Seasons - Steve Miller Band - Anthology (Vinyl, LP)


Famously, she sat on the front of the stage at the Speakeasy Club knitting, [2] while Hendrix and Richard Thompson jammed. Fitz-Gerald's album Mouseproof on "Ashes of an Empire". Giles, Giles, and Fripp — retaining McDonald — would later evolve into the foundation progressive rock band King Crimson.

The duo signed to Dawn a subsidiary of Pye Records releasing one album, [9] Morning Wayinand two highly prized, collectible vinyl singles. The pairing shared stages with acts such as Humble PieYesand Genesis. They split a few days before they were due to headline the Hollywood festival in Newcastle-under-Lyme [10] that saw Mungo Jerry first come to public attention.

For a long time, [ citation needed ] the only Dyble recordings available in the retail trade had been the first Fairport Convention album but Morning Way was reissued on CD in November She released the first of several new works — Enchanted Garden — in[15] followed by Spindle [16] and The Whorl in Occasional live appearances saw her appear at Cropredy alongside what was virtually the original Fairport line up in It reached No.

The promotion for this single saw Dyble make a couple of rare live appearances, at the Harrogate International Conference Centre, and at an in-store live gig at HMV's superstore in Leeds city centre on LP) March Dyble took her place at the head of Fairport Convention's initial line up, at Witchseason's 40th anniversary celebration show at the Barbican Theatre on 18 Julyfor the first time in nearly 40 years, excluding very brief occasional outings at Cropredy.

In Mayearly review copies of the new album with Robert Fripp were sent out. Dyble's Myspace showed samplers of some of the album tracks, and directly from her, and from Tim Bowness's Burning Shed, signed numbered early release copies sold out very quickly.

Dutch label Tonefloat released a vinyl version of the album inand Dyble added additional vocals to the 2 November single release "Every Sentimental Moment" by UK rock band Kings Cross.

Termo records in Norway announced a Scandinavian release in Februarywith revised artwork by noted artist and children's illustrator Jackie Morrisand a bonus track from the album sessions "Fragile".

This release was supported by promotional television appearances in Norway, notably on the breakfast show God morgen, Norge! Two tracks were performed live, "Jazzbirds", and "Grey October Day". Dyble, Bowness, and Murphy also recorded an as yet unseen clip for the programme Lydverket.

Harpsong won the award for Best Original Song voted for by the online community Talkawhile in January[25] and the album featured in the Best of lists in Classic Rock magazine by noted writers Jo Kendall, and Sid Smith. The project was subsequently revealed by Dyble to be titled Newborn Creatures and as of 11 February [update] the album was said to be complete. Mastering duties were undertaken by Simon Heyworth, who produced, mixed and mastered Tubular Bells as well as mastering work by Nick DrakeSimple Minds and others.

Subsequent to this announcement, Dyble announced via her own website that the project had run into difficulties and would not be released in the form she had intended, and that she had been removed from the project altogether. I am very sorry to have to say seemingly my album, Newborn Creatures will now not be released in its current incarnation.

Lee Fletcher and Markus Reuter have decided to remove my songwords and my vocals and artwork and anything to do with me from the recording. I do not know what they intend to do with what is left, but they have stated that they intend to release my album without me in some form and at some point in the future. West Coast? So callled cool or any kind later?

It seems that only in the USA are outstanding jazz-performances! But I can garantee you that in Europe the most beautiful music has been made that never reached the shores of America.

Just check You Tube so you can blow your mind!! The following are influenced by thrills only as imagined by the author, and it has no significant whatsoever to the work of the artists. Weather Report! I stop at the soul station just to see Hank Mobley I went to St. On the top of the Hill is the Point of Departure for Andrew. Here comes the Head Hunter Herbie Hancock Dexter Gordon — Go Dexter Go Whenever I listen to Sarah, I have Vaughan The people were thrill at Massey Hall when we see the Quintet.

Bill Evans — Sunday school professor at the village Vanguard. Voyage with Herbie Hancock was made smoothly. The only Duke that matters to me is— Ellington All Structures designed by Cecil Taylor are well reinforced.

We all know that Mr. Albert said to Aylerno unity is better that Spiritual Unity Eric Dolphy possesses the best Table manner; see him— Out to Lunch To Abstract the Truth, you must apply the law of Oliver Nelson Erroll Garner holds the Tide at one of his Concert by the Sea It is always a pleasant day when Mr.

Louis Armstrong came to my Town. I tasted Miles Davis Bitches Brew before, it was great. When Ornette told Mr. Coleman about the Shape of Jazz to come, he meant business.

It was in wonderful Copenhagen when Mr. Brubeck gave no Time Out, and the audience loves it. Here you have it, Mr. How about the Sachal Jazz Ensemble? Not sure how well known they are Stateside — they arose from the Lahore-based film industry, a group of veteran musicians who had fallen foul of conservative anti-western sentiments, interpreting western jazz standards.

But they are so much more than that. Check out their eponymous debut album They have been compared to the Buena Vista Social Club — that rare and welcome push to re-evaluate a genre and in this case to revisit some favourite jazz standards as well as listen to fresh material from an unlikely and unexpected source.

Try them. There is always some crazy nutter adding all the albums to a spotify-list with other great jazz-albums. I guess the most important person in Jazz is Louis Armstrong, because he had the most influence and made jazz as popular as it is unfortunetly was! So where are all the great recordings? Louis plays W. Django would be great to! He is the only european artist, who belongs to top 50 of Jazz!

Que hay de Chick Corea?. Nice effort, but why is there no Freddy Hubbard or Donald Byrd on it. In mho great influential artists…. Its a perfect record. The Song for My Father title track dominates that album, but Cape Verdean is a 45 minute masterpiece. Please try it all. No Gerry Mulligan? No Modern Jazz Quartet? Glad to see Erroll Garner and Stan Getz for sure. But if you are going to include Miles, especially Birth of the Cool, then it is silly to leave out John Lewis or Mulligan, who were there from the start.

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue 2. Bird and Diz: Last recording on verve 3. Duke Ellington — Hot Summer Dance 4. Dave Brubeck: Take Five 5. Billie Holiday : Stange Fruit. Thank you for this list. My jazz collection of records went from ten to one hundred.

Of course it is just silly: nothing by David Murray! On the other hand, if it promotes interest in the music, all well and good. There are one or two other superb Monk albums not listed here. Duke Ellington has been mentioned in many comments, and I agree. I think Blue Trane is overrated and I find much of Weather Report difficult to swallow particularly in terms of the LP) production.

Art Tatum should be there, more Rollins too…. So many……. Maybe I missed it but at least one of them should be on here? This is a great list. The important thing to remember is that it is just a opinion, and not a shot at your favorite record.

I bet the author even had second thought after publishing the list. Lots of great stuff mentioned, both on and off the list. Nice try, but no cigar. Great list. Thank you.

I even named one of my rescue dogs after him. Best dog ever. Yet Bitches Brew is the worst album that Miles ever put out. Self indulgent BS. And I love Miles. I would rather see one of Trains blues records on the list. One woman on the list. My dad grew up in the South, used to sneak into all-black venues to hear the early jazz artists.

He would shake his head at your list. They were also released LP) and are in the Top 5 according to this list. As mentioned, Joe Henderson is missing as a leader.

Are there no new Records? Concert by the Sea is not Garners best. And Hutcherson is great with barron In The Vanguard. No Phineas Newborn here. I would not include reissue compliations in the list. I would stick with original issues. And as Waltz for Debbie is an original issue taken from the Sunday at Village Vanguard sessions why list both? Thanks for this list and all the others. Suggestion: Compile a list of the greatest jazz albums of all times by relatively unknown artists.

I am a senior, and compile bibliography as a avocation. And so it is with jazz. Have been a jazz buff all of my life.

Many great players do not chose a public life on the road. Such a list would take years to compile, and would take the combined efforts of many jazz buffs, but could be extraordinary, and a great gift to prosperity.

What a nice post…. While I am familiar with many on this list, I cannot honestly say I have listened to them all nor can I respond to many of the comments above this. I would suggest two other albums for consideration. I can honestly say that was the single most talented band I have ever seen put together. Having seen them live in Rotterdam and then purchasing the recording, it is in my personal top A entire band of great band leaders!

Second is Offbeat of the Avenues by Manhatten Transfer. There are a few incredible cuts on that album that still blow me away after all this time.

I consider that album full blown jazz as opposed to a popular label. Several of the arrangements are truly magnificent. Indeed a terrific bunch of music, perhaps academic. So the Hot Fives and Sevens, which were never thought of as a unit, should be disqualified. Insatiable ME. I am a Miles man, but with miles to spare……. Too silly for words. Define what you mean by a jazz album.

Support The Music. Gosh, to even attempt a list like this. I love seeing this type of stuff because it invariably requires a lot of effort by the author, it will literally completely please no one, yet it always calls out one or two albums that probably deserve more attention. Sometimes just throwing a list out there to get the discussion going is just as helpful as actually making the list.

No Freddie Hubbard on this list? You clearly state in your 1st paragraph you will attempt to create a list. Thank you for a great source for me that continues the conversation. But i Miss Nefertiti, i think is the best of his quintet albums whatever quintet he played in.

And of course newer stuff. But 50 records are only 50 records. What a great comments section. I will be able to spend the rest of the year listening to some of your recommendations. There was a fellow called Jelly Roll Morton that made some pretty significant recordings. And of course Bechet. And it shows: there are 3 Coltrane albums on a 50 record list…. In my opinion the one above is pretty narrow-minded, sticking just to 50sss stuff.

Make your own list and publish it here. These lists are always subjective and reflect the personal taste of compiler. On that note, if I had compiled this list, it would include some Gerry Mulligan. No Grover Washington Jr? Especially Inner City Blues? I am disappointed with the list overall…:. There are sooooo many great jazz albums I can think of, and some are on this list. But the 1 jazz album that stands heads above the rest in my opinion is not even listed here….

Are Roy Elridge an Dizzy G. And Sinatra — listen to him as if he were a sax! Billie H. Bessi S. Sara V. Where is Billie? What about pre jazz? Is Armstrong really the only early recording that makes the list? Time to broaden your listening horizons folks. Nat King Cole only played swing? Too many free jazz and avantgarde to my taste.

Missing Tete Montoliu as a one of the top pianists. What about John Klemmer? The ignorance expressed on this list is representative of our time. What a ton of wasted effort on this inadequate list. The exact order is not so important. But what gets me about top jazz lists is that almost always the majority of the albums are more than 50 years old.

Nevertheless, there are a whole lot of great jazz albums recorded in the past 50 years. I own 4, of them! A few of the greats include:. Soft Machine — Fourth. Tanjah and Spirit of our Ancestors — Randy Weston. Afro-Eurasian Eclipse — Duke Ellington. Timeless — John Abercrombie. New Directions — Jack DeJohnette.

Lenox Avenue Breakdown — Arthur Blythe. Offramp — Pat Metheny. African Exchange Student — Kenny Garrett. Night Bird Song — Thomas Chapin. Blue Sun — Mark Isham. Dark Starr — David Murray. Angel Song — Kenny Wheeler. Joey Barron — Down Home.

Marc Cary — Listen. The Art of Rhythm — Tom Harrell. Change — Chick Corea. Strange City — Herbie Nichols Project. Elevated — Michael Blake. Largo — Brad Mehldau.

Wide Angles — Michael Brecker. Bounce — Terence Blanchard. Easy Living — Enrico Rava. Northern LIghts — Mike Mainieri. Camp Meeting — Bruce Hornsby. John Scofield — This Meets That. Lawn Chair Society — Kenn Werner. Invisible Cinema — Aaron Parks. Infernal Machines — Darcy James Argue. Movements in Color — Andy Sheppard. The Storyteller — Uri Gurvich. Deluxe — Chris Lightcap. Sun Roms — Jason Adasiewicz. Tattooed by Passion — Matt Jorgensen. Hearts Wide Open — Gilad Hekselman.

On the Go — Matthew Halsall. Trios — Carla Bley. Instead — Collocutor. LIve in Larissa — Nate Birchall. New Song — Omer Avital.

Harmonious Creatures — Sarah Manning. Madeline — Ghost Rhythms. Homage — Adam Niewood. Oceanic Suite — Atlantis Jazz Ensemble. Infinitude — Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Early Americans — Jane Ira Bloom. Beam Me Up — Shauli Einav. Layers of the City — Ben Allison. Ill Considered One — Ill Considered. Awase Nick Bartsch. Glitter Wolf — Allison Miller. Blume — Nerija. Life is the Dancer — Rob Luft. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search uDiscover Music. Rick Minor December 30, at pm. FH December 31, at pm. Claude Soiron August 29, at am. Sean September 11, at pm. Stephen November 3, at pm. Borden September 12, at am. John Lassiter September 12, at pm. No Ella Fitzgerald! I agree. Members of this '70s progressive rock group included lead singer Alex Machin; guitarist, bassist, and singer Paul Naumann; drummer and percussionist Danny Taylor; singer, bassist, and acoustic guitarist Hughie Leggat; and keyboardist Bob Horne.

In A Foot in Coldwater was formed out of members from two bands, Island and Nucleus, and a year later a self-titled album was completed. The second offering didn't do very well, but the band went on with a third, All Around Us. Some of the singles landed on the charts, one rising up to a Top Ten spot.

After the third album, A Foot in Coldwater ran into trouble. First, its record label folded, then there were some problems between members that cost them Bob Horne in There were a few more recordings, but things were pretty much over by In a few of the original members came together to Seasons - Steve Miller Band - Anthology (Vinyl a little.

Some of the albums from the '70s were reissued around the same time. They were relatively popular, particularly on the student scene and as a supporting act, opening for such bands as Genesis, Queen, and King Crimson. Future Legends is the debut studio album by North Irish progressive rock band Fruupp. Recorded in July and produced by Denis Taylor, it was released on 5 October in the United Kingdom on the Dawn Records label, a subsidiary of Pye Records for underground and progressive rock music.

To promote the album, the band undertook a two-month tour which finished on 29 November with a concert in The Whitla Hall, Belfast where they played with the Ulster Youth Orchestra. The track "On a Clear Day" written by Stephen Houston featured in the first hundred vinyl pressings of Future Legends but was later withdrawn from the album.

It resurfaced as a bonus track in the Esoteric Recordings remastered edition. Seven Secrets is the second studio album by North Irish progressive rock band Fruupp, released on 19 April in the United Kingdom on the Dawn Records label, a subsidiary of Pye Records for underground and progressive rock music. Like the band's debut album, it was recorded at Escape Studios in Egerton, Kent, but was this time produced by David Lewis, the frontman of another North Irish rock band Andwella.

Before Fruupp entered the recording studio, they had written six songs, but felt that the album's name "Seven Secrets" would be much appropriate than "Six Secrets", so Vincent McCusker composed an acoustic guitar and spoken song "The Seventh Secret" to ensure the album had seven tracks to match its new title.

The Prince of Heaven's Eyes is the third studio album by North Irish progressive rock band Fruupp, released on 8 November in the United Kingdom on the Pye label's underground and progressive music imprint Dawn Records. Recorded from August to September at Morgan Studios in London, it was the only album produced by Fruupp themselves.

The band supported the recording with a two-month tour which commenced on 24 October with a highly successful concert in The Ulster Hall in Belfast. In JanuaryStephen Houston left the band to become a Christian clergyman, and was replaced by John Mason, with whom Fruupp recorded their last album to date, Modern Masquerades During the recording sessions, Fruupp composed a song called "Prince of Heaven" credited for the first and only time the whole band.

It is about the album concept as opposed to being part of it, and for that reason was not included on the album and was released as the second single with "The Jaunting Car" as a B-side. It was issued as a promo on 4 October and became available at retail on 18 October. Modern Masquerades is the fourth and final studio album by North Irish progressive rock band Fruupp, released on 14 November in the United Kingdom on the Pye label's underground and progressive music imprint Dawn Records.

In addition to the production role, McDonald also played alto saxophone and percussion. Modern Masquerades proved to be the only Fruupp's recording without founding keyboardist Stephen Houston who had been replaced by John Mason in early The supporting tour commenced in Hastings on 5 December and finished in Manchester on 2 February Of course, that image was never an accurate portrait of the sort of artist Mitchell was - emotionally she was never hesitant to cut deep, even on languid acoustic numbers, and her skills as a lyricist, vocalist, and guitarist were estimable.

One might imagine that the ambitious, marvelously crafted jazz-pop of 's Court and Spark was an effort by Mitchell to prove she was more than just a moody girl with a guitar, and much of her subsequent music of the '70s and '80s was not just an expression of her eclectic muse, but an ongoing project to show off the range and intelligence of her musical impulses.

Mitchell has long been overdue for a career-spanning box set, and she's finally delivered one with Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced, a four-disc song collection compiled, annotated, and designed by Mitchell with the stated intent of dealing with love and human interaction in its many forms.

At the same time, Love Has Many Faces is a writ-large summary of Mitchell's recorded legacy that finds her offering an idiosyncratic view of her career. The fact Mitchell wants us to recall "Dancin' Clown," an embarrassing duet with Billy Idol, is little short of astonishing.

Mitchell also presents several major selections in the orchestral re-recordings she created for the album Travelogue, and as she did on themed compilations such as Dreamland and Songs of a Prairie Girl, Mitchell has remixed a few of the tracks on this set.

As a consequence, while most box sets are intended to summarize the career of an artist, Love Has Many Faces instead presents Joni's own preferred perspective on her music, where the jazzier and more stylistically ambitious creations take center stage and Joni the Folkie barely exists. Some fans might find this set's point of view to be a bit curious, especially since it favors less popular and often less acclaimed material over Mitchell's more celebrated compositions, but in this context, many of these songs play significantly better than they did on her uneven projects of the '80s and '90s, and the lyrical strength and bold musical vision that inform this music are genuinely remarkable on nearly every tune.

For many fans, Love Has Many Faces may not be the Joni Mitchell box set they want, but as a summation of her own musical world-view, it's a powerful and revealing accomplishment. The numerous single-disc compilations never came close to being representative of her achievement as a recording artist.

Culling 43 tracks over eight years and 11 albums is even better in many ways than issuing an Armatrading box set. Even the darkest songs on this record hold out hope for a happy ending. Demon Records presents Distortion: Live, the fourth and final edition in a series of expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould. Quick View. Reality Suite has grabbed that sword and is waving it relentlessly in the face of close-minded and sexist parts of society.

Watch their latest music video for their single Grave to see them fighting and winning the fight. Tons of catchy songs LP) a very resolute attitude. These guys have definitely created their own unique sound and style! Well done! Houston and the Dirty Rats Songs!

From the Bathroom Stall? Houston and the Dirty Rats. Vinyl 7. Vinyl LP pressing. Greatest Hits is the first compilation album by Aerosmith, released on November 11, It went multi-platinum and contained the songs that made the band an icon of the s rock era.

Some of the tracks were significantly edited from their original versions. Considered one of the greatest debut albums in rock history, Van Halen took the music world by storm in with an song manifesto that features some of rock radio s most played songs of all time and scorching concert staples like "Runnin With The Devil," "Ain t Talkin Bout Love," "Jamie s Cryin ," the band s signature cover of The Kinks "You Really Got Me, " and Eddie Van Halen s finger-tapping tour de force, "Eruption.

In order to produce the original sound the band intended, Bellman cut straight from the quarter-inch tapes for CD; for gram vinyl; and for the digital versions. Vinyl LP pressing including digital download. It is Jett's most commercially successful album to date with over 10 million copies sold, largely due to the success of the title track, which was released as a single soon after the album was released. Reissued on vinyl, Queen s best-selling compilations Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II throw fresh light on an unrivalled track record of chart-topping, award-winning, record-breaking rock and pop classics.

With four songwriters in the band - Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon - Queen created a glorious legacy of all-time anthems that still ring out across the ages. For past and future fans alike, they will rock you. Hotel California is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Eagles, released on Asylum in late It is the first Eagles album without the appearance of their founding member Bernie Leadon and their first album with guitarist Joe Walsh.

The Black Parade Is Dead! The Black Parade centers around a dying character called The Patient, who reflects on events in his life while he is confronted by Death in the form of his fondest memory, that of his father bringing him to see a marching band. This is based on frontman Gerard Way's belief that death comes to a person in the form of their fondest memory.

My Chemical Romance. Free Stuff. LP Color is Pale Yellow. The definitive best of compilation from The Prince of Darkness on 2 LP Gram Vinyl Memoirs Of A Madman 2 LP serves as a career spanning audio release featuring 17 of Ozzy Osbourne's greatest hit singles remastered and compiled in one place for the first time in his career.

This collection follows ten years after the band released their first greatest hits album, Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits, in Novemberwhich featured the band's singles from to and two new tracks, and was issued as they went on hiatus. The album consists of seven songs written and sung by Dylan, with the Grateful Dead providing accompaniment.

The album was produced by Jerry Garcia and John Cutler. Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered archive release. Packaged with liner notes and rare photos. Band of Gypsy's is a live album by Jimi Hendrix and the first without his original group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The album mixes funk and rhythm and blues elements with hard rock and jamming, an approach which later became the basis of funk rock.

It contains previously unreleased songs and was the last full-length Hendrix album released before his death. After his appearance at Woodstock with an interim group that included Cox, Hendrix began developing new songs and recording demos. When Miles became involved, he and Cox agreed to record a live album with Hendrix to be used to settle a contract dispute with a former manager. The new material, influenced by Cox's and Miles' musical approaches, signal a new direction for Hendrix.

Lyrically, they also explore new, more humanistic themes for Hendrix. The two numbers written and sung by Miles bear the stylings of soul music. As the album's producer, Hendrix had a difficult time completing the task. Presented with the sometimes problematic recordings and resigned to turning it over to a different record company, Hendrix expressed his dissatisfaction with the final product.

Shortly after it's release, Band of Gypsy's reached the top ten of the album charts in the US and UK as well as appearing in charts in several other countries. Although it was as popular as his albums with the Experience, it received mixed reviews. Some faulted the performances as tentative and underprepared; additionally, Miles' contributions on drums and vocals have been characterized as plodding and obtrusive.

However, "Machine Gun" is generally regarded as the album's highlight and one of Hendrix's greatest achievements. The influence of Band of Gypsy's is heard in the funk rock developments of the s and has been cited as an inspiration by various later rock musicians. Reissues of the album on compact disc included three extra songs recorded during the Fillmore LP) shows and additional material has been released on later albums. Limited gm ruby red colored vinyl LP pressing with an alternative white sleeve.

Fortieth anniversary edition of the Manchester band's release. Joy Division rapidly evolved from their initial punk rock influences to develop a sound and style that made them one of the pioneers of the post-punk movement of the late s. Joy Division's debut album, Unknown Pleasures, was released in on Anthony Wilson's independent record label Factory Records, and drew critical acclaim from the British press.

One of the defining albums of British Rock music and one of the finest debut albums of all time is available now in gram vinyl format. Described at the time as "an uncanny masterpiece" by Pete Townshend, the album has achieved legendary status over the years. It is the only studio document of an extraordinary year in the life of King Crimson. Originally released in by Columbia Records, this compilation album is the band's best-selling career disc.

The album is two gram LPs with download insert in a gatefold sleeve. Lady Gaga came to prominence following the release of her debut studio album The Famewhich included the hits "Just Dance," "Poker Face," "Bad Romance" and sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Madame X is the fourteenth studio album by singer and songwriter Madonna on Interscope Records. The album follows Rebel Heart. Madonna relocated to Lisbon, Portugal in She met artists, painters, and musicians. She decided to record an album based on her musical experience in the Portuguese city, which she referred to be "a melting pot of culture musically, from Angola to Guinea-Bissau to Spain to Brazil to France to Cape Verde".

Before you ancients out there turn your heads and scoff at the premise of a twenty-something rock-and-roll goofball calling himself an old-anything, consider this: said perpetrator, he who answers to the name Mac DeMarco, has spent the better part of his time thus far writing, recording, and releasing an album of his own music pretty much every calendar flip, and pretty much on his own.

This special LP edition is a 2 disc gm gatefold vinyl. LP 1 contains the re-mastered album; LP 2 is a bonus audio disc. Also contains a free digital download card for all 20 tracks.

Available in a variety of different configurations, McCartney has personally overseen every aspect of this project, and the results are spectacular. RAM, originally released inis the only album to be credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney and has gone down in music history as one of the most revered in McCartney s catalog.

After Hann invited the members to form a band, they passed their early days covering Punk songs in a local club. Limited vinyl LP pressing. At the Disco. Wentz signed the group to his own imprint label, Decaydance, without them having ever performed live. The album was recorded on a small budget at SOMD! Studios in College Park, Maryland over several weeks in June The group had only graduated high school one month before.

The album is divided into halves stylistically; the first half is primarily pop punk with elements of electronic, while the second employs more traditional instrumentation, with influences of baroque pop and swing.

At The Disco. Limited double gram vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. The Wall is the 11th studio album by Pink Floyd, originally released in November As with Pink Floyd's prior three albums, The Wall is a concept album, exploring themes of abandonment and personal isolation. It is a rock opera that follows Pink, a character whom Waters modelled after himself and the band's original leader, Syd Barrett.

Waters conceived the album during Pink Floyd's In the Flesh Tour, when his frustration with the audience became so acute that he imagined a wall between the audience and the stage. The album was one of the best-selling ofand by it had sold over 23 million RIAA-certified units, making it the third highest certified album in the United States.

Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. Californication is the seventh studio album by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was originally released on June 8, The album was produced by Rick Rubin. Frusciante's return was credited with changing the band's sound altogether, producing a notable shift in style from the music recorded with Navarro.

The album's subject material incorporated various sexual innuendos commonly associated with the band, but also contained more varied themes than previous outings, including death, contemplations of suicide, California, drugs, globalization, and travel. Californication is the Chili Peppers' most commercially successful studio release internationally, with over 15 million copies sold worldwide. Red Hot Chili Peppers. This special edition will also come with a free download card for the high resolution Digital Audio version.

Digitally remastered edition of this album from the legendary British quartet. The Queen Is Dead is The Smiths' great leap forward, taking the band to new musical and lyrical heights.

Opening with the storming track, the album is harder rocking record than anything the band had attempted before. Johnny Marr has created here a wide range of guitar styles that provide a musical bed for Morrissey's best set of lyrics.

From which is crafted some of their finest, most affective songs, particularly "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" and the epic "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out," two masterpieces that provide the foundation for a remarkable album. Queen Is Dead [Remastered] [ Gram].

Arguably their finest album, this follow-up to Opiate showcases Tool at their best, assisted by clean, crisp production, without the muddiness of Aenima. Edgy guitar riffs are complemented by spitting, heavy bass, especially on "Sober" and "Crawl Away".

Lyrically, Tool are at their vitriolic best, targeting religious hypocrisy "Intolerance," "Sober"; always a popular themethe loss of innocence and its consequences "Prison Sex"and deliberate ignorance "Swamp Song".

Henry Rollins makes a guest appearance on "Bottom," which, along with "4 Degrees," deals with questions of identity. Undertow is also Tool's most musically adventurous album, lacking the occasionally numbing sameness of Aenima, and with considerably more sophistication than their previous work. Twenty One Pilots.

U2 The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Edition Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of it's release, it's the ultimate collector's edition of The Joshua Tree.

UK LP pressing. Contains a voucher enabling the purchaser to download MP3 versions of the songs within. The Velvet Underground. Like the first album, Contra was produced by keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and is the realization of a whole and unique musical vision that sees the band stretching out and adding new textures, instrumentation, and rhythms into their sound.

Primarily recorded in New York with a springtime sojourn to Mexico, Contra feels altogether fresh, joyous, and like nothing else but is immediately recognizable as the sound of Vampire Weekend. Limited edition green colored vinyl LP pressing. The Mollusk is perhaps their most concise and well-honed record to date.

After the previous year's exercise in country music 12 Golden Country Greats the duo returns to its usual genre jumping, though there is a heavy focus on prog-rock. Often nautically themed and, as always, way smarter than they're given credit for, The Mollusk is one of the highest points in a brilliant catalog. Live archive release from the rock icon. Roxy - Tonight's The Night Live is one of the most sought-after recordings from his vast archives.

This was the first public performance of many of the songs that would make up Young's seminal album Tonight's The Night, which would not be released until June

Cant Say Goodbye - Various - X-Plosion MP3 Update Volume 05 - 2008 (CDr), Aint It The Truth - Buddy Rich And His Orchestra - This Ones For Basie (Vinyl, LP), Gaillardo - Yvette Horner - 30 Tracks Of Yvette Horner (File, MP3), Human Nature - Tarrus Riley / Duane Stephenson - Human Nature / You Are Not Alone (Vinyl), Darkest Dream - Monstrosity - Enslaving The Masses (CD), The Trouble Is You - Various - Mindrocker Volume 8 (Vinyl, LP), King Saul - Yevgeny Nesterenko* - Mussorgsky* - Mussorgsky Songs (Vinyl, LP, Album), Childrens Foot Health - No Artist - Movin On, Public Service Announcements For The American Podiatry, Tonight (Is All We Have) (Original Mix) - Alex Megane - Tonight (Is All We Have) (Vinyl), Tracy Nelson - Tracy Nelson (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ascension Day - Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (CD, Album)