Feela - Lamb - MP3 Collection (CDr)


Wouldyouliketo cometo myhouseto havepizzaattheweekend? Try this SpeakingPart 4 question. Rememberto use someof the expressionsfrom Exercise3. Your photogrophs showed people ot work. Now I'd like you to tolk together about the work membersof your fomily do ond the sorf of work you'd like to do in the future. The important information has been underlinedin the first question. Now underline the important information in the secondquestion. I YourEnglish-speaking friendhashelpedyoustudy for yourEnglish exam.

Writean emailtolsabel. K lsabel. Writea noteto yourcoach. In yournote,youshould. Readthe answersagain and underline the expressionswhich are used to thank, invite, slaggeEt, explain and apologise.

Use this Writing Part 2 question to answerthe questionsin Exercise2 again. Ypuagreedto meetyourEnglish-speaking friend tomorrowbut nowyoucan'tgo. Writean emailto Jason. Write your answer to the task in Exercise5. Studentdavs Unit 1 Voco"bulory ond grnmmnrreview Grammar Q Complete the email with af, in or on in each gap. Hi everybody, Well,hereI am New Zealand, stayingwith a veryfriendlyfamily 2 the town of Westport.

I like bedroomis I We don't eat alwaysin the dining room. Vocabulary Completethe crosswordwith words from Unit 1. I usuallygo to bed night,and get up quiteearly I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I havea big family and there'salwaysa lot. Iittle money until Friday? I'm really nervous.

Some have a spelling mistake and some have an incorrect irregular form. I went to the shoppingcentreand there I baught somenew clothes.

While my brother was playing football, he felt and injured his leg. We were studing at the sameschool. In the first lessonour English teacherteachedus somenew words for sports. Q put the verbs in bracketsinto the correct form of the past simple or past continuous to completethe sentences. Be careful with your spelling! The sun fshine and the birds Yesterday,when I dinner, the phone sing.

Completethese sentenceswith usedto or didn't use to. I I don'tplaythe pianonow but whenI wasyounger I I have lunch at schoolnow but at primary schoolI I live closeto schoolnow but when we lived in Tokyowe My brother is now a really good studentbut when he wasyoungerhe Mr Puy'doesn'tgive us much homeworkbut when Mrs Garciawas our teachershe Martin's never late for schoolbut beforehe bought the alarm clock he unitz Funtime. Starting off Q vtatctr the verbs in the box with a-i to form leisure activities.

Which are shown in the pictures? What's the best way to spend a day off? Put a-i in order, starting with the activity you most like or would like to do. Compareyour answerswith a partner.

What kind of informatione. Match a-d with questions Youwill heara mantalkingon the radioabout a daYout. Foreachquestion, puta tick [. Co Wild adventurecoursesare not dangerousbecause A you have to wear safetyequipment. B somebodyis alwaysholding you. C only adultscan go on the course. B whales. C dolphins. A The route never changes. B They are a little too short. C There are no flights in winter. T I T Completequestions with expressionsfrom the recordingusing thesewords.

Decidewhich oian" four activities from the recording you would most like to do. Then ask your partner about other interesting ways of spending a day out e. Ask some ol the questionsfrom Exercise3.

Exom advice. Beforeyoulisten,lookat eachquestion anddecide whatkindof information youneed[e. Whenyoufirsthearthe recording, listenfor details aboutthiskindof information andchoosethe best answer.

Listencarefully the secondtimeto checkthatyou are right. Make these adjectives negative by writing im- in- or an- on the left.

The expresstrain is faster,but the routethrough the hills is morebeautiful. I alwaysput everything in its place,but my tdy brother'sroom is very Teenagers when they talk to their friends. When we arrived at the theme park, we were to start goingon the rides. Complete these sentenceswith information that is true for you. I 2 3 4 5 6 I think it's unhealthyn ent n. I think it's quiteunfair to How old do you think the boy in the second pictureis? Do you think someoneof that ageis old enoughto be out at seaon their own?

Quickly read the text and complete this statement. Use your own words. TLta writer's whiti. Which is closest to your answer in Exercise 2? A B C D To warn young peopleto take careat sea To describea great achievementby a boy to take up sailing teenagers To encourage To explainhow to becomean expertsailor Read the text more carefully and think of answers to these questions. Which paragraph gives you the answer to each? Are they in the same order as the questions? I What did Michaelsay when he arrivedin Jamaica?

Exam aduice wow look at the multiple-choice options for questions l-3 above. For each question, decide which of A, B, C or D is closest to your understanding of the text. Quicklyreadthe text to get the generalidea of what it is about. Foreach question,decidewhat the text says about it beforeyou look at optionsA-D. Choosethe optionclosestto your understanding of the text. Give reasons for your answers. Begin your answers with the words given.

He had a conversation with Sebastian His fathersuggested the ideato hrm He wantedto do the sameas Sebastian He was alreadvan exnertsailor r What kind of recordwould you like to break? Ahere waa! How much time would you needfor training? How would you feel if you succeeded? I'd hee!. It beganto snow. Q 'Which are followed by a verb ending in -ing, and which are followed by an infinitive?

Complete the table. Rewrite the incorrect sentences. I would like to learn dancingthe 'Sawba'. A wou! I really enjoy to be here. I'll never forgetto visit the Statueof Liberty last year. We hope to go to the sameisland again next year.

Do you fancy to comewith us? I must rememberto phone Carlostomorrow. When we finished to eat I went to my house. I forgot asking you about your family. Do you remembersailing into CapeTown? Then ask the questions. I 2 3 4 5 6 go on Wheredo you want. What kind of music do you enjoy listen to at home?

What are you planning weekend? I I'm trying to. I leave [a train, bus, ship, etc. Which one is separatedby other words? Underline the phrasal verbs in sentencesl-6, then match them with meaningsa-f.

You can catch uo with everyone elseif you run fast. Pcopie's hobbies a took part with others My sistertook up singing; she's got a lovely voice. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of phrasal verbs from Exercises 2 and 3. Hi, Ava. Are you and Megan going away on holiday soon? Yes,on Saturday. We want to Chris: Are you going to the coast? Ava: No, we 2 beachholidayslast summer. There weretoo rnanypeople. We'vedecidedto We're off to the Alps. Chris: Do you know how to ski? Ava: Er, not really.

That'swhy I'm goingto Chris: I tried it oncebut I found it really difficult. After three daysI 5. Ava: Well, the lessons 6 until late in the evening, every day, so I should improve quickly. Megan'sa good skier and. I've got a lot to learn,but I'm sureI can Z I'm really B trying, anyway!

Chris: Yes,I'm sure you'll have a greattime. Fun time Completethe table about people'shobbieswith these words. Which other words go with the hobbies above?

Make o aWork list e. Your partner has to guess what it is. Then change roles. O Gt Listen again to sentences 1, 3, 5 and 8 and answer these questions. Look at this list of hobbies, listen to the recording and answer questions Now practise asking the questions, stressing these words. Practise saying these, using the same polite tone to reply to suggestions. Continue Olivia's and Daniel's discussion, suggesting more hobbies.

Use some of expressions l-8 and give reasons why you would or wouldn't like to do them. Remember to be polite! Talk for at least two minutes. You ond o friend hove holidoys loter this yeor but you still don't hove ony firm plons for two weeksof them.

Tolk togetherobout the different kinds of holidoy you could hove ond obout the things you could do. Here ore somepictures with someideosto help you. I don't have enoughmoney for a new camera. I can't Which word s in the first sentencedo you have to change? I Correct the mistakes in the answers to l-5, and say what is wrong in each case. Underline the words you have to change from the first sentence to the second. I I want to havepiano lessons.

Ihe piano. All the water in the lake is frozen now. Answer: All the waterin the lake Let'sleavethe housevery earlyin the morning. Answer: I suggest It'd be a goodideato go horseriding.

Answer: Why Answer: I'm looking fArwnrl'. Stuay the first sentences in each Writing Part I question l-6 below. Which word s do you have to change? Underline them. I I'm alwayshappy when I go on holiday with my family.

I alwaysenioy Nobodywants up early in the morning. My sisterusuallysays,'How I'm goingto take beachvolleyball this summer. Iwant 5 Summerholidaysalwaysseemtoo short! Summerholidaysneverseemto Write a paragraph about what you do in your free time. Ask other students to check for mistakes, particularly with the points suggestedin Exercise 5. Fun time J Ourworld O Work in pairs.

Choosesomeof the holiday activities in the box to label the photos. Look at the photos with the text about an unusual holiday in Borneo and discusswhich of the activities from Starting off you think you can do there. Listen to Toby asking Abi about her trip. Write down Abi's answers. Talk to each other about your holiday activities. Underline inthe information theimportant questions andthetext.

Writethe questionnumbernextto the information in thetext. The important words havebeen Check your answers with your partner. Feela - Lamb - MP3 Collection (CDr) you underlinedin the first two sentencesof Exercise have a different answer, look at the text again 2.

Decidetogetherwhich words you would together. Underline where you find the answer in the text. Answer these questions. Would you like to go on this holiday to Borneo? Decidewhich of Feela - Lamb - MP3 Collection (CDr) has had the best holiday.

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If highlights grgich hills cabernet sauvignon rating ork fanta download samorastniki ideja! On drum machine metronome online, once sjem en ko point totals for march madness baile de, back puntas honduras e-bike dafra! I felt as if I was witnessing a massive production — I am impressed by Control. The duo Kevlar have been around sinceAgitators of the mind is their 5 th release and their 4 th album since s New Fears New Fights.

I have properly never heard Kevlar before this, but they do have a stellar reputation in the UK where they are based. The sound is immediately massive as big, controlled drones with infected distortion and whistling feedback all weave into each other to make complexed sound textures. The use of noise is precise with each shift in sound moving the hostile feelings radiated as vocals are shouted over it the top of Go Forth.

There is a favoured use of pulsating noise throughout the album, that creates a menacing throb - the vocal works to deliver the attack on each track, sometimes the sharper noises aid in this.

Tracks vary between 4 and 6 minutes, they are all concise and straight to the point. There is a female vocal or sample combined with the male vocal on Mind Agitators that really delivers, the track is agitated and panicked. The doubled or echoed vocal on Mirrored rages as dragging electronics and synth prodding create haunted passages — there are nasty bits of Death Industrial tinkering that breathe menace over the vented sermons.

Moral Ferment vomits death over the listener as ugly electronics drown the vocal to a gargled rant. The electronics fart over distant sirens and at this point the album really is at war with itself as the vocal gains clarity.

Promised land has a bigger synth sound, that conjures big landscapes and distorted vocal, the vocal resharpens and blunts itself continuously — the pulsation on this one is exact and lethal. The use of electronic is at its best and busiest here as the control is eased off a little.

Kevlar uses power Electronics to a high standard through sheer disciplined, precise use of sound and how the vocal is used. It encompasses these methods to deliver threatening, tense works that never let go or explode — they just radiate bad vibes, anxiety and menace. There is no shock or pointless extremity, each track is straight to the point with no filler or fat. I am glad I heard this album; it is an excellent piece work.

Coventry Soul -. With Plan and Intent is the debut recording by Caustic Vigilance — there is also a demo that has been released on Daint Recordings see link above. I assume that this is a new American PE project. I like the immediate clarity of the vocals in this project, the lyrics can all be made out, there is no vagueness.

The sound is PE, it has a bedroom noise quality that I like. The album delves into the depths of depression and suicidal ideation, so the intensity is immediate and never wavers throughout the album. There are short bursts of depressive rantings as the electronics vary in what they do, sometimes exploding, sometimes farting and churning with drawn out lyrics that spiral into anger and rage for long periods of time.

The fixation with large, steel bridges is interestingand makes for good artwork. I am going to go with it and say that Caustic Vigilance have made good first steps and delivered a strong debut release - this is a good album. With Plan and Intent is available from the link above. Birmingham Centrala Space. Friday 11 th June The first set was a brief one by Pale World, now this performance set the benchmark high - Joe Parkes was crouched on the floor, hitting and throwing a piece of sheet metal that was contact microphoned up and this created a loud assault.

There was feedback added to this and mournful drones that came through as the metal abuse slowed down. It was a simple but incredibly effective set.

I have seen a handful of sets over Feela - Lamb - MP3 Collection (CDr) years that use a minimal amount of gear to strong effect, this did that perfectly. I am a fan for sure now as I have been playing stuff off the Bandcamp since this night. Steckdose was meant to play next, there were technical issues with his equipment, so Cities Prepare for Attack played second. There was a guitar that was amped up, I am usure if there were extra pickups or contact microphones added, but the guitar would be hit with different metal instruments to make different sounds.

The clanging ranged from dreamy psychedelic sounds to harsher noise reminiscent of the torture scenes in the Ipcress File film and many moods in-between.

This all created complex experimental music - another highlight of the night. The Steckdose technical issues were sorted out by this time and his set began.

I liked the minimal feel the sound started with — just a slow, pulsating hum that wavered and shifted gradually. There was a constant feeling of intense focus on the sound, the feedback that started to punctuate the sound even further concentrated and controlled.

Drones emerged that cut through all of this and built up like an infected storm, the intensity to the sound was consistent as it accelerated, getting busier. There was a sense of purpose and discipline to the intricate details that cut into the storm of noise.

This was by far the tightest set of the night, an exercise in sheer control, this artist knew what they were doing and demonstrated that perfectly.

I have reviewed Itching several times before. The source sound gradually began to distort and crackle adding unease to the happiness. It became something else that became increasingly apocalyptic and fractured as the set evolved.

The purr eventually came back and the distortion faded all harmony was restored. I like the continued originality of the source materials; this was a powerful set that demonstrated effective methods that truly delivered solid results. Blackcloudsummoner followed Itching. There was a real element of performance here, the sound was immediately there was an aspect of him being the depressed DJ blasting shards of dark, chaotic weirdness at the still audience, his use of noise was immense, fractured and odd.

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