Yeah - Crult* - No New Ideas EP (File, MP3)


I'm currently working on troubleshooting these problems, but at the moment the largest file I can print out is about MB, or a little over a minute of audio. Each size has the potential to fit about 6 minutes of audio, this amounts to a file containing about 1. Some of these files are up on The Pirate Bay and the D gallery for anyone to download. Pirate Bay recently introduced new section on their site for sharing 3d designs called Physiblesmany of the models are ready for 3D printing or other forms of digital fabrication.

Unfortunately, some of my files were so large that I had to down-sample even farther, to 9kHz, to get them to export before my computer crashed. I'm still not done generating all the files I would like to make, it takes a bit of time to process and handle such large amounts of data, so things are moving along relatively slowly.

Check back for updates, and if you download any of these, please seed them! Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 4 discs, 7 sides Supposedly, there is a factory in germany that does nothing but press copies of dark side of the moonmaybe one day 3d printers will put that factory out of business, but for now I've had to split the album up onto seven sides of four discs to even get it to fit Side a is Blue Monday in its nearly 8 minute entirety, I had to cheat a little and extend the grooves into the space where the label should go to pull this off, but it's not too bad, and side b is a remix of Blue Monday called The Beach, just like the original release.

White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl 1 disc, 1 side This is song is not even 2 min long, so I exported it at slightly higher res- 45rpm with a 16kHz sampling rate. Now that our 3D printing facility has an upgraded computer, I'd like to print out a bunch of short songs like this at 45rpm. I made all these files at half the thickness of a regular record. That way, if you ever find a way to print them, you can glue two of them together to make a double sided record. You can convert your own audio files into 3D STL models in ten easy steps: 1.

Download Processing. Download the ModelBuilder library for Processing. I used version a Unzip the Modelbuilder library. Unzip the processing. Download Python 2. Download Audacity. Download the code from GitHub you can download the files as a zip by clicking on the cloud button.

Open the folder called Processing3DPrintedRecord. Open an audio file of your choice with Audacity. Make sure there is 2 sec of blank audio at the end of the track so that nothing gets clipped. Keep the audio under 6 min. Open the Python file called "wavtotxt". Open the Processing Sketch. After a few seconds you will see "record drawn, starting grooves" appear at the bottom of the Processing window.

After some more time you MP3) get updates on the status of the sketch: "3 of 85 grooves drawn". You can find the finished file in the Processing3DPrintedRecord folder. Once you've made them, post them!

I've been posting mine on the D gallery and the Pirate Bay. Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions or need help getting this to work. We're currently trying to upgrade our computer setup so that we will be able to print out files larger than MB.

Eventually I'd like to actually print physical copies of some of the files that I posted in the last step. I'm also interested in hearing how the resolution difference between the outer and inner grooves of the record explained in step 2 manifest themselves in the audio output.

Soon I'd also like to experiment with some more creative applications of this MP3). This way you could set your needle down in one groove and listen to a loop repeat over and over, then tap the needle to the side to switch to another loop. Assuming all the the loops have a similar time signature, you could turn this record into a cool, interactive sample mixer.

I'm currently working on another project that takes audio data and outputs a vector cutting path in the shape of a record pictured above. I'm planning on cutting this record with a laser cutter on acrylic. Unfortunately, we've been having some trouble with our lasers recently, but I hope to get the project up in the first few weeks of January, as I have most of the code done. I'm excited about this project because it has the potential to be a lot more useful to ordinary ish people. The vector files are much easier and faster to generate, and the whole process uses cheaper materials and tools that a decent amount of people have access to these days.

I still haven't done enough testing to say how it will compare to my 3D printed record, but I'm fairly confident it will work. I received an email today from someone asking me about how far I managed to go with replicating Amanda's process, so I thought I'd share my experience in more details.

My goal was to try print a 3mn song on 1 side of a 12 inches vinyl and see what is the best quality and output I could achieve, noticing that it has been already more than 2 years since Amanda did her project, so I assumed that the technology would have progressed rapidly. Amanda's instructions and provided programs help you generate the binary file, then create a 3D model STL file for a one sided vinyl with that song on it eq'd specifically for vinyl previously as per the video.

At this stage, I don't know if you can even generate a two sided vinyl STL model but this didn't matter to me for that experience. I downsampled the file to 12hz as per her initial instructions and default settings. The outcome was a file that was MB. Generating this file alone requires HUGE amount of processing power.

It was nevertheless a painful process for the computer to generate the file. See attached an image of the model. You'll note that the entire surface is not covered, which I couldn't quite figure out why. I assumed that if it did take the entire width, the grooves would be a be bigger and therefore more tolerant to the level of precision currently available via 3D printing.

I then tried changing the downsampling rate to something higher I started at 24hzso I could get to a quality closer to what I'm after i. It looked something like this:. Unfortunately, the file couldn't even get generated.

My computer would hang permanently. That wasn't even trying 44hz which is what I was ideally after To note: the output STL file had dimensions for X and Y initially rendering in mm instead of inches for some reason so something to keep an eye out on if you try that technique using Amanda's program unless it had to do with the program I used to render the shape - I then had to update the dimensions manually to the equivalent in mm.

I stuck to my 12hz downsampling rate then and contacted the most advanced 3D printing company in Melbourne I could find 3Dsystems. They had by very far the best machines I could find on the market for once off printing. I figured this would provide me already with a significant improvement of quality from what Amanda had produced.

Resolutions were uniform on all 3 axis, XYZ with all parts having an accuracy of 0. This was by far the best printer I could find. The material used was 'Accura Xtreme'. Unfortunately, the machine and vinyl would break before it could be fully printed, the file being far too large. Files are generraly a few dozens MB at most, and Amanda herself mentions that MB is already pushing it. Doing some further research, I then thought that the model may be using a lot of polygons which are not required to print all the details.

I therefore asked Amanda if she thought we could use a technique called decimation to remove useless polygons and therefore make the file lighter, but she confirmed that the program she created was pretty efficient. Considering how precise vinyls are in terms of geometry, this makes perfect sense. As of today, there therefore doesn't seem to be a way to print even one single song in a decent quality. The song I used was just below 3mn and in mp3 format. I'm not sure whether there are elements I could have tweaked to change the output type of Yeah - Crult* - No New Ideas EP (File or material used, settings in the filebut it seemed that as of earlywe were still a long way to being able to 3D print vinyls from the comfort of our home, or as an alternative manufacturing process to the vinyl plants which was the main goal of my investigation here.

If anyone has tried similar experiences and maybe had better outcomes, I'd love to hear about it. Reply 2 years ago. I am facing the very same issue of the file size. Noting that my printer cannot print a file this large, how can I scale the size down? Did you find a solution to this? Unfortunately no though I haven't looked into it again since At the time, I asked Amanda if the file size was that large because of inefficiencies in the file generation process, but she responded that the script was actually pretty efficient ie no empty spaces in the output file.

The complexity and precision of the MP3) on a vinyl seem to make it difficult to reduce the file size by much, so from what I can tell, the best bet is to research what file sizes 3d printers are able to process seemingly nowadays, and see how close you can get to this Yeah - Crult* - No New Ideas EP (File impacting quality too much. Yeah there's not a lot you can do to get the file size down - the detail in the grooves that the code currently spits out was the bare minimum I MP3) that I could get away with without impacting quality.

I think the best bet is to process a shorter audio file, which will generate a shorter groove with less geometry. Reply 4 years ago. That's not really for me to answer that. You might find 3D printing companies that can do it for less with same or better printer specs, I haven't explored this any further since I posted this comment 2 years ago.

That was just for 1 copy though, additional ones were definitely cheaper to make. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Don't give up! I managed to get it to work after some trial and error and re-reading the instructions. Most of my problems came about from using different versions of Windows. I found I could only get it to work on my desktop, not my laptop. I represent a national touring band that wants to talk with you about your 3D printed vinyl concept. They want to release plans for people to print a new song for record store day.

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The crazy thing is that if all these files somehow had been made magically available just years ago, playful producers would probably have been all over them to create new works. But I guess it's a sign of the times that most people seem a bit unimpressed with all of this. Anyway, as a music nerd of course I have downloaded a bunch of multitracks myself. Will I ever remix or do something with them? I would like to, but who knows When they open all the stems will be panned centre, so you have to pan relevant stereo tracks hard left and hard right yourself, in order to get the original stereo image.

Or they have extracted and re-encoded the single tracks from MOGG files. If you are a true audiogeek you can check their spectrogram with e.

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