Hide It So Deep - Stephen Stills / Manassas - Manassas (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Stills, Chris Hillman. Stills, Hillman, Rick Roberts. Mike BrewerTom Mastin. UK Album Charts [26]. Canadian RPM Albums [27]. Dutch MegaCharts Albums [28]. West German Media Control Albums [29]. Norwegian VG-lista Albums [30]. Australian Go-Set Top 20 Albums [31]. Japan Oricon Albums Charts [35]. US Billboard Hot [25]. US Billboard Pop Albums [41]. US Cash Box [42]. Dutch MegaCharts Albums [43]. Tour by Stephen Stills Manassas. L'Olympia [49]. Rock Isle Mulwala Festival [50].

Auburn Memorial Coliseum [51]. Mississippi Coliseum [51]. Municipal Auditorium [51]. Assembly Center [51]. Arie Crown Theatre. Carnegie Hall [53]. Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. San Antonio Municipal Auditorium. Dallas Memorial Auditorium. Hollywood Bowl [56]. Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. Berkeley Community Theatre. Tucson Community Centre. Merriweather Post Pavilion [58]. Festival of Hope [59].

Pine Knob Music Theatre. Wildwood Convention Hall. Bastille Railroad Station [60]. Indiana University Assembly Hall. Assembly Centre. Minneapolis Auditorium. Dane County Coliseum [62]. Athletics And Convocation Centre. Elvis is an occasionally singing photographer of stylish advertisements and of nudie pics nobody showed the Colonel that script, I bet who experiences psychedelic trips involving people in dog costumes actually, was Tom Parker at all awake? Yup, there is a love interest, seeing as you ask.

Elvis is a singing US soldier who falls in love with a dancer and sings a German folk song to a puppet. But he falls in love. With a nun. Oh, naughty Elvis. But how could he know of her profession when she is swanning about in civvies. No wimple warning. No wonder this was the last Elvis movie a couple of documentaries apart.

The movies were mostly terrible and yet strangely alluring in a camp sort of wayand not infrequently so was the music. Still, there were some stomping numbers, few more so than Bossa Nova Baby watch great the excerpt from Fun In Acapulco here with its sample-worthy keyboard line.

The version featured here is the one from the film, not that from the soundtrack which, it must be said, is superior.

And on G. Blues Evis even revisits Blue Suede Shoes. The army demonstrably had emasculated Elvis. In fact, it sounds like a good companion piece to King Creole. Some argue that Harum Scarum was the nadir, and it is a perfectly defensible position; I propose that this was just a stop before the all-time low: Spinout in There are no redeeming songs at all from that wretched movie.

But rules are rules and I had to include one from each film. So you have the pleasure to sample the misogynistic Smorgasbord wherein our hero narrates his philandering ways by way of comparing his conquests to Scandinavian Album).

Things improved shortly, though not without further humiliations. But sing that he did, on record and in the movie, for contracts are harsh mistresses. It is a pathetic spectacle. But improve the things did. PW in comments. Hard Headed Woman King Creole, 5. Blue Suede Shoes G. Blues, 6. Flaming Star Flaming Star, 7.

No More Blue Hawaii, 9. I Got Lucky Kid Gallahad, Wheels On My Heels Roustabout, Hard Luck Paradise, Hawaii Style, Smorgasbord Spinout, Guitar Man Clambake, Let Yourself Go Speedway, GET IT! The Beatles, to state the obvious, made a big impact throughout Western culture. The yeahs in She Loves You in cemented it. Unlike many other European countries, France had a thriving scene of songs in their own language.

This meant that many English-language songs would be recorded in French. After that, they became less frequent. This Hide It So Deep - Stephen Stills / Manassas - Manassas (Vinyl mix covers songs which The Beatles issued between andand most of the French covers come from the same timespan.

The majority of the acts here are from France, or, like Petula Clark, recorded in French for the French market. Also not French but a star in France was Nancy Hollowaya US jazz singer who in the late s performed at the Moulin Rouge before opening her own nightclub in Paris.

She died in at Holloway is not the only black act here. Les Surfsa group of siblings, were stars in Madagascar when in they tried their luck in France — and after a TV performance became stars, topping the charts with a French cover of Be My Baby. They also had a string of hits in Spain and Italy before breaking up in Two other acts came from afar. After her family moved to Paris inYong was a teenage actress on the stage and recorded as a singer of chanson and cabaret.

She then started a new career as a restaurant owner. You might think that a group named Les Chaussettes Noires might have black members, but the noir in the name refers to socks. Mitchell left in to pursue his solo career, so by the time the black socks recorded I Wanna Be Your Man inhe was gone.

And soon after recording that, Les Chaussettes Noires split. The quartet emanated from a popular youth choir called Les Djinns, which even made a couple of appearances of The Ed Sullivan Show. Bythey split. Given the war France waged against Algerian independence fromthe name of the Algerian group here seems, well, interesting: Les Missiles.

The group was active from Pierre Lalonde — Oh! Les Monarques — Elle est si belle No Reply Akim — Hum! Was the greatest music year?

The riveting recent series on the impact of music in that year, titled The Year That Music Changed Everythingmade a comprehensive case for being the greatest year in music, with the release of landmark albums that actually did change music.

Some of them made it onto the Any Major Hits From mix. As I made my shortlist, I became rather intimidated as its length grew. What would I have to leave out. WithI could have made a Top 40 and feel entirely comfortable commending all of the albums. Just a few albums that failed to make the cut:. Maybe on another day, this or that album from the list above might displace some of the ones I picked for my personal Top Some of them are obvious, others betray my particular personal taste.

I bought it when I was 12, after my older brother played it for me. I also bought Sticky Fingers early enough to own it with the cover that has an actual zipper. Other albums crept into my life in the intervening years: some came into my life inspired by some song or other; some because I felt I had to investigate whether they satisfied their big reputation; some I have no idea how I came to them; I just did. Jethro Tull — Mother Goose Aqualung 4. Carole King — Home Again Tapestry 6.

More CD-R Mixes. The Reaper is back in his ghastly groove, wreaking carnage of a like not seen for many months. He claimed the most likable Rolling Stone — which may not exactly be the toughest contest in the world, but Charlie Watts seems to have been a decent man.

There are so many write-ups — and I had to restrain myself from not adding more — I suggest you read the lot in the included illustrated PDF. Funky, experimental, always giving the songs life. Like Ira and Charlie Louvin, Phil and Don had different temperaments and even worldviews, yin and yang. Ten years later, they released the intriguing Roots album, a country record that in places incorporated contemporary pop sounds.

The featured track, T For Texas, is a bit of a mess, but hear how Don and Phil start it off as a country sing and end up sounding like The Monkees. He also worked outside his genre to record acts like the Beastie Boys and the Clash.

In the s, he helped pioneer dub music, through remixes of existing songs, which has influenced other genres, from rock to hip hop. In the s, Griffith helped pioneer the resurgence of woman folk-rock-country singer-songwriters. By fusing various genres, Griffith was also among those who gave rise to the so-called Americana scene.

Griffith commanded much love and respect from those who knew her music, but she never became a household name. But in Ambrose left Haley with drummer Dick Richards died and Marshall Lytle died over a salary dispute to form the less successful Jodimars. After two minor hits, the group folded in Riley, which was included on The Originals — Country Edition. But Hall could also write poignant songs of heartbreak, and the occasional reactionary anthem such as his risible Hello Vietnam.

He was known as The Storyteller, and he indeed was that, in the best traditions of his genre. He stayed with the band untilwith a four-year hiatus between Cotton released five solo albums. His fellow Poco frontman and solo collaborator Rusty Young died in April. As a sound engineer, Allan Blazek was responsible for getting the balance of the duelling guitar solos in Hotel California right.

By then, Blazek knew the Eagles well enough, having already mixed much of their On The Border album. Geils Band. The Sidemen Two sidemen in multiracial English s groups died at 62 on successive days. Travers remained with UB40 or faction thereof even after the hits dried up.

As a redhead, Travers stood out in the group. Fritz McIntyre backed a redhead. His keyboards were a key ingredient in the Simply Red arrangements. Bushy was the one constant in the changing Iron Butterfly line-ups. The Session Drummer One of the tracks featured in memoriam of Nanci Griffith also showcased a session drummer who died in August. Kenny Malonewho played drums and percussions for Griffith in the s, including the featured track from The Queen The first of the Mahotella Queens has gone with the death at 76 of Nobesuthu Mbaduwho has joined growling frontman Mahlatini Nkabinde among the ancestors.

The following year, they worked with with Art Of Noise on the sublime hit Yebo! By then they were household names in South Africa. The Mahotella Queens first hit their stride in the s, but in the original trio, including Mbadu, left the band. Twelve years later, the three reunited and begun to have the string of hits that would bring them to international attention. Altogether, he wrote 16 Top 10 hits.

The former was actually the name he received from is Greek-born father, who in came to London and changed his name to assimilate more speedily.

But more than that, he seemed a decent sort. When Billy Joel had no control over his own compositions, Yetnikoff bought them and gave them to Joel as a birthday gift.

MTV relented, and Billie Jean — and the Thriller album — became a phenomenon, in large part owing to the video. At the Grammy Awards, Jackson called Yetnikoff up to the stage to receive plaudits. Others might remember Yetnikoff with less warmth — after all, he was a hard-ass music industry executive. But it made him a recording artist, so he features here. As always, this post is reproduced in PDF format in the package, which Album) includes my personal playlist of the featured tracks.

Paul Cotton78, guitarist and singer of Poco, on Aug. Allan Blazek71, producer, mixer and audio engineer, on Aug. All four of their singles were to be included, although two of the tracks from their Peel session would remain exclusive to that recording session. The album was planned to be released in midand came so close that it was even given a catalog number PLbut at the last minute the release was cancelled.

I've added the b-sides to some of their singles as bonus tracks at the end, so enjoy this effort by yet another band who fell foul of the vagaries of the record industry, and had all their hard work come to nothing.

Labels: Here's Johnny. After dominating the UK music scene for most of the 60's, Liverpool experienced a resurgence of young bands in the late 70's and early 80's, with groups forming on an almost daily basis. Some went on to achieve considerable success, such as Black, A Flock Of Seagulls, and The Icicle Works, while other burned brightly for a while before fading away.

Then there were those bands who were only heard by the general public on the John Peel show, where they were invited by that champion of all things Indie to record a Peel session, and this post collects five of them, who probably would have faded into obscurity if their music hadn't been preserved for posterity by the great Peel himself.

Their career was cut short by the illness and tragic early death of Neil Morgan. Nigel's brother Nick Robinson played in Boat Party.

Not much more information about this band. R'n'Bluesy minimalist band, who apparently released one single on Open Eye Records, although I can find no trace of it. You can see by the bands that these musicians had been in or were to join later just what a close-knit community it was in Liverpool at that time, and so to make sure that these groups aren't forgotten here are their Peel sessions all collected together on one post, which celebrates some of the many forgotten and unrecognised bands that played around Liverpool between and Friday, September 24, Steve Morse Steve J.

Morse was born on 28 July in Hamilton, Ohio, after which his family moved to Tennessee, then Ypsilanti, Michigan, where Morse spent his childhood. Although familiar with piano and clarinet, he ultimately became interested in guitar, and played briefly with his older brother Dave in a band called The Plague.

In the late 's he played in the band Three with his older brother and a junior high schoolmate, William Gerald Jerry Wooten on keyboards, performing at a local psychedelic youth club, the Glass Onion, and at Legion Halls and church functions. This short-lived group covered bands such as Led Zeppelin and Cream, before West and Morse left to continue to play as a duet billed as the Dixie Dregs, until Morse's expulsion from school in the 10th grade.

Inthe group compiled a recording of the project, releasing it on vinyl inand again on CD in as 'The Great Spectacular'. When he graduated inhe and West officially named their group Dixie Dregs, adding Rod Morgenstein on drums, and began performing regularly, eventually gaining the attention of Capricorn Records, who signed the band in late Their first effort for Capricorn, the Morse-composed 'Free Fall', established him as an important newcomer to the fusion genre, being recognized for both his compositional skills and his musicianship, but despite receiving positive reviews as a pivotal jazz fusion album, it sold poorly.

The band were invited to perform at Montreux Jazz Festival on July Hide It So Deep - Stephen Stills / Manassas - Manassas (Vinyl,and the recorded performance was released the following year as 'Night Of The Living Dregs'. Capricorn went bankrupt in lateand the Dixie Dregs were left without a label, but were quickly signed to Arista Records, and released three albums for the label. Around this time Morse started to add his guitar to records by other artists, and featured on an album by Liza Minelli inand with the Rob Cassels Band in Arista became increasingly concerned about Dixie Dregs' album sales and pressured the band to change their name to simply The Dregs, in an attempt to increase the band's visibility in the public eye.

Readers of Guitar Player magazine voted Morse 'Best Overall Guitarist' in their annual poll, an honour that he would hold for five consecutive years, but the band weren't happy with the constant touringand after fulfilling their commitment to Arista, the Dregs disbanded in early Before they broke up they backed Fiona Flanagan on demos of some songs that she'd written, and after the breakup Morse then formed the Steve Morse Band, a trio with bassist Jerry Peek and drummer Doug Morgan, who was replaced by Rod Morgenstein after Morgan left to fulfill previous commitments.

The group toured Germany in early and was signed by Elektra Records, who released 'The Introduction' album mid-year. In he was offered the chance to join Deep Purple, replacing Ritchie Blackmore, and played on all their studio albums from 's 'Purpendicular' onwards.

In he began a collaboration with singer Sarah Spencer entitled Angelfire, and an album appeared in Augustafter which he formed Flying Colors inwhich was an American supergroup composed of Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue, Casey McPherson and Neal Morse, with their debut eponymous album being released in Marchfollowed by 'Second Nature' in Morse continued to act as a session player for a wide variety of artists while still a member of all these bands, playing on over 40 albums after the timeframe of this compilation, but here we concentrate on the emergent talent at the beginning of his career.

Devo - Clockout Labels: Devo. Shirley Manson - Noir When Garbage were on hiatus in the second half of the 's, Shirley Manson set about working on a solo album, which reportedly featured a collaboration with Rivers Cuomo, but when she brought the material to her then-label Geffen, she was told it was 'too dark', as they had envisioned Manson having international radio hits and becoming the 'Annie Lennox of her generation'. She and Geffen subsequently parted ways and she continued working on solo material, and also considered leaving the music industry behind entirely, but then Garbage reunited and released albums in the 's, and the solo album was put on the back burner.

Some of the songs have since appeared online, with 'In The Snow' and 'Pretty Horses' surfacing infollowed by 'Lighten Up' the next year, and Manson posted 'Dark Hearts And Heart Beats' on her Facebook page inbut investigation has discovered that it was copyrighted inand was therefore part of the solo album recordings.

Manson also collaborated with other artists, and provided songs for TV and film soundtracks throughout the decade, and so there are actually enough songs out there to make up a 'solo' album for Album).

I've done a bit of work on 'Brass Muscles', which was a second piece that appeared on the soundtrack to the TV series 'Wet Hot American Summer', and by repeating the verse and chorus and then adding a coda to fade out I've expanded it to sound like an actual song of almost two minutes. Even on the collaborations Manson takes most of the lead vocals, and so by mixing her own demos with the duets we end up with a very creditable solo Album) from her, and as she used to refer to it as her 'noir record', that's what I've called it.

Labels: Shirley Manson. Kraftwerk - Pop Und Avantgarde

YA Pas De Couleur - Kery James - À Mon Public (CD), Starting Up The Fire - Stwofast / Socialzero / Radikal Sistem (2) / Casus (4) / Gerk (2) - Stwofast, Fly - Various - Psycho - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (CD), When The World Is Runnin Down (You Make The Best Of Whats Still Around) (Instrumental), July Youre A Woman - Various - The Amazing Zigzag Concert (Box Set), Out Of Traffic - Rolf & Joachim Kuhn And The Mad Rockers* - Rolf & Joachim Kuhn And The Mad, He Holds His Peace - J.S. Bach* / The Jacques Orchestra / Dr. Reginald Jacques* - St. Matthew Passio, Monja - The Hotvills - Dance Story (Vinyl, LP), Feiern Ist Wichtig (Original Mix) - House Rockerz - Feiern Ist Wichtig (File, MP3), Postcoital Vaginoperitoneal Fistula After Hysterectomy For Gynecological Malignancy, Nothin To Lose - Arcade (4) - Arcade (CD, Album), Strike - Various - Electric Kingdom - Electro Crash 98 (CD)