Immaculate Fools


With thousands of Immaculate Fools of custom dialogue, fans can spend a lot of time with Aurlyn before running out of things to talk about. She's a very powerful mage capable of delivering devastating ranged attacks that can smite enemies with relative ease.

It's fair to assume that many Skyrim players have probably heard of Shirley Curry. She's an year-old Youtuber whose content revolves around Skyrim playthroughs. The Elder Scrolls community has bestowed upon her the affectionate nickname "the Skyrim Grandma.

Now, through the efforts of the modding community, Shirley herself can be recruited as a follower in Skyrim. She even recorded lines of dialogue specifically for the mod, which is a nice touch. When looking to explore with a more lighthearted companion, Shirley is a safe bet.

Fans that don't mind breaking Skyrim 's immersion will find plenty of material to work with on Nexus. Case in point, what better companion is there Immaculate Fools have the Dragonborn's back than Geralt of Rivia? This match made in heaven, although not lore-friendly at all, is satisfying to behold. Players can recruit this legendary witcher at the Winking Skeever in Solitude.

Fans can expect Geralt to utilize his signature swords in combat as well as his witcher Signs. He also possesses his own custom dialogue, commenting on various locations and objects around the world.

Needless to Immaculate Fools, Skyrim 's monsters won't stand a chance. Inigo is perhaps one of the most popular and recognizable follower mods out there. Vanilla Skyrim contains disappointingly few Khajiit followers. Inigo, however, more than makes up for that deficiency with his well-crafted and likable persona.

He possesses over 7, lines of unique dialoguecommenting on a wide range of topics. Inigo is a stealth-centric companion who avoids clumsily blundering into traps. He'll even whisper when the player speaks to him while sneaking, which is a cool little detail. It's definitely the quintessential Khajiit follower mod for Skyrim. As far as companions go, Hoth is certainly one of the more intimidating. Day federal. Super Bowl Sunday.

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