorous petals, four to five feet in length.

Thanks and good luck. I saw a post earlier from you mentioning Dr Jovy, who used to be the German Ambassador in the late 60s. I have a photo somewhere of me with Michael Jovy at one of his garden pool parties one Sunday.

I just joined this site and not sure how you post pics on here. Comment by Susan Angoy — March 23, pm. I would just like to add to the comments by Jack and Malin-Smith about Jews and Guyana from a historical viewpoint. InP. Chamberlain of Britain proposed the settlement of Jews in the then British colony of Guyana given the horrible acts against them in Germany. Inthe matter of a Jewish homeland in Guyana was once more proposed. The figure talked about wasIt was finally decided to defer a decision to some future date.

The issue was never resurrected. Jewish historical online document indicates that Jews settled in Cayenne French Guiana and in the Pomeroon Dutch area, in British Guiana at some point in time.

Comment by Peter Halder — January 29, pm Reply. The first settlement of Jews in the Guianas was at Kykovorall in the Essequibo. A big black suction toy and lots of fluffy pillows, but you get to see everything else, colordepth sw escapescreen. Referrer n escapenavigator, i show you all the things my realm stands for spanking, and im shocked when right after the first one. The second one is explosive and so so wonderfulgif quality does not accurately reflect video qualitydo not remove caption or you will be blockedraven haired babe megan rain gets caught masturbating and two brunette latin constricted wonderful body mangos pantoons shelady porn trannies shemale porn shemales shemale lad brutal 4 girl tag team match up non-scripted, welcome to my hentai queendom as a gracious host.

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