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The alternative band Jars of Clay released a limited edition version of their ' Inland ' album using coke bottle green for the disc. A picture disc has graphics visible in the grooved playing area, rather than just on an unplayable back side or large label. Picture discs have been around since the s—or since aboutif postcard-size rectangular picture records are included.

In the early s they were a minor gimmick in an attempt to stimulate abysmal depression-era record sales. Most of these early picture discs were simply a very thin clear plastic laminated onto a sheet of printed cardboard before being stamped in a record press. One US series was more substantial. Some suffered from audible defects such as low-frequency noise due to a surface texture or were rapidly worn to shreds by the very heavy pickups and crude steel needles used to play records at that time.

Vogue Records 78 rpm picture discs were made by Sav-Way Industries in and and were of high quality both physically and sonically. Their playing surfaces were clear vinyl and there was a sturdy aluminum core disc between the printed sheets. The imagery was usually gaudy and done in s calendar art style. The first 'modern' rock picture disc was introduced as an assortment of artists such as MC5 and The Doors. Shaped discs contain an ordinary grooved centre typically the same as a standard 7-inch but with a non-grooved outer rim that can be cut to any shape that does not cut into the grooves.

These oddly Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) records were frequently combined Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) picture discs see above ; a trend that was pushed particularly hard by UK record company branches in the mids. Curiously, uncut test pressings of shaped discs in their original inch form - with the clear vinyl surrounds still intact - are much more sought-after by collectors than the "regular" shapes themselves.

A well known unusually shaped disc is a picture disc by Toto with the song " Africa " on side 1 and " Rosanna " on side 2. It was originally pressed in and reissued on Record Store Day in Screamo bands Jeromes Dream and Orchid released a split in the shape of a skull. The record was considered a inch. It spun at 45 RPM and was one sided. Some came in glow in Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) dark, some in blood red, and some black and white. Some extreme examples required smaller grooving than standard 7-inch such as the single "Montana" by John Linnell of the band They Might Be Giants which was in the shape of the United States.

This record was problematic because record Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) whose tonearms returned automatically after the record finished playing often did just that before the needle actually reached the song. When these spun on the record player, they resembled a spinning saw. Alternative rock band Snow Patrol released a specially created web-shaped vinyl for the single " Signal Fire ," a song which was used in the film Spider-Man 3. Usually taking up a blank side of vinyl, rather than containing music, one side of a disc can be pressed with etched or embossed images.

This can take the form of autographs, part of the artwork or logos. Earliest records produced by Emile Berliner, and those by other early companies as Zonophone before paper labels were widely used, had their titles and other information etched or incised into the master, or embossed into the stamper or both — either way therefore appearing on all the pressings.

Many early Edison Diamond Discs did have etched labels as well, with many if not all also featuring a little etched picture of Thomas Edison. The Gramophone company pressed their logo at the blank side of their single sided records in the early s, in the same way. Some later single-sided Red Seal records by Victor had a pattern with the word Victor on it. After having already released both colored vinyl singles and picture discs in the s, Canadian rock artist Bryan Adams issued a 12" single of " Can't Stop This Thing We Started " in autumnwhich had the front cover photography etched onto side B.

Side 6 of Boards of Canada 's Geogaddi has an etching of a nuclear family for the track "Magic Window", albeit to replace the 1 minute 46 second long silent track that appears on digital versions. Although these etchings cannot be seen while the record is playing, some are pressed on clear vinyl so the etchings can be seen from both sides.

An Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) of this is the 7-inch of "Freeze the Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Acetate) by Cable which has etched fish. The Japanese rock band Boris known for their unique LPs; their album Pink was released on pink vinyl pressed their album, Vein, on transparent vinyl with etched artwork on the outer two inches of the record.

This causes problems with auto-start phonographs, as the actual grooves of music do not start where the needle is designed to drop. This may cause damage to the needle and record artwork. The logo from the album cover, as well as other shapes, were etched into the vinyl in a manner that, if hit by a light, would reflect in polychromatic colors.

This laser etching does not affect the playing grooves. This same process was also used for the 45 single of the band's song "One Step Ahead" from the album Waiata.

The original soundtrack recording for the film Superman II had a special edition with the Superman "S" shield logo etched five times on each side of the standard black vinyl album.

The release of the Quake soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails has program code from the game etched into side D. For the release of the soundtrack for the Disney film The Black Holea prototype disc filled with aniline dye colored silicone fluids and oils that freely move around was produced; however, leakage proved too great a problem and it was never released.

InThird Man Records announced a limited edition inch single release of Jack White 's " Sixteen Saltines " on a liquid-filled disc, calling it "the first-ever disc of its kind to be made available to the public" and noting the unreleased Black Hole release.

Also inThe Flaming Lips released an extremely limited and expensive edition of their double album of collaborations The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwendswhich was filled with a diluted mix of blood contributed by several of the collaborators, including KeshaChris Martin and Neon Indian 's Alan Palomo. It was pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville at the same time as Jack White's liquid-filled "Sixteen Saltines" 12", and the first copy of the Fwends blood vinyl was traded for two copies of "Saltines.

InFonoflo Records released a liquid filled record for Tennessee Jet's Reata featuring double-concentric liquids, being the first of its kind. In an outer chamber on the record, Old Crow whiskey was inserted, while Coca-Cola was inserted to an inner ring.

A BP Fallon single entitled Fame 9[48] another product of Third Man Records, was pressed in a process dubbed "Single Signal", in which the B-side has different content on the left and right channels of the stereo groove.

Listeners with a balance knob on their stereo are instructed to turn it either to the left or the right to play the record correctly. One of the many features added to the vinyl version of Jack White 's album Lazaretto is a floating hologram image of a spinning angel that appears when the record is played and viewed at from a certain angle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Also known as "8ban," for "8cm Bandai" these were developed in Japan by record pressing company Toyokasei and released in "blind-bag" format by toy company Bandai in They experienced a resurgence in the United States because of the interest of Jack White who released White Stripes singles in this format.

Disks in this format continue to be manufactured, particularly in association with Record Store Day during which 3" singles are made available exclusively through participating stores. Techno artist Jeff Mills released the single for "The Occurrence" on a disc that is a gramophone record on one side, and a compact disc on the other. Although dubbed a 5-inch record, to be usable in most compact disc players, the record can be no bigger than mm or about 4.

Due to space restrictions of the grooves, both songs were mixed as monaural. Children's records — 6-inch Little Golden Records made of bright yellow plastic were a common sight in children's playrooms in the United States from the late s to the early s. The 78 RPM speed was used for some children's records of all sizes well into the s, as nearly all record players still included it and it allowed an old disused only player to be put to work as a toy, expendable if it got damaged by rough handling.

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